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77% | 1456 X | 1413 TS

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75% | 1493 X | 1343 TS

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+2 TS

66% | 1359 X | 1352 TS

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57% | 1273 X | 1361 TS

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90% | 1637 X | 1458 TS

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78% | 1488 X | 1389 TS

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72% | 1372 X | 1425 TS

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-5 TS

21% | 1038 X | 1197 TS

Chat log

00:00:20Affliction i want krobolus :)
00:00:20silkwood strom can you give me ogre ?
00:00:20Kace_J slark/riki ban
00:00:20Diablo hmm bans krobe ck
00:00:20Astrocreep naix
00:00:20Strom ck
00:00:20J0te silencer
00:00:28Diablo slark?
00:00:34J0te blows
00:00:39Affliction ego picker :D
00:00:43BACKENiZER- sk for me?
00:00:44Affliction nvm
00:00:47Affliction :P
00:00:55BACKENiZER- g4ys
00:00:56Strom my excellent hooks
00:00:56J0te ok
00:00:58Strom will deliver
00:01:01Strom us from evil
00:01:04Diablo why not krobe?
00:01:11J0te BLOWS
00:01:17Kace_J what pick
00:01:19Kace_J i
00:01:23Diablo get rexxar
00:01:25Strom rexxar is good
00:01:31Strom venge is good
00:01:31Affliction venge
00:01:33silkwood you pick ogre for yourself ?
00:01:35Affliction a stunner
00:01:36Strom dark seer is good
00:02:08Diablo rex
00:02:15Diablo nice
00:02:35Diablo necro bot?
00:02:40Isdronningen nah
00:02:45Kace_J must win
00:02:53Isdronningen its okay with mid
00:03:01Strom share chick
00:03:25Diablo nice warding there
00:03:37Isdronningen ty
00:04:56J0te ss
00:04:58Diablo care
00:04:59Diablo sd
00:05:01Diablo sk
00:05:08J0te sharE?
00:05:37Strom ss
00:05:57najk the devil
00:06:05Diablo evil in me
00:06:19Diablo pool
00:06:52Diablo sk go pull
00:06:56BACKENiZER- warded
00:06:56Diablo we pushed so much
00:07:01Diablo oh kk
00:07:24Strom ss
00:07:27Kace_J omg
00:07:27Isdronningen gj
00:08:01Diablo 2 more for arcane let
00:08:02Diablo pls
00:08:11J0te ss pudge
00:08:15Diablo b
00:08:22Diablo he bot?
00:08:26J0te y
00:08:30Isdronningen ss top 1
00:08:41Diablo yea
00:08:56Kace_J fuck !
00:09:05Diablo mirana come bot pls
00:09:07Strom haste potm top
00:09:23Diablo SS PUDGE
00:09:24Diablo care
00:10:27J0te ss pudge
00:10:47Diablo mirana bot fast
00:10:49Diablo 2 free kill
00:11:19Isdronningen ss top
00:11:28Isdronningen re
00:11:29J0te ok wait
00:12:05Astrocreep ss
00:12:06Astrocreep pudge
00:12:07Astrocreep tele
00:12:20najk N1
00:12:21najk strom
00:12:22J0te Oh shit why i came there even
00:12:30J0te total trash hero this gublin
00:12:32Diablo 4 bot
00:12:38Diablo u did
00:12:45Diablo earlier arrow than i expecter
00:12:45najk mana boots
00:12:46najk soon
00:12:49Diablo expexted
00:13:05Diablo 4 bot
00:13:13silkwood -ms
00:13:28Affliction reuse
00:13:34Kace_J ncie
00:14:26Strom wtf is that chick doing there
00:15:00Diablo rape that pudge
00:15:22Strom damn potm used ulti I think
00:15:27Diablo b
00:15:28Diablo b
00:15:28Diablo b
00:15:28Diablo b
00:15:29Diablo b
00:15:29Diablo b
00:15:30Diablo b
00:15:30Diablo b
00:15:30Diablo b
00:15:31Diablo b
00:15:31Diablo b
00:15:41J0te fucking shit
00:16:01J0te should just farm cuz no team
00:16:02Diablo gogogo
00:16:24Strom surge
00:16:34Strom meh
00:17:50Strom silkwood, phase boots aren't that good for sniper
00:17:55Strom treads much stronger
00:18:05silkwood ok
00:18:32Strom damn, 4 bot
00:18:43Affliction :/
00:18:51silkwood i do treads then ? and sell phase boots ?
00:18:54Strom no
00:18:56Strom don't sell
00:18:59Strom just saying for next time
00:19:00J0te -aa
00:19:01J0te -st
00:19:05silkwood okey :)
00:19:27Strom guys, we need to use our krobelus
00:19:28Strom and push towers
00:19:34najk lol
00:19:38najk didn't know we had krob in team
00:20:18najk kasndlökasnda
00:20:23Strom ok this sucks
00:20:25Strom lets gather 5
00:20:27silkwood b
00:20:28Strom and take down tier1 towers
00:20:33najk k
00:20:36Affliction ye
00:21:04BACKENiZER- rosh?
00:21:11Diablo too early
00:22:00Strom mkay
00:22:31Strom now we're too underleveled to do a straight up 5vs5 fight
00:22:35Strom we need to turtle/gang
00:22:35Diablo rax?
00:23:08Astrocreep i got ulti
00:23:13silkwood we got 0 tower
00:23:53najk nice save
00:23:54Strom sniper, use your first skill always
00:23:56Kace_J jmg?
00:23:58Kace_J fuck !
00:24:02BACKENiZER- lets take rosh
00:24:10Kace_J madafak him
00:24:41Strom someone come help me kill necro
00:25:06Astrocreep got blink
00:25:08Strom ugh
00:25:12najk omg
00:25:16Strom need to talk this through before
00:25:52Strom care potm ulties too
00:26:36Affliction b
00:26:41Affliction b
00:26:41Affliction b
00:26:41Affliction b
00:28:19najk illu rex
00:28:53Affliction -msa
00:29:12Affliction hawk
00:29:42Strom bleh
00:29:57Strom shouldn't chase like that :(
00:29:59Strom we're too weak
00:30:16Diablo go rax
00:30:32Strom kace_j, you need more levels so we can get lvl3 ulti up with vacuum
00:31:10Strom sniper, sup?
00:31:16J0te rack
00:31:18Strom are you aware they are attacking our raxes?
00:31:20Affliction wall ?
00:31:25Isdronningen good work sniper
00:31:34Kace_J :D
00:31:43J0te #sniped
00:31:44Kace_J I surrender! [1/5 of Scourge]
00:31:56Isdronningen b
00:32:03Kace_J my mistake this lose fuck !
00:32:07Kace_J hate
00:32:10najk why=
00:32:12najk ?
00:32:23Strom everyone failed in this game
00:32:29Strom none of us played well
00:32:32Kace_J i have more fail
00:33:49najk I surrender! [2/5 of Scourge]
00:34:31Diablo top kill
00:35:01J0te )
00:36:01Strom -afk
00:36:04Strom perfect time to go afk
00:36:12Affliction ye
00:36:14J0te -st
00:36:30Affliction well he dosnt have wall and ion shield wrong creeps
00:36:38Affliction -afk
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