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Chat log

00:00:18AliBaba lol
00:00:18AliBaba pablo ?
00:00:18Tough any1 want wl?
00:00:18Defloratio sure
00:00:18JensDenLange no ty
00:00:18Defloratio i can any wishes?
00:00:18Tough k
00:00:18Tough nice
00:00:18JensDenLange nice
00:00:18mby_next_time your death.
00:00:18mby_next_time nah actually i m thinking of ali's death.
00:00:18AliBaba :D
00:00:18JensDenLange can i sniper? :P
00:00:18mby_next_time umxo.master
00:00:18Tough i wanted gondar mid..
00:00:18mby_next_time did you read rules?
00:00:18JensDenLange i dont need mid,
00:00:18JensDenLange im thinking soul ring and pellets
00:00:18Tough well
00:00:18umXo.Master sorry I am russia
00:00:18Tough omni You have to buy chiken that cunt
00:00:18JensDenLange i dono
00:00:18mby_next_time you know english / polish?
00:00:18JensDenLange mb dumb idea they get magina or wlock Wlock
00:00:20Tough any1 undy?!
00:00:25JensDenLange no
00:00:27Tough wishes?!
00:00:29Tough krobe?!
00:00:30Tough undy?
00:00:32custy i go dk
00:00:54mby_next_time dude you understand what we say?
00:00:55Defloratio i will go necro then
00:00:59mby_next_time umXo.master
00:01:03mby_next_time rozumiesz co mowie?
00:01:04umXo.Master 50/50
00:01:06AliBaba :D
00:01:07AliBaba looool You have to buy chiken.
00:01:13mby_next_time you have to buy courier. Thats all for now
00:01:15umXo.Master okay
00:01:17mby_next_time did you undestand?
00:01:19mby_next_time and share it to all
00:01:20Tough thrall and necro
00:01:22Tough would be imba
00:01:22umXo.Master yes
00:01:22JensDenLange get range
00:01:23JensDenLange y
00:01:23Defloratio ya
00:01:26JensDenLange would be masta
00:01:33JensDenLange i go bot then
00:01:42umXo.Master wl pick?
00:01:42Defloratio get thrall
00:01:43Defloratio ..
00:01:46mby_next_time nah banned
00:01:47mby_next_time it's banned
00:01:48AliBaba he is banned u cant pick it
00:01:50mby_next_time dont take omni / wl
00:01:51Tough wards pld
00:01:52Tough pls
00:01:58mby_next_time look on red text on top omni ye
00:02:02JensDenLange naix u pull :P
00:02:02mby_next_time banned banned
00:02:02Tough ty deflo <3
00:02:03AliBaba ud ? sure
00:02:10mby_next_time ud /sd good picks.
00:02:10Defloratio np
00:02:12Defloratio ^^
00:02:12JensDenLange and gj with those wards! <3
00:02:17TheyCallMeHaci go sd
00:02:22mby_next_time but hey let's pick sniper
00:02:22umXo.Master time
00:02:23TheyCallMeHaci sniper not good
00:02:24umXo.Master ..
00:02:25Defloratio i will plant for anti pull
00:02:25umXo.Master =(
00:02:30AliBaba wow
00:02:32umXo.Master good me snipe
00:02:34mby_next_time share courier. over before it started
00:02:40JensDenLange we take this
00:02:41Tough well
00:02:42mby_next_time -hhn
00:02:43mby_next_time -don
00:02:44Tough your lastpick sniper
00:02:45mby_next_time -water red
00:02:46mby_next_time -clear
00:02:47Tough our naix
00:02:48TheyCallMeHaci exactly
00:02:49mby_next_time n russian.
00:02:51Tough so 4vs4
00:02:54TheyCallMeHaci -hhn
00:03:10TheyCallMeHaci -hhn
00:03:14TheyCallMeHaci -hhy
00:03:20TheyCallMeHaci -hho fliyin asap pls
00:04:29TheyCallMeHaci sniper afk
00:04:31umXo.Master no
00:04:35umXo.Master hotkey
00:04:37umXo.Master on
00:04:45umXo.Master me farm?
00:05:03Tough sHARE
00:05:22custy share
00:05:25Tough SHARE
00:05:26Tough NAIX
00:05:28AliBaba ?
00:05:28TheyCallMeHaci ?
00:05:28Tough naix wont share
00:05:28mby_next_time si
00:05:28custy naix share
00:05:34AliBaba you need to share mate
00:05:37Ddeapsy i am not superman
00:05:43JensDenLange TRUE ss
00:07:27TheyCallMeHaci ready to go ? 'naix ss mid also
00:07:41umXo.Master ready
00:07:43AliBaba ? ss
00:08:26umXo.Master not1bad
00:08:44TheyCallMeHaci kill and chick :)
00:08:45JensDenLange what afail.... gj
00:08:53JensDenLange not boots in 3 min fliyin pls.. ss agian r
00:09:34Defloratio gank
00:09:36umXo.Master kroba
00:09:45umXo.Master krobelus ss again
00:09:48AliBaba ?
00:09:48umXo.Master up1 r
00:09:52umXo.Master chiken
00:10:01Defloratio care mid
00:10:07JensDenLange ss bot FLIYING PLS
00:10:38umXo.Master no1me
00:10:38JensDenLange gank easy sniåer win team again ffs
00:10:51Tough yy
00:10:53JensDenLange NAIX?
00:11:01umXo.Master UP
00:11:06umXo.Master krobelus
00:11:06AliBaba sniper
00:11:07AliBaba stfu
00:11:07mby_next_time up it yourself.
00:11:15mby_next_time bot rune
00:11:15Tough go ss
00:11:17AliBaba gj :)
00:11:24Defloratio ss
00:11:32umXo.Master noobs
00:11:32Defloratio b dk
00:11:36umXo.Master ss
00:12:11Ddeapsy ss mid
00:12:19Tough checmk
00:12:47Tough this is over
00:12:57umXo.Master ss
00:13:02umXo.Master long1time
00:13:07umXo.Master re
00:13:15Tough wtf
00:13:17JensDenLange ?
00:13:17Tough is thius chick?!
00:13:25Tough share mate
00:13:39custy 3 up
00:13:43custy help
00:13:44JensDenLange ss bo
00:13:48custy 3 up
00:13:54Defloratio get
00:14:08Defloratio omfg
00:14:13mby_next_time ulti ali ss gondar
00:14:39custy i said help up
00:14:48AliBaba y
00:14:49AliBaba i know no hate please. he has invis
00:14:58custy ulti hard to call
00:15:01AliBaba yy :D
00:15:10mby_next_time WHERE SI RUNE LUCK
00:15:28mby_next_time well got dagger in secunds i got mine
00:16:04Tough we.ll
00:16:05Tough gg oh god
00:16:21umXo.Master courier-killed
00:16:23umXo.Master =( y np
00:16:46TheyCallMeHaci panda b
00:17:25umXo.Master noob
00:17:27umXo.Master =(
00:17:28JensDenLange oom
00:17:34JensDenLange asdklsngmgnklahng
00:17:42JensDenLange ..... why ever go up there...
00:18:13Tough b
00:18:35custy :)
00:18:42TheyCallMeHaci stop farm
00:18:47mby_next_time look mine stats
00:18:50mby_next_time you got only 3 deaths more
00:18:51mby_next_time then me
00:18:54mby_next_time so why you talk to me
00:19:06mby_next_time when you're same useles as me and you feeed
00:19:24umXo.Master salo well
00:19:27umXo.Master noob eam only whines etc ff Your team can atleast be as a team
00:19:37mby_next_time lal XD
00:19:42umXo.Master me-go-to-farm
00:20:02JensDenLange ur alione
00:20:07custy b
00:20:33mby_next_time asfasfa
00:20:37mby_next_time my fucking mouse well this game is over :D
00:20:47mby_next_time fucking stopped to move screen
00:20:47Tough lol
00:20:57mby_next_time if you keep on crying
00:20:58mby_next_time then it is no matter what i do
00:21:16mby_next_time ds who just said"stop farm"
00:21:19mby_next_time he keeps farming
00:21:20Tough v
00:21:21Tough v
00:21:30umXo.Master + doesnt matter all u do is feed so
00:21:47JensDenLange oom
00:22:00Defloratio naix farm top
00:22:11TheyCallMeHaci -ms
00:22:16mby_next_time all i do is feed
00:22:18mby_next_time kk guard me
00:22:38Ddeapsy steal
00:22:41Ddeapsy aegis gondar
00:22:48Ddeapsy steal it
00:22:50Defloratio ya steal
00:22:56Tough :DDD
00:22:57mby_next_time obivoys shit is obvious
00:23:04mby_next_time obvious shit is obvious :)
00:23:37Defloratio b
00:23:37Ddeapsy b
00:23:38Ddeapsy b
00:23:50Ddeapsy b
00:24:37mby_next_time good guy ds
00:24:39mby_next_time farming n shit
00:24:51Tough b
00:25:12Tough btq
00:25:13Tough bw
00:25:17Tough how you could killed me
00:25:18Tough there? Where?
00:25:27Tough after steal?
00:25:28mby_next_time hackks Used dust Thought of using it before.
00:25:41Tough :D
00:25:54Defloratio come top guys
00:25:56Defloratio all
00:25:56Defloratio pls
00:26:23mby_next_time b no ulti
00:26:42Defloratio SVEEEN ?????
00:26:49Tough -afk b got tower
00:26:52AliBaba :D
00:27:11mby_next_time k guys look items of naix
00:27:13mby_next_time n laugh good?
00:27:28mby_next_time helm of domi always good mhm
00:28:02Defloratio care top GUYS COME ROFL This team :DDDD 4 of us there Good guy sniper atleast has some items Shittest team = EVER
00:29:00mby_next_time dunno why you even talk somebody why i talk ? for example i have 7 kills 2 deaths 80 cs
00:29:13mby_next_time wow
00:29:16mby_next_time you're great at ursa
00:29:26umXo.Master -cs
00:29:28mby_next_time i forgot it 's hard to take kills
00:29:29mby_next_time at ursa
00:29:32mby_next_time sr sr its hard to be team that cant suppor tursa oh i forgot
00:30:14mby_next_time dude look our team
00:30:16Tough b
00:30:21mby_next_time we have "loads of supports" Your one of it shit picker.
00:30:31mby_next_time ya im so supportiv
00:30:35mby_next_time ya panda is shit
00:30:41mby_next_time god somebody
00:30:49mby_next_time some time ago i said you're better
00:30:51mby_next_time than funch
00:30:54mby_next_time but as i see
00:30:55mby_next_time you're not
00:30:58mby_next_time at all
00:31:15mby_next_time another butthurt gay
00:31:18TheyCallMeHaci nigga i got this uir whine pisses me off
00:31:24Tough ms team
00:31:30Defloratio help him dk
00:31:46umXo.Master bash=(
00:32:03umXo.Master -7001gold
00:32:07umXo.Master -700
00:32:12TheyCallMeHaci this bash
00:32:31Defloratio :/
00:32:38Defloratio care
00:32:58Defloratio ya
00:33:38umXo.Master lags
00:33:40umXo.Master fuck
00:33:42Ddeapsy -ms
00:33:47umXo.Master krobelus
00:33:49umXo.Master .....
00:34:39custy u can go inside other heros`?
00:34:44custy i didnt know that
00:34:45Ddeapsy y
00:34:48mby_next_time i go dust in secunds Omfg
00:34:54JensDenLange ^^ k
00:34:56Tough HAHAHA
00:35:00mby_next_time b COME dust it well its lost nvm for hard triying sorry no wards okay u had dust thats great everything else baba is farming in fucking woods while we are rosh haci goes solodie for fun
00:36:03TheyCallMeHaci this game is over long time ago
00:36:04TheyCallMeHaci so what it wasnt
00:36:08JensDenLange ! rofl
00:36:10mby_next_time when you play
00:36:11AliBaba :D
00:36:11TheyCallMeHaci u guys havent fight 5v5 yet
00:36:11mby_next_time like that
00:36:12mby_next_time XD
00:36:15mby_next_time you guys?"
00:36:16mby_next_time you also
00:36:22mby_next_time you died and started to blame others
00:36:26mby_next_time after feeding
00:36:26Ddeapsy go sven
00:36:27TheyCallMeHaci ursa thinks he can take em solo
00:36:31Tough b
00:36:47TheyCallMeHaci im just trying to save my x :DD
00:36:56JensDenLange winner stun :P
00:37:15JensDenLange cheese?
00:37:42Defloratio naix take share
00:39:40Defloratio lets end
00:39:41Defloratio it
00:39:45umXo.Master SALO
00:40:26JensDenLange b I surrender! [1/5 of Scourge]
00:40:40AliBaba I surrender! [2/5 of Scourge] stun wins it
00:40:45umXo.Master kobelus
00:41:02umXo.Master -midl
00:41:05Defloratio ^^
00:42:00umXo.Master me1pls
00:42:00Defloratio can we pls end it :/
00:42:02Defloratio im bored
00:42:05umXo.Master okay
00:42:09custy lets try
00:42:11Tough b
00:42:11Tough b
00:42:14custy so am I
00:42:27Defloratio ..
00:42:33Defloratio fught
00:42:33Defloratio ffs Stun võidab
00:42:58mby_next_time I surrender! [3/5 of Scourge]
00:43:00Defloratio easy
00:43:04mby_next_time good you keep farming guys
00:43:07TheyCallMeHaci smart move haci said hes keeping hes x
00:43:16TheyCallMeHaci i was top and u guys went on them
00:43:20mby_next_time you have
00:43:22mby_next_time tp boots u have BOPT
00:43:24mby_next_time n max speed Fucking iidot
00:43:25mby_next_time lal XD
00:43:35mby_next_time btw you lose more "x" for playing like that thats why ur ass is so low x haci
00:43:45umXo.Master !ff
00:43:46mby_next_time cause you odnt use your farm
00:43:46umXo.Master I surrender! [4/5 of Scourge]
00:43:49mby_next_time I surrender! [4/5 of Scourge]
00:43:50TheyCallMeHaci BACK DOOR
00:43:56umXo.Master /f
00:43:57umXo.Master /ff
00:43:58Defloratio i will def
00:44:00JensDenLange no such thin
00:44:03TheyCallMeHaci BACK DOOR There is
00:44:05umXo.Master -ff Lol :D
00:44:14mby_next_time thanks
00:44:18mby_next_time for that block ali
00:44:26mby_next_time great you cooperet with em
00:44:34AliBaba he slowed me
00:44:44umXo.Master you-noobs
00:44:48mby_next_time dude
00:44:51mby_next_time just leave that leagye
00:44:54JensDenLange ty
00:44:54mby_next_time if you dont like us
00:44:57mby_next_time you are noob.
00:45:01mby_next_time you picked sniper for nothing.
00:45:05mby_next_time no didnt farm it
00:45:08mby_next_time n didnt help team much
00:45:12umXo.Master sven-killed
00:45:14mby_next_time so why you even talk.
00:45:17umXo.Master ot1dk
00:45:17JensDenLange okay gather now
00:45:19JensDenLange all 5
00:45:20umXo.Master or-dk
00:45:24JensDenLange go through what lane?
00:45:25custy where`?
00:45:27Defloratio down
00:45:29mby_next_time dude you feeded n didnt farm
00:45:33JensDenLange or ward a punch, gank, then push?
00:45:34mby_next_time so no reason to play sniper stop whining on eachother
00:46:04Defloratio rosh is re its really pointless now
00:46:09mby_next_time idc
00:46:14Ddeapsy give me cheeze
00:46:15mby_next_time i find his play sick
00:46:23JensDenLange u got one allrdy
00:46:32Ddeapsy it goes 2
00:46:33JensDenLange can u make a whole cheese?
00:47:06umXo.Master idiots
00:47:08umXo.Master ursa gg
00:47:25JensDenLange dk shoots none ^^ If your sniper and cant stay in range Then sorry
00:47:34Ddeapsy xaxax You do suck.
00:47:37custy what??
00:47:47umXo.Master not1anderstend
00:47:49Defloratio wow ff it now
00:47:50Defloratio xD
00:47:54umXo.Master I surrender! [4/5 of Scourge]
00:47:56umXo.Master >?
00:47:56JensDenLange one cheese still?!
00:47:58AliBaba I surrender! [4/5 of Scourge] y u did it correct I surrender! [4/5 of Scourge]
00:48:05mby_next_time only our pro haci
00:48:05AliBaba pablo
00:48:05AliBaba go its haci who keeps on farming
00:48:08mby_next_time I surrender! [4/5 of Scourge] hoping to get better x :DD
00:48:13mby_next_time happy now liar ali?
00:49:09TheyCallMeHaci I surrender! [5/5 of Scourge] :DD
00:49:12mby_next_time XD
00:49:14mby_next_time that bitch
00:49:18mby_next_time make s it on purpose
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