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92% | 1636 X | 1512 TS

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83% | 1466 X | 1485 TS

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77% | 1511 X | 1350 TS

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69% | 1334 X | 1417 TS

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97% | 1807 X | 1486 TS

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66% | 1312 X | 1410 TS

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52% | 1220 X | 1357 TS

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52% | 1232 X | 1338 TS

Chat log

00:00:07que2stress funch
00:00:08j22koer thrall slark panda
00:00:13que2stress u want axwe?
00:00:13Netukka clock rubick riki
00:00:19Rotkiv bat,budge soulkeeper
00:00:19eWeresT g[]iv ruuubick pls
00:00:19j22koer ?
00:00:19fUNCh yes i want
00:00:19Netukka any
00:00:19Netukka wishes
00:00:19que2stress axe od zet
00:00:19que2stress what u offer?
00:00:19Netukka what u got
00:00:19fUNCh sd/tusk/brood
00:00:19eWeresT got trax eza slardar
00:00:19Rotkiv someone swap with me
00:00:19que2stress any wants sd?
00:00:19Rotkiv pudge bat soulkeeper
00:00:19Netukka giev trax :D
00:00:19Netukka why pause
00:00:22j22koer dunno
00:00:24que2stress why not?
00:00:27Netukka -swap 5
00:00:28Rotkiv swap someone?
00:00:29que2stress so all can take their time
00:00:31eWeresT -sw[ap 2
00:00:31que2stress to pick
00:00:35Netukka -swap 5
00:00:35eWeresT -swap 2
00:00:35que2stress to pick
00:00:43Netukka hm
00:00:45Netukka goddamn
00:00:46Tough tiny jugger sky
00:00:47Netukka so much
00:00:47Netukka spikes
00:00:51fUNCh so
00:00:53que2stress orange
00:00:54fUNCh que
00:00:54que2stress what u got?
00:00:54Rotkiv can i have tiny
00:00:59baroni- humm
00:00:59que2stress isodronningen
00:00:59Netukka ive got so spiky
00:00:59eWeresT u really lag netukka
00:00:59que2stress ye
00:00:59Tough you have?
00:00:59baroni- thrall want mid?
00:00:59Netukka dunno why
00:00:59j22koer welll
00:00:59Netukka :S
00:00:59que2stress isodronningen
00:00:59j22koer i dont want
00:00:59que2stress what u got?
00:00:59Netukka no dls
00:00:59Rotkiv i have bat pudge soulkeeper
00:00:59j22koer but ican
00:00:59Netukka no nothing
00:00:59baroni- ok you go
00:00:59Tough oh god
00:00:59eWeresT whats ur repel ping ?
00:00:59fUNCh mby just porr ?
00:00:59Tough sorry bro :*
00:00:59Tough cant any shit of you :D
00:00:59que2stress ISODRONNINGEN
00:00:59baroni- ice arrows would be pain for melee
00:00:59baroni- ill go bot
00:00:59fUNCh we got 1afk
00:00:59Isdronningen YES?
00:00:59fUNCh or not
00:00:59que2stress WHAT HERO U HAVE?
00:00:59Isdronningen WHO`?
00:00:59fUNCh what you got
00:00:59fUNCh wanna swap
00:00:59custy zzz
00:00:59Isdronningen no
00:00:59que2stress U WANT SD OR TUSKAR?
00:00:59Isdronningen i play lion
00:00:59que2stress OK
00:00:59Rotkiv i just play very bad with my heroes
00:00:59que2stress THANKS FOR ANSEWR
00:00:59fUNCh que play sd : D?
00:00:59Tough well smae here
00:00:59que2stress I TAKE TUSKAR PLZ
00:00:59Tough :D
00:00:59fUNCh k
00:00:59Isdronningen kerem
00:01:02Tough lesh top
00:01:03fUNCh -swap 2
00:01:05Tough rubick bot
00:01:07que2stress -swap 3
00:01:07Tough trax mid
00:01:09que2stress may i mid?
00:01:14baroni- humm
00:01:16baroni- yeah sure
00:01:24eWeresT []carry all the way :D
00:01:27baroni- thrall and lion top then
00:01:27fUNCh you guys owe me for karadpowwa ban
00:01:28fUNCh :D
00:01:28Tough trax mid okay?
00:01:33Tough can hold vs kunk?
00:01:36que2stress ye i wont flame u this game
00:01:38que2stress even if u fail
00:01:38Netukka sure
00:01:40Netukka if this
00:01:42Netukka sipkes
00:01:43Netukka stops
00:01:44Netukka :D
00:01:45fUNCh that guy was getting so annoying
00:01:50Netukka spikes
00:01:50que2stress that guy
00:01:53que2stress has serious problems
00:01:55Netukka share
00:01:55baroni- share
00:01:56j22koer :D
00:02:01Isdronningen whos that guy?
00:02:08que2stress sth like
00:02:12que2stress isodroningen
00:02:13fUNCh top rune
00:02:14que2stress or
00:02:16que2stress isdrenningen
00:02:29eWeresT mis sa mind blockid siis :D:D
00:02:56Tough can u hit lesh ?:D
00:03:52Tough lehs we go with 43
00:03:54Tough 3
00:04:33que2stress dorw has dd
00:04:36j22koer harash more
00:04:42fUNCh top b
00:04:43que2stress DROW
00:04:44que2stress WITH
00:04:44que2stress DD
00:04:59que2stress wtf
00:05:04fUNCh pimedad olete top ?
00:05:04Isdronningen my mouse stuck
00:05:05que2stress they
00:05:06que2stress are
00:05:07que2stress dumb :D
00:05:17que2stress how
00:05:18que2stress can
00:05:21que2stress this happen?
00:05:39j22koer me oleks saanud trax
00:05:42j22koer ära tapetud
00:05:47j22koer lion m2ngis lolli
00:05:56que2stress come gang mid
00:06:01Isdronningen thrall er en idiot
00:06:07Isdronningen som bare snakker for meget
00:06:24Tough LESH
00:06:25Tough WTF
00:06:39eWeresT kunkka ss
00:06:46Rotkiv -ms
00:06:48que2stress DROW
00:06:49que2stress SS AGAIN
00:07:09Netukka regen
00:07:10Netukka bot
00:07:16Netukka rubick
00:07:16Netukka take it
00:07:23eWeresT re kunkka
00:07:31Tough öet me regen
00:07:35Tough let me
00:07:37Tough and go
00:08:18eWeresT oleks denyinud sind juba :D
00:08:21Isdronningen ss top 1
00:08:22Rotkiv :D
00:08:28Rotkiv ma seda muide tahtsin ka
00:08:31Rotkiv aga vedas
00:08:47que2stress lion
00:08:48que2stress thrall
00:08:51que2stress that u fail a lane is ok
00:08:53que2stress but plz
00:08:56que2stress go gang then instead
00:09:02Netukka ss mid
00:09:02j22koer y
00:09:04Isdronningen i come now
00:09:06j22koer when i got boots
00:09:10Isdronningen thrall suck anyway
00:09:11que2stress i bsa
00:09:20Isdronningen ace
00:09:22Isdronningen axe
00:09:45Isdronningen gj
00:09:48fUNCh u2
00:09:54que2stress sry oom
00:09:56baroni- oh you oom :E
00:10:06baroni- my bad..
00:10:10que2stress mine
00:10:12que2stress 2
00:10:24que2stress thought he lvl 6
00:10:25Tough come on
00:10:26que2stress and stayed away
00:10:27Tough 4 assists :D
00:10:31custy what?
00:10:45custy its not my fault
00:10:51custy just unlucky
00:10:54Netukka get
00:10:54Netukka wards
00:11:17eWeresT vittu
00:11:22eWeresT trhall lion bot
00:11:35eWeresT why go 1 by 1
00:11:36eWeresT asd
00:12:04que2stress any comes?
00:12:04que2stress y
00:12:04Isdronningen gang
00:12:09que2stress go
00:12:21que2stress that was not
00:12:24que2stress but nwm
00:12:31Netukka rubick lesh
00:12:34Netukka can u buy wards?
00:13:55j22koer care
00:14:10baroni- asrrggh
00:14:41eWeresT fcking love this hero :D
00:14:46Tough rubick? :D
00:14:48eWeresT yea
00:16:00custy sry
00:16:58fUNCh wait
00:16:59fUNCh dagger inc
00:17:09que2stress imj oom
00:17:58eWeresT lol
00:18:24Tough coming mid
00:18:25Tough wait
00:18:40fUNCh some wards are nice
00:18:59Netukka keep pushing
00:19:23eWeresT trx ?:D
00:19:41que2stress ahw aht sucked indeed
00:19:45fUNCh tusk lulz
00:19:46fUNCh :D
00:19:47fUNCh that was bad
00:19:54que2stress didnt expect that all are here
00:20:20Tough reg top
00:20:28Netukka lehs
00:20:28Netukka take
00:20:30custy y
00:20:41custy wow
00:20:41baroni- :D
00:20:47baroni- best boat.
00:20:59j22koer ?
00:21:40que2stress ward here
00:21:48que2stress not farm forest lion
00:21:49Isdronningen coming
00:21:56Isdronningen almost lvl 11
00:22:00que2stress go ult
00:22:09que2stress GO ULT
00:22:10que2stress I SAID
00:22:11que2stress MAN
00:22:15Isdronningen NO MANA
00:22:17Isdronningen I SAID
00:22:22que2stress AND DO U KNOW WHY?
00:22:33que2stress CAUSE U WASTE ITON FOREST
00:22:36Isdronningen becouse you talk to much
00:23:04que2stress mb
00:23:09que2stress but i am cool anyway
00:23:12que2stress guy
00:23:15que2stress why do u farm
00:23:17que2stress with ur mana?
00:23:23que2stress that is against all purpose
00:23:23Tough dont
00:23:24que2stress of ur hero
00:23:26eWeresT yea
00:23:29Isdronningen couse i was almost lvl 11
00:23:33que2stress so what
00:23:36que2stress kill
00:23:39que2stress leshrac
00:23:41que2stress and u are lvl 11 too
00:23:42Isdronningen then i got 775 dmg for ulti
00:23:47que2stress sowhat
00:23:54que2stress better 1 kill with lvl 10
00:23:57baroni- b
00:23:58que2stress than no kill with lvl 11
00:24:04que2stress and u must ult quickly
00:24:07que2stress cause my ulkt
00:24:14que2stress deals more dmg then
00:24:30que2stress u understand htis?
00:24:30j22koer dd
00:25:28que2stress gah we got no teamplay
00:25:29que2stress at all
00:25:53Tough yy
00:26:20que2stress gather plz
00:26:21que2stress weneed
00:26:22que2stress teamplay now
00:26:29que2stress and dusts
00:26:29Netukka mine
00:26:38Tough ty
00:26:46Tough b
00:26:50eWeresT wow
00:26:52fUNCh 2bot
00:26:52custy all there
00:26:53custy wow
00:27:52j22koer ward
00:27:55j22koer place
00:27:56Netukka b
00:27:56Netukka b
00:27:56Netukka b
00:27:58Netukka NOT
00:27:58Netukka THERE
00:28:01j22koer sweet
00:28:02Netukka ggggg
00:28:08Netukka how
00:28:10Netukka retarded
00:28:10Tough banrequest
00:28:10Netukka are
00:28:10Netukka u
00:28:10que2stress no
00:28:10j22koer ss
00:28:10que2stress egoquit
00:28:10Netukka yes
00:28:10Netukka egoquit
00:28:10fUNCh 2 guys top
00:28:10fUNCh could go
00:28:10baroni- lets take atleast 1 tower mid
00:28:10Tough wat a fucktard
00:28:10fUNCh why
00:28:10fUNCh it would be 3 dead
00:28:10eWeresT he doesnt egoquit
00:28:10fUNCh and even easyer to take tower
00:28:10Netukka well
00:28:10baroni- they wont come out
00:28:10Netukka its good
00:28:10Netukka he drops
00:28:10que2stress y
00:28:10fUNCh not so sure about that
00:28:10baroni- well if they so stupid then we kill D:
00:28:10Netukka no items
00:28:10Netukka fed only
00:28:10fUNCh stay for 10sec here
00:28:10fUNCh ward gives vision
00:28:10fUNCh lets ee
00:28:10fUNCh c
00:28:10baroni- k
00:28:10baroni- who will balance?
00:28:10que2stress imho lion
00:28:10Netukka we should take rosh soon
00:28:10Netukka rosh
00:28:10Tough y
00:28:10Tough trac
00:28:10Tough trax
00:28:10baroni- hmm
00:28:10Tough take his items
00:28:10Tough items
00:28:10Tough got bf and lothars
00:28:10baroni- ok lion
00:28:10Tough already
00:28:10Isdronningen ok
00:28:10Tough you need farm
00:28:10Tough now
00:28:10fUNCh its bad for team :D to speak about balance
00:28:10fUNCh before some1 drops
00:28:10j22koer :D
00:28:10que2stress why
00:28:10fUNCh :D takes motivation down
00:28:10que2stress i already
00:28:10fUNCh if he wont drop
00:28:10fUNCh :D
00:28:10que2stress flamed him
00:28:10j22koer :D
00:28:10que2stress so
00:28:10que2stress thats no issue :D
00:28:10j22koer yea you
00:28:10j22koer should control
00:28:10j22koer yourself
00:28:10fUNCh que is new karadpowwa
00:28:10que2stress no
00:28:10j22koer you and your flame
00:28:10que2stress after
00:28:10que2stress what u have done
00:28:10que2stress top
00:28:10que2stress i have
00:28:10que2stress all rights
00:28:10que2stress to flame
00:28:10j22koer ofc
00:28:10j22koer freedom of speech
00:28:10que2stress no
00:28:10j22koer but
00:28:10j22koer if
00:28:10que2stress in that case
00:28:10j22koer you
00:28:10que2stress its
00:28:10j22koer respect
00:28:10que2stress an obligation
00:28:10j22koer other
00:28:10j22koer s
00:28:10eWeresT zzzzzzzzz
00:28:10que2stress cause with that
00:28:10que2stress u lost
00:28:10que2stress all right for
00:28:10que2stress respect
00:28:10j22koer ?
00:28:10Netukka now we have to move with 4
00:28:10que2stress when u
00:28:10que2stress got double killed
00:28:10que2stress top
00:28:10Tough well
00:28:10Tough they aswell
00:28:10que2stress from drow
00:28:10fUNCh tb was best meat for him
00:28:10j22koer lol
00:28:10j22koer now
00:28:10fUNCh could insta ulti him
00:28:10Netukka they only
00:28:10j22koer that
00:28:10Netukka will move
00:28:11Netukka with 4
00:28:12fUNCh with his 3/4hp
00:28:14j22koer is
00:28:18Tough trax
00:28:21Tough take his items
00:29:13Tough b
00:29:13Tough b
00:29:16eWeresT wtf
00:29:17eWeresT ..
00:29:22Tough WTF IS WRONG
00:29:27custy wemt chaicing
00:29:39Tough trax
00:29:41custy im a very noob player
00:29:48Tough i take blade
00:29:51Netukka np
00:29:53Netukka i got
00:29:57baroni- b
00:29:59Tough ypu got yasha?
00:29:59j22koer down?
00:30:01baroni- y
00:30:05custy they rosh?
00:30:36Tough xaxa
00:30:37Netukka axe
00:30:37Netukka will
00:30:39Netukka jump
00:30:39Netukka in
00:31:25eWeresT I surrender! [1/4 of Scourge]
00:31:25custy gg
00:31:27Tough that was my fail
00:31:31Tough but that dust
00:31:33Tough dunno how
00:31:34que2stress next
00:31:38baroni- ill def and heal
00:32:34Netukka fast
00:32:34j22koer mega hax
00:32:34Netukka go
00:32:41fUNCh teadsin
00:32:42fUNCh :D
00:32:43j22koer :D
00:32:46fUNCh aga lootsin et blademail töötab
00:32:49j22koer y
00:32:55Tough trax or me?
00:33:00Netukka u kta
00:33:00baroni- we cant..
00:33:08Netukka hex
00:33:16fUNCh axe muidu üli chill hero
00:33:21fUNCh aga mingid 1click herod nussivad ikka ära
00:33:26j22koer axe
00:33:29j22koer seisab koha peal
00:33:32j22koer ja k6ik saavad dmg
00:33:34j22koer ;D
00:33:34eWeresT come help me plant
00:33:36j22koer ongi k6ik
00:34:05que2stress u doing jango thrall?
00:34:07Tough need 1000
00:34:09j22koer no
00:34:11baroni- they warding
00:34:12j22koer disable
00:34:17baroni- their jungle
00:34:27eWeresT care smoke
00:34:28fUNCh could smoke
00:34:30j22koer y
00:34:32que2stress nah
00:34:32j22koer good idea
00:34:33que2stress we need
00:34:35que2stress to make them push
00:35:00fUNCh if we ward right
00:35:01fUNCh we can push
00:35:03fUNCh got gem
00:35:17Tough 200
00:35:18baroni- gather and go
00:35:19Netukka they got 2he
00:35:20Netukka soon
00:35:21Netukka hex
00:35:36baroni- b
00:35:36fUNCh tf
00:35:37fUNCh wtf
00:35:38baroni- b
00:35:43fUNCh mis tegid
00:35:47fUNCh miks seal olid
00:35:48que2stress and if we ward wrong
00:35:51que2stress we cant
00:35:56Tough mid
00:36:00Tough or well
00:36:02j22koer külje pealt ssse
00:36:02Tough dunno :D
00:36:04j22koer aga
00:36:05j22koer eiõ
00:36:11j22koer yurnero oli lotharis
00:36:52Tough WTF
00:36:52Netukka eh
00:36:54Tough WAS THAT
00:36:54custy Wtf?
00:36:58eWeresT wtf D:D:D:
00:36:59custy what was that`?
00:37:00Tough gg bug
00:37:04eWeresT u died instantly ?
00:37:06baroni- push
00:37:07custy y
00:37:08Tough y
00:37:14custy bug
00:37:17Tough gg icefrog
00:37:18custy gg
00:37:23que2stress what happened?
00:37:26fUNCh insta suri kui aegisest tuli ?
00:37:28Tough instant dead
00:37:30eWeresT icefrog doesnt care about dota 1 anymore :(
00:37:31Tough after aegis
00:37:38fUNCh my ulti too stronk
00:37:38j22koer lies
00:37:40que2stress ye ur aegis time
00:37:41j22koer all lies
00:37:43que2stress was runnin gup
00:37:46Netukka he had axe shit
00:37:47Netukka on him
00:37:48Tough are you dumb?
00:38:17custy too much damage
00:38:26Tough ah gem
00:38:27Tough I surrender! [2/4 of Scourge]
00:38:46Tough gem
00:38:49custy gem
00:38:49Tough gem
00:38:50eWeresT ff
00:38:51eWeresT ff it
00:38:52eWeresT wtf
00:38:55eWeresT timewaste
00:38:56Tough kill it
00:39:05Tough that fucking aegis kill
00:39:10eWeresT team ? why not ff ?
00:39:12j22koer lost game?
00:39:14Tough y
00:39:14que2stress wouldh ave changed a lot
00:39:16Tough y
00:39:16fUNCh LD
00:39:19Tough you got rax
00:39:19fUNCh sure sure
00:39:22Tough cause of that
00:39:24Tough totaly fair right?
00:39:29eWeresT FF IT
00:39:31eWeresT for fuck sake
00:39:33j22koer it is
00:39:38j22koer you had good farm top
00:39:42j22koer so
00:39:44Tough so you tell me
00:39:46j22koer its all good
00:40:00Tough because im playing well you need bugs to win?
00:40:06Tough seems legit
00:40:07fUNCh yeap
00:40:10fUNCh you got it
00:40:17eWeresT halloo ? ff it , we cant win this shit
00:40:26custy :)
00:40:32j22koer if you put that way you seem right
00:40:40eWeresT im surrounded by reeetards
00:40:49que2stress ye show some respect
00:40:55j22koer :D
00:41:10j22koer and you know respect Q?
00:41:58eWeresT ff
00:42:34eWeresT since when doesnt forcestaff go through kinetic field ?
00:42:46Tough dumb update
00:43:17Netukka I surrender! [3/4 of Scourge]
00:43:40que2stress NO
00:43:43que2stress NO TRAPS HERE
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