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Chat log

00:00:19que2stress edgar
00:00:19que2stress what hero u play?
00:00:19MYuksel wank baby ?
00:00:19MYuksel u know what i want
00:00:19que2stress let me plz pick for yo
00:00:19que2stress i want mb wisp
00:00:19edgarass aBBA MAYBE
00:00:19que2stress but cant pick it was second
00:00:19que2stress do u play tide too?
00:00:19Diablo ban?
00:00:19A-tzangol abba fine
00:00:19MYuksel slark
00:00:19sebralane U wanto suck cock?
00:00:19MYuksel for me
00:00:19MYuksel plz
00:00:19MYuksel yeeeeeeeeee
00:00:19MYuksel lol
00:00:19WANKmaster -wl
00:00:19que2stress ban naix
00:00:19A-tzangol slark
00:00:24WANKmaster any other heroes u want
00:00:24WANKmaster ?
00:00:24que2stress aaasddas qwewasfdas aaaaaaaah nooooooo i dieeeee
00:00:26WANKmaster naix
00:00:26WANKmaster +
00:00:29sebralane wr
00:00:29MYuksel k
00:00:30WANKmaster i
00:00:32que2stress i pick abba for you then edgar
00:00:38que2stress ok?
00:00:39MYuksel want me naix ?
00:00:42MYuksel hate it
00:00:43WANKmaster ye
00:00:44que2stress EDGAR
00:00:45MYuksel but oki
00:00:46Diablo tide
00:00:47WANKmaster ill go lina
00:00:48Diablo get tide
00:00:48WANKmaster lane
00:00:50edgarass abab
00:00:50WANKmaster with you
00:00:51Diablo and lesh
00:00:52MYuksel k
00:00:56que2stress i hope
00:00:57MYuksel -swap 1
00:00:58que2stress u play
00:01:00zonskass first
00:01:01que2stress tide diablo
00:01:01zonskass pick
00:01:02WANKmaster jerkku go mid
00:01:03WANKmaster -swap 3
00:01:04sebralane uda get carry
00:01:04Diablo i play eza
00:01:06Diablo or
00:01:07WANKmaster -swap 2
00:01:08que2stress dammit
00:01:10Diablo will see
00:01:10MYuksel no more carrys
00:01:10sebralane u best
00:01:11que2stress plz take tide
00:01:13que2stress i want wisp
00:01:16sebralane no uda best carry
00:01:19MYuksel want me lane ?
00:01:21MYuksel or woods ?
00:01:26Jerkku naix lina
00:01:27Diablo wr better
00:01:27que2stress ah fuck you
00:01:27Jerkku is
00:01:28que2stress really
00:01:28Jerkku imba
00:01:30Jerkku at lane
00:01:30que2stress i feed
00:01:32que2stress dont want
00:01:33Diablo i didnt say 'pick me tide'
00:01:37que2stress to play with you
00:01:38Diablo sorry
00:01:43que2stress u said get abba
00:01:43WANKmaster take abba
00:01:44WANKmaster mby
00:01:45que2stress tide
00:01:48WANKmaster would be imbastic
00:01:50Diablo i said get lesh tide
00:01:51Jerkku yep
00:01:53Diablo and i didnt say
00:01:57que2stress what else shall i understand
00:01:57MYuksel nice picks
00:01:58MYuksel mates
00:01:58que2stress u fucker
00:02:01Diablo get me ''lesh tide''
00:02:03que2stress when i am asking what to pick
00:02:08Diablo dude learn english
00:02:09zonskass CAPTAIN can i go MID ?
00:02:12Diablo and play tade its imba
00:02:17WANKmaster wisp would've rocked more
00:02:18WANKmaster with you
00:02:19WANKmaster but
00:02:19MYuksel afk tule ?
00:02:19A-tzangol if u think u can handl
00:02:22A-tzangol yeah
00:02:22A-tzangol go
00:02:23zonskass ofc
00:02:23WANKmaster havent played lina
00:02:24que2stress u asid
00:02:24WANKmaster so logn
00:02:25que2stress tide
00:02:26que2stress get tide
00:02:31MYuksel u saw my lina
00:02:31que2stress there is no
00:02:32sebralane havent won
00:02:32MYuksel thats why
00:02:32que2stress leshrac in
00:02:33MYuksel hehe
00:02:33A-tzangol wr btm
00:02:33sebralane soo long
00:02:34que2stress tide get tide
00:02:42Diablo me bot?
00:02:43Diablo or?
00:02:44A-tzangol yeah
00:02:46Diablo im ok top?
00:02:49A-tzangol bot
00:02:51Diablo kay
00:02:52MYuksel i go funny carry lifestealer
00:03:00MYuksel blink
00:03:02A-tzangol check rune
00:03:07MYuksel orchid
00:03:14zonskass \lrdh
00:03:14MYuksel basher
00:03:17que2stress man i would have owned with wisp
00:03:18sebralane divine
00:03:20sebralane 1 item
00:03:22UDA :D
00:03:22sebralane soo badass
00:03:24MYuksel hehe
00:03:51que2stress AND u cant even paly
00:03:53que2stress nice
00:04:07que2stress harass
00:04:08que2stress dammit
00:04:23A-tzangol go eza
00:04:26A-tzangol when he shields
00:04:27Jerkku SS MID
00:04:29A-tzangol himslef
00:04:31Jerkku re
00:04:58Diablo b
00:05:19MYuksel gj
00:05:20WANKmaster gj
00:05:50MYuksel thx
00:05:51MYuksel mate
00:05:55WANKmaster np
00:06:22Jerkku SS MID
00:06:25MYuksel ss bot
00:06:27A-tzangol let me farm
00:06:32Jerkku re
00:06:49MYuksel sec
00:07:20Jerkku RUNE BOT
00:07:24WANKmaster ill pul
00:07:24UDA miss venge
00:07:25WANKmaster l
00:07:25Jerkku MISS MID
00:08:00edgarass wp lesh
00:08:03zonskass block
00:08:04zonskass more
00:08:19Diablo noob venge
00:08:21MYuksel good
00:08:22edgarass fu
00:08:22WANKmaster what a tower
00:08:22WANKmaster :D:D
00:08:34edgarass fiucking lesh idiot
00:08:39edgarass instead
00:08:41Jerkku RE LESH MID
00:08:42que2stress this game is lost
00:08:45que2stress with this noob wr
00:08:47A-tzangol yeah
00:08:48edgarass of going back
00:08:49Diablo come bot
00:08:49A-tzangol its lost
00:08:53UDA miss top
00:08:54UDA all
00:08:56edgarass he fucking tries to heal himself and lkill naix
00:09:17UDA give me
00:09:18UDA mana
00:09:19Jerkku SS MID
00:09:22Jerkku INC TOP MBY
00:09:25zonskass go
00:09:33WANKmaster lets go venge
00:09:36MYuksel k
00:09:43WANKmaster dive not
00:09:44WANKmaster so good
00:09:45WANKmaster idea
00:09:45WANKmaster imo
00:09:47que2stress wtf are u doing
00:09:49MYuksel let me pull
00:09:50MYuksel double
00:09:53WANKmaster ok
00:10:06MYuksel just care
00:10:09UDA lol!
00:10:10sebralane heal me
00:10:10sebralane ffs
00:10:12zonskass at
00:10:13zonskass least
00:10:15Jerkku TIDE MIDS
00:10:15MYuksel ss
00:10:16MYuksel boot
00:10:21MYuksel tide was bot
00:10:22MYuksel care mid
00:10:24MYuksel venge tide miss
00:10:36zonskass go
00:10:36que2stress VENGE
00:10:37que2stress WHY
00:10:37zonskass kill
00:10:40Jerkku VENGE MID WITH TIDe
00:10:42Jerkku and lesh
00:10:43zonskass he
00:10:44Jerkku 3 mid
00:10:44zonskass noov
00:10:46zonskass noob
00:10:46MYuksel k
00:10:49que2stress wtf
00:10:50UDA I can come mid
00:10:55Jerkku SS VENGE
00:10:58Jerkku and RIDE
00:11:00Jerkku TIDE*
00:11:08UDA care top!
00:11:08Jerkku also LESH
00:11:11que2stress why didnt u stun him venge?
00:11:15UDA b top!
00:11:15Jerkku LESH RE
00:11:35A-tzangol let me kill
00:11:36que2stress elt
00:11:36que2stress void
00:11:37que2stress kill
00:11:38que2stress dammit
00:11:43Jerkku wards
00:11:44Jerkku pls
00:11:46sebralane he backtracks 2x my spells
00:11:48sebralane how faking nice
00:11:56que2stress venge
00:11:57que2stress go roam
00:11:58que2stress with me
00:11:58que2stress plz
00:12:06Diablo ss2
00:12:07que2stress venge
00:12:09Diablo lina
00:12:10Diablo naix
00:12:11Diablo ss
00:12:22que2stress edfgar
00:12:24que2stress are u deaf?
00:12:36MYuksel go
00:12:45zonskass ...
00:12:46zonskass gush?
00:12:52que2stress are u crazy?
00:12:58que2stress 4 guys mid
00:13:02zonskass NOW
00:13:03que2stress and u want to rush in?
00:13:22zonskass ai
00:13:22zonskass cia
00:13:23zonskass tu
00:13:24zonskass :D
00:13:26zonskass ziuriu
00:13:27zonskass kas
00:13:28zonskass per
00:13:29zonskass noobas
00:14:01Diablo gg
00:14:01que2stress lesrac wtf
00:14:01que2stress :D
00:14:09MYuksel gj wank
00:14:10zonskass nobody
00:14:11Diablo void
00:14:11zonskass help
00:14:14Diablo u are doing what?
00:14:14que2stress who
00:14:17que2stress tell me
00:14:20que2stress who could have helped?
00:14:22MYuksel aaha
00:14:24MYuksel hehe
00:14:27zonskass void
00:14:31que2stress :D
00:14:31zonskass venge
00:14:34MYuksel sebra
00:14:34que2stress venge was dead
00:14:34MYuksel pipe
00:14:39MYuksel mekkaa
00:14:40WANKmaster u didnt have ult myuksel?
00:14:41zonskass nope
00:14:45MYuksel no mana
00:14:51WANKmaster oh
00:14:52WANKmaster ok
00:15:07que2stress are u using explisions?
00:15:17sebralane for real
00:15:25zonskass u
00:15:26zonskass using
00:15:26zonskass ult?
00:15:32que2stress since i got lvl 6
00:15:35que2stress there was no ocassion :D
00:15:47zonskass there
00:15:47zonskass was
00:15:49zonskass ocasion
00:15:50zonskass right
00:15:50zonskass now
00:15:53que2stress i just turned lvl 6
00:16:00zonskass UKLT
00:16:02zonskass OMG
00:16:03zonskass ULT
00:16:12zonskass wait
00:16:13zonskass till
00:16:13zonskass i
00:16:14zonskass die
00:16:15zonskass and
00:16:16zonskass ult
00:16:17zonskass .....
00:16:46Diablo void?
00:16:50zonskass let
00:16:50zonskass him
00:16:51zonskass farm
00:16:54MYuksel i was going to tp bot
00:16:55MYuksel but ok
00:16:57que2stress void
00:16:58que2stress wtf
00:16:58MYuksel :D
00:17:00que2stress stop
00:17:02zonskass no
00:17:03que2stress fucking solo play
00:17:06zonskass let
00:17:06zonskass him
00:17:09Jerkku LOL
00:17:10zonskass he
00:17:11zonskass our
00:17:11zonskass only
00:17:12Jerkku u had to do that
00:17:12zonskass hope
00:17:13que2stress y
00:17:14A-tzangol no
00:17:16que2stress he feeds
00:17:17A-tzangol i am no hope
00:17:20que2stress is good hope :D
00:17:21A-tzangol i dont feed
00:17:23A-tzangol >.>
00:17:24sebralane yep
00:17:26sebralane needed a kill
00:17:30que2stress so what was it top?
00:17:31sebralane any1 want regen
00:17:33que2stress wasting ult
00:17:34sebralane say fast
00:17:35que2stress getting kiled
00:17:36Jerkku m e
00:17:37Jerkku ¨
00:17:46zonskass care
00:18:04que2stress leshrac
00:18:05que2stress at his best
00:18:06que2stress :D
00:18:13zonskass yeah
00:18:14zonskass u
00:18:16zonskass u
00:18:18zonskass would
00:18:19zonskass guess
00:18:20zonskass 100%
00:19:02MYuksel l
00:19:02Jerkku perma
00:19:16MYuksel b
00:19:22Jerkku eza is so useless hero
00:19:28Jerkku always these farmer ezas
00:19:35WANKmaster its not if u can play him
00:19:41que2stress edgar urn on you is not the best choice
00:19:42Jerkku like i said
00:19:44que2stress especially when i got it already
00:19:47Jerkku useless if only farm
00:19:58sebralane useless if u dont suck my cock
00:20:00Diablo me meka?
00:20:02sebralane -msa
00:20:04zonskass hex
00:20:08A-tzangol me top
00:20:23MYuksel well no wards
00:20:28UDA omw
00:20:33que2stress gang
00:20:44Diablo bait
00:20:52zonskass WTF
00:20:54zonskass wank
00:20:55UDA :D
00:20:57WANKmaster WTF
00:20:59WANKmaster WH
00:21:02que2stress WTF
00:21:03zonskass :DDDD
00:21:04que2stress WHY U TELL ME
00:21:04zonskass wallhack
00:21:05que2stress TO BAIT
00:21:05que2stress F
00:21:06que2stress IF
00:21:06MYuksel go
00:21:07que2stress U
00:21:07que2stress RUN
00:21:08que2stress AWAY
00:21:09Diablo ult?
00:21:13que2stress was cd
00:21:20que2stress eh
00:21:21Diablo didnt know
00:21:21que2stress u really
00:21:24que2stress are
00:21:24que2stress so
00:21:25que2stress fucking
00:21:26que2stress bad
00:21:47edgarass lol wr
00:21:50que2stress he is so bad
00:21:51Diablo bot?
00:22:36WANKmaster fuck me
00:22:36WANKmaster :D
00:22:41sebralane fuck
00:22:51MYuksel why u tp
00:22:52MYuksel me ?
00:22:52sebralane naiix b
00:22:54MYuksel with 200 hp ?
00:22:55MYuksel idiot
00:22:58sebralane didnty look ur ghp
00:23:11A-tzangol ty
00:23:12sebralane thout u had more
00:23:14sebralane since u naix
00:23:15zonskass i
00:23:16zonskass try
00:23:30zonskass husk
00:23:31zonskass invis
00:23:32zonskass care
00:23:33Diablo gang
00:23:33que2stress and bkb
00:23:37Diablo just gang
00:23:39edgarass lesh go bait
00:23:44edgarass wr go bait
00:23:49que2stress wait
00:23:50que2stress for
00:23:52que2stress othesr
00:23:54que2stress we cant do this alone
00:23:55que2stress without my ult
00:24:07zonskass husk
00:24:09zonskass ivis
00:24:13que2stress u are
00:24:13zonskass ....
00:24:14que2stress so fucking
00:24:16que2stress retarted
00:24:23sebralane -ms
00:24:40sebralane -ms
00:24:53edgarass smoke
00:24:55que2stress NO
00:24:56que2stress MAN
00:24:57que2stress edgar
00:24:58que2stress plz
00:24:59que2stress use brain
00:25:01A-tzangol stay base
00:25:05que2stress we will not win open fights
00:25:06sebralane i tp u back
00:25:07sebralane wait
00:25:15A-tzangol def
00:25:17MYuksel thx
00:25:24zonskass scared?
00:25:24zonskass :D
00:26:28que2stress wr
00:26:30que2stress i dont get you
00:26:30que2stress really
00:26:31UDA smuud!
00:26:33MYuksel we need that lina
00:26:36WANKmaster yeah
00:26:37WANKmaster im
00:26:39WANKmaster coming
00:26:40WANKmaster now
00:26:58Diablo doing my best
00:27:02A-tzangol get eza
00:27:40zonskass thnx
00:27:41zonskass for
00:27:42zonskass tanking
00:27:45MYuksel always
00:27:49zonskass bitch
00:27:50zonskass td
00:28:14WANKmaster wtf
00:28:14WANKmaster are
00:28:14WANKmaster we
00:28:16WANKmaster doing
00:28:17WANKmaster :d:d:d
00:28:17MYuksel always 4-5
00:28:20MYuksel fuckin facks
00:28:20UDA we are getting stunned
00:28:25zonskass regen
00:28:30Diablo wasnt that shackle epic?
00:28:38Diablo tide?
00:28:40Diablo :(
00:28:46que2stress which?
00:28:48zonskass tide
00:28:49zonskass too
00:28:49WANKmaster oh jerkku was missing now :d
00:28:52zonskass scared
00:28:54zonskass tooplay
00:28:54Diablo on lina naix
00:28:56A-tzangol me top farm
00:28:56sebralane jerkku is noob
00:28:58Diablo to save venge
00:29:15que2stress guess u need forcestaff
00:29:16MYuksel gj
00:29:17que2stress lesrrac
00:29:18zonskass fking
00:29:22zonskass yeah...
00:29:29que2stress come def
00:29:29zonskass uright
00:29:34Diablo void we need u bot
00:29:34WANKmaster tp
00:29:39zonskass just
00:29:39zonskass give
00:29:40zonskass uot
00:29:42zonskass GIVE
00:29:43zonskass up
00:29:57que2stress they rosh
00:30:00zonskass gooooo
00:30:03A-tzangol go
00:30:04que2stress void
00:30:04que2stress NOW
00:30:07zonskass GOOOOO
00:30:20zonskass ULT
00:30:21zonskass goooo
00:30:37zonskass omg
00:30:39zonskass naix.....
00:30:51que2stress I surrender! [1/5 of Scourge]
00:30:53zonskass naix
00:30:54zonskass was
00:30:55zonskass near
00:30:56zonskass shop
00:30:59zonskass LOL
00:31:25Diablo such a bad crono
00:31:28que2stress y
00:31:28A-tzangol y
00:31:29Diablo bad initiation
00:31:33zonskass gg
00:31:33A-tzangol sucha a bad venge swap
00:31:34A-tzangol too
00:31:41que2stress indeed
00:31:43Diablo he swapped?
00:31:45Diablo who?
00:31:45que2stress y
00:31:45A-tzangol y
00:31:48que2stress naix pout
00:31:50Diablo go deff
00:32:00Diablo swap now
00:32:06MYuksel b
00:32:16WANKmaster sry :D:D
00:33:02MYuksel sebra ?
00:33:04MYuksel we need hex
00:33:06que2stress why does wr not have forcestaff?
00:33:08MYuksel not yasha
00:33:10sebralane i need ms
00:33:15Diablo i rush hex
00:33:16MYuksel imba ezalor
00:33:20que2stress 30 min
00:33:22que2stress nice rush
00:33:26Diablo i have it
00:33:27zonskass wr
00:33:28zonskass plays
00:33:29zonskass good
00:33:30zonskass imho
00:33:32MYuksel invis
00:33:42que2stress then u watched another game
00:33:58Diablo go replay tide
00:34:00A-tzangol i
00:34:02MYuksel eza tp me after 1 min
00:34:04MYuksel need items
00:34:09sebralane cd
00:34:12MYuksel k
00:34:22A-tzangol b
00:34:23que2stress so where is you r guinsoo
00:34:24A-tzangol lol
00:34:28MYuksel tp asap
00:34:29Diablo at shop
00:34:35que2stress then bring it?
00:34:39Diablo omw
00:35:03zonskass i
00:35:04zonskass hate
00:35:05zonskass u
00:35:06zonskass naix
00:35:17A-tzangol f
00:35:18que2stress guys
00:35:19A-tzangol I surrender! [2/5 of Scourge]
00:35:20que2stress whyy
00:35:23que2stress u fight there
00:35:23A-tzangol nvm
00:35:26A-tzangol dunno
00:35:26edgarass I surrender! [3/5 of Scourge]
00:35:28A-tzangol u chased too
00:35:29A-tzangol tide
00:35:31que2stress me?
00:35:32WANKmaster tp
00:35:33WANKmaster mind
00:35:36sebralane cd
00:35:38A-tzangol at least a gush
00:35:44A-tzangol then someone else went to die
00:35:55que2stress y but guhsing someone
00:35:59que2stress is not hunting someone
00:36:03A-tzangol tell him then
00:36:05A-tzangol not me
00:36:06A-tzangol lesh did
00:36:08A-tzangol hunt
00:36:11A-tzangol we dont have even tower
00:36:12A-tzangol mid
00:36:22zonskass y
00:36:23que2stress well no forcestaff vs naix
00:36:24zonskass me
00:36:25zonskass pwned
00:36:27zonskass by
00:36:28zonskass naix
00:36:36zonskass I surrender! [4/5 of Scourge]
00:36:44A-tzangol I surrender! [4/5 of Scourge]
00:36:45Diablo i ff when i get hex
00:36:50que2stress I surrender! [4/5 of Scourge]
00:37:02que2stress i thought u have it already?
00:37:07Diablo need to buy
00:37:12que2stress then u dont have it
00:37:31que2stress epic
00:37:39Diablo I surrender! [5/5 of Scourge]
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