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-36 X
-2 TS

95% | 1766 X | 1484 TS

-52 X
-2 TS

92% | 1693 X | 1454 TS

-53 X
-2 TS

68% | 1377 X | 1358 TS

-26 X
-11 TS

45% | 1301 X | 1195 TS

-27 X
-3 TS

32% | 1149 X | 1200 TS

+54 X
+2 TS

94% | 1719 X | 1503 TS

+15 X
+2 TS

82% | 1583 X | 1367 TS

+59 X
+2 TS

62% | 1318 X | 1342 TS

+50 X
+2 TS

60% | 1301 X | 1352 TS

+26 X
+2 TS

41% | 1210 X | 1248 TS

Chat log

00:00:00Tough [DotA-GC] ... and the wooden PC award goes to *drum roll* ... zvaksy with 51 seconds.
00:00:02fUNCh ff
00:00:05fUNCh Cant win with this team
00:00:06Tough cree
00:00:07Tough <333
00:00:12creeeeeee oooo
00:00:12Tough we fuck this game? :D
00:00:16creeeeeee tough
00:00:21Tough :D
00:00:21Tough so do you want somethink?
00:00:21yeW- what u play
00:00:21creeeeeee as always
00:00:21yeW- funchster
00:00:21creeeeeee I want the fatboy
00:00:21fUNCh well
00:00:21yeW- bone?
00:00:21Tough :D
00:00:21yeW- go hard carry
00:00:21Tough hmm
00:00:21fUNCh cant carry
00:00:21fUNCh since noone support
00:00:21creeeeeee ban omni
00:00:21creeeeeee i guess
00:00:21yeW- i'll omnio
00:00:21Tough i like that furi
00:00:21fUNCh lastgame
00:00:21creeeeeee or ban rubik
00:00:21fUNCh this aerwyn
00:00:21fUNCh took jugger
00:00:21Aerwyn :D
00:00:21Tough or omni?
00:00:21fUNCh after sf and ursa
00:00:21Tough or ud?
00:00:21yeW- ^^
00:00:21yeW- leave
00:00:21yeW- the supportin
00:00:21Aerwyn <3
00:00:21yeW- to me
00:00:21yeW- and ali
00:00:21creeeeeee dno all imba :D
00:00:21yeW- u go bone?
00:00:21fUNCh and had bane and pit
00:00:21creeeeeee he will ban omni i think
00:00:21fUNCh who no wards and no chick upgrade
00:00:21AliBaba i want wisp
00:00:21fUNCh so i had to ward with sf
00:00:21Tough so ud or rubiucl?
00:00:21yeW- k
00:00:21creeeeeee ye
00:00:21yeW- take bone funch
00:00:21creeeeeee ud
00:00:21yeW- dk
00:00:21creeeeeee so I can hook
00:00:21Tough well
00:00:21Aerwyn funch, u just sucked at start
00:00:21Tough omni?
00:00:21creeeeeee shit
00:00:21creeeeeee ye :D
00:00:21Aerwyn died twice to smell
00:00:21Tough omni
00:00:21Aerwyn at mid
00:00:22yeW- i go furi
00:00:22AliBaba :D
00:00:23fUNCh they ganged me twice
00:00:24yeW- oh
00:00:26yeW- his pick
00:00:26creeeeeee good omni wins games with np
00:00:27fUNCh once in lvl1
00:00:27yeW- he gets it
00:00:28yeW- i guess
00:00:32yeW- nottt
00:00:34fUNCh and we had no wards
00:00:36fUNCh he got all runes
00:00:37JensDenLange uuuhm
00:00:39JensDenLange give me puck
00:00:40fUNCh how is that sucking ?
00:00:45creeeeeee damn that yew :(
00:00:48creeeeeee took ur hero
00:00:51creeeeeee would you play sile?
00:00:53creeeeeee its siiiick
00:00:56Tough hmm
00:01:00Tough better i try him in pub :D
00:01:03creeeeeee k
00:01:04creeeeeee what then
00:01:05Tough get me riki or pl
00:01:12creeeeeee -swap 1
00:01:16Tough -swap 2
00:01:18Tough btw cree
00:01:25Tough how these hotkeys works here?
00:01:25fUNCh and picking jugger after - sf and ursa is not sucking ?
00:01:27yeW- -ma
00:01:31creeeeeee I rly dont know
00:01:36creeeeeee not using any
00:01:42Tough i mean repel hotkeys
00:01:46yeW- pojetz
00:01:48yeW- what u play
00:01:48Tough they not really work
00:01:49creeeeeee I know what you mean
00:01:51Aerwyn it is, i just wanna play hero what i feel nice :)
00:01:54yeW- -cleart
00:01:55creeeeeee but I havnt even tested em :D
00:01:55yeW- -clear
00:01:56Pojetz rexxar
00:01:57yeW- no
00:01:58fUNCh btw
00:01:58yeW- dont
00:02:00yeW- useless here
00:02:00Tough hmm
00:02:00yeW- get bone
00:02:01Tough -.-
00:02:01fUNCh those bane and pit
00:02:04creeeeeee they should work fine
00:02:07fUNCh was zvaksy and belka
00:02:07yeW- or pit
00:02:09creeeeeee thats for sure
00:02:09yeW- pit is good
00:02:11fUNCh atleast they got those 2 newps
00:02:19creeeeeee i would know if they dont
00:02:27AliBaba ehm
00:02:32AliBaba lanes suck :s
00:02:39creeeeeee damn dazzle
00:02:42creeeeeee its so sick anti pudge
00:02:42Aerwyn we got 5 range..
00:02:46fUNCh this pojetz is funny guy
00:02:46AliBaba y
00:02:50creeeeeee wisp also
00:02:52fUNCh once he carryd with furi
00:02:55fUNCh he had
00:02:56Pojetz he said
00:02:57AliBaba why didnt you go bone funch ?
00:02:58fUNCh dagon
00:03:00fUNCh lothar
00:03:03fUNCh buriza
00:03:08fUNCh and domi i think
00:03:11fUNCh imb farm
00:03:13Aerwyn ali, pull?
00:03:14fUNCh and sucked so hard
00:03:23fUNCh i even couldnt dream about it
00:03:26AliBaba you can pull
00:03:36Aerwyn warded
00:04:20yeW- PUNG
00:04:21yeW- for gang
00:04:21yeW- ping
00:04:24yeW- pls
00:04:31yeW- xDD
00:05:00AliBaba same for you yew
00:05:05AliBaba call for gang
00:05:13yeW- i wont hp
00:05:14yeW- tp
00:05:46fUNCh bot sucks
00:05:54yeW- go riki
00:05:58yeW- after
00:05:59yeW- wave
00:06:00fUNCh no mana
00:06:02yeW- k
00:07:24yeW- ss
00:07:52creeeeeee rly?
00:07:59fUNCh share
00:08:00creeeeeee how did it pop you out of it
00:08:04fUNCh share
00:08:18yeW- dont make me say it mate
00:08:20yeW- SKILLS
00:08:21yeW- xd
00:08:23fUNCh share chick
00:08:23yeW- share
00:08:23fUNCh or ban
00:08:23creeeeeee pfff :D
00:08:23AliBaba share shick mate
00:08:23yeW- pojetz
00:08:23Aerwyn pojetz
00:08:23Aerwyn share
00:08:27yeW- guess
00:08:32creeeeeee MISS
00:08:33yeW- it is
00:08:37yeW- a matter of pixels
00:08:49fUNCh ss2
00:08:52fUNCh 1
00:08:56yeW- ss pudige
00:09:00yeW- re
00:09:20fUNCh tp bot
00:09:21fUNCh furi
00:09:32creeeeeee still ss
00:10:02yeW- gang mid
00:10:11AliBaba onw
00:10:25JensDenLange whisp ss
00:10:35AliBaba he saw m
00:10:36Tough ss 2 biot
00:10:36Tough care
00:10:55creeeeeee mid ss
00:10:57creeeeeee re
00:11:00Tough gj
00:11:04zvaksy u2
00:12:01JensDenLange gank top pls
00:12:03JensDenLange bot mb tp?
00:12:12Tough gj
00:12:34AliBaba :_D
00:12:41Aerwyn wtf?
00:12:43Aerwyn ali?
00:12:45AliBaba what ? :D
00:12:52JensDenLange took that one lifesaving jolt!
00:13:10Tough da
00:13:15Tough dagon?
00:14:57JensDenLange cant catch a break! :)
00:15:54Tough v
00:17:23creeeeeee okay
00:17:27creeeeeee this dazzle
00:17:31creeeeeee just wins all fights
00:17:42JensDenLange then quick focus on him from now on
00:18:10creeeeeee tp
00:18:11creeeeeee pliz?
00:18:39Tough they winning 4 vs 5
00:19:12JensDenLange ty
00:20:06JensDenLange stunlock
00:20:18JensDenLange oooh, u fucking us up!
00:22:03creeeeeee FUCK this
00:22:04creeeeeee dazzle
00:22:04creeeeeee rly
00:22:26Tough Gg
00:22:29Tough dazzle won it
00:22:30JensDenLange gg wp
00:22:31creeeeeee gg wp dazzle
00:22:42JensDenLange whisp were'nt bad either
00:22:51yeW- ye n furi had nothin to do with the win
00:22:58AliBaba fuck this furi
00:23:05JensDenLange aaaaaaawwww yeW :D
00:23:08JensDenLange feeling left out?
00:23:20yeW- xD
00:23:42yeW- just funny that all are sayin wp to a dazzle who didnt buy a ward xD
00:23:58JensDenLange well u did'nt need it seems
00:24:01creeeeeee just
00:24:07creeeeeee Dazzle won the fights there
00:24:16creeeeeee saved all so many times etc
00:24:16yeW- he got the lasthits ye
00:24:21creeeeeee nope
00:24:21Aerwyn :D
00:24:23yeW- aint that his job xD
00:24:24Aerwyn yew is mad
00:24:29creeeeeee those graves and heal won it
00:24:31JensDenLange why u racking him down yeW???
00:24:37JensDenLange wtf, give him some cred!
00:24:38yeW- i aint
00:24:52yeW- u dunno what it looks like me rackin someone down xD
00:25:01JensDenLange iv'e felt it! :(
00:25:06yeW- U DESERVED IT:
00:25:08fUNCh B
00:25:10fUNCh TOO MANY
00:25:22JensDenLange NEVER!
00:25:56Tough :D
00:26:00Belka ff
00:26:00yeW- that silence ^^
00:26:07JensDenLange ff
00:26:20zvaksy big delay
00:28:14Tough LOL
00:28:14JensDenLange ^^
00:28:17AliBaba :D
00:28:17creeeeeee I surrender! [1/5 of Sentinel]
00:28:18JensDenLange wodota! :D
00:28:19zvaksy I surrender! [2/5 of Sentinel]
00:28:20creeeeeee ff it and go new
00:28:21yeW- ali'ed
00:28:24JensDenLange I surrender! [3/5 of Sentinel]
00:28:25JensDenLange gg
00:29:34zvaksy I surrender! [3/5 of Sentinel]
00:29:42JensDenLange well, u can get a wp too yeW, u sweet litle thing!
00:30:09JensDenLange op hook :D
00:30:17creeeeeee well they just aint scared of anything
00:30:25JensDenLange true
00:30:26creeeeeee normally they would run further away
00:30:30fUNCh stealing rot from pudge is best
00:31:19JensDenLange buy sentry
00:31:28yeW- cba droppin
00:31:41AliBaba cmon
00:31:41AliBaba s
00:32:24JensDenLange !
00:32:28JensDenLange last kill luck!
00:32:32JensDenLange haha.. got u last
00:32:54JensDenLange ^^
00:33:00JensDenLange nah nah nah naah nah
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