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96% | 1876 X | 1396 TS

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93% | 1713 X | 1440 TS

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+5 TS

85% | 1621 X | 1363 TS

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75% | 1416 X | 1381 TS

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8% | 985 X | 1082 TS

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92% | 1654 X | 1493 TS

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89% | 1589 X | 1452 TS

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72% | 1465 X | 1340 TS

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Chat log

00:00:17Strom drow maybe good ban?
00:00:17Strom I heard it's buffed
00:00:17SoloVSaLL drow/dusa/
00:00:17Diablo yea
00:00:17Diablo op now
00:00:17Sharkok witch banned
00:00:17SoloVSaLL choose one
00:00:17Diablo both drow and silencer
00:00:17KeLToS ey
00:00:17KeLToS i ban
00:00:17Sharkok banned?
00:00:17MYuksel COME ON! nob
00:00:17Diablo gimme that ursa if possible, keltos
00:00:17KeLToS i ban slark
00:00:17SoloVSaLL lool
00:00:17MYuksel i ban wpectre
00:00:17MYuksel spectre
00:00:17KeLToS luk, jeg er trææt
00:00:17MYuksel spc
00:00:17que2stress i could
00:00:17que2stress phoenix
00:00:18SoloVSaLL u baned?
00:00:19Diablo spcetre murloc?
00:00:21MYuksel spectre murloc
00:00:24Strom !BANNED: Murloc Nightcrawler & Spectre
00:00:29Sharkok legion in game?
00:00:32que2stress y
00:00:32MYuksel anyone phoneix ?
00:00:33Sharkok or spec
00:00:38que2stress spec and murloc
00:00:40Diablo strom or stress pick me ursa pls
00:00:40que2stress read red text
00:00:56Diablo trax in game?
00:00:58SoloVSaLL y
00:01:16Diablo we need some support
00:01:21Diablo silencer going carry?
00:01:30MYuksel rhasta and sk
00:01:33MYuksel then free win
00:01:37creeeeeee that new silencer is so strong :S
00:01:44101010 oh fuck
00:01:46MYuksel aa
00:01:48101010 fucking random
00:01:48MYuksel get aa
00:01:50prolog1C. legion u wanna swap?
00:01:51SoloVSaLL me chick?
00:01:53KeLToS lets have some fun bitches
00:01:53101010 y
00:01:55101010 -swap 3
00:01:57prolog1C. -swap 4
00:01:59101010 ty
00:02:01creeeeeee go AA
00:02:02prolog1C. np
00:02:03creeeeeee please
00:02:03Sharkok any suggestions
00:02:06MYuksel aa or veno
00:02:07creeeeeee AA
00:02:08Sharkok aa
00:02:09creeeeeee ice guy
00:02:12MYuksel AA
00:02:13Sharkok no
00:02:16Diablo silencer or shredder top?
00:02:17creeeeeee OMG
00:02:18MYuksel OMG
00:02:23creeeeeee WOOO
00:02:24MYuksel are you retard ?
00:02:27Diablo epic :)
00:02:27SoloVSaLL 2range ?
00:02:28MYuksel go fuckin play another plac
00:02:31Sharkok picket alone
00:02:34Diablo strom top?
00:02:40KeLToS share
00:02:40MYuksel buy chick
00:02:41Strom sure
00:02:42Sharkok didend do anythink
00:02:42Diablo share
00:02:44Strom I can come top
00:02:45SoloVSaLL if i want right?
00:02:47MYuksel retard 5 years old buy
00:02:48Diablo stress go bot then
00:02:53Sharkok stfu
00:02:54KeLToS SHARE
00:02:58Sharkok or i fuck your ass
00:02:59MYuksel go top
00:03:01Diablo i go junggo
00:03:02Strom !
00:03:04MYuksel come fuck it nab
00:03:08Sharkok omw
00:03:13SoloVSaLL rhasta nice build
00:03:18Strom best kind
00:03:19Diablo ty
00:03:23Diablo D
00:03:25MYuksel share
00:03:31Sharkok alrdy did
00:03:40Strom ss 1
00:03:53que2stress geez we should have bough wards
00:04:26SoloVSaLL o rly?
00:04:32Strom clionkz when I'm 3
00:04:33Diablo try bone?
00:04:41Diablo yea
00:04:51Diablo we can now i think
00:05:00Strom no we can't
00:05:02Strom it's too risky
00:05:25Diablo pool 1
00:05:27Diablo then kill
00:05:44Diablo go?
00:05:46Strom no
00:05:50Diablo u need three
00:05:56Strom I pull
00:05:56Diablo and tree
00:05:56Strom then
00:06:10SoloVSaLL soz
00:06:12KeLToS botlane
00:06:14SoloVSaLL y
00:06:14KeLToS tell me misses
00:06:20SoloVSaLL soz man
00:06:20MYuksel hu
00:06:37KeLToS bullshit
00:06:38SoloVSaLL ss bara
00:06:39KeLToS miss
00:06:43MYuksel ss
00:06:58prolog1C. go
00:06:59Diablo klet me 4
00:07:16creeeeeee 0 bash :D
00:07:18Diablo gj
00:07:48MYuksel ss
00:07:53SoloVSaLL ss2
00:07:56SoloVSaLL ss1
00:08:00MYuksel care
00:08:01Diablo u go arc?
00:08:01MYuksel ss
00:08:02Diablo strom?
00:08:29Diablo go?
00:08:34creeeeeee 1ss
00:08:37Diablo i shackle bone
00:08:38Strom y
00:08:46MYuksel wtf is this dps
00:08:47MYuksel thing
00:09:01SoloVSaLL ss2
00:09:03MYuksel go
00:09:03Sharkok this goblin rly cheat
00:09:04MYuksel top
00:09:05KeLToS miss
00:09:21Diablo ffs
00:09:21Strom fuck
00:09:38Diablo gogogo
00:09:46que2stress bara
00:09:47que2stress inc
00:09:47que2stress tpo
00:09:49que2stress somewhere
00:10:12Diablo w8 me kill bone
00:10:14Diablo i shackle
00:10:23creeeeeee oom
00:10:24creeeeeee cant
00:10:30creeeeeee need to regen base
00:10:42prolog1C. miss down
00:10:46prolog1C. b
00:10:52Diablo go?
00:10:54Strom y y
00:11:00SoloVSaLL rhasta why no help gank?
00:11:10que2stress ss
00:11:21Diablo twr
00:11:24MYuksel go bot
00:11:29SoloVSaLL ss2
00:11:34KeLToS iss
00:11:37KeLToS m
00:11:42Diablo fj
00:11:43Diablo gj
00:12:03que2stress skill silence plz
00:12:04que2stress trax
00:12:06que2stress if u silence
00:12:11que2stress i can put my 3rd spell
00:12:19prolog1C. upgrade chicken plz
00:12:36que2stress huh
00:12:39MYuksel gj
00:12:39que2stress that was 2 many
00:12:40MYuksel come mana
00:12:46Diablo twr
00:13:00SoloVSaLL we got 1 disable who is stuck top lane
00:13:06creeeeeee -ms
00:13:14MYuksel care
00:13:16SoloVSaLL care
00:13:16SoloVSaLL ss
00:13:17MYuksel QOP rune top
00:13:50que2stress keltos
00:13:54que2stress what are u doing actually?
00:13:58KeLToS if one of u dont get wards, u can kiss game bye
00:14:02KeLToS dont talk
00:14:05que2stress imho
00:14:07KeLToS when bara charges i cant run
00:14:08que2stress u should get the wards
00:14:15KeLToS then kiss game bye
00:14:27KeLToS leave mid thx
00:14:29MYuksel i go
00:14:30MYuksel urn
00:14:35101010 :(
00:14:47Diablo bot gang
00:15:30que2stress 1:6 is hard stuff :D
00:15:43SoloVSaLL aah
00:15:44SoloVSaLL easy
00:16:16MYuksel :D
00:16:20prolog1C. wtf?
00:16:24que2stress that was optimistic
00:16:33MYuksel though sk would come
00:16:39SoloVSaLL strom u ok
00:16:45Sharkok wtf was this
00:16:49Sharkok warded place
00:17:07SoloVSaLL silencer
00:17:14SoloVSaLL should i get a travel like morh 2 games ?
00:17:17SoloVSaLL before *
00:17:27que2stress if u think that it is a good choice
00:17:35MYuksel charge
00:17:46SoloVSaLL ur opinion
00:17:48Strom 5 ss
00:17:57Diablo i feel smoke ganga
00:18:03Strom 4 bot
00:18:06que2stress my opinion is
00:18:08SoloVSaLL i knew it
00:18:08que2stress buy sth
00:18:11que2stress before u lose all gold
00:18:14MYuksel push
00:18:28SoloVSaLL they make 2 jaggo
00:19:05creeeeeee just duel?
00:19:06creeeeeee :/
00:19:57MYuksel fuck
00:19:57MYuksel u guys
00:19:58MYuksel bad
00:19:59MYuksel really
00:20:02creeeeeee global
00:20:04creeeeeee cant do much
00:20:04MYuksel wtf was that
00:20:05MYuksel ?
00:20:06MYuksel not u
00:20:11MYuksel fuckin u guys were there in 10 sec
00:20:17MYuksel goign after ilu
00:20:19que2stress rhasta can u do meka too=
00:20:20MYuksel are u retards or ?
00:20:21Diablo get twr
00:20:25Diablo i have ilt
00:20:26Diablo ult
00:20:30que2stress inc
00:20:33Diablo too late for meka now
00:20:53Diablo MID
00:20:57que2stress mana plz
00:20:58Diablo shredder
00:21:12que2stress wtf
00:21:24Diablo we need mid twr
00:21:30Diablo more than any other
00:21:32que2stress aewsome
00:21:33que2stress storm
00:21:34Diablo tier 1
00:21:38SoloVSaLL wp strom
00:21:42prolog1C. go
00:21:48creeeeeee sure thinkg goblin is also here and with haste -.
00:21:59Diablo SILENCER?
00:22:10MYuksel got lags
00:22:10que2stress y?
00:22:11MYuksel really
00:22:21Diablo shackle?
00:22:22Diablo i did?
00:22:25Diablo u blind?
00:22:27que2stress i killed top
00:22:34creeeeeee :D:DD
00:22:35SoloVSaLL cmon pink
00:22:35SoloVSaLL wtf
00:22:43SoloVSaLL u are top guy on scourg?
00:22:46que2stress ye
00:22:53que2stress he is one of most overrated players
00:23:08KeLToS who is the most
00:23:12creeeeeee rune top
00:23:21que2stress puff reis
00:23:35MYuksel we need twrs
00:23:35creeeeeee gather mid
00:23:36creeeeeee fast
00:23:41MYuksel go
00:23:43Diablo b
00:23:46creeeeeee have dd
00:23:47creeeeeee but fast
00:23:49Diablo wooo lag
00:23:54que2stress top is farm
00:24:06que2stress bara dd
00:24:47MYuksel guy
00:24:50MYuksel u idiots ?
00:24:52MYuksel blind
00:24:54MYuksel retards or ?
00:24:58MYuksel fuck u guys bad
00:25:04Diablo LAG
00:25:31SoloVSaLL blink?
00:25:36que2stress keltos
00:25:36KeLToS dude stop talking 2 me
00:25:41que2stress i said u must buy wards
00:25:41SoloVSaLL go
00:25:42que2stress because
00:25:42KeLToS specialy u Que
00:25:46que2stress u care usless for rest
00:25:49que2stress and u know it
00:25:54KeLToS knew u would talk bs
00:26:03SoloVSaLL gO
00:26:18SoloVSaLL tank uli
00:26:22SoloVSaLL fffs
00:26:27SoloVSaLL shred
00:26:28SoloVSaLL take
00:26:35SoloVSaLL use dust before die
00:27:05Diablo hard lag omg
00:27:12Diablo 500 fucking ping
00:27:17MYuksel charge
00:27:19SoloVSaLL b
00:28:18Diablo akasha u have ult?
00:28:21prolog1C. omo
00:28:30KeLToS u can see for ur self
00:28:31KeLToS easy
00:28:35KeLToS tab score down
00:28:36que2stress jeez
00:28:38KeLToS all ultis can be seen
00:28:39que2stress why are u so aggro
00:28:49KeLToS can u su
00:28:54SoloVSaLL lc
00:29:17prolog1C. sure
00:29:28SoloVSaLL liked it?
00:29:44SoloVSaLL hell Y
00:30:15MYuksel :D
00:30:19que2stress huh
00:31:04KeLToS u have staff
00:31:08prolog1C. why the fuck
00:31:08KeLToS and u call me bad
00:31:14KeLToS u knew he would come
00:31:16que2stress no
00:31:17que2stress i call u dead
00:31:21SoloVSaLL guys
00:31:25SoloVSaLL u can keep argu
00:31:26MYuksel dont
00:31:26MYuksel tp
00:31:27SoloVSaLL or fight
00:31:32SoloVSaLL or team up
00:31:40Diablo im just owning this game
00:31:41Diablo hard
00:31:44Diablo D
00:31:48que2stress not hard
00:31:51que2stress hardly
00:31:56Diablo im owning anyway
00:31:57Diablo :)
00:32:06Diablo we shall get some twr
00:32:19SoloVSaLL i want fuck u all
00:32:20que2stress get
00:32:21que2stress dusts
00:32:24SoloVSaLL cause u no upgrate 30min
00:32:25SoloVSaLL but i wont
00:32:29Strom 5 ss
00:32:52que2stress trax what item u gettin?
00:32:59Strom 5 ss
00:33:00Diablo manta?
00:33:20SoloVSaLL manta bkb
00:33:40MYuksel k
00:33:41MYuksel k
00:33:41MYuksel k
00:33:42MYuksel k
00:33:42MYuksel k
00:33:42MYuksel k
00:33:44MYuksel I surrender! [1/5 of Sentinel]
00:33:52que2stress but it was a cool move
00:33:56MYuksel stfu
00:33:58MYuksel this guy
00:34:01MYuksel use stun to get away
00:34:06MYuksel i though that he wil stun in
00:34:08MYuksel then i could ulti
00:34:21MYuksel team to slow
00:34:25MYuksel b
00:34:25que2stress actually
00:34:28que2stress u were too slow
00:34:28MYuksel Brain damage thing
00:34:40Diablo get mid twr
00:34:40Diablo all
00:34:42Diablo i do ult
00:34:45SoloVSaLL not interested
00:34:47Diablo all
00:34:59SoloVSaLL i wont change roles
00:35:02SoloVSaLL im the late shit
00:35:02MYuksel cahrege
00:35:07que2stress lc bone
00:35:11que2stress are late shit too
00:35:17Strom bara bigger problem
00:35:17que2stress take it
00:35:23MYuksel come with us
00:35:31SoloVSaLL naah
00:35:31Diablo strom u need to bait
00:35:37SoloVSaLL if we are stick its ok
00:35:40SoloVSaLL easy bara
00:35:46Strom I need 300g farm for blademail
00:35:49que2stress -st
00:35:54SoloVSaLL ?
00:35:55que2stress do it
00:36:17que2stress go hrelp
00:36:27Diablo lol?
00:36:32MYuksel wtf ?
00:36:34que2stress :d
00:36:37que2stress i was tricked too
00:36:37SoloVSaLL aloha
00:36:45MYuksel stay
00:36:46MYuksel team
00:36:51Diablo rosh
00:37:07Diablo strom check
00:37:10SoloVSaLL there
00:37:12SoloVSaLL come
00:37:25SoloVSaLL 3 bashes on row
00:37:27que2stress that was not nice
00:37:31SoloVSaLL ofc wasnt
00:37:32que2stress why u go on there
00:37:36creeeeeee go rosh
00:37:38SoloVSaLL why the noob goes
00:37:39SoloVSaLL u right
00:37:40Strom this kinda sucked
00:37:41MYuksel rosh
00:37:47prolog1C. let me
00:37:48SoloVSaLL if tanks got no @@
00:37:49SoloVSaLL to go tank
00:37:53SoloVSaLL the noob ranger go dies
00:37:59que2stress ye
00:38:00que2stress but u
00:38:02SoloVSaLL y
00:38:03que2stress were really stupid there
00:38:08Diablo silencer
00:38:09que2stress u could scout with ur
00:38:10SoloVSaLL o rly?
00:38:10Diablo wasted ult
00:38:14Diablo that make teamwipe
00:38:15que2stress manta illus
00:38:19que2stress i couldnt ult anyway
00:38:20que2stress cause
00:38:21que2stress lc got me
00:38:33SoloVSaLL what i know is that we will lose
00:38:34que2stress cause u all run into them
00:38:40SoloVSaLL cause the doing late game
00:38:43que2stress well after u picked trax
00:38:49que2stress this was quiete obvious
00:38:51que2stress dont u think?
00:39:04Diablo we have late anyway
00:39:11SoloVSaLL y but not like their
00:39:13que2stress they have late as much as we do
00:39:16SoloVSaLL our late is ganked
00:39:22SoloVSaLL and akasha passive farm
00:39:28MYuksel need 1
00:39:31MYuksel nvm
00:39:35prolog1C. ?
00:39:36KeLToS wtf u doing
00:39:36Diablo can we gang?
00:39:37SoloVSaLL thinkin with linkns will own them
00:39:38Strom guys, you spend too much time talking
00:39:44KeLToS stop it
00:39:51SoloVSaLL go ganks
00:39:53SoloVSaLL stop farm
00:39:53KeLToS drow
00:39:54MYuksel alll
00:39:55KeLToS U
00:40:15MYuksel blind again
00:40:28Diablo strom cmon
00:40:30creeeeeee wtf
00:40:41Diablo wtf
00:40:50SoloVSaLL wtf?
00:40:52SoloVSaLL axaxa
00:41:02SoloVSaLL they did 2v1 me
00:41:14SoloVSaLL and u did 4v3 and u owned?
00:41:27creeeeeee silence first always?
00:41:32Sharkok hotkeys
00:41:34Sharkok dunno
00:41:50creeeeeee top charged
00:41:51creeeeeee omw
00:41:52creeeeeee kill 1
00:41:59creeeeeee silence shaman
00:42:01creeeeeee kill
00:42:05MYuksel idiot
00:42:05MYuksel haha
00:42:06creeeeeee ...
00:42:13MYuksel blind as fuck
00:42:26SoloVSaLL akasha linkens gg we won
00:42:27KeLToS drow when somebody is farming woods, u cant take there creeps
00:42:39SoloVSaLL yy ok
00:42:43SoloVSaLL u ruined game
00:42:56SoloVSaLL u feel ok?
00:43:06que2stress honestly
00:43:09que2stress ur trax pick
00:43:10que2stress ruined game
00:43:17Sharkok wtf has these repel hotkeys
00:43:24Strom honestly, I'm getting exhausted by just seeing all this text
00:43:25Sharkok 1st ok no it do nothing
00:43:28Strom you guys should focus more on the game
00:43:34Strom and less on finding someone to blame
00:43:37101010 dont use them
00:43:50Sharkok very good idea
00:43:52que2stress im just telling that i do not wonder losing the games
00:43:53KeLToS all are overrated except nort
00:44:00que2stress considernig this lineup
00:44:12KeLToS what have u done in this game? All went ego = lose game. eod
00:44:12prolog1C. oom
00:44:19KeLToS u can blame me or drow all u want
00:44:25KeLToS u lost it as much ur self
00:44:33SoloVSaLL ofc when akasha farms 15-30 min wood
00:44:38SoloVSaLL then we play 5v4
00:44:44KeLToS i gave up long time ago
00:44:47SoloVSaLL def here
00:44:49SoloVSaLL b
00:45:10Diablo fi
00:45:15Diablo they dont finish soon
00:45:16Diablo we win
00:45:18Diablo if
00:45:32MYuksel ¨sry
00:45:33SoloVSaLL axaxxa
00:45:35prolog1C. npo
00:45:35MYuksel was going bot
00:45:37que2stress we dont win
00:45:38que2stress I surrender! [1/5 of Scourge]
00:45:38prolog1C. my fault
00:45:51prolog1C. thought they are going down to deff -.-
00:46:05que2stress count our disables
00:46:11que2stress and our tanks
00:46:17SoloVSaLL we could win normaly
00:46:26que2stress how that?
00:46:28prolog1C. shit bara u go assult?
00:46:33creeeeeee no
00:46:34creeeeeee mjoll
00:46:35SoloVSaLL we got beter picks
00:46:35prolog1C. k good
00:46:39que2stress we got 4 carry picks
00:46:48SoloVSaLL i see 3
00:46:52SoloVSaLL vs 3 carry them
00:47:04que2stress i see shredder akasha me and you
00:47:04MYuksel come
00:47:15Diablo me no ego pick xP
00:47:17que2stress and all need endless money
00:47:17MYuksel sry
00:47:19101010 np
00:47:21Strom shredder doesn't carry shit
00:47:22SoloVSaLL akasha prefer on 44 min to have a linkens not a guinso
00:47:26prolog1C. w8 me
00:47:28SoloVSaLL its ok :D
00:47:34KeLToS fuck guiinso, this is ego game
00:47:44SoloVSaLL y blame my name
00:47:51KeLToS i didnt blame u
00:47:55SoloVSaLL k then
00:47:58KeLToS ?
00:47:58SoloVSaLL merci?
00:48:03KeLToS we
00:48:21prolog1C. b
00:48:25MYuksel no b
00:48:26SoloVSaLL jump and get him
00:48:26Strom wtf wards
00:48:27creeeeeee camp
00:48:29prolog1C. w8
00:48:30SoloVSaLL morons
00:48:30creeeeeee wait wards to end just
00:48:31Diablo deff
00:48:32prolog1C. till ulti stops
00:48:39SoloVSaLL when ur ulti fades rhasta how def?
00:48:41SoloVSaLL ?
00:48:43MYuksel go
00:48:46que2stress we cant
00:48:47que2stress def it
00:48:49SoloVSaLL ofc
00:48:53SoloVSaLL we should have killed one
00:48:54creeeeeee bot pushin :
00:49:01que2stress and lost 4
00:49:03creeeeeee shitty wards
00:49:05creeeeeee so long
00:49:10SoloVSaLL think so?
00:49:12que2stress y
00:49:14prolog1C. b
00:49:16MYuksel c0je
00:49:17MYuksel come
00:49:20SoloVSaLL go vs 3
00:49:24creeeeeee i cant dive
00:49:26creeeeeee if missing 2
00:49:32SoloVSaLL fuck my life
00:49:35SoloVSaLL stay b
00:49:38SoloVSaLL let them kill us
00:49:43SoloVSaLL right?
00:49:45creeeeeee be rdy
00:49:48creeeeeee now
00:50:00SoloVSaLL thats it
00:50:01SoloVSaLL go 5v4
00:50:32MYuksel k
00:50:34MYuksel that was
00:50:34Diablo i said
00:50:36Diablo we deff
00:50:38Diablo we win
00:50:53que2stress if u can push tehre
00:50:53SoloVSaLL i say
00:50:54que2stress instantly
00:50:56que2stress then yes
00:50:57SoloVSaLL they are idiot they lose
00:50:57creeeeeee that trax has to be focused
00:51:03creeeeeee trax + silencer
00:51:07que2stress i say
00:51:08SoloVSaLL otherwise mid was lost
00:51:13que2stress sk gettin rich down there :FD
00:51:21SoloVSaLL he lived
00:51:37Diablo rosh fast?
00:51:38prolog1C. rosh ---dead
00:51:40Diablo trax?
00:52:05MYuksel chareg
00:52:07que2stress care
00:52:13SoloVSaLL dont get ganked
00:52:48SoloVSaLL same story
00:52:53SoloVSaLL our pink
00:53:00MYuksel bare chesse
00:53:04que2stress will b e for you to
00:53:06que2stress now
00:53:27Diablo yea
00:53:30que2stress ah luckily lc
00:53:31Diablo prepare for mid push
00:53:35SoloVSaLL can u plz tank for me?
00:53:48Diablo when i plant wards
00:53:52Diablo fight around them
00:53:59Diablo ggogogo
00:54:15SoloVSaLL jump rhasta?
00:54:18que2stress why not kill skk
00:54:19creeeeeee clinx???????????
00:54:22SoloVSaLL dont ask me
00:54:25SoloVSaLL b
00:54:26101010 8%
00:54:28que2stress b
00:54:33Diablo he bkb
00:54:39MYuksel ice of skadi
00:54:40MYuksel haha
00:55:06SoloVSaLL akasha
00:55:11SoloVSaLL wp
00:55:13que2stress u
00:55:19Diablo gg
00:55:20que2stress got caught by lc :D
00:55:24SoloVSaLL me?
00:55:24que2stress I surrender! [1/4 of Scourge]
00:55:27creeeeeee finihs mid?
00:55:30SoloVSaLL rhasta did
00:55:31MYuksel mid
00:55:32Diablo trax no manta
00:55:32MYuksel go'
00:55:32SoloVSaLL cause he is idiot
00:55:34Diablo last fight
00:55:39que2stress just ff it
00:55:41que2stress its no shame
00:55:42Diablo I surrender! [2/4 of Scourge]
00:55:45que2stress to lose this game
00:55:46SoloVSaLL it is :)
00:55:57SoloVSaLL rushing?
00:55:59SoloVSaLL afraid?
00:56:06creeeeeee gg
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