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Chat log

00:00:00IamSoUnluckY [DotA-GC] ... and the wooden PC award goes to *drum roll* ... Alhimik_caesar with 47 seconds.
00:00:06Gummi_Gert nic eteams :
00:00:13Zulu omg Yuksel!! why arent we on same team !!?
00:00:20MYuksel cuz we are not friends :(
00:00:20Zulu fix!! :D
00:00:20MYuksel now
00:00:20Zulu :D
00:00:20IamSoUnluckY wl
00:00:20MYuksel hmm
00:00:20MYuksel netukka ?
00:00:20Netukka yes?
00:00:20MYuksel cm ?
00:00:20Netukka yeah
00:00:20MYuksel for u ?
00:00:20Netukka i will
00:00:20MYuksel k
00:00:20MYuksel lycan
00:00:32umXo.Master sven
00:00:35Zulu Ok
00:00:42Netukka 'sile>am
00:00:54MYuksel u mean ?
00:00:58Zulu for u mate :D
00:01:08MYuksel get sk
00:01:12MYuksel sk bara lion
00:01:18prolog1C. ill get na
00:01:18IamSoUnluckY magnus go mid
00:01:23Netukka take wards top
00:01:25IamSoUnluckY sven bot
00:01:31Zulu ...
00:01:36Netukka tttt
00:01:40MYuksel get lion
00:01:42Alhimik_caesar lol
00:01:44Netukka this gonna be hard
00:01:44MYuksel lion or sk
00:01:44Gummi_Gert wards aa
00:01:47umXo.Master sk?
00:01:48Gummi_Gert gj
00:01:52MYuksel sandking
00:01:53umXo.Master lion?
00:01:54IamSoUnluckY thrall top
00:01:56umXo.Master yes
00:01:58MYuksel lion go
00:01:59Netukka or nigma
00:01:59Alhimik_caesar i bot
00:02:02Alhimik_caesar top
00:02:03prolog1C. no sk
00:02:04umXo.Master lion?
00:02:04Alhimik_caesar bara
00:02:05prolog1C. better
00:02:08Alhimik_caesar top
00:02:09Alhimik_caesar top
00:02:14Alhimik_caesar obs
00:02:15MYuksel morted top
00:02:16Alhimik_caesar ward
00:02:17Netukka take
00:02:18Netukka wards
00:02:21MYuksel morted top
00:02:29prolog1C. ty..
00:02:29Alhimik_caesar chiken
00:02:37MYuksel wards is there
00:02:40Alhimik_caesar obs...
00:02:40Netukka share
00:02:41prolog1C. share
00:02:41Netukka i send
00:02:43Netukka obs to me
00:02:49Netukka SHARE
00:02:49MYuksel share chick
00:03:03Alhimik_caesar i farm
00:03:04prolog1C. aaah new bara passive?
00:03:05prolog1C. :O
00:03:08prolog1C. no dmg -.-
00:03:09umXo.Master you noob
00:03:09umXo.Master ?
00:03:13j22koer fb
00:03:14MYuksel shh guys
00:03:15j22koer ?
00:03:17Alhimik_caesar ...
00:03:17Zulu kk
00:03:20Alhimik_caesar facepalm
00:03:21Gummi_Gert i pull?
00:03:25umXo.Master ?? ?? ???????
00:03:26umXo.Master ?
00:03:27IamSoUnluckY y
00:03:28Gummi_Gert k
00:03:37MYuksel lol
00:03:39MYuksel 3 mid
00:03:41MYuksel klamt
00:03:42Zulu love
00:03:46Gummi_Gert i stakc first
00:03:51Alhimik_caesar hit
00:03:52Alhimik_caesar am
00:04:04MYuksel hvorfor
00:04:04Alhimik_caesar noobs
00:04:06Alhimik_caesar am
00:04:06MYuksel vil du tabE ?
00:04:07Alhimik_caesar target
00:04:09Zulu :D
00:04:12Zulu aaøs call
00:04:14Zulu not ine
00:04:16Zulu mine*
00:04:27Alhimik_caesar pool
00:04:45Alhimik_caesar noobs
00:04:48Alhimik_caesar obs ward
00:04:49umXo.Master ??? ?????
00:04:52Alhimik_caesar pool
00:05:06IamSoUnluckY on lion?
00:05:23Gummi_Gert hmm
00:05:24Gummi_Gert sry
00:05:24umXo.Master noob
00:05:25Alhimik_caesar idiots
00:05:33MYuksel hmm
00:05:36MYuksel 2 miss
00:05:37MYuksel dmg
00:05:38MYuksel so luck
00:05:43IamSoUnluckY ss top
00:05:59Alhimik_caesar ????
00:06:03Alhimik_caesar ?? ? ?????? ???????
00:06:05umXo.Master ???
00:06:16Pufff-Reis gang sile easy kill
00:06:20umXo.Master 1 ????
00:06:20Alhimik_caesar ??? ?? ?????
00:06:25umXo.Master ? ?????? ? ??????
00:06:26MYuksel ss
00:06:26umXo.Master ?????????
00:06:26Alhimik_caesar ??? ????? ?????? ??? ??? ??
00:06:32umXo.Master ? ??????? ?????
00:06:36umXo.Master ??? ?????
00:06:47Alhimik_caesar noob
00:06:51Gummi_Gert lion?
00:06:52IamSoUnluckY lion
00:07:14umXo.Master ????
00:07:15umXo.Master ??????
00:07:23Gummi_Gert fu newb
00:07:47Netukka sven ss
00:07:54Netukka re
00:08:06MYuksel stun
00:08:06MYuksel go
00:08:26Netukka midss
00:08:26j22koer cm
00:08:29IamSoUnluckY ss
00:08:29j22koer if qwwe go
00:08:29Gummi_Gert du er så grim
00:08:30IamSoUnluckY mby
00:08:30IamSoUnluckY ?
00:08:48Gummi_Gert FUCKING TELL MISS
00:09:06Netukka b
00:09:06Netukka b
00:09:08MYuksel ss mid
00:09:08Netukka B
00:09:15Netukka magnus
00:09:15Netukka ss
00:09:23Zulu they got wards
00:09:24j22koer wards
00:09:24Zulu on hil
00:09:32Gummi_Gert ss
00:09:53IamSoUnluckY again no miss
00:09:54IamSoUnluckY FU
00:09:55Gummi_Gert gfge¨å
00:09:59Gummi_Gert mi
00:10:00Gummi_Gert mid
00:10:01Gummi_Gert u suck
00:10:03MYuksel gj
00:10:03j22koer :D
00:10:08IamSoUnluckY where is that miss
00:10:09IamSoUnluckY ?
00:10:16Gummi_Gert we both died two times now fucking newb magnus
00:10:30j22koer magna
00:10:31IamSoUnluckY CMON
00:10:32Gummi_Gert ff
00:11:02IamSoUnluckY NICE <MORT GOT TWR
00:11:04IamSoUnluckY NOW
00:11:09IamSoUnluckY COUSE OFG NO MISS
00:11:10Netukka 3bot
00:11:12IamSoUnluckY FUCKIN G IDIOT
00:11:15j22koer :D
00:11:17j22koer you blame
00:11:19IamSoUnluckY cant believe this
00:11:20j22koer miss
00:11:21j22koer one miss
00:11:26IamSoUnluckY retard
00:11:28j22koer fuck you fucking pussy
00:11:29IamSoUnluckY its 3 death
00:11:30IamSoUnluckY for me
00:11:31IamSoUnluckY and
00:11:34IamSoUnluckY 1 twr lost
00:11:36prolog1C. no ulti
00:11:38prolog1C. but go
00:11:39IamSoUnluckY mort took it
00:11:43j22koer go fown
00:11:45j22koer and farm
00:11:54Alhimik_caesar noobs am
00:11:55IamSoUnluckY sure i will
00:11:57Alhimik_caesar ban
00:11:59IamSoUnluckY you say
00:12:01IamSoUnluckY retard
00:12:07IamSoUnluckY midler dont say ss
00:12:18j22koer ?
00:12:18IamSoUnluckY and you thinnk you are good
00:12:19Gummi_Gert we lost top cause no miss
00:12:21Gummi_Gert its true
00:12:35umXo.Master ??
00:12:49IamSoUnluckY now use slw
00:12:51IamSoUnluckY slow
00:12:51umXo.Master ??
00:12:52umXo.Master ?
00:13:08Alhimik_caesar lags
00:13:22Zulu why do u leave ur lanes
00:13:38Zulu go cm
00:13:41IamSoUnluckY 4 deaths
00:13:44IamSoUnluckY couse of you
00:13:47Alhimik_caesar k
00:14:19Gummi_Gert ff
00:15:06prolog1C. go
00:15:09Gummi_Gert ff
00:15:55j22koer ver
00:15:57j22koer bara
00:15:58j22koer care
00:16:07prolog1C. :)
00:16:10Zulu i saw. but ty
00:16:13Zulu :*
00:16:22Gummi_Gert ff
00:16:53Gummi_Gert go
00:17:16Gummi_Gert magnus
00:17:19Gummi_Gert din idiot
00:17:31Gummi_Gert ff
00:17:32Zulu :)
00:17:43Zulu :D:D.
00:17:54Gummi_Gert magnus lost it :D
00:18:01Zulu start charging some1 else mate :D
00:18:09prolog1C. no :(
00:18:12prolog1C. i want U
00:18:13prolog1C. :D
00:18:15Zulu :)
00:18:44IamSoUnluckY ty magnus
00:18:47IamSoUnluckY FUCKING TY
00:19:10IamSoUnluckY you ruined
00:19:10Alhimik_caesar hill
00:19:14Alhimik_caesar bara
00:19:17IamSoUnluckY my and thralls game
00:19:22j22koer :D
00:19:23Zulu :(
00:19:24Gummi_Gert totally
00:19:25Pufff-Reis you are just bad thats all
00:19:27Gummi_Gert and he knows it
00:19:30Gummi_Gert magnus. SHUT UP
00:19:33Gummi_Gert retard
00:19:36Pufff-Reis have a own minimap
00:19:38MYuksel du startede
00:19:38prolog1C. i was thinking about ahill :D
00:19:40Gummi_Gert LOL
00:19:51Zulu det var ik mig der ville gange mid :D og vidste jo ik det var dig :D
00:19:52IamSoUnluckY with no wards
00:19:54IamSoUnluckY and NO MISS
00:19:59Pufff-Reis oh noes :D
00:20:03MYuksel du sød nok
00:20:08IamSoUnluckY rly funny
00:20:14Zulu :D
00:20:29Pufff-Reis strong this am picker hmm?
00:20:44Gummi_Gert ff
00:20:44IamSoUnluckY su puff
00:20:48IamSoUnluckY you fucking idiot
00:21:11IamSoUnluckY hahahahhaha
00:21:18Alhimik_caesar am noobs
00:21:19Alhimik_caesar go ban
00:21:23Pufff-Reis yes
00:21:25IamSoUnluckY magnus won it for you
00:21:28IamSoUnluckY piece of shit
00:21:32Gummi_Gert agree
00:21:36Alhimik_caesar am 640 games
00:21:40Alhimik_caesar off site
00:21:42IamSoUnluckY you suck to am?
00:21:43Alhimik_caesar ahahah
00:22:10Gummi_Gert r.æ*
00:22:43Gummi_Gert first.. unfair teams. and then newb captain that dont misses :D .. great game.. lets go another 25 min
00:22:59j22koer well
00:23:00IamSoUnluckY wow
00:23:00j22koer gummy
00:23:01IamSoUnluckY thrall
00:23:03j22koer every
00:23:06j22koer time i see you
00:23:09j22koer you are whingi
00:23:09Gummi_Gert u suck
00:23:12Gummi_Gert lol
00:23:13j22koer dont know why
00:23:19Gummi_Gert just because it wasnt bot he ganged all time?
00:23:20Gummi_Gert newb
00:24:07Zulu aa
00:24:09Zulu dont use
00:24:19Zulu dont use that slow spell
00:24:31Pufff-Reis ff
00:24:57Alhimik_caesar go finish
00:25:02Netukka nice ulti magnus
00:25:03Netukka btw
00:25:05Gummi_Gert y
00:25:06Pufff-Reis yup
00:25:17Netukka u almost hit 1 guy
00:25:18Netukka :D
00:26:03MYuksel heal
00:26:04MYuksel ryal
00:26:41Zulu lol
00:26:43prolog1C. hhaah 3 hits :D
00:26:44Zulu 2 hits :D
00:26:54Gummi_Gert feeded nok michael
00:27:00prolog1C. wow this new silcener is retarded.. :D
00:27:02IamSoUnluckY np we dont need " MISS MID"
00:27:10IamSoUnluckY we have minimap with no wards
00:27:11IamSoUnluckY np
00:27:25Zulu we have u
00:27:30Zulu thats autoloss :D
00:27:36IamSoUnluckY zulu says
00:27:39IamSoUnluckY fucking retard
00:27:42j22koer :D
00:27:53j22koer ?
00:27:55j22koer what was taht
00:27:57j22koer that
00:28:02prolog1C. me :)
00:28:10Zulu 1on1 bara
00:28:11Zulu coe
00:28:13prolog1C. ye
00:28:14prolog1C. vome
00:28:17prolog1C. come
00:28:18prolog1C. np
00:28:23Zulu u come :D
00:28:35j22koer wow
00:28:37j22koer thats
00:28:39j22koer bannable
00:28:40j22koer so
00:28:44MYuksel ?
00:28:47j22koer prolong
00:28:51j22koer is that called
00:28:58MYuksel lol
00:28:59Zulu :D
00:29:14Zulu LOLOLOL
00:29:15Zulu :D:D:DD:
00:29:27Alhimik_caesar !
00:29:29Zulu fun game
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