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92% | 1601 X | 1494 TS

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53% | 1227 X | 1358 TS

Chat log

00:00:17que2stress any wishes?
00:00:17MariahCarry omg
00:00:17MariahCarry im not cap
00:00:17baroni- cm :D
00:00:17que2stress ye
00:00:17que2stress and i am
00:00:17MariahCarry i wish to be cap
00:00:17que2stress that is fun
00:00:17que2stress ok
00:00:17SoloVSaLL cd?
00:00:17que2stress u be captain
00:00:17MariahCarry yea actually xD
00:00:17SoloVSaLL -ma
00:00:17custy can i play ogre or cm?
00:00:17MariahCarry ur danish no?
00:00:17que2stress till i remove ur status
00:00:17Strom yes
00:00:17MariahCarry i can never remember
00:00:17que2stress so what u want to ban?
00:00:17MariahCarry hmm
00:00:17SoloVSaLL hey hey what mode is game?
00:00:17que2stress me?
00:00:17MariahCarry ns
00:00:17que2stress no danish
00:00:17MariahCarry or lycan
00:00:17SoloVSaLL ban invo
00:00:17que2stress not lycan
00:00:17Diablo gimme invo?
00:00:17Diablo strom?
00:00:17que2stress lycan is not op anymore
00:00:17MariahCarry invo is np
00:00:17MariahCarry rly?
00:00:17Strom kunkka
00:00:17que2stress y
00:00:17MariahCarry nice
00:00:17que2stress cant farm woods anymore
00:00:17MariahCarry then ns
00:00:17que2stress i ban silencer i think
00:00:17SoloVSaLL bala
00:00:17MariahCarry nononono
00:00:17que2stress new silencer
00:00:17MariahCarry i play
00:00:17MariahCarry sile
00:00:17que2stress is pretty
00:00:17que2stress aweful
00:00:17MariahCarry how is it better?
00:00:17que2stress aura removed
00:00:17que2stress and silence nuke added
00:00:17MariahCarry i never used it
00:00:17SoloVSaLL void zeuz invo for me ban
00:00:17MariahCarry anyways
00:00:17MariahCarry nice
00:00:17que2stress k
00:00:17MariahCarry pls lemme pick it
00:00:17que2stress -ns
00:00:17Strom I need to pick ck for myself, if they don't ban it
00:00:17MariahCarry im the sickest sile player!
00:00:22que2stress with the new one
00:00:24Diablo get ck then
00:00:25Rotkiv ck for me
00:00:26que2stress u get 1000 times sicker
00:00:28que2stress i promis that
00:00:29MariahCarry nice
00:00:39Diablo need that invo
00:00:40Diablo hard
00:00:43MariahCarry omg im 3rd
00:00:45MariahCarry not even 2nd
00:00:46que2stress ye
00:00:47MariahCarry xD
00:00:48que2stress noob is noob
00:00:49custy some1 get me ogre plz
00:00:52baroni- yeah!
00:00:53MariahCarry what is this crazy shit
00:00:59Rotkiv strom you play ck?
00:01:00que2stress i have bevome awesome
00:01:01que2stress thats all
00:01:03MariahCarry oh u picked it for me?
00:01:04MariahCarry cool
00:01:04Strom I think so
00:01:04que2stress get me ogre
00:01:05Diablo am i ok on mid?
00:01:07MariahCarry oki
00:01:12que2stress get slardar sk
00:01:13Diablo strom?
00:01:14que2stress other guy
00:01:14que2stress plz
00:01:19Strom diablo, lets see
00:01:20que2stress -swap 3
00:01:20MariahCarry -swap 1
00:01:23SoloVSaLL i need to courier ?
00:01:24Diablo ok
00:01:24baroni- i can babysit botlane
00:01:25que2stress y
00:01:28Diablo maybe krobe?
00:01:29Diablo mid?
00:01:30baroni- pull and stuff
00:01:32custy now i dont have any hero to play :)
00:01:36Strom yes I play ck
00:01:43Diablo get sandking
00:01:44que2stress get sandking
00:01:45Strom sand king is excellent
00:01:46SoloVSaLL io razor
00:01:47Diablo custy
00:01:47que2stress sologuy
00:01:47MariahCarry omfg
00:01:47custy canmt
00:01:48Strom so is zeus
00:01:49custy cant
00:01:49que2stress not
00:01:50Diablo sandking
00:01:50custy pla
00:01:53que2stress we got enough carry
00:01:53MariahCarry 6 sec sileonce + disarm?
00:01:56que2stress y
00:01:58MariahCarry so they can't hit either?
00:01:58custy cant
00:01:59Diablo ok me mid?
00:02:00MariahCarry for 6 sec
00:02:00que2stress ye
00:02:02MariahCarry OMFG
00:02:02Strom ok invoker mid
00:02:04MariahCarry xD
00:02:05que2stress but only
00:02:08MariahCarry that's ridiculous
00:02:09que2stress if he doesnt cast
00:02:10que2stress in that time
00:02:13MariahCarry ooh
00:02:15MariahCarry ok
00:02:15Strom zeus krobe bot
00:02:16baroni- lanes?
00:02:17Strom veno ck top
00:02:18que2stress but anyway
00:02:22que2stress u put him this spell
00:02:24que2stress then he casts
00:02:30que2stress and the u put him first spell
00:02:30SoloVSaLL fly or i kick ur asses
00:02:34que2stress me ogre bot
00:02:37que2stress sk cm top
00:02:37custy ulti zeus
00:02:46SoloVSaLL i know what to do
00:02:46MariahCarry can i mid
00:02:50que2stress ye
00:02:50Strom share chick
00:02:50que2stress u are
00:03:07Diablo ping for sunstrike
00:03:08SoloVSaLL 2 melle?
00:03:13SoloVSaLL rune for u
00:03:21que2stress i suppose lc goes woods
00:03:32Isdronningen i will
00:03:33Strom tapame lvl1?cm
00:03:38que2stress uh
00:03:41que2stress u would not have fun
00:03:45que2stress here anyway :D
00:04:00Strom fuck, tower range'i sattusin
00:04:07baroni- hotkeys
00:04:08baroni- sec..
00:04:22SoloVSaLL sentinels stole my kill now?
00:04:29que2stress ye
00:04:33SoloVSaLL fuck my life
00:04:55Strom lvl3 proovime uuesti umbes
00:04:58Rotkiv k
00:05:01Strom või noh, kui mina 3 olen
00:05:02Strom :D
00:05:03Strom ma 1 alles
00:05:37101010 ss bot
00:05:48MariahCarry mid is ez gank
00:05:57SoloVSaLL wp cm
00:05:58que2stress top has easy gang gus
00:06:03baroni- same
00:06:24baroni- cant click that veno :D
00:06:36SoloVSaLL i do full computer scan
00:06:36baroni- collion smaller again? :D
00:06:38SoloVSaLL got spikes now
00:06:38SoloVSaLL care
00:06:48Strom ma alustan stuniga
00:06:50Strom sa siis pane slow
00:06:59que2stress lc i think
00:07:00que2stress we can go gang
00:07:10Diablo miss
00:07:11Isdronningen ok
00:07:14Diablo re
00:07:20Isdronningen coming 2 sec
00:07:24baroni- wards
00:07:30Isdronningen i check rune
00:07:45Isdronningen zeus
00:08:02baroni- bah
00:08:04Strom tõüra
00:08:07que2stress why dont u hide?
00:08:07baroni- cant really come there
00:08:11Diablo need gang at mid
00:08:12SoloVSaLL y relax
00:08:12Isdronningen i said go
00:08:15Isdronningen u just sleept
00:08:15que2stress i couldnt
00:08:16que2stress because
00:08:18que2stress i had 100 hp?
00:08:25SoloVSaLL veno
00:09:03MariahCarry nice
00:09:17que2stress nah sry lc
00:09:19MariahCarry omw bot
00:09:19que2stress better go farm woods
00:09:21que2stress i say
00:09:23Isdronningen ^^
00:09:27custy gj
00:09:35que2stress u got no awareness for taht
00:10:13baroni- yy
00:10:43que2stress need help bot
00:10:43MariahCarry do they take the dmg
00:10:47MariahCarry if they cast a spell?
00:10:49que2stress they push twr
00:10:50Diablo no miss no shit?
00:10:51que2stress y
00:10:52SoloVSaLL no
00:10:53Strom miss 5
00:10:58que2stress 3rd spell
00:11:00que2stress they take dmg
00:11:01que2stress in any case
00:11:02MariahCarry ok
00:11:07baroni- lure
00:11:14Diablo GANG SILENCER
00:11:36Diablo go zeus
00:11:51que2stress lc
00:11:53que2stress ure safe
00:12:06que2stress lc :D
00:12:17SoloVSaLL want it mid?
00:12:20Isdronningen good
00:12:41Diablo go bot
00:12:57SoloVSaLL seems we got a good orb effecter moving on this purple
00:13:14Rotkiv ffs
00:13:21Strom dd silencer mid
00:13:29custy i went planting wards
00:13:40que2stress so u like new silencer?
00:13:44MariahCarry yea^^
00:13:44Diablo strom?
00:13:45Strom 1 there
00:13:46Diablo gang silencer?
00:13:51que2stress so mb u my become captain then in future
00:13:55MariahCarry 'mby
00:14:24SoloVSaLL noone willing dinie
00:14:54que2stress lc
00:14:55que2stress plz
00:14:55que2stress go hide
00:14:56MariahCarry forcestaff changed
00:14:56que2stress and gang
00:14:57MariahCarry -.-
00:14:58que2stress y
00:14:59Isdronningen k
00:15:00que2stress forgot
00:15:04que2stress to tell you that too :D
00:15:10custy ffs
00:15:14que2stress no come
00:15:16Diablo strom?
00:15:21Strom I'm playing dota
00:15:22Diablo can u gang?
00:15:30Strom no
00:15:32SoloVSaLL go
00:15:43SoloVSaLL a jesus
00:15:50SoloVSaLL now 4 here
00:16:46101010 zeus use that ulti at fight?
00:16:51SoloVSaLL shit
00:16:53SoloVSaLL :d
00:17:01MariahCarry how did zeus survive
00:17:02MariahCarry t.t
00:17:02custy y
00:17:08Diablo invo power
00:17:13SoloVSaLL sticks u saw
00:17:17SoloVSaLL then 29 hp
00:17:21MariahCarry ah
00:17:22MariahCarry lol
00:17:23baroni- ill go full support
00:17:27baroni- so sk just get dagger
00:17:34SoloVSaLL no boot :D
00:18:26Isdronningen b
00:18:37Isdronningen care
00:18:43que2stress cm i go jango then ok?
00:18:58Isdronningen lol
00:19:27Diablo b
00:19:27Diablo b
00:19:27Diablo b
00:19:28que2stress isodronningen
00:19:37que2stress u want a good advice?
00:19:43Strom zeus, why you let sk ulti?
00:19:48Strom use your 2nd skill on him
00:19:51Strom ulti cast cancelled
00:20:08SoloVSaLL long live sk
00:20:08que2stress sile come
00:20:12Isdronningen we need some silince gang
00:20:21MariahCarry i gang all game
00:20:24Diablo gang silencer
00:20:32SoloVSaLL i think i was the ganker here
00:21:22SoloVSaLL free farms long time
00:21:30SoloVSaLL go mid
00:21:32SoloVSaLL we got it
00:21:33que2stress ye
00:21:45SoloVSaLL 10 sec ulti
00:21:59Diablo gale?
00:22:04SoloVSaLL cover me
00:22:37SoloVSaLL imba losing fights
00:22:39SoloVSaLL 5v4
00:22:40baroni- fuck
00:22:44que2stress ye u r ult
00:22:45que2stress sucked
00:22:49que2stress and lc
00:22:53que2stress is defenitly
00:22:54que2stress too rambo
00:23:14SoloVSaLL veil on wau
00:23:26MariahCarry wtf can i use Quarterstaff for???
00:23:31que2stress attack speed
00:23:34que2stress silence staff
00:23:35MariahCarry -.-
00:23:35SoloVSaLL refresher ? :D
00:23:39que2stress silence staff is good
00:23:49SoloVSaLL orchi fly refresher
00:24:06custy help me plant
00:24:07Strom 5 ss
00:24:08custy i die
00:24:14que2stress come
00:24:14que2stress to me
00:24:15custy help me plant ward
00:24:20Diablo kk
00:24:42Isdronningen gj
00:25:01SoloVSaLL silencer make guinso hot
00:25:09MariahCarry meh
00:25:28SoloVSaLL new?
00:25:32SoloVSaLL why mew?
00:25:33Strom go with 5, gang
00:25:41Isdronningen b
00:25:51Strom gather
00:26:04Strom wait zeus
00:26:05que2stress u gettin pipe too cm?
00:26:12SoloVSaLL mek
00:26:13baroni- meka first
00:26:16que2stress y
00:26:17que2stress after i mean
00:26:23baroni- well
00:26:24SoloVSaLL beter cm bkb
00:26:30baroni- dont think ill have the money :D
00:26:51que2stress huh
00:26:52MariahCarry gjgjgj
00:26:55que2stress :D
00:26:55MariahCarry omfg
00:27:05Strom did sk manage to ulti?
00:27:07SoloVSaLL y ty
00:27:10Rotkiv j
00:27:11MariahCarry orchid done
00:27:12que2stress well at least
00:27:16que2stress lc gettin some shit now
00:27:18Diablo somehow
00:27:20MariahCarry so many things to click now for me
00:27:21Isdronningen what
00:27:21MariahCarry >.<
00:27:22Strom need to make sure that doesn't happen
00:27:35que2stress ure getting items finally :D
00:27:45MariahCarry ye
00:27:46Strom go smoke gang again
00:27:57SoloVSaLL i love cm aura
00:28:02que2stress that sucked :D
00:28:05Isdronningen for real
00:28:10que2stress mit that i mean you
00:28:16SoloVSaLL omg
00:28:20SoloVSaLL tuping death
00:28:23SoloVSaLL warded here
00:28:48Diablo i get etheral for that lc
00:28:50SoloVSaLL i need desperatly wc
00:28:54SoloVSaLL pause for me
00:28:56SoloVSaLL !Pause
00:28:57Diablo get mid twr
00:28:59Diablo important
00:29:00que2stress doesnt ur country have?
00:29:02SoloVSaLL hwo pause here?
00:29:02Strom dan
00:29:09que2stress 2 min pause plz
00:29:14SoloVSaLL 1 min
00:29:15que2stress crix pissed on his keyboard
00:29:17SoloVSaLL for me
00:29:17custy 30 sec
00:29:17SoloVSaLL f u i sayed 1 min pee
00:29:17MariahCarry GO
00:29:17MariahCarry pee
00:29:17MariahCarry f
00:29:17Strom yeah
00:29:17MariahCarry pee
00:29:17MariahCarry ffs
00:29:17Diablo just keep ganging silencer
00:29:17MariahCarry hows ck strom?
00:29:17Diablo and we win
00:29:17custy zzz
00:29:17Strom what do you mean?
00:29:17Strom it's the same as always
00:29:17MariahCarry ok
00:29:17MariahCarry it seems like it was nerfed
00:29:17Diablo once op always op
00:29:17MariahCarry jk :P
00:29:17Strom I don't know about that
00:29:17MariahCarry i see uve done some site improvements after i told u some of my secrets
00:29:17Diablo silencer now op too
00:29:17SoloVSaLL ok?
00:29:17Diablo go?
00:29:17SoloVSaLL resume it
00:29:17MariahCarry ggoyo
00:29:50MariahCarry w8 mid for me
00:29:52MariahCarry i have sick dmg now
00:29:54SoloVSaLL let em dive tw
00:30:03Strom omg I got ambushed :D
00:30:10Strom go b guys
00:30:14baroni- lolll
00:30:15baroni- :D
00:30:20baroni- firewalking
00:30:31Strom I died a stupid death, chasing that guy
00:30:36Strom can't win like this :S
00:30:52Diablo too aggresive strom
00:30:53que2stress care all re
00:31:03MariahCarry b
00:31:28que2stress fu ck :D
00:31:30custy wow
00:31:52Strom need to focus down this glass cannon silencer first
00:31:54SoloVSaLL cmon
00:31:57SoloVSaLL too gay death
00:32:02que2stress at least
00:32:04que2stress u can go pee again
00:32:10SoloVSaLL xaxa
00:32:14SoloVSaLL im kinda empty now
00:32:28SoloVSaLL u beterr b
00:32:31Isdronningen y
00:32:34MariahCarry keke
00:32:35SoloVSaLL y rambo
00:32:38Diablo b
00:32:42SoloVSaLL its ok feel u can own them all
00:32:47Diablo let me get etheral
00:32:48SoloVSaLL barely works
00:32:49Diablo and gg
00:32:51que2stress :D
00:32:52Isdronningen i feel like i can
00:32:57SoloVSaLL i can too
00:32:58Isdronningen but i dont think i can
00:33:04que2stress but ure playing
00:33:07que2stress as if u could
00:33:11SoloVSaLL o.O
00:33:12Isdronningen thats for sure :D
00:33:19Diablo smoke gang?
00:33:32Diablo all
00:33:33Diablo strom
00:33:36Strom get safe
00:33:39SoloVSaLL wish i had puck on this game
00:33:50Isdronningen just push
00:33:55Diablo come to me
00:34:05SoloVSaLL ello dia
00:34:11que2stress get top wower
00:34:42que2stress getmid
00:34:48que2stress #:D
00:34:49SoloVSaLL wp
00:34:50SoloVSaLL xD
00:34:52Isdronningen you you call me rambo MUHAHAHAHAHHAHAHAH
00:34:57que2stress :D
00:35:00Diablo that was lycky
00:35:01que2stress u are a rambo
00:35:03SoloVSaLL usualy i plau solo vs all
00:35:03Diablo for them
00:35:11Diablo veno deff
00:35:12que2stress he tps
00:35:13Diablo with wards
00:35:13Diablo mid
00:35:14Diablo omg
00:35:21Diablo b
00:35:23Diablo VENO DEAD
00:35:23Diablo b
00:35:24Diablo b
00:35:24Diablo b
00:35:24Diablo b
00:35:24Diablo b
00:35:25Diablo b
00:35:26Diablo b
00:35:26Diablo b
00:35:26Diablo b
00:35:27Strom veno get safe
00:35:27Diablo b
00:35:27Diablo b
00:35:34SoloVSaLL u tp tpp
00:35:36Diablo omfg
00:35:48SoloVSaLL invo strik cm
00:35:52SoloVSaLL she is close to fountain
00:35:58Diablo D
00:36:00SoloVSaLL she moves like crazy
00:36:03Diablo D
00:36:18Strom damn that orchid
00:36:20SoloVSaLL shitlike ^^
00:36:20Strom wasn't aware of it
00:36:25MariahCarry he wasn't disarmed tho
00:36:29que2stress ye
00:36:32que2stress cause he casted
00:36:35que2stress he is only disarmed
00:36:39MariahCarry what did he cadst
00:36:39que2stress if he does not cast
00:36:42Diablo almost dude
00:36:45MariahCarry he was silenced
00:36:45SoloVSaLL invo road runned build?
00:36:46que2stress blink
00:36:46que2stress stun
00:36:47Isdronningen next time :D
00:36:47que2stress dunno
00:36:54MariahCarry i used orchid
00:36:55Diablo maybe
00:36:58MariahCarry then 3rd spell
00:37:02que2stress hm
00:37:03que2stress y
00:37:06que2stress strange
00:37:08Isdronningen best time out of 3
00:37:18que2stress but he is only disarmed after those 4 sec
00:37:20que2stress or what it is
00:37:22que2stress and if u kill him before
00:37:24SoloVSaLL care
00:37:26que2stress he cant be disarmed
00:37:31MariahCarry oh
00:37:34MariahCarry he will be disarmed
00:37:38MariahCarry after the 6 seconds
00:37:38Strom silencer needs to die first
00:37:40que2stress ye
00:37:41Diablo yea
00:37:44Diablo im saying that all game
00:37:46Strom we need to just man up, ignore everyone else
00:37:47Diablo stun him
00:37:49Strom and go silencer
00:37:53SoloVSaLL scepter on wa
00:37:54SoloVSaLL y
00:37:56que2stress ye
00:37:56Strom he has ghost, orchid, force
00:37:58Diablo and try disable crix
00:37:59Strom so it won't be easy
00:38:00SoloVSaLL u wait
00:38:01Strom but needs to happen
00:38:04SoloVSaLL my hands are so cold
00:38:05SoloVSaLL lool
00:38:07Diablo smoke?
00:38:13que2stress rambo
00:38:15Diablo wow?
00:38:15que2stress really
00:38:16Isdronningen john rambo is dead :D
00:38:19Strom b
00:38:20SoloVSaLL xaaxa
00:38:23custy b
00:38:23Strom b
00:38:24Strom b
00:38:27MariahCarry hi
00:38:31que2stress st sile?
00:38:31Diablo hi :)_
00:38:33SoloVSaLL sile st?
00:38:37MariahCarry -st
00:38:38SoloVSaLL 55
00:38:38MariahCarry 56
00:38:40SoloVSaLL xaxaxa
00:38:42que2stress bad :d
00:38:45SoloVSaLL so close
00:38:46Diablo care crix
00:38:55Strom ok
00:38:57Rotkiv I surrender! [1/5 of Scourge]
00:39:03custy I surrender! [2/5 of Scourge]
00:39:06Strom my bad
00:39:13que2stress we just backdoored :d
00:39:52que2stress damu attack speed :D
00:39:53MariahCarry xD
00:39:54MariahCarry yea
00:40:07SoloVSaLL u play dota 2 guys?
00:40:10que2stress nah
00:40:12que2stress sucks
00:40:14SoloVSaLL dota 1 max atck speed
00:40:16SoloVSaLL is 400%
00:40:21SoloVSaLL dota 2 is 550
00:40:30que2stress y but dota 2 sucks
00:40:31SoloVSaLL u knew?
00:40:40SoloVSaLL y i prefer 1
00:40:43que2stress have only played 3 games
00:40:48que2stress in dota2
00:40:49SoloVSaLL i have 500games
00:40:50Diablo can bring him down now
00:40:55SoloVSaLL but like dota 1 nothink :D
00:40:59Diablo maybe too late
00:41:12Strom mkay
00:41:19SoloVSaLL u carry bad
00:41:20que2stress i dont like the dota 2 makeup :D
00:41:39que2stress 2 much 'changes' for me :D
00:41:50SoloVSaLL y changed forest too
00:41:53SoloVSaLL fog spots
00:41:58SoloVSaLL hiding tree
00:41:59MariahCarry devine in da house
00:41:59SoloVSaLL some changeed
00:42:07SoloVSaLL i will let u die and get it ok?
00:42:12que2stress ok
00:42:19SoloVSaLL go tanks
00:42:22SoloVSaLL my ranpage
00:42:28Strom this is it
00:42:53Strom I surrender! [3/5 of Scourge]
00:42:56101010 I surrender! [4/5 of Scourge]
00:42:57custy I surrender! [4/5 of Scourge]
00:42:58SoloVSaLL stealer
00:42:59custy gg
00:43:02Diablo I surrender! [5/5 of Scourge]
00:43:03SoloVSaLL f u
00:43:05SoloVSaLL xD
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