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82% | 1460 X | 1486 TS

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77% | 1474 X | 1390 TS

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68% | 1391 X | 1346 TS

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Chat log

00:00:17que2stress -omni
00:00:17Strom omni
00:00:17Strom ah
00:00:17AliBaba he is banned :D
00:00:17que2stress u cant ban
00:00:17que2stress what i ban :D
00:00:17Diablo both ban omni"?
00:00:17Diablo :)
00:00:17Strom panda
00:00:20AliBaba get me wisp
00:00:22AliBaba k
00:00:23que2stress any1
00:00:23que2stress wants
00:00:24que2stress naix?
00:00:30Diablo strom get me ursa
00:00:33Diablo if possible
00:00:34TheyCallMeHaci i can
00:00:36que2stress ok
00:00:37que2stress u get it
00:00:48Diablo what u want?
00:00:56Strom dunno, I may play this
00:01:03que2stress affliction afk?
00:01:03Sharkok do you got any money on diablo
00:01:03Affliction no
00:01:03Affliction :d
00:01:06Sharkok with acc hause system
00:01:12Pufff-Reis y
00:01:12Affliction -water 0 0 0
00:01:12Strom ok give me silencer
00:01:13Affliction -ii
00:01:14Affliction -don
00:01:15Affliction -hhn
00:01:20Strom -swap 3
00:01:20Diablo -swap 1
00:01:20Strom rubick good pick, clockwerk good pick
00:01:21Strom lich good pick
00:01:23Strom enigma good pick
00:01:25que2stress get me rubick
00:01:25Strom thd good pick
00:01:27que2stress haci
00:01:34Pufff-Reis you mid?
00:01:37que2stress or wait
00:01:38Strom y
00:01:40TheyCallMeHaci -swap 1
00:01:40que2stress nvm
00:01:42AliBaba :D
00:01:42que2stress -swap 4
00:01:48que2stress shrakrok
00:01:53AliBaba thd ?
00:01:53Sharkok y what
00:01:53que2stress he afk?
00:01:53que2stress what is with my guys
00:01:53que2stress why
00:01:53Sharkok no
00:01:53Gareeb ??
00:01:53que2stress u got
00:01:53que2stress 2 sec
00:01:53Sharkok i amhere
00:01:53que2stress for pick
00:01:53que2stress u k now thatß
00:01:53TheyCallMeHaci get thd
00:01:53que2stress get clock
00:01:53Strom what's with the pausing?
00:01:53Sharkok sry freaked pc
00:01:53que2stress people dont respond
00:01:53Strom who paused?
00:01:53que2stress so i guess thye afk
00:01:53AliBaba you ready ?
00:01:55que2stress so sharkok
00:01:56Sharkok what shall i pick
00:01:57AliBaba .....
00:01:58que2stress rofl
00:02:00Affliction -swap 5
00:02:01SuckThis FIX
00:02:01Sharkok ok
00:02:03que2stress -swap 5
00:02:04que2stress swap tis
00:02:04Pufff-Reis lich me solo top
00:02:05que2stress sharkok
00:02:09que2stress swap
00:02:11Sharkok -swap 5
00:02:11que2stress sharkok
00:02:14que2stress not with urself
00:02:15Pufff-Reis lich go bot
00:02:15Affliction -.-
00:02:16que2stress try again
00:02:16Diablo sniper?
00:02:18Pufff-Reis i weant solo
00:02:20SuckThis kk
00:02:20que2stress -swap 5
00:02:21AliBaba 1
00:02:21Strom Gareeb, don't forget chicken
00:02:22Pufff-Reis ty
00:02:25Strom come on
00:02:25Sharkok -swap 1
00:02:27Gareeb err
00:02:30Affliction -hhn
00:02:30Diablo wow? :)
00:02:30TheyCallMeHaci ?
00:02:32Gareeb ill buy asap
00:02:35AliBaba fix your net
00:02:45que2stress wisp
00:02:46que2stress go bot
00:02:57Affliction he said freak pc
00:03:09TheyCallMeHaci HMM?
00:03:16Diablo dude its unplayable like this, fix or leave
00:03:16Sharkok wtf
00:03:17TheyCallMeHaci we gonna play like this all game?
00:03:19Sharkok i cant move
00:03:25Diablo i wont/
00:03:28que2stress u move with mouse
00:03:30que2stress not with arrows
00:03:34que2stress ye
00:03:36que2stress like that
00:03:36Sharkok o rly
00:03:39Sharkok funny guy
00:03:51Sharkok i click and move after 5 sec
00:03:59AliBaba .....
00:03:59que2stress then
00:04:00que2stress leave
00:04:03AliBaba wow
00:04:04Strom Sharkok, you lag
00:04:09que2stress he cant move
00:04:09que2stress even
00:04:09que2stress he is in base
00:04:09que2stress stuck
00:04:13Sharkok o rly
00:04:16AliBaba :
00:04:16que2stress and he has funny comments :D
00:04:16TheyCallMeHaci ruin my last hits
00:04:20Diablo anyway we can fix this?
00:04:21Sharkok i move every 5 sec
00:04:27Diablo strom?
00:04:30AliBaba go top
00:04:32Strom we?
00:04:36Strom you want me to fly where here lives?
00:04:38Diablo like force rmk?
00:04:39Strom *he
00:04:44que2stress y
00:04:46Diablo or similar?
00:04:47que2stress can u do that?
00:04:53Diablo like leave all?
00:04:54Strom I don't talk shop during game
00:04:56Diablo then play next?
00:04:57Strom I focus last hits
00:05:22Sharkok beter now
00:05:44que2stress plz harass
00:05:55Pufff-Reis go woods
00:06:01Affliction :/
00:06:16Strom ss
00:06:42AliBaba rubicik want swap
00:06:46que2stress ty storm for flying to him and fix
00:06:55Diablo D
00:07:19AliBaba rubick swap lane ?
00:07:25que2stress no
00:07:25Sharkok y
00:07:29AliBaba srsluy
00:07:33AliBaba this naix .-.
00:07:36AliBaba play like shit
00:07:40SuckThis rune
00:07:41que2stress does
00:08:15Affliction wtf does that spell ? :/
00:08:18Affliction need a gank
00:08:20Affliction really
00:08:22que2stress that spells
00:08:24que2stress if ucast
00:08:27que2stress u get silence and dmg
00:08:29que2stress if u dont cast
00:08:34que2stress u get silence dmg and disarm
00:08:38Strom ss
00:08:48Affliction j
00:08:50Affliction kk
00:08:51que2stress like 200 dmg
00:09:04Diablo ss
00:09:13que2stress naix wisp cant kill obt or what?
00:09:19que2stress 0 armor doom?
00:09:28AliBaba ss mid
00:09:29Diablo CHICK?
00:09:40Affliction ss midt
00:09:44SuckThis he didnt buy?
00:09:49Gareeb did
00:09:52SuckThis ok
00:09:55Diablo pick that 1
00:10:01que2stress come t op wisp
00:10:33Strom died because of no chick :/
00:10:47Diablo get chick now doom
00:10:50Strom gareeb, be sure to activate chick now
00:10:53Gareeb its there]
00:10:56Gareeb yup
00:11:13SuckThis WHERE IS RUNE?
00:11:22que2stress go gang with naix
00:11:25AliBaba narh
00:12:16que2stress see
00:12:18que2stress we cant
00:12:19que2stress kill
00:12:19Sharkok wtf
00:12:19SuckThis gj
00:12:23Sharkok you doing
00:12:29Sharkok ei strom
00:12:45Sharkok play shared heroe is ban
00:12:45que2stress lion u must ga
00:12:46TheyCallMeHaci silencer free farm bot
00:12:48que2stress gang like shit plz
00:12:57que2stress 3 top
00:13:04Strom ss 5
00:13:05Sharkok i asked you somethink
00:13:38Sharkok for 3 min toilet you banning
00:13:53Sharkok for others who play your heroe you dont or what
00:14:55Gareeb ?
00:14:56Strom what's with the save
00:15:04Sharkok someone played my heroe
00:15:09Sharkok thats with safe
00:15:15que2stress go
00:15:21Diablo i didnt :)
00:15:22Sharkok throwing spells on creep
00:15:44Strom Sharkok, mark down the game time when someone uses your hero
00:15:46Diablo armor
00:15:52Strom and then contact an admin after game with the game id
00:16:00Diablo DOOM?
00:16:02Diablo DONT NEED U
00:16:07TheyCallMeHaci STOP
00:16:07Diablo GO OFF
00:16:08Sharkok ok
00:16:13que2stress go woods
00:16:15Diablo DONT NEED U
00:16:20SuckThis come fast
00:16:38TheyCallMeHaci who is using chick ?
00:16:47que2stress liech
00:16:54TheyCallMeHaci they 3
00:17:01Diablo lets kill somethin :)
00:17:39que2stress wisp come
00:18:08Strom hjelp
00:18:15Strom ffs
00:18:24Affliction asddsa
00:18:24TheyCallMeHaci lol?
00:18:34Diablo dota keys went off omg
00:18:56Diablo ?
00:19:03Diablo need arcane in team
00:19:54AliBaba take hes ulti
00:20:00que2stress this rubick
00:20:01que2stress is
00:20:02que2stress epic :D
00:20:15Diablo wispy :)
00:20:24AliBaba ursy ?
00:20:27Diablo doom get arcane boots
00:20:33TheyCallMeHaci strom
00:20:34Gareeb lich has
00:20:37Gareeb arcane
00:20:41Diablo MANA
00:20:41TheyCallMeHaci slapping u from here
00:20:43que2stress today is my lucky day
00:20:47que2stress i get only fags :D
00:20:52AliBaba sure
00:20:53Diablo lich mana
00:21:21SuckThis b
00:21:22Diablo b
00:21:35AliBaba :
00:21:55Gareeb bad gank
00:22:05que2stress LION
00:22:05SuckThis haha
00:22:05que2stress wtf
00:23:24Affliction reuse
00:23:37Diablo LICH MANA
00:23:49Diablo cmon this lich?
00:23:49AliBaba lion
00:23:49AliBaba go sniper ?
00:23:49Affliction ye
00:23:49AliBaba okay ?
00:23:49Affliction kk
00:23:49Affliction stun finger + dagon tror han er død
00:23:49Affliction tag i doom
00:23:49AliBaba er du sikker +
00:23:49SuckThis FIXX
00:23:49TheyCallMeHaci he got invis mby ?
00:23:49Diablo hes gone
00:23:49TheyCallMeHaci spectre?
00:23:49TheyCallMeHaci can u ulti ?
00:23:49que2stress y
00:23:49Diablo and i dont like that
00:23:49Diablo naix at all
00:23:49Diablo getting fat
00:23:49Gareeb m in danger
00:23:49Gareeb :|
00:23:49TheyCallMeHaci do your ulti
00:23:49TheyCallMeHaci then double kill
00:23:49Diablo u dude should get manaboots
00:23:49que2stress at
00:23:49que2stress least
00:23:49que2stress i know
00:23:49que2stress now
00:23:49Diablo u see how hard am i mana
00:23:49que2stress in which
00:23:49que2stress games
00:23:49Diablo depended
00:23:49que2stress this
00:23:49AliBaba who leave ?
00:23:49que2stress puff reis
00:23:49AliBaba Strom ?
00:23:49que2stress gets
00:23:49que2stress his
00:23:49que2stress x
00:23:49TheyCallMeHaci haha :P
00:23:49TheyCallMeHaci who balance?
00:23:49TheyCallMeHaci lion go sniper and spec do your ulti if sniper dont have invis he is dead
00:23:49SuckThis FIX
00:23:49que2stress DONT FIX IT
00:23:49Diablo D
00:23:49TheyCallMeHaci feeding cock
00:23:50Diablo any1
00:24:08TheyCallMeHaci BALANCE
00:24:14que2stress any who wants
00:24:15Strom yeah yeah, we have two dead
00:24:15que2stress mana boots
00:24:17que2stress can take them
00:24:18Strom I wanna see their items
00:24:32Pufff-Reis lothars treads stick and jango on me
00:25:02que2stress donr mc
00:25:03Strom ok lich balances
00:25:13que2stress dont move ali
00:25:16que2stress then i can deny you
00:25:19AliBaba why didnt you deny me :D
00:25:24que2stress cause u moved away
00:25:25SuckThis who leaving?
00:25:27Diablo u
00:25:28AliBaba hm
00:25:28Strom SuckThis, you are
00:25:29AliBaba k
00:25:37Diablo can i have arcane?
00:25:41Diablo strom?
00:25:46Strom k
00:26:05Strom dude
00:26:07Strom you can't steal items
00:26:10Affliction ali
00:26:13Diablo me?
00:26:16Strom thsi doom
00:26:19Affliction when we see sniper kill
00:26:21Gareeb lol atleast
00:26:21Diablo oh, k :)
00:26:24Affliction have dust
00:26:30que2stress tehy will rosh
00:26:30TheyCallMeHaci can i sell his items ?
00:26:34que2stress y
00:26:45que2stress scout rosh
00:26:47que2stress and tele naix there
00:26:57Affliction b
00:27:06Diablo DOOM?
00:27:09Diablo GO FUCKING ROSH?
00:27:15que2stress ty
00:27:17que2stress for help
00:27:22que2stress wisp ult overrated
00:27:28Strom stop blink
00:27:36que2stress wisp
00:27:36que2stress wtf
00:27:38Gareeb u mad bro?
00:27:39Diablo cant believe that
00:27:43que2stress well like that
00:27:45que2stress why not
00:27:47que2stress but plz
00:27:49que2stress watch map
00:28:01que2stress tele me
00:28:02que2stress here
00:28:03que2stress plz
00:28:16que2stress chicken
00:28:17que2stress reuse
00:28:17que2stress ty
00:29:04Strom nvm, can't
00:29:31TheyCallMeHaci def mid?
00:29:36Strom ursA?
00:29:41Diablo laag
00:30:13Diablo care
00:30:15Diablo sile
00:31:26Strom go help
00:32:57que2stress DSUTS
00:32:59que2stress wtf
00:33:06que2stress ali baba
00:33:08que2stress where are dusts
00:33:15Affliction ali have ulki =
00:33:20AliBaba ja
00:33:25que2stress tele nai
00:33:26Diablo rosh re?
00:33:27que2stress naix
00:33:46Strom -st
00:34:01Affliction take gem
00:34:02que2stress ali
00:34:04que2stress why
00:34:05que2stress dont u take
00:34:06que2stress me back
00:34:11que2stress wtf
00:34:12que2stress is wrong
00:34:13que2stress with you
00:34:44Diablo help
00:34:45Diablo omg
00:35:23Diablo strom?
00:35:27AliBaba ge
00:35:28AliBaba m
00:35:30Strom ye you want 2vs4?
00:35:32Diablo rosh
00:35:32Diablo now
00:35:58Diablo rosh
00:36:23Affliction naix
00:36:25Affliction blade
00:37:16Diablo w8
00:37:38Strom b
00:37:47que2stress wards
00:37:49que2stress would be
00:37:51que2stress so wersome
00:38:03Strom diablo, if naix is dead 10 sec
00:38:05Strom we don't wait
00:38:06Strom we push
00:38:20que2stress WISP
00:38:21que2stress WRD
00:38:22que2stress aew
00:38:28AliBaba :D
00:38:31que2stress u really suck
00:38:38que2stress no wards
00:38:40que2stress rn away
00:38:45que2stress i waste
00:38:48que2stress 1 diffu after the other
00:38:48Diablo need bkb
00:38:49Strom -st
00:38:51que2stress cause u run around
00:38:55que2stress and have no wards
00:38:55Diablo u2, strom
00:38:57que2stress no dsuts
00:39:02Strom no I don't
00:39:03Diablo rosh?
00:39:48que2stress wisp
00:40:08que2stress ty
00:40:14que2stress finally
00:40:19Diablo go mid rax?
00:40:25Strom just turtle atm
00:40:26Strom I'm dead
00:40:36Diablo when u revive
00:40:45TheyCallMeHaci push mid
00:40:46Strom Gareeb, I hope you're doing shiva + blademail
00:40:51Strom because I already got ac
00:40:56Diablo D
00:41:00que2stress y
00:41:09Gareeb i needed armour
00:41:11Gareeb thats it
00:41:17Strom ye, and do shiva + blademail from those
00:41:17Diablo get shivas
00:41:19Diablo not as
00:41:24Gareeb k
00:41:26Affliction well
00:41:32Affliction 7+ from dubble hex
00:41:55AliBaba gem
00:42:05que2stress ah
00:42:07que2stress weher
00:42:07que2stress is
00:42:08que2stress this
00:42:09Gareeb f
00:42:09que2stress naix
00:42:09Strom gem
00:42:09Gareeb f
00:42:10Gareeb f
00:42:10Strom kill gem
00:42:11Gareeb f
00:42:11que2stress wtf
00:42:11Gareeb f
00:42:20Pufff-Reis didnt see lol
00:42:27Gareeb yeah i thought so
00:42:30que2stress naic
00:42:34que2stress u may not hunt
00:42:35que2stress plz
00:42:41que2stress or wisp and lion day
00:42:43Diablo u need bkb strom
00:42:43que2stress die
00:42:45Strom no
00:43:15que2stress .-.-
00:43:21AliBaba bd
00:43:29Strom what exactly do you think bkb will do to me?
00:43:35Diablo hex
00:43:39Strom what hex
00:43:40Diablo and ur high dps
00:43:47Diablo lions 4 secs hex
00:43:48Strom I got 15 sec silence
00:43:51Affliction cheese spec
00:43:52Strom + hex in few sec
00:43:53Affliction inbase
00:43:57que2stress ah nice
00:44:01Diablo good
00:44:02Diablo but
00:44:06Diablo when ur hexed
00:44:09Diablo u cant do shit
00:44:12que2stress naix can u make ac?
00:44:14Diablo save for bb
00:44:16Strom he can't hex me while silenced
00:44:23Diablo if they initiate?
00:44:33Affliction tp us
00:44:36AliBaba luder
00:44:39Strom if they initiate, I don't have active bkb either
00:44:57Diablo mid
00:45:09Strom we need to fight together now
00:45:10Diablo rape now
00:45:11Diablo and win
00:45:13TheyCallMeHaci who to focus?
00:45:17que2stress sniper
00:45:18Affliction sniper
00:45:18que2stress and
00:45:22que2stress sile
00:45:27Diablo focus?
00:45:32que2stress b
00:45:32Diablo naix
00:45:32Strom naix
00:45:35que2stress back
00:45:38que2stress our lanes are pushed
00:45:46que2stress plz
00:45:47que2stress buy wards
00:45:49que2stress and plant them
00:45:55AliBaba no plase
00:45:56Diablo ?
00:46:00Strom lets go
00:46:03Diablo mid?
00:46:08Gareeb sec
00:46:08Pufff-Reis 100g
00:46:11Strom you guys need to be in front of me
00:46:19Diablo w8 sniper manta?
00:46:31Diablo gg
00:46:32Diablo :)
00:46:32Strom ffs
00:46:33Affliction lol
00:46:37Gareeb why man
00:46:38Strom what's with this solofarm
00:47:09que2stress what
00:47:09que2stress are
00:47:10que2stress u
00:47:12que2stress doing there
00:47:21TheyCallMeHaci waiting for u to come
00:47:28Diablo rosh re?
00:47:29que2stress bad place to wait
00:47:33Strom no
00:47:37Strom pushy mid
00:47:38Diablo we need to take it
00:47:38Strom come pus mid
00:47:47Strom we need to take mid
00:47:51Diablo yea
00:47:52que2stress b
00:48:01TheyCallMeHaci this is lost
00:48:02Strom stay close
00:48:08que2stress u just lost it
00:48:08que2stress y
00:48:14Strom stay close
00:48:32Diablo taht s good
00:48:49que2stress ali
00:49:21Strom that abyssal blade fucked me up good
00:49:22Strom and
00:49:28Strom bkb isn't helping against that either
00:49:30Diablo i get abyssal
00:49:37Strom def mid
00:49:40que2stress mid and rosh
00:50:19Affliction smid gem
00:50:36Diablo D
00:50:46que2stress naix
00:50:48que2stress we must go
00:50:48que2stress rosh
00:51:00que2stress naix
00:51:01que2stress do u
00:51:02que2stress hear me?
00:51:11que2stress naix?
00:51:14que2stress he is
00:51:14Affliction NAIIIIIX :DF
00:51:16que2stress a retard
00:51:16Strom take yoru boots doom
00:51:19que2stress unfortunatel
00:51:21TheyCallMeHaci ?
00:51:23Strom don't walk around without them
00:51:24Affliction :D
00:51:31Gareeb i dint even notice
00:51:35Gareeb who took it
00:51:50Diablo CHEESE
00:51:52Diablo SOME1 fast
00:51:53que2stress wp naix
00:51:55Strom chicken
00:51:56Strom takes it
00:51:57Strom np
00:52:00TheyCallMeHaci shut up
00:52:01Diablo kk
00:52:31Diablo go finish?
00:52:43Strom we need to stick together
00:52:51que2stress new
00:52:52que2stress gemn
00:52:53que2stress wtf
00:52:54Diablo go mid finish
00:52:54que2stress we need that
00:52:56Strom push bot
00:53:02Pufff-Reis -ms
00:53:08que2stress no invis detection
00:53:08que2stress wtf
00:53:46TheyCallMeHaci I surrender! [1/4 of Sentinel]
00:53:49Diablo gg
00:53:49que2stress u are
00:53:50TheyCallMeHaci just ff
00:53:51que2stress so ridicoulus
00:54:05que2stress how
00:54:07TheyCallMeHaci u blaming me
00:54:07que2stress do u want
00:54:09TheyCallMeHaci fuck u tard
00:54:10que2stress to win
00:54:11que2stress a game
00:54:12TheyCallMeHaci it was lion
00:54:12que2stress with no
00:54:13que2stress wards
00:54:16que2stress no invis detectin
00:54:25que2stress I surrender! [2/4 of Sentinel]
00:54:29Affliction I surrender! [3/4 of Sentinel]
00:54:33AliBaba I surrender! [4/4 of Sentinel]
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