Game #4691355

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-17 X
-1 TS

97% | 1824 X | 1487 TS

+4 X
-1 TS

74% | 1448 X | 1383 TS

-28 X
-1 TS

73% | 1470 X | 1346 TS

-4 X
-2 TS

73% | 1464 X | 1336 TS

+7 X
-11 TS

NEW | 1184 X | 957 TS

+30 X
+1 TS

96% | 1863 X | 1398 TS

+12 X
+1 TS

89% | 1634 X | 1430 TS

-27 X
+4 TS

69% | 1436 X | 1317 TS

+16 X
+2 TS

61% | 1295 X | 1362 TS

+21 X
+25 TS

15% | 1023 X | 1129 TS

Chat log

00:00:09MYuksel ye i had few good games :D
00:00:20Tough you did well my young padawan
00:00:22Tough im so proud of you !!
00:00:22MYuksel <3 <3 hehe
00:00:22Tough kids grow up so fast :(( :D
00:00:22Tough so i ban
00:00:22Tough let me think
00:00:22MYuksel hehe
00:00:22Tough weaver
00:00:22karadpowaa I ban invoker
00:00:22Tough nice to know karad
00:00:22Tough :D
00:00:22101010 ill play visage
00:00:22Tough +do it
00:00:22Tough :D
00:00:22MYuksel naix
00:00:24Tough hmm
00:00:27fUNCh give trax
00:00:27Tough furi or spec?
00:00:27karadpowaa I ban lion
00:00:28fUNCh and win
00:00:29MYuksel any wishes ?
00:00:33fUNCh i can furi
00:00:33SoloVSaLL furi
00:00:33karadpowaa i wish i had an angel
00:00:35Isdronningen nahh
00:00:36MYuksel es ?
00:00:37Sharkok y unbann naix
00:00:38Tough tzz :D
00:00:38SoloVSaLL owned by spec
00:00:39MYuksel anyone es ?
00:00:39Tough funch
00:00:42karadpowaa i can
00:00:44Tough same as
00:00:46fUNCh you almost lost mid
00:00:46Diablo let me wr
00:00:47Tough ursa?
00:00:50Tough last game? :D
00:00:52fUNCh y
00:00:52MYuksel why jerkuu ?
00:00:53karadpowaa but i won't
00:00:54karadpowaa hahaha
00:00:57Jerkku ?
00:00:57Tough saw your comments
00:00:57MYuksel i leave ?
00:00:57Sharkok haha
00:00:59MYuksel wont it ?
00:00:59fUNCh just that one luckykill you had
00:01:01Jerkku nothing wrong with void
00:01:02Tough in early game
00:01:09Tough well lucky? :D
00:01:09MYuksel give me cent
00:01:18MYuksel or lesh
00:01:18MYuksel go
00:01:21Diablo tc roof?
00:01:21karadpowaa -swap 1
00:01:21MYuksel give me lesh
00:01:21Tough any1 want furi?
00:01:24MYuksel -swap 3
00:01:26Tough or well no
00:01:28MYuksel swap cent for lesh
00:01:28Tough i go mid
00:01:30Tough i go roam furi
00:01:34Tough take coare for gangs
00:01:40fUNCh well
00:01:44MYuksel baby
00:01:48karadpowaa OWNED
00:01:48MYuksel i hope that u win <3
00:01:49karadpowaa NOOB
00:01:49Diablo can u give me wr?
00:01:51fUNCh tell me when you roam and i go mid farm
00:01:55Tough nah i hope we both win <3
00:01:55SoloVSaLL ofc nop
00:02:01karadpowaa None can win me
00:02:02karadpowaa Obviously
00:02:04karadpowaa idiots
00:02:04MYuksel ye if it was possible
00:02:06Jerkku es bot
00:02:10Tough nah
00:02:11SoloVSaLL i will own ur soul
00:02:11Tough i go mid
00:02:14Jerkku eza with me
00:02:14MYuksel es bot
00:02:22karadpowaa EZA WITH VOID?
00:02:24karadpowaa KIDDING ME STUPID SHIT
00:02:27101010 roof top
00:02:28karadpowaa U KNOW EZA/ES COMBO MORON?
00:02:28fUNCh wtf roof
00:02:31SoloVSaLL go tri
00:02:32SoloVSaLL im ok
00:02:33karadpowaa U STUPID
00:02:34Jerkku no whats that
00:02:34MYuksel huskar top
00:02:35MYuksel pull
00:02:35karadpowaa GC FUCKTARDS
00:02:37Tough roof no heal?
00:02:37Diablo sry
00:02:40SoloVSaLL pause plz
00:02:41SoloVSaLL 30 sec
00:02:42karadpowaa FUCKING NAB WANNA BES
00:02:43Diablo no heal?
00:02:44karadpowaa U KNOW SHIT
00:02:45karadpowaa ABOUT DOTA
00:02:45SoloVSaLL ty
00:02:45karadpowaa FUCKING IMBECILES
00:02:45Jerkku what is dota
00:02:45Diablo how u mean no heal?
00:02:45Isdronningen ?
00:02:45Tough you got no tangos or pots?
00:02:45Tough :D
00:02:45MYuksel tryhard or funny game ?
00:02:45Diablo dont need
00:02:45Tough hmm
00:02:45karadpowaa jerkku i remember you,ur worse then cancer itself
00:02:45Diablo have natural
00:02:45Tough cent mid ?D:
00:02:45MYuksel Ye
00:02:45MYuksel '
00:02:45Tough :(
00:02:45Jerkku what is cancer
00:02:45Tough trax want mid?
00:02:45MYuksel lets go for tryhard
00:02:45fUNCh i could
00:02:45MYuksel hehe
00:02:45Tough your better laneup vs cent
00:02:45Tough but i dare you
00:02:45karadpowaa it's the shit u got
00:02:45MYuksel you know that i love u
00:02:45Tough i dobble dare you
00:02:45Isdronningen lanes?
00:02:45Sharkok let me buy fucking curier
00:02:45fUNCh :D
00:02:45Tough dont fail :D
00:02:45Tough <3
00:02:45Tough :D
00:02:45MYuksel 30 sec done
00:02:45Tough well
00:02:52karadpowaa U think u can beat me "Tough" ?
00:02:53Tough wait for himn pls
00:02:59Tough hes re :*
00:03:00MYuksel Everthing for u baby
00:03:01Tough thx <3
00:03:23SoloVSaLL void inv
00:03:25Diablo void invi
00:03:38Diablo mid care
00:03:50Tough ss bot
00:03:51Tough acre
00:04:00Jerkku this husk dont know about pull
00:04:07SoloVSaLL u came here with a queling u fucker?
00:04:23SoloVSaLL ss
00:04:25SoloVSaLL hi
00:04:27SoloVSaLL him
00:04:36MYuksel that treant
00:04:36SoloVSaLL noob u had 5 creeps near u
00:04:48Diablo SHARE
00:05:02Isdronningen b
00:05:12MYuksel go
00:05:13MYuksel wr
00:05:22fUNCh ss
00:05:30fUNCh :D
00:05:30fUNCh sry
00:05:33karadpowaa mana pls
00:05:34MYuksel >3
00:06:10karadpowaa mnana
00:06:16karadpowaa mana
00:06:23karadpowaa MANA
00:06:24karadpowaa U FUCKING TARD
00:06:30Tough visage
00:06:31Tough i love you
00:06:33karadpowaa now die stupid scumbag
00:06:34SoloVSaLL spel?
00:06:34Isdronningen shut up noob
00:06:36karadpowaa id save both with stun
00:06:40karadpowaa u brainless shitface kid
00:06:41Isdronningen you cant even use your stun
00:06:42SoloVSaLL fuck u trent
00:06:47Diablo ?
00:06:47Jerkku ty
00:06:50karadpowaa my gosh u fucking jerk
00:06:52SoloVSaLL seriusly top leacher u are
00:06:54Isdronningen and stop talk like that
00:07:00karadpowaa no i won;t
00:07:05karadpowaa stupid shitface kid
00:07:08karadpowaa send me ur picture pls
00:07:10karadpowaa make my day
00:07:13Isdronningen you only sound like a litlle child
00:07:17SoloVSaLL cent
00:07:30karadpowaa i sound
00:07:32karadpowaa like id kill u
00:07:32karadpowaa irl;
00:07:38Isdronningen ok
00:07:38SoloVSaLL trax u lost mid
00:08:37Tough gj
00:08:41101010 ss bot1
00:08:43101010 2
00:08:48Sharkok 3
00:08:51101010 1
00:08:52Sharkok if you noticed
00:08:52SoloVSaLL trax nc boots
00:08:52Isdronningen ss bot 1
00:09:10MYuksel baby ..
00:09:18Tough sry :*
00:09:22SoloVSaLL trent is noob
00:09:22MYuksel igx ok
00:09:24MYuksel its
00:09:25SoloVSaLL i tell u team
00:09:28Tough :D
00:09:30Diablo D
00:09:33karadpowaa eza won't give me mana
00:09:34MYuksel i still love you
00:09:36karadpowaa id gang more often
00:09:41SoloVSaLL enjoy ur solo asshole
00:09:43karadpowaa but hes idiotic kid as 90% kids nowdays
00:09:45Tough likve i love you <3
00:10:24Tough go ez
00:10:49SoloVSaLL gg
00:10:51fUNCh cent bot
00:10:55karadpowaa MANA
00:11:16fUNCh rune cent bot
00:11:18karadpowaa wait cen
00:11:19karadpowaa ill port
00:11:22karadpowaa cent*
00:11:22Diablo HUSKAR BOT
00:11:31SoloVSaLL so cool
00:11:40SoloVSaLL visage noob too
00:11:45101010 lol
00:11:46Jerkku wp
00:11:52Jerkku 3 top
00:11:56MYuksel omw
00:11:57Tough OMG
00:12:00Tough HE CAN USE JUMP
00:12:03Tough TELL ME HOW MASTER
00:12:28MYuksel loll
00:12:28SoloVSaLL spikes
00:12:28MYuksel haha
00:12:29karadpowaa oh is that so
00:12:31Tough :D
00:12:36MYuksel dont baby
00:12:43MYuksel doont baby
00:12:50Tough just had lag :D
00:12:54Tough no worry :*
00:12:57MYuksel <3
00:13:30Tough your rune luck :D
00:13:32Tough no shit :D
00:13:41SoloVSaLL trent
00:13:46SoloVSaLL u make euls
00:13:48SoloVSaLL ?
00:14:06Tough <3
00:14:07Tough baby
00:14:10Tough dont hurt me
00:14:14Tough dont hurt me no more
00:14:17SoloVSaLL i feel so bad this trent cant lasthit
00:14:48Diablo twr
00:15:10karadpowaa i give up
00:15:17MYuksel k
00:15:17MYuksel leave
00:15:18MYuksel then
00:15:20karadpowaa this moron never heared of support
00:15:25karadpowaa he takes all creeps
00:15:26karadpowaa towers
00:15:32karadpowaa wont give mana
00:15:36Isdronningen stop whine baby girl
00:15:48Isdronningen i give mana to all just not you
00:16:03karadpowaa cus ur idiotic kid?
00:16:14MYuksel sec
00:16:16Isdronningen ok
00:16:25MYuksel he do good
00:16:45SoloVSaLL another fail mid
00:16:47Isdronningen det er utroligt hvor meget han græder
00:16:50MYuksel ja haha
00:17:05MYuksel gj
00:17:06Tough lol that dagger
00:17:07Isdronningen u2
00:17:09Tough trax
00:17:11Tough what was that
00:17:13Tough about mid?
00:17:15MYuksel han tager mine runes
00:17:20fUNCh well dont wonder
00:17:22MYuksel stun
00:17:26fUNCh if noone says miss nowards
00:17:28Tough we need wards
00:17:28fUNCh and he gets all runes
00:17:56SoloVSaLL stfu trax
00:17:59SoloVSaLL u just failed it
00:18:28Tough its sooo lol
00:18:28SoloVSaLL nc1 furi
00:18:45SoloVSaLL fuck u trent
00:18:46Diablo cd
00:18:48SoloVSaLL f u
00:18:57SoloVSaLL [passive farming 15 mins
00:19:02karadpowaa we should
00:19:02SoloVSaLL allwasy attcking creeps
00:19:04karadpowaa kill trax a lot
00:19:06Jerkku freekill trax top
00:19:09SoloVSaLL and u got a shit
00:19:11karadpowaa omw
00:19:15karadpowaa shes dangerous late
00:19:23MYuksel uuh
00:19:30MYuksel wards
00:19:31MYuksel guys
00:20:05Sharkok kill furion too
00:20:05Tough gj
00:20:42Jerkku this roof
00:20:44Diablo not even ty?
00:20:49Tough roof
00:20:49MYuksel its imba
00:20:51Tough really
00:20:51SoloVSaLL tp?
00:20:55Tough best player in gxc
00:20:58Tough gc no shit
00:21:05SoloVSaLL i told u he is noob
00:21:05Tough love you man
00:21:06Tough <3
00:21:11Diablo dagger es/
00:21:46101010 noob wr
00:22:44Jerkku wards would be good
00:22:47Tough they went for rosh i think
00:22:49Tough and u know
00:22:56Tough u would stop dieing
00:22:57Isdronningen they are up
00:23:02Tough if you would buy wards :D
00:23:30SoloVSaLL trax
00:23:32SoloVSaLL ur build
00:23:39SoloVSaLL is like u playing crix with basher
00:23:56fUNCh u cry like little girl
00:23:58fUNCh + you suck
00:24:08Tough team starts flame
00:24:09Tough gg
00:24:26Diablo mid gg
00:24:29Diablo funch mega fail
00:24:38SoloVSaLL u too
00:24:43Jerkku toptower
00:24:44Diablo im not
00:24:48Diablo ur the 0 5 one
00:24:56SoloVSaLL axaxxa
00:25:05SoloVSaLL pityless
00:25:32Sharkok o comon
00:25:34MYuksel hm
00:25:36Tough gj
00:25:36Sharkok fucking furion
00:25:43Diablo push twr
00:25:45SoloVSaLL ty for use meka after my death
00:25:57101010 ....
00:26:03101010 why to waste it for dead man
00:26:17MYuksel stamp
00:26:24Tough diablo
00:26:26Tough your my man
00:26:27Diablo ?
00:26:27Tough <3
00:26:27MYuksel k u win
00:26:29MYuksel i ff
00:26:30Tough :D
00:26:34MYuksel noot :D
00:26:58Diablo twr
00:27:14karadpowaa -afk
00:27:57MYuksel so fail
00:28:22MYuksel hmm gem
00:28:47SoloVSaLL furi make ur game
00:28:50SoloVSaLL go get tw
00:29:08Tough lol eza
00:29:09Tough :d
00:29:22Tough 4k gold :D
00:29:30Isdronningen nothing to do :/
00:29:33SoloVSaLL u need a mkb
00:29:37Tough first hex
00:29:39SoloVSaLL y
00:30:19Diablo who have gem?
00:30:36MYuksel me
00:30:39MYuksel gj
00:30:41karadpowaa lol u said quite late
00:30:42karadpowaa i waited
00:30:43karadpowaa there
00:30:55Diablo FURI
00:31:11MYuksel mini stun
00:31:13MYuksel u retard
00:31:15SoloVSaLL b
00:31:46karadpowaa how could u see me
00:31:56Tough LOL
00:32:07Isdronningen ÅÅ
00:32:14karadpowaa void if u dont get hardcore farm
00:32:15karadpowaa then u suck
00:32:18karadpowaa cus ur never with us
00:32:22Tough eza for win
00:32:37Isdronningen thanks thanks
00:33:22Sharkok only think you now
00:33:46Jerkku buy me gem some1
00:33:55Isdronningen i need 40 gold
00:33:58karadpowaa id if i could
00:34:07Isdronningen dont lie
00:34:38Tough sry
00:34:41101010 np
00:34:42Tough but wont make any differ
00:34:45101010 yep
00:34:57Diablo they gem?
00:35:10Jerkku gather up
00:35:14Tough care mid
00:35:14Tough pls
00:35:16Tough 2 daggers
00:35:17Tough care
00:35:40karadpowaa i can tp
00:35:54MYuksel rosh ?
00:35:59Jerkku sure
00:36:00Isdronningen omw
00:36:26MYuksel i take
00:36:27SoloVSaLL trax brain?
00:36:29Isdronningen me2
00:36:32MYuksel heh
00:36:50karadpowaa finish this?
00:36:52MYuksel ye
00:36:53MYuksel mid
00:36:53MYuksel go
00:37:00Diablo they gem?
00:37:02Tough ill kill tpo
00:37:06karadpowaa void take them in ulty
00:37:09karadpowaa then i jump in after urs
00:37:14Tough LOL
00:37:36Jerkku GEM
00:37:46Tough go FOR FURI
00:37:48Tough AND DIE
00:37:58Tough JAJAJAJA
00:37:59Tough HAHAHAHA
00:38:00Tough HAHAHA
00:38:16Tough im like 2 mins dead
00:38:19Jerkku trax gem
00:38:35MYuksel hm
00:38:42SoloVSaLL nc choise
00:39:11Tough fail :D
00:39:11Diablo dagon?
00:39:14Tough np
00:39:16Tough u need kills
00:39:22MYuksel laags
00:39:32karadpowaa we got horrible carry
00:39:32karadpowaa xd
00:39:46karadpowaa whole game u had freefarm..
00:39:50Jerkku yes ?
00:39:54karadpowaa & look ur items
00:39:59Jerkku imo they are good
00:40:06karadpowaa rofl
00:40:14MYuksel <3
00:40:21MYuksel fury
00:40:24MYuksel care
00:40:28MYuksel void bf manta
00:40:29MYuksel uuuh
00:40:44Diablo furimid?
00:40:47Tough yy
00:40:58Tough b
00:40:58karadpowaa dunno how after 38mins of freefarm he got only manta & bf
00:40:59Tough b
00:41:02karadpowaa even tho manta is pointless
00:41:13Jerkku u dont know anything
00:41:19MYuksel you
00:41:19MYuksel had
00:41:20MYuksel free farm
00:41:21MYuksel so stfu
00:41:27Jerkku so ?
00:41:30Jerkku i got good items
00:41:33karadpowaa ;DDDD
00:41:34Diablo fail wr
00:41:34Tough tzz
00:41:34MYuksel good items ?
00:41:57Sharkok ffs 4 sekkonds
00:42:17MYuksel gj
00:42:18MYuksel nob
00:42:21karadpowaa missclick
00:42:25Jerkku what can i do ?
00:42:26Tough gj both
00:42:27Tough of you
00:42:30SoloVSaLL soz furi
00:42:30Jerkku tried my best
00:42:33SoloVSaLL but u rushed
00:42:34Tough np
00:42:35Tough yy
00:42:40MYuksel not u
00:42:43MYuksel that es
00:42:45SoloVSaLL and didnt see void:D
00:42:45Jerkku dunno what the hell u blame me cus im the only one around here who can win this to us ?
00:43:01MYuksel k
00:43:04Tough dunno
00:43:06Tough what to build
00:43:08Tough vs void
00:43:09Tough manta?
00:43:10fUNCh mkb
00:43:13SoloVSaLL yy
00:43:17MYuksel get crit void
00:43:20Jerkku i will
00:43:23SoloVSaLL our trax is so idiot
00:43:27SoloVSaLL nto even str treads
00:43:29fUNCh or new basher
00:43:37karadpowaa untill he gets crit
00:43:41karadpowaa they get luxury items
00:43:45SoloVSaLL radi instead of refresh
00:43:49karadpowaa dd here
00:43:54MYuksel me
00:43:58Jerkku u wanna go bot ?
00:44:03Diablo radi cancels blink
00:44:07SoloVSaLL y
00:44:12MYuksel come
00:44:15Diablo and when im invi
00:44:16Diablo i can
00:44:21SoloVSaLL they can see u
00:44:21Diablo make es useless
00:44:22SoloVSaLL :D
00:44:22Jerkku i focus trax
00:44:31Tough b
00:44:47Tough b
00:44:47Tough b
00:44:59Tough n
00:45:52MYuksel rax
00:46:08karadpowaa hes pushing
00:46:09karadpowaa bot
00:46:09karadpowaa def it
00:46:15MYuksel dead
00:46:48Tough this time
00:46:50SoloVSaLL yy
00:47:02Diablo go?
00:47:05SoloVSaLL y
00:47:07karadpowaa Rosh re
00:47:13Tough trax or someone take
00:47:13MYuksel they go rosh
00:47:13SoloVSaLL one top
00:47:13SoloVSaLL shop
00:47:13101010 void at shop
00:47:13SoloVSaLL see?
00:47:13101010 coming
00:47:13fUNCh i got full inventory
00:47:13Tough its void
00:47:13fUNCh + ur discovered
00:47:13SoloVSaLL same
00:47:13Diablo kill?
00:47:13Tough im fulled
00:47:15SoloVSaLL m2
00:47:18fUNCh roof
00:47:44karadpowaa I lagged hardcore..
00:47:45SoloVSaLL useless suports
00:47:51Sharkok only you
00:48:05Diablo ROSH
00:48:05karadpowaa -afk
00:48:10karadpowaa eza afk 3mins
00:48:11fUNCh roof take
00:48:14MYuksel -afk
00:48:15Diablo and trax noob
00:48:17101010 i take
00:48:17Tough visage
00:48:18Jerkku get ghost or blademails
00:48:26Diablo trax why run?
00:48:56karadpowaa u had laggscreen from me?
00:48:59karadpowaa dunno how i came to them
00:49:03karadpowaa it was suicide
00:49:05Isdronningen lets go end
00:49:14Jerkku some1 buy me salve?
00:49:19Jerkku i get my buriza
00:49:22101010 letme
00:49:25karadpowaa done
00:49:25Isdronningen here
00:49:27Diablo we just need farmed trax and gg
00:49:27Jerkku ty
00:49:35karadpowaa it's easy
00:49:40karadpowaa void ulty/eza wave/me ulty
00:49:58Diablo cmon some tp
00:50:00Jerkku we need those towers
00:50:02Tough b
00:50:03Tough b
00:50:03SoloVSaLL b
00:50:16MYuksel b
00:50:28Diablo furi get necrobook
00:50:45Isdronningen rosh
00:50:51karadpowaa they took it
00:50:52Sharkok oho trax
00:50:52Isdronningen dead
00:50:53karadpowaa lmao
00:51:16Isdronningen just push now
00:51:18Diablo ezsa
00:51:19Diablo furi
00:51:19karadpowaa trax got insane dmg
00:51:22karadpowaa we cant let her hit us
00:52:35MYuksel i come back with mana
00:52:58MYuksel gogo void
00:53:02MYuksel the only guy who ccan win it for us
00:53:03MYuksel <3
00:53:09MYuksel lol
00:53:29karadpowaa rofl
00:53:34fUNCh n1
00:53:37Diablo kinda owned
00:53:44Jerkku it was 2v4
00:53:49Diablo still
00:53:51Jerkku u sau its owned
00:53:54Jerkku say*
00:54:04MYuksel w8
00:54:06karadpowaa 400dmg
00:54:13Jerkku well i can easily kill trax alone
00:54:28fUNCh kotl inc top from river
00:54:30Isdronningen gj
00:54:33Jerkku :D
00:54:57Jerkku some1 buy me gem and go ?
00:54:59101010 fuck you wr
00:55:40Tough gem on vouid
00:55:48Diablo nice
00:55:52Tough trax
00:55:52Diablo try top
00:55:52karadpowaa focus trax
00:55:54karadpowaa with all force
00:55:55SoloVSaLL just b all
00:55:57Jerkku i will
00:56:00Tough go manta
00:56:00SoloVSaLL def base wait the dead
00:56:07SoloVSaLL b
00:56:19fUNCh asdf :D
00:56:25fUNCh was 200g short from manta
00:56:29fUNCh was hoping they stayed top
00:56:30fUNCh -.-
00:56:55MYuksel 200 str
00:57:05Sharkok fucking misses
00:57:14karadpowaa bb void
00:57:21karadpowaa gem
00:57:24fUNCh kill gem
00:57:24Sharkok void need lifesteal
00:57:28karadpowaa void need
00:57:31karadpowaa to stop going alone
00:57:35SoloVSaLL b cent comes
00:57:41SoloVSaLL so obvius
00:57:49Jerkku just rax
00:58:06SoloVSaLL fat boy
00:58:20karadpowaa b
00:58:31Tough ah visage
00:58:31MYuksel thx
00:58:32MYuksel es
00:58:32Tough good boy
00:58:34Tough and hex
00:58:35karadpowaa was oom
00:58:36karadpowaa totally
00:58:45Jerkku rosh up
00:59:03Tough well
00:59:05Tough long game
00:59:07karadpowaa just stop
00:59:07Tough wanted to fap
00:59:08karadpowaa doing solo
00:59:09karadpowaa void
00:59:11karadpowaa go gather
00:59:13karadpowaa with all 5
00:59:17karadpowaa dunno what u guys do
00:59:18karadpowaa 2on5
00:59:27Jerkku ult husk
00:59:45karadpowaa now go top?
00:59:54MYuksel fucking 56 min game
00:59:55SoloVSaLL guins here
00:59:55MYuksel suck me
01:00:00MYuksel .............
01:00:01MYuksel Boring
01:00:04Jerkku some1 got dust ?
01:00:08SoloVSaLL wwe got 3 guinso
01:00:14SoloVSaLL use proper give us win
01:00:18SoloVSaLL let it fall?
01:00:20karadpowaa cvent
01:00:23karadpowaa bought u salves
01:00:24karadpowaa for travels
01:00:26Tough yy
01:00:27karadpowaa nvm
01:00:29Tough need 5 sec
01:00:34SoloVSaLL he is top
01:00:35SoloVSaLL gogo
01:00:41SoloVSaLL fools
01:00:42SoloVSaLL 5v4
01:01:00Jerkku ROFL
01:01:11karadpowaa furi chased me
01:01:17Diablo TOP
01:01:29Jerkku centaur
01:01:29Sharkok ur tank wasent there
01:01:35Jerkku u know u can take rax top
01:01:36Jerkku alone
01:01:44SoloVSaLL again no fucking meka
01:01:58MYuksel hm
01:02:39Tough any1 got slots?
01:02:47karadpowaa gather now?..
01:02:50fUNCh tp slot
01:03:02karadpowaa i kill him
01:03:05Jerkku no dust
01:03:08MYuksel huh
01:03:12Tough that
01:03:13Tough was hard
01:03:25karadpowaa go now
01:03:30karadpowaa hes dead for 80 secs
01:03:31Tough illu
01:03:33Tough chill out
01:03:37karadpowaa Team?
01:03:51fUNCh mkb + crit wont stack ?
01:03:53karadpowaa eza port bot & port void to us
01:03:53fUNCh havent had any
01:04:05MYuksel bye
01:04:05Tough god trax
01:04:05karadpowaa i stunned her
01:04:05MYuksel trax
01:04:16Diablo OWNED
01:04:20Sharkok ;p
01:04:21karadpowaa PORt void
01:04:45101010 -afk
01:04:46karadpowaa cd ulty
01:04:47karadpowaa 5secs
01:04:52karadpowaa rdy
01:05:12Jerkku OWWW
01:05:15Tough THAT LUCK
01:05:21karadpowaa GOGOGO
01:05:27101010 -afk
01:05:32Diablo 1 goes
01:05:32Tough diablo
01:05:32Diablo ?
01:05:32Tough take her hex
01:05:32101010 wr left
01:05:32MYuksel husk
01:05:32Jerkku imo eza
01:05:32Sharkok k i
01:05:32Diablo ok
01:05:32Diablo i take
01:05:32MYuksel huskar leave
01:05:32Tough visage
01:05:32Sharkok i go
01:05:32Tough can u take force?
01:05:32Sharkok i go
01:05:32karadpowaa cu
01:05:32Tough or full?
01:05:32Diablo do it now?
01:05:35101010 no space if gonna get tp
01:05:47Jerkku i get lifesteal
01:05:49Jerkku ?
01:05:53MYuksel take all
01:05:55Tough b
01:05:56Tough b
01:06:00MYuksel agha
01:06:00MYuksel imo
01:06:01Tough then get to
01:06:02Tough tp
01:06:06MYuksel take agha for ur self
01:06:29karadpowaa cent is ur ulty upgradable?
01:06:32Jerkku HMM
01:06:36Tough rosh re?
01:06:42Diablo mby
01:06:52Diablo \we need smart moves now
01:06:56Jerkku i save buyout
01:06:56karadpowaa let's end
01:06:57Diablo go all invi
01:06:58Jerkku go now
01:07:06Tough 3 hots :D
01:07:10MYuksel for u
01:07:11Tough dont fucos ten
01:07:12Tough cent
01:07:20Diablo deff
01:07:23fUNCh need naix
01:07:23fUNCh :D
01:07:26Tough :D
01:07:51Jerkku what the hell
01:08:10karadpowaa void?
01:08:30karadpowaa top rax
01:08:31MYuksel i got full hp in secs
01:08:37Tough well gg^^
01:08:38Tough I surrender! [1/4 of Sentinel]
01:08:40Diablo I surrender! [2/4 of Sentinel]
01:08:48Tough go ff guys^^
01:08:48101010 I surrender! [3/4 of Sentinel]
01:08:48Tough well played
01:08:48Tough but pics
01:08:48Tough won
01:08:48Jerkku cmoon
01:09:10fUNCh I surrender! [4/4 of Sentinel]
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