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-31 X
-1 TS

96% | 1773 X | 1492 TS

-23 X
-1 TS

83% | 1573 X | 1387 TS

-60 X
+0 TS

80% | 1498 X | 1403 TS

-36 X
-1 TS

71% | 1448 X | 1335 TS

-8 X
-1 TS

66% | 1393 X | 1319 TS

+59 X
+1 TS

100% | 2010 X | 1682 TS

+39 X
+0 TS

95% | 1797 X | 1437 TS

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+0 TS

81% | 1480 X | 1444 TS

+9 X
+1 TS

60% | 1280 X | 1375 TS

+38 X
+15 TS

NEW | 1055 X | 1077 TS

Chat log

00:00:00Xeros [DotA-GC] ... and the wooden PC award goes to *drum roll* ... mby_next_time with 181 seconds.
00:00:06fUNCh wtf sd again
00:00:07Tough techies bone tiny
00:00:08Jerkku attro cent riki
00:00:09mby_next_time []
00:00:09Gummi_Gert am, sd, schredder
00:00:11objasnjavati rastha panda brood
00:00:11mby_next_time []VISAGE ROOF SF
00:00:11mby_next_time WANT TECHIE
00:00:11fUNCh ds/omni/spec
00:00:11Affliction qop ns dusa
00:00:11FirstBlood naga maguns, magnus
00:00:11fUNCh mby_next_time
00:00:11Jerkku NO TECHIES
00:00:11fUNCh dont
00:00:11fUNCh plz
00:00:11mby_next_time blue
00:00:11Jerkku ruins game
00:00:11Gummi_Gert AM, SD, Schredder
00:00:11fUNCh lets win
00:00:11mby_next_time seriously
00:00:11Xeros ogre gondar tauren
00:00:11mby_next_time gimme techie
00:00:11mby_next_time i know how to play it
00:00:11fUNCh gummy
00:00:11fUNCh give am D?
00:00:11Firelord0.1 wl abba nerub
00:00:11Affliction 2 x magnus ?
00:00:11fUNCh i give you omni
00:00:11mby_next_time tough
00:00:11Tough y?
00:00:11mby_next_time want to give me techie?
00:00:11FirstBlood magus= rubic
00:00:11Affliction i want WL
00:00:11Gummi_Gert tough what u want?
00:00:11Tough y
00:00:11mby_next_time seriously
00:00:11mby_next_time sf roof visage
00:00:11Tough I WANT SLARK
00:00:11Affliction ok
00:00:11objasnjavati give me rubick
00:00:11Firelord0.1 what u got
00:00:11Gummi_Gert want am ?
00:00:11Jerkku ok its gg with techies
00:00:11Xeros swap anybody for ogre?
00:00:11mby_next_time i give you sf
00:00:11Affliction qop ns dusa
00:00:11Gummi_Gert or i play sd
00:00:11mby_next_time i get techie
00:00:11Firelord0.1 i can ogre
00:00:11Gummi_Gert maybe
00:00:11objasnjavati i want rubick
00:00:11Tough nah
00:00:11mby_next_time and win it for you
00:00:11Tough i hate sf :D
00:00:11Tough give me am
00:00:11mby_next_time roof?
00:00:11Xeros ok
00:00:11mby_next_time come on dudes
00:00:11Gummi_Gert what uhave?
00:00:11Xeros for what?
00:00:11mby_next_time i will pick some shit and suck with it prolly
00:00:11Gummi_Gert i can tiny maybe ?
00:00:11fUNCh mby
00:00:11Tough techie bone tiny
00:00:11Firelord0.1 ask affli
00:00:11mby_next_time cause i want techie badlyt
00:00:11fUNCh dont
00:00:11mby_next_time dude
00:00:11Gummi_Gert what u got mby ?
00:00:11Firelord0.1 i wap with him
00:00:11Firelord0.1 s
00:00:11objasnjavati first blood
00:00:11objasnjavati ?
00:00:11mby_next_time roof visage sf
00:00:11Firelord0.1 he gets wl
00:00:11Affliction qop ns dusa
00:00:11Gummi_Gert get me roof then ?
00:00:11Tough kk
00:00:11mby_next_time for techie?
00:00:11mby_next_time k
00:00:11Gummi_Gert then u can have techie and tough am
00:00:11objasnjavati what i pick rastha panda brood
00:00:11mby_next_time kk
00:00:11Tough thx <3
00:00:11mby_next_time go
00:00:11Gummi_Gert ok
00:00:11Gummi_Gert :)
00:00:16mby_next_time -swap 5
00:00:18Gummi_Gert -swap 1
00:00:18FirstBlood rhasta or panda
00:00:19Tough -swap 5
00:00:20mby_next_time -swap 1
00:00:23mby_next_time -swap 5
00:00:23Gummi_Gert -swap 2
00:00:23fUNCh yerkku what you got ?
00:00:23Firelord0.1 xeros qop ns or
00:00:23objasnjavati i want rubick'
00:00:23mby_next_time i go bot lane
00:00:23Jerkku attro cent riki
00:00:23Firelord0.1 dusa
00:00:23Affliction xeros you want qop ns dusa ?
00:00:23Firelord0.1 say
00:00:23Gummi_Gert attro nice
00:00:23fUNCh ds/omni/spec
00:00:23fUNCh want ? swap
00:00:23Tough WTTTTTTTTTF
00:00:23Gummi_Gert and omni
00:00:23Tough SPEC
00:00:23Gummi_Gert or ds
00:00:23Tough <,<,<,<
00:00:23Tough funch
00:00:23mby_next_time get atro and omni
00:00:23Tough why so slow?
00:00:23Affliction -.-
00:00:23Jerkku hmmm no i hate these all
00:00:23Jerkku :D
00:00:23Jerkku i guess i cent
00:00:23Affliction his afk ?
00:00:23Affliction or ?
00:00:23fUNCh told 3 times i got spec tough
00:00:23Jerkku or somethinggg
00:00:23Tough oh
00:00:23mby_next_time he did.
00:00:23Tough my fault
00:00:23Xeros qop
00:00:23Firelord0.1 no answer
00:00:23mby_next_time :P
00:00:23Affliction -water 0 0 0
00:00:23Tough xD
00:00:23Affliction -ii
00:00:23Firelord0.1 ah
00:00:23Gummi_Gert hmm
00:00:23Affliction -don
00:00:23Firelord0.1 k
00:00:23Xeros pls
00:00:23Tough fuck that shit
00:00:23Affliction kk
00:00:23FirstBlood i will play naga
00:00:23Jerkku its lost anyways
00:00:23Tough spec auto win
00:00:23FirstBlood against magina
00:00:23Gummi_Gert they got walock. we need a diffusal
00:00:23mby_next_time dudes
00:00:23Jerkku so pick whatever u want
00:00:23objasnjavati panda me
00:00:23mby_next_time seriously fucking stop crying
00:00:23mby_next_time about my techie
00:00:23Gummi_Gert get Attro and Omni
00:00:23Gummi_Gert its nice
00:00:23Affliction also good vs techie
00:00:23FirstBlood rhasta will be better
00:00:23mby_next_time l[]ook how i play and then you can flame me
00:00:23objasnjavati u think
00:00:23Tough im on toilet
00:00:23FirstBlood we need disables
00:00:23mby_next_time not before
00:00:23Tough one min
00:00:23Jerkku well
00:00:23Tough make pause pls if im not re at 30
00:00:23FirstBlood o
00:00:23objasnjavati ok np
00:00:23Jerkku if they got wl
00:00:23FirstBlood ok
00:00:23FirstBlood thats true
00:00:23fUNCh jerkku what would be ur first pick :D?
00:00:23Jerkku should i diffuriki
00:00:23FirstBlood go?
00:00:23Firelord0.1 go
00:00:23FirstBlood go?
00:00:23Gummi_Gert its stupid
00:00:23Jerkku DONT KNOW :D
00:00:23Gummi_Gert omni
00:00:23objasnjavati but panda stuns
00:00:23Jerkku these all sucks
00:00:23Gummi_Gert attro
00:00:23Jerkku XD
00:00:29Affliction -swap
00:00:30Firelord0.1 -swap 4
00:00:33Affliction -swap 3
00:00:34fUNCh riki not so bad
00:00:35fUNCh against them
00:00:35Firelord0.1 -swap 2
00:00:36Xeros -swap 3
00:00:41fUNCh would like riki myself too
00:00:42fUNCh :D
00:00:42mby_next_time better spec
00:00:45mby_next_time spec best
00:00:50mby_next_time vs em
00:00:52FirstBlood me top
00:00:53fUNCh dont have lanes for spec
00:00:56Jerkku nah i cent
00:00:59Xeros me bot
00:01:01fUNCh tough
00:01:02Xeros lock mid:
00:01:03fUNCh want spec
00:01:03Xeros ?
00:01:04fUNCh give am ?
00:01:06Tough no^^
00:01:11Affliction i suck @ midt
00:01:12Gummi_Gert attro
00:01:14Affliction can try
00:01:17Firelord0.1 we got notthing for am
00:01:20Gummi_Gert omni
00:01:21FirstBlood im
00:01:23FirstBlood against am
00:01:24Jerkku mby!!!
00:01:25mby_next_time g[]o bane
00:01:26Firelord0.1 lock isnt good for am
00:01:30mby_next_time what's up
00:01:31Jerkku u shouldve but them to pullplace
00:01:33Jerkku hope thats good
00:01:33fUNCh i dont have bane
00:01:33mby_next_time dude seriously
00:01:33Gummi_Gert damn team they have
00:01:33mby_next_time i played
00:01:33mby_next_time already
00:01:33mby_next_time 3 k
00:01:33Firelord0.1 maybe qop mid ?
00:01:33mby_next_time of games
00:01:33mby_next_time with techies
00:01:33mby_next_time i trained it for 3 years
00:01:33FirstBlood i want to say you something
00:01:33fUNCh mbynexttime
00:01:33Gummi_Gert i hope u win it for us then!
00:01:33mby_next_time seriously dont try to teach me
00:01:33Gummi_Gert hahah
00:01:33Xeros no lock is better?
00:01:33fUNCh you didnt play 3k games in gc
00:01:33FirstBlood i have to farm a lot
00:01:33fUNCh they will just gem
00:01:33fUNCh and gg
00:01:33mby_next_time []not on gc
00:01:33mby_next_time dude
00:01:33mby_next_time force staff
00:01:33Affliction seen a replay where WL goes stats and Bonds vs AM midt
00:01:33mby_next_time and gg
00:01:33fUNCh specially when they got fb and xeros
00:01:33Jerkku ye just saying
00:01:33Jerkku not teaching
00:01:33Gummi_Gert let him play
00:01:33Jerkku that place can be good
00:01:33Tough come on dudes
00:01:33Gummi_Gert get Omni
00:01:33mby_next_time just let me play it
00:01:33Gummi_Gert or attro
00:01:33mby_next_time flame me after
00:01:33Tough :D
00:01:33mby_next_time -hhn
00:01:33Affliction i can try it :/
00:01:33mby_next_time -don
00:01:34Tough wise words
00:01:34mby_next_time -water red
00:01:34fUNCh dont have atro
00:01:35mby_next_time -clear
00:01:37Xeros you want go top:
00:01:37Affliction but wont kill him
00:01:38Xeros ?
00:01:38Gummi_Gert get omni
00:01:39Gummi_Gert then
00:01:39Firelord0.1 if u harrs him hard
00:01:40Gummi_Gert its imba
00:01:42Firelord0.1 at begin
00:01:43mby_next_time share courier
00:01:45Gummi_Gert gj
00:01:46Firelord0.1 that he dont get farm
00:01:53fUNCh Omni so boorin
00:01:56Firelord0.1 for ring or vanuard
00:01:58fUNCh have played it so much
00:02:05fUNCh i'll go my default omni build
00:02:14mby_next_time radi? :D
00:02:16fUNCh lothar
00:02:17Gummi_Gert meka
00:02:18Gummi_Gert please
00:02:29mby_next_time is there any hero you dont go for lothar
00:02:47Gummi_Gert well
00:02:55Tough k gg
00:02:57Firelord0.1 techi bot :D
00:03:26Gummi_Gert gj
00:03:28mby_next_time yes wp me
00:03:31Firelord0.1 okay
00:03:35Firelord0.1 taht was bad
00:03:37objasnjavati fuck techies
00:03:43Firelord0.1 setriii
00:03:47Firelord0.1 and he cant do shit
00:03:51objasnjavati k
00:03:53Xeros ss
00:03:59objasnjavati ss
00:04:52Firelord0.1 2 ss
00:05:00Gummi_Gert wyhyyy
00:05:06objasnjavati put
00:05:16Firelord0.1 i dont think
00:05:20Firelord0.1 there are mines
00:05:27objasnjavati i think
00:05:37fUNCh 3min treads
00:05:55Xeros ss
00:05:57objasnjavati its better to know
00:06:05Firelord0.1 techi
00:06:07Firelord0.1 roaming
00:06:21Jerkku just stay b
00:06:22Tough tjat ghame
00:06:44fUNCh repel so useless
00:07:22Jerkku dont heal
00:07:23Jerkku :D
00:07:36Affliction ss
00:07:38Tough :D
00:07:42mby_next_time so fun
00:07:47fUNCh wanted qop to come closed
00:07:48fUNCh closer
00:08:12Affliction stil ss
00:08:14Affliction AM
00:08:23Gummi_Gert ss
00:08:32Gummi_Gert re
00:09:43Jerkku sad thing is no one is ganking them :D
00:09:47Jerkku let them push base
00:10:40Gummi_Gert GG
00:10:41Gummi_Gert FF
00:10:49Gummi_Gert why the hell are u so fat?
00:10:59FirstBlood kill per one min
00:11:01Gummi_Gert Hillarius
00:11:08Gummi_Gert its just ff
00:11:18FirstBlood :D
00:11:34objasnjavati i hate techies
00:12:04Gummi_Gert srsly
00:12:10Gummi_Gert this is ff
00:12:28Affliction mines
00:12:52mby_next_time kk
00:13:05Jerkku 'roof want ban ?
00:13:13Gummi_Gert im farming man
00:13:21Jerkku u took my creeps
00:13:24Jerkku its bannable
00:13:32Tough 4 woods :D
00:13:41Gummi_Gert y well
00:13:42Firelord0.1 4 ss
00:14:19Xeros go techi
00:14:19objasnjavati -rol
00:14:19objasnjavati -roll
00:14:19Gummi_Gert wow.. 0 - 8 :)
00:14:19objasnjavati -rickroll
00:14:19Tough oh god :D
00:14:19Tough funch
00:14:19objasnjavati -roll
00:14:19Tough :D
00:14:19objasnjavati -rickroll
00:14:19objasnjavati \
00:14:19objasnjavati -roll
00:14:19objasnjavati -rickroll
00:14:19objasnjavati -roll
00:14:19Gummi_Gert thats a sure lose then :D
00:14:19Jerkku I WANT TO BALANCE
00:14:19objasnjavati -roll
00:14:19Jerkku PLS
00:14:19objasnjavati -rickroll
00:14:19fUNCh well
00:14:19Gummi_Gert srsly no
00:14:19Gummi_Gert NO
00:14:19objasnjavati -roll
00:14:19fUNCh should sent some1 else top then
00:14:19fUNCh dunno why such lanes
00:14:19objasnjavati -rickroll
00:14:19objasnjavati -roll
00:14:19fUNCh tho y
00:14:19objasnjavati -rll
00:14:19fUNCh 4 melee rocks
00:14:19objasnjavati -roll
00:14:19objasnjavati -rickroll
00:14:19Jerkku pls
00:14:19Jerkku let me
00:14:19Jerkku balance
00:14:19Jerkku >:(
00:14:19Gummi_Gert well
00:14:19Gummi_Gert it is 50 50 anyway
00:14:19objasnjavati -roll
00:14:19objasnjavati -rickroll
00:14:19objasnjavati -roll
00:14:19Gummi_Gert cent u can drop after then its rmk
00:14:19fUNCh was kinda useless to pick omni vs naga
00:14:19mby_next_time as i said
00:14:19mby_next_time bane
00:14:19mby_next_time pick
00:14:19Jerkku no
00:14:19Jerkku its
00:14:19Jerkku not
00:14:19Jerkku u play 4v4
00:14:19fUNCh didnt had bane
00:14:19fUNCh jerkku had bane
00:14:19mby_next_time ah
00:14:19Jerkku well bane
00:14:19Jerkku is like
00:14:19Jerkku most booring
00:14:19objasnjavati -roll
00:14:19Jerkku hero
00:14:19Gummi_Gert better
00:14:19Jerkku in game
00:14:19mby_next_time lol
00:14:19mby_next_time noe\
00:14:19objasnjavati -rickroll
00:14:19Jerkku after lycan
00:14:19fUNCh jerkku
00:14:19Jerkku and other
00:14:19fUNCh omni is not ?
00:14:19Jerkku stuff
00:14:19objasnjavati do we drop him
00:14:19objasnjavati or
00:14:19objasnjavati ?
00:14:19mby_next_time lol
00:14:19mby_next_time omni bane
00:14:19mby_next_time i love omni
00:14:19FirstBlood we have to
00:14:19mby_next_time and like bane
00:14:19fUNCh its not about booring
00:14:19FirstBlood guys
00:14:19FirstBlood buy gem
00:14:19fUNCh its about able to win the game -..-
00:14:21FirstBlood i can carry it
00:14:23Jerkku LOL
00:14:23fUNCh go bnet if want some random fun
00:14:28Jerkku -clear
00:14:48objasnjavati i will buy gem
00:14:51FirstBlood k
00:14:51Xeros balance?
00:14:51Tough OH
00:14:51Jerkku MEEE
00:14:51Jerkku MEE
00:14:51Tough no
00:14:51Xeros techis!!
00:14:51Gummi_Gert HAHAH
00:14:51Jerkku MEEEEE
00:14:51Tough no
00:14:51mby_next_time []i can go
00:14:51mby_next_time idc
00:14:51Tough hmm
00:14:51Gummi_Gert lol
00:14:51Tough well idc
00:14:51Gummi_Gert team dont want to play :D how come ????
00:14:51Tough who leaves first
00:14:51mby_next_time so say it
00:14:51Gummi_Gert roll
00:14:51Jerkku I GO TY
00:14:51Tough go leave who want
00:14:51Jerkku kk
00:14:51Xeros HAHA
00:15:05objasnjavati here u are gem naga
00:15:10FirstBlood k
00:15:14FirstBlood qop will take it
00:15:21objasnjavati i coome mid
00:15:24Xeros give me gem pls rhasta
00:15:31Xeros thx
00:15:34objasnjavati np
00:15:51mby_next_time pause for secund pls
00:15:56Gummi_Gert WE CAN WIN THIS
00:15:56Gummi_Gert COME ON
00:15:56Xeros gogo
00:15:56Tough well
00:15:56Tough 7/13
00:15:56Tough team stats
00:15:56Xeros Gogo mid all ok?
00:15:56Tough techi 5/2/2
00:15:56Gummi_Gert yeah but only techies
00:15:56Tough D
00:15:56Tough best man here
00:15:56Gummi_Gert would be nice with one more leave :D
00:15:56Gummi_Gert then its canceled
00:15:56fUNCh go plug
00:15:56fUNCh i wont request ban
00:15:56Gummi_Gert i should not
00:15:56Gummi_Gert not my fault this game
00:15:56mby_next_time kl
00:15:56mby_next_time re
00:15:56mby_next_time thx
00:16:14mby_next_time gem qop
00:16:28fUNCh told it willl happen
00:16:31mby_next_time well
00:16:34mby_next_time if dno feesd
00:16:45mby_next_time i would have
00:16:46mby_next_time force
00:16:51mby_next_time but now i mnot prepared
00:16:52Gummi_Gert FF
00:17:02Firelord0.1 -st
00:17:04Gummi_Gert this is insane feed
00:17:07Gummi_Gert plug omni
00:17:21Gummi_Gert u rly lost this game
00:18:04FirstBlood b
00:18:15fUNCh if youd been top
00:18:19fUNCh you would feeded even more
00:18:20Firelord0.1 shit was afk
00:20:19Gummi_Gert fuck u cunt
00:20:24Gummi_Gert omni u bad fucker
00:20:27Gummi_Gert FF
00:20:28Gummi_Gert FF
00:20:28Gummi_Gert FF
00:20:28Gummi_Gert F
00:20:28Gummi_Gert F
00:20:29Gummi_Gert F
00:20:29Gummi_Gert F
00:20:29Gummi_Gert F
00:20:36mby_next_time stop crying
00:20:39Gummi_Gert suck me
00:20:48Gummi_Gert only newbs
00:20:53objasnjavati -roll
00:21:50FirstBlood b
00:22:29objasnjavati rosh
00:22:32FirstBlood need 3 g
00:22:36FirstBlood 300
00:22:36FirstBlood g
00:22:47Gummi_Gert rly
00:22:51Gummi_Gert ff
00:23:02FirstBlood sec
00:23:02Gummi_Gert end ffs
00:23:03Gummi_Gert newbs
00:23:11fUNCh -ms
00:23:18objasnjavati do i ulty
00:23:21Firelord0.1 is it right
00:23:30Firelord0.1 vail + dragon = dagon 5
00:24:03FirstBlood go all
00:24:11objasnjavati im low
00:24:37Firelord0.1 we cant
00:24:39Firelord0.1 3v5
00:24:42FirstBlood we will w8
00:24:42Xeros ss
00:24:44FirstBlood come bot
00:24:45FirstBlood all
00:24:46FirstBlood pls
00:24:53objasnjavati i come
00:25:27Firelord0.1 forgestaff-.-
00:25:56Gummi_Gert HAHA
00:26:24objasnjavati i come
00:26:25objasnjavati tooo
00:27:03Gummi_Gert well
00:27:06objasnjavati top tower
00:27:08Tough I surrender! [1/4 of Sentinel]
00:27:08mby_next_time I surrender! [2/4 of Sentinel]
00:27:11mby_next_time nice job top there
00:27:29Gummi_Gert HAHA
00:27:30Gummi_Gert newb
00:27:35fUNCh you would same shit game in top
00:27:36Xeros D
00:27:36Gummi_Gert only thing i wanted
00:27:38Gummi_Gert :
00:27:39Gummi_Gert :P
00:27:58Gummi_Gert welll. never let firstblod play naga ?
00:27:58objasnjavati top towe
00:28:02Gummi_Gert is that the Quote?
00:29:07Gummi_Gert AND END
00:29:08fUNCh I surrender! [3/4 of Sentinel]
00:29:08Gummi_Gert NEWBS
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