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94% | 1673 X | 1495 TS

-37 X
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86% | 1604 X | 1412 TS

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+15 TS

85% | 1645 X | 1357 TS

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+1 TS

66% | 1386 X | 1340 TS

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57% | 1252 X | 1362 TS

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94% | 1747 X | 1469 TS

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81% | 1546 X | 1392 TS

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-2 TS

78% | 1480 X | 1412 TS

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70% | 1434 X | 1381 TS

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-2 TS

60% | 1272 X | 1382 TS

Chat log

00:00:00vutten [DotA-GC] ... and the wooden PC award goes to *drum roll* ... AliBaba with 160 seconds.
00:00:16mby_next_time ban wisp
00:00:19VaginaPingvina lets do it
00:00:19mby_next_time if you dont want to play vs it
00:00:20mby_next_time ali will pick it for sure
00:00:20VaginaPingvina my biend godlike
00:00:20Skinkemaden and i will ?
00:00:20VaginaPingvina storm for me
00:00:20WANKmaster its for me
00:00:20Skinkemaden wyrm
00:00:20Skinkemaden wyrm
00:00:20WANKmaster sry bro
00:00:20mby_next_time wyrm sucks
00:00:20mby_next_time -.-
00:00:20VaginaPingvina ok =\
00:00:20Skinkemaden nope
00:00:20AliBaba pick me wisp ?
00:00:20WANKmaster bs
00:00:20Skinkemaden 5 man stun
00:00:40WANKmaster go some carry
00:00:45WANKmaster vagina
00:00:48VaginaPingvina ok me slark
00:00:49Idx havent played this shit in ages
00:01:10Skinkemaden vi går top
00:01:11Skinkemaden zul
00:01:14VaginaPingvina bitch
00:01:20mby_next_time ofc
00:01:23WANKmaster void
00:01:24WANKmaster or
00:01:26mby_next_time me mid?
00:01:27WANKmaster jugger
00:01:29WANKmaster kunkka
00:01:32slc2 i mid
00:01:35mby_next_time well nope
00:01:47Idx cent forest?
00:01:49WANKmaster get cm
00:01:50WANKmaster last
00:01:52mby_next_time skinen me or potm mid?
00:01:53AliBaba no
00:01:55WANKmaster need range
00:01:57Skinkemaden roll
00:01:58Skinkemaden i dont care
00:02:02WANKmaster cm needed
00:02:04mby_next_time roll bigger means i go
00:02:05Skinkemaden just go bot
00:02:07vutten y i have no fucking choice but to take cm
00:02:07Idx wisp is gonna go wild with slark
00:02:10mby_next_time balh w/e
00:02:12mby_next_time let's lose it
00:02:14Skinkemaden k
00:02:15mby_next_time he dies to wanky mid
00:02:18Idx got that right
00:02:20Skinkemaden thats the same as last game
00:02:23AliBaba he just picked because he know i want it..
00:02:23WANKmaster void with cm bot
00:02:24WANKmaster i guess
00:02:29AliBaba he sit right next to me..
00:02:32slc2 grønland!
00:02:36slc2 min dota kompagnon
00:02:37mby_next_time -hhn
00:02:38mby_next_time -don
00:02:39mby_next_time -water red
00:02:39mby_next_time -clear
00:02:41WANKmaster cm bot
00:02:41Affliction hola
00:02:44vutten yy
00:02:44mby_next_time gl freefarm mid wanky
00:02:45Affliction -water 0 0 0
00:02:45Affliction -ii
00:02:46Affliction -don
00:02:47Affliction -hhn
00:02:54slc2 pablo
00:03:00slc2 dont be so mean
00:03:05slc2 be happy
00:03:14Idx gonna be hard to hook those guys
00:03:17Affliction -ma
00:03:20Skinkemaden miaden
00:03:21Skinkemaden =
00:03:22Skinkemaden go
00:03:23VaginaPingvina ofc
00:03:27VaginaPingvina second pick pudge
00:03:29VaginaPingvina feil
00:03:35mby_next_time \ss 2
00:03:42VaginaPingvina gj cm
00:04:21Idx go wisp?
00:04:24AliBaba y
00:04:35VaginaPingvina CM
00:04:36VaginaPingvina FU
00:04:39VaginaPingvina where
00:04:40VaginaPingvina u
00:04:57mby_next_time you want to take all lasthits?
00:05:02VaginaPingvina cm
00:05:09VaginaPingvina CM TP
00:05:09vutten sry
00:05:11VaginaPingvina BITCH
00:05:32Skinkemaden næste gang bare go willey
00:05:54slc2 ss goin bot
00:06:08mby_next_time b ret
00:07:01mby_next_time ss cm
00:07:07Affliction rune
00:07:11Skinkemaden bare go
00:07:40Skinkemaden hop
00:07:41Skinkemaden og
00:07:42Skinkemaden c
00:07:49slc2 ss
00:07:51slc2 goin top
00:08:10AliBaba .D
00:08:59mby_next_time kill him
00:09:06Idx haste again
00:09:07Idx top
00:09:09Idx want it?
00:09:11WANKmaster y
00:09:17Affliction cm
00:09:42WANKmaster ss
00:09:49VaginaPingvina tp
00:09:50VaginaPingvina storm
00:09:51VaginaPingvina gfast
00:09:52VaginaPingvina come
00:09:55VaginaPingvina with haste
00:09:56VaginaPingvina gang
00:09:56VaginaPingvina 4
00:11:39Affliction 3
00:12:08mby_next_time come bot anyone?
00:12:54VaginaPingvina storm with arcane
00:12:54VaginaPingvina lol
00:12:58VaginaPingvina u low bro
00:13:25slc2 ss mid
00:13:39Idx kinda blew it
00:13:41Idx sry
00:14:52slc2 slc2 = wanky freefarm my ass pablo
00:19:04VaginaPingvina let me top
00:19:21AliBaba tha bnjs¨'
00:19:22AliBaba fucking
00:19:23AliBaba boob
00:19:24AliBaba noob
00:19:35VaginaPingvina no wards
00:19:38AliBaba waht
00:19:39VaginaPingvina its not my feil
00:19:45AliBaba that ulti ?
00:19:49VaginaPingvina yes
00:19:53AliBaba joke
00:19:57VaginaPingvina ok me farm
00:20:09VaginaPingvina just this low storm
00:20:18WANKmaster wtf are u talking about ? :D:D:
00:20:22VaginaPingvina bro
00:20:25VaginaPingvina ypour storm
00:20:26VaginaPingvina low
00:20:27VaginaPingvina rly
00:20:30WANKmaster sure thing
00:20:31WANKmaster ok
00:20:36VaginaPingvina just let me storm
00:20:39VaginaPingvina and watch
00:20:55Skinkemaden arrow
00:21:01Skinkemaden :D
00:21:20Affliction hurtigt
00:21:25Affliction sentry soon gone
00:21:28VaginaPingvina low pudge
00:21:35Affliction to late
00:21:35Affliction :/
00:23:05mby_next_time void goes double orb?
00:23:10mby_next_time mael + lifesteal
00:24:10AliBaba .ef
00:24:10WANKmaster me low
00:24:10AliBaba ¨dfb
00:24:10AliBaba bndf
00:24:10WANKmaster :D:d:D
00:24:15VaginaPingvina just whant steal
00:24:17vutten ultra kill void
00:24:53VaginaPingvina LOL TH(IS PUDGE
00:24:54VaginaPingvina RLY
00:25:37Skinkemaden emre
00:25:37Skinkemaden bund
00:25:39Skinkemaden når du er oppe
00:25:40Zulu y
00:25:50Skinkemaden eller storm
00:26:49VaginaPingvina def?
00:26:51VaginaPingvina storm
00:27:55Idx that was one shitty bubble
00:28:03VaginaPingvina ok
00:28:07WANKmaster hes progaming
00:28:08WANKmaster np
00:28:12vutten no its ultra kill void
00:28:17VaginaPingvina stoem with blood stone
00:28:19VaginaPingvina u r low
00:28:20VaginaPingvina bro
00:28:23VaginaPingvina its lowskill
00:28:25AliBaba can you stfu
00:28:48AliBaba ,,,
00:29:54mby_next_time :D
00:29:57WANKmaster ok
00:29:58mby_next_time 5 hp tower
00:30:00WANKmaster didnt see that
00:30:01WANKmaster :D:D:D
00:30:35VaginaPingvina ????
00:30:50WANKmaster oh fuck me
00:30:55vutten just b storm
00:31:11WANKmaster B
00:31:13Affliction warded
00:31:31VaginaPingvina lol
00:31:32VaginaPingvina kent
00:31:38VaginaPingvina so fast
00:32:12VaginaPingvina BYU FUCKING GEM
00:32:13VaginaPingvina storm
00:32:23WANKmaster cool bas
00:32:25Zulu :D
00:32:42AliBaba idiot
00:32:43VaginaPingvina KENT
00:32:44WANKmaster :D:D:D
00:32:45WANKmaster alibaba
00:32:46WANKmaster :D:D:d:D
00:33:07VaginaPingvina this cent
00:33:07AliBaba you really think i will jump there ?
00:33:15VaginaPingvina i fuck your mom
00:33:16VaginaPingvina bitch
00:33:26mby_next_time top rujne
00:33:59mby_next_time gem
00:34:00mby_next_time on wanky
00:34:11Zulu oh noes
00:34:18Skinkemaden KILL EM
00:34:42Idx since hook deals pure dmg does bm reflect that pure dmg right back at me?
00:34:57Affliction :D
00:34:58Idx oh you
00:35:00mby_next_time lol wisp XD
00:35:17Affliction no bubble now
00:35:18Affliction :D
00:35:55Zulu pussy teamn
00:35:59mby_next_time i ping bot
00:36:01mby_next_time and you go mid
00:36:12Zulu pussy
00:36:54Affliction !?
00:36:59Zulu me rosh
00:37:03Skinkemaden me 4
00:37:20Idx they rosh
00:37:25Zulu ???
00:37:26VaginaPingvina no wards
00:37:43AliBaba dead
00:38:09VaginaPingvina ok
00:38:15VaginaPingvina more luck
00:38:20Zulu eazy :D
00:38:40VaginaPingvina tell it this storm without orch
00:38:41AliBaba o,.f.ø
00:38:42AliBaba g'
00:38:42Zulu eazy
00:38:59Zulu omg
00:39:42slc2 go ff guys
00:40:05Idx -st
00:40:34mby_next_time warded.
00:40:52mby_next_time well wise
00:42:15WANKmaster thing is void
00:42:17WANKmaster u failed
00:42:21VaginaPingvina ok
00:42:25WANKmaster u didnt ?
00:42:26VaginaPingvina u dont let me storm
00:42:30VaginaPingvina now me feiled?
00:42:31VaginaPingvina ok
00:42:34Idx yep theres our problem
00:43:06AliBaba nice farm pablo ?
00:43:17mby_next_time oh you see me how sad
00:43:20AliBaba :D
00:43:24mby_next_time i cry
00:44:10Zulu :D:D:D
00:44:19mby_next_time btw skinken
00:44:22mby_next_time if you eul yourself
00:44:25mby_next_time before tp
00:44:27mby_next_time you tp still
00:44:28mby_next_time ?
00:44:32Skinkemaden dunno
00:44:35Skinkemaden didn't wanna try
00:44:36mby_next_time try it out
00:44:39Skinkemaden k
00:44:45mby_next_time cause it should be like that
00:45:06Skinkemaden CMON
00:45:07WANKmaster i know
00:45:08Skinkemaden guys
00:45:09WANKmaster u are a good lpayer
00:45:10WANKmaster vagina
00:45:13Zulu all top
00:45:14Zulu gogo
00:45:18Affliction 500 from hezx
00:45:24WANKmaster but ur telling us
00:45:27WANKmaster that we suck
00:45:38VaginaPingvina your item bild on storm
00:45:41VaginaPingvina usless
00:45:45WANKmaster how is it
00:45:47WANKmaster usless?
00:45:47VaginaPingvina fast blodstone
00:45:54VaginaPingvina sucks
00:45:58Idx def top
00:45:58WANKmaster sure ..
00:46:02Skinkemaden y
00:46:03Skinkemaden i tp
00:46:03mby_next_time blah :D
00:46:05mby_next_time sad
00:46:11mby_next_time would be owning
00:47:01Affliction fuck this
00:47:06Zulu start en fight
00:47:06Affliction really need my hex
00:47:07Affliction :/
00:47:10Zulu så går jeg ind og ender
00:47:46VaginaPingvina ward on rosh
00:47:54Zulu start a fight top guys
00:47:57VaginaPingvina come
00:47:59Zulu me and wisp will tp bot and end
00:48:01mby_next_time re
00:48:46mby_next_time well sad tbh you leave me all
00:48:54mby_next_time and slark ou gonna die now
00:49:23mby_next_time lol cent deso
00:49:27mby_next_time cent deso.
00:49:29mby_next_time i loled
00:49:39WANKmaster sad we lost 2 raxes ..
00:50:09VaginaPingvina go steal
00:50:10VaginaPingvina aeg
00:50:12Zulu take
00:51:12Skinkemaden cmon
00:51:13Skinkemaden man
00:51:24Idx gj
00:51:25Idx wp
00:51:39Affliction reg
00:51:46Idx those are awfully low
00:52:03slc2 -ii
00:52:08Idx well we've won 3 last battels
00:52:25VaginaPingvina we need outpush all lines
00:52:35Idx cent what are you building
00:52:37Idx they wanna go rosh again
00:52:37VaginaPingvina cm
00:52:37VaginaPingvina just def
00:52:37VaginaPingvina dont go with us
00:52:37Idx if he drops this would help us so much
00:53:20VaginaPingvina fast
00:53:21VaginaPingvina come
00:53:22AliBaba sure
00:53:22AliBaba go
00:53:57mby_next_time I surrender! [1/4 of Scourge]
00:54:45mby_next_time lovely wanky comes for me :)
00:55:06Affliction lol
00:55:07Affliction :D
00:55:23Idx ill go ac
00:55:37WANKmaster can some1
00:55:38WANKmaster take
00:55:38WANKmaster gem
00:55:38Idx cent go shiva or hot
00:55:40WANKmaster i can go
00:55:41WANKmaster hex
00:55:41WANKmaster then
00:55:42Idx or some1
00:55:50AliBaba sure
00:55:55AliBaba i wanted ac
00:55:56AliBaba but
00:55:59Affliction all top and w8 for sides are pushed
00:56:01AliBaba ill go shivas
00:56:03VaginaPingvina let me gem
00:56:24Idx 'push it want
00:56:24VaginaPingvina kill
00:56:25slc2 ur so ugly
00:56:57AliBaba ups
00:57:07VaginaPingvina go 5 mid
00:57:10mby_next_time I surrender! [1/4 of Scourge]
00:57:15VaginaPingvina 3 min aeg
00:57:19VaginaPingvina storm come mid
00:57:20Zulu why u just standing there dude ? u didn't use one fucking spell !!
00:57:21VaginaPingvina with gem
00:57:22mby_next_time 37 charges strom
00:57:26mby_next_time let's think
00:57:31mby_next_time i heard silence orchid is pretty ocol
00:57:43Zulu y for 5 sec
00:57:53mby_next_time well i was dead anyway
00:57:59VaginaPingvina 3 lines go
00:58:00mby_next_time cant win vs wanky with so many charges
00:58:18VaginaPingvina top go
00:58:34mby_next_time you are just prolonging it so much
00:58:41Skinkemaden I surrender! [2/4 of Scourge]
00:58:44Affliction I surrender! [3/4 of Scourge]
00:58:49WANKmaster that was backdoor
00:58:54VaginaPingvina nope
00:58:54Zulu no ?
00:58:58Zulu went with creeps ?
00:59:00WANKmaster i mean
00:59:01WANKmaster zulu
00:59:02WANKmaster tower
00:59:04WANKmaster is not down
00:59:07Zulu oh
00:59:08WANKmaster u cant go throne
00:59:10WANKmaster likethat
00:59:14Zulu didn't now
00:59:16Zulu know
00:59:21WANKmaster y
00:59:24WANKmaster im just saying
00:59:27Zulu kk
00:59:29VaginaPingvina gj
00:59:37Zulu ff,
00:59:37VaginaPingvina storm u r good
00:59:38Zulu I surrender! [4/4 of Scourge]
00:59:39VaginaPingvina ok?
00:59:39vutten gj dudes
00:59:41WANKmaster u to
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