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-43 X
-2 TS

94% | 1750 X | 1449 TS

-56 X
-1 TS

90% | 1549 X | 1534 TS

-19 X
-2 TS

78% | 1473 X | 1404 TS

-44 X
-2 TS

62% | 1353 X | 1319 TS

-26 X
-1 TS

62% | 1345 X | 1321 TS

+54 X
+1 TS

93% | 1674 X | 1488 TS

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+1 TS

88% | 1563 X | 1491 TS

+33 X
+2 TS

83% | 1564 X | 1391 TS

+40 X
+1 TS

66% | 1362 X | 1352 TS

+54 X
+2 TS

56% | 1286 X | 1332 TS

Chat log

00:00:00TakinBackMyLove [DotA-GC] ... and the wooden PC award goes to *drum roll* ... mby_next_time with 85 seconds.
00:00:06Gummi_Gert furi, bb, naga
00:00:07mby_next_time skmy es dusa
00:00:08Zulu sf silencer lycan
00:00:08Tough sd phoe morph
00:00:11mby_next_time anyone zet?
00:00:16AliBaba tb wd leo
00:00:18que2stress thd lc gyro
00:00:18Zulu sf justin +
00:00:19Zulu ??
00:00:22mby_next_time i can
00:00:22mby_next_time lc
00:00:26mby_next_time woods
00:00:28que2stress ofc u can
00:00:30TakinBackMyLove slardar od brood
00:00:34Tough i like that leo
00:00:35que2stress but if every1 picks carry
00:00:35Gummi_Gert two last?
00:00:36mby_next_time i mean i 'd like to paly it
00:00:36Zulu slardar til mig
00:00:38que2stress we got a problem
00:00:38Zulu du får sf
00:00:41AliBaba give thd ?
00:00:42diesel tinker ck veno
00:00:45Gummi_Gert get me veno
00:00:51Gummi_Gert if u want something from me?
00:00:51Tough sd phoe morph
00:00:51que2stress lets pause?
00:00:51Zulu sure
00:00:51que2stress #i take pohenix
00:00:51TakinBackMyLove yy
00:00:51Gummi_Gert sebra what u got?
00:00:51diesel give sf_
00:00:51diesel ?
00:00:51TakinBackMyLove sebralane what you got ?=
00:00:51mby_next_time come on
00:00:51TheyCallMeHaci no more carry
00:00:51mby_next_time give me
00:00:51mby_next_time lc
00:00:51mby_next_time ...
00:00:51Zulu give veno
00:00:51mby_next_time yeah haci
00:00:51TheyCallMeHaci lc ok
00:00:51que2stress if all other
00:00:51mby_next_time go dive pick bh
00:00:51Tough stfu gondar
00:00:51que2stress are supports
00:00:51diesel k
00:00:51mby_next_time and say not to take carries
00:00:51sebralane im ursa
00:00:51TheyCallMeHaci i will support with this
00:00:51TakinBackMyLove plz
00:00:51que2stress i can give u lc
00:00:51TakinBackMyLove no
00:00:51sebralane ehm
00:00:51que2stress but i wont if we get sk too
00:00:51mby_next_time please do it :)
00:00:51Tough i want leo
00:00:51diesel sebra ära võta
00:00:51Tough -.-
00:00:51diesel ursat
00:00:51sebralane plz yes
00:00:51TakinBackMyLove i only got carry
00:00:51sebralane v6tan
00:00:51que2stress who has leo?
00:00:51AliBaba what you got ?
00:00:51Gummi_Gert we need slardar for BH
00:00:51AliBaba me
00:00:51TheyCallMeHaci tough u want dick
00:00:51diesel mis sul veel on?
00:00:51que2stress i give u thd
00:00:51Tough sd phoenix morph
00:00:51que2stress tough gives me phoneix
00:00:51sebralane ursa
00:00:51TakinBackMyLove and i want to play suport
00:00:51mby_next_time haci and you want me to give you extra key
00:00:51que2stress u give sk to tough
00:00:51diesel ja veel
00:00:51TakinBackMyLove so can you play
00:00:51AliBaba thd
00:00:51TheyCallMeHaci i had bad heroes
00:00:51que2stress ok?
00:00:51mby_next_time when you behave like that
00:00:51sebralane mille ma ka võ6tan
00:00:51AliBaba sure
00:00:51sebralane lina ud
00:00:51TakinBackMyLove slardar+
00:00:51TheyCallMeHaci so i just picked this
00:00:51diesel lina parem
00:00:51sebralane aga ma v6tan ursa
00:00:51diesel ud parem
00:00:51sebralane nah
00:00:51TakinBackMyLove give lina then ?
00:00:51diesel :D
00:00:51sebralane ursa my hero
00:00:51Gummi_Gert ME UD
00:00:51AliBaba go ?
00:00:51Tough k
00:00:51Gummi_Gert UD
00:00:51que2stress and u get es or mage
00:00:51mby_next_time bad heroes are?
00:00:51Gummi_Gert UD
00:00:51TheyCallMeHaci no one want to play lycan anyways
00:00:51que2stress k
00:00:51diesel gummi mängib sitaks hästi ud-d
00:00:51sebralane wha u have
00:00:51Zulu this sd!!
00:00:51que2stress 321
00:00:51TakinBackMyLove someone just give me a suport
00:00:52Zulu why does ppl vote that shit
00:00:52diesel zulu
00:00:52Gummi_Gert furi, bb, naga
00:00:53diesel i give u
00:00:54diesel veno
00:00:56Tough -swap 5
00:00:56sebralane nty
00:00:57Zulu sure
00:00:57diesel for sf
00:01:00Gummi_Gert ffs
00:01:02que2stress -swap 5
00:01:03diesel -swap 3
00:01:04Zulu -swap 1
00:01:05AliBaba -swap 2
00:01:09que2stress -swap 1
00:01:11TakinBackMyLove gummi slardar ?
00:01:11Tough -swap 2
00:01:12Gummi_Gert gve me UD man
00:01:15Tough p#oh
00:01:17Tough fail
00:01:20Tough gondar bot
00:01:20TakinBackMyLove for furi
00:01:20Zulu -swap 4
00:01:21sebralane im wood
00:01:23TakinBackMyLove FF
00:01:24Gummi_Gert -swap 3
00:01:24TheyCallMeHaci lanes
00:01:32TakinBackMyLove cant take this serious
00:01:37diesel bkb 1. item tulossa .D
00:01:39Tough thd with me
00:01:41TakinBackMyLove i play with a broken hand and tyou want me to play carry
00:01:42TakinBackMyLove ff
00:01:43Tough phoe mid ?
00:01:43TheyCallMeHaci oooo skywrath :)
00:01:48que2stress im mid?
00:01:50diesel get aoe
00:01:51que2stress or sk<ß
00:01:52mby_next_time i can mid
00:01:53mby_next_time if you want
00:01:54Tough who wnat?
00:01:54TheyCallMeHaci send me skywrath
00:01:58sebralane we didnt need u to carry
00:02:00TakinBackMyLove im not
00:02:01sebralane we had sf ursa
00:02:02mby_next_time phoe answer you want?
00:02:02sebralane bb
00:02:02TheyCallMeHaci mby come bot better
00:02:06que2stress nah its ok
00:02:07sebralane soo fuck you too
00:02:08TakinBackMyLove i only bhad carry
00:02:10TakinBackMyLove you morrow!
00:02:12TheyCallMeHaci :P
00:02:15Gummi_Gert slardar much better
00:02:15TakinBackMyLove like i said od slardar boord
00:02:16Zulu moroow !! xD
00:02:24AliBaba place wards bird
00:02:25TakinBackMyLove im not gonna play slardar
00:02:29TakinBackMyLove its fyucking borring
00:02:29que2stress every time i have phoenix
00:02:32Gummi_Gert nej men de har fucking bh
00:02:33Gummi_Gert man
00:02:34que2stress his spells are completely new
00:02:38TakinBackMyLove er ligeglad
00:03:00TakinBackMyLove bb solo ?
00:03:11TakinBackMyLove veno go bot
00:03:17TakinBackMyLove i can easy rape him solo
00:03:20que2stress go there
00:03:25Gummi_Gert bare snak dansk
00:03:36mby_next_time SS
00:03:36mby_next_time MID
00:04:05AliBaba ss
00:04:17mby_next_time unlcuyk boy
00:04:20Tough ss
00:04:28diesel MISS
00:04:29diesel care bot
00:04:44Tough thd
00:04:48Tough want get some sentries?
00:04:51AliBaba y
00:04:51diesel flying
00:04:52diesel please
00:04:52mby_next_time SS MID
00:04:58Tough ty
00:05:01Gummi_Gert ff
00:05:21que2stress ss
00:05:21que2stress venom
00:05:23que2stress mid
00:05:23que2stress car
00:05:44Gummi_Gert gg
00:05:44Gummi_Gert ff
00:05:49mby_next_time SS 2 MID
00:05:57mby_next_time re sf
00:05:58Tough pull pls^^
00:06:05Tough ty
00:06:21diesel mid miss
00:06:22diesel care bot
00:06:25diesel with rune
00:06:27que2stress check these
00:06:31TakinBackMyLove hvad
00:06:32TakinBackMyLove laver
00:06:34TakinBackMyLove du jeg kan godt
00:06:34Gummi_Gert farmer
00:06:36mby_next_time yop
00:06:36que2stress i come
00:06:39TakinBackMyLove klar den newb
00:06:43Gummi_Gert shh
00:06:46Zulu ss 1
00:06:56TakinBackMyLove fuck det jeg farmer hele gamet så
00:07:12diesel no palju õnne
00:07:13diesel no wards
00:07:14diesel no miss
00:07:16diesel no teamwork
00:07:25Gummi_Gert ff
00:07:26Gummi_Gert gg
00:07:56diesel mid missing
00:08:02Tough gj
00:08:05mby_next_time mid omw
00:08:06Gummi_Gert ff
00:08:07TakinBackMyLove why
00:08:07AliBaba u2
00:08:10TakinBackMyLove do tyoy
00:08:13TakinBackMyLove use the fucking chicken
00:08:17TakinBackMyLove had soulring
00:08:21TakinBackMyLove 4 ´min ago
00:08:22TakinBackMyLove fuck tard
00:08:38TakinBackMyLove går du ikke bare tilbage til bnet =
00:08:42Gummi_Gert nej
00:08:53que2stress good
00:09:04diesel täis maunik oled sa
00:09:09sebralane ok
00:09:12mby_next_time ss mid
00:09:12diesel osta warde jobi
00:09:13que2stress god i love sebra lane as enemy
00:09:20AliBaba :D
00:10:09AliBaba Wp
00:10:11que2stress go
00:10:14TakinBackMyLove lucker nweb
00:10:18AliBaba jajajaj
00:10:19que2stress FIngaR
00:10:24TakinBackMyLove du havde 10 hp
00:10:24mby_next_time ss mid
00:10:27que2stress ARE U
00:10:29que2stress WHAT WRONG?
00:10:34TheyCallMeHaci I CANT FUCKING DIVE WITH 400 hp
00:10:43TakinBackMyLove slow
00:10:45TakinBackMyLove fuckiong
00:10:46TakinBackMyLove newb
00:10:47TakinBackMyLove venmo
00:10:49Gummi_Gert nej
00:10:49que2stress rofl u can
00:10:51mby_next_time omw bot
00:10:51que2stress if i take dmg
00:10:57TakinBackMyLove i så dårlige
00:10:58TakinBackMyLove nmede
00:10:59TakinBackMyLove den
00:11:01TakinBackMyLove netcafe
00:11:08Gummi_Gert mit spil er ødelagt i forvejen
00:11:11Gummi_Gert så gider ik hjælpe dig
00:11:15TakinBackMyLove nej du bare
00:11:16TakinBackMyLove fucking newb
00:11:19Gummi_Gert sikkret
00:11:21diesel gg team
00:11:21Gummi_Gert du er også ret dårlig
00:11:21diesel rly
00:11:28diesel tra vennad EI TAHA võita lihtsalt
00:11:32diesel mis krdi fun siin mä ngu on
00:11:33TakinBackMyLove veno is uber newb
00:11:40Gummi_Gert jaja
00:11:40TakinBackMyLove OMFG
00:11:42TakinBackMyLove THIS VENO
00:11:43diesel Gummi
00:11:48diesel dont click ON enemy
00:11:48AliBaba this brood
00:11:49AliBaba shit
00:11:51Gummi_Gert shh
00:11:55Gummi_Gert my game is ruined
00:11:55diesel click where he is probably moving
00:11:57Gummi_Gert i dont play with u
00:12:02Gummi_Gert shhh
00:12:03que2stress this sebra :D
00:12:08mby_next_time my rune
00:12:09sebralane is best
00:12:10mby_next_time if there
00:12:15que2stress best for us
00:12:15diesel guys
00:12:16diesel get wards
00:12:18diesel I have no gold
00:12:21diesel I made flying
00:12:22diesel I need to famr
00:12:48mby_next_time dont take my runes
00:12:52diesel 0:11
00:12:54diesel WELCOME
00:13:27mby_next_time ss mid
00:13:28mby_next_time still
00:13:31mby_next_time re
00:13:49TakinBackMyLove WHAT ?
00:13:53que2stress WHAT
00:13:57mby_next_time WAHAT
00:14:04TakinBackMyLove what happen to the new phoe spell =
00:14:09que2stress it got newer
00:14:09diesel idiot
00:14:10mby_next_time lal that bh
00:14:14mby_next_time LET'S RUN IN MOST OBVIOUS WAY
00:14:15mby_next_time !
00:14:23TheyCallMeHaci hahahah
00:14:27Tough j
00:14:28Tough gj
00:14:31TheyCallMeHaci this bb to fat
00:14:36que2stress nah
00:14:38que2stress u only bad
00:14:39mby_next_time good you picked bh
00:14:41TheyCallMeHaci free farm 13 min
00:14:42mby_next_time ot help
00:14:44TakinBackMyLove hate more newb alibaba
00:14:50AliBaba die more
00:15:04sebralane BURN1
00:15:05Zulu care miod
00:15:11mby_next_time :<
00:15:27AliBaba :D:D:D:D:
00:15:32mby_next_time noob kser
00:15:33diesel what idiots in team
00:15:34AliBaba give mana nigga
00:15:37diesel unbelievable
00:15:39mby_next_time cd nigga
00:15:40que2stress sebra
00:15:45sebralane disel idion in team
00:15:46que2stress is cool
00:15:47mby_next_time some wards
00:15:48mby_next_time would be cool
00:15:52diesel see vend on nii tükk sitta
00:15:53que2stress what for
00:15:56Zulu ss
00:15:57diesel pask oled
00:15:58diesel täis pask
00:16:08Tough top
00:16:10Tough need help
00:16:16AliBaba sec mate
00:16:29mby_next_time bot anyone?
00:16:35que2stress can tele
00:16:54TakinBackMyLove OMFG
00:16:54que2stress gondar
00:16:57que2stress ure so fucking
00:17:06que2stress useless
00:17:07Gummi_Gert ff
00:17:47Tough reuse
00:18:11diesel taun
00:18:16sebralane where ya ranning son
00:18:21diesel :D
00:18:23AliBaba _D
00:18:27Tough sebra chills
00:18:58que2stress well he thinks himself awesome so np ;)
00:20:26mby_next_time thanks ali
00:20:41Gummi_Gert ff
00:20:41Gummi_Gert gg
00:20:42Gummi_Gert ww
00:20:46TheyCallMeHaci wait
00:20:48AliBaba Sebra
00:21:00sebralane Wards wards wards
00:21:04que2stress he is good
00:21:05que2stress np
00:21:11sebralane no u good
00:21:13sebralane best.gc
00:21:40Gummi_Gert JA
00:21:41mby_next_time []
00:21:53mby_next_time lol lothar sk
00:21:56Gummi_Gert i think we can win
00:22:10mby_next_time RE!
00:23:02mby_next_time sk
00:23:03mby_next_time get rdy
00:23:05mby_next_time for sebra
00:23:13mby_next_time go
00:23:13mby_next_time sk
00:23:27sebralane pew pew
00:23:59que2stress runs
00:24:05TakinBackMyLove AHAHA ofc you know
00:24:12TakinBackMyLove fucking ghosters
00:24:20AliBaba ward måske ?
00:24:21AliBaba noob
00:24:26TakinBackMyLove sure jeg kan jo se
00:24:32TakinBackMyLove du ikke bruger dem din newb
00:24:35Zulu man kunne se dig inden du gik shadow alligevel
00:24:39TakinBackMyLove men lad os se hvad strom siger til det
00:24:39mby_next_time }aaaage
00:24:46Zulu plus der er sentries
00:24:52AliBaba gør det :)
00:24:52TakinBackMyLove jeg kigger
00:24:55AliBaba gør deeet
00:24:59TakinBackMyLove på ali invitory
00:25:04TakinBackMyLove hele tiden.
00:25:05TakinBackMyLove s
00:25:15Zulu dude
00:25:15que2stress go all
00:25:16que2stress i ult
00:25:16Zulu der er wards
00:25:19TakinBackMyLove så ved det anden gang i ghoster
00:25:19Zulu jeg kan se hans skærm
00:25:42Gummi_Gert ff
00:26:13AliBaba gogo
00:27:37Gummi_Gert nice ursa
00:27:39diesel 2:27 :D:D
00:27:40Gummi_Gert u are good
00:27:45que2stress ye
00:27:47que2stress we got 2 noobs
00:27:49sebralane yes
00:27:55mby_next_time ya
00:27:57mby_next_time im noob :<
00:28:01AliBaba ..
00:28:03Gummi_Gert y
00:28:04sebralane cant agree more mister wooden
00:28:16mby_next_time oho sebra got some balls still talking :DD
00:28:16diesel I surrender! [1/5 of Sentinel]
00:28:23diesel i
00:28:25diesel its 2:30
00:28:28diesel no chance to win
00:28:30diesel and u wanna play on..
00:28:36Gummi_Gert I surrender! [2/5 of Sentinel]
00:28:39sebralane when u lose mid to sky
00:28:46sebralane ther rly is no chance
00:28:49AliBaba wp baba
00:28:54Tough wp baba
00:29:02mby_next_time ya not wp sky
00:29:02que2stress only 3 kills
00:29:04que2stress noob
00:29:06sebralane I surrender! [3/5 of Sentinel]
00:29:07AliBaba so ?
00:29:08mby_next_time who made al for you :<
00:29:17Tough baba fed me top
00:29:20mby_next_time selffish naps :<
00:29:21AliBaba ill made all for leo
00:29:24mby_next_time i won mid for you
00:29:24Gummi_Gert I surrender! [3/5 of Sentinel]
00:29:25Gummi_Gert ?
00:29:26mby_next_time and you dont love me
00:29:28mby_next_time :<
00:29:32AliBaba lal
00:29:34AliBaba pablo
00:29:37AliBaba you know i love you
00:29:57mby_next_time damn that zulu
00:30:01Zulu :D
00:30:22mby_next_time but gumi as always at his best
00:30:28Gummi_Gert what do you want newb?
00:30:32Gummi_Gert 885 : 7
00:30:34que2stress gummi has 1 kil
00:30:38que2stress makes 50% of all kils
00:30:58Tough LAGGING
00:31:01Zulu :D
00:31:11Tough LAGING
00:31:17AliBaba ...
00:31:19mby_next_time not only you
00:31:22mby_next_time i had same problem
00:31:28Zulu wpwpwp
00:31:29Zulu gg
00:31:30Zulu I surrender! [4/5 of Sentinel]
00:32:24sebralane cant u just throne team ward?
00:32:38diesel -afk
00:32:44sebralane -afk
00:32:47mby_next_time we want justin
00:32:47sebralane -afk
00:32:47Gummi_Gert -afk
00:32:49mby_next_time to get fat
00:32:53sebralane yy
00:32:54Zulu bitch
00:32:55Gummi_Gert never happens
00:32:56Gummi_Gert :)
00:32:57sebralane will banrequest
00:33:01sebralane for prolonging
00:33:06mby_next_time lkk sebra
00:33:09mby_next_time go ban me
00:33:10mby_next_time :DDD
00:33:14que2stress then we can ban u every time you add
00:33:17diesel -afk
00:33:33Zulu -afk
00:33:34TheyCallMeHaci divine inc
00:33:37sebralane dont see the logic there
00:33:37Tough same
00:33:37mby_next_time SO PRO
00:33:38que2stress wow
00:33:39sebralane but yeah
00:33:40mby_next_time THANKS FOR WIN BH
00:33:41sebralane u russiand
00:33:47que2stress very seldomly u see logic
00:33:50sebralane probly dont understand anything
00:33:55Tough go die gondar
00:33:57Tough want 2 devines
00:34:04Zulu so u just gonna stand fountain ??
00:34:07TheyCallMeHaci haha
00:34:08TheyCallMeHaci u2
00:34:17sebralane -afk
00:34:20Zulu :D:D:D
00:34:20que2stress rofl
00:34:29Tough one hit :D
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