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82% | 1592 X | 1399 TS

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Chat log

00:00:04karadpowaa -hhn
00:00:15objasnjavati which hero i pick so our pro wants mid i guess
00:00:26karadpowaa who
00:00:26Fintrollx hahahahah you
00:00:26AliBaba :D mr. "epic"
00:00:26Fintrollx :DD
00:00:26karadpowaa everybody loves me on this site?
00:00:26karadpowaa ty
00:00:26Fintrollx the lonely ranger yeah because you talk to much.
00:00:26Smell.this.ass u play abba But we wont start whining on eachother
00:00:26karadpowaa Sup cocksuckers Lets make this deal
00:00:26karadpowaa What we wait And try to win this shit
00:00:26Smell.this.ass -ns
00:00:26TheyCallMeHaci pick me aa mmm should i ban any new heroes?
00:00:26Fintrollx karadpowa?
00:00:26karadpowaa a? karad what are you planning to play then
00:00:26Fintrollx should he ban?
00:00:26karadpowaa sup cocksucker
00:00:26Jerkku me furrri mr.epic
00:00:26AliBaba ban ud ?
00:00:26Fintrollx :D
00:00:26AliBaba or ? UD j k
00:00:29karadpowaa i plan to play some dota yeah, what hero
00:00:34karadpowaa u bro?
00:00:37Pojetz arc waden is imba thought of tiny
00:00:40objasnjavati i want venge if i go mid then silencer
00:00:50objasnjavati support mehh fuck it
00:01:00objasnjavati venge
00:01:00objasnjavati ,e
00:01:02objasnjavati me
00:01:03objasnjavati plz
00:01:15karadpowaa DELAY COCKSUCKERS? pojetz take some tank mby DK fair enough wd is nice in this pool
00:01:48Fintrollx y
00:01:48Pojetz wd or arc if u can
00:01:56Fintrollx never played so i go wd kk
00:02:00AliBaba good fair enough. .)
00:02:03objasnjavati me top
00:02:08Smell.this.ass go bot
00:02:10karadpowaa SKk with me?
00:02:11karadpowaa if he pulls
00:02:15karadpowaa & we double stun
00:02:16Smell.this.ass furi and aa top
00:02:17objasnjavati who top uhm well
00:02:20objasnjavati k
00:02:23Smell.this.ass they good combo wd and pugna makes up a massive combo indeed
00:02:30Fintrollx y
00:02:33karadpowaa y good u got it alright
00:02:34karadpowaa good morning u guys go top
00:02:36Jerkku aa and crix sk bot
00:02:46Jerkku when i sprout u do first spell
00:02:48karadpowaa hf cocksuckers sk pull also
00:02:50Jerkku always cube
00:02:53Jerkku like that
00:03:06Jerkku try fb
00:03:13karadpowaa i quite lagg
00:03:15karadpowaa as ususal
00:03:15karadpowaa np
00:03:24objasnjavati we need wards
00:03:25objasnjavati aa
00:03:36Jerkku wd
00:03:37AliBaba nice items wd ^^
00:03:40karadpowaa ty
00:03:53Jerkku easy
00:03:58Fintrollx haha
00:04:01Fintrollx indeed
00:04:35TheyCallMeHaci go go again ?
00:04:40TheyCallMeHaci lvl 3
00:04:42Jerkku lvl 3
00:04:53Jerkku pugna
00:04:54Jerkku now
00:04:57TheyCallMeHaci wait
00:05:02Jerkku y
00:05:02TheyCallMeHaci lvl 3
00:05:18Smell.this.ass wtf
00:05:29Smell.this.ass u lucky man ye
00:05:53karadpowaa this laggs
00:05:57karadpowaa truly amazing wwhat rune? :P
00:06:12Smell.this.ass Reg :(
00:06:19Jerkku need 300 midas
00:06:32TheyCallMeHaci ok
00:07:18Smell.this.ass and this time creeps block ;D mid misses care
00:07:28Smell.this.ass wtf is this
00:07:49Smell.this.ass klar ?
00:07:59Smell.this.ass gogog care top
00:07:59Jerkku yy mid miss with rune probably
00:07:59objasnjavati do we kill
00:07:59objasnjavati aba
00:07:59objasnjavati kill
00:07:59Rasmus.Seebach kk
00:07:59objasnjavati -rick roll
00:07:59objasnjavati -roll
00:08:03Smell.this.ass gopgo
00:08:05Fintrollx ss
00:08:06Fintrollx top care
00:08:12AliBaba sure
00:08:15Jerkku they got wards
00:08:16Fintrollx just in time
00:08:23objasnjavati lol
00:08:25objasnjavati borinmg
00:08:27Rasmus.Seebach get sentri venge plz
00:08:42objasnjavati i got
00:08:59karadpowaa go abba
00:09:02objasnjavati put jerkku midas alrdy christ what are u doin top :D
00:09:26objasnjavati liol
00:09:29Jerkku ttiny top
00:09:33karadpowaa gj
00:09:35karadpowaa i lagg as hell
00:09:37objasnjavati ab
00:09:39objasnjavati dont close ss mid
00:09:44Smell.this.ass ss
00:09:48objasnjavati put ward
00:09:53objasnjavati ss re
00:09:59objasnjavati ss
00:10:00objasnjavati s
00:10:00karadpowaa buy sentry
00:10:01karadpowaa WD
00:10:01Rasmus.Seebach take the ward youre self then
00:10:02objasnjavati ss2
00:10:04karadpowaa nvm
00:10:08objasnjavati not u put
00:10:10AliBaba ss
00:10:14karadpowaa FUri down ss mid geting rune bot
00:10:29Pojetz i sleep
00:10:29Rasmus.Seebach furi ????
00:10:31Pojetz -.- guys i need fucking wards.
00:10:45objasnjavati l ol
00:10:45objasnjavati lol mehh
00:10:45objasnjavati furi
00:10:45Fintrollx some1 upg
00:10:45Jerkku ?
00:10:45Fintrollx chick
00:10:46Jerkku i only did
00:10:51Jerkku that i can escape
00:10:54objasnjavati k
00:10:55objasnjavati ok
00:10:59Jerkku didnt even try to get him in trees
00:11:28TheyCallMeHaci need help top
00:11:40karadpowaa Damn luckers,this fuckin lagg
00:11:41Fintrollx furi top keep hitting him ffs idiots
00:11:55objasnjavati gj
00:11:57objasnjavati dazzle
00:12:06TheyCallMeHaci need 40 ...
00:12:19karadpowaa got
00:12:20karadpowaa 3secs
00:12:21karadpowaa delay
00:12:26Smell.this.ass furi
00:12:28karadpowaa w/e..
00:12:29Smell.this.ass u shouklda came
00:12:57Pojetz kill
00:13:04objasnjavati gj
00:13:17objasnjavati cant escape stifk
00:13:44objasnjavati lets rax tower dazz;e
00:13:46objasnjavati dazzle ffs getin all my runes
00:14:13Jerkku TP TOP
00:14:14objasnjavati b
00:14:31TheyCallMeHaci why ? :P
00:14:32Jerkku all top
00:14:33Jerkku :D
00:14:36Jerkku wanted him dead
00:14:48Jerkku we need wards cmoon
00:15:03karadpowaa FUCKING LAGG Wtf
00:15:27AliBaba no one tp
00:15:27objasnjavati -roll Seriously
00:15:27AliBaba ofc i cant tp
00:15:27objasnjavati -rickroll others dont care obv
00:15:27objasnjavati -roll
00:15:27objasnjavati -roll
00:15:27objasnjavati -roll
00:15:27objasnjavati -rickroll
00:15:27Fintrollx tping
00:15:27objasnjavati -roll
00:15:27AliBaba sick team
00:15:27objasnjavati -rickroll
00:15:27objasnjavati -rickroll
00:15:27objasnjavati -roll
00:15:27objasnjavati -rickroll FUCKING GG
00:15:46objasnjavati -roll
00:15:46Jerkku DROP NOOB
00:15:46objasnjavati -roll
00:15:46karadpowaa WAit got 10 secs delay
00:15:46Fintrollx can
00:15:46Fintrollx u fix?
00:15:46karadpowaa I try
00:15:46karadpowaa -fps
00:15:46karadpowaa LEt's try..
00:15:46karadpowaa #21
00:16:01objasnjavati lol ava
00:16:03objasnjavati aba
00:16:06AliBaba better ?
00:16:13karadpowaa y
00:16:21karadpowaa for now it is
00:16:22Pojetz ban
00:16:34AliBaba relax mate
00:16:37Pojetz y
00:16:40objasnjavati do i make mekansa
00:16:49Smell.this.ass y
00:16:51objasnjavati for support
00:16:57karadpowaa gang
00:16:58objasnjavati k
00:17:07AliBaba wtf
00:17:09karadpowaa wd?
00:17:14Fintrollx wat
00:17:17karadpowaa stun?
00:17:20Fintrollx i did
00:17:23karadpowaa go
00:17:24karadpowaa wd
00:17:46Smell.this.ass ffs
00:17:47Fintrollx gj
00:17:52karadpowaa ez
00:18:07Fintrollx mana
00:18:08karadpowaa i lagg
00:18:09karadpowaa again
00:18:09karadpowaa xd
00:18:10Smell.this.ass furi
00:18:13Smell.this.ass go dps man
00:18:33karadpowaa lothars recall crix
00:18:38karadpowaa go
00:18:45Smell.this.ass wards crix recall
00:18:56karadpowaa k
00:19:09karadpowaa this lagg shit
00:19:29Jerkku we can ff this
00:19:35Jerkku so outpicked, they only got stun
00:19:55karadpowaa skk?
00:20:01karadpowaa fuck this lagg
00:20:03karadpowaa id survive
00:20:05karadpowaa & kill that bob
00:20:15karadpowaa but how to play when i press dager & it activates after 3 seconds? WTtf is this ur making lagg now crix me
00:20:43karadpowaa i lagg as hell
00:20:47karadpowaa i got a headache now
00:20:48karadpowaa cus of it makeing me also
00:20:58karadpowaa freez show.. fucking pussyes
00:22:22Fintrollx is abba
00:22:26Fintrollx better nowdays
00:22:29Fintrollx this version well its over im quite sure
00:22:44objasnjavati go if sk wont go insane mod
00:22:49objasnjavati i ulty
00:23:01karadpowaa if i hadnt lagg
00:23:02karadpowaa id rape thewm
00:23:03karadpowaa so hard
00:23:10TheyCallMeHaci venge
00:23:12objasnjavati a
00:23:13objasnjavati ?
00:23:30Fintrollx so we meet again
00:23:36Smell.this.ass yes
00:23:38objasnjavati what aa im out
00:24:19AliBaba you gonna leave ? na not that
00:24:28AliBaba :D
00:24:37karadpowaa ulty rdy
00:24:38karadpowaa let's rape
00:24:40karadpowaa we gotta gang
00:24:42karadpowaa we got epic stunners
00:24:44karadpowaa they cant do shit
00:24:47karadpowaa plus pugna ward sk wtf are u building?
00:24:49karadpowaa it's insane go help nobody has dust :S
00:25:11objasnjavati dazzle
00:25:16objasnjavati dont go alne
00:25:18karadpowaa gogo
00:25:19karadpowaa rape
00:25:20karadpowaa aqa
00:25:25objasnjavati ana
00:25:27objasnjavati aba b
00:25:36karadpowaa rape them
00:25:38karadpowaa before the yget fat they are fat
00:25:53karadpowaa they r freekills
00:25:58Smell.this.ass warded
00:26:19objasnjavati k
00:26:38karadpowaa wd get bkb
00:26:39karadpowaa or sth
00:26:40karadpowaa aghanim
00:26:49Fintrollx yee
00:26:59Fintrollx let's push some shit down?
00:26:59karadpowaa gang
00:27:00karadpowaa guys
00:27:00objasnjavati 300 golda mekansa
00:27:01karadpowaa just gang jerkku has bkb :DD
00:27:14Smell.this.ass dont mess
00:27:40karadpowaa team zero react
00:28:00objasnjavati b
00:28:03objasnjavati b
00:28:06objasnjavati dazzle
00:28:10objasnjavati what u are doing
00:28:11objasnjavati man
00:28:11objasnjavati b
00:28:17Fintrollx we win them at team battles ez
00:28:18Smell.this.ass failing and i know it
00:28:28objasnjavati play
00:28:33Pojetz gogog again ur goin after him without dust chrsit
00:29:16AliBaba nice port :b
00:29:21karadpowaa go
00:29:22karadpowaa push
00:29:22karadpowaa mid
00:29:23karadpowaa now
00:29:25karadpowaa ALL
00:29:26karadpowaa Gather
00:29:30karadpowaa jump with ulty
00:29:30karadpowaa np
00:29:32karadpowaa i *
00:30:03karadpowaa TEAM
00:30:03karadpowaa CMN
00:30:25objasnjavati i save u guy
00:30:33karadpowaa i stunned both
00:30:34karadpowaa like a pro
00:30:36karadpowaa & u watch im oom sorry
00:30:59karadpowaa great
00:31:01karadpowaa i give up
00:31:38karadpowaa gj tiny/skk
00:31:43karadpowaa well fucking done..
00:31:53Fintrollx <3
00:32:16Jerkku those 4 stuns
00:32:19objasnjavati k
00:32:19Jerkku fucks up everything aghnao n the way
00:32:27objasnjavati i make pipe
00:32:29Jerkku and blinks too
00:32:38objasnjavati i make pipe
00:32:42karadpowaa got ulty
00:32:44karadpowaa group
00:32:45karadpowaa & fight
00:32:45karadpowaa come
00:32:46karadpowaa suckers
00:32:51Smell.this.ass abba is making
00:33:08objasnjavati long time
00:33:08Fintrollx i ward rosh and their forest
00:33:09karadpowaa they see us y
00:33:12karadpowaa go mid
00:33:13karadpowaa rape i check rune first
00:33:36Fintrollx lets go their forest go from mid still no dust? (L)
00:34:08Pojetz rosh
00:34:09Pojetz fast?
00:34:16karadpowaa bot towers
00:34:17karadpowaa ofc
00:35:03objasnjavati push ' no dust
00:35:09Jerkku ROSH is losing it
00:35:16Pojetz buy gem for me
00:35:27Pojetz or for tiny ur paper if u havent noticed mkb rush...
00:35:42Jerkku help
00:35:44Fintrollx take the gem
00:35:46Fintrollx some1 kk ill take it
00:35:51Pojetz tiny
00:35:54objasnjavati i will then we go mid again and finish this shit they get aegis also
00:36:00objasnjavati w8 me so
00:36:19karadpowaa we need smoke
00:36:22karadpowaa they warded everything lets kill the wards
00:36:31Pojetz rosh they
00:36:32Pojetz y
00:36:38objasnjavati b
00:36:46karadpowaa they see u
00:36:49objasnjavati gj furi so?
00:37:01AliBaba whats the plan mate w8 for team and go from mid
00:37:31Fintrollx come ali
00:37:34karadpowaa skk tank
00:37:36AliBaba yeah
00:37:37AliBaba sorry
00:37:41Smell.this.ass swap
00:37:59karadpowaa gg
00:38:00karadpowaa idiots
00:38:04karadpowaa well fucking done I surrender! [1/5 of Sentinel] pojetz Cant carry Nothing
00:38:25karadpowaa bunch of useless tards
00:38:27karadpowaa where u gone pff just ff it
00:38:32karadpowaa they were gather since this idiot cant tank upfront its lost
00:38:35karadpowaa if wd casted ulty
00:38:36objasnjavati gj all
00:38:36Jerkku didnt even lose aegis :D
00:38:39karadpowaa i mean stun yreah
00:38:40karadpowaa we ewon like he had chance?
00:38:41Jerkku oom are u idiot? he got 1st targeted
00:38:48objasnjavati mid push'\
00:38:48Fintrollx i was insta killed this sk sucks as hell
00:38:53Jerkku manaaa
00:38:57karadpowaa u told him
00:38:58karadpowaa to pick sk yeah so he WOULD TANK u know? omfg well done
00:39:28karadpowaa idc
00:39:28karadpowaa anymore
00:39:29karadpowaa @all
00:39:35karadpowaa why u chat then,u said it's lost
00:39:40karadpowaa take a lose like a man
00:40:09karadpowaa None
00:40:09karadpowaa Defs
00:40:10karadpowaa Bottom
00:40:16karadpowaa they r blind bunch of newbs get DUST NOOBS OMFG
00:40:36karadpowaa BLind freakshow
00:40:38karadpowaa Chasin
00:40:39karadpowaa HEroes
00:40:42karadpowaa Insteasda Whole team
00:40:44karadpowaa of def Not bought any dust This game
00:40:46objasnjavati i have pipe There we go
00:40:53Jerkku haha OMFg
00:40:57Fintrollx :D it doesnt change anything anymore
00:41:25Pojetz where gem
00:41:32Fintrollx -.-
00:41:33AliBaba he destroy it lost it in teamfight
00:41:45karadpowaa u idiots
00:41:46karadpowaa chase
00:41:47karadpowaa heroes
00:41:49karadpowaa instead of def
00:41:51karadpowaa & we lost rax
00:41:58karadpowaa well fucking done
00:41:59objasnjavati go mid ff :D
00:42:24objasnjavati lol
00:42:25karadpowaa throne
00:42:26karadpowaa directlyu
00:42:42karadpowaa go throne
00:42:49karadpowaa WHERE DO U TP PUGNA
00:43:02karadpowaa pugna
00:43:04karadpowaa retarded rat
00:43:08AliBaba stfu
00:43:42karadpowaa Good we lost rax to single furi with 4 heroes alive Good that u havent bought a single dust or anti invis thing this game
00:43:59Jerkku yes ure kinda stupid
00:44:03karadpowaa Ye i should buy it
00:44:07karadpowaa NOt like i got pugna & wd in team
00:44:09karadpowaa Stupid scumbag
00:44:41Fintrollx we will win no
00:44:46Smell.this.ass ffs i dont think so our tank went straight mkb which is idiotic
00:45:12karadpowaa if he gets bkb
00:45:13karadpowaa it's oke
00:45:13objasnjavati tiny is dead we must push i should get one also
00:45:19karadpowaa or hot
00:45:24Pojetz i go hit
00:45:25Pojetz hot well actually no point of me having bkb hot more likely
00:45:35karadpowaa no
00:45:36karadpowaa u AC mmm ye i need 50 for gem any 1 will help out?
00:46:07karadpowaa try to focus furi if possible
00:46:10karadpowaa he got a lot of dps
00:46:16objasnjavati rosh get blade mails?
00:46:17objasnjavati furi
00:46:18karadpowaa bought u
00:46:19karadpowaa heal salves k nice
00:46:23AliBaba take salves
00:46:24AliBaba lol
00:46:26AliBaba :
00:46:27Jerkku sec
00:46:33Smell.this.ass its niot there
00:46:37Smell.this.ass all meet
00:46:40karadpowaa sk sell bracers
00:46:42karadpowaa buy river
00:46:49Jerkku fast guess we go for another try shit they rosh
00:46:58karadpowaa its stupid
00:46:59karadpowaa u guys
00:47:00karadpowaa lost rax
00:47:01karadpowaa to single furi
00:47:05karadpowaa cus of chase
00:47:06Smell.this.ass go go fight them back
00:47:12Pojetz DD
00:47:14karadpowaa get b
00:47:18objasnjavati -roll
00:47:18karadpowaa SKK tank i jump in with ulty
00:47:19Pojetz dd is not good
00:47:20karadpowaa & pugna ward ofc
00:47:26Jerkku skele last
00:47:27Pojetz i start
00:47:40Pojetz kill first+
00:47:41Pojetz ?
00:47:43karadpowaa PLs?
00:47:45karadpowaa i lagg like hell
00:47:45karadpowaa Atm aim furi if possible
00:47:53karadpowaa Cant move
00:47:58Pojetz ' noobs
00:48:01AliBaba LET HIM PAUSE FFS
00:48:01Pojetz go
00:48:01Pojetz idiots we need sk
00:48:01Pojetz kill
00:48:01Pojetz i m in
00:48:01Pojetz FIGHT k omw
00:48:01objasnjavati -roll
00:48:01karadpowaa lagging HC now sk
00:48:01AliBaba -roll Just ulti or whatver
00:48:01karadpowaa dnno sup GO NOW
00:48:01karadpowaa k
00:48:01karadpowaa ill try
00:48:01AliBaba sand
00:48:01Smell.this.ass -roll
00:48:01Jerkku i focus rax
00:48:02Pojetz FIGHT
00:48:36karadpowaa throne
00:48:36karadpowaa now
00:48:50karadpowaa i ultyed
00:48:52karadpowaa with mega lagg
00:48:53karadpowaa ;DDDD
00:48:54karadpowaa & got all in :DDD ;D take care of him
00:49:02objasnjavati tiny have gem
00:49:02karadpowaa throne
00:49:03karadpowaa np
00:49:03Pojetz i have tp
00:50:13karadpowaa gg wp
00:50:20karadpowaa sry cus of laggs
00:50:21objasnjavati gem
00:50:21karadpowaa but it made game interesting ;p
00:50:23karadpowaa else id rape them
00:50:23karadpowaa xd
00:50:27AliBaba you didnt take gem
00:50:34Smell.this.ass go tiny
00:50:34Jerkku kill ur dead sorry wd i must b off to come again
00:50:34objasnjavati tiny is
00:50:34objasnjavati too''
00:50:35objasnjavati '
00:50:37AliBaba .. oooor lol ;D
00:50:52Fintrollx what should i build?
00:50:52Jerkku OMG FUCKING HELL
00:50:52Pojetz OMG :D NMot
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