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Chat log

00:00:00Firelord0.1 [DotA-GC] ... and the wooden PC award goes to *drum roll* ... nigulas with 94 seconds.
00:00:02Fxx. ....
00:00:05Fxx. only 94 sec ?
00:00:05objasnjavati atleast
00:00:13KeLToS any wishes
00:00:18objasnjavati slark
00:00:21nigulas wtf is this flying new hero:D
00:00:21objasnjavati yes
00:00:21yeW- theres the other too
00:00:21yeW- 2 heroes left
00:00:21Firelord0.1 many carry
00:00:21Fxx. its same strong like meka creep
00:00:21KeLToS anyone slark`?
00:00:21nigulas the old shadow demon shit?
00:00:21Fxx. nothing good
00:00:21objasnjavati k
00:00:21yeW- ye the gnoll shit
00:00:21yeW- ban gondar
00:00:21yeW- no
00:00:21yeW- ban sotrm
00:00:21KeLToS storm
00:00:21yeW- storm
00:00:21nigulas are they imba
00:00:21nigulas or shit?
00:00:21Fxx. 1. blood ?
00:00:21FirstBlood -naga
00:00:21nigulas cuz ive been geeking dota2
00:00:21KeLToS then he get am?
00:00:21Fxx. can u pick for me please ?
00:00:21nigulas and now i cant play cuz dota2 takes too much bandwich so
00:00:21nigulas it laggs like hell
00:00:21yeW- hm
00:00:21yeW- i go husk
00:00:21FirstBlood what?
00:00:21yeW- let him am
00:00:21yeW- np
00:00:21KeLToS storm
00:00:22Fxx. slark
00:00:36FirstBlood slark is for me :D
00:00:37Fxx. ty
00:00:41Fxx. nooooo
00:00:42FirstBlood i wanted this hero
00:00:42Fxx. :-)
00:00:52objasnjavati i go xin
00:00:53Fxx. i can pown him
00:00:58yeW- no u dont
00:00:59yeW- :(
00:01:00objasnjavati or naga
00:01:01yeW- -clear
00:01:03yeW- naga is banned
00:01:03nigulas naga is banned
00:01:05nigulas my friend
00:01:07yeW- get stunners
00:01:10Asiankid mid
00:01:14KeLToS go sd or something like that
00:01:19Fxx. s1 pick eredar vs magina
00:01:20Fxx. i dont know play this hero
00:01:20Firelord0.1 magna got proved
00:01:22Firelord0.1 hmm
00:01:28Fxx. its bad
00:01:29yeW- proved
00:01:30Fxx. rly rly bad
00:01:30yeW- ?
00:01:31yeW- lol
00:01:37Firelord0.1 more range
00:01:38objasnjavati say me what i pick
00:01:47yeW- get LESH
00:01:54KeLToS yes why not
00:02:07Asiankid me mid
00:02:12Asiankid go bot
00:02:17nigulas lulz at dota1 graphics
00:02:18nigulas :D:D
00:02:21Fxx. 2 carry 1 side ?
00:02:21FirstBlood weaver
00:02:24FirstBlood get out
00:02:26Fxx. dont think its good
00:02:32bragh go top then
00:02:33bragh sigh
00:02:34FirstBlood go top
00:02:34Firelord0.1 hey nigu whats ur dota 2 name
00:02:38nigulas d0rk
00:02:42FirstBlood no 2 agi in same line
00:02:45Fxx. anyway
00:02:47yeW- suits u just fine
00:02:48yeW- ;D
00:02:49Fxx. rly bad destro mid
00:02:50Fxx. vs magina
00:02:51nigulas well
00:02:54nigulas d0rk is my real nick
00:02:55nigulas since
00:02:57Fxx. u will see
00:02:58Fxx. all
00:02:59nigulas 13 years ago
00:03:01Firelord0.1 i played somtimes dota 2
00:03:03nigulas i just randomed nigulas in gc
00:03:04Firelord0.1 but dont like it
00:03:18nigulas 100000x better
00:03:19Fxx. magina top
00:03:19Fxx. ok
00:03:20nigulas thn dota 1 :D
00:03:22Rotkiv j
00:03:33Firelord0.1 i feel like a noob
00:04:57Firelord0.1 damn
00:05:00objasnjavati damn
00:05:13Firelord0.1 losing this line -.-
00:05:16objasnjavati k
00:05:36objasnjavati ss
00:05:56Asiankid ssmid
00:05:58Asiankid re
00:06:06Firelord0.1 ssslardk
00:06:47KeLToS have u not skilled banish
00:06:55nigulas i used it btw
00:07:04Fxx. ss 2
00:07:38Asiankid -ms
00:07:41Firelord0.1 fucking bat
00:07:42Firelord0.1 owns
00:07:45objasnjavati k
00:08:12objasnjavati ss
00:08:12Firelord0.1 ss
00:08:14yeW- yes
00:08:15yeW- FUC U
00:08:25yeW- 1 h latee
00:08:26yeW- sss
00:08:29yeW- useless damn noobs
00:08:42yeW- ss
00:08:43yeW- slark
00:08:44Asiankid -ms
00:09:01Firelord0.1 slark roaming
00:09:26KeLToS od top
00:09:54objasnjavati b
00:10:01nigulas slark invi
00:10:19Firelord0.1 3 bot
00:10:21Firelord0.1 4
00:10:25Firelord0.1 3
00:10:41Firelord0.1 2
00:11:22FirstBlood lol
00:11:23Firelord0.1 b
00:12:01Asiankid ssup
00:12:02Asiankid 2
00:12:11yeW- -ma
00:13:09nigulas i come top
00:13:10nigulas to k ill
00:13:18Firelord0.1 slark is goign top
00:14:02Fxx. rofl
00:14:10yeW- xd
00:14:31nigulas fuck
00:14:34nigulas sd is too much fun
00:15:07bragh top rune
00:15:39bragh please heal earlier
00:15:58yeW- well wp bot
00:16:00nigulas magnus
00:16:02nigulas did u ulti?
00:16:06yeW- he did not
00:16:07Firelord0.1 was cd
00:16:59Fxx. hahahah
00:17:07objasnjavati hah
00:17:09Fxx. extreme fast dead
00:17:10Fxx. :-)
00:17:12objasnjavati k
00:17:15objasnjavati ;)
00:18:22Fxx. unfair
00:18:26Fxx. allways vs 2-3
00:18:33yeW- stfu shithole
00:18:39Fxx. u speak to your mom
00:18:39Fxx. ?
00:18:54yeW- is that all u got?
00:18:58yeW- pseudo mom joke?
00:19:04Firelord0.1 cd ulti
00:19:25yeW- ye
00:19:28Fxx. was only question
00:19:30Asiankid -ms
00:20:04yeW- keltos
00:20:05yeW- be rdy
00:20:07yeW- ur gonna tank
00:20:10yeW- rosh for me soon
00:20:45Asiankid b
00:21:04yeW- all stay b
00:21:31yeW- kel
00:21:32yeW- come
00:21:38yeW- b
00:21:46yeW- GO
00:21:47yeW- ROSH
00:22:40yeW- ur ulties firelord
00:22:40yeW- wow
00:23:26yeW- kel go
00:24:14bragh 1 by 1
00:24:20bragh lambs to the slaughter : |
00:24:31Rotkiv that was ..
00:24:32Fxx. we are never all together
00:24:37Fxx. they are allways all
00:24:48KeLToS who take
00:24:50yeW- me
00:24:52nigulas husk
00:24:52nigulas y
00:24:57bragh we just chased stupidly
00:25:17nigulas dat nigulas and hes wards
00:25:23Asiankid bb
00:25:30bragh i get wards
00:25:33bragh then go gank their jungle
00:25:34nigulas slark
00:25:37nigulas b
00:25:37nigulas b
00:25:38nigulas b
00:26:45FirstBlood go gang
00:26:47FirstBlood with smoke
00:26:47Asiankid smoke
00:26:48Asiankid go gang
00:26:49Asiankid mid
00:26:51Asiankid all
00:26:53Asiankid coming
00:26:58bragh they killed the wards
00:27:01bragh yeay
00:27:43yeW- blah
00:27:51Firelord0.1 4 guys in my ulti
00:27:53Firelord0.1 no use
00:28:28yeW- such a noob
00:28:32yeW- this obja
00:29:41objasnjavati I surrender! [1/5 of Scourge]
00:30:56objasnjavati make helm husk
00:31:02yeW- shut
00:31:03yeW- ur noob mouth
00:31:15objasnjavati hahaha
00:32:49yeW- wp lesh
00:33:34Asiankid no tower
00:33:34Asiankid go mid
00:34:23yeW- look at this lesh
00:34:24yeW- lol
00:35:01FirstBlood b
00:35:20Asiankid -apm
00:35:24bragh why'd you stay? saw i was dead anyhow : (
00:35:31FirstBlood :)
00:36:12nigulas guys
00:36:13nigulas MANABOOTS
00:36:45yeW- all b
00:37:00yeW- go b
00:37:49Firelord0.1 I surrender! [2/5 of Scourge]
00:37:53objasnjavati I surrender! [2/5 of Scourge]
00:38:10yeW- u aint missed a lot
00:38:10yeW- nigu
00:38:13yeW- same bobs
00:38:15yeW- failin
00:38:17yeW- every time
00:38:18yeW- I surrender! [3/5 of Scourge]
00:38:22nigulas well
00:38:26nigulas ive never seen this
00:38:28nigulas brown before
00:38:43bragh GAY
00:38:43bragh GAUY
00:38:43bragh GAY
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