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+3 TS

87% | 1546 X | 1481 TS

+47 X
+4 TS

86% | 1639 X | 1359 TS

+24 X
+2 TS

82% | 1511 X | 1424 TS

+18 X
+2 TS

66% | 1388 X | 1323 TS

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62% | 1341 X | 1327 TS

-56 X
-2 TS

97% | 1788 X | 1530 TS

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-2 TS

95% | 1744 X | 1502 TS

-41 X
-3 TS

69% | 1386 X | 1368 TS

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-3 TS

66% | 1346 X | 1374 TS

-5 X
-7 TS

16% | 1025 X | 1143 TS

Chat log

00:00:03WANKmaster -ap
00:00:04que2stress -ap
00:00:06WANKmaster can u play
00:00:08WANKmaster rubic
00:00:10WANKmaster vutten
00:00:10WANKmaster ?
00:00:11vutten y
00:00:16WANKmaster ill play kunkka
00:00:16WANKmaster then
00:00:19vutten kk
00:00:25vutten but i can play kunka
00:00:26que2stress zeus silencer top
00:00:28MnmlArT -hhn
00:00:30MnmlArT -clear
00:00:45WANKmaster -swap 4
00:00:46vutten -swap
00:00:48oo0OoO0oo he will come there
00:00:48WANKmaster -swap 3
00:00:49PeterLars u mid
00:00:50vutten -swap 4
00:00:52WANKmaster y
00:00:53PeterLars wankie
00:00:55vutten -swap 2
00:00:59que2stress nortrom
00:01:00PeterLars magnus
00:01:01PeterLars go bot
00:01:04que2stress plant wards for naix
00:01:09Iho y
00:01:09PeterLars u need farm too
00:01:12vutten -clear
00:01:12que2stress nice
00:01:13PeterLars rex top
00:01:14MnmlArT y
00:01:26MnmlArT rubick haras them and let me farm
00:01:31vutten yy
00:01:32PeterLars which one of u is nerd to pc ??
00:01:34vutten ofc
00:01:41que2stress storm
00:01:47MnmlArT strom :)
00:01:50PeterLars he never answe
00:01:50PeterLars r
00:01:52PeterLars R
00:01:55que2stress ye he is nerd
00:01:55MnmlArT he does
00:02:10PeterLars wr
00:02:12PeterLars wtf
00:02:14MnmlArT go b
00:02:16oo0OoO0oo ses willy
00:02:24que2stress HATEEE
00:02:25MnmlArT lool
00:02:29vutten y
00:02:40MnmlArT 3ple
00:02:44PeterLars pull
00:02:51PeterLars me lag?
00:02:52MnmlArT y
00:02:53que2stress HATEE
00:02:59PeterLars i cant play with that shit
00:03:17MnmlArT :D
00:03:18MnmlArT wtf
00:03:19MnmlArT whit ward
00:03:38MnmlArT b
00:03:39MnmlArT b
00:03:39MnmlArT b
00:03:39MnmlArT b
00:03:40MnmlArT b
00:05:09que2stress bah rofl
00:05:29PeterLars this shit delay
00:06:00prolog1C. share
00:06:19prolog1C. nort
00:06:20prolog1C. share
00:06:45prolog1C. share
00:06:46prolog1C. MAN
00:07:06que2stress miss?
00:07:20que2stress SHARE CHICKEN
00:07:21prolog1C. IHO SHARE
00:07:25WANKmaster ?
00:07:25que2stress IHO
00:07:25oo0OoO0oo iho share chicken
00:07:25MnmlArT ss naix
00:07:25Iho ok
00:07:25que2stress SHARE
00:07:25que2stress CHICKEN
00:07:31vutten share plz
00:07:32PeterLars dont pause for that
00:07:39que2stress i needed
00:07:43que2stress i cant read text
00:07:44que2stress he
00:07:50que2stress needs stimulation
00:07:55que2stress gang mid pl
00:08:07PeterLars ss top
00:08:07PeterLars 1
00:08:08MnmlArT SS 2
00:08:24vutten mid aftwer
00:08:26vutten +0
00:08:28vutten ?
00:08:44prolog1C. stop
00:08:45prolog1C. it
00:09:11vutten sry
00:09:23MnmlArT zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz
00:09:23vutten fu
00:09:28vutten lol
00:10:16MnmlArT b
00:10:31WANKmaster ss
00:10:36MnmlArT care
00:10:38MnmlArT rubick
00:10:40MnmlArT naix
00:10:48MnmlArT omw
00:10:48oo0OoO0oo svans
00:11:03que2stress invis magna
00:11:04que2stress is mid
00:11:31que2stress ss
00:11:32tvorozok mp 0
00:11:55Iho 5 top
00:11:57Iho :
00:12:06tvorozok i am lag?
00:13:03PeterLars WTTF
00:13:21oo0OoO0oo omfg kunka
00:13:23PeterLars was it me?
00:13:26WANKmaster yeah
00:13:29oo0OoO0oo mili second
00:15:00oo0OoO0oo svans
00:15:11oo0OoO0oo gal du dårlig
00:15:17MnmlArT REX
00:15:18MnmlArT LEAVE
00:15:19MnmlArT FARM
00:15:48WANKmaster jesus fuck
00:15:49WANKmaster rex
00:15:50WANKmaster take
00:15:51WANKmaster hawk
00:15:53MnmlArT y
00:16:01MnmlArT b
00:16:02MnmlArT rex
00:16:04MnmlArT b
00:16:05MnmlArT b
00:16:16MnmlArT omw whit inv
00:17:33que2stress jester are u going jango?
00:17:35VanillaThunder y
00:17:39que2stress k
00:18:17VanillaThunder b
00:18:39WANKmaster mnmlart
00:18:40WANKmaster get
00:18:40vutten :D
00:18:41WANKmaster dagger
00:18:42oo0OoO0oo hej
00:18:42WANKmaster plz
00:18:54vutten damn skull have taget din spell i stedet'
00:18:56prolog1C. le me
00:19:13que2stress le moi
00:19:25VanillaThunder tower low
00:19:37que2stress naix
00:20:07prolog1C. fucking WR
00:20:10prolog1C. why
00:20:20que2stress why fight there
00:20:22que2stress kunka dd
00:20:25que2stress me 50 mana
00:20:28que2stress yellow not here
00:20:49PeterLars eg
00:20:50PeterLars reg
00:20:52PeterLars rexx
00:20:53WANKmaster allways
00:20:54WANKmaster use ult
00:20:55WANKmaster on naix
00:20:58WANKmaster teamfights
00:21:06WANKmaster rex
00:21:10tvorozok ok
00:21:55MnmlArT mana
00:21:56MnmlArT rubick
00:22:04vutten cd
00:22:08MnmlArT ?
00:22:42VanillaThunder luna
00:22:43VanillaThunder b
00:22:56MnmlArT oO
00:24:23WANKmaster yeah
00:24:23WANKmaster oom
00:24:55Iho mana
00:25:24MnmlArT 2
00:25:26MnmlArT 4
00:25:31MnmlArT wtf
00:26:08vutten guys???
00:26:25MnmlArT u suck
00:26:32vutten you just stand thee
00:26:38que2stress ye sry
00:27:15que2stress naix
00:28:41WANKmaster for
00:28:42WANKmaster real
00:28:43WANKmaster :D:Dd
00:28:44MnmlArT rly
00:28:45MnmlArT no1`
00:28:46MnmlArT come
00:29:00vutten so now you see how it is
00:29:05vutten no one cares
00:29:07MnmlArT U SUCK
00:29:10MnmlArT stfu
00:29:19MnmlArT ghj
00:29:21MnmlArT gj
00:29:35vutten y
00:29:38vutten fu me really
00:30:39WANKmaster cant rly win this
00:30:58PeterLars why
00:31:10WANKmaster cuz they got
00:31:10WANKmaster items
00:31:30que2stress clever :D
00:31:42VanillaThunder well...
00:32:04oo0OoO0oo have dust
00:32:52WANKmaster magnus also
00:32:54WANKmaster not going
00:32:55WANKmaster dagger
00:32:57MnmlArT no
00:32:58WANKmaster wont get any
00:32:59MnmlArT i am not
00:32:59WANKmaster good
00:33:00WANKmaster ulties
00:33:01WANKmaster so
00:33:04WANKmaster there is noway
00:33:06WANKmaster we can win
00:33:07WANKmaster it
00:33:08WANKmaster like that
00:33:14WANKmaster we will get 0 magnus kunkka
00:33:16WANKmaster combo
00:33:17WANKmaster beacuse
00:33:20WANKmaster of that
00:33:53MnmlArT gj luna rubick
00:33:54MnmlArT wp
00:34:26MnmlArT plant
00:34:26MnmlArT wards
00:34:27MnmlArT . . .
00:34:30que2stress gather
00:34:34que2stress and do sth great
00:34:39prolog1C. need gem
00:34:43oo0OoO0oo have dust
00:34:44que2stress buy it
00:34:45MnmlArT no hawk lvl 16
00:34:46MnmlArT I surrender! [1/5 of Scourge]
00:34:48que2stress jester
00:34:57que2stress or naix
00:35:27que2stress go ase
00:35:28MnmlArT omw
00:35:29PeterLars b
00:36:03que2stress camp
00:36:26PeterLars they got
00:36:27PeterLars wards
00:36:48MnmlArT wp
00:37:01prolog1C. next time silencer
00:37:02prolog1C. ulti plz
00:37:08que2stress he didnt watch
00:37:29VanillaThunder b
00:37:31que2stress kuinka gettin fat
00:37:39prolog1C. we need gem
00:37:40prolog1C. and gg
00:37:44que2stress buy it
00:37:46que2stress n
00:37:51que2stress ty
00:38:00oo0OoO0oo cd on
00:38:13oo0OoO0oo its in base
00:38:21oo0OoO0oo push
00:38:21PeterLars warded
00:38:42MnmlArT kunka u go forcestaff
00:38:48WANKmaster ofc
00:39:08WANKmaster like
00:39:08MnmlArT gg wp
00:39:09WANKmaster i said
00:39:12que2stress def
00:39:15WANKmaster u wont
00:39:16WANKmaster get
00:39:16WANKmaster any
00:39:17WANKmaster ulties
00:39:19WANKmaster in
00:39:27MnmlArT lol dager would help ?
00:39:31MnmlArT whit silence
00:39:31MnmlArT ?
00:39:34WANKmaster ofc
00:39:36WANKmaster it would
00:39:37MnmlArT silence orchid hex ?
00:39:47vutten ok
00:39:47MnmlArT and zeus
00:39:49WANKmaster ofc
00:39:50WANKmaster it
00:39:51WANKmaster woudl
00:39:54WANKmaster geez :D:D:D
00:41:22WANKmaster oh
00:41:22Iho :D
00:41:25WANKmaster a lucky bash also
00:41:28MnmlArT go rampage
00:41:29prolog1C. :P
00:41:30MnmlArT rex inc
00:41:39vutten y
00:41:49WANKmaster only u magnus
00:41:57WANKmaster would have been gamechanger
00:41:59WANKmaster with ur ulti
00:42:06WANKmaster since u didnt get any ulties
00:42:06WANKmaster in
00:42:07WANKmaster we lost
00:42:10MnmlArT u rly think that i care
00:42:14MnmlArT we didnt lost cause of me
00:42:14WANKmaster :D:d
00:42:18WANKmaster we lost
00:42:19WANKmaster cuz
00:42:20WANKmaster u didnt
00:42:20WANKmaster get
00:42:23WANKmaster any ulties
00:42:26MnmlArT cuz luna suck
00:42:28MnmlArT and rubick 2
00:42:36WANKmaster doesent
00:42:39WANKmaster rly matter
00:42:42WANKmaster how they play
00:42:46WANKmaster if u wont get any ulties
00:42:46tvorozok gem
00:43:05que2stress just end
00:43:06que2stress naix
00:43:07que2stress wtf
00:43:15que2stress :D
00:43:19prolog1C. ^^
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