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-55 X
-2 TS

93% | 1707 X | 1495 TS

+2 X
-2 TS

86% | 1594 X | 1436 TS

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-3 TS

86% | 1615 X | 1387 TS

-44 X
-12 TS

65% | 1346 X | 1355 TS

-9 X
-3 TS

60% | 1314 X | 1339 TS

+30 X
+3 TS

98% | 1927 X | 1469 TS

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+3 TS

82% | 1492 X | 1449 TS

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+2 TS

79% | 1477 X | 1420 TS

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+5 TS

75% | 1485 X | 1348 TS

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+3 TS

50% | 1302 X | 1249 TS

Chat log

00:00:14Palle wishes
00:00:170Xxo0_o mort
00:00:17prolog1C. slarky boy
00:00:17VanillaThunder :D
00:00:170Xxo0_o luna
00:00:17VanillaThunder axe plz
00:00:17Palle -ogre
00:00:17prolog1C. rylai
00:00:170Xxo0_o 1st pick rylai ?
00:00:170Xxo0_o wtf ?
00:00:17KeLToS slark
00:00:17Palle getting abba
00:00:17MYuksel < axe
00:00:170Xxo0_o ure complet ?
00:00:210Xxo0_o go lyca
00:00:27Palle fuck lyca
00:00:27VanillaThunder lyca sucks^^ :D
00:00:29Palle so nerfed
00:00:31prolog1C. lycan is shit fixed
00:00:32Palle wolf 0 hp
00:00:32VanillaThunder jep
00:00:41VanillaThunder 2 towerhits and dead
00:00:52Palle get cm
00:00:56MYuksel skal du spille axe ?
00:00:58prolog1C. get me cm
00:00:59Palle cm
00:00:59Palle cm
00:00:59Palle cm
00:01:04KeLToS måske
00:01:06Palle ill go top with cm
00:01:070Xxo0_o noo
00:01:08Palle luna mid
00:01:100Xxo0_o my luna
00:01:12KeLToS giv mig veno
00:01:18MYuksel -swap 1
00:01:19KeLToS -swap 3
00:01:20Palle get rhasta veng next
00:01:200Xxo0_o u go abba as caar Y?
00:01:21KeLToS -clear
00:01:23MYuksel skal du mid ?
00:01:23Palle y
00:01:24Palle ofc
00:01:27KeLToS du må godt
00:01:33Palle if cm does well
00:01:35diesel palle
00:01:38diesel u go carry build?
00:01:38VanillaThunder -swap 4
00:01:39Palle we got 3-4 kills before 5
00:01:42prolog1C. -swap 3
00:01:43Palle and free farm for me
00:01:47Palle luna
00:01:48Palle u mid
00:01:50diesel ok
00:02:100Xxo0_o -clear
00:02:17MYuksel tager han mid med abba ?
00:02:27VanillaThunder imba ward support^^ :D
00:02:28KeLToS måske
00:02:32AliBaba ward tuskar..
00:02:34AliBaba come on
00:02:480Xxo0_o -swap 3
00:02:50Palle cm get a tp fast
00:02:510Xxo0_o -clear
00:02:54Palle so u can help if axe dive
00:03:00Palle or go behind tower
00:03:11prolog1C. go top
00:03:15VanillaThunder -swap 5
00:03:290Xxo0_o xD
00:03:450Xxo0_o care
00:03:59Palle go puill
00:04:03Palle ffs
00:04:05Palle dont rake mfarm
00:04:36diesel gank mid
00:04:39diesel asap
00:05:35diesel gank mid asap
00:05:42prolog1C. omw
00:05:43Palle cmk gank mid
00:05:45prolog1C. go rdy
00:05:49prolog1C. get*
00:06:08MYuksel miss ?
00:06:13MYuksel thx top
00:06:19sn0t.rocker well shes woods all time
00:06:28prolog1C. chicken?
00:06:31Palle get bottle
00:06:330Xxo0_o omg
00:06:36MYuksel ss
00:06:37MYuksel ryal
00:06:370Xxo0_o srz
00:06:38MYuksel care bot
00:06:39sn0t.rocker and i wont say miss for wood heros
00:06:45Palle buy it
00:06:49MYuksel wood hero ?
00:06:500Xxo0_o i forgive
00:06:56sn0t.rocker SHE WAS WOODS ALL TIME
00:06:56AliBaba han har ikke været på lane
00:07:06diesel gank mid again
00:07:08diesel asap
00:07:16prolog1C. go top
00:07:16prolog1C. !
00:07:21VanillaThunder im b
00:07:230Xxo0_o need help
00:07:47sn0t.rocker tide epic pro
00:08:23Palle give healing please
00:08:29KeLToS ss rhasta
00:08:30Palle healing cm
00:08:31Palle please
00:08:37Palle ty
00:08:450Xxo0_o plz help bot
00:08:54sn0t.rocker omw mid
00:09:06sn0t.rocker reg
00:09:08MYuksel thx
00:09:09diesel miss top
00:09:100Xxo0_o plzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz
00:09:10diesel regen top
00:09:11diesel care top
00:09:13sn0t.rocker go mid
00:09:20diesel car etop
00:09:21MYuksel ss
00:09:45sn0t.rocker help
00:09:46sn0t.rocker 3 top
00:09:59MYuksel wait
00:10:000Xxo0_o ff
00:10:01MYuksel take me in
00:10:020Xxo0_o rly
00:10:04MYuksel rhasta
00:10:05VanillaThunder chill
00:10:070Xxo0_o i can say 1000x
00:10:16MYuksel idiot
00:10:18MYuksel told y
00:10:20diesel MDI MISSING
00:10:22MYuksel rhasta
00:10:25MYuksel then he go abba
00:10:27MYuksel fuckin retard
00:10:28sn0t.rocker too far away anyways
00:10:33MYuksel loool
00:10:360Xxo0_o ss1
00:10:49prolog1C. nearly oom
00:10:58sn0t.rocker go lina
00:11:00sn0t.rocker w8 me
00:11:06MYuksel b
00:11:12diesel dont take kills
00:11:28sn0t.rocker 3 mid
00:11:29sn0t.rocker hel
00:11:31sn0t.rocker help
00:11:40sn0t.rocker we got shit line up
00:11:43KeLToS topwer
00:11:55sn0t.rocker ss mid
00:11:56sn0t.rocker care bot
00:11:58sn0t.rocker b
00:11:59sn0t.rocker bot
00:12:05sn0t.rocker dead
00:12:11sn0t.rocker retard
00:12:300Xxo0_o lol 4
00:12:370Xxo0_o 0x midd
00:12:410Xxo0_o miss
00:12:52Palle copm
00:12:57Palle luna
00:12:57Palle come
00:13:00sn0t.rocker bob
00:13:10sn0t.rocker all
00:13:11sn0t.rocker mid
00:13:13sn0t.rocker Come
00:13:49sn0t.rocker no
00:13:50sn0t.rocker dont
00:14:03sn0t.rocker shit picks
00:14:13MYuksel ganked 2 times
00:14:15MYuksel u failed
00:14:17MYuksel that is shit
00:14:18sn0t.rocker lol
00:14:21sn0t.rocker axe is shit
00:14:21AliBaba tuskar was failpick
00:14:23sn0t.rocker and u are shit
00:14:33sn0t.rocker axe movespeed 0
00:14:37sn0t.rocker thats nice vs them
00:14:52Palle get tps
00:15:51prolog1C. why not b?
00:15:520Xxo0_o y
00:15:550Xxo0_o shit hero
00:15:570Xxo0_o omf
00:15:58MYuksel :.
00:16:160Xxo0_o phase mby ?
00:16:17MYuksel skærm noob
00:16:31sn0t.rocker SPEEEEELL
00:16:52Palle what a fucking bug
00:17:17Palle that ulti stops tp
00:17:18Palle what a joke
00:17:270Xxo0_o oom
00:17:38sn0t.rocker ff
00:18:27Palle fight
00:18:59MYuksel full hp levi
00:19:08sn0t.rocker np hes super
00:19:16MYuksel u are super
00:19:23MYuksel they picked well
00:19:24sn0t.rocker i know
00:19:510Xxo0_o sec
00:19:590Xxo0_o ooom
00:20:12VanillaThunder damn
00:20:120Xxo0_o oh
00:20:13marsbar2k go
00:20:160Xxo0_o b
00:20:180Xxo0_o fast
00:20:430Xxo0_o oh rhasta
00:20:45prolog1C. b mid
00:21:020Xxo0_o phase ffs
00:21:31MYuksel ¨
00:21:39MYuksel n
00:21:40Palle wards please
00:21:47Palle they gonna take rosh any time now
00:22:51sn0t.rocker everytime i try to help i die
00:22:53sn0t.rocker nice
00:22:58MYuksel dont help
00:23:04sn0t.rocker i wont anymore
00:23:32diesel HELLO
00:23:56prolog1C. why aba
00:24:20Palle Ezz
00:25:150Xxo0_o go
00:25:30Palle go rosh
00:25:330Xxo0_o y
00:25:44Palle hold him
00:25:57Palle bite
00:26:13diesel -ms
00:26:20diesel -ms
00:26:35sn0t.rocker b
00:26:42prolog1C. go end this game
00:26:57diesel 0 chance to win when MYksel in team
00:27:00diesel right?
00:27:02diesel :D
00:27:03sn0t.rocker ture
00:27:03marsbar2k :D
00:27:04MYuksel :D
00:27:17MYuksel u won mid, cuz or mate ganked
00:27:21MYuksel or u had 0 farm
00:27:27MYuksel so shh
00:28:05sn0t.rocker FUCKING HELP ME
00:28:270Xxo0_o b
00:28:30prolog1C. fucking aba shithead
00:28:33prolog1C. solo player
00:28:43Palle solo player?
00:28:49prolog1C. u never help us
00:28:51Palle i was in the middel uf fight
00:28:54prolog1C. u only want to kill
00:29:00Palle just stay ner me
00:29:04prolog1C. lol HOW
00:29:10prolog1C. when axe and tide chase me
00:29:29MYuksel twr
00:29:47prolog1C. b
00:31:00marsbar2k I surrender! [1/5 of Sentinel]
00:31:03sn0t.rocker I surrender! [2/5 of Sentinel]
00:31:04KeLToS I surrender! [3/5 of Sentinel]
00:31:10MYuksel lol we win this
00:31:11AliBaba I surrender! [4/5 of Sentinel]
00:31:18sn0t.rocker lol
00:31:21MYuksel yes we do
00:31:21sn0t.rocker are u kidding?
00:31:28MYuksel ehm no ?
00:31:50Palle stun item
00:31:50Palle or radi
00:31:56diesel brains
00:31:56VanillaThunder stun
00:31:580Xxo0_o stun
00:32:03diesel maytbe use shield on ur teammate sometimes
00:32:04diesel or hgeal
00:32:12Palle let me farm bot then i got it
00:32:12prolog1C. !
00:32:34MYuksel gather
00:32:35diesel -ms
00:32:36MYuksel smoke
00:32:44KeLToS 2 sek
00:32:54AliBaba har også pipe
00:33:260Xxo0_o fucking gaylords
00:33:32KeLToS mid gho
00:34:01Palle why u fight
00:34:08diesel coz I noob
00:34:27sn0t.rocker b
00:35:00sn0t.rocker stupid to go there
00:35:07marsbar2k just ff it =)
00:35:08marsbar2k I surrender! [4/5 of Sentinel]
00:35:10sn0t.rocker y
00:35:12sn0t.rocker dead
00:36:03sn0t.rocker they rosh now
00:36:19KeLToS come 2 me
00:36:19Palle got the item
00:36:40sn0t.rocker go luna
00:36:42prolog1C. they rosh
00:36:44MYuksel go
00:36:46prolog1C. THE HELL COME
00:37:37MYuksel gg wp
00:37:37MYuksel I surrender! [5/5 of Sentinel]
00:37:38prolog1C. again aba
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