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90% | 1643 X | 1431 TS

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85% | 1568 X | 1422 TS

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81% | 1487 X | 1448 TS

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Chat log

00:00:07Vilkuky tvorozok
00:00:13tvorozok ?
00:00:16Domess noob
00:00:17Vilkuky are you a chick?
00:00:18lumo -
00:00:19KeLToS -clear
00:00:19Asiankid someone
00:00:19KeLToS anyone tide/es
00:00:19Vilkuky me es
00:00:19Asiankid want pick somethink
00:00:19Asiankid kk
00:00:19pursuewhatstrue i can tide
00:00:19tvorozok yes, and?
00:00:19Asiankid -axe
00:00:19pursuewhatstrue or es
00:00:19tvorozok me lich
00:00:19tvorozok plz
00:00:19pursuewhatstrue better tide
00:00:19pursuewhatstrue sk
00:00:19Vilkuky nothing, its cool
00:00:19KeLToS void
00:00:19tvorozok ) thx)
00:00:24KeLToS what u want dude
00:00:26Domess lich
00:00:27pursuewhatstrue tide
00:00:29Domess lich sk
00:00:30Domess nice
00:00:33pursuewhatstrue sk
00:00:34pursuewhatstrue good
00:00:42KeLToS tide for u
00:00:45pursuewhatstrue k
00:01:00Asiankid take me wind runer
00:01:02Asiankid ok
00:01:18KeLToS get me cent
00:01:20Domess luch
00:01:25KeLToS -swap 4
00:01:26pursuewhatstrue -swap 1
00:01:27Asiankid wind runer
00:01:27KeLToS -clear
00:01:27Asiankid for me
00:01:28Domess lich pls
00:01:30Vilkuky roger
00:01:38Vilkuky -swap 1
00:01:40Asiankid -swap 4
00:01:50Domess get liuch pls
00:01:57KeLToS sven, check rune
00:01:58U.Fail2Amuse.ME so
00:02:00KeLToS mb we can fb
00:02:02lumo cant farm on bot
00:02:02U.Fail2Amuse.ME what to pick
00:02:03Vilkuky are these lanes ok?
00:02:03Domess 2 sec
00:02:03Smell.this.ass u want bot ?
00:02:04Smell.this.ass es
00:02:05U.Fail2Amuse.ME eza?
00:02:05Domess pick
00:02:05Domess doctor
00:02:05Domess ?
00:02:05Vilkuky yeah
00:02:05Domess u can ?
00:02:05Smell.this.ass sure
00:02:05lumo wd
00:02:05lumo y
00:02:05Vilkuky better like that I think
00:02:05lumo good
00:02:05Smell.this.ass ive seen your es bot its nice :D
00:02:05U.Fail2Amuse.ME panda or doc
00:02:05U.Fail2Amuse.ME ?
00:02:05Smell.this.ass so its fair :D
00:02:05Vilkuky I can baby sit razor
00:02:05pursuewhatstrue doc
00:02:05Vilkuky and lich + pudge can kill
00:02:05Domess doctor or pugna
00:02:05KeLToS u decide
00:02:05U.Fail2Amuse.ME k
00:02:05Smell.this.ass np
00:02:05Domess no more carry!!
00:02:05Smell.this.ass il go top
00:02:06pursuewhatstrue no more melee
00:02:07Domess no more carry!
00:02:10Domess pugna or doctor
00:02:13Domess gj
00:02:15Vilkuky Es is my most played hero on dota.gc and dotalicious
00:02:16KeLToS sven go check rune
00:02:16Smell.this.ass wannabe items ES !
00:02:21lumo come
00:02:22pursuewhatstrue come
00:02:25Vilkuky I go always same build
00:02:27Smell.this.ass :D
00:02:27lumo sven
00:02:28lumo come
00:02:29diesel is dotalicious active_
00:02:39lumo sven
00:02:39Smell.this.ass i miss dota league :(
00:02:40lumo come
00:02:40Vilkuky its the only active dota1 place I think
00:02:46Vilkuky Its alot more active than .gc
00:02:46pursuewhatstrue /w DotaKeys: You control Tidehunter [g,r,c,v]
00:02:54Asiankid garena
00:02:56Vilkuky but this is kinda my home still
00:03:01Vilkuky well garena is garena
00:03:04Asiankid they play 100k people dota
00:03:06lumo got stun?
00:03:10diesel more games than gc?
00:03:11Vilkuky but not quality games
00:03:12KeLToS y
00:03:12lumo mid
00:03:14lumo ok
00:03:15lumo we kill
00:03:17Vilkuky alot more
00:03:20diesel ok
00:03:21Vilkuky check it out
00:03:24diesel do u have to have original?
00:03:27Vilkuky nope
00:03:29lumo go stun
00:03:33Domess ok wait
00:03:37Domess lich
00:03:48Domess gj
00:04:26diesel :D
00:04:34lumo let me farm
00:04:37lumo maskofdeathj
00:04:53lumo ..
00:05:08Domess ahha didnt see
00:05:11lumo stun
00:05:24Domess go
00:05:25lumo STUN
00:05:25Domess ?
00:05:26Domess luich
00:05:27Domess ?
00:05:28Domess wait
00:05:29lumo VITTU
00:05:35Domess go
00:05:59Domess b
00:06:05lumo why the fuck u cant stun earlier
00:06:16Domess for the waht
00:06:16Domess man
00:06:17lumo vitun turha pelaaja
00:06:26diesel lets kill
00:06:30Vilkuky i make block
00:06:32Vilkuky then kill
00:06:59diesel gjgjgj
00:06:59Domess go pull
00:07:00Vilkuky u2
00:07:15Domess man b
00:07:16Domess u die
00:07:34pursuewhatstrue k
00:07:50Smell.this.ass cmon luich
00:07:52Smell.this.ass more helpful
00:07:58diesel kill
00:07:59diesel again
00:08:09Domess lich
00:08:13diesel gj
00:08:15Vilkuky u2
00:08:22lumo teil o kova pudge :D
00:08:24Domess go from behind
00:08:28lumo osunu 0 hookkii
00:08:32Vilkuky peli just alko
00:08:43Vilkuky harva osunu
00:08:55KeLToS wr tiop
00:08:58diesel kill tide again
00:08:58Vilkuky I try fissure
00:09:02KeLToS wr goingtop
00:09:09diesel kill whoever comes
00:09:15Domess ffs
00:09:16Domess shot
00:09:17Domess mg
00:09:20Smell.this.ass dis lioch
00:09:25Asiankid ssmid
00:09:26Asiankid re
00:09:32U.Fail2Amuse.ME go
00:09:43pursuewhatstrue onmg
00:09:46diesel gj
00:10:01KeLToS ss
00:10:15Domess gg
00:10:25Domess we got mass stuns
00:10:26Domess we need to gang
00:10:27Domess pls
00:10:32Domess no one gang here
00:10:59Domess u stupid
00:11:01Asiankid ssmid
00:11:02Domess wards!!
00:11:24KeLToS ss wr going top
00:11:34KeLToS re
00:11:44Asiankid smid
00:11:46diesel lyi
00:11:48Asiankid take rune
00:11:49diesel flying please
00:12:10Smell.this.ass im abbandoning top
00:12:25Domess b
00:12:30tvorozok sps
00:12:35tvorozok thx*
00:12:42Vilkuky when I get arcanes I roam
00:12:48lumo go
00:12:56diesel come
00:12:57diesel es
00:13:11Asiankid ssnud
00:13:12Asiankid mid
00:13:38diesel how the fuck
00:13:41diesel did u even see me there
00:13:41Vilkuky yeah wtf
00:13:43lumo ;:D
00:13:43diesel and es
00:13:43Vilkuky no vision
00:13:45diesel srsly
00:13:50diesel try to stun
00:13:51Smell.this.ass go
00:13:51lumo cheats
00:13:52Asiankid nova
00:13:55diesel to block
00:13:58Vilkuky I was trying to block him completely
00:14:02KeLToS lets get crow and wards
00:14:05Vilkuky to secret shop
00:14:08Domess ffs
00:14:12Vilkuky but he chagned direction
00:14:12Smell.this.ass wake up lich
00:14:12Smell.this.ass plx
00:14:13Domess they fcking gang
00:14:14Domess no wards
00:14:14lumo b
00:14:20Domess comon pugna
00:14:30Domess coz they gang
00:14:30Domess often
00:14:37lumo tp
00:14:40Vilkuky arcanes
00:14:45Vilkuky 20 g
00:14:47Smell.this.ass give love
00:15:13pursuewhatstrue soon ult
00:15:14diesel flying
00:15:15diesel please
00:15:59diesel FOG
00:16:00Vilkuky suicdi
00:16:27diesel reuse
00:16:28diesel chicken
00:16:28Domess b
00:16:33pursuewhatstrue wards pls
00:16:33lumo ss all
00:16:35Domess wards pls ??!!
00:16:55Domess omg buy wards pugna
00:17:11Asiankid i coming
00:17:19Domess gogo es
00:18:04Vilkuky tp
00:18:06Vilkuky def
00:18:07Vilkuky top
00:18:09Vilkuky i tp
00:18:25Domess gg
00:18:30Domess U CAN fuckign decre
00:18:31Domess =,??
00:18:33Domess u retarded noob
00:18:34Domess !!
00:18:35Vilkuky mana at me
00:18:38Domess NO WARDS
00:18:39Asiankid go top
00:18:39lumo tp tide
00:18:40lumo top
00:18:40Asiankid tower
00:18:40Domess + FUCKING NOOB
00:18:42Domess GO FUCK U BITCH
00:18:42Asiankid i coming
00:18:46U.Fail2Amuse.ME dumass it was ur fault u couldnt dodge a straight hook
00:18:47U.Fail2Amuse.ME plz
00:18:47U.Fail2Amuse.ME su
00:18:48pursuewhatstrue k i tp
00:18:51lumo we kill
00:18:55lumo u got ulti
00:18:56lumo ?
00:18:56Vilkuky dive if heroes
00:18:57Domess Shut the fuck up noob
00:19:01U.Fail2Amuse.ME dumass
00:19:01Domess BUY wards u bitch
00:19:03KeLToS tide?
00:19:03lumo come
00:19:05U.Fail2Amuse.ME u know u faild there
00:19:07U.Fail2Amuse.ME dont cry
00:19:07pursuewhatstrue gank
00:19:08diesel im not going 1. :D
00:19:11Domess where is currier
00:19:12pursuewhatstrue tank
00:19:14pursuewhatstrue i jum,
00:19:21Domess gogogo
00:19:27Domess gg
00:19:31Domess i didnt tp
00:19:31Domess omg
00:19:37Domess damn noobs
00:19:41Domess noob pugna
00:19:42Domess always
00:19:42Domess nice
00:19:45pursuewhatstrue stop flame
00:19:45pursuewhatstrue ffs
00:19:51KeLToS -clear
00:19:56Vilkuky lich can you get obs
00:19:57Domess fu noob
00:20:05Domess we got mass stun
00:20:06Domess no one gang
00:20:08Vilkuky I need blink
00:20:08Domess go farm noobs
00:20:11tvorozok tes
00:20:12Domess we lose now
00:20:15pursuewhatstrue stfu
00:20:18pursuewhatstrue already
00:20:29tvorozok wards? u meen?
00:20:31U.Fail2Amuse.ME dumass hvnt played with u like 4 mounth seems u hvnt grown up
00:20:31Vilkuky yeah
00:20:33U.Fail2Amuse.ME soz m8
00:20:34U.Fail2Amuse.ME ;(
00:20:34tvorozok ok
00:20:37Vilkuky obs = wards
00:20:40tvorozok ok)
00:20:49KeLToS i farm 2 my dagger now
00:20:53tvorozok where?
00:20:58Vilkuky at runes
00:21:08Domess wow
00:21:44Domess gogo tide
00:21:45Domess ulty
00:21:46Domess go
00:21:59Domess u all fucking noobs
00:22:05Domess NBOW ULTY ??
00:22:12pursuewhatstrue was cde
00:22:14Domess TIDE
00:22:15Domess OMG
00:22:17Domess ULTY FOR ONE
00:22:23pursuewhatstrue idiot it was cd ok ?
00:22:25Domess and u attack all
00:22:27Domess !! noobs
00:22:28pursuewhatstrue if u know nothing
00:22:29pursuewhatstrue STFU
00:22:30Domess SO DONT USE IT
00:22:33Domess IDIOT
00:22:34pursuewhatstrue fuck u
00:22:36Domess FOR one fucking hero
00:22:36Domess u bitch
00:22:38Domess now we lose
00:22:40Domess next fight
00:22:42KeLToS stfu dude
00:22:43Vilkuky miks blinkki
00:22:52pursuewhatstrue u so mentally disabled
00:22:57KeLToS got dagger
00:23:00lumo hullu jos noi osais stunnaa
00:23:01lumo :D
00:23:04diesel -ms
00:23:06Domess wow
00:23:07Domess pro
00:23:07Asiankid go
00:23:09Asiankid midle
00:23:10Asiankid tower
00:23:11Domess 3stuns
00:23:12Domess and lose
00:23:13Domess gg
00:23:15Domess noob puganb
00:23:42Domess :D
00:23:44diesel fuck that
00:23:45Domess ty to me
00:23:45diesel :D
00:23:45Domess noob
00:24:01Domess well nice
00:24:02Domess go down
00:24:15Asiankid go gnags
00:24:17Asiankid team play
00:24:22Vilkuky y
00:24:24Asiankid go
00:24:24Asiankid down
00:24:25Asiankid all
00:24:30lumo b? :D
00:25:10Domess with wards is better
00:25:11Vilkuky reg
00:25:24pursuewhatstrue without your talk is even better
00:25:25Asiankid smoke
00:25:26Asiankid and gangs?
00:25:27Domess fu
00:25:34Vilkuky reuse
00:25:34pursuewhatstrue see when we start win u are good
00:25:41pursuewhatstrue hate ppl like u
00:25:45U.Fail2Amuse.ME ye dumass closed his toothless mouth for a sec and game started to go good
00:25:48KeLToS su pls all
00:25:50KeLToS -clear
00:26:04Domess they ganng ?
00:26:41KeLToS ppl
00:26:41Domess gg
00:26:49Asiankid gh
00:26:50Asiankid shaker
00:26:51Domess yeye
00:26:52KeLToS well ok then go ba
00:26:59U.Fail2Amuse.ME we had them there
00:27:01U.Fail2Amuse.ME \kinda
00:27:04U.Fail2Amuse.ME dunno why 3 back
00:27:07Domess ye pugna stay back
00:27:08Domess pls
00:27:10Domess just put ward!!
00:27:11Domess idiot
00:27:21lumo ok
00:27:22lumo :D
00:27:22Domess rlly stupid noobs
00:27:25KeLToS -clear
00:27:26Smell.this.ass HELLO
00:27:28U.Fail2Amuse.ME k dumass
00:27:31U.Fail2Amuse.ME i stay b
00:27:43Asiankid go
00:27:44Asiankid tower
00:27:44Asiankid p
00:27:45U.Fail2Amuse.ME i go only famr and buy wards
00:27:46U.Fail2Amuse.ME np
00:27:46Domess go 5v5!!
00:27:58Domess go b u idiot
00:28:32diesel CRAP
00:28:42Domess cmion img
00:28:57pursuewhatstrue i had to go top
00:28:59pursuewhatstrue when i tp
00:29:02Domess care cent
00:29:15Vilkuky illu
00:29:22Vilkuky i take?
00:29:25Asiankid i take
00:29:27Asiankid or take
00:29:27Asiankid now
00:29:30Domess only es is dangerous
00:29:35KeLToS i have no mana
00:29:41lumo ONKO HYVÄT MIKROT :D
00:29:44Domess tide u will die
00:29:45Domess go d
00:29:47Domess for hp
00:29:52Vilkuky helvetin
00:30:01lumo pysähdyit ja pelasit illuil :/
00:30:07pursuewhatstrue who feeds most usually talks most
00:30:17Asiankid wards
00:30:20Vilkuky mitä sitä turhaan liikkua
00:30:24lumo :]
00:30:27Domess noiooo !!
00:30:27Vilkuky lich more obs pls
00:30:28Domess b
00:30:29Domess omg
00:30:32lumo go
00:30:33Domess MEET
00:30:36Asiankid we
00:30:37Domess Wait meert
00:30:37Asiankid must stat
00:30:38Vilkuky damn was writing
00:30:38Domess OMG MEET
00:30:39Domess wait
00:30:42Domess we stun first
00:30:43Domess tide ulty
00:31:08lumo idk why i have to start fights
00:31:17lumo is it so hard to blink and ulti
00:31:18Domess WHY
00:31:19Domess U JUMP
00:31:24Domess tide is noob
00:31:25Domess omg
00:31:27Domess JUMP ULTY
00:31:28Domess THAN CENT
00:31:29Vilkuky dat feel when dead before ulti
00:31:36Domess RLLY
00:31:41Domess U FUCKJINGNOOB u jump last
00:31:42Domess idiot to kill all
00:31:45Domess pff
00:31:47lumo well when we jump?
00:31:47Domess what a fucking nobo
00:31:50pursuewhatstrue the biggest noob in our team is u sven
00:31:50Domess tide is fuckign scary
00:31:55Domess no its u
00:31:58Domess coz u cant do ur job
00:32:00Domess u bitch
00:32:06Domess u noob just accept it
00:32:06lumo ":D"
00:32:08Vilkuky as support you really should buy obs lich =) they help with map control
00:32:15Domess we ask only for blink and ulty
00:32:16diesel lol
00:32:17Domess u cant do that ?
00:32:18diesel arent you?
00:32:20tvorozok ofcors
00:32:23Asiankid let him
00:32:25Domess guyts and when they go back let them go omg
00:32:27Domess ffs
00:32:27Asiankid he play well
00:32:28Vilkuky I could buy but you know
00:32:29pursuewhatstrue i only ask u to stfu
00:32:33Domess gang if they come
00:32:34U.Fail2Amuse.ME dumass chill all is going to be ok kid
00:32:35lumo :D
00:32:46Domess BEHIND
00:32:47diesel p mid
00:32:47Domess TOWEr
00:32:47diesel gogo
00:32:49Domess WHEREU GO
00:32:54Vilkuky its not bad to give advice
00:32:56Asiankid smoke?
00:33:00pursuewhatstrue u so retarded
00:33:01pursuewhatstrue sven
00:33:02pursuewhatstrue wow
00:33:03Domess they gang you
00:33:04Domess idiots
00:33:16Vilkuky ultio
00:33:17KeLToS can u su now?
00:33:19KeLToS rly annoying?
00:33:23Vilkuky push
00:33:25Vilkuky i blink
00:33:28Domess WAIT
00:33:29Domess OMG
00:33:30Domess STOP TO GO
00:33:30Asiankid b
00:33:31Domess WAIT
00:33:52Domess $IDIOT
00:33:54lumo gg
00:33:55Domess WHY DECREPIHY
00:33:55Domess OMG
00:33:59Domess pugna
00:34:08Domess u rlly anyoniung
00:34:09Domess pugna rlly
00:34:17KeLToS balance
00:34:19pursuewhatstrue I surrender! [1/5 of Scourge]
00:34:22pursuewhatstrue this domess should be banned
00:34:22Domess :D
00:34:22Domess shut the fuck up u bitch
00:34:22Domess noob
00:34:22Asiankid hey
00:34:22Domess die
00:34:22Asiankid litch
00:34:22pursuewhatstrue flame from min 1
00:34:22Domess retarded sucker
00:34:22Asiankid sry
00:34:22Asiankid man
00:34:22pursuewhatstrue annoying
00:34:22Asiankid can u balance
00:34:22tvorozok it`s not fear((((
00:34:22Domess tide banned worst player in gc
00:34:22U.Fail2Amuse.ME dumass i killed the one that i drcriped
00:34:22tvorozok ofc
00:34:22Domess :D
00:34:22Domess ok good
00:34:22Domess pugna
00:34:22Domess u po
00:34:22Domess ro
00:34:22tvorozok good luck)
00:34:22Vilkuky we will win
00:34:22Asiankid ty;)
00:34:22Asiankid gl hf
00:34:22KeLToS BALANCE
00:34:22diesel ye
00:34:22tvorozok i hope)
00:34:22diesel his going
00:34:22diesel lich
00:34:22diesel hf..
00:34:37Domess lol we lost coz noob tide :((
00:34:44U.Fail2Amuse.ME can i have dagger
00:34:45U.Fail2Amuse.ME plz
00:34:52U.Fail2Amuse.ME or to sven
00:35:02Asiankid i take
00:35:04Asiankid ultimate orb
00:35:18Domess lol
00:35:23Domess + 2562 d?g
00:35:25Vilkuky did
00:35:26Domess lol
00:35:27Asiankid go
00:35:27Vilkuky you kill rosh?
00:35:28Asiankid push
00:35:31Asiankid coz
00:35:35Asiankid they are strong
00:35:40Asiankid dont wanna risk
00:35:46Asiankid and diesel play solo
00:36:09Asiankid go mid
00:36:19Domess ok gogo
00:36:29Domess illu
00:36:33KeLToS b?
00:36:35Domess tp pls
00:36:40Domess pugna u rlly fucking noob
00:36:51Vilkuky come razor
00:37:33Asiankid fuck
00:37:37Domess tide lol
00:37:41Domess u wait for full hp ?
00:37:41Asiankid need
00:37:42Vilkuky no razor
00:37:43KeLToS I surrender! [2/4 of Scourge]
00:37:43Vilkuky no kills
00:37:44Domess Omg what a fucking noob
00:37:45Asiankid live steal
00:37:49Smell.this.ass what are u doing razor
00:38:00diesel was afk
00:38:01diesel lets pujsh
00:38:02diesel sry
00:38:10Smell.this.ass :D
00:38:17Vilkuky thx
00:38:20Domess gogo all
00:38:23Domess nice cent
00:38:39diesel CRAP
00:38:41Domess so imba
00:38:42Asiankid oh please
00:38:43Asiankid man
00:38:54Domess care
00:38:55Asiankid last games with you are boring
00:38:58Asiankid u farm and still loss
00:39:11Vilkuky lets move with only 4
00:39:12Vilkuky from now on
00:39:18Vilkuky deal?
00:39:19Domess cent :D
00:39:20Domess go b omg
00:39:23Asiankid y
00:39:25Asiankid buy
00:39:26Asiankid smoke
00:39:27Asiankid for gnags
00:39:34Asiankid check
00:39:34Asiankid rosh
00:39:37Asiankid all ss
00:39:39Asiankid smell
00:39:54Vilkuky powershot
00:39:58Domess meet
00:40:01Domess place ward
00:40:04Asiankid no
00:40:05Domess pugna
00:40:07Asiankid they w8
00:40:11Asiankid for good action
00:40:16diesel go roshan
00:40:16Domess death
00:40:18U.Fail2Amuse.ME normal ward?
00:40:22Vilkuky move with 4
00:40:26Vilkuky no more fights
00:40:29Vilkuky without razor
00:40:39pursuewhatstrue go
00:40:40pursuewhatstrue rosh
00:40:55Domess yy go
00:41:26Domess I surrender! [3/4 of Scourge]
00:41:29Domess ff it
00:41:38Asiankid racs
00:41:52KeLToS why are we playing on?
00:41:52pursuewhatstrue i hope i never get in team with this retard domess
00:41:55Domess idiitot
00:41:58pursuewhatstrue I surrender! [3/4 of Scourge]
00:42:10pursuewhatstrue pugnaff
00:42:25Domess u should pick fucking doctor
00:42:36U.Fail2Amuse.ME I surrender! [4/4 of Scourge]
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