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99% | 1918 X | 1531 TS

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96% | 1734 X | 1530 TS

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63% | 1409 X | 1273 TS

Chat log

00:00:16yeW- rasmis
00:00:16yeW- what are you playin
00:00:16Rasmus.Seebach me invo
00:00:16yeW- oh god
00:00:16yeW- lord have mercy upon us
00:00:16PeterLars he is good with it :P
00:00:16marsbar2k furi
00:00:16yeW- peter
00:00:16PeterLars y
00:00:16yeW- what u playin
00:00:16PeterLars dunno
00:00:16yeW- hm
00:00:16PeterLars just ban ns
00:00:16yeW- ns
00:00:25yeW- shud i spe
00:00:26yeW- spec go id play sky if possible
00:00:31yeW- hm
00:00:37yeW- silkwood, u need to buy courier
00:00:42PeterLars omg
00:00:57silkwood let I play sky
00:01:01yeW- aleks goes void i bet nop
00:01:04yeW- ;D
00:01:05yeW- -clear
00:01:09PeterLars let
00:01:10PeterLars me mid
00:01:13yeW- hm
00:01:41yeW- bat n me bot
00:01:56marsbar2k im guesing we aint gonna get some wards
00:01:58PeterLars go sladre
00:01:58marsbar2k and they got rasmus
00:02:00marsbar2k the ward bitch
00:02:06yeW- courier
00:02:08yeW- silkwood
00:02:08PeterLars chick
00:02:09yeW- -cear
00:02:11yeW- -clear
00:02:18yeW- from silkwood.
00:02:20yeW- ?
00:02:25PeterLars share
00:02:32pursuewhatstrue /w DotaKeys: off
00:02:33pursuewhatstrue /w DotaKeys: on
00:02:35pursuewhatstrue /w DotaKeys: You control Bristleback [g,r,k,w]
00:02:36PeterLars why u left yesterday :D
00:02:48yeW- i did? oO
00:02:51PeterLars :d
00:02:53yeW- oh ye i disced
00:02:54yeW- bad net
00:02:58PeterLars orrh
00:03:04Buttons dude
00:03:12Buttons learn to play your fucking hero pls
00:03:18Buttons passive first lvl is stupid
00:03:29pursuewhatstrue i am idiot
00:03:33yeW- ss
00:03:33yeW- 2
00:03:34yeW- ss
00:03:36Buttons go goo 1 lvl
00:03:36yeW- re
00:03:37Buttons and quills
00:03:39Buttons srsly
00:05:46yeW- pullin
00:05:46marsbar2k ss
00:05:51PeterLars kom
00:06:10creeeeeee ss
00:06:11creeeeeee sry
00:06:44yeW- get aba
00:06:47PeterLars kom igen
00:07:13marsbar2k ss
00:07:16PeterLars go sky
00:07:26Buttons great
00:07:27marsbar2k ss
00:07:28marsbar2k care top
00:07:36silkwood ok
00:07:42pursuewhatstrue -ma
00:07:47Rasmus.Seebach heal
00:07:51yeW- have
00:07:51yeW- np
00:08:19creeeeeee levi coming mid
00:08:45Aleks875 -cs christ
00:09:58yeW- lol Christ x2
00:10:02yeW- ^^ :D
00:10:27Buttons pls
00:10:28Buttons move
00:12:02Aleks875 -cs
00:12:21marsbar2k its warded
00:13:26yeW- -ma
00:13:36creeeeeee slow slow
00:14:00yeW- gang
00:14:19yeW- slard stop farmin
00:14:20yeW- n gang
00:14:21yeW- jesus
00:14:51creeeeeee 4 top
00:14:52yeW- gogo
00:14:59creeeeeee levi no ult
00:15:42PeterLars ulti
00:15:43PeterLars him
00:16:00silkwood I was out of range how can that retard aleks have treads + mom by now?
00:16:51yeW- wtf
00:16:51creeeeeee fcin heal or shield me
00:16:53yeW- I went back to base
00:16:54yeW- lal
00:17:04Buttons cd's
00:17:05Buttons motherfucker
00:18:41yeW- HELP?
00:18:53PeterLars this team
00:18:54PeterLars farming
00:18:54PeterLars all
00:19:11yeW- gah i shuda gone mid y
00:19:17yeW- u did shit s that nub invo
00:19:55marsbar2k :D
00:19:57marsbar2k fuck me!
00:19:58yeW- how lmao
00:20:03Aleks875 there so much
00:20:25yeW- k ill just farm now
00:20:27yeW- this is borin nii kinni ei ole lihtsalt võimalik olla
00:20:52marsbar2k lets push
00:21:21PeterLars now i dont kill any
00:21:25PeterLars farming for my dagger
00:21:34marsbar2k stop solo :D
00:21:39creeeeeee he didnt find my wards
00:21:41creeeeeee hehee and none tps i go to woods then since all other lanes are taken
00:23:27creeeeeee noOOOO
00:23:55creeeeeee googoo
00:23:56creeeeeee mid with dd
00:24:04Buttons ball ulti
00:24:05yeW- ..
00:24:10Rasmus.Seebach :D
00:24:21yeW- slard
00:24:22yeW- leave game retardedä ffs Cant u stun him? so i can ulti him god sakes
00:24:38yeW- leave this game slard
00:24:42yeW- we might have a chance then ff
00:25:08PeterLars hahaah
00:25:19creeeeeee silence ended after 2 sek
00:25:20creeeeeee how cool
00:25:27PeterLars haha 'why do i even try to leave u kills
00:26:00yeW- why do u focus
00:26:06yeW- 2 at the same time i didint i took void under dmg and disabled that invo fucker
00:26:19yeW- u tried to kill void n invo
00:26:22yeW- had u just taken voi
00:26:23yeW- sure kil It wouldve been GJGJGJG if i gotten them both i risked, and didint and its lost aniway
00:26:42yeW- lol
00:27:22marsbar2k :D
00:27:29creeeeeee auch
00:27:38creeeeeee buttsecks? just lol
00:28:22creeeeeee :D
00:28:27yeW- f
00:28:28yeW- ff it al
00:28:31Buttons -ms
00:28:36Buttons -ms I surrender! [1/5 of Sentinel]
00:28:40yeW- can u pls sure
00:28:42yeW- ban this rasmus imo slardar
00:28:50yeW- once and for all
00:29:11Rasmus.Seebach yew i broke youre oms pussy
00:29:13Rasmus.Seebach :D
00:29:17yeW- peter
00:29:19yeW- u in café
00:29:20Rasmus.Seebach moms
00:29:21yeW- with rasmus?
00:29:36PeterLars got dagger
00:30:00PeterLars lol
00:30:02yeW- f it
00:30:03yeW- ff it cant make it this fucker wont jsut stun void
00:30:10yeW- type ff I surrender! [1/5 of Sentinel]
00:30:28silkwood I surrender! [2/5 of Sentinel]
00:30:30yeW- I surrender! [3/5 of Sentinel]
00:30:33yeW- pls
00:30:38silkwood I surrender! [3/5 of Sentinel]
00:31:26yeW- FF IT
00:31:27yeW- PETER
00:31:28yeW- RASMSU
00:32:06yeW- dont play
00:32:07marsbar2k we gotta go again
00:32:08marsbar2k end
00:32:08yeW- here
00:32:09yeW- anymore
00:32:10marsbar2k etc
00:32:12yeW- silkwood
00:32:13marsbar2k lets rosh
00:32:15pursuewhatstrue go rosh
00:32:17silkwood why ?
00:32:20Rasmus.Seebach yew tell your mom hear pussy stinks
00:32:21yeW- we have enough shitholes
00:32:22Rasmus.Seebach :D
00:32:22yeW- as it is
00:32:30Buttons share chick
00:32:35yeW- managing
00:32:36pursuewhatstrue u control me
00:32:37pursuewhatstrue no
00:32:38yeW- to get outfarmed
00:32:41yeW- vs aleks
00:32:41Buttons no i skilled you
00:32:42yeW- on lane
00:32:43Buttons is a difference
00:33:36yeW- go ff
00:33:37yeW- bah
00:33:51PeterLars haha
00:35:15yeW- peter
00:35:16yeW- pls
00:35:16yeW- cmon
00:35:19PeterLars no
00:35:22PeterLars i never f
00:35:24marsbar2k i just need a reg
00:36:10creeeeeee :D
00:36:14marsbar2k gather please
00:36:40Aleks875 lol
00:36:43pursuewhatstrue ok go end
00:37:02creeeeeee almost 20 sek no tp help -.-
00:37:39yeW- be glad
00:37:43yeW- we have someone who loses lane to aleks Thats like hardest thing to do Even if somebody pays you
00:38:18PeterLars dead lars you wont ff
00:38:26PeterLars no because u dont have money for another hour in cafe?
00:38:32PeterLars lol
00:38:34PeterLars i got refreshr soon
00:38:34marsbar2k balance jew
00:38:34PeterLars we could win it
00:38:34yeW- k we can kick 1 out also
00:38:34Aleks875 yew little bit better than Rasmus today but we are so behind on farm
00:38:34yeW- aleks talkin
00:38:38yeW- Pls take a screenshot
00:38:50yeW- lmao
00:39:10yeW- these nubs
00:39:10yeW- god
00:39:19marsbar2k Nubs gotta happend sometimes
00:39:27yeW- they happen too often
00:40:56Buttons these ultis
00:41:21yeW- wp cre
00:41:36creeeeeee overwarded rasmsus
00:41:40creeeeeee thats sth new
00:41:47creeeeeee he never got my wards
00:41:48creeeeeee :D
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