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88% | 1577 X | 1455 TS

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Chat log

00:00:08AliBaba :D
00:00:10diesel BOTH
00:00:11diesel sweet
00:00:14AliBaba :D
00:00:15Strom indeed
00:00:17Strom pugna & rhasta
00:00:17pWny- a small goblin haha
00:00:17AliBaba sweeet
00:00:17fUNCh noertti
00:00:17fUNCh u know new heros ?
00:00:17diesel noertti
00:00:17AliBaba thats the old goblin :b
00:00:17diesel lets not ban new heros?
00:00:17noertti sure
00:00:17noertti ok
00:00:17pWny- its eredar ^^
00:00:17faildn the pig
00:00:17pWny- old model of shadow demon
00:00:17faildn lol
00:00:17noertti -chaos
00:00:17fUNCh and that dragon is stolen model from basic wc3 ? ud flying Fuck ?
00:00:17AliBaba :D
00:00:17Tkora xD
00:00:17bragh "stolen"? lol
00:00:17diesel -es
00:00:17bragh and yep, it's frost wyrm
00:00:17AliBaba le me please play it
00:00:17AliBaba :(
00:00:26AliBaba imba mid hero
00:00:26noertti i mid solosz
00:00:26fUNCh share plz
00:00:30pWny- u know it?
00:00:32fUNCh for sec
00:00:33Strom no tahad seda wyverni jah+
00:00:34pWny- when it comes out the new dota?
00:00:35AliBaba t
00:00:39diesel FUCK THAT
00:00:40diesel :D
00:00:43Tkora logical
00:00:45AliBaba i play it here in cafe :b
00:00:46fUNCh tnx
00:00:47fUNCh can remove
00:00:49Tkora pick new heros first :)
00:00:54AliBaba we all play it 5v5 samehero .b
00:01:04Tkora what should i pick
00:01:05AliBaba oh kurdi
00:01:15pWny- share me diesel
00:01:16AliBaba ZIP
00:01:19pWny- just wanna watch the stuff
00:01:21pWny- what he can spell and so on
00:01:24Tkora can i wind?
00:01:40Tkora can i wind?
00:01:48noertti uh, why not?
00:01:52Tkora ok
00:01:55Tkora just asking
00:01:58Tkora so i dont get
00:02:01noertti pls just someone get courier
00:02:04noertti ty
00:02:05Tkora '' omg idiot what have you picked''
00:02:37fUNCh strom lugesid mis enne kirjutasin ircus
00:02:44fUNCh ja vaata mu viimast venda nüüd
00:02:44Strom kus?
00:02:45Strom ah
00:02:46Strom ircus
00:03:00oo0OoO0oo what can new hero do
00:03:12Strom ei lugenud
00:03:16AliBaba -afl
00:03:19AliBaba -afk
00:03:26AliBaba nedcro ? :D
00:03:30oo0OoO0oo y pull ?
00:03:51fUNCh warded
00:03:56AliBaba got afk
00:04:07pWny- dmnd was afk reading the chadngelog ^^
00:04:56faildn gj
00:04:58pWny- fuck
00:05:00pWny- -hhn
00:05:00Tkora u2
00:05:05AliBaba rambo ? :D
00:05:27diesel MID MISISNG
00:05:28diesel CARE BOT
00:05:33Tkora fuck
00:05:44pWny- go naga
00:05:49diesel mid re
00:06:17pWny- miss down
00:06:48diesel ganking bot
00:06:51pWny- k
00:07:14Tkora OMG
00:07:15diesel gj
00:07:17faildn kuda hp-d juurde tuli?
00:07:18Tkora say miss
00:07:23diesel mingi spell on
00:07:33noertti he is dieded so ofc miss
00:07:35bragh ss2 top
00:07:36oo0OoO0oo ss
00:07:38diesel miss
00:07:39diesel e
00:07:40bragh re
00:07:41bragh 2
00:07:41diesel re
00:07:52pWny- omfg
00:07:53AliBaba sry :s
00:08:01pWny- not your fault ^^
00:08:20pWny- dive
00:08:36faildn ss
00:08:36faildn 2
00:08:39fUNCh ss
00:09:01Strom ss
00:09:27noertti midmis
00:09:28diesel mid missing
00:09:29pWny- miss mid
00:09:30pWny- got rune
00:09:31pWny- care
00:09:32noertti watch out bot, i think he went for bot rune
00:09:34pWny- hook
00:09:35noertti nvm
00:09:36noertti re
00:10:00faildn how is he?
00:10:43AliBaba oh
00:10:45pWny- -.-
00:10:50AliBaba im b'
00:10:59pWny- jojo
00:11:00diesel FUCK U
00:11:00diesel :D
00:11:04noertti :D
00:12:07AliBaba gg
00:12:15Strom why no rot?
00:12:37Tkora dafuq was that ice shit?
00:12:49faildn cmere
00:13:04pWny- xD pudge
00:13:07AliBaba bah :D
00:13:27Strom does midas work double?
00:13:33pWny- no
00:13:36noertti yes
00:13:37pWny- cooldown is on both
00:13:40fUNCh rofl
00:13:45noertti just wait for 75b
00:13:46fUNCh refu works double ?
00:13:46pWny- its changed now
00:13:48pWny- ?
00:14:03Strom changed now?
00:14:06Strom 6.75 came out today
00:14:11Strom what are you talking about pwny
00:14:22pWny- midas works now double times?
00:14:24pWny- its new
00:14:29Strom I'm talking about that arc warden
00:14:31Strom and his ultimate
00:14:31fUNCh there was prebeta realease too
00:14:38pWny- hlp
00:14:51fUNCh or just pre
00:14:52pWny- hook
00:15:55AliBaba bah
00:16:26pWny- what a hook
00:16:28pWny- ^^
00:17:14pWny- 2 times this new heor
00:17:25fUNCh ffs
00:17:26fUNCh sry
00:17:28fUNCh had worng keys
00:17:31oo0OoO0oo :D
00:17:37fUNCh didnt find soulring
00:18:02fUNCh -ms
00:18:11pWny- ?
00:18:13pWny- hlp
00:18:14pWny- ROCKERT
00:18:14bragh wtf
00:18:14AliBaba wtf
00:18:18pWny- rocket
00:18:28noertti i used phantom walk
00:18:33AliBaba wtf
00:19:24pWny- oom
00:20:25oo0OoO0oo omfg
00:20:28pWny- kill
00:20:38pWny- hlp
00:20:43faildn did i cancel your stun? :D
00:20:46pWny- what is it?
00:20:48oo0OoO0oo y
00:20:51oo0OoO0oo and dmg
00:20:59noertti ??
00:21:04faildn fuck
00:21:16pWny- you can icewall me
00:21:18pWny- it heals me?
00:21:20pWny- diesel?
00:21:23diesel no its heal
00:21:25pWny- hlp
00:21:28diesel i put it on u
00:21:30diesel and it will heal
00:21:36diesel + no psyhical damage
00:21:42pWny- k
00:21:43pWny- thats great
00:21:54pWny- ^^
00:21:56AliBaba D
00:24:23pWny- necro lvl 3 allready
00:24:23pWny- wtf
00:24:44pWny- he makes illu of its own
00:24:47pWny- like meepo or what?
00:24:50oo0OoO0oo wtf
00:24:50diesel no
00:24:53diesel its clickable
00:24:54oo0OoO0oo lotahrs changed
00:24:55Strom kind of like meepo
00:24:56faildn yea
00:24:56diesel and he can use all spells
00:24:58Strom only
00:24:59diesel and all items
00:25:00Strom instead of boots
00:25:02Strom you get all items
00:25:17AliBaba .....¨'
00:25:27faildn is the new hero fun?
00:26:46diesel -ms
00:27:18pWny- 2 necros
00:27:19pWny- lol
00:27:26pWny- wtf how imba is this
00:27:32diesel well
00:27:33bragh 2 necros and good thing he doesn't use domi
00:27:35diesel he knows how to play it
00:27:49pWny- ah he can duplicate himself
00:27:52faildn :D
00:27:54faildn nice pudge u got there
00:27:55pWny- and use the items so also two times ?
00:28:04fUNCh nice naga talking
00:28:23Tkora omg
00:28:26Tkora so much shit luck
00:29:26pWny- dagon would be imba also on him
00:29:26pWny- xD
00:29:47diesel 'omg
00:29:50diesel force stuff recepy
00:29:51diesel 500
00:29:56pWny- -.-
00:30:02AliBaba :D::D:
00:30:03bragh omni lothart
00:30:05bragh aaaaaaaaaaaa
00:30:10Strom it's funch
00:30:15bragh eul recipe cheaper though
00:30:42pWny- go him
00:30:44pWny- i come with ulti
00:30:46diesel ja sellele on
00:30:48diesel treads suht parem
00:31:07pWny- DFUUU
00:31:18diesel stiaks fun hero
00:31:19diesel mul tegelt
00:31:20AliBaba didnt se omni invis
00:31:22diesel ma ütleks
00:31:32diesel kui viis venda koos on ja ma ühele ulti peale viskan peksavad ise srunuks ta suht
00:31:34Strom need to def other lanes, bot lost
00:32:31pWny- mana reg also better in your ice
00:32:35diesel its
00:32:36diesel illu
00:32:37diesel man
00:32:39pWny- -.-
00:32:55pWny- how should i know?
00:33:02diesel his here under ur nose
00:33:04diesel "ready to die"
00:33:47fUNCh rofl
00:34:19pWny- hook
00:34:19diesel kui ma selle 1. spelli peale pane
00:34:21diesel n
00:34:27diesel kas siis tappa ei ole võimalik vastuast+
00:35:46diesel tra see necro book on räme item talle ikka
00:36:03diesel rubic võib suht imba olla ju
00:36:06diesel stealib selle ulti
00:36:09Strom :D
00:36:09diesel paneb 2x black hole
00:36:10diesel :D
00:36:23Strom rubick on suht alati imba :D
00:37:02Strom fuck
00:37:03pWny- -.
00:37:03noertti ??
00:37:07faildn whats with the illusion?
00:37:24diesel ma arvan et treads parem slelele
00:37:25diesel kui mana boots
00:37:26noertti it can use my abilities
00:37:27noertti and items
00:37:34faildn what about hp n stuff
00:37:37noertti same
00:37:38pWny- hook
00:37:41noertti as original
00:37:56pWny- lol wtf so much goblins
00:37:57AliBaba so many goblins
00:38:31noertti b
00:38:36Strom need to push back from mid
00:38:39Strom heal and lets go
00:38:49pWny- should i def downlane?
00:39:05pWny- now theres allways 10 goblins
00:39:07pWny- or wtf
00:40:05AliBaba :D
00:40:08noertti nice combo
00:40:17noertti physical + magic immunity
00:41:13pWny- lol
00:41:20pWny- hes imba fast
00:41:23AliBaba fast nigga
00:41:25Strom necro, you're useless with that dagon stealing
00:42:10bragh oscar mike golf
00:42:15faildn :D
00:42:22AliBaba hvor fuck blev du af ?
00:42:29AliBaba arh lothers
00:42:31AliBaba bøs
00:42:54oo0OoO0oo :D 9 hp :DD
00:43:46Tkora g motherfucking g
00:44:47bragh I surrender! [1/5 of Sentinel]
00:44:51noertti gg lul
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