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+19 X
+2 TS

86% | 1565 X | 1448 TS

-7 X
+2 TS

85% | 1600 X | 1400 TS

+2 X
+2 TS

82% | 1570 X | 1373 TS

+19 X
+1 TS

80% | 1426 X | 1475 TS

+36 X
+20 TS

6% | 961 X | 1066 TS

-33 X
-2 TS

77% | 1509 X | 1346 TS

+13 X
-2 TS

73% | 1408 X | 1416 TS

+5 X
-1 TS

72% | 1425 X | 1378 TS

-3 X
-2 TS

70% | 1407 X | 1361 TS

-33 X
-1 TS

67% | 1364 X | 1360 TS

Chat log

00:00:02oo0OoO0oo -ap
00:00:02vaityl rg gop
00:00:02mby_next_time -ap
00:00:02Palle i make rd
00:00:02McFele ap??
00:00:02Palle not ap
00:00:02McFele no
00:00:02oo0OoO0oo ap
00:00:02vaityl rd
00:00:02que2stress its ap
00:00:02Palle no
00:00:02vaityl go reatrd
00:00:02mby_next_time no new ppl
00:00:02oo0OoO0oo ap or ban
00:00:02Palle -ap
00:00:02oo0OoO0oo :DD
00:00:02vaityl fuckin leave
00:00:02mby_next_time kurdi
00:00:02mby_next_time you're banned
00:00:03mby_next_time so np
00:00:04vaityl ffs
00:00:06que2stress really shut up kurdi
00:00:12oo0OoO0oo my net went
00:00:18oo0OoO0oo and had to restart
00:00:19vaityl syqa ebenaia
00:00:19101010 lol
00:00:21que2stress :D
00:00:21mby_next_time when 0:3 mid
00:00:25que2stress ofc ur net went
00:00:28mby_next_time dude dont lie so obviously
00:00:30que2stress and it takes 4 min
00:00:31oo0OoO0oo 3/0
00:00:31que2stress to restart
00:00:33oo0OoO0oo so what
00:00:36oo0OoO0oo lvl6 hes paper
00:00:39McFele go now me slard top
00:00:41que2stress so u can give him
00:00:42McFele and seer rasta bot
00:00:43que2stress 0:3
00:00:43Palle sure thing
00:00:43mby_next_time and?
00:00:45Palle u jump
00:00:46Palle i ulti
00:00:47Palle whos paper?
00:00:59mby_next_time -hhn
00:01:01mby_next_time -don
00:01:02mby_next_time -water red
00:01:03mby_next_time -clear
00:01:05mby_next_time come bara asap
00:01:08mby_next_time they will antipyull
00:01:09oo0OoO0oo well see
00:01:13oo0OoO0oo pro
00:01:32Smell.this.ass dont do the same again fele :D
00:01:36oo0OoO0oo this team got a 50% player as cap :DD
00:01:41oo0OoO0oo i espect to win easy
00:02:14vaityl b
00:02:16mby_next_time yo
00:02:17vaityl haste
00:02:18que2stress even same rune :D
00:02:20mby_next_time pretty lucky tbh
00:02:27mby_next_time haste agfain
00:02:30mby_next_time care mid
00:02:33mby_next_time ss []2
00:04:27Smell.this.ass rune top
00:04:28Smell.this.ass take
00:04:32mby_next_time ss 2
00:04:33mby_next_time re
00:05:26que2stress attak
00:05:28mby_next_time SS 2
00:05:28que2stress u fag
00:05:28mby_next_time BOT
00:05:29oo0OoO0oo ss mid
00:05:33oo0OoO0oo re
00:05:33mby_next_time SS JAKIRO
00:05:34mby_next_time RE
00:05:55101010 ss top1
00:06:07oo0OoO0oo pro
00:06:41Palle ?
00:07:11oo0OoO0oo kom mid snart
00:07:21mby_next_time SS JAK
00:07:24oo0OoO0oo ss mid
00:07:25McFele b rasta
00:07:32mby_next_time SS 2
00:07:35McFele ok hes going b
00:07:37mby_next_time RE
00:08:16oo0OoO0oo got ulti
00:08:19oo0OoO0oo need on
00:08:21oo0OoO0oo one
00:08:22oo0OoO0oo ssmmid
00:08:30Smell.this.ass geliyom
00:08:33mby_next_time s[]s 2
00:08:45mby_next_time SS RHASTA
00:08:45mby_next_time CARE
00:08:51oo0OoO0oo ss mid
00:09:18Palle go
00:09:19Smell.this.ass inc top
00:09:19Palle go
00:09:19Palle go
00:09:34oo0OoO0oo gel
00:09:43que2stress ss mid
00:09:51Palle SDGHGIPHSDIPGhn
00:09:53oo0OoO0oo pro
00:09:54Palle wtf
00:09:56Palle are u doing
00:09:56oo0OoO0oo bare plug
00:09:57Palle idiots
00:09:59que2stress rogl
00:10:00Palle abba
00:10:01que2stress u run in
00:10:03Palle are u fucking blind
00:10:04que2stress like idiot
00:10:06Palle why dont u come
00:10:07que2stress what shall i do
00:10:07McFele miss bara
00:10:09Palle i type 10 times
00:10:11Palle fucking sheild me
00:10:12Palle idiot
00:10:15que2stress why u come
00:10:18que2stress like idiot?
00:10:19Palle for gank itido
00:10:23Palle fuck u
00:10:24Palle i solo
00:10:25Palle tards
00:10:25oo0OoO0oo gelir o simdi
00:10:33oo0OoO0oo al gel
00:10:35que2stress u can gank
00:10:36que2stress but not
00:10:40que2stress when they see you
00:10:41Palle fu
00:10:41que2stress man
00:11:13que2stress bara go gang now
00:11:21oo0OoO0oo kacti
00:11:51Smell.this.ass manaboots
00:11:52101010 slardar use your ulti
00:11:53Smell.this.ass come
00:11:54que2stress bara
00:12:01oo0OoO0oo lol
00:12:04mby_next_time ss 2
00:12:05vaityl cd
00:12:08101010 ss top
00:12:08Palle wards
00:12:09oo0OoO0oo du var død 1on1
00:12:10mby_next_time re
00:12:14Palle så han var der
00:12:19Palle leave rune
00:12:23Palle ffs
00:12:25silkwood sry
00:12:25mby_next_time go
00:12:48mby_next_time team seriously be slower pls
00:12:51oo0OoO0oo ss mid
00:12:56Smell.this.ass ss top m b +0
00:12:58mby_next_time gg trax no silence XD
00:13:05que2stress dont consider
00:13:07que2stress trax being here
00:13:09Smell.this.ass lets go as 5
00:13:11101010 bara top
00:13:18oo0OoO0oo pro
00:13:22Palle skulle bare have goet dig
00:13:26oo0OoO0oo like i said lvl6 paper
00:13:27Aerwyn just shut it kurdio
00:13:28Palle wards now please
00:13:33Palle ok mr. 0.4
00:13:35Palle 0.3
00:13:38McFele ye kurdi pluuger
00:13:40que2stress bara
00:13:41que2stress gang
00:13:42oo0OoO0oo :DD
00:13:42que2stress plz
00:13:46Palle det ok du svans
00:13:49oo0OoO0oo hes so mad now
00:14:01oo0OoO0oo hvorfor siger du svans phillip ??
00:14:13Palle wards
00:14:20Palle plugger efter tæsk
00:14:24oo0OoO0oo ;:DDD
00:14:24Palle også spiller du smarT?
00:14:27oo0OoO0oo ja
00:14:44Palle wards come on
00:14:49oo0OoO0oo ss mid
00:14:56que2stress BARA
00:14:57que2stress CAN
00:14:58que2stress U
00:14:59que2stress START
00:15:00Smell.this.ass mates lets just push now
00:15:00que2stress GANG
00:15:06que2stress 24/7?!??!
00:15:18que2stress BARA
00:15:24oo0OoO0oo ss mid
00:15:41mby_next_time WP
00:15:42mby_next_time ABBA
00:15:43mby_next_time FUCKING WP
00:15:48mby_next_time wp
00:15:51mby_next_time that's all
00:15:56vaityl ia ebal
00:15:59Smell.this.ass din idiot :D
00:15:59mby_next_time fucking noobcake
00:16:00Aerwyn ???
00:16:01vaityl tvoi gangu
00:16:02oo0OoO0oo :DD
00:16:02Aerwyn why didnt b
00:16:02vaityl u
00:16:03Aerwyn idiot
00:16:07oo0OoO0oo missclicked
00:16:11oo0OoO0oo was in joy :DD
00:16:13Palle no wards
00:16:14Palle no chick
00:16:17Palle up
00:16:22mby_next_time no armor from abbadon
00:16:25101010 sf top
00:16:32oo0OoO0oo where is this paper sf ??
00:16:53McFele omg i wasnt looking
00:17:12Smell.this.ass sidder fast :D
00:17:12que2stress trax
00:17:14que2stress do you know
00:17:17que2stress that there is a new
00:17:21que2stress lothar recipe?
00:17:22Palle right here
00:17:23oo0OoO0oo nab
00:17:25oo0OoO0oo :DD
00:17:27que2stress tra
00:17:28que2stress x
00:17:31que2stress do you know that?
00:17:36que2stress trax
00:17:41silkwood no
00:17:43que2stress then
00:17:45que2stress you should
00:17:48Palle wards
00:17:49que2stress reconsider it
00:17:50silkwood yes
00:17:54que2stress because
00:17:58que2stress quarterstaff
00:18:01que2stress isnt part of it
00:18:11silkwood now I know thhat
00:18:22que2stress u also know
00:18:26que2stress that there is a changelog?
00:18:27Palle leave it
00:18:31mby_next_time and there is sladar
00:18:32silkwood yes
00:18:33mby_next_time in their team
00:18:35mby_next_time which ulti
00:18:38Palle warded
00:18:38mby_next_time makes you visible
00:18:40Smell.this.ass har ik meget mana
00:18:55Aerwyn fucking pro
00:18:56Aerwyn twin
00:19:04Aerwyn die
00:19:13oo0OoO0oo hahaha
00:19:26oo0OoO0oo oglum er han sur ??
00:19:34oo0OoO0oo whiner han ??
00:20:01vaityl ll
00:20:03Smell.this.ass why domnt u guys wanna push
00:20:29oo0OoO0oo hes woods
00:20:59Palle ABBA
00:21:07que2stress sry
00:21:07Palle wake up man
00:21:08oo0OoO0oo ahahah
00:21:09Palle seriusly
00:21:10que2stress was base+
00:21:12oo0OoO0oo paper
00:21:13Palle abba står lige ved siden af
00:21:15Palle og gør intet
00:21:17oo0OoO0oo i
00:21:23oo0OoO0oo i ulti dead :PP
00:21:27oo0OoO0oo muhahaha
00:21:48McFele ¨b
00:22:18mby_next_time top def anyone?
00:22:19Palle please wake up
00:22:29que2stress i was shopping sry
00:22:29oo0OoO0oo all come ffs
00:22:55Aerwyn no mana
00:22:56oo0OoO0oo why in woods ??
00:23:01que2stress lets go
00:23:05oo0OoO0oo this is lost
00:23:21Aerwyn k
00:23:23vaityl go
00:23:24Aerwyn great
00:23:37oo0OoO0oo go 5 thy cant do anything
00:23:46oo0OoO0oo ahahaha
00:23:47oo0OoO0oo nab
00:23:57Smell.this.ass orosbu
00:24:01Palle mate seriøst?
00:24:03Palle slap nu af
00:24:04oo0OoO0oo haha
00:24:05Palle hygger mig
00:24:09oo0OoO0oo self
00:24:11oo0OoO0oo me2
00:24:14Smell.this.ass adem slap af med flame
00:24:17Smell.this.ass du har fucket et spil
00:24:18oo0OoO0oo bir bak kizarmismi
00:24:23Smell.this.ass lidt
00:24:26oo0OoO0oo haha
00:24:36oo0OoO0oo ill rambo
00:24:38vaityl b
00:24:48mby_next_time wise boy
00:25:00oo0OoO0oo say hello to fast cd
00:25:08mby_next_time hello
00:25:15Smell.this.ass -afk
00:25:17que2stress go huskar
00:25:28oo0OoO0oo can we plzz go together
00:25:49oo0OoO0oo lol solkwood is owning :DD
00:26:40mby_next_time dagon ds
00:26:42mby_next_time mademy day
00:27:10mby_next_time drow
00:27:13mby_next_time if you want more hp
00:27:16mby_next_time just change your treds
00:27:17mby_next_time to str
00:27:51oo0OoO0oo all mid
00:28:05vaityl wtf
00:28:05que2stress that was bad :D
00:28:09Palle u cant silence?
00:28:11Palle drow?
00:28:12Palle ok
00:28:16McFele b
00:28:17McFele b
00:28:17que2stress he is 6%
00:28:18que2stress WHY
00:28:18McFele !!
00:28:19Aerwyn no
00:28:22que2stress u expect him
00:28:22Aerwyn 3 dead
00:28:23McFele oom
00:28:24Smell.this.ass bana ortayi verseydin
00:28:24que2stress to do anything?
00:28:25McFele no hp
00:28:25oo0OoO0oo we cant
00:28:26Smell.this.ass sikerdim :D
00:28:35Aerwyn ...
00:28:43Smell.this.ass we go after regen
00:28:48Smell.this.ass need scepter
00:28:53Palle lets go together
00:28:54Palle and end
00:29:06mby_next_time dunno why should we
00:29:09mby_next_time we got carry team rather
00:29:12mby_next_time they dont
00:29:12que2stress y
00:29:18Smell.this.ass fun im the only warder here
00:29:21Smell.this.ass fele u might assist plx
00:29:31que2stress b
00:30:14vaityl lal
00:30:18mby_next_time ya pretty lal
00:30:23que2stress ur bad
00:30:27mby_next_time saying abba
00:30:29mby_next_time who cant
00:30:29mby_next_time armor
00:30:30mby_next_time ppl
00:30:35que2stress i cant if i am base
00:30:37mby_next_time i did wrong and i know it
00:30:38que2stress true
00:30:39mby_next_time dude
00:30:42mby_next_time you were next to me
00:30:44que2stress y
00:30:46que2stress my hero was
00:30:47que2stress i was base
00:30:48mby_next_time and you was sure looking at your hero
00:30:50mby_next_time cause you mvoed
00:30:56mby_next_time and changed direcion
00:30:59mby_next_time and you didnt armor me
00:31:01mby_next_time when husk on me
00:31:09mby_next_time so please dont even try talking o me abou being nap
00:31:41Smell.this.ass fele in woods :D
00:31:42Smell.this.ass awesome
00:31:43Palle make vlads
00:31:44Palle abba
00:31:50Smell.this.ass we loose becus ppl are wanking
00:31:51que2stress i neraly h ave
00:31:53McFele u said nothig about pushing and i was dead
00:31:56McFele so stfu
00:32:00Smell.this.ass f12
00:32:01oo0OoO0oo guys guys
00:32:03oo0OoO0oo rlx
00:32:07Smell.this.ass i sad regen and go again
00:32:08oo0OoO0oo i got this :DD
00:32:22Smell.this.ass beside
00:32:22Smell.this.ass fele
00:32:23oo0OoO0oo all gather
00:32:25Smell.this.ass u aint supporting a shit
00:32:31101010 need ward on rosh
00:32:35Aerwyn ?
00:32:40oo0OoO0oo smoke gang
00:32:40Smell.this.ass his only feeding
00:32:46oo0OoO0oo gatehrr at me
00:32:56Smell.this.ass warding
00:32:57Smell.this.ass dont go
00:33:03Aerwyn just def
00:33:04Aerwyn one dead
00:33:05Palle take vlads
00:33:18Palle go mid
00:33:25Smell.this.ass whats this
00:33:25Palle -ms
00:33:25Smell.this.ass lol
00:33:26Smell.this.ass dont go
00:33:27Smell.this.ass lol
00:33:34Smell.this.ass smoke when they are pushing
00:33:35Smell.this.ass :DD
00:33:37oo0OoO0oo :DD
00:33:47Smell.this.ass b
00:34:05Palle rosh
00:34:09que2stress need wards for that
00:34:21que2stress trax
00:34:21que2stress come
00:34:22Palle no
00:34:22Smell.this.ass they rosh
00:34:25Palle they are sperd out
00:34:40Palle go top
00:35:04101010 wtf
00:35:04McFele I surrender! [1/5 of Scourge]
00:35:37Palle rdy
00:35:38Palle abba?
00:35:44que2stress dont push
00:35:45que2stress man
00:35:49Smell.this.ass gitme
00:35:51Palle y we can
00:35:53Palle i jump
00:35:55Palle he disable me
00:35:56Palle u sheild
00:36:01Palle drow silence
00:36:03Palle Qup ulti
00:36:10que2stress HE HAVE NO DROW
00:36:38Palle abba
00:36:40Palle seriusly
00:36:45Palle tower
00:36:46Palle dont dive
00:36:56mby_next_time funny
00:36:57mby_next_time you killed me
00:36:59mby_next_time both of you
00:37:01Smell.this.ass xD
00:37:05oo0OoO0oo :DD
00:37:10mby_next_time love those ppl going inds's ulti
00:37:10que2stress i dont get you
00:37:11que2stress why
00:37:13mby_next_time so it kills me
00:37:18Smell.this.ass this dagionbuild
00:37:21Smell.this.ass so craop
00:37:24que2stress u want to dive tower lika that
00:37:24Smell.this.ass gj ds
00:37:29mby_next_time cause he had no hp
00:37:32mby_next_time no mates
00:37:34Smell.this.ass we actualy loosing becuis of fele and ds
00:37:35mby_next_time and i had armor on myself
00:37:37mby_next_time main problem was
00:37:39mby_next_time you dived also
00:37:41Smell.this.ass wow double kill !
00:37:41mby_next_time for no reason
00:37:44mby_next_time and killed me
00:37:49mby_next_time my fucking ulti of ds
00:37:52101010 rasta "pro"
00:37:57Smell.this.ass rly
00:37:58mby_next_time cs sf?
00:38:03Palle 200
00:38:05Palle its ad
00:38:10Smell.this.ass i think i made this game so far :D
00:38:11mby_next_time yoyo
00:38:19Smell.this.ass not to mention wards
00:38:19Smell.this.ass ?
00:38:20McFele not rly
00:38:23McFele we all made it
00:38:25McFele so stfu now
00:38:33Smell.this.ass yeah steal it
00:38:36McFele why not
00:38:37McFele u prick
00:38:48oo0OoO0oo omfg
00:38:49Smell.this.ass cus you are warding right
00:38:51oo0OoO0oo i need 200 to bkb
00:38:56Palle gather mid
00:38:56oo0OoO0oo faggets
00:39:53oo0OoO0oo thx guys
00:40:22Smell.this.ass han er sur over jeg fokuser ham
00:40:24Smell.this.ass :D
00:40:29oo0OoO0oo hahah
00:40:45que2stress ult
00:40:47Palle b
00:40:47Palle b
00:40:47Palle b
00:40:47Palle b
00:40:47que2stress rofl
00:40:48Palle b
00:40:59101010 imba range on your ulti
00:41:09Aerwyn b
00:41:19que2stress he had like 1000k chances to cast it before :Y
00:41:24mby_next_time he had cd.
00:41:27que2stress nope
00:41:30mby_next_time yes
00:41:35oo0OoO0oo 4th pick stfu :DD
00:41:37mby_next_time 3 was when ds used his speed
00:41:42que2stress plugger
00:41:43que2stress stfu
00:42:15McFele ff guys
00:42:17McFele its over
00:42:19101010 why the fuck you focus on abba?
00:42:22101010 really?
00:43:10oo0OoO0oo w8 me
00:43:12Smell.this.ass I surrender! [2/5 of Scourge]
00:44:00mby_next_time 400 to hex
00:44:35mby_next_time ulti and dead
00:44:41mby_next_time :))
00:45:00McFele can u ff?
00:45:01Aerwyn I surrender! [3/5 of Scourge]
00:45:34101010 slardar cant use ulti?
00:45:38mby_next_time nope
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