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-15 X
-1 TS

96% | 1768 X | 1511 TS

-14 X
-2 TS

58% | 1276 X | 1350 TS

-47 X
-3 TS

52% | 1248 X | 1325 TS

+14 X
-1 TS

48% | 1194 X | 1341 TS

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-7 TS

16% | 1025 X | 1133 TS

+26 X
+4 TS

63% | 1272 X | 1400 TS

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+2 TS

63% | 1350 X | 1314 TS

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+2 TS

62% | 1306 X | 1357 TS

+11 X
+3 TS

60% | 1295 X | 1353 TS

+27 X
+8 TS

36% | 1151 X | 1235 TS

Chat log

00:00:18Iho ban legion commander
00:00:19bragh what the fuck are these teams?
00:00:19bragh ???
00:00:19Astrocreep ?
00:00:19bragh what was wank favorite? storm?
00:00:19Astrocreep wht u going wank mate
00:00:19Iho y
00:00:19WANKmaster dunno
00:00:19WANKmaster if i want to win i should just go some carry
00:00:19Iho bbut its not in pool
00:00:19Astrocreep sure thing
00:00:19WANKmaster but id like to try that meepo iout
00:00:19Astrocreep hmm
00:00:19WANKmaster im tottaly noob with that
00:00:19WANKmaster :d
00:00:19Astrocreep anything
00:00:19Iho lc is just too sick hero to give it to them
00:00:19bragh yeah
00:00:19Astrocreep just enjoy urself
00:00:19WANKmaster es
00:00:19bragh lc
00:00:19WANKmaster wl
00:00:19WANKmaster any1
00:00:19vutten me ud
00:00:19WANKmaster ?
00:00:19WANKmaster wl
00:00:19WANKmaster would be nice
00:00:20WANKmaster can we have wl
00:00:22bragh k, i get it for you
00:00:23WANKmaster some1?
00:00:25WANKmaster need wl
00:00:26tvorozok tide
00:00:27WANKmaster helloo
00:00:29tvorozok for me
00:00:31tvorozok plz
00:00:32WANKmaster need
00:00:32WANKmaster wl
00:00:38WANKmaster wl + tide
00:00:40WANKmaster would be win
00:00:41WANKmaster kinda
00:00:47WANKmaster if we get right combo
00:00:50WANKmaster astro
00:00:52WANKmaster can u play wl
00:00:53WANKmaster plz
00:00:53WANKmaster ?
00:00:56Astrocreep ok
00:01:01WANKmaster then we might even have a chance
00:01:01Iho you midd?
00:01:02Astrocreep just for u
00:01:03WANKmaster get me meepo
00:01:04WANKmaster then
00:01:04bragh nope
00:01:08WANKmaster thanks bro
00:01:11WANKmaster -swap 2
00:01:12WANKmaster take tide
00:01:13Astrocreep anytime
00:01:15WANKmaster for tvoroxok
00:01:23bragh get
00:01:26bragh akasha for me
00:01:27WANKmaster -swap 2
00:01:28Astrocreep -swap 1
00:01:36bragh -swap
00:01:36vutten -swap
00:01:39bragh -swap 3
00:01:40vutten -swap 1
00:01:41Iho i go woods so someone can solo top
00:01:42WANKmaster go tide
00:01:49Astrocreep accpet my friend req if we win
00:01:50Astrocreep haha
00:01:58WANKmaster maybe
00:01:58WANKmaster :d
00:02:03vutten -clear
00:02:08WANKmaster dazzle top
00:02:13WANKmaster tide kunkka bot
00:02:16WANKmaster wl dazzle
00:02:17WANKmaster top
00:02:22WANKmaster or
00:02:25Iho riki solo top?
00:02:27m1shjaAa go triple?
00:02:31WANKmaster no
00:02:32eWeresT nah
00:02:32WANKmaster dazzle
00:02:33Sub_Zero k
00:02:34WANKmaster bot
00:02:36WANKmaster with kunkka
00:02:39WANKmaster wl tide
00:02:40WANKmaster top
00:02:42WANKmaster is better
00:02:49Iho just dont die
00:02:53m1shjaAa i think wl daz beter
00:02:57Sub_Zero i will try
00:02:57WANKmaster yeah
00:02:57bragh yeah
00:02:58WANKmaster but
00:02:58WANKmaster then
00:02:58Sub_Zero xD
00:03:00bragh passive farm
00:03:00WANKmaster 2 melee
00:03:00eWeresT tvorozok, gogo top
00:03:00WANKmaster down
00:03:03eWeresT or
00:03:04WANKmaster tide
00:03:05WANKmaster yop
00:03:06WANKmaster top
00:03:06eWeresT fuck it
00:03:09m1shjaAa relax
00:03:10WANKmaster dazzle bot
00:03:16m1shjaAa i come if u need
00:03:34eWeresT 2 ss bot
00:03:44eWeresT re
00:04:07eWeresT rere
00:04:21WANKmaster 1 time meepo
00:04:22WANKmaster :D:D
00:06:37eWeresT zz
00:06:37bragh hope it's a rmk
00:06:37bragh me cap
00:06:37bragh is some fucked
00:06:37bragh up shit
00:06:37WANKmaster thats why
00:06:37WANKmaster i can
00:06:37WANKmaster try
00:06:37WANKmaster meepo
00:06:37WANKmaster out
00:06:37WANKmaster :D
00:06:37bragh : D
00:06:37bragh you rly
00:06:37bragh 1st time?
00:06:37bragh : O
00:06:37WANKmaster yep
00:06:37bragh wow
00:06:37bragh 1k+ games
00:06:37bragh no
00:06:37WANKmaster more like
00:06:37bragh 2860 games
00:06:37eWeresT 4k games
00:06:37WANKmaster 3k
00:06:37WANKmaster games
00:06:37WANKmaster i mean
00:06:37WANKmaster i have
00:06:37WANKmaster tried
00:06:37WANKmaster it
00:06:37WANKmaster but not
00:07:00WANKmaster but not on .gc
00:07:01WANKmaster i think
00:07:04bragh mmh
00:07:05WANKmaster maybe 2 time
00:07:05WANKmaster s
00:07:10WANKmaster when i was drunk
00:07:11WANKmaster :d
00:08:38tvorozok ss 2
00:08:39tvorozok 1
00:09:35WANKmaster oh
00:09:36WANKmaster :_d
00:09:55bragh ss meepo
00:10:24eWeresT ss 2
00:10:27bragh re
00:10:31eWeresT reree
00:10:40eWeresT lets kill
00:10:41eWeresT ulti
00:10:46tvorozok i have ult
00:10:48tvorozok go?
00:10:50eWeresT y
00:11:11Sub_Zero wards
00:11:13Sub_Zero fuck
00:11:26eWeresT gj
00:11:53tvorozok in save
00:11:54tvorozok )
00:11:59Sub_Zero ss top
00:12:08tvorozok safe*
00:12:27eWeresT 3 bot
00:12:46eWeresT gj
00:12:49bragh hmm
00:12:52bragh ss many : D
00:12:53Astrocreep gj
00:13:38eWeresT 4 bot
00:14:43WANKmaster damn i suck with it :D
00:15:23Iho b
00:16:24bragh w8
00:17:33Astrocreep 3v5 isnt fun
00:18:19eWeresT ulti
00:18:20eWeresT or
00:18:23eWeresT wtf
00:18:24bragh b
00:18:27bragh b
00:18:39Astrocreep why no go
00:18:47tvorozok no hp
00:18:51Astrocreep i healed u
00:18:54Astrocreep plus u ulti and i ulti
00:18:56Astrocreep they are fucked
00:18:57Astrocreep ffs
00:19:21bragh dd
00:20:33m1shjaAa lol
00:20:35m1shjaAa focus
00:21:35Astrocreep b
00:22:28bragh no see l2ks kyll nyyd h2sti
00:22:30bragh vana vitt
00:23:00Sub_Zero lol
00:23:11bragh sigh, didn't have that spot warded
00:23:15bragh oops
00:23:17bragh reuse
00:24:33Iho its not first time to him :D
00:24:53m1shjaAa b
00:24:58m1shjaAa agtehr]1
00:25:02m1shjaAa gather
00:25:06Astrocreep go bot
00:25:07Astrocreep i ulti
00:26:32BACKENiZER- n1
00:30:31m1shjaAa gem
00:30:34m1shjaAa needed
00:30:44bragh <333
00:30:45Astrocreep noone tried to kill riki
00:30:46bragh undy cool hero
00:30:48Astrocreep who was hitting me
00:30:49Astrocreep gg
00:32:34bragh how come only i buy dust and wardds
00:32:36bragh wards
00:32:36bragh wtf
00:33:05Astrocreep did tide ulti noone?
00:33:06Astrocreep wtd
00:33:07Astrocreep f
00:33:08eWeresT yes
00:33:08eWeresT :D
00:33:12bragh smb take wards
00:33:13bragh from chick
00:33:15bragh you all empty slots
00:35:00WANKmaster get gem
00:35:33bragh fyrui place ward
00:35:40bragh sigh
00:36:12bragh ffs man i gave you wards so you would place them
00:36:17bragh anywhere would've been better than nowhere
00:36:38m1shjaAa b
00:37:10m1shjaAa ok
00:37:18m1shjaAa protect me)
00:37:32Astrocreep why always noone helping me with sa going me solo
00:38:05tvorozok no ult
00:38:21WANKmaster always make agha fist
00:38:22WANKmaster then refu
00:38:37Astrocreep ok
00:38:44WANKmaster go mid
00:38:45WANKmaster again
00:38:51m1shjaAa not 3
00:38:52WANKmaster first tide ult
00:38:55WANKmaster then
00:38:56WANKmaster wl
00:38:58m1shjaAa b
00:39:06m1shjaAa B
00:39:12m1shjaAa BBBB
00:39:55WANKmaster USE LINK
00:39:56WANKmaster ALSO
00:39:57WANKmaster :D:D:D
00:40:06Iho gem
00:40:18WANKmaster gogogo
00:40:18Sub_Zero who
00:40:18WANKmaster mid
00:40:31Iho dazz
00:40:36bragh yeah
00:40:37bragh he has
00:41:17bragh ommgggg
00:41:23Astrocreep well
00:41:29Astrocreep clearly we cant rely on tide to initiate
00:42:05Astrocreep wtf
00:43:07WANKmaster :D:D:D
00:43:08WANKmaster GO
00:43:12WANKmaster CHACE
00:43:13WANKmaster MORe
00:43:14WANKmaster :D:d:D
00:43:28bragh gj furi
00:43:38bragh dazzle gem though :D
00:43:40vutten wow i really sucket at start but we turned this around
00:43:44eWeresT wtf dazzle .D
00:43:47bragh : D
00:43:53m1shjaAa nothink special(
00:44:00eWeresT that was special
00:44:00bragh haha yeah meepo was freefarming mid
00:44:11vutten ohhhh
00:44:11Iho comne to rosh
00:44:13vutten hes good
00:44:15vutten :D
00:44:17Astrocreep nvm
00:44:20Astrocreep we deserve to lose
00:44:23Astrocreep so fuck it
00:44:25Astrocreep no teamplay
00:44:39m1shjaAa need raxes
00:44:44Astrocreep forget it
00:44:46WANKmaster go
00:44:46WANKmaster mid
00:44:46m1shjaAa we can do it
00:44:47WANKmaster with
00:44:47WANKmaster all
00:44:52Astrocreep all game play is fucked up
00:44:55Astrocreep no gem
00:45:06bragh pushh mid
00:45:07eWeresT no wards no nothing
00:45:09eWeresT bullshit
00:45:52Astrocreep what
00:45:58Astrocreep solo play from now
00:46:03eWeresT this is so sad
00:46:50eWeresT sub zero owning
00:46:53eWeresT D;D;D;D
00:47:02bragh those fucking infernals
00:47:03bragh afdasdf
00:47:23WANKmaster lets
00:47:24WANKmaster try
00:47:25WANKmaster with
00:47:26WANKmaster 5
00:47:33Astrocreep even with 5
00:47:36Astrocreep it doesnt matter
00:47:40eWeresT we can own with 5
00:47:43WANKmaster y
00:47:43m1shjaAa find riki
00:47:44Astrocreep fuck off
00:47:46m1shjaAa and kill it
00:47:47Astrocreep why havent we been 5
00:47:49bragh w8 all
00:47:55eWeresT cuz noone leads:D
00:48:09Astrocreep I surrender! [1/5 of Sentinel]
00:48:14eWeresT GAHTER UP
00:48:16Astrocreep usually one dies solo
00:48:20Astrocreep so we cant 5
00:48:22Astrocreep i got no ulti
00:48:53eWeresT I surrender! [2/5 of Sentinel]
00:48:55WANKmaster I surrender! [3/5 of Sentinel]
00:48:59tvorozok I surrender! [4/5 of Sentinel]
00:49:00WANKmaster no meepo for me anymore
00:49:21bragh yeah, you probs would've steamrolled us with any other hero
00:49:38WANKmaster easily yes
00:49:44m1shjaAa I surrender! [5/5 of Sentinel]
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