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-26 X
-1 TS

95% | 1737 X | 1489 TS

-31 X
-1 TS

89% | 1661 X | 1405 TS

-37 X
-1 TS

73% | 1447 X | 1360 TS

-40 X
-2 TS

70% | 1343 X | 1417 TS

+20 X
-2 TS

55% | 1280 X | 1326 TS

+28 X
+2 TS

93% | 1688 X | 1446 TS

-17 X
+2 TS

84% | 1559 X | 1417 TS

+47 X
+1 TS

78% | 1442 X | 1439 TS

+34 X
+4 TS

66% | 1320 X | 1394 TS

+28 X
+2 TS

65% | 1370 X | 1327 TS

Chat log

00:00:16bragh new gyro and bristle are imba shit
00:00:16creeeeeee tough :(
00:00:16Firelord0.1 didnt played them
00:00:16-.- wishes?
00:00:16Rotkiv i can ud ..
00:00:16Jaikki y
00:00:16Tough creee :( :D
00:00:16-.- sky
00:00:16AliBaba give pudge :D
00:00:16Tough new game
00:00:16bragh not really any
00:00:16creeeeeee :P
00:00:16Tough new kills .D
00:00:16Jaikki ab, u sd?
00:00:16Tough okay
00:00:16creeeeeee i just had fun game with tiny
00:00:16Tough you bannend sky?
00:00:16bragh bristle damage cap got upgraded to 400 and ulti more damage etc
00:00:16-.- thats right
00:00:16Tough lol
00:00:16Tough i go lyc?
00:00:16Jerkku ME PDGE
00:00:16AliBaba sure
00:00:16AliBaba let me pudge :(
00:00:16Tough ck
00:00:16sebralane whos this -.- ?
00:00:16AliBaba go morph !!!
00:00:16-.- -.- !
00:00:16Jaikki stfu
00:00:16Tough new lyc is shit
00:00:16Jerkku new lyca
00:00:16Tough i remember
00:00:16Jaikki u both sucks with pudge
00:00:18Jerkku is crap
00:00:22Firelord0.1 -.-:
00:00:25creeeeeee -.-
00:00:27Jerkku pudge for me
00:00:28creeeeeee :O
00:00:29Tough ud for who ?
00:00:33Jaikki rotkiv
00:00:40Rotkiv ye i can
00:00:42-.- -'.'-
00:00:50Tough can someone pick me ns
00:00:53Tough before its get picked?
00:00:56Jerkku :((((((((((((8
00:00:58sebralane .|.
00:01:00Tough my ns pls!
00:01:04Tough jerkki :>
00:01:05-.- (-.-')
00:01:05sebralane . | .
00:01:07Jaikki xD
00:01:08AliBaba pick him ns
00:01:10Tough pls
00:01:11-.- -,-'
00:01:12Tough ty!
00:01:16Jerkku -swap 1
00:01:18Tough -swap 2
00:01:18-.- '-,-'
00:01:19creeeeeee they buffed most of the heroes...why not pudge also
00:01:22Jerkku pick meeeeeee
00:01:22creeeeeee 2k hook or sth :D
00:01:27Tough :DD
00:01:27sebralane ofc
00:01:29Rotkiv what you want?
00:01:32bragh pudge already too imba
00:01:33Jerkku ZEUS
00:01:40Jerkku -swap 4
00:01:42Rotkiv -swap 2
00:01:44-.- seriously need some new batteries :D
00:01:45creeeeeee but I know 1 new item that works great on pudge now :)
00:01:46Jerkku get rhasta
00:01:46Tough wards pls! :D
00:01:46creeeeeee hehe
00:01:52bragh always first pick in cm
00:01:55Tough which one?
00:01:56bragh pudge made dota international 2
00:01:58Tough Dagger ? :D
00:02:00creeeeeee nop
00:02:07-.- a battery just exploded in my battery charges
00:02:12creeeeeee :D
00:02:17-.- apparently its not rechargeable afterall
00:02:19Tough wards pls!
00:02:21bragh ...
00:02:34creeeeeee gosublade....cuz it uses main attribute now not only agi :P
00:02:34bragh try recharging LiPo ones with self-made charger
00:02:41Jaikki -ma
00:02:42creeeeeee 100 str is no problem on pudge
00:02:47Jerkku tyyliin kaikkia heroja huononnettu
00:02:49AliBaba why didnt you buy wards ?
00:02:49Jerkku perceest
00:02:56Tough wtf is gouseblade? :D
00:02:58Firelord0.1 what are thes lines
00:03:01creeeeeee etheral
00:03:04Tough ah :D
00:03:07Jaikki äske joku sano et kaikkia heroja on paranneltu
00:03:11Jaikki "melkei"
00:03:12Firelord0.1 enigma not going wood ?
00:03:14Jaikki ihme hessuja porukka
00:03:14sebralane no rune spawned
00:03:15bragh i am
00:03:16bragh but
00:03:17bragh sentinel
00:03:26Firelord0.1 how can i solo
00:03:28sebralane mida skillisid
00:03:32Firelord0.1 wit brizl
00:03:34creeeeeee rot ofc
00:03:38sebralane try
00:03:49Firelord0.1 ic ant
00:04:05creeeeeee sa pead alla minema
00:04:07creeeeeee see vend ei saa seal hakkama
00:04:17sebralane siis on teil midagi yhist
00:05:21Tough for use
00:05:23Tough sure
00:05:24Jerkku bittu ettö toi on pask
00:05:30sebralane use for what?
00:05:43AliBaba sure *
00:05:58sebralane kui pihtsa saad siis tapame
00:06:06Firelord0.1 already need 4 of my 6 tangos
00:06:38Jaikki mite soul ring tehtii xD
00:06:43creeeeeee ss gyro
00:06:57creeeeeee re
00:07:15creeeeeee hmm miks ma arvasin mul lvl 3 hook
00:07:26Tough DIEEE
00:08:02Jerkku noni
00:08:05Jaikki XDDDD
00:08:09Jaikki 40 hp bb
00:08:10Jerkku tietenki sil on toi paska
00:08:15AliBaba ss
00:08:17bragh ytlesin et imba
00:08:25-.- :D
00:08:26sebralane tapame 2ra
00:08:28Tough :D
00:08:29sebralane saame raha
00:08:29-.- my batteries are dead
00:08:31sebralane ostam bootse
00:08:31-.- mouse froze
00:08:46-.- wouldve killed otherwise :(
00:08:50Tough yyx :D
00:09:01AliBaba heal ?
00:09:02AliBaba ???
00:09:08creeeeeee selle undyga on mega raske tappa :/
00:09:08Rotkiv i healdd yuou
00:09:09Tough ss
00:09:10AliBaba hm
00:09:12AliBaba k
00:09:13creeeeeee rip healib kohe full tagasi
00:09:16-.- mid miss
00:09:17-.- btw
00:09:22Jerkku oom
00:09:27-.- well i just died mid cuz my batteries are running on low
00:09:30-.- had a kill
00:09:34-.- instead died
00:09:35Firelord0.1 bat
00:09:36Firelord0.1 bad
00:09:42Rotkiv pudse ss
00:09:45Firelord0.1 if u wana plugg
00:09:46creeeeeee i come bot
00:09:48creeeeeee to do some fun
00:09:53Firelord0.1 pluggbefore 10
00:10:02Firelord0.1 so we have fast rmk
00:10:03bragh w8
00:10:04bragh i
00:10:07bragh stun
00:10:18Jaikki fuck you
00:10:22Jaikki no wards
00:10:24Jaikki gg ff
00:10:30Tough :D
00:10:37Rotkiv ss
00:10:41-.- dont be so happy, you would have 1-3 by now :)
00:10:44creeeeeee kidding me firelord?
00:10:48Tough :DD
00:10:49-.- if i had some extra batteries
00:10:50-.- dududu
00:11:18Jaikki 6 lvl ois iha kiva
00:11:43Jerkku all bot
00:11:43Jaikki oikeesti :D
00:11:47Jerkku jep
00:11:50Jaikki y just farm
00:11:55Jaikki they are coming to our base
00:11:58Jaikki just farm guys
00:12:11sebralane best juke ever
00:12:23Jaikki u must be so proud?
00:12:45Tough U FUCKING NABS
00:12:46Tough GO DFIE
00:12:48Tough i go farm
00:12:54Tough i giys
00:12:56Tough u guys
00:12:58Jerkku b
00:13:01Tough more than just stupid
00:13:11Jerkku vittu
00:13:44sebralane not enought mana
00:13:58Jerkku onneks tän ultii
00:14:02Jerkku lyhennettii 30 sec
00:14:38creeeeeee could we have some wards please?
00:14:38-.- tp
00:14:39Jaikki top
00:14:40-.- kill
00:14:49sebralane no tp im noob
00:15:19Jaikki haha
00:15:29AliBaba :D
00:15:42Jerkku gg
00:16:08Firelord0.1 bam
00:16:09Firelord0.1 shit
00:16:27creeeeeee come
00:16:32-.- rgr
00:16:39Jaikki gogo
00:16:41creeeeeee b
00:16:41creeeeeee b
00:16:54sebralane im ded
00:16:55-.- ficl
00:16:58creeeeeee nop
00:17:10-.- cant do anything
00:17:12-.- crapppp
00:17:48Jaikki b
00:17:48Jaikki b
00:17:52-.- go
00:18:13Jaikki moar wards
00:18:20Jaikki only way we can win this
00:18:30sebralane stunni
00:18:30Jaikki go bot
00:18:36sebralane nali
00:18:38sebralane jk
00:18:39sebralane ei saa
00:18:55creeeeeee -ms
00:18:59-.- go rosh
00:19:00-.- need obs
00:19:11sebralane come i ulti
00:19:13Jerkku he warded
00:19:33Tough GO
00:19:34Jaikki WAIT
00:19:38Jaikki counterward
00:20:07Jerkku that went well
00:20:09Tough ff
00:21:26Firelord0.1 ty
00:22:11sebralane i dont realy know a faking thing, all i know that im a fucking king
00:22:31sebralane everybody lets rock, cmmon suck a cock
00:22:34Jaikki i know that
00:22:36Jaikki u suck
00:22:59Firelord0.1 there is not engoh farm
00:23:42creeeeeee :D
00:23:43bragh YOINK
00:23:52Jaikki u so pro
00:23:54Jaikki u can tp
00:23:58Jaikki go iG
00:24:00bragh no, you so pro
00:24:01creeeeeee u so pro cant stun :(
00:24:03bragh 3 guys with disable
00:24:04bragh 0 stun
00:24:28sebralane ei saa ultit panna?
00:24:34bragh jah yhele
00:24:37bragh m6ttekas
00:24:55sebralane su bootsisd on katki muide
00:24:56Jaikki THERE
00:24:57Jaikki come
00:25:30Jaikki b
00:26:19AliBaba mana
00:26:35Firelord0.1 hmm
00:26:38Firelord0.1 im not here
00:26:39Firelord0.1 dont go
00:26:42Firelord0.1 u need me as tank
00:26:46sebralane u never here
00:26:48sebralane soo yeah
00:26:48Jerkku b
00:26:49Jerkku b
00:26:49Jerkku b
00:26:50Tough b
00:26:50Jerkku b
00:26:50Tough b
00:26:50Jerkku b
00:26:59Jaikki need ward there
00:27:07-.- camp
00:27:15sebralane dont like camping
00:27:17sebralane hate nature
00:27:38Firelord0.1 top
00:27:39Firelord0.1 tower
00:27:45Tough HATE
00:28:04Jaikki pudge there
00:29:20Jaikki GO
00:29:49Firelord0.1 hmm
00:29:53Firelord0.1 why not b
00:29:57creeeeeee ye
00:29:59creeeeeee should of gone
00:30:00-.- good 7uestion
00:30:02creeeeeee my bad mostly
00:30:05creeeeeee sry
00:30:21Rotkiv theyare stack,ng
00:30:25Rotkiv stacking
00:30:26-.- thought u saw him
00:30:29-.- didnt warn
00:30:49Jerkku b
00:30:55-.- take rosh after
00:31:00bragh wards on chick
00:31:09Jaikki gyro b
00:31:21sebralane doble stack troll
00:31:31sebralane ur most welcome
00:31:37-.- thankkkkks
00:31:43-.- take rosh though
00:31:46Jerkku ¨warded
00:31:48-.- or ima take it alone
00:32:10Jaikki ribaleee
00:32:11Tough ALLL
00:32:13Tough ALLL
00:32:26Firelord0.1 they on way
00:32:27Tough oh god
00:32:29Tough guck u guys
00:32:52Firelord0.1 b
00:33:00Firelord0.1 we
00:33:06Firelord0.1 troll ?
00:33:49bragh why
00:33:49bragh why
00:33:50bragh why
00:33:51bragh why
00:34:01Tough For sure
00:34:18Jaikki gj
00:34:27-.- why am i going mid alone
00:34:29-.- gah
00:34:31Jaikki stop focusing that bb
00:34:35bragh i don't know
00:34:36-.- an easy tower
00:34:36bragh why are you?
00:34:39sebralane close
00:34:40AliBaba :D
00:34:43sebralane but not enought
00:34:45sebralane zeus ulti
00:34:48sebralane u would have gotten me
00:34:54-.- wondering why pudge didnt come
00:34:58-.- but w/e
00:35:02sebralane pusys
00:35:05sebralane all natural pussy
00:35:06creeeeeee I thought I can catch that zuus
00:35:36AliBaba illy
00:35:37-.- that radi is just awful on bristle
00:35:40-.- in my opinion
00:35:47Firelord0.1 )
00:35:51Firelord0.1 need more speed
00:35:53sebralane no treads
00:35:57Firelord0.1 travel boots
00:35:59-.- well
00:36:00-.- i farm
00:36:00Firelord0.1 soon
00:36:01Jaikki wards
00:36:06-.- a little
00:36:06AliBaba cd
00:36:08AliBaba relaz
00:36:09AliBaba x
00:36:15Firelord0.1 back
00:36:22Firelord0.1 ty
00:36:42Firelord0.1 let me use first
00:36:51Firelord0.1 -ms
00:37:10-.- fight or care
00:37:14-.- they inc
00:37:17sebralane bb never here
00:37:19sebralane soo fight
00:37:24sebralane b
00:37:26creeeeeee ello
00:37:30Jerkku hello
00:37:42sebralane go mid now
00:37:46sebralane 2 min cd on ulti
00:37:57AliBaba dd top
00:37:58Jaikki gogogogoo
00:37:59creeeeeee 90sec
00:38:01Jaikki go
00:38:02creeeeeee in this version
00:38:13Tough fight in base
00:38:19-.- camp
00:38:20-.- dont go yet
00:38:21Jaikki focus enigma
00:38:24-.- mah sange inc
00:38:26Tough they got 2 dagger
00:38:29Jaikki try insta him before ulti
00:38:36Firelord0.1 waht are u farming
00:38:38AliBaba ill put stun on him
00:38:45Jaikki he got bkb
00:38:46sebralane radi
00:38:49AliBaba hm
00:38:51Firelord0.1 y
00:39:18Tough b
00:39:18Tough b
00:39:27Jerkku what this wanking is
00:39:28Jerkku :D
00:39:36-.- even i have more hp than bristle
00:39:40-.- and armor
00:39:58Firelord0.1 i have more dmg
00:40:02Jaikki best pudge eu
00:40:05-.- not really
00:40:05AliBaba :D
00:40:09Tough its cree
00:40:11Tough :D
00:40:21-.- just push
00:40:22-.- l
00:40:24-.- all the lanes
00:40:28-.- then go from mid
00:40:33creeeeeee i've had great hooks this game
00:40:39creeeeeee not bothered at all
00:40:39Jaikki y u pro
00:40:40sebralane lier
00:40:42AliBaba On me -.-
00:40:57AliBaba come at us !
00:41:03creeeeeee same words
00:41:04-.- wait for new rosh
00:41:06Tough i like that silence
00:41:07-.- and fight in water
00:41:09AliBaba we waiting
00:41:09Tough on pudge
00:41:16Tough when his root is activ :D
00:41:22Jaikki gogogo
00:41:28creeeeeee u bully
00:41:47Jerkku b
00:41:51-.- now
00:41:52-.- mid
00:41:54sebralane anna urni
00:41:55Tough i could cry
00:41:56sebralane tra kyll
00:42:03sebralane ma l2hen baasi
00:42:04AliBaba all that for rhasta :D
00:42:06Jerkku now they get raxx
00:42:07Tough since when sebra startet to play supp with good items ?
00:42:18creeeeeee accident mby
00:42:24Tough think so
00:42:28sebralane ye pudge not giving urn
00:42:30Firelord0.1 au
00:42:31sebralane fight 4v4
00:42:45Tough 10 sec
00:42:46Tough !!
00:43:09creeeeeee hops
00:43:16Jaikki ultaa asap
00:43:21Jerkku cd
00:43:21Jaikki troll 1 hp
00:43:26-.- rosh
00:43:28Tough that ms
00:43:29Tough :DD
00:43:31Firelord0.1 -ms
00:43:35Tough faster than ns
00:43:37Tough on night :D
00:43:38creeeeeee ur even too slow with ns :D
00:43:42Jaikki go kill rhast
00:43:53creeeeeee rooosh
00:43:55creeeeeee they
00:43:57creeeeeee or not
00:44:05-.- we go
00:44:19-.- or i go
00:44:27Firelord0.1 4 top
00:44:34Jerkku come b
00:44:37Jerkku im not there
00:44:39Jaikki rosh up ?
00:44:46Jaikki ward
00:44:48Jaikki wards
00:44:49Jaikki everything
00:44:53-.- take
00:44:54Jaikki ward everything
00:44:54-.- cheese
00:44:55Jaikki xDd
00:44:55-.- some1
00:45:11creeeeeee i love cheeeeeese
00:45:14-.- go bot
00:45:16Tough tell me cree
00:45:24Tough why u always play better in enemy team?
00:45:29Tough last game you played like aleks
00:45:33creeeeeee :D:D
00:45:34sebralane u just suck
00:45:37Tough that game before
00:45:48Tough you played like always
00:45:56Tough like now
00:46:07Firelord0.1 me ?
00:46:13Tough ur name is cree?
00:46:15AliBaba :D
00:46:16Firelord0.1 :D
00:46:27Tough :D
00:46:35Jaikki I surrender! [1/5 of Sentinel]
00:47:09sebralane die pudge
00:47:22Jerkku I surrender! [2/5 of Sentinel]
00:47:30Rotkiv I surrender! [3/5 of Sentinel]
00:47:39Tough THAT BASHE
00:47:42creeeeeee :D:D:D
00:47:51Tough GOD
00:47:55Tough u luck too much
00:47:56Tough all fo
00:47:58Tough of you
00:48:01Jaikki just ff guys
00:48:16Jaikki 10 winning streak gone <.<
00:48:24creeeeeee aww
00:48:26Tough oh no
00:48:28Tough im so sad
00:48:29Tough :D
00:48:31creeeeeee must be sad to lose against so bad pudge?
00:48:31Jaikki me too ;__;
00:48:32bragh the game isn't over yet mate
00:48:38Jaikki yes it is :P
00:48:44bragh not until the fat lady sings
00:48:56Tough you mean your mum?
00:48:59Tough sorry that was mean
00:48:59Tough :D
00:49:03bragh np mate
00:49:13bragh i know, kids can't resist making jokes like this
00:49:31sebralane all ur base belong to us!
00:49:44Tough I surrender! [4/5 of Sentinel]
00:49:46Tough I surrender! [4/5 of Sentinel]
00:49:46Tough I surrender! [4/5 of Sentinel]
00:49:47Tough I surrender! [4/5 of Sentinel]
00:49:47Tough I surrender! [4/5 of Sentinel]
00:49:48Tough I surrender! [4/5 of Sentinel]
00:49:49Tough I surrender! [4/5 of Sentinel]
00:49:49Tough I surrender! [4/5 of Sentinel]
00:49:50Tough I surrender! [4/5 of Sentinel]
00:50:03Tough THAT JUMP
00:50:05Tough EPIC
00:50:05Jaikki XD
00:50:06creeeeeee OUOUOUO
00:50:08Tough TH#AT PUDGE
00:50:10Tough ASWELL
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