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Chat log

00:00:04yeW- aba aka luna
00:00:08mrk bs necro tc
00:00:18Aleks875 trax-wd-crix
00:00:18tvorozok riki oblivion
00:00:19FirstBlood trall, skeleton, morf
00:00:22yeW- funch astro rasmus?
00:00:35Rasmus.Seebach i play this
00:00:36yeW- i can do aba or bs
00:00:56yeW- pause afk pls
00:00:56fUNCh who afk ?
00:00:56yeW- lolz.
00:00:56mrk mis sul on
00:00:56yeW- what u got
00:00:56mrk bs necr otc
00:00:56fUNCh beer potm beer
00:00:56yeW- lol
00:00:56yeW- wtf ;D
00:01:02yeW- astro
00:01:03yeW- here?
00:01:05Astrocreep y
00:01:08yeW- what u got
00:01:11Buttons lion bara veno
00:01:31Astrocreep weaver and dryad
00:01:35yeW- ye..
00:01:37Astrocreep no meepo
00:01:50fUNCh gg
00:01:51fUNCh morf
00:01:54yeW- go bot lc
00:01:58yeW- i mean woods
00:02:01mrk so brave
00:02:02mrk yew
00:02:04yeW- aba
00:02:06yeW- i mean
00:02:06yeW- lich
00:02:07yeW- jeez
00:02:10yeW- why no deny
00:02:11yeW- -clear
00:02:15yeW- gah
00:02:20Aleks875 rasta
00:02:20mrk u can deny anyway
00:02:22Aleks875 pull?
00:02:58Asiankid ss
00:02:59Asiankid up
00:03:00Asiankid 1
00:03:22yeW- b
00:03:58Aleks875 rasta
00:04:00Aleks875 use ur mana
00:04:12Asiankid no
00:04:14Asiankid storm
00:04:52yeW- rasmus
00:04:54yeW- keep up
00:04:57yeW- what you're doin
00:04:57yeW- ok?
00:05:17mrk ridiculous
00:05:18mrk to lasthit
00:05:21mrk vs morph
00:06:56yeW- go gang
00:06:57yeW- lich
00:07:02mrk ss
00:07:11mrk ss
00:07:15yeW- car
00:07:16yeW- potm
00:07:52mrk rasmus make
00:07:54mrk looking at minimap
00:07:55mrk a habit
00:08:10Rasmus.Seebach aiiiight
00:08:16mrk u could see him come
00:08:18mrk from a far
00:08:26Asiankid ssmid
00:09:07yeW- rahsta
00:09:10Buttons push tower
00:09:45yeW- COME ON
00:09:46yeW- MOVE
00:09:46yeW- JESU
00:10:23yeW- ss
00:10:24mrk still ss
00:10:24yeW- tt
00:10:29yeW- ich go heal
00:11:06mrk eii
00:11:11tvorozok b
00:11:20Asiankid sup
00:11:21Asiankid lithc
00:11:21mrk 5
00:11:25mrk care
00:11:42FirstBlood sec
00:11:43FirstBlood go
00:11:45FirstBlood stun
00:11:54Astrocreep ss
00:12:05yeW- lvl 4 l?
00:12:07yeW- lc?
00:12:07yeW- joke?
00:12:24FirstBlood slow
00:12:58mrk :D
00:13:02mrk oleksid võinud lihtsalt noole lasta
00:13:14fUNCh cd oli alguses
00:13:19fUNCh proovisiin enne lotot
00:13:46yeW- sorry i used u
00:13:48yeW- hope u dont mid
00:13:49yeW- min
00:13:50yeW- d
00:13:59mrk what is that
00:14:06mrk how can we give 2 towers
00:14:07mrk for nothing
00:14:33fUNCh why you take stat skill lc ?
00:14:36fUNCh specially in start
00:14:40yeW- TP
00:14:45fUNCh max 3'rd and 2'nd
00:16:41mrk srsly
00:16:56mrk atleast aleks is aleks
00:16:56Asiankid team play?
00:16:59mrk bfury on sk
00:17:05Asiankid no boots
00:17:09Asiankid 0 team play :D
00:17:15Asiankid and i thinked
00:17:16Asiankid rasmus
00:17:21Aleks875 said ratsa with full mana at 5 lvl
00:17:22Asiankid Is most newbie player
00:17:23Asiankid In gc
00:17:24Asiankid ^^
00:17:40yeW- come on rasmus..
00:17:42yeW- jeus
00:17:59yeW- leap?
00:18:01fUNCh cd
00:18:02fUNCh -.-
00:18:04yeW- lvl 1,
00:18:05yeW- ,
00:18:07fUNCh lvl2
00:18:08yeW- or wtf
00:18:14Asiankid alex
00:18:15yeW- veno
00:18:18fUNCh made stupid leap on mid
00:18:23fUNCh thought lich wanted to kill him
00:18:24Aleks875 no mana
00:18:26fUNCh but he just died
00:18:31mrk sk in our woods
00:18:43mrk ULTI MORPH
00:18:44mrk LICH ULTIS
00:18:54mrk but u didnt
00:18:55mrk ulti lc
00:19:01Astrocreep short of mana
00:19:15Buttons dunno
00:19:17Buttons how u all
00:19:18Buttons suck so hard
00:19:19Buttons rly
00:19:25yeW- b
00:19:25yeW- b
00:19:59yeW- astro
00:20:03yeW- never ulti morph
00:20:06yeW- unless ur 100% sure
00:20:07yeW- k
00:20:08Astrocreep ok
00:20:48mrk funch
00:20:49mrk mis toimub
00:20:52mrk saad nooltega pihta
00:20:52fUNCh ?
00:20:58fUNCh -st
00:21:02fUNCh 4/14 :D
00:21:06mrk :D ok
00:21:58fUNCh nooled ei taha lennata täna kuidagi
00:22:24yeW- gah
00:22:29yeW- once he has his eblade
00:22:34yeW- poor rasmus
00:22:41mrk he's poor anyway
00:22:45yeW- true
00:22:45mrk oh wtf
00:22:47mrk tranq boots
00:22:49mrk 20min?????
00:22:52yeW- ^^
00:23:00yeW- skill ulti potm pls
00:23:25yeW- god are u bad
00:23:28fUNCh :D
00:23:30fUNCh wtf
00:23:34fUNCh why they still there
00:23:35FirstBlood upg
00:23:46yeW- why dont u ove?
00:23:47yeW- u saw em
00:23:48yeW- coming
00:23:49yeW- since 4 mins
00:24:37mrk care
00:24:37mrk b
00:24:42mrk run
00:25:46mrk ?
00:26:04mrk well i guess
00:26:05mrk they are as bad
00:26:16Astrocreep what shd i buy now
00:26:20mrk deso
00:26:58Astrocreep guyess i finish vanguard first
00:27:00mrk or bkb
00:27:01mrk no dont
00:27:03mrk vang is rather useless
00:27:07yeW- -ma
00:27:16yeW- b md
00:27:16yeW- b
00:27:17mrk get bkb
00:27:18yeW- RASMUSB
00:27:20mrk then just troll morph around
00:27:20yeW- cmon
00:27:25Asiankid ty
00:27:31yeW- rasmus
00:27:33yeW- never go alone
00:27:38fUNCh rhasta had smoke too
00:27:43yeW- b
00:27:53yeW- AL
00:27:54yeW- CME
00:28:00mrk morph illu
00:28:02yeW- ye
00:30:01Asiankid :D
00:30:03mrk WHY U FOLLOW ME ROFL
00:30:30Aleks875 bd
00:30:34yeW- stfu lol
00:30:56Buttons ?
00:31:24Asiankid stun
00:31:31Asiankid stun
00:31:31Asiankid tard
00:31:32Asiankid omg
00:31:33Asiankid fucking newb
00:31:43mrk come
00:31:50mrk to me
00:31:51mrk not away from me
00:32:47yeW- blademail mrk?
00:33:13Asiankid die
00:33:31Aleks875 how he saw me
00:33:35Aleks875 i dont know
00:33:43mrk ty veno
00:33:44yeW- arrow
00:33:46mrk we appreciate it
00:33:48Buttons smd u nubs
00:34:09yeW- b rdy for morph
00:34:09yeW- lc
00:34:40Asiankid Bull shit
00:34:41Asiankid dota
00:34:50mrk oh wow
00:34:53mrk i messed that up pretty bad
00:34:57mrk morph didnt get hex
00:34:59Astrocreep why
00:35:01mrk dont know who did
00:35:04Astrocreep i couldnt do shit
00:35:20mrk or he had linken
00:35:21mrk ok
00:35:31mrk :D:D:D
00:35:33mrk mis sa jälle mõtlesid
00:35:35mrk mis hakkab saama
00:35:46fUNCh why not put shield to lc
00:35:50fUNCh would get bonus dmg
00:36:07yeW- cuz
00:36:15Buttons don't
00:36:16fUNCh you yew?
00:36:40Buttons gg
00:36:51Asiankid dager?
00:36:52Asiankid finaly
00:36:53Aleks875 y
00:36:57mrk they in our woods
00:37:03yeW- all get blademails
00:37:30Asiankid mekanz
00:37:31Asiankid bro
00:37:44Asiankid ty
00:37:46tvorozok )
00:37:56yeW- ^^
00:38:43yeW- tp top
00:38:44yeW- someone
00:38:47Asiankid u
00:38:48Asiankid crix
00:38:53mrk b
00:38:54mrk b
00:38:59Astrocreep invisi top
00:39:03Asiankid dager
00:39:03mrk dunno
00:39:04Asiankid and stun ?
00:39:05mrk u have to use
00:39:06Asiankid fucking noob1
00:39:06mrk spells
00:39:07mrk on morph
00:39:08mrk faster
00:39:09Asiankid u w8
00:39:11Asiankid for what?
00:39:11mrk so i can hex
00:39:12Asiankid crix
00:39:19Asiankid u play horrible
00:39:26mrk yew:S
00:39:31Buttons why
00:39:32Buttons ulti
00:39:44yeW- lol
00:39:47Asiankid YEAH
00:39:48Buttons go rax
00:39:49Buttons ffs
00:39:49Asiankid i have kill
00:39:55Asiankid fist and last
00:39:57yeW- why do u ulti o late
00:39:58yeW- so late
00:40:02yeW- either do it or dont
00:40:05tvorozok hex or shiva?
00:40:08fUNCh why did u even go
00:40:39yeW- b
00:40:46Asiankid u have aigis
00:40:47Asiankid omg
00:40:47Asiankid crix
00:40:48Asiankid go
00:40:49Asiankid and risk
00:40:57Asiankid die
00:40:58Asiankid now
00:41:07FirstBlood b
00:41:07mrk ah vittu
00:41:16Asiankid die
00:41:19Asiankid im happy for u
00:41:21Aleks875 s
00:41:27Asiankid u just to bad
00:41:42Aleks875 rasta u re stupid thin eyes korean
00:41:54Buttons r u stupid eastern european fuck aleks
00:41:55yeW- LICH
00:41:55yeW- JESUS
00:41:56Buttons or russian fuck
00:41:57yeW- FUCKING CHRIT
00:41:58yeW- MAKE ARMIR
00:42:00yeW- WTF STATS
00:42:01Asiankid man
00:42:04Asiankid i die
00:42:06Asiankid for team
00:42:09Asiankid for u too
00:42:12Asiankid but u play like shit
00:42:16Asiankid hate this
00:42:21Asiankid even if we win
00:42:24Asiankid me -50x
00:42:37Asiankid u never help me
00:42:41yeW- we got a chance
00:42:46yeW- to focus everythin on morpg
00:42:52mrk morph is easy
00:42:55mrk just need to dispell linken
00:43:03mrk and not get caught outside randomly
00:43:05Astrocreep bkb
00:43:07FirstBlood we have to push
00:43:08Astrocreep so wat do i do
00:43:13mrk get ac now
00:43:22yeW- MID
00:43:22yeW- ALL
00:43:23yeW- PS!
00:43:34yeW- MORPH
00:43:35yeW- G
00:43:36yeW- MORPH
00:43:49mrk ulti
00:43:51mrk kohe
00:43:53mrk funch
00:43:56mrk enne fighte
00:44:29yeW- b
00:44:30Asiankid gol
00:44:56Asiankid HAHA
00:45:00Asiankid second kil
00:45:05Asiankid DIE
00:45:06yeW- cmon
00:45:11yeW- b
00:45:15mrk rosh
00:45:23fUNCh how can lc have so crap items
00:45:23yeW- ulti n hex
00:45:57mrk cant really hex
00:46:13yeW- dont bd
00:46:13yeW- veno
00:46:18Astrocreep rosh and go?
00:46:18Buttons stfu
00:46:25Buttons bd ur mum
00:46:30yeW- i meant fb
00:46:32yeW- stfu u
00:46:51Asiankid Kids stop hate
00:46:57yeW- con
00:46:58yeW- hex
00:46:59Asiankid i will finish this game
00:46:59Asiankid ^^
00:47:00mrk cd
00:47:01mrk obv
00:47:28mrk too much bad plays
00:47:43Asiankid nice ulti rcix
00:47:44mrk and by that i mean
00:47:45mrk suicides
00:47:46yeW- well this loss aint on me
00:47:56Astrocreep my fault
00:47:57Rasmus.Seebach sure not
00:47:57yeW- I surrender! [1/5 of Sentinel]
00:48:22mrk well we had too many carrys
00:48:25mrk noone wanted to gang morph
00:48:29mrk potm/lich/lc
00:48:31mrk all carried
00:49:21Rasmus.Seebach I surrender! [2/5 of Sentinel]
00:49:33yeW- ff it
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