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Chat log

00:00:16Pufff-Reis wishes?
00:00:16Rasmus.Seebach me es
00:00:16Buttons wl
00:00:16Buttons ud(
00:00:16Buttons **
00:00:16Pufff-Reis spec
00:00:16Netukka wl
00:00:17Strom I think I go lanaya
00:00:23Strom or maybe furi
00:00:33Nuudel -clear
00:00:34Strom sand king also nice
00:00:36Allistysmies quick smoke
00:00:38Allistysmies after pick
00:00:44Allistysmies fyi
00:01:00Netukka :S
00:01:09sn0t.rocker tide or bara?
00:01:24Netukka sk rasta
00:01:30Netukka dunno
00:01:32Netukka pick something
00:01:32Pufff-Reis rhasta for me
00:01:37Rasmus.Seebach k
00:01:38Lynge asiabn
00:01:41Lynge going Woods sometime?
00:01:41Netukka gonna get some more beeeeer
00:01:42Pufff-Reis -swap 5
00:01:45Pufff-Reis -hhn
00:01:45Rasmus.Seebach -swap 1
00:01:45Asiankid yes
00:01:47Asiankid all time
00:01:48Lynge cool
00:01:49Lynge <3
00:01:49Rasmus.Seebach -clear
00:01:54Pufff-Reis strom can u mid?
00:01:59Strom sure
00:02:07Pufff-Reis so me bot
00:02:29Netukka i want mini doom as courier :(
00:03:03Lynge try gang sometime?
00:03:10Asiankid ye
00:03:26Buttons ??
00:03:30Rasmus.Seebach it blocks
00:03:33Buttons rly?
00:03:34Rasmus.Seebach dont woory
00:03:35Lynge ss
00:03:36Rasmus.Seebach yy
00:03:40Asiankid ss up
00:03:41Asiankid 2
00:03:44Lynge re 1
00:03:55Pufff-Reis afk
00:03:55sn0t.rocker ????
00:03:55Lynge -afk
00:03:55sn0t.rocker -afk
00:03:55Pufff-Reis tide
00:03:55Pufff-Reis -hhn
00:03:55Pufff-Reis strom what we do?
00:03:55Lynge -afk
00:03:55Netukka -afk
00:03:55sn0t.rocker gay shit
00:03:55Asiankid -afk
00:03:55Lynge allistysmies?
00:03:55Nuudel -afk
00:03:55Strom wait a bit
00:03:55Rasmus.Seebach he wanted a smo0ke breake
00:03:55Allistysmies k
00:03:55Netukka did he pick the hero?
00:03:55Rasmus.Seebach give him 1 min
00:03:55Rasmus.Seebach :D
00:03:55Netukka or random
00:03:55Pufff-Reis picked but smoking i guess
00:03:55Nuudel -afk
00:03:55Strom He's back
00:03:55Allistysmies kk
00:03:55Netukka 321 k go
00:03:55Pufff-Reis 321
00:05:29sn0t.rocker laggy shit
00:05:35Strom ss
00:05:37Netukka tele
00:05:42Asiankid lvl 1
00:05:42Asiankid omg
00:05:44Asiankid dont hvae
00:05:45Asiankid im wood
00:06:01Pufff-Reis tide go thrall
00:06:03Lynge come netukka
00:06:03Lynge ffs
00:06:05Allistysmies k
00:06:23sn0t.rocker thrall how about harras?
00:06:45sn0t.rocker go
00:06:46sn0t.rocker tide
00:06:47Netukka rune bot
00:07:20sn0t.rocker retard thrall
00:07:22sn0t.rocker realy
00:07:24sn0t.rocker fuck off
00:07:25Strom ss
00:07:27Buttons ty
00:07:29Nuudel ?
00:07:30Nuudel wtf ?
00:07:35Nuudel i suppose to do
00:07:37Nuudel ?
00:07:43Nuudel fucker
00:07:44sn0t.rocker SKILL FIELD?
00:07:51sn0t.rocker retard
00:08:02sn0t.rocker thrall is retarded
00:08:11Netukka THRALL
00:08:12Netukka WAKE UP
00:08:14Netukka U FUCING MORON
00:08:18Netukka gg
00:08:19sn0t.rocker THRALL
00:08:20Netukka ggff
00:08:22sn0t.rocker MOTHERFUCKER
00:08:44sn0t.rocker this idiot
00:08:46sn0t.rocker leave
00:08:48sn0t.rocker thrall
00:08:48Lynge es lvl 2 ...
00:08:53Netukka well its rasmsu
00:08:55Netukka rasmus
00:08:55Lynge free kill
00:09:25Strom qop romas
00:09:40Lynge furi
00:09:40Lynge gang
00:09:53Netukka ss mid
00:09:53Netukka care
00:09:56Netukka re
00:10:06Netukka me
00:10:12sn0t.rocker go bot?
00:10:14Netukka y
00:10:21sn0t.rocker who?
00:10:30Strom ss
00:10:45sn0t.rocker gj
00:11:12Netukka rune top
00:11:14Lynge ss 4
00:11:14Netukka ss mid
00:11:15Netukka care
00:11:21sn0t.rocker 3 bot
00:11:35Netukka mid ss
00:11:37sn0t.rocker ss undying bot
00:11:40sn0t.rocker care mid
00:11:47sn0t.rocker re undying
00:12:05Lynge hide
00:12:06sn0t.rocker ?!?!
00:12:12sn0t.rocker how was that possible?
00:13:52Lynge go mid
00:13:55Lynge furi
00:13:55Lynge come
00:14:13Lynge come o0n
00:14:14Lynge ffs
00:14:18Lynge fucking pussys
00:14:35sn0t.rocker my keyboard bugs
00:14:39sn0t.rocker i cant use spells
00:16:33Lynge nuddel
00:16:36Lynge u get reg rune
00:16:42Lynge and u are still a fucking pussy
00:17:51sn0t.rocker NOOOOOOOOOOOOOO nuddel dont do smth
00:17:54sn0t.rocker idiot
00:18:06Allistysmies :D
00:19:48Strom we need to stick together
00:19:54Strom and fight with numbers
00:20:46Netukka inc mid
00:21:59Netukka lynge
00:22:00Netukka bkb next
00:22:02Lynge yea
00:22:20Lynge lemme farm
00:22:43Netukka come get tide furion if he stays
00:22:49Netukka nvm
00:23:01Strom guys, we should push towers with 5
00:23:02Lynge Woods
00:23:02Lynge trall
00:23:05Allistysmies k
00:23:10Allistysmies go top then?
00:23:13Strom yeah
00:23:14Strom sounds good
00:23:18sn0t.rocker go dagger
00:23:21sn0t.rocker got
00:23:27Strom go help
00:23:33sn0t.rocker LOL
00:24:17sn0t.rocker lol
00:24:18sn0t.rocker go in
00:24:19Strom mid tower
00:24:19sn0t.rocker 1
00:24:20sn0t.rocker and 1
00:24:22sn0t.rocker and 1
00:24:23Lynge pussys
00:24:24sn0t.rocker and 1
00:24:27Pufff-Reis rasmus wtf your skillung?
00:24:31sn0t.rocker nuddle such a tard
00:24:57Nuudel sure it was my fault:D
00:24:57Pufff-Reis never seen es withount aftershock
00:25:04sn0t.rocker it was
00:25:10sn0t.rocker u missed ur field
00:25:13sn0t.rocker so u didnt kill
00:25:16sn0t.rocker and died
00:25:17sn0t.rocker tard
00:25:21Lynge indeed
00:25:22Netukka could
00:25:23Netukka we
00:25:24Netukka get
00:25:24Netukka wards
00:25:26Netukka :S
00:25:30sn0t.rocker thrall get wards
00:25:32Allistysmies slar with dd
00:25:34Nuudel fuck u
00:25:37Buttons bait
00:25:39sn0t.rocker GET THEM
00:25:41Strom b
00:26:50Allistysmies courier
00:26:58Allistysmies aww gosh darnit
00:27:33sn0t.rocker ah its u thrall
00:27:34sn0t.rocker so b
00:27:50Lynge lemme farm
00:27:51Lynge thral
00:27:53Strom how about that top tower now
00:27:57Buttons save stun for tp
00:27:57Buttons es
00:28:07sn0t.rocker go rhasta
00:28:25sn0t.rocker thrall SUPPORT US
00:28:27sn0t.rocker and get wards
00:28:32sn0t.rocker rdy?
00:28:39Allistysmies 20 for ulti
00:28:39Strom tideu lti 20s cd
00:29:04sn0t.rocker i surrender!
00:29:16sn0t.rocker gg
00:29:24Buttons was
00:29:26Buttons skillful
00:29:30sn0t.rocker I surrender!
00:29:32Asiankid great fights
00:29:33Nuudel je because u suck
00:29:40sn0t.rocker aha?
00:29:41Netukka nuudel stfu really :D
00:29:45sn0t.rocker or dont u buy wards?
00:29:49Asiankid just
00:29:50sn0t.rocker u tard
00:29:51Asiankid nice ulti
00:29:53Asiankid from crix
00:29:59Asiankid and wecan win fight
00:30:03sn0t.rocker not
00:30:04sn0t.rocker lol
00:30:21sn0t.rocker before all where 150 hped after ult and u didnt manage to kill em
00:30:26Netukka we need rosh ward
00:30:33sn0t.rocker THRALL
00:30:37sn0t.rocker GET WARDS
00:30:40Netukka stygi
00:30:42Lynge dead
00:30:45Lynge go
00:31:25Buttons yarly
00:33:14Lynge illu
00:33:32Asiankid b
00:33:33Allistysmies lal
00:33:43Strom damn they all 5 there
00:33:46Strom :D
00:33:46Buttons ye
00:33:50Buttons all 5 for one rune
00:33:51Buttons fafuq
00:34:01Lynge me?
00:34:03Lynge or furi?
00:34:05Lynge or kasha?
00:34:07Netukka slard
00:34:10Strom when we wake up, lets go with 5
00:34:11Asiankid slardar
00:34:12Asiankid or akasha
00:34:15Strom we win if we move with 5
00:34:15Buttons idd
00:34:21Buttons was bullshit encounter
00:34:23Lynge neeed heal
00:34:55Lynge smoke?
00:35:08Lynge rhasta
00:35:10Lynge go shop
00:35:25Lynge b
00:35:32Lynge gather
00:35:43Strom letsp ush with 5
00:35:44Lynge go
00:35:47Allistysmies def top?
00:35:51Lynge -afk
00:35:53Lynge crix+
00:35:56Lynge b
00:36:07Lynge -afk
00:36:14sn0t.rocker sry
00:36:31Lynge let it fall
00:36:33Lynge dont glyph
00:36:33Strom I kill thrall in 1.5 hits
00:36:34Strom funny
00:36:48Allistysmies coming, coming
00:37:04Lynge trhall
00:37:06Lynge port s1
00:37:09Lynge into us
00:37:51Rasmus.Seebach omm
00:37:53Lynge go
00:38:19Lynge FURION
00:38:23Lynge join the fucking game
00:38:36Asiankid stop chasing
00:38:36Lynge and make a desolater
00:38:37Asiankid omg
00:38:38Lynge We ened some dmg
00:39:14Netukka why dont sk go in, they dont have dust or gem
00:39:20Lynge hes noob
00:39:26sn0t.rocker they have dust
00:39:27sn0t.rocker btw
00:39:33Netukka yeah
00:39:35Netukka strom just bought
00:39:35sn0t.rocker lanaya has
00:39:35Netukka it
00:39:35Asiankid we can not fight 5v5
00:39:37Asiankid i die
00:39:38Asiankid easy
00:39:41Asiankid we must gnag fierst
00:39:45Netukka lanaya didnt have
00:39:47Netukka when they pushed
00:39:49Lynge kinda need my bkb
00:39:53sn0t.rocker she had
00:39:58sn0t.rocker GO
00:39:59sn0t.rocker ES
00:40:01Allistysmies or bait
00:40:08Strom b
00:40:24sn0t.rocker b
00:40:25Asiankid b
00:40:52Lynge b
00:40:55sn0t.rocker thrall tard
00:41:08Netukka take
00:41:15Lynge ty
00:41:25sn0t.rocker b
00:41:26Buttons go mid?
00:41:26Lynge care
00:41:35Buttons up soon also
00:41:44Strom dust on chick for sand king, who has space
00:42:08Lynge care plz
00:42:12Allistysmies bait
00:42:15Buttons need rhasta
00:42:17Asiankid b
00:42:19Lynge b ffs
00:42:39Strom bot too pushed
00:42:40Strom I push back
00:42:41Strom sec
00:42:44Allistysmies k
00:42:53Netukka care
00:42:54Netukka all
00:43:04Asiankid eye?
00:43:06Lynge furi
00:43:07Asiankid wards
00:43:09Lynge satanic
00:43:15Strom gather for mid push imo
00:43:16Asiankid finish bkb
00:43:19sn0t.rocker thrall get wards
00:43:19Asiankid after we can try
00:43:19Allistysmies hmph, no tomb now
00:43:20Asiankid somethink
00:43:30Buttons is only 30s
00:43:39Netukka nvm
00:43:43Asiankid o port
00:43:56Buttons 400 for aghs
00:43:59Strom push mid fast, before furi pushers otherl anes
00:43:59Lynge me
00:44:14Strom why deny
00:44:16sn0t.rocker b
00:44:16Strom now we need to go back
00:44:17sn0t.rocker all
00:44:20Buttons dies in one hit
00:44:27Netukka im there
00:44:29Strom but gives us ability to kill rax
00:44:30Netukka go
00:44:31Netukka no lanaya
00:44:39Lynge focus?
00:44:39Buttons genius
00:44:51Asiankid rosh
00:44:52Asiankid rosh
00:44:55Asiankid gogo
00:44:56Lynge fast
00:44:56Lynge all
00:45:04Buttons incoming
00:45:06Buttons out
00:45:06Strom they come
00:45:08Asiankid care
00:45:20Lynge ffs
00:45:27Lynge b
00:45:27Lynge b
00:45:28Lynge b
00:45:28sn0t.rocker nice
00:45:30Asiankid no
00:45:42sn0t.rocker thanks to you brown
00:45:45sn0t.rocker nice wards we got
00:46:19Allistysmies k
00:46:43Lynge tp
00:46:44Asiankid ye
00:46:44Lynge furi
00:46:47Netukka 3 dead
00:46:51Netukka tide es only
00:46:52Netukka alive
00:47:34Asiankid rosh
00:47:35Netukka ye
00:47:36Buttons pls
00:47:36Asiankid fo wih me
00:47:37Buttons def
00:47:38Buttons this
00:47:42Lynge i take?
00:47:43Lynge or u ?
00:47:44Asiankid yes
00:47:45Asiankid u tak
00:47:47Lynge k
00:47:47Asiankid me no slot
00:47:56Asiankid care
00:47:58Asiankid u no hp
00:47:58Allistysmies rosh :/
00:48:06Lynge need heal
00:48:09Lynge items for me?
00:48:09sn0t.rocker b
00:48:10Lynge heart?
00:48:14Asiankid asalut
00:48:20Lynge k
00:48:57Buttons ward
00:49:03Lynge -roll
00:49:07Lynge -
00:49:09Lynge -roll
00:49:13Lynge -roll
00:49:15Lynge -roll
00:49:35Lynge need Wards
00:49:36Lynge ....
00:49:38Strom care
00:49:40Strom I visit base
00:49:41sn0t.rocker GET WARDS THRALL
00:49:54Pufff-Reis say greez from me
00:49:57Lynge -afk
00:50:00sn0t.rocker -afk
00:50:06Asiankid -afk
00:50:17Netukka gather
00:50:17Strom ok we should go with 5
00:50:35Rasmus.Seebach mana plz
00:50:35sn0t.rocker b
00:50:36sn0t.rocker b
00:50:36sn0t.rocker b
00:50:37sn0t.rocker b
00:50:41Netukka u gonna play like this till end of game?
00:50:42sn0t.rocker def here
00:50:49Buttons u play like dis
00:50:51Netukka no
00:50:52Netukka u
00:50:53Netukka play like this
00:50:54Buttons u
00:50:56Buttons seen u
00:50:58Buttons play like dis
00:51:01Netukka we do everything
00:51:02Netukka u just
00:51:04Buttons seen u
00:51:06Strom own?
00:51:06Netukka display
00:51:07Netukka this
00:51:07Buttons with eyes
00:51:26Buttons mfw you initiate
00:51:45Lynge strom
00:51:47Netukka u could have done that 15minutes ago
00:51:54Lynge i ban reQuest thrall for game ruining
00:51:54Asiankid gg
00:51:56sn0t.rocker I surrender! [1/5 of Scourge]
00:52:02Lynge he Wont help
00:52:02Allistysmies gg
00:52:09Netukka -afk
00:52:09Lynge just standing in shop still
00:52:12Lynge for 5 min
00:52:14Lynge strom?
00:52:14sn0t.rocker -afk
00:52:17Buttons -afk
00:52:20Netukka he moves himself a bit
00:52:26Netukka so he wont get ban
00:52:31Lynge strom?
00:52:32sn0t.rocker true
00:52:36Lynge still game ruin
00:52:38Strom "so he won't get ban" ?
00:52:39Lynge ban ReQ
00:52:49Lynge thrall
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