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Chat log

00:00:13que2stress hey custy
00:00:20custy hey
00:00:21custy who are you?
00:00:21que2stress which hero do u want to play?
00:00:21MohaMEED hallo yew
00:00:21que2stress i mb want wisp
00:00:21yeW- shud i ban morph or bone
00:00:21que2stress but
00:00:21FirstBlood dont know
00:00:21MohaMEED morph
00:00:21que2stress ban geo
00:00:21yeW- hm..
00:00:21que2stress or ursa
00:00:21custy i cant play any of those heros :)
00:00:21MohaMEED i hate
00:00:21Astrocreep gl
00:00:21yeW- his bone
00:00:21yeW- is hardcore
00:00:21FirstBlood -ursa
00:00:21yeW- as well
00:00:21infect back
00:00:21yeW- morph
00:00:21MohaMEED hm dann si scheiß egal :D
00:00:21que2stress get wl
00:00:22que2stress custy
00:00:25que2stress u can play wl
00:00:25que2stress ?
00:00:26yeW- hm
00:00:27yeW- lol
00:00:31custy never played
00:00:33yeW- didnt even see that one
00:00:34que2stress its easy
00:00:39yeW- wishes?
00:00:43custy i can play trax?
00:00:46yeW- extreme u here?
00:00:46infect no
00:00:47FirstBlood no
00:00:47baroni- can play es
00:00:53infect lastpick carries do not work
00:00:53extremewaari es for u
00:00:57baroni- thanks
00:00:59custy k
00:01:00custy tide
00:01:01baroni- mitäs sulle?
00:01:02FirstBlood y
00:01:04que2stress oke
00:01:06extremewaari hmm
00:01:09extremewaari pitäiskö bala
00:01:10que2stress i do the wl if needed
00:01:12extremewaari tai sit wisp
00:01:15que2stress astrocreep
00:01:18baroni- wisp?
00:01:19que2stress u want wl?
00:01:19Astrocreep ?
00:01:19MohaMEED ns?
00:01:20custy u picked me tide?
00:01:21Astrocreep no ty
00:01:22que2stress yes
00:01:23extremewaari wisp
00:01:24que2stress k
00:01:24que2stress then
00:01:25custy k
00:01:25que2stress orange
00:01:27que2stress u pick
00:01:28extremewaari -swap 3
00:01:30que2stress what blue tells you
00:01:30MohaMEED waht we need
00:01:31baroni- -swap 2
00:01:33extremewaari voidaan gang
00:01:33custy k
00:01:38que2stress slark
00:01:41FirstBlood goblin
00:01:42que2stress would be good i think
00:01:46que2stress :D
00:01:47custy -swap
00:01:48que2stress rofl
00:01:49que2stress i said
00:01:50custy -swap 2
00:01:50MohaMEED waht we neeeeeeeeeeeeed
00:01:52que2stress what blue tells you ;:D
00:01:53yeW- -ma
00:01:54MohaMEED enigma?
00:01:55que2stress -swap 5
00:01:56custy ups
00:01:58baroni- ei oo sit paljo hajuu et mitä toi hero tekee :D
00:02:00yeW- tc ds eni
00:02:01yeW- -clear
00:02:02que2stress blue u play slark anyway?
00:02:03baroni- muute hyvä
00:02:04infect well slark is decent as well...
00:02:07FirstBlood lol
00:02:08extremewaari okei :D
00:02:09FirstBlood ok
00:02:11FirstBlood -swap 5
00:02:11que2stress -swap 1
00:02:16FirstBlood -swap 2
00:02:18yeW- eni woods aleks solo top
00:02:23FirstBlood i go mid
00:02:31extremewaari kato
00:02:38infect yew's geo is decent btw
00:02:45extremewaari nigma go woods
00:02:45que2stress puck
00:02:46Astrocreep the best in this place
00:02:47extremewaari give obs
00:02:48que2stress u should top
00:02:50que2stress and let me
00:02:50yeW- take it easy on me pls firstblood
00:02:52que2stress with
00:02:52que2stress ns
00:02:53yeW- -ma
00:02:57infect fuck off
00:02:58infect farm top
00:03:00Astrocreep nvm
00:03:08custy hood works with tide?
00:03:14infect y, pipe is nice
00:03:18Astrocreep get vanguard
00:03:19que2stress go jango first
00:03:23que2stress not vanguard
00:03:23infect vg with shell
00:03:26infect dumb fuck
00:03:30infect dfo not stack
00:03:41infect pull
00:03:50que2stress get jango tide ok?
00:04:05custy i get pipe
00:04:08que2stress first
00:04:10que2stress jango plz
00:04:53baroni- kyl tää tästä
00:04:53yeW- 5s pls
00:04:53extremewaari jep
00:04:53Astrocreep go them a little?
00:04:53baroni- failit alkuu ni menee hyvi loppu peli :D
00:04:53infect i autoattack wisp
00:04:53extremewaari jep :D
00:04:53yeW- 321
00:04:53yeW- go
00:04:53que2stress tide are u getting this jango?
00:04:53infect but we cant kill
00:06:15Aleks875 go WL
00:06:17Aleks875 enigma
00:06:22baroni- voi v
00:06:30Astrocreep no creeps to pull
00:06:57que2stress ss bone
00:06:58Aleks875 hahah
00:07:04MohaMEED yew let me push up flying
00:07:16infect nuke wisp
00:07:17infect not es
00:07:23extremewaari noni
00:07:23que2stress y
00:07:23extremewaari gj
00:07:24FirstBlood sec
00:07:25que2stress awlays wisp
00:07:25baroni- jep sama
00:07:25que2stress wisp is weak
00:07:25que2stress all want to turn mh on
00:07:25extremewaari ku saan lvl6 niin voidaan gang
00:07:25baroni- joh
00:07:25baroni- ni se telee 12 sekan ajaks johki
00:07:25baroni- ja sit takas?
00:07:25extremewaari jep
00:07:25baroni- vai luinko vääri?
00:07:25FirstBlood go
00:07:25baroni- ok
00:07:25FirstBlood 321
00:07:25yeW- gogo
00:07:27Aleks875 gogo
00:07:32extremewaari mut mun pitää olla linkattuna suhun
00:07:52baroni- meen b
00:08:37extremewaari ns ss bot
00:08:44yeW- ye ^^
00:08:49extremewaari too late?
00:08:50infect ss es
00:08:53yeW- ye but np
00:08:56extremewaari sorry :/
00:08:58infect re
00:09:06FirstBlood i have lags
00:09:12que2stress i have legs
00:10:36que2stress ss engima
00:10:52yeW- gang if u can
00:10:57extremewaari mennää gang top?
00:11:00baroni- ju
00:11:02yeW- np
00:11:43Aleks875 ss
00:12:07yeW- lolz
00:12:25yeW- some wards wud b nice
00:13:52yeW- wards
00:13:58MohaMEED y
00:14:12extremewaari i buy
00:14:18que2stress i heal
00:14:18infect treads
00:14:22que2stress if u survive
00:14:28yeW- 3 gangin heroes
00:14:31FirstBlood ty
00:14:32que2stress havbe ult
00:14:33yeW- n u guys do jackshit
00:14:57custy ty
00:15:12que2stress get jango first
00:15:12que2stress tide
00:15:15que2stress u need the mana pool
00:16:34yeW- lol
00:17:04Aleks875 no mana
00:17:17extremewaari come
00:17:33infect bye yew
00:17:34extremewaari nigma
00:17:35infect u dead
00:17:48yeW- ye fuck
00:18:18infect meepo our forest
00:19:01infect more afk :D:D
00:19:10custy u want me to buy janggo?
00:19:15infect y
00:19:19Astrocreep ty
00:19:19que2stress y
00:19:23que2stress its good
00:19:27que2stress gives u hp
00:19:28que2stress and mana
00:19:29que2stress and aura
00:20:32yeW- srsly
00:20:46Astrocreep gj
00:20:48yeW- bone
00:20:50yeW- join the game?
00:20:54Aleks875 i do
00:20:55yeW- anytime soon
00:21:04baroni- more wards any1?
00:21:07baroni- i can plant
00:21:12FirstBlood get bone down
00:21:20que2stress but he is top
00:21:57yeW- slark difu
00:22:05extremewaari slark
00:22:06que2stress beware
00:22:06yeW- eni
00:22:07que2stress if u die
00:22:08yeW- midas?
00:22:09yeW- ok
00:22:09que2stress they have gem
00:22:11yeW- leave teh game
00:22:12que2stress and thats not good for slark
00:22:14Astrocreep only at night
00:22:52Astrocreep fuck
00:23:06FirstBlood b
00:23:14Aleks875 gem
00:23:23que2stress dammit
00:23:24que2stress lets push
00:23:27que2stress i have ult
00:23:32que2stress tide has too
00:23:40custy y
00:24:12yeW- omw
00:25:06yeW- -ma
00:25:24yeW- tp
00:25:34yeW- hm
00:25:43FirstBlood b
00:25:59que2stress so much about the gem :D
00:26:04Astrocreep they left it
00:26:06Astrocreep i think
00:26:08que2stress no
00:26:10que2stress geo has it
00:26:19FirstBlood lol
00:26:22FirstBlood guys
00:26:24FirstBlood buy smoke
00:26:25FirstBlood levi
00:26:27FirstBlood ang go gang
00:26:28FirstBlood them
00:26:55que2stress we should only go with 5
00:27:01Astrocreep and both have ulti
00:27:07custy i have ulti
00:27:25que2stress get dust
00:27:26que2stress plz
00:27:31que2stress all top
00:27:32que2stress gogo
00:27:33extremewaari ääh
00:27:35extremewaari meni
00:28:01Astrocreep all got ulti?
00:28:04FirstBlood go smoke
00:28:04que2stress y
00:28:06custy y
00:28:09infect dust
00:28:11infect when smoke goes off
00:28:37MohaMEED ok 5
00:28:37yeW- shud i drop gem
00:28:40extremewaari mwennää ultilla
00:28:59yeW- wtf
00:28:59infect wtf
00:28:59que2stress TIDFE
00:28:59Astrocreep lol
00:29:01que2stress WTF
00:29:01yeW- can u stop
00:29:01extremewaari huono oli
00:29:06baroni- jep :D
00:29:08custy wrong button
00:29:09yeW- speakin estoniann
00:29:13Astrocreep mid?
00:29:18que2stress def soon yes
00:29:21que2stress oh
00:29:23que2stress no one has tps
00:29:25que2stress that means
00:29:26que2stress mid gone :
00:29:54que2stress TEAM
00:29:56que2stress WHY DONT U HAVE TPS?
00:30:02infect didnt have moneyz
00:30:07extremewaari i make pipe
00:30:08FirstBlood lo
00:30:12que2stress u always
00:30:14que2stress have mones
00:30:16MohaMEED me radi
00:30:52que2stress back
00:31:15FirstBlood lo
00:31:16que2stress back
00:31:20FirstBlood how you
00:31:31que2stress BACK
00:31:38Astrocreep wtf tide
00:31:53que2stress not tides fault
00:31:54que2stress u go
00:31:55que2stress tehre all
00:31:57que2stress without any ults
00:32:02Astrocreep he was getting hit
00:32:06Astrocreep and started it
00:32:37yeW- eni
00:32:39yeW- leave the game
00:32:45MohaMEED lol
00:32:45yeW- you are utterly useless
00:33:00que2stress all have tps?
00:33:04Aleks875 rosh back
00:33:05Astrocreep y
00:33:10que2stress go mid then
00:33:26que2stress we got the gme
00:33:27que2stress gem
00:33:30que2stress or is it destryoed?
00:33:57yeW- hm
00:34:06baroni- take
00:34:21FirstBlood b
00:34:22FirstBlood b
00:34:28que2stress why dont u run to us :(
00:34:40Astrocreep why custy goes
00:34:45FirstBlood why we dont have even one ward?
00:34:45custy to help
00:34:46que2stress we need
00:34:48FirstBlood tell me this....
00:34:50que2stress to go with 5
00:34:51que2stress always
00:35:14que2stress dont
00:35:17FirstBlood b
00:35:30FirstBlood go i will tp
00:36:20yeW- hm
00:37:31que2stress gather
00:37:34que2stress gather plz
00:37:39infect i lag
00:37:41infect a lot atm
00:37:46yeW- b.
00:38:06MohaMEED shit ns
00:38:09que2stress back
00:38:09FirstBlood b
00:38:13que2stress why is it so hard
00:38:16que2stress to go with all?
00:38:44que2stress just
00:38:45que2stress wait
00:38:49que2stress for all and go with 5
00:38:52infect sec
00:38:53FirstBlood yes
00:38:54que2stress what is the prob?
00:38:57infect cant move
00:38:57FirstBlood why we dont have piep
00:38:57FirstBlood pipe,
00:38:57FirstBlood ?
00:38:57que2stress because
00:38:57custy no money
00:38:57que2stress we dont
00:38:57que2stress move together
00:38:57que2stress and thats
00:38:57que2stress why
00:38:57que2stress we die
00:38:57que2stress and thats why
00:38:57Astrocreep my job is to silence es
00:38:57que2stress we got no money
00:38:57Astrocreep bone kills us when u go after them
00:38:57que2stress u should silence bone
00:38:57que2stress y
00:38:57custy good?
00:38:57que2stress we must stay
00:38:57que2stress defensive
00:39:04que2stress puck here?
00:39:08FirstBlood bala has ahgha
00:39:11FirstBlood go gang
00:39:13que2stress NO
00:39:14FirstBlood we have vision
00:39:15que2stress WAIT
00:39:16que2stress FOR ALL
00:39:19que2stress AND GO WITH ALL ULTS
00:39:20custy puck
00:39:24que2stress -afk
00:39:30infect well, my pc is going to explode, but lets contin
00:39:44que2stress go with all now
00:39:49que2stress tide
00:39:54FirstBlood b
00:40:16que2stress I surrender! [1/5 of Sentinel]
00:40:18infect I surrender! [2/5 of Sentinel]
00:40:19FirstBlood I surrender! [3/5 of Sentinel]
00:40:28que2stress i really must say
00:40:29que2stress shit team :D
00:40:46custy i am the worst player
00:40:47custy srt
00:40:51que2stress nah
00:40:52custy sry
00:40:54que2stress teamplay is worst
00:40:55infect yew
00:40:56FirstBlood you pick me hero
00:40:56infect btw
00:40:57infect creepskip
00:40:59yeW- nope
00:41:00infect isnt allowed
00:41:03que2stress we only run stupidly around
00:41:03yeW- i tped
00:41:04FirstBlood whitch i even dont want play
00:41:07yeW- to creep
00:41:09yeW- that was mid
00:41:16yeW- to which i poofed
00:41:18que2stress ff it
00:41:19que2stress guys
00:41:20que2stress simply
00:41:32que2stress ns pick was useless anyway
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