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-43 X
-1 TS

99% | 2044 X | 1523 TS

-67 X
-1 TS

84% | 1561 X | 1408 TS

-31 X
-1 TS

52% | 1245 X | 1332 TS

-38 X
-3 TS

39% | 1199 X | 1219 TS

-16 X
-13 TS

4% | 962 X | 1019 TS

+44 X
+1 TS

80% | 1428 X | 1473 TS

+20 X
+1 TS

78% | 1503 X | 1361 TS

+52 X
+1 TS

63% | 1361 X | 1314 TS

+58 X
+2 TS

62% | 1331 X | 1336 TS

+30 X
+18 TS

34% | 1234 X | 1137 TS

Chat log

00:00:05mby_next_time lol yew
00:00:06mby_next_time we got lucky
00:00:08mby_next_time to taht fag
00:00:08yeW- ;D
00:00:10mby_next_time orange
00:00:10yeW- we did
00:00:12yeW- -clear
00:00:17yeW- but our 2 last
00:00:18yeW- wp
00:00:19Jaikki otat tukkaas homo
00:00:19yeW- -clear
00:00:19que2stress any wishes?
00:00:19Pieti J
00:00:19mby_next_time well im pretty fucking sleepy now
00:00:19que2stress rubick anyone?
00:00:19yeW- god
00:00:19mby_next_time you go mid?
00:00:19Jaikki tykki täytee nii lähtee
00:00:19mby_next_time or me?
00:00:19fUNCh furi/rubic
00:00:19yeW- so its 1v(
00:00:19yeW- 5*
00:00:19yeW- ;D
00:00:19Pieti :DDD
00:00:19yeW- dont lemme down
00:00:19yeW- mate
00:00:19fUNCh or well
00:00:19fUNCh i can pick mylsef
00:00:19mby_next_time i wont i hope
00:00:19fUNCh -.-
00:00:19yeW- ill go woods if husk
00:00:19Pieti nukahan tähä koneelle
00:00:19yeW- i mean mid
00:00:19que2stress thatisdota
00:00:19que2stress u want a hero?
00:00:19mby_next_time if ursa you go bot?
00:00:19que2stress dazzle?
00:00:19yeW- ye woods or whatever
00:00:19yeW- u lc?
00:00:19que2stress who wants dazzle?
00:00:19mby_next_time not yet
00:00:19mby_next_time dunno
00:00:19yeW- hm
00:00:19mby_next_time actually
00:00:19mby_next_time pa / lc
00:00:19sebralane i
00:00:19mby_next_time wr
00:00:19yeW- mkay lemme think
00:00:19yeW- what t ban
00:00:19que2stress i pick for you
00:00:19sebralane dont want
00:00:19sebralane i dont want
00:00:19Jaikki me either
00:00:19que2stress any wants rhasta?
00:00:19yeW- rubick
00:00:19yeW- BAM
00:00:19fUNCh ban ursa
00:00:19que2stress tell me
00:00:19yeW- rasmus
00:00:19que2stress what u want
00:00:19yeW- the game
00:00:19yeW- is on u
00:00:19sebralane ban meepo
00:00:19que2stress as heros
00:00:19yeW- and your wards
00:00:19que2stress dammit
00:00:19Rasmus.Seebach lol
00:00:19Jaikki ban ursa y
00:00:19sebralane kotl
00:00:19Rasmus.Seebach fail
00:00:19yeW- ;D
00:00:19yeW- our destiny
00:00:19yeW- IS WITHIIN
00:00:19que2stress or pick what u want
00:00:19Jaikki i can qop
00:00:19que2stress idc
00:00:19yeW- YOUR VERY HANDS
00:00:19que2stress -ursa
00:00:19Rasmus.Seebach sure
00:00:19yeW- BAM
00:00:19Rasmus.Seebach hahhaha
00:00:19sebralane yew
00:00:19yeW- what do i pick
00:00:19yeW- husk rhata?
00:00:19mby_next_time go for your husk
00:00:19sebralane u bealive in what god?
00:00:19yeW- rhasta
00:00:20yeW- ?
00:00:22yeW- ast push
00:00:22mby_next_time or rhasta
00:00:22yeW- imo
00:00:24yeW- u carry
00:00:24mby_next_time it's better
00:00:25Jaikki jahve
00:00:30sebralane :D
00:00:31yeW- i do ye
00:00:41sebralane u good with moneyz?
00:00:41yeW- ah
00:00:41mby_next_time so i go commander
00:00:45yeW- que plays a nice mort
00:00:46yeW- -clea
00:00:47yeW- blah
00:00:48mby_next_time np
00:00:49Rasmus.Seebach shud i be gay and just pick kepper
00:00:51mby_next_time blade mail>er
00:00:51Jaikki banker?
00:00:56Rasmus.Seebach ore is it to gay????
00:01:00Jaikki big nouse and banker?
00:01:00sebralane baker?
00:01:04sebralane biker?
00:01:06mby_next_time sadly there' s no tnb
00:01:11yeW- YOU ARE TO WARD
00:01:12yeW- ASAP
00:01:16yeW- BAM
00:01:18sebralane gg my kotl
00:01:21sebralane motherfuckers
00:01:21yeW- TAKE HUSKAR
00:01:23yeW- PEITI
00:01:27que2stress get lina
00:01:28yeW- HUSKAR LINA
00:01:29que2stress rofl
00:01:30yeW- BOOM BAM BIM
00:01:32Pieti ok
00:01:32que2stress more carries
00:01:33que2stress plz
00:01:37Jaikki et uskalla void
00:01:40Rasmus.Seebach ok im gay
00:01:41Jaikki xD
00:01:41sebralane i want mid
00:01:44que2stress y
00:01:45que2stress u get mid
00:01:46yeW- huskar bot
00:01:46Pieti latte riittäää:D
00:01:47que2stress furion is woods
00:01:56yeW- pawel
00:01:57yeW- to me
00:01:57fUNCh sebra is worst guy to send vs yew
00:02:00que2stress ROFL
00:02:01fUNCh yew will just get imba
00:02:01Jaikki !!!1
00:02:04Rasmus.Seebach sumone give me a sigaret
00:02:04Jaikki ei jumalauta
00:02:09que2stress void bot
00:02:11sebralane i will fb him
00:02:12mby_next_time hmm
00:02:12Rasmus.Seebach im twekking
00:02:13mby_next_time i think
00:02:14mby_next_time that
00:02:15yeW- pieti
00:02:17sebralane yew
00:02:20yeW- u understand engish right?
00:02:20sebralane mid no denays
00:02:21yeW- -clear
00:02:21sebralane ok?
00:02:24Pieti y
00:02:26yeW- make pt
00:02:27yeW- urn
00:02:28yeW- ARMLET
00:02:34Pieti ok
00:02:34Jaikki seems legit
00:02:35yeW- armlet very important on u
00:02:41yeW- take it easy
00:02:43yeW- they know u ward
00:02:44que2stress wtf void pick xD
00:02:49yeW- ward rune too pls i have bottle
00:02:51fUNCh i can get him banned
00:02:52fUNCh np
00:02:53ThatIsDota be ware of 3
00:03:06Rasmus.Seebach dont woory i go in cirkels
00:03:09yeW- lol
00:03:12yeW- start wadin
00:03:12que2stress furion
00:03:13que2stress u are woods
00:03:14Jaikki kai oot bot
00:03:14que2stress here
00:03:14yeW- need vision rune
00:03:18mby_next_time wr is mid
00:03:22yeW- RUNE
00:03:23mby_next_time she got wards on rune spots
00:03:47Jaikki homo
00:04:12ThatIsDota b
00:04:53yeW- courier up
00:04:54yeW- rasmus
00:05:14yeW- WARD
00:05:19yeW- RUNE
00:05:49tvorozok ss
00:05:51yeW- omg.
00:06:04yeW- he starts it
00:06:09que2stress <3 rasmus
00:06:26Jaikki tää void
00:07:11yeW- OMG
00:07:12yeW- RASMUS
00:07:15yeW- ?!
00:07:22tvorozok ss
00:07:24yeW- WTF I WONG IWTH U
00:07:37yeW- b
00:07:48yeW- rasmus?
00:07:49yeW- RASMUS
00:07:54yeW- LIKE I SAID 20 TIMES?
00:07:59Jaikki lul
00:08:02Pieti homo
00:08:03Rasmus.Seebach we cant lose
00:08:12sebralane ss
00:08:29Jaikki oot vaa nub
00:08:30sebralane re
00:08:40Pieti rillaan sut kohta
00:08:55que2stress wow furion
00:08:58que2stress that was awesome
00:08:58mby_next_time dont rly care
00:09:03mby_next_time im haveing good farm
00:09:07mby_next_time easy heroes to counter
00:09:17que2stress come def top
00:09:35que2stress akasha
00:09:37que2stress plz gang top
00:09:48mby_next_time furi woods
00:09:53mby_next_time co[]me husk
00:09:57que2stress furion tele
00:10:09mby_next_time why no ulti
00:10:13Pieti cd
00:10:19fUNCh 10sec
00:10:19Jaikki WTF
00:10:20ThatIsDota ?
00:10:30fUNCh #21
00:10:32fUNCh ffs
00:10:53yeW- good farm?
00:10:56yeW- that was sarcasm?
00:10:57yeW- lol
00:10:58mby_next_time well i died :D
00:11:02mby_next_time it sucks from that death
00:11:04yeW- ur 4
00:11:05yeW- ll
00:11:05sebralane nice wards rasmus
00:11:11que2stress go
00:11:12mby_next_time yep for that death
00:11:18Rasmus.Seebach L:D
00:11:33Jaikki susta oo mihinkää
00:11:41que2stress furion
00:12:45yeW- come nuke
00:12:46yeW- rasmsu
00:13:03Jaikki XD
00:13:10ThatIsDota 44
00:13:17yeW- to me
00:13:26yeW- nuke
00:13:28Jaikki mikset puhu mtn
00:13:29Jaikki ootko kmad
00:13:30Pieti voidin kupla oli iha hieno
00:13:32Jaikki xD
00:13:46yeW- ...
00:13:48yeW- my god
00:14:11Jaikki FUCK U
00:14:45yeW- HUSK...
00:14:48yeW- ITEMS...
00:14:49yeW- MY GO
00:14:50yeW- D
00:14:53Pieti :DDD
00:14:56tvorozok rasmum
00:15:01tvorozok my ring
00:15:04tvorozok where&
00:15:05tvorozok ?
00:15:06Rasmus.Seebach sry
00:15:14Jaikki np
00:15:34Jaikki b
00:15:34Jaikki b
00:15:35Jaikki b
00:15:35Jaikki b
00:15:36Jaikki b
00:15:55yeW- RASMUS
00:15:56yeW- why
00:15:57yeW- HWY
00:15:58yeW- DO YOU HAVE
00:15:59yeW- TO PLAY
00:16:00yeW- LIKE
00:16:01tvorozok giv
00:16:09yeW- ALL YOU HAD TO DO
00:16:10yeW- WAS PUT
00:16:11yeW- TWO WARDS
00:16:14yeW- AND STAY
00:16:16yeW- ON UR UCKIN LANE
00:17:02mby_next_time seriously
00:17:04yeW- k
00:17:06yeW- this does it
00:17:07mby_next_time serio[]usly?
00:17:11mby_next_time rasmus
00:17:11mby_next_time why the fuck
00:17:11mby_next_time you afk
00:17:11sebralane yeah
00:17:11ThatIsDota wtf
00:17:11Jaikki plug
00:17:11que2stress and here comes the plug
00:17:11ThatIsDota unplug the cable?
00:17:11Jaikki think so
00:17:11Jaikki dont ever trust jews
00:17:48yeW- rasmus
00:17:48yeW- leave
00:17:49yeW- the game
00:17:53sebralane -ms
00:17:56sebralane -ms
00:17:57yeW- ur a fucktard
00:18:11ThatIsDota plug
00:18:11Jaikki oh cmon
00:18:11ThatIsDota lol
00:18:11que2stress why u wait so long
00:18:11que2stress with ur
00:18:11que2stress damn
00:18:11que2stress shit
00:18:11yeW- ah damn
00:18:11ThatIsDota who will leave
00:18:11que2stress u ofc
00:18:11yeW- his intenet
00:18:11yeW- musta gone nuts
00:18:11Jaikki yeah... internet
00:18:11ThatIsDota who will leave the game
00:18:11sebralane yeah the internet cabel
00:18:11sebralane goes soo nuts
00:18:11Pieti tätä ootellaan aina
00:18:11yeW- i dont min
00:18:11yeW- d
00:18:11sebralane yew balance
00:18:11yeW- 3 top 10
00:18:11yeW- worst players
00:18:11yeW- in our team
00:18:11sebralane u have been more usefull to us than ur team
00:18:11sebralane yew is number is worts player
00:18:11Jaikki kannat viel xDD
00:18:11yeW- ye k
00:18:11yeW- ur funny mate
00:18:11sebralane u too sister
00:18:11fUNCh pa whats the status on ur skills
00:18:11fUNCh or just b since rhasta inc
00:18:11Pieti :D
00:18:11que2stress b
00:18:11que2stress he got tower and heal
00:18:11yeW- pure cancer
00:18:11sebralane take towa top
00:18:11yeW- rasmus
00:18:11Pieti ehkä nukahan ja nään unta et kannoin
00:18:11yeW- pure fuckin
00:18:11sebralane vs ezla
00:18:11yeW- cancer
00:18:11yeW- u make me sick
00:18:11que2stress lets go get rhasta
00:18:11Rasmus.Seebach omg
00:18:11fUNCh got tp ?
00:18:11ThatIsDota who leave the game
00:18:11sebralane get rhazta
00:18:11sebralane i tp bottom
00:18:11que2stress u
00:18:11que2stress void
00:18:11yeW- i just
00:18:11que2stress u leave the game
00:18:11ThatIsDota no
00:18:11yeW- want to understand
00:18:11ThatIsDota no
00:18:11ThatIsDota no
00:18:11yeW- why
00:18:11ThatIsDota plz
00:18:11yeW- you
00:18:11yeW- DONT
00:18:11yeW- put
00:18:11yeW- those 2 wards
00:18:11que2stress sorry
00:18:11yeW- and stay on lane
00:18:11que2stress i dont like
00:18:11yeW- HOW HARD IS
00:18:11yeW- THAT
00:18:11yeW- PLS
00:18:11que2stress ego players
00:18:11yeW- PLS
00:18:11yeW- TELL ME
00:18:11yeW- HOW THE FUCK
00:18:11yeW- UR
00:18:11ThatIsDota ego ?
00:18:11yeW- FUCKIN
00:18:11yeW- BRAINS
00:18:11yeW- WORK
00:18:11Pieti totally retard
00:18:11yeW- EXPLAIN TO ME
00:18:11sebralane drop allready
00:18:11yeW- HOW THE FUCKING
00:18:11yeW- FUCK
00:18:11que2stress picking
00:18:11Rasmus.Seebach i dont know how hard it is
00:18:11yeW- OF A FUCK
00:18:11sebralane egomaniacs
00:18:11Pieti tää rasmus:D
00:18:11que2stress void
00:18:11Rasmus.Seebach ?
00:18:11que2stress as 5th hero
00:18:11que2stress is either mega stupid
00:18:11yeW- TELL ME
00:18:11yeW- ANSWER
00:18:11Jaikki rasmus o kova
00:18:11yeW- MY QUESTION
00:18:11yeW- HOW
00:18:11que2stress or mega ego
00:18:11yeW- HARD
00:18:11yeW- IT
00:18:11yeW- IS IT
00:18:11yeW- TO PUT
00:18:11que2stress i dont like either of them
00:18:11yeW- 2 WADS
00:18:11yeW- AND STAY ON LANE
00:18:11yeW- HOW
00:18:11yeW- FUCIN
00:18:11Rasmus.Seebach i have no idea how hard it is
00:18:11yeW- HARD
00:18:11yeW- IS IS
00:18:11ThatIsDota play dota long time
00:18:11yeW- ANSWER
00:18:11yeW- YOU DO NOT
00:18:11yeW- GET TO TELL ME
00:18:11yeW- U O NOT KNOW
00:18:11yeW- TELL ME
00:18:11yeW- RIGHT NOW
00:18:11yeW- THIS INSTANT
00:18:11fUNCh and still 30% ?
00:18:12yeW- HOW FUCKIN
00:18:16yeW- HARD IT IS
00:18:16yeW- TO PUT
00:18:16yeW- TWO FUCIN WADS
00:18:16que2stress void leaves
00:18:16Rasmus.Seebach dunno
00:18:16yeW- WITHOUT HAVIN
00:18:16Rasmus.Seebach werry
00:18:16Jaikki void, you go
00:18:17yeW- TO PERMA ROAM
00:18:18Jaikki sorry
00:18:43que2stress i take his mask
00:19:34Jaikki en tajuu
00:19:34Pieti AAAH
00:19:36Jaikki miks teet noin
00:19:46Pieti vitutti
00:19:56Jaikki et vaa pärjää
00:19:59Jaikki karu totuus
00:20:01que2stress pff
00:20:04que2stress how do you stun
00:20:05que2stress -.-
00:20:46Jaikki deny it
00:21:27que2stress top
00:21:45yeW- smoke
00:21:45yeW- come
00:22:19yeW- where the fuck r u
00:22:25Jaikki farming, you?
00:22:29yeW- nubz
00:22:53Jaikki who is nub now
00:23:10yeW- my god
00:23:13yeW- what am i playin with
00:23:13yeW- srsly
00:23:26yeW- COME SMOK
00:24:42yeW- armlet
00:26:22Jaikki its gg if he drops
00:26:22fUNCh tha mad internetz cable again
00:26:22sebralane no we win if he drops
00:26:22Jaikki i said it
00:26:22Jaikki its gg
00:26:22sebralane team kd is ove 3x
00:26:22Jaikki ofc -.-
00:26:22Jaikki yew hasnt dropped
00:26:22Jaikki in 100 games
00:26:22Jaikki i have playing with him
00:26:22fUNCh he has
00:26:22que2stress rofl
00:26:22Jaikki kinda "odd"
00:26:22que2stress he has
00:26:22sebralane its his 101 game
00:26:22sebralane soo hes gone
00:26:22que2stress lotta times
00:26:22fUNCh saw him plug this week
00:26:22que2stress usually
00:26:22que2stress he plugs before 10
00:26:22que2stress thats all
00:26:22fUNCh and previous week
00:26:22Jaikki i think we should
00:26:22Jaikki report him
00:26:22fUNCh they wont ban him
00:26:22Jaikki because he is
00:26:22que2stress those reports are
00:26:22Jaikki annoying player
00:26:22que2stress in vain
00:26:22Jaikki pauseting and stuff
00:26:22que2stress dunno
00:26:22que2stress 2min to
00:26:22sebralane sentinel ur mid tower is allmost out of hp
00:26:22que2stress min 25
00:26:22que2stress so
00:26:22que2stress just waiting and 44
00:26:22que2stress ff
00:26:22que2stress would have been fater
00:26:22que2stress faster
00:26:22Jaikki y
00:26:22fUNCh i'm sure he hoped for cancel
00:26:22Jaikki its not
00:26:22Jaikki kd is 1/3
00:26:22sebralane he made bottle 1item
00:26:22sebralane for rhazta
00:26:22Jaikki mad x minus for him though
00:26:22fUNCh he wont get -x
00:26:22Jaikki its not cancel
00:26:22Jaikki -.-
00:26:22fUNCh if game goes 2 drops and autowin its only +TS
00:26:22Jaikki nope
00:26:22fUNCh it is
00:26:22tvorozok [DotA-GC] Game was won by Scourge!
00:26:22tvorozok [DotA-GC] Game was won by Scourge!
00:26:22tvorozok [DotA-GC] Game was won by Scourge!
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