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Chat log

00:00:02Maxy -ap
00:00:03slc2 a-p
00:00:07faildn firstblood are you still going to be clinkz?
00:00:12FirstBlood y
00:00:54zonskass naix u wood ?
00:00:55vaityl im wood
00:00:59zonskass good
00:01:06zonskass /w DotaKeys: off
00:01:08zonskass /w DotaKeys: on
00:01:09zonskass /w DotaKeys: You control Windrunner [e,r,w,f]
00:01:13faildn afk
00:02:09Maxy b
00:02:33slc2 focus eza
00:02:44Zulu s 1
00:04:50Maxy Upgrade pls
00:05:07faildn kotl upgrade pls
00:05:16faildn ( :
00:05:35slc2 lets go
00:05:41slc2 ss pit
00:05:54creeeeeee no hp
00:06:05faildn can u give me some mana
00:06:37FirstBlood ss mid
00:06:39FirstBlood caree bot
00:06:41FirstBlood b
00:06:53McFele too late noob
00:06:54McFele !!!
00:07:00faildn :D
00:07:16zonskass gank top
00:07:16faildn clinkz
00:07:26FirstBlood k
00:07:28FirstBlood se
00:07:36faildn clinkz how is farm
00:07:48veuncent lawl
00:08:11Maxy ss
00:08:12Maxy ss
00:08:12Maxy s
00:08:13Maxy s
00:08:13Maxy s
00:08:15veuncent ss
00:08:26Maxy ss
00:08:30FirstBlood go doom
00:08:34slc2 kill
00:08:46slc2 come to me
00:09:17zonskass care top
00:09:18faildn give me mana pls
00:09:19zonskass tinker regen
00:09:21FirstBlood ss mid
00:09:50Zulu ss 3
00:09:51veuncent ss
00:10:02FirstBlood ss mid
00:10:02FirstBlood care
00:10:10zonskass mana
00:10:18zonskass ...
00:11:06zonskass wards pls
00:11:27creeeeeee -ms
00:11:28Zulu care top
00:11:36veuncent ok
00:11:40Zulu ss all
00:12:22faildn gj
00:14:00veuncent need some wards pls
00:14:49slc2 im tired of bone
00:14:54creeeeeee rly always bot
00:14:54creeeeeee yea
00:14:57veuncent wards pelase dazzle
00:15:02slc2 i have bought
00:15:24FirstBlood me
00:15:27FirstBlood lol
00:15:32slc2 tinker gank=
00:16:02FirstBlood mana pls
00:16:05FirstBlood eza
00:16:09FirstBlood ty
00:17:50creeeeeee lol at this heal :D:D:D
00:17:50Zulu they warded our woods
00:17:58veuncent yes its awesome right?
00:18:06creeeeeee funny
00:18:14veuncent imba also
00:18:36faildn mid?
00:18:39veuncent does it go away when i eeat anotherone?
00:18:40FirstBlood y
00:18:41faildn nvm
00:18:41creeeeeee kill it
00:19:24slc2 kill
00:19:30Zulu dont fight
00:19:33Zulu dd
00:20:01Zulu doom ?
00:20:05veuncent out or reach
00:20:07veuncent of
00:22:29zonskass wards pls
00:22:34zonskass i place
00:22:47slc2 why doom for that?
00:22:56faildn thank you
00:22:57veuncent so he wont escape
00:23:03slc2 he coundt
00:24:13zonskass wards pls
00:24:44zonskass go roshan
00:24:52McFele em
00:24:53McFele gem
00:25:32FirstBlood wtf
00:25:46zonskass no fucking wards
00:25:52FirstBlood wards
00:25:53FirstBlood pls
00:26:01zonskass ONLY NOW
00:26:03zonskass after m,e
00:26:04zonskass omg
00:26:08zonskass so dead
00:26:16zonskass why ui buy
00:26:17zonskass when i buy
00:26:24faildn i didnt know that u were gonna buy
00:26:28zonskass i asked
00:26:29zonskass 10 times
00:26:31zonskass /.....
00:26:39faildn i didnt have money
00:26:44zonskass u did
00:26:49faildn i bought ring
00:26:52faildn and i had no money
00:26:58faildn my top pls
00:27:02zonskass ff
00:27:16zonskass tinker gem
00:27:28McFele push
00:27:29McFele !
00:28:25zonskass lets do rosh
00:28:58faildn omw
00:29:11FirstBlood i will take it ok?
00:29:14faildn yea
00:29:14vaityl ok
00:29:15zonskass k
00:29:32FirstBlood mana pls
00:29:36FirstBlood ¨ty
00:29:38veuncent b
00:29:48faildn place wards
00:29:49faildn pls
00:30:16slc2 doom him u fucking morron
00:30:40veuncent he was immune
00:30:56slc2 u shall doom bone
00:31:02faildn that's not good
00:31:02veuncent and i did
00:31:02Zulu ill balance
00:31:02slc2 who goes?
00:31:02Zulu i will
00:31:02veuncent thanks
00:31:02Zulu :)
00:31:02Maxy it's bad
00:31:02Maxy if anyone goes
00:31:02Maxy =/
00:31:02Zulu but im least important
00:31:02Maxy if he disc
00:31:02Maxy there is no way
00:31:02Maxy we lose
00:31:02Maxy actually
00:31:02creeeeeee true
00:31:02Maxy mb they play with him
00:31:02Maxy huh
00:31:02Maxy !
00:31:02slc2 let me have zulus forcestadd
00:31:02slc2 staff
00:31:02Maxy take all
00:31:06Zulu Cya
00:31:21zonskass i take orchide
00:31:34vaityl i demon edge
00:31:55McFele try to end it soon?
00:31:58McFele all top?
00:32:03vaityl bitch
00:32:10creeeeeee take us command aura imo
00:32:10vaityl DEMON EDGE
00:32:10vaityl !
00:32:11vaityl !1
00:32:17vaityl RETARD
00:32:22vaityl OMG
00:32:24vaityl FFS
00:32:26vaityl I surrender! [1/4 of Scourge]
00:32:29slc2 300 then meka
00:32:31McFele well hes captain now
00:32:31zonskass whats your problem
00:32:33McFele he can do it
00:32:39veuncent wards pls
00:32:43zonskass didnt notice even that i took it
00:32:47zonskass kid went rage
00:32:48zonskass hjahahaha
00:33:00Maxy taje
00:33:32creeeeeee tp
00:33:33creeeeeee and def
00:33:46veuncent fuck
00:34:16Maxy ok?
00:34:17Maxy xD
00:34:42veuncent cant do shit
00:35:43McFele all top again
00:36:08slc2 lets go mid?
00:36:50slc2 go
00:37:13vaityl NO DENY/
00:37:40zonskass battle fury :/
00:37:47faildn i need cash
00:37:59zonskass boots of travel
00:38:00zonskass gets u cash
00:38:18vaityl lal
00:38:19vaityl I surrender! [1/4 of Scourge]
00:39:45slc2 go i come
00:39:48Maxy b
00:39:49Maxy mana
00:40:35creeeeeee b mid
00:41:08vaityl noob
00:41:12zonskass u pro
00:42:44creeeeeee top rune missing
00:42:45creeeeeee nvi
00:42:47creeeeeee invi
00:42:52slc2 slark
00:42:52vaityl mid
00:43:06zonskass tp him
00:43:06slc2 hit the bitches?
00:43:10faildn ill get bot
00:43:12faildn then tele
00:43:14creeeeeee obvious rune missing
00:43:16creeeeeee invi or dd
00:43:16veuncent can i use leaver?
00:43:17creeeeeee care
00:43:20creeeeeee y u can
00:45:25faildn do we have ac?
00:46:05vaityl bot
00:47:03veuncent -ms
00:48:54slc2 i do ac now
00:48:58veuncent already on it
00:49:07faildn nice
00:49:07zonskass haha
00:49:10faildn nice
00:49:23zonskass he is very bad tinker
00:49:29zonskass farms only
00:49:59vaityl item bone
00:50:00slc2 lets go mid
00:50:01vaityl get
00:50:02vaityl wr
00:50:47veuncent b
00:50:58faildn holy shit
00:50:59zonskass gg
00:51:04vaityl yebok
00:51:05faildn I surrender! [2/4 of Scourge]
00:51:06vaityl nab
00:51:14veuncent gogo
00:51:16veuncent i doom
00:51:22veuncent come on...
00:51:26zonskass def
00:51:26zonskass b
00:51:27zonskass b
00:52:13faildn what should we do
00:52:33zonskass roshan and pusdh down
00:52:37slc2 why havent we finished this shit?
00:52:47McFele and focus raxes
00:52:49McFele no heroes
00:52:51zonskass y
00:53:28slc2 haha omg
00:53:29Maxy thought
00:53:31Maxy we took it
00:53:31Maxy lol
00:53:37creeeeeee xD
00:53:39slc2 doom didnt wanted to take it
00:53:44veuncent couldnt
00:53:57veuncent plant please
00:53:59veuncent somebody
00:54:07vaityl go all
00:54:31Maxy help him
00:55:14vaityl I surrender! [2/4 of Scourge]
00:55:20slc2 go mid now?
00:55:25zonskass buy backs
00:55:34Maxy def
00:55:41zonskass how our pushers died ?
00:56:47zonskass tp me
00:57:00creeeeeee fight fast
00:57:01Maxy y
00:57:02Maxy go
00:57:03creeeeeee before base
00:57:09creeeeeee go
00:57:28vaityl team
00:57:32vaityl a fucokid
00:57:36vaityl bitch
00:57:38zonskass and who are u ?
00:57:39vaityl go ff
00:57:57zonskass lets just go and kill rax
00:58:06zonskass they are stronger
00:58:32zonskass b
00:58:32zonskass b
00:58:33zonskass b
00:58:33veuncent carry tps
00:58:57zonskass go ward
00:59:04vaityl fukin firstblod
00:59:30vaityl tp me
00:59:45McFele doom no ulti
00:59:45McFele go
00:59:47slc2 doom get travels
00:59:49creeeeeee mid
00:59:55McFele naix i give u cheesee
00:59:57veuncent hm k
01:00:29faildn fucking hell
01:00:37McFele ye
01:00:38McFele boring
01:00:45faildn teamwork :D
01:00:46zonskass come help and finish
01:00:57veuncent come mid all
01:00:59veuncent naix dead long
01:01:13vaityl tp me
01:01:14Maxy i def
01:01:17zonskass u def
01:01:18zonskass go
01:01:18zonskass def
01:01:19zonskass all
01:01:22vaityl noooooooo
01:01:27veuncent naix re
01:01:30vaityl tp me
01:01:31veuncent rax
01:01:36vaityl tp
01:01:39vaityl lol
01:01:43vaityl I surrender! [2/4 of Scourge]
01:01:45vaityl nabs
01:01:50faildn fucking firstblood
01:01:55zonskass u noobs
01:01:57zonskass i told def
01:02:00zonskass i would taken alone rax
01:02:02vaityl idi nahui
01:02:03McFele I surrender! [3/4 of Scourge]
01:02:04vaityl xhmo
01:02:10vaityl write ff
01:02:14zonskass idi nahuj urod
01:02:15zonskass I surrender! [4/4 of Scourge]
01:02:17veuncent gg!
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