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Chat log +0x pela :D
00:00:16diesel -dk
00:00:16P3PSI Hate playing agaisnt Diesel
00:00:16PeterLars naix
00:00:27P3PSI give me bane ?
00:00:28P3PSI -clear
00:00:45PeterLars u want mid
00:00:46PeterLars ?
00:00:51Pufff-Reis not rly
00:00:54PeterLars ok
00:00:56PeterLars i tke it then
00:01:03Pufff-Reis potm bad midhero
00:01:07Pufff-Reis 0 dps
00:01:10diesel slardar
00:01:10diesel es
00:01:14diesel gj
00:01:39P3PSI me bot top ?
00:01:41Iho lich?
00:01:45que2stress u top with me
00:01:46P3PSI take wards
00:01:48P3PSI kk
00:01:54diesel get wards
00:01:56diesel ty
00:01:59que2stress get wd
00:02:03que2stress or pugna lich wouldbe nice indeed iho no see on küll lost
00:02:25diesel silencer is good pick ma ei tea mis trikki sa siin mõtled
00:02:28diesel just I hope u deliver
00:02:33Swagga i dropped the soap
00:02:40que2stress i can imagine
00:02:44diesel teen shotguni 1. itemiks
00:02:46diesel olenevalt farmist seda obv aga edasi? :d nii massive disable
00:02:57diesel manta
00:03:54que2stress plz
00:03:55que2stress u harass
00:03:58P3PSI sry
00:04:58P3PSI ss top
00:06:15P3PSI s top
00:06:17PeterLars ss
00:06:32PeterLars re ss care shit
00:07:11Swagga rune top
00:07:42que2stress sss
00:07:51que2stress ss es
00:08:09diesel OMW minu loto tabas :D
00:08:20que2stress i gang bot
00:08:21que2stress dont
00:08:21que2stress use
00:08:24que2stress spells
00:08:47que2stress WTF
00:08:48que2stress PUGNA
00:08:56Swagga 1 sec
00:09:01Swagga cry me a river
00:09:03diesel MID MISSING
00:09:11que2stress why u even use this spell?
00:09:23diesel kill
00:09:33P3PSI s top
00:09:36PeterLars ss
00:09:39P3PSI re
00:09:40P3PSI 1
00:10:03P3PSI ss top
00:10:44Rasmus.Seebach im b
00:11:16diesel mid missing
00:11:16diesel sry hästi päästan maideni suren ise tra
00:12:45diesel ganking bot
00:14:03Swagga dead Maiden oh nvm :D pls die also fair deal
00:15:07P3PSI ss top
00:15:10diesel gj
00:15:56P3PSI sry about arrow
00:16:51P3PSI want me 2 go mana boots ?
00:16:55que2stress y
00:17:59Kanpu3a its overfarm
00:20:11PeterLars got dagger now
00:22:11PeterLars i tp soon top
00:22:16PeterLars with ulti
00:22:38Kanpu3a lol
00:23:12Swagga morph got the shit
00:23:24diesel back to tower
00:24:18diesel '
00:24:21diesel iho
00:24:24diesel dont just use ulti
00:24:27diesel only for urself
00:24:28diesel ..
00:24:32diesel I could've killed him
00:24:36diesel and escaped aswell
00:24:36P3PSI any item u want me to go ?
00:24:37P3PSI book ?
00:24:40que2stress y
00:25:16Kanpu3a ye ye
00:25:33diesel warded
00:26:37Swagga haste
00:26:43diesel gogo
00:26:52P3PSI i ulti
00:26:54diesel warded
00:26:56diesel need cohunter wards
00:27:09diesel IM COMING
00:27:14Kanpu3a yea
00:27:25que2stress pugna b
00:27:32que2stress wtf
00:29:21que2stress 3 here sürreal sitt mis sa preagu väntasid
00:30:39Iho wow
00:30:47Swagga b
00:31:22Iho rasmus nice building
00:31:32diesel slardar
00:31:33diesel there
00:31:39que2stress potm
00:31:42que2stress are u serious
00:31:43que2stress with ur itemsß
00:31:49Pufff-Reis no doesnt matter we were massively outpicked
00:32:00Pufff-Reis potm is funhero
00:32:12que2stress ure a clown
00:32:14que2stress thats true
00:32:19Swagga go bot
00:32:59que2stress need all
00:33:10Swagga yos kom
00:33:27PeterLars es
00:33:28PeterLars dagger
00:33:29PeterLars care
00:34:05P3PSI wrong hero..
00:34:47diesel get it
00:35:03Swagga b top
00:35:17Swagga tp top instead
00:35:19Swagga u fagots
00:35:27que2stress need mana plz
00:35:30diesel enemy
00:35:31diesel coming
00:35:32diesel to top
00:35:33diesel care
00:36:11Iho why so bassive es
00:36:11diesel need
00:36:12diesel counter
00:36:13diesel ards
00:36:14diesel guys go 5v1 and ulti? nty
00:36:35diesel we need
00:36:37diesel counter wards
00:36:38diesel please
00:36:39diesel get them
00:36:41diesel and go plant with 5
00:36:42P3PSI ¨..
00:36:44PeterLars wait for my refresher
00:37:10Iho in chick theres wards
00:37:10Swagga slard
00:37:11Swagga take
00:37:15Iho im suppo jee
00:37:19Iho cm roks you are you couldnt never ever play silencer as carry
00:37:56que2stress oops
00:38:01P3PSI he
00:38:03P3PSI he tide kohe refresgher
00:38:19Iho y
00:38:25Iho cm got soon wards miks üles appi ei läind kohe?
00:39:29diesel sleep olin
00:39:34P3PSI can i use book after i use ulti ? mnjah I surrender! [1/5 of Scourge]
00:39:37que2stress no
00:39:37P3PSI or must be before ? aitab
00:39:40que2stress before
00:39:42P3PSI kk
00:39:44diesel ff? obv ju kuidas sa tide duubel ultist mõtled äbi närida? sul fun ka ehk mingirlmääral ma ei saa baasi piiridestki välja
00:40:10diesel no watch and learn
00:40:39P3PSI gotop ?
00:40:56Swagga wtfu are u doin
00:41:22que2stress I surrender! [1/5 of Sentinel]
00:42:41diesel no tõesti
00:42:43diesel rasmus
00:42:45diesel SOLO?
00:42:46diesel srsly?
00:42:50diesel go with the team
00:43:10Iho he play like he always play,, suck and solo
00:44:12diesel MID
00:44:12diesel b
00:44:13diesel b
00:44:13diesel b
00:44:36diesel dont u speak english?
00:44:59que2stress mana
00:45:02PeterLars cd
00:45:03que2stress need
00:45:22PeterLars b
00:45:29PeterLars no ulit
00:45:29Iho go
00:45:33que2stress use smoke
00:45:35que2stress meet
00:45:42que2stress or push lanes
00:45:43que2stress first
00:45:48que2stress smoke
00:45:54PeterLars illut
00:46:18PeterLars go mid
00:46:22diesel smoked :(
00:46:26diesel didnt see that coming
00:46:37que2stress potm
00:46:38Kanpu3a I surrender! [2/5 of Scourge]
00:46:40que2stress svout
00:46:42que2stress opklz
00:46:43que2stress scout
00:46:43diesel dont ff
00:46:46diesel Its winnable
00:46:52PeterLars got double ulti
00:47:08Swagga we gonna lose to
00:47:10Swagga top
00:47:15diesel dont die
00:47:16diesel there
00:47:20diesel ok :D
00:47:42Kanpu3a es how? im cd
00:47:55Kanpu3a just i love u ty
00:48:34que2stress b u go in while captain says dont and my fault u died?
00:48:57P3PSI agha next or just upgrade ?
00:49:03que2stress necro 3
00:49:04que2stress then agha
00:49:07P3PSI k
00:49:30que2stress gather
00:49:33que2stress b
00:49:35que2stress need tide ult
00:50:10Kanpu3a shiva
00:50:12Swagga we should get bot
00:50:12Kanpu3a x2
00:50:15Kanpu3a x3
00:50:43PeterLars got uiltui retard?
00:51:38que2stress back srory
00:51:46que2stress need to def top
00:52:28Kanpu3a its gg
00:52:30Kanpu3a go ff
00:52:37PeterLars one def and its not gg
00:52:45Kanpu3a rasmus in team = 99% lose
00:52:59Rasmus.Seebach lol
00:53:10Swagga def bot too
00:53:44diesel im gonna try to get that bkb
00:53:56Swagga go bot
00:54:26PeterLars come
00:54:26PeterLars bot
00:54:26PeterLars all
00:54:26diesel fun
00:54:26diesel lets wait 4 mins now
00:54:26PeterLars or u just can ff ? D:
00:54:26PeterLars or u can ff?
00:54:26Pufff-Reis we
00:54:26Pufff-Reis can
00:54:26Pufff-Reis win
00:54:26Swagga i don't
00:54:26PeterLars we gonna win
00:54:26Swagga think
00:54:26Swagga so
00:54:26Swagga Tim
00:54:26diesel nah
00:54:26PeterLars who to balance
00:54:26Pufff-Reis peter
00:54:26PeterLars y
00:54:26Pufff-Reis sdu
00:54:26Pufff-Reis bist
00:54:26PeterLars ?
00:54:26Pufff-Reis deutsch?
00:54:26PeterLars nope
00:54:26Pufff-Reis hmm
00:54:26que2stress NOPE MAN
00:54:26que2stress NO GERMAN FAG
00:54:26Pufff-Reis woher
00:54:26Pufff-Reis peter
00:54:26Pufff-Reis woher
00:54:26que2stress oktoberfest
00:54:26diesel who goes?
00:54:26Pufff-Reis kommst
00:54:26diesel swagga=?
00:54:26que2stress imho
00:54:26PeterLars nope
00:54:26que2stress kick
00:54:26que2stress potm
00:54:26Pufff-Reis com
00:54:26Pufff-Reis cmon Puff?
00:54:26diesel swagga prolly
00:54:26PeterLars pugna is my m8
00:54:26PeterLars and u the only one potm
00:54:26que2stress and we
00:54:26que2stress need
00:54:26PeterLars :S
00:54:26diesel ükskõik kes teine läheb ma õnnelik
00:54:26que2stress the ward
00:54:26que2stress of pugna
00:54:26que2stress potm tru
00:54:28que2stress has useless items
00:54:33PeterLars potm tark valik imo
00:54:53que2stress :D
00:54:53que2stress wrong
00:54:54que2stress spell see ward masssive
00:54:54diesel I take orb
00:54:55P3PSI heahe
00:54:55P3PSI :P
00:55:06PeterLars pugna take shivas
00:55:17P3PSI pn
00:55:19P3PSI n*
00:55:35PeterLars -ms
00:55:38PeterLars haha
00:55:53diesel take them if u want
00:56:02PeterLars we got mirana to def
00:56:07que2stress and to ult müü parem vang imo
00:56:32diesel GO IN
00:56:34diesel after me
00:57:21diesel jack shit
00:57:24diesel I surrender! [2/4 of Scourge]
00:57:30Swagga u sucked hard there
00:57:37diesel fuck off noob
00:57:40Swagga :DDDD
01:00:05PeterLars go
01:00:06PeterLars end
01:00:20P3PSI next item slard ?
01:00:37que2stress no tiems
01:00:39que2stress anymore :D
01:00:42P3PSI for next time
01:00:47que2stress :D
01:00:49que2stress usueally
01:00:54que2stress guinsoo
01:00:56P3PSI k
01:00:59que2stress but
01:01:03que2stress when u have the stuff u have
01:01:06que2stress game is won
01:01:09P3PSI hehe
01:01:09P3PSI kk
01:01:10que2stress or game is lost
01:01:12P3PSI ;P
01:01:13que2stress :D
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