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93% | 1736 X | 1445 TS

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52% | 1233 X | 1336 TS

Chat log

00:00:00PeterLars [DotA-GC] ... and the wooden PC award goes to *drum roll* ... diesel with 69 seconds.
00:00:15Soulyah said ette must w
00:00:15Soulyah :D
00:00:15Soulyah anna sky v morph midi
00:00:15Soulyah ja korras
00:00:15PeterLars ngoen omni
00:00:15Soulyah tegelt banni morph
00:00:15Soulyah see pedekas lafrenz tahab seda
00:00:15diesel jaaa
00:00:15diesel l'ksingi mööda sust
00:00:15Soulyah :D
00:00:15PeterLars noph
00:00:15PeterLars moprh
00:00:15Soulyah elunapilt
00:00:15diesel :D
00:00:15Soulyah annad sky mid?
00:00:15diesel tahad v
00:00:15Soulyah sa carry
00:00:15Soulyah banni lc
00:00:15Soulyah v6tad luna
00:00:15Soulyah gg
00:00:15diesel ma pelan kas qop luna ds või ench
00:00:15Soulyah luna seems op
00:00:15KeLToS come on
00:00:15que2stress ur mom is overweighted
00:00:15que2stress just ban
00:00:15diesel -butcher
00:00:15que2stress omni
00:00:17que2stress nooo
00:00:25Soulyah picki tiimile
00:00:26Soulyah ennem luna
00:00:27Soulyah ?
00:00:34diesel what u want guys?
00:00:40que2stress FUCKNG OWN THEM
00:00:41diesel any1 enigma?
00:01:21Soulyah take daz?
00:01:25Soulyah rubik
00:01:26Soulyah rubik
00:01:36Soulyah sweet
00:01:38PeterLars -swap 5
00:01:39que2stress abbadon
00:01:41que2stress lastpick
00:01:43que2stress i swap
00:01:44Rasmus.Seebach -swap 1
00:01:44que2stress bzw
00:01:48que2stress ngakee
00:01:50que2stress u new here?
00:02:01diesel puff
00:02:02diesel top
00:02:02que2stress ngakee?
00:02:05diesel rubic bot
00:02:05que2stress afk
00:02:05Soulyah ngkee
00:02:05KeLToS captain decide
00:02:05Lafrenzz k
00:02:05Soulyah pick abbadan
00:02:05Soulyah abbadon even
00:02:05ngakee nop
00:02:05ngakee dark seer
00:02:09Soulyah thats also imba
00:02:18Soulyah PEEEEEEETER
00:02:19que2stress u must buy chick
00:02:21que2stress u know
00:02:21PeterLars Y
00:02:22que2stress ?
00:02:22diesel rubic bot
00:02:28diesel or I dont care
00:02:29diesel who comes bot
00:02:31PeterLars what
00:02:32PeterLars ^^
00:02:33AliBaba :D:D:D:
00:02:41Soulyah what what in da but
00:02:47PeterLars bitch
00:02:47que2stress doom
00:02:48que2stress take wards
00:02:59diesel top
00:03:00que2stress share control
00:03:00Pufff-Reis share
00:03:01diesel take
00:03:04diesel wards
00:03:11diesel TOP TAKE WARDS
00:03:13diesel god damn :;D
00:03:52diesel miss
00:03:53diesel bot
00:03:53diesel 1
00:04:23diesel ty
00:05:26Soulyah ss
00:05:32Soulyah re
00:05:32diesel kill omni
00:05:34diesel after heal
00:05:51diesel gj
00:06:11Soulyah ????
00:06:26Soulyah GIVE SHARE
00:06:32ngakee hey
00:06:33Soulyah dude lolz
00:06:42ngakee my spell can't short card
00:07:35ngakee g
00:07:46que2stress ss mid
00:07:51diesel enigma farming in our woods?
00:08:03que2stress seemed so :D
00:08:07diesel go on omni
00:08:35Soulyah go now
00:08:37Soulyah next wave
00:09:01Soulyah kutt pani repeli
00:09:01Soulyah gg
00:09:04Soulyah i mean
00:09:06Soulyah selle
00:09:06Soulyah grave
00:09:20Soulyah ssmid
00:09:47ngakee why i can't use keyboard
00:09:53que2stress forbidden
00:11:03Soulyah ss
00:11:03Soulyah ss
00:11:04Soulyah ss
00:11:07que2stress ty
00:11:53Soulyah bait
00:11:55diesel mana+
00:11:58que2stress cd
00:11:59Soulyah kill
00:12:00Soulyah on sight
00:12:19que2stress ds u can farm woods
00:12:53que2stress use speed? :D
00:12:59Soulyah he hasnt skilled it
00:13:00Soulyah i think
00:13:15diesel gj
00:13:15Soulyah hea:D
00:13:21Soulyah sup nigma
00:13:24Soulyah Y U SO LIKE DIS
00:13:55que2stress SUE
00:13:56que2stress SPEED
00:13:57que2stress U FAG
00:14:29que2stress def mid
00:15:19ngakee it's problem
00:15:23Soulyah u are
00:15:26Soulyah proiblem
00:15:34ngakee i can't use short card
00:16:39Soulyah LIHTSALT
00:16:41Soulyah tiim imeb
00:16:42que2stress more tps pz
00:16:43Soulyah end of story
00:16:47diesel fuck
00:16:47diesel off
00:16:48diesel ds
00:16:49diesel rly
00:16:53diesel go help top
00:16:54diesel dont
00:16:57diesel steal my farm
00:17:02que2stress no tps?
00:17:07que2stress that is awesome
00:17:18que2stress #we defentily will win
00:17:22Soulyah nop
00:17:22que2stress if we play on like that
00:17:25Soulyah not with this seer
00:17:30que2stress it was ironie
00:18:32diesel sick
00:18:32que2stress ff
00:18:52Soulyah fuck those
00:18:54Soulyah "new" players
00:18:56Soulyah who come
00:19:00Soulyah should stay on garena
00:20:11Soulyah no go?
00:21:44KeLToS all mid
00:21:47Soulyah that
00:21:48Soulyah midas
00:21:50que2stress doom make pipe or someone
00:21:51Soulyah so shit item to doom
00:23:39que2stress care
00:24:26diesel qop gem
00:24:56que2stress :D
00:24:57Soulyah :D
00:24:58Soulyah haha
00:24:59Soulyah wp
00:25:01Soulyah ff
00:25:05que2stress not bannign omni
00:25:08Soulyah yea
00:25:10Soulyah idiot
00:25:11diesel omni
00:25:12Soulyah what can i say
00:25:12diesel is least
00:25:15diesel of our problems
00:25:17diesel he cant even play
00:25:17Soulyah MOST
00:25:21Soulyah of the problems
00:25:24que2stress they have
00:25:27que2stress dazzle and omni
00:25:29Soulyah grave+repel
00:25:32que2stress ebeven if he cant play
00:25:47Soulyah my spells are useless
00:25:49Soulyah in teamfights
00:25:50Soulyah :P
00:26:00diesel we have 3 supports
00:26:05diesel and no wards
00:26:06diesel fuck
00:26:08diesel how noob is my team
00:26:55Soulyah ds
00:26:56Soulyah no ulti
00:26:57Soulyah :d
00:28:36KeLToS all mid
00:28:40diesel ds
00:28:41diesel pls
00:28:42diesel l2p
00:30:31Soulyah tele
00:31:24que2stress gw
00:31:26diesel nice
00:31:26diesel fucking
00:31:27diesel steal
00:31:29diesel lets get roshan
00:31:30diesel now
00:31:43Soulyah well
00:31:44diesel mid tower
00:31:45diesel and rosh
00:31:46Soulyah i can silence omni
00:31:53Soulyah so hes not a problem
00:32:31Pufff-Reis mana pls
00:33:06que2stress gem
00:33:07que2stress on
00:33:08que2stress aclhe
00:33:09que2stress now
00:33:19que2stress GME
00:33:41que2stress wtf
00:34:04diesel nicoe plan
00:34:11diesel shouldnt have gone
00:34:13Soulyah seer can u use ur wall
00:34:14que2stress i told you
00:34:31ngakee i can't
00:34:31diesel puff was fucking around there
00:34:39que2stress still have hole
00:34:51que2stress GO
00:35:09que2stress why
00:35:10que2stress dindt
00:35:10que2stress u
00:35:11que2stress ult
00:35:12que2stress enigma
00:35:13que2stress wtf
00:35:38Soulyah :D
00:35:40Soulyah I surrender! [1/5 of Sentinel]
00:35:43diesel this fucking DS
00:35:46diesel is SO useless :D
00:35:55Soulyah well
00:35:56ngakee sorry
00:35:56diesel can u use ur fucking surge
00:35:57Soulyah if he would
00:35:58diesel on ALLY?
00:36:03diesel how many times can you fail
00:36:04diesel like that
00:36:04Soulyah and
00:36:06Soulyah use ULTI
00:36:07diesel why dont u use ulti
00:36:12ngakee keyboard don't work
00:36:12diesel I surrender! [2/5 of Sentinel]
00:36:15diesel lol
00:36:17diesel then dont play
00:36:21diesel u kinda need keyboard
00:36:23diesel if u didnt know
00:36:48ngakee can't use A.E.C
00:37:30Soulyah nigma wp
00:37:38que2stress nah
00:37:39que2stress we simply
00:37:40AliBaba dazzle wp
00:37:42que2stress are outpicked
00:37:49Soulyah alce
00:37:52Soulyah not wp
00:37:53Soulyah ;:D
00:37:57que2stress omni dazzle in 1 team
00:37:58KeLToS alch freewini
00:38:01que2stress and we even havent abba
00:39:38que2stress doom u getting so wrong items :D
00:40:50Soulyah neiutrals lol
00:40:59Soulyah ulti
00:41:00Soulyah teda
00:41:12Pufff-Reis ggem
00:41:15Soulyah :D
00:41:15PeterLars ^^
00:41:17diesel gg
00:41:20Soulyah I surrender! [2/5 of Sentinel]
00:41:20Soulyah go
00:41:21Soulyah plz
00:41:22diesel I surrender! [2/5 of Sentinel]
00:41:25Soulyah need new game
00:43:05que2stress well i did
00:43:08que2stress whjat i could
00:43:11Soulyah yea
00:43:12Soulyah wp
00:43:18Soulyah hard vs those heroes just
00:43:21Soulyah dat heal
00:43:25Soulyah +repel+grave
00:43:26Soulyah xD
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