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Chat log retarded teams
00:00:19soya -roll
00:00:19PyrnTanker jh
00:00:19Bollitsch hey guys...first game on this platform for the last 4month...if i break rules...feel free to tell me omfg
00:00:19Zulu -roll geting better
00:00:19Guf -roll any 1 want phoenix? phoeni
00:00:19FirstBlood -spectre
00:00:58FirstBlood cau domes
00:01:01Domess cau
00:01:16Guf woods
00:01:30Guf gg
00:01:32Guf =gg gg
00:01:35Domess duclej hraje ?
00:01:38FirstBlood ne
00:01:45FirstBlood hrali jsme spolu
00:01:46Bollitsch tc or nort ?
00:01:53Domess aha tc
00:01:54FirstBlood ale pak nekam sel
00:01:55Bollitsch ^^
00:01:57Guf gl
00:01:58FirstBlood ale dame vecer omfg
00:01:59FirstBlood jeste
00:02:00Guf u'll need it
00:02:07FirstBlood tak se muzes pridat if i could
00:02:09Domess dostal banna id ban all of you
00:02:16FirstBlood share
00:02:17j22koer wow
00:02:18Guf okay
00:02:19j22koer what a pick
00:02:28Guf just need feed
00:02:29Guf ty
00:02:34FirstBlood postaral jsem se o to aby dostal unban
00:02:37FirstBlood ban uz nema
00:02:39j22koer we could uused that tc
00:02:39Domess ah
00:02:47FirstBlood share
00:02:58Domess ma stejnej nick porad ?
00:03:01FirstBlood jo
00:03:12Domess share pls
00:03:22Domess ty
00:03:31Bollitsch easy gang bot with axe
00:03:38Guf but i dont gang
00:03:40Guf not my style
00:03:43Bollitsch ah
00:04:38Guf let me pull
00:04:46Bollitsch ah...thats ur style ?
00:04:49Guf y
00:05:35Bollitsch ss2
00:05:50PyrnTanker j22koer mis teed??
00:05:55Zulu ss 1
00:05:56j22koer kohe n2ed
00:06:21Domess aa
00:07:05Bollitsch ss lich
00:07:10Zulu re ss
00:07:33Domess no jp
00:07:42Zulu ss1
00:07:44Zulu re
00:08:20Domess ty
00:08:47Bollitsch go axe ?
00:08:49Bollitsch from behind ?
00:09:20Bollitsch ss2
00:09:47j22koer v
00:09:47FirstBlood ss mid
00:09:47j22koer b
00:09:53Domess k
00:09:54Zulu ss
00:10:04Zulu re 1
00:10:09Bollitsch easy kills bot ss mid
00:11:21j22koer 'ss
00:11:21j22koer 2 got rune and went bot
00:11:24FirstBlood ss mid
00:11:46Bollitsch ss1
00:12:09Domess gogogo Great
00:13:30j22koer it was more silencers and shit no stun
00:13:46Domess no man,a no j22koer
00:13:56Domess b sa ei tee siin pelas aniway sittagi Too tüüp solowinnib
00:14:02j22koer aww
00:14:27FirstBlood b
00:15:55FirstBlood shield
00:16:24j22koer what are you doing i need back up donw there
00:16:29j22koer farming mid?
00:16:31j22koer wit 2
00:17:56Domess ulty 25 min ff pls looking pro with ur silencer did u even know that silencer is a hard carry hero?
00:19:04j22koer ?
00:19:13j22koer good one feed that raxor
00:19:21Bollitsch what i do that they got 3 masscaster
00:19:35Bollitsch and all your "mimimi" is not helping Firstblood and Domess friendlisted right? Just wondering
00:20:29FirstBlood yes
00:20:40Domess but he isnt in my groupe Doesnt matter
00:20:47Domess its just random Friendlist overpowers anything No its not
00:21:24FirstBlood pipe rdy
00:22:04j22koer heaö?
00:22:06j22koer heal
00:22:14j22koer ok
00:22:16j22koer fuck you then
00:22:27Domess silence
00:22:31FirstBlood ja vim
00:22:32FirstBlood skoda
00:23:46PyrnTanker nh
00:24:07Domess b
00:24:46Bollitsch b b
00:24:51Domess gogo
00:24:52Domess help him
00:26:26FirstBlood get top nvm axe wont go
00:27:46FirstBlood b
00:27:52Domess b I surrender! [1/5 of Sentinel]
00:28:17soya I surrender! [2/5 of Sentinel]
00:28:22soya .ff u did
00:28:30Guf .ff
00:28:32Guf !ff
00:28:34j22koer would used tah bottle
00:28:34Guf I surrender! [3/5 of Sentinel] without pfft
00:28:43Domess beres ?
00:28:44j22koer heal
00:28:47FirstBlood jo
00:28:48Domess no heal
00:28:52j22koer y heal
00:28:57j22koer 7 cd
00:28:59Domess i dont get id
00:29:00j22koer sec cd
00:29:01j22koer wtf
00:29:03j22koer dude
00:29:05j22koer second time
00:29:26j22koer yopu have regen
00:29:29j22koer and
00:29:31j22koer still
00:29:33j22koer you act
00:29:35j22koer like
00:29:36PyrnTanker ta on eestlnae
00:29:37j22koer a fucking
00:29:40j22koer hui on
00:29:44j22koer ta on domess
00:29:45PyrnTanker on kyll
00:29:48j22koer ei ole
00:29:56Zulu so u gonna end ?
00:30:00silkwood mida ?
00:30:05PyrnTanker ei midagi
00:30:06Zulu all bot dont go lure
00:30:10Zulu last fight :D
00:30:15Guf -.- axe wont go so we lose insta
00:30:23Zulu shh
00:30:25Zulu noob
00:30:32j22koer lihtsalt venelasest sittakott
00:30:42FirstBlood go push omfg and then they go like this ff it
00:31:27j22koer ja kust
00:31:30j22koer otsast
00:31:35j22koer sa v6tad et ta eestlane
00:31:37Guf pro sf u guys sucked not me
00:31:48Guf yes my game is fine
00:31:49Guf u did
00:31:52Guf look at ur farm '100 cs
00:32:14Guf god
00:32:19Guf why do u pick sf when u cant play him? Took u so fucking long time
00:32:20Guf rly to do that i can u just suck
00:32:25Guf u cant u must go first u just fucking suck u cant?
00:32:36Bollitsch !ff u waited like min
00:32:37Guf ur razes suck balls on top lane until our team died well ofc they suck if i get stunned insta silencer cant use his ulti u just suck and triying to blame this on me
00:33:12Domess mg cunt
00:33:17Bollitsch we didnt got in a single 5 vs 5 there was no chance fior a good ulti and thats axes fault
00:33:38Bollitsch y his first initator
00:33:51Zulu this axe
00:33:53Zulu such a bob
00:33:54Guf lol
00:33:57Guf clock go first y u go
00:34:02Guf idiot
00:34:04Guf learn the game u learn it wannabe 70% cunt
00:34:10Zulu sf should go first without BKB? are u retarded?
00:34:16Guf idd they wont ever follow
00:34:21Guf no bkb min 30
00:34:22Guf noob
00:34:26Guf learn to farm my cs is 110
00:34:34silkwood -ms u failed to support me at start while i ganged easy as that
00:34:53Zulu ganged ?
00:34:54Zulu when ?
00:35:00Guf ^^ top 2 x
00:35:03Bollitsch we should have won bot by ourselves with axe woods bot once
00:35:12Bollitsch but its not his style 8-)
00:35:41Zulu u ganged bot once ?? wow u most be pro ? u guys ganged mid 0 times must be so pro no wards m,ust be pro
00:36:31Zulu I surrender! [4/5 of Sentinel] took u time noob
00:36:41Zulu su
00:36:49Zulu silencer
00:36:50Zulu dont ff :) u could say i sucked a little this game i can say, u suck every fucking one and really bad
00:37:02Zulu idd
00:37:23Bollitsch I surrender! [5/5 of Sentinel]
00:37:27Domess gg
00:37:28Domess du jist
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