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Chat log

00:00:17m1shjaAa i can go pheo
00:00:17infect fair teams and shit
00:00:17Xeros -music orc2
00:00:19m1shjaAa D
00:00:19m1shjaAa i want thrall
00:00:19m1shjaAa ops
00:00:19FirstBlood -spec
00:00:19infect any wishes?
00:00:19Astrocreep gl
00:00:19infect -hpoenix
00:00:19infect -phoenix
00:00:19m1shjaAa yes, hi
00:00:28Xeros -music orc2
00:00:32Xeros -music special
00:00:39Astrocreep -music special
00:00:52FirstBlood -weather moonlight
00:01:01m1shjaAa -weather moonlight
00:01:09ChuckNorris -weather moonlight
00:01:10Astrocreep -music off
00:01:10infect sven lina pugna
00:01:21Xeros -weather moonlight
00:01:24infect pugna quite decent agasint shredder
00:01:27sebralane thers no pudge
00:01:45infect magnus last or rhazta
00:01:47sebralane i think i wood
00:01:56infect u wont wood
00:01:59m1shjaAa go fb?
00:02:00zonskass let me top
00:02:11zonskass let me top with tuskar pls
00:02:15infect lina top
00:02:16infect pugna bot
00:02:31m1shjaAa can i bot pls
00:02:38sebralane we will lose it
00:02:44Xeros i go bot
00:02:46m1shjaAa who mid?
00:02:53zonskass just farm
00:02:54Xeros i go mid o
00:02:54Xeros ok
00:02:55zonskass and lvl up
00:02:56zonskass easy
00:03:01zonskass /w DotaKeys: off
00:03:03zonskass /w DotaKeys: on
00:03:05zonskass /w DotaKeys: You control Slayer [d,t,f,g]
00:03:17zonskass -ma
00:04:55Rotkiv j
00:05:30infect ss mid
00:05:32infect went base
00:05:36Buttons j
00:05:38Buttons g
00:05:43infect or invi
00:07:16infect top rune
00:07:19m1shjaAa 0weather off
00:07:23m1shjaAa -weather off
00:07:49sebralane where is chiken
00:07:50sebralane gg
00:07:50sebralane ded
00:07:52sebralane go ff
00:07:54Buttons it died ages ago
00:07:56Buttons pro at mid
00:08:02sebralane its infect
00:08:04sebralane of pro
00:08:05infect haha, invi rune
00:08:07infect like fucker
00:08:14infect go fuck urself in the ass
00:08:15Xeros ss
00:08:19Astrocreep eat
00:08:22zonskass dont flame pls....
00:08:46m1shjaAa help up
00:09:09sebralane ss
00:09:15sebralane freefarm bot
00:09:16infect ss
00:09:19sebralane 0 ganks mid
00:09:22sebralane with qop
00:09:24sebralane wp md
00:09:40zonskass stop flame
00:10:00infect u cant handle alone goblin
00:10:03infect then you are just bad
00:10:14sebralane yep
00:10:14Buttons infect is an idiot
00:10:16sebralane solo goblin
00:10:17sebralane indeed
00:10:18Buttons ?
00:10:18sebralane he is
00:10:20FirstBlood :D
00:10:21FirstBlood :)
00:10:35sebralane well atleas mid was lsot
00:10:38sebralane to solo sven
00:10:44zonskass go omg
00:10:59infect 1 lucky rune
00:11:01Buttons just let me get that lh
00:11:02Buttons rly
00:11:26infect and btw, kolt has been mid for 2 mins now
00:11:29infect motherfuckers
00:11:34sebralane yy
00:11:37sebralane u dont even have boots
00:11:39zonskass dont flame....
00:11:40sebralane keep on talking
00:12:50zonskass so lng
00:12:53zonskass so long
00:13:09sebralane god lord magnus
00:13:15Buttons n
00:13:18Buttons mana]
00:13:21Buttons tt
00:13:23Buttons don't do that
00:13:29Buttons complaining unreasonably
00:13:46sebralane best qop on gc
00:13:47Buttons MB SLOW QOP
00:13:58Buttons gj
00:14:01Buttons killed it again
00:14:04infect maybe not get attacked by tower or i die
00:14:06infect and sebra
00:14:08Buttons u no
00:14:10infect u lost to solo goblin
00:14:11infect with 2
00:14:12Buttons u attack hero under tower
00:14:13Buttons =
00:14:16Buttons get aggro
00:15:28sebralane inc
00:15:30sebralane all care
00:15:34Xeros :)
00:15:43infect that one fucking invis
00:15:45infect ruined it all
00:15:50infect my bottle was on that shit
00:16:00Buttons ye
00:16:02Buttons if u didnt invis
00:16:04Buttons he is godlike by now
00:16:14infect svent got awya with 10 hp mid
00:16:23Buttons mb learn to deal 10 more dmg then
00:16:35infect maybe you learn to play lastpick and then talk
00:16:43Buttons scores...
00:16:46Buttons mine > yours
00:16:49infect dont matter anything
00:16:53Buttons u suck for captain
00:16:57sebralane infect pane suu kinni noob
00:16:57Buttons is typical of gc ranking
00:17:01sebralane tra sa oled m2ngu kaotanud
00:17:05sebralane sa kaotasin solo svenile
00:17:06sebralane ret
00:17:07infect sebra, sa kaotasid solo herole
00:17:08infect ole kuss
00:17:28Buttons care
00:18:41sebralane ff
00:18:47sebralane qop loses mid to solo sven
00:18:49sebralane must be nuts
00:18:53Astrocreep su noob
00:19:00infect pugna and magnus lose to solo goblin
00:19:03infect gkj
00:19:04sebralane manaboots jaggo bottle 16min
00:19:16Buttons funny i thought kotl was bot permapushing lane
00:19:17Buttons ?
00:19:30Buttons must be tripping
00:19:30infect kotl was mid if u noticed
00:19:33Buttons all 5 were mid with qop
00:19:38Buttons is why he lost
00:21:00Astrocreep oops
00:21:34zonskass '/////
00:21:35zonskass omg
00:21:54Buttons shredder inc
00:22:57Buttons tt
00:23:23sebralane ff
00:23:51Buttons gr8
00:23:59ChuckNorris mekanz
00:24:29m1shjaAa fb item u go?
00:24:54zonskass :D:D
00:24:55Buttons gg
00:24:56sebralane pro qop
00:24:59sebralane ff
00:25:02sebralane ff
00:25:03sebralane ff
00:25:03sebralane ff
00:25:04sebralane ff
00:25:04sebralane ff
00:25:05sebralane ff
00:25:05infect even if i lost mid, doesnt mean you lost your lane
00:25:09infect sven ganked top
00:25:10infect not bot
00:25:20sebralane u lost to solo sven
00:25:24sebralane with qop
00:25:26infect so sebra please, tell us again how you lost agasint solo shredder
00:25:31sebralane u better shut ur piehol now
00:25:37infect cause kolt was mid killing me?
00:25:43sebralane its played by firstblood
00:25:47sebralane Sven is played by who?
00:25:52Xeros my dagger
00:25:53Xeros sk
00:25:56Xeros give me pls
00:25:58sebralane xersos solo sven owned u
00:25:59sebralane nuts
00:26:00ChuckNorris Stop crying
00:26:04ChuckNorris ally chat
00:26:04ChuckNorris Ty
00:26:17Buttons lol
00:26:57m1shjaAa boring
00:27:02m1shjaAa finish it
00:27:20Buttons sven blink
00:27:24Buttons all mid pls
00:28:13zonskass u dont know how mana burn works or what
00:28:29zonskass lol pugna items
00:28:42Buttons is hard hero
00:28:46Buttons when getting raped like this
00:28:48zonskass hard to farm
00:28:52Buttons what farm
00:28:54Buttons we def perma
00:29:19Buttons nice ulti
00:29:25Xeros -ms
00:30:25ChuckNorris NICE
00:30:27ChuckNorris GUYS
00:30:27ChuckNorris G
00:30:28ChuckNorris j
00:34:15m1shjaAa dont gather or we can win it
00:34:57Xeros go ulty
00:36:26Buttons omg
00:36:27Buttons how
00:36:27Buttons u
00:36:28Buttons can
00:36:28Buttons misds
00:36:29Buttons that
00:36:30Buttons uli
00:36:30Rotkiv I surrender! [1/5 of Scourge]
00:36:31Buttons ulti
00:36:32Buttons I surrender! [2/5 of Scourge]
00:36:33sebralane I surrender! [3/5 of Scourge]
00:36:34infect u saw that ulti
00:36:35zonskass :D
00:36:40infect it went were it was supposed to
00:36:42zonskass I surrender! [4/5 of Scourge]
00:36:44Rotkiv I surrender! [4/5 of Scourge]
00:36:45infect I surrender! [5/5 of Scourge]
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