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Chat log

00:00:06Astrocreep gl
00:00:16mrk omni
00:00:17mrk kled
00:00:17Soulyah noh
00:00:17mrk ma võtan invo
00:00:17Soulyah ml suva
00:00:17Soulyah :D
00:00:17mrk ja funch võtab morphi
00:00:17mrk ok
00:00:17mrk sobib
00:00:17Maxy morph
00:00:28FireMal magnus for me plz
00:00:44FireMal we need panda tiny for making combo with invoker ?
00:00:50mrk any stun is fine
00:00:50Soulyah wishes?
00:00:52mrk or nuke
00:00:55Soulyah wishes?
00:00:57Soulyah wishes=
00:00:59Soulyah wishes?
00:01:00Soulyah wishes?
00:01:30Soulyah fb
00:01:31mrk get rubic sven/pugna
00:02:06fUNCh -swap 5
00:02:08ThatIsDota fb
00:02:10ThatIsDota tiny
00:02:14ThatIsDota 3 top
00:02:20silkwood -swap 2
00:02:27mrk firemal ur not lastpick
00:02:33mrk sven share
00:02:34mrk :D
00:02:36Astrocreep sven needs to share
00:02:39ThatIsDota 2 stun
00:02:43Astrocreep u start
00:02:46ThatIsDota ok
00:02:47Maxy Wasn't wank in game? ;3
00:02:51Maxy Ditcher ;3
00:02:55FireMal i know its saad that im not last pick
00:03:00FireMal i love to be lastpick
00:03:05mrk sven share
00:03:06ThatIsDota dd is perfect
00:03:09ThatIsDota =.='
00:03:15Soulyah share units
00:03:16Soulyah sven
00:03:26FireMal finaly got share
00:03:57ThatIsDota perfect
00:04:01Astrocreep well
00:04:01Aleks875 [ull?
00:04:01Soulyah sec
00:04:01Aleks875 pull?
00:04:01Astrocreep u werent fucking paying attention
00:04:01ThatIsDota ?
00:04:01Astrocreep and didnt stun earlier
00:04:01ThatIsDota sr
00:04:01FireMal go kill next guy top
00:04:01ThatIsDota my bad
00:04:01FireMal get second blood to
00:04:01Astrocreep no mana
00:04:01FireMal look for rune
00:04:01mrk rune is in 1 minute
00:04:01Astrocreep u know tinys manapool at start is negligible lol
00:04:43FireMal ss
00:04:50Astrocreep wtf soulya
00:04:56Astrocreep lag or what
00:04:56ThatIsDota 44
00:05:06FireMal ss
00:05:07Soulyah lagged y
00:07:05ThatIsDota be careful
00:07:28mrk SS
00:07:41Maxy g
00:07:56mrk hui
00:07:56Soulyah :D
00:07:56mrk hui
00:08:47FireMal ss
00:08:49FireMal bs miss
00:09:00mrk tiny
00:09:25ThatIsDota check rune
00:09:37Astrocreep haste bot
00:09:41Astrocreep anyone wants?
00:09:52FireMal y
00:10:09FireMal rdy mid
00:10:44ThatIsDota be aware of viper
00:11:05FireMal magnus
00:11:07FireMal wait me
00:11:07FireMal top
00:11:11Zwerg sven missing top
00:11:57Aleks875 fuckin dazzlre
00:11:58FireMal sry
00:12:02ThatIsDota i dont have mana
00:12:04FireMal i didnt expect them to tp top
00:12:10Aleks875 whre grave noob
00:12:28mrk tark
00:12:36FireMal tiny
00:12:38Aleks875 go magnus
00:12:38FireMal hide in woods
00:12:45FireMal dont go
00:12:51Soulyah eee
00:12:57mrk GO
00:13:11mrk toss?
00:13:12mrk why not stun
00:13:15Astrocreep cd
00:13:15mrk u woulda survived :P
00:13:18mrk ah
00:13:21Astrocreep toss shorter cd
00:13:27Astrocreep i used combo on dazzle
00:13:31Astrocreep almost killed him
00:13:56FireMal i can kill dazzle
00:14:12FireMal wait me bot
00:14:17Soulyah eee
00:14:43FireMal rune ?
00:15:17FireMal astro ?
00:15:18FireMal wtf
00:15:29Astrocreep i just killed 2
00:15:31Astrocreep skills cd
00:15:33FireMal perceft sven is oom
00:15:42FireMal couze he used ulti
00:16:01mrk oom
00:16:10Astrocreep go when i come
00:16:20mrk reuse chick
00:16:29mrk reuse chick
00:16:43FireMal rune ?
00:16:53FireMal go bs
00:17:26FireMal mid twr
00:17:31Aleks875 nice blue
00:17:33fUNCh maxy had a break from dota ?
00:17:33mrk can u get wards pls
00:17:34mrk and plant
00:18:25ThatIsDota mana
00:18:27ThatIsDota rubik
00:18:31Soulyah mis feedid
00:18:32Soulyah omg
00:18:35fUNCh skype homod
00:18:42FireMal fuck
00:18:44FireMal sry was afk
00:19:02mrk aleks too good
00:19:10Aleks875 I know
00:19:32mrk WAINT
00:19:33mrk NO
00:19:34mrk DONT GO
00:19:36mrk FFS
00:19:49Zwerg :D
00:19:55ThatIsDota how can u do that
00:20:06Zwerg reverse polaris
00:20:25Maxy !
00:20:26Astrocreep bs bot
00:20:35Soulyah TYRA FF
00:21:31FireMal bot aftert top ?
00:22:11Maxy haste
00:22:13Aleks875 4 wood
00:22:40Maxy g
00:22:40Maxy g
00:22:53mrk tiny
00:23:00mrk zz
00:23:02mrk u woulda made it
00:23:20Astrocreep after blink i would be short 7 mana for stun
00:23:27mrk rubic i meant
00:23:31Astrocreep ah
00:23:43fUNCh dd yiny bot
00:23:46FireMal wait me
00:23:46fUNCh ciper caere
00:23:49FireMal or dont get kill
00:24:09Soulyah fuck u
00:24:09Soulyah rly
00:24:42ThatIsDota hack map?
00:25:00Astrocreep where did u kill him?
00:25:05mrk who?
00:25:05FireMal what do i build
00:25:06FireMal hood ?
00:25:08Astrocreep funch
00:25:15mrk i autoattack him
00:25:19Astrocreep lol
00:25:39FireMal omw bot
00:25:43mrk go
00:26:19Maxy magna and dazzle
00:26:21Maxy should help
00:26:22Maxy a bit
00:26:26Zwerg k
00:26:29Astrocreep organge coming bot
00:27:01FireMal how do you know
00:27:03Astrocreep maybe i make eul
00:27:09Astrocreep so i can cyclone myself when bs ulti me
00:27:43FireMal can we gather
00:27:45mrk help
00:27:45FireMal or some shit
00:27:58Astrocreep need sven
00:28:10mrk ANYONE?
00:28:21mrk jesus
00:28:23mrk be any slower :/
00:28:45mrk learn to buy tps pls
00:28:46Maxy dazzle
00:28:47mrk always carry one
00:28:50Maxy you have meka
00:28:52Maxy you have heal
00:28:54Maxy you have grave
00:28:57Maxy you have - armor
00:28:59Maxy you have stun
00:29:03Maxy and you are never near fights
00:29:08Soulyah lol
00:29:19Maxy Guess what would happen if dazzle was near.
00:29:29mrk guess what wuold happen
00:29:31mrk if people use tps
00:29:46Maxy They actually did
00:29:48mrk ?
00:29:49mrk no
00:30:07mrk when 3 people dead
00:30:09mrk tp doenst count :P
00:30:44Zwerg mrk unreal
00:31:02Maxy you used ulty to save dazzle
00:31:05Maxy but yet he died?
00:31:09Maxy -_-
00:31:13Aleks875 we must kill invoker first
00:31:14Maxy and i thought i play bad this game
00:31:14Zwerg fucked up
00:31:50FireMal my turn for chick
00:33:18ThatIsDota if we win one more combat
00:33:19mrk come
00:33:21mrk sven rubic
00:33:22ThatIsDota get roshan
00:33:23mrk let razor farm
00:33:31mrk they come 3-4 mid
00:33:32mrk wiht magnus ulti
00:33:36mrk fight
00:33:37FireMal care mid
00:33:37FireMal b
00:33:38FireMal b
00:33:38FireMal b
00:33:38FireMal b
00:33:39FireMal b
00:34:30FireMal ¨tiny
00:34:32FireMal wtf ?
00:34:35FireMal twat
00:34:38FireMal fuck you self
00:34:59mrk pls
00:35:00mrk rubic sven
00:35:01mrk tiny
00:35:02mrk dont go farm
00:35:03mrk come mid
00:35:05mrk with me
00:35:07ThatIsDota ok
00:35:07Astrocreep i was there
00:35:15Aleks875 b
00:35:25Soulyah rese
00:35:49FireMal inc from bot
00:36:32ThatIsDota rubik
00:36:37ThatIsDota wat r u doing
00:36:45FireMal y your gonna win 4vs
00:36:47FireMal 4
00:36:56FireMal instead of goind 5vs 1 viper
00:37:02mrk DEF
00:37:14mrk tp scrolls
00:37:41mrk rofl
00:37:43mrk died in 1 hit
00:37:56fUNCh inc bot
00:38:50mrk get 1 set of wards
00:38:51mrk atleast
00:38:52mrk please
00:38:54mrk so we can push and win
00:39:02Astrocreep take em
00:39:09mrk i have no room
00:39:24FireMal ¨inc bot
00:39:31Maxy care
00:39:48mrk go bot
00:40:00ThatIsDota they push mid
00:40:18Maxy go ulty mag
00:40:20Maxy blink ulty
00:40:20Soulyah do something
00:40:21Soulyah jeezus
00:40:22Maxy catch them all
00:40:24Maxy like pokemons
00:40:31mrk dont chase
00:40:32mrk man
00:41:07mrk too good
00:41:16Aleks875 true
00:41:20ThatIsDota gj bros
00:41:20FireMal kill viper and 4 dead
00:41:49mrk no
00:41:56Soulyah -ms
00:42:01Maxy they got no manas
00:42:02Maxy come bot
00:42:07FireMal mid ?
00:42:09FireMal pugna ?
00:42:15Astrocreep oom
00:42:35mrk RUN
00:42:36mrk BACK
00:42:37mrk BASE
00:42:40mrk rubic
00:42:47Maxy he is good actually!
00:43:05mrk never chase
00:43:06mrk anyone
00:43:10Maxy with mag dmg
00:43:11mrk u just waste spells
00:43:11Maxy and bs dmg
00:43:12FireMal i didnt
00:43:16Maxy bs could be imba
00:43:16mrk and then oom when others come
00:43:24FireMal i came to help you
00:43:26FireMal and tiny
00:43:47Maxy sure
00:43:47Maxy .
00:44:03Soulyah ?
00:44:05mrk top
00:44:06FireMal can we gather ?
00:44:09Soulyah y
00:44:56Aleks875 XD
00:45:00Aleks875 gjh
00:45:18mrk pls
00:45:20mrk long time ago
00:45:21ThatIsDota ?
00:45:23mrk we saw pugna+viper
00:45:24mrk come
00:45:47Maxy you didn't play dota some time?
00:45:56Astrocreep if i have ghost sceptre can viper hit me?
00:46:03Soulyah no
00:46:06FireMal nop
00:46:16fUNCh well
00:46:18fUNCh i warded and shit
00:46:20fUNCh kind afail game
00:46:26Maxy true
00:46:34Soulyah rosh alive
00:46:44ThatIsDota wait for me
00:47:23Maxy push top
00:47:24Maxy dont back
00:47:55Maxy lol
00:47:57Maxy srsly
00:47:57mrk TINY SVEN
00:47:58Soulyah i
00:47:59Aleks875 XD
00:48:00Soulyah didnt see
00:48:01mrk ???????????
00:48:02Soulyah him there
00:48:02Soulyah :D
00:48:04Maxy ;D
00:48:16mrk where the fuck
00:48:19mrk is ur tp scrolls
00:48:22Maxy now you got
00:48:24mrk u killed razor and gave free tower
00:48:24Maxy free 3k
00:48:25Maxy ;D
00:48:37Aleks875 y
00:48:53Astrocreep i left my sroll to carry wards
00:49:13mrk id sell bottle for tp scroll
00:49:39Maxy b
00:49:39Maxy b
00:49:51Maxy let me or aleks farm
00:49:57Maxy dont try to take all farm
00:49:58Maxy -_-
00:50:03Astrocreep go were
00:50:05Aleks875 its ok
00:50:08mrk go mid
00:50:15Maxy def in base
00:50:18Maxy do not go until i say so
00:50:24Maxy b
00:50:25Maxy b
00:50:30Maxy go
00:50:31Maxy in base
00:50:32Maxy dazzle
00:50:39Maxy you go ulty
00:50:41Maxy i tp
00:50:42Maxy magna
00:51:09FireMal facking ward
00:51:24FireMal facked the sheit out of us
00:51:36Soulyah jas see
00:51:38Soulyah ei surnud
00:51:38Soulyah viper
00:51:41Maxy who had aegis?
00:51:43Maxy invoeker?
00:51:44fUNCh invo
00:51:52Astrocreep dammit
00:51:52Maxy we cant take rax
00:51:54Maxy no time
00:51:56Maxy get tower mid
00:51:58Aleks875 y
00:51:58Astrocreep they didnt target aegis man
00:52:10Zwerg y
00:52:15ThatIsDota b
00:52:15Maxy mag kinda lte ulty
00:52:16Maxy btw
00:52:38Zwerg cyclone was
00:52:45Aleks875 b
00:52:45Maxy b
00:54:23FireMal I surrender! [1/4 of Scourge]
00:54:24mrk well i was kinda hopin
00:54:32mrk tiny + sven would help me before i lose aegis
00:54:37Astrocreep i was there
00:54:39fUNCh viper gem on base
00:54:41fUNCh if want
00:54:48Maxy wont have slot in 2secs
00:54:49ThatIsDota i killed dazzle
00:54:54ThatIsDota and pugna
00:54:57mrk after
00:55:00mrk i lost aegis
00:55:03FireMal can we smoke
00:55:04Aleks875 need pipe
00:55:06mrk which was at the start of the fight
00:55:09Maxy i have it
00:55:16Aleks875 good
00:55:29Astrocreep plan
00:55:31FireMal come
00:55:32FireMal m id
00:55:36Maxy all my items has to be
00:55:37Astrocreep viper rapes us
00:55:38Maxy actived
00:55:38Maxy ;3
00:55:45mrk its cos
00:55:49mrk u guys wanted to farm around
00:55:49mrk :D
00:55:51FireMal lets go bot viper
00:55:53mrk we cant
00:55:54Maxy push top
00:55:54Maxy i tp
00:55:56mrk whole team there
00:55:58Maxy mid
00:55:59Maxy def
00:56:00Maxy better
00:56:00Maxy ;D
00:56:01Zwerg viper?
00:56:04ThatIsDota def
00:56:05Zwerg dd
00:56:06ThatIsDota def
00:56:19mrk WHERE U GO
00:56:25mrk ok
00:56:41FireMal yes
00:56:42FireMal man
00:57:04Astrocreep we raped them?
00:57:07FireMal y
00:57:08Soulyah so it seems
00:57:11ThatIsDota lol
00:57:14Astrocreep miracle
00:57:16mrk FIGHT
00:57:19FireMal you dont say
00:57:24FireMal it was couze we gathered
00:57:35Maxy juked =/
00:57:41ThatIsDota fuck
00:57:43mrk i said at ur base
00:57:45mrk "wait"
00:57:51mrk response came half a map later
00:57:52mrk :P
00:57:55ThatIsDota i'm buying heart
00:58:02fUNCh orsh up
00:58:04mrk get
00:58:05mrk ac rather
00:58:08ThatIsDota ok
00:58:20FireMal im not buyuing shit couze i aint got sheit for cash
00:58:21Astrocreep what shd i get
00:58:32Maxy nlademails
00:58:34Maxy can be of use
00:58:34mrk rosh up
00:58:35FireMal ac
00:58:41mrk get bkb
00:58:41FireMal go rosh
00:58:41mrk tiny
00:58:54Aleks875 we need good ult at magnus
00:58:58Maxy y
00:59:03ThatIsDota razor has 4000$
00:59:12Zwerg last time i was so targeted like shit
00:59:13ThatIsDota what will he do?
00:59:14Maxy shall we forfeit?
00:59:30Aleks875 b
00:59:31Maxy b
00:59:35Astrocreep lets gather ffs
01:00:31Soulyah cheese
01:00:38Maxy rzr
01:00:39Maxy no tp
01:00:45Maxy good ulty magna
01:00:47Maxy remebmer
01:01:22Maxy well
01:01:24Astrocreep i die is better than u guys dying
01:01:24Maxy only aleks
01:01:26Maxy deal some dmg
01:01:29Maxy here -_-
01:01:29ThatIsDota haha
01:01:31ThatIsDota yeah
01:01:33Zwerg i would hae died..
01:01:34Astrocreep not u sven
01:01:38Zwerg have*
01:01:41FireMal hagha
01:01:43Astrocreep i meant razer or pink
01:01:44ThatIsDota include me
01:01:44Maxy my fail at begin gave us good game after all ;3
01:01:55Maxy otherwise it would be total rape ;P
01:02:01Soulyah yeyeye
01:02:06Soulyah i was 0 7 as well
01:02:06Soulyah :D
01:02:18Maxy that agha
01:02:20Maxy is retarded
01:02:23Maxy 0.5 sec hit?
01:02:25Soulyah :D
01:02:26Soulyah y
01:02:31Maxy interesting...
01:02:49Maxy btw mrk, when i cast silence you make yourself fly
01:02:51Maxy not me ;P
01:02:57mrk the time top
01:02:59mrk i actually baited you
01:03:06mrk but didnt think id die stright from ulti
01:03:42Aleks875 dazzle no grabve
01:03:48Astrocreep why attack me
01:03:49Astrocreep lol
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