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Chat log

00:00:05Soulyah -ap
00:00:05Domess ap ?
00:00:05Soulyah g
00:00:05Domess sure
00:00:05FireMal y
00:00:05Soulyah go
00:00:05AliBaba ap
00:00:05Aleks875 y
00:00:05Domess -ap
00:00:05FireMal its remake
00:00:15AliBaba silk
00:00:17AliBaba you play lich ?
00:00:21AliBaba omfg
00:00:23AliBaba not sd
00:00:24AliBaba wtf
00:00:27AliBaba Wtf ?
00:00:31FireMal let me mid
00:00:32Domess saldar
00:00:33FireMal or
00:00:38Domess u play him ?
00:00:42MohaMEED hm
00:00:43fUNCh -swap 1
00:00:45MohaMEED me traxex
00:00:49Domess -swap 2
00:00:51Domess no me
00:00:51MohaMEED -swap 1
00:00:51Domess lol
00:00:54fUNCh -swap 5
00:00:54Domess noo
00:00:55Domess :p
00:00:57FireMal axe you woods ?
00:01:00MohaMEED omg u said
00:01:02Aleks875 y
00:01:02silkwood -swap 2
00:01:08MohaMEED u would play him
00:01:11Domess y
00:01:12Domess no lich
00:01:14FireMal cool i got top solo then
00:01:15MohaMEED -swap 1
00:01:18Domess but traxes swap at first
00:01:24MohaMEED gg
00:01:27Domess me mid ?
00:01:30Zwerg thatisdota hello?
00:01:31fUNCh y
00:01:33AliBaba your command
00:01:34FireMal we got someone afk
00:01:35Domess or lich
00:01:35FireMal wait
00:01:35AliBaba you
00:01:35AliBaba go
00:01:35FireMal we got some afk dude
00:01:35fUNCh dont let lich mid
00:01:35Domess dunno if he s noob :p
00:01:35fUNCh go mid yrself
00:01:35fUNCh we are in lan
00:01:35Domess ok i go mid
00:01:35FireMal thats is dota are you there ?
00:01:35fUNCh with zwerg and silk
00:01:35Domess okk
00:01:35fUNCh :D
00:01:35Domess madafakaaaa
00:01:35Zwerg earth here report in
00:01:35Domess he forgot his hero
00:01:35FireMal facking where the fuck is this dude
00:01:35AliBaba thatsisdota ?
00:01:35AliBaba are you there ?
00:01:35ThatIsDota im here
00:01:35ThatIsDota naga
00:01:35Domess ofc he isnt
00:01:35FireMal soulyah do you remember his here ?
00:01:35Domess .....
00:01:35Aleks875 he looked replay
00:01:35ThatIsDota i don't know
00:01:35Aleks875 and said naga
00:01:35fUNCh y naga
00:01:35Domess braaaa sure noobs
00:01:35FireMal are you sure ?
00:01:36ThatIsDota just what
00:01:36Soulyah what did u pick?
00:01:37FireMal omg
00:01:38ThatIsDota naga
00:01:48ThatIsDota or any hero?
00:01:48FireMal fast pick naga then
00:01:49Soulyah terrible pick
00:01:51AliBaba slardar top
00:01:52Domess ok mates gl hf
00:01:53FireMal y
00:02:00FireMal fuck hurry up and pick dude
00:02:09MohaMEED i fuck them :o
00:02:18Domess nice :)
00:02:21AliBaba just ulti bone
00:02:30MohaMEED fb
00:02:50FireMal axe go woods plz
00:02:59FireMal fuck
00:03:14FireMal ff
00:04:08Soulyah ss
00:05:01FireMal axe go woods
00:05:07FireMal fucking ban request onw
00:05:29Soulyah ss
00:06:31FireMal not yet
00:06:35Domess MISs
00:06:39FireMal ss
00:06:41Domess omg
00:06:41FireMal ss7
00:06:47ThatIsDota be careful
00:06:50FireMal go woods
00:06:53FireMal i will call you
00:07:05AliBaba omw mid
00:07:22Soulyah chick where
00:07:38Soulyah omfg
00:07:39AliBaba lick me
00:07:40Soulyah :D
00:07:40FireMal axe come
00:07:41FireMal gang
00:07:43AliBaba :D
00:07:43FireMal gang
00:07:45fUNCh tasa
00:07:46Aleks875 y
00:07:50Aleks875 w8 6 lvl
00:08:00Domess Miss
00:08:04FireMal ss
00:08:04AliBaba gogo
00:08:07FireMal wisp
00:08:20Domess invis gang
00:08:27Zwerg ffs
00:08:36Domess gogo
00:08:56Domess wtf
00:09:01MohaMEED omg
00:09:24Domess Fuck
00:09:30Domess wtf
00:09:30FireMal axe come
00:09:31FireMal twr
00:09:32FireMal top
00:09:42Aleks875 i ned heal
00:09:47FireMal tp top
00:09:48FireMal after
00:09:50FireMal you heal
00:09:50Domess need towers gogo
00:10:10AliBaba im oom
00:10:40Zwerg funch
00:10:41Domess ww
00:10:51AliBaba ww ?
00:11:14FireMal up chick fast
00:11:19MohaMEED wtf
00:11:22MohaMEED why no deff
00:11:24MohaMEED omg
00:11:40FireMal axe come top
00:11:42FireMal gang trax
00:11:51Aleks875 stfu
00:11:54Aleks875 look map
00:12:21FireMal fuck the map come top
00:12:23Aleks875 all come
00:13:09Domess b rahgsta :p
00:13:24Zwerg WTF is going on in bottom?
00:13:29FireMal ashole up chick
00:13:37FireMal sd
00:13:40FireMal lastpick up chick
00:13:46MohaMEED care inv
00:13:49MohaMEED clink
00:13:53FireMal zwerg up chick
00:14:08Zwerg ?
00:14:08MohaMEED b
00:14:09MohaMEED b
00:14:09MohaMEED b
00:14:09MohaMEED b
00:14:10MohaMEED b
00:14:17MohaMEED omg
00:14:18MohaMEED dead
00:14:26AliBaba relax =
00:15:08AliBaba wp rhasta <3
00:15:14Aleks875 gg
00:15:16Aleks875 !ff
00:15:16FireMal dude
00:15:20Aleks875 imba team
00:15:22FireMal zwerg you have to buy wards
00:15:31FireMal for us better players to get map control
00:15:42Soulyah WHY
00:15:42Zwerg lol
00:15:44Soulyah areu
00:15:45Soulyah so bad
00:15:47MohaMEED me
00:15:48fUNCh top go
00:15:49Soulyah ?
00:15:54Zwerg that is dota should buy wards
00:16:24AliBaba fuck
00:16:24AliBaba me
00:17:44FireMal uop that chick and get wards ffs
00:17:52Domess miss go
00:17:58FireMal shadow deamon
00:18:00Zwerg firemal put up the wards ffs
00:18:04FireMal clinkz plz tell him something
00:18:17AliBaba illu
00:18:21Zwerg u and me 2 supportts
00:18:28FireMal im not suppro
00:18:42Zwerg lol
00:18:43Zwerg ok
00:18:49FireMal fucking get me those wards up ashole
00:18:51Domess push
00:18:53Domess come
00:18:57FireMal im the tower diver
00:19:01FireMal im tank
00:19:09FireMal ban request incoming
00:19:18FireMal go look at gc chat im requesting you
00:19:31Domess and tp mid
00:19:34Zwerg blow me bitch
00:19:37Domess gogo
00:19:48Domess gogo push :)
00:19:55AliBaba bad ultui
00:20:03Domess b
00:20:03Domess b
00:20:11fUNCh didnt watch lane
00:20:12fUNCh :D
00:20:13fUNCh sry
00:20:15AliBaba :D
00:21:18MohaMEED all ?
00:21:23Domess go
00:21:27MohaMEED w8
00:21:28MohaMEED somke
00:21:51Soulyah b
00:22:08Soulyah rape?
00:22:13AliBaba dont
00:22:16Domess b
00:23:05Domess lol
00:23:06Aleks875 17-1
00:23:07MohaMEED lol
00:23:08Aleks875 gj
00:23:35AliBaba Why no rampage ?
00:23:43FireMal couze your a fag
00:23:46AliBaba :D
00:23:47AliBaba Lol firemaæ
00:24:15AliBaba bail
00:24:16AliBaba ¨bait
00:24:20Domess run
00:24:20Domess e
00:25:00Domess ffs
00:25:05FireMal fagets
00:25:08Soulyah ?
00:25:11FireMal why are you not killing rhasta
00:25:16Soulyah i wasnt there
00:25:19AliBaba wp guys
00:25:34AliBaba armor him
00:25:36AliBaba lich
00:25:43Domess aa
00:25:48Aleks875 get bkb
00:26:00Domess man
00:26:18Domess dont let him tp
00:26:25AliBaba stuuuun
00:26:25Domess lool
00:26:29MohaMEED oom
00:26:34AliBaba then
00:26:42AliBaba make your treads to int
00:26:44AliBaba bah
00:27:10Domess nice
00:27:10Zwerg I surrender! [1/5 of Scourge]
00:27:26Soulyah yea well
00:27:27Soulyah i dno
00:27:29Domess nah
00:27:31Soulyah why u fed them so much
00:27:38AliBaba nah ?
00:27:41Domess t
00:27:41Domess tp
00:27:44AliBaba cant
00:27:46AliBaba cd
00:27:52Aleks875 lol sd
00:27:58Domess ulty ?
00:28:01AliBaba sec
00:28:04Zwerg aleks? u moved?
00:28:28fUNCh chicken spinned
00:28:28Zwerg twat
00:28:29fUNCh rofl
00:28:46AliBaba .d
00:28:52AliBaba run nigga :D
00:28:52Aleks875 get gem
00:29:26Domess Lol one shot
00:29:43Domess care
00:30:01Soulyah awesome timing
00:30:17AliBaba slarda
00:30:35Domess allready death
00:30:47ThatIsDota fortunately, just got item
00:30:55Domess -ms
00:31:12Domess -ms
00:31:43Aleks875 3v5
00:31:44Domess lool
00:32:31ThatIsDota they get roshan
00:32:37AliBaba we cant :b
00:32:40Domess ye
00:32:44Domess come speed
00:32:52FireMal come
00:32:55AliBaba noob
00:33:28FireMal fuck
00:33:31FireMal where is tema
00:33:32Aleks875 1v5
00:33:33Zwerg -ma
00:33:34Aleks875 all time
00:33:34FireMal I surrender! [2/5 of Scourge]
00:33:35FireMal I surrender! [2/5 of Scourge]
00:33:43Aleks875 teamgame the bbest
00:33:53Domess ty
00:34:50Zwerg I surrender! [2/5 of Scourge]
00:34:59Aleks875 0-8
00:35:00Aleks875 1-12
00:35:06Aleks875 hate games like this
00:35:08Aleks875 !ff
00:35:34Domess hh
00:35:34Domess gogo
00:36:02Domess :D
00:36:58AliBaba b
00:36:58Domess gogo
00:36:58AliBaba guy
00:37:02Domess :D
00:37:02fUNCh wtf
00:37:02AliBaba .D
00:37:03fUNCh we are in lan
00:37:06fUNCh no idea whats wrong
00:37:14Domess speed go :
00:37:15AliBaba oom
00:37:16AliBaba sec
00:37:40fUNCh axe has my gem
00:37:46fUNCh taje
00:37:50fUNCh gem
00:37:51fUNCh take trax
00:37:59fUNCh genm
00:38:14AliBaba he is here :D
00:38:19fUNCh bone has gem
00:38:21Domess ty :)p
00:38:37Domess ;lol
00:38:39Domess gem :D :D
00:38:42Domess now die
00:38:59Domess hoho
00:39:02AliBaba :D
00:39:05Domess u cant sladar :D
00:39:08Domess no lifesteal :D
00:39:11Domess ah yes
00:39:12AliBaba he can
00:39:16Domess ulty :p
00:39:19Domess this speed
00:39:21Domess :p
00:39:23AliBaba epic :D
00:39:32AliBaba with mine tether :b
00:39:36Domess yep
00:39:42Domess rosah, cant move
00:39:43Domess :p
00:39:45Domess ulty
00:39:49AliBaba ulti
00:39:50AliBaba him
00:39:55MohaMEED cd
00:39:55Domess ye he missed
00:39:57AliBaba sldar :D
00:40:00AliBaba ulti :b
00:40:05AliBaba gogogogogo
00:40:05Domess :p
00:40:09AliBaba gj
00:40:14AliBaba w8 us
00:40:48AliBaba D:D:D:D::D:D:D
00:40:48Aleks875 vitality
00:40:53FireMal stfu
00:40:55fUNCh all go top
00:40:58fUNCh end this crap
00:41:15Zwerg mingid debiilikud ei oska ff kirjutada..
00:41:25Soulyah omw
00:41:42Soulyah OMFg
00:41:42Domess help ls
00:41:42Aleks875 LOL
00:41:49Soulyah naga
00:41:50Soulyah u fucking
00:41:51Soulyah suck
00:41:55Domess help
00:41:57Domess :D
00:42:04ThatIsDota about be dead
00:42:20Domess muhaahah
00:42:24Soulyah I surrender! [3/5 of Scourge]
00:42:29Soulyah op feeding
00:42:29AliBaba Wp soul
00:42:42Domess :D lol
00:42:45Domess :D ol
00:42:59AliBaba :D
00:43:13Zwerg naga ran onto fountain with lich ulti
00:43:35Aleks875 moha back
00:43:40Aleks875 all game farmeed
00:43:43Aleks875 but why
00:43:43AliBaba dont end
00:43:44Aleks875 XD
00:43:59Domess dont :D
00:44:01Domess dont !!
00:44:13Domess :D
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