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Chat log

00:00:19yeW- wishes
00:00:19fUNCh ff
00:00:19yeW- omni/lycan?
00:00:19sebralane omni
00:00:19creeeeeee omg
00:00:19fUNCh i can
00:00:19yeW- k
00:00:19fUNCh both
00:00:19custy i can play wiper
00:00:19yeW- qop
00:00:19creeeeeee he gets his ursa :/
00:00:19VanillaThunder y ban him
00:00:19creeeeeee and leave lycan?
00:00:19VanillaThunder hm
00:00:19creeeeeee -omni
00:00:19custy i am third player? this cant be good
00:00:19VanillaThunder :D
00:00:21fUNCh give lyca
00:00:21yeW- lycan
00:00:22yeW- then?
00:00:31VanillaThunder get bara against him
00:00:35custy i go viper
00:00:37fUNCh they will bh i think :D
00:00:39yeW- nope u do not
00:00:40yeW- -clear
00:00:40creeeeeee play ursa
00:00:41fUNCh sucks a bit
00:00:42creeeeeee ?
00:00:46VanillaThunder me not
00:00:46custy i cant play others
00:00:46yeW- i will ursa so no viper
00:00:51custy omg
00:00:55custy i cant play other
00:00:56Lynge me mid?
00:00:57custy listen
00:00:58fUNCh ursa ?
00:00:58yeW- god
00:01:00yeW- ye
00:01:00custy no
00:01:02custy viper
00:01:07yeW- fine
00:01:07creeeeeee i will mid
00:01:08yeW- go viper
00:01:08fUNCh -swap 1
00:01:12yeW- -swap 2
00:01:15creeeeeee or hmm
00:01:16Lynge ..
00:01:17Lynge i go bot
00:01:22Lynge get Wood hero etc
00:01:23DeMiaN forest
00:01:30creeeeeee get cent forest mby
00:01:34sebralane doom needed most likely
00:01:35VanillaThunder ahhh
00:01:36DeMiaN i'm forest
00:01:37DeMiaN already
00:01:39VanillaThunder i wanted dazzle
00:01:40creeeeeee why 2nd invi -.-
00:01:40VanillaThunder ffs
00:01:41fUNCh cent ?
00:01:41VanillaThunder -.-
00:01:41yeW- dazzle
00:01:42fUNCh nigga plz
00:01:43yeW- dazzle
00:01:43VanillaThunder -.-
00:01:44VanillaThunder -.-
00:01:45creeeeeee go mid with clinx actually
00:01:46yeW- -clear
00:01:47sebralane dazzle sucks
00:01:48creeeeeee ur better against ursa
00:01:48sebralane vs them
00:01:48yeW- dazzle if u can
00:01:50creeeeeee i'll bot
00:01:58VanillaThunder get sd mby
00:01:59sebralane dazzle sucks vs them
00:02:01custy what??
00:02:02custy -swap
00:02:02yeW- we have 3 tanks
00:02:04VanillaThunder or skl
00:02:06yeW- hardly sucks
00:02:08sebralane orhid will just kick my ass
00:02:09creeeeeee sd would rock
00:02:20yeW- -ma
00:02:25VanillaThunder pudege u solo?
00:02:29creeeeeee y
00:02:32DeMiaN our picks
00:02:32DeMiaN :s
00:02:33DeMiaN :s
00:02:33VanillaThunder 2 carrys top isnt that good...
00:02:34DeMiaN :s
00:02:34fUNCh cent go forest
00:02:35vaityl woods>
00:02:38fUNCh i solo top y
00:02:40DeMiaN miracle if we win
00:02:45Lynge ofc not
00:02:50Lynge they suck assWell
00:02:50DeMiaN seen our picks ?
00:02:56creeeeeee clinx gets some farm and its np
00:02:57Lynge just gang lycan, and get pull Ward
00:03:10yeW- 10s pls ^^
00:03:11creeeeeee get fast pullward
00:03:11DeMiaN PUDGE
00:03:11DeMiaN dazzle here
00:03:11sebralane why u allways pause?
00:03:12DeMiaN fb
00:03:14creeeeeee coming
00:03:16creeeeeee around
00:03:28creeeeeee b
00:04:34VanillaThunder he got no hela
00:04:35creeeeeee MISS
00:04:35creeeeeee 2
00:04:36creeeeeee care
00:04:38vaityl mb im go lane?
00:04:56fUNCh i can hangle
00:04:59sebralane viper
00:05:01DeMiaN gj
00:05:01sebralane attqack ghim
00:05:03sebralane wtf
00:05:05sebralane 5 sek
00:05:08sebralane he is falg hp
00:05:12sebralane u do not atatck
00:05:13sebralane wp
00:05:18custy y
00:05:19DeMiaN fucking cunt warded all creeps spots
00:05:22yeW- ss
00:05:30creeeeeee :S
00:05:50yeW- up courier
00:05:51yeW- dazle
00:07:17vaityl lol
00:07:19custy 5 sec?
00:07:20vaityl dazzle
00:07:26yeW- up courier
00:07:28DeMiaN gj
00:07:32sebralane why should i?
00:07:32yeW- pls
00:07:36sebralane did u help me?
00:07:43custy i am a bit drunk ok
00:07:49custy i got myself together nopw
00:07:52sebralane then u dont mind
00:07:54custy lets to teamplay
00:07:54creeeeeee 2ss
00:07:56yeW- cent
00:07:57yeW- gang
00:07:57yeW- cent
00:08:18sebralane cent come
00:08:22Lynge ss
00:08:23Lynge re
00:08:25yeW- -ma
00:08:27Lynge ss
00:08:28Lynge re
00:08:34fUNCh ss2
00:08:36yeW- told u
00:08:40yeW- not to get that fvuper
00:08:41yeW- viper
00:08:43yeW- but
00:08:45VanillaThunder ofc
00:08:45yeW- dp u fuckin listen
00:08:55creeeeeee 2 miss still
00:08:58custy coming mid
00:09:04Lynge ss
00:09:08VanillaThunder gang lyc
00:09:10yeW- killl
00:09:10yeW- jesus
00:09:12yeW- blin noob
00:09:13DeMiaN b
00:09:14DeMiaN b
00:09:14DeMiaN b
00:09:25Lynge viper inc top
00:09:26Lynge dd haste
00:09:34Lynge ss ursa
00:09:34sebralane cs
00:09:37sebralane cs on dust
00:09:37yeW- ye
00:09:39yeW- lets gang an invis hero
00:09:42oo0OoO0oo 3 top
00:09:43Lynge re
00:10:03VanillaThunder b
00:10:12oo0OoO0oo gang top
00:10:50Lynge ss
00:10:51yeW- wads
00:10:56VanillaThunder 4 top
00:10:56fUNCh why noone bot ?
00:10:57VanillaThunder help
00:11:00yeW- du nno
00:11:08VanillaThunder tp
00:11:38oo0OoO0oo guys
00:11:40oo0OoO0oo wake up
00:11:54yeW- courier up pls..
00:12:27Lynge åpudge
00:12:28creeeeeee oom
00:12:34yeW- go out
00:12:35yeW- away
00:12:35yeW- jesus
00:12:37Lynge go
00:12:37creeeeeee steal it
00:12:42Lynge k
00:12:52yeW- COURIER UP
00:12:52yeW- FFS
00:12:53yeW- -ma
00:12:53creeeeeee :/
00:13:08oo0OoO0oo go
00:13:12fUNCh kill
00:13:21Lynge aagain
00:13:29VanillaThunder lyc gem
00:13:31VanillaThunder kill him
00:13:32VanillaThunder asas
00:13:34creeeeeee gj
00:13:38yeW- custy
00:13:38sebralane 2ra mine gemmiga
00:13:39yeW- leave te game
00:13:48yeW- LEAVE
00:13:50yeW- THE GAME
00:14:38creeeeeee clinx
00:14:55oo0OoO0oo go
00:14:56Lynge bot
00:15:12yeW- dont make
00:15:12yeW- bb
00:15:14yeW- bkb
00:15:15yeW- funch
00:15:19creeeeeee go scout
00:15:23yeW- get basher deso
00:15:33DeMiaN 3bot
00:15:55fUNCh i will get hp first
00:15:57VanillaThunder b
00:15:57fUNCh sange or sth
00:16:05oo0OoO0oo omfg
00:16:09oo0OoO0oo i farm rest of game
00:16:14sebralane uw?
00:16:46sebralane miks sa vladi teed
00:16:49sebralane meil juba on
00:16:52oo0OoO0oo go
00:17:27VanillaThunder b
00:17:35Lynge pudge
00:17:39Lynge dont be a pussy
00:17:43yeW- grave that noob?
00:17:48creeeeeee had all on cd
00:17:49creeeeeee and low
00:17:51creeeeeee what to do there
00:18:07creeeeeee go top
00:18:08creeeeeee clinks
00:18:12Lynge omW
00:18:14Lynge lycan gem
00:18:15Lynge get it
00:18:22sebralane yew in our woods
00:18:25Lynge omW
00:18:26yeW- hm?
00:18:28Lynge go pudge
00:18:30sebralane they in our wood
00:18:32yeW- k
00:18:37yeW- ward it
00:18:37yeW- then
00:18:37fUNCh get wards srlsy
00:18:44fUNCh cant do shit
00:18:48sebralane then have 2x inivs
00:18:57yeW- great
00:19:19yeW- wow viper
00:19:21yeW- no comment
00:19:23yeW- share ur units
00:19:34yeW- leave
00:19:34yeW- the game
00:19:35yeW- vuiper
00:19:41custy y
00:19:43yeW- srsly
00:19:45yeW- leave it
00:19:50creeeeeee ahahhaa
00:19:50vaityl ffs)
00:20:13creeeeeee wp
00:20:16custy they dont see the gem
00:20:22vaityl lol
00:20:30sebralane take
00:20:30sebralane g
00:20:31sebralane weg
00:20:32sebralane gem
00:20:32sebralane ffs
00:20:33creeeeeee omw
00:20:34sebralane idiots
00:20:35creeeeeee kill ursa
00:20:35sebralane faking idiots
00:20:45sebralane this viper bbest for sure
00:20:52oo0OoO0oo gem
00:20:54yeW- CENT
00:20:59oo0OoO0oo cent gem ffs
00:21:02yeW- fyn
00:21:03oo0OoO0oo gem !!
00:21:15oo0OoO0oo omfg
00:21:17oo0OoO0oo nabs
00:21:23creeeeeee what was there to do? :DDDDD
00:21:23fUNCh kinda lulz
00:21:23custy well
00:21:23sebralane balance viper pls
00:21:23oo0OoO0oo take gem !!!
00:21:23fUNCh think i gonna make new movie
00:21:23fUNCh about dota.gc
00:21:23custy now i can leave
00:21:23creeeeeee I DIED ANYWAY
00:21:23creeeeeee DIDNT YOU NOTICE?
00:21:23oo0OoO0oo destroy
00:21:23oo0OoO0oo myabe
00:21:23yeW- well u can
00:21:23oo0OoO0oo idiot
00:21:23yeW- just plug
00:21:23yeW- too
00:21:23creeeeeee ...
00:21:23custy never
00:21:23oo0OoO0oo you had the fucking chance !!
00:21:23oo0OoO0oo we have 12x
00:21:23oo0OoO0oo invis
00:21:23yeW- its not like
00:21:23custy i have never plugged
00:21:23creeeeeee so did they
00:21:23yeW- we're gonna miss u
00:21:23oo0OoO0oo destroy
00:21:23custy y
00:21:23creeeeeee wolf was on me
00:21:23yeW- just dont
00:21:23yeW- ever pick
00:21:23yeW- viper again
00:21:23creeeeeee 2 other could of done that
00:21:23oo0OoO0oo not you only
00:21:23oo0OoO0oo 3 was there ehen gem
00:21:23oo0OoO0oo on ground
00:21:23custy i can play like 10 heros
00:21:23yeW- try 9
00:21:23yeW- if ur countin viper
00:21:23yeW- ^^
00:21:23custy viper was the only what i have played
00:21:23custy there are so many heros
00:21:23custy that i havent played
00:21:23sebralane yew u can only play 5 heros
00:21:23yeW- dude
00:21:23yeW- dont even talk
00:21:23yeW- aight?
00:21:23sebralane why not
00:21:23yeW- if u can play geo
00:21:23yeW- u can
00:21:23yeW- play
00:21:23yeW- every hero
00:21:23yeW- burn that
00:21:23yeW- into ur brains
00:21:23custy what geo?
00:21:23sebralane meepo
00:21:23custy i havent played him
00:21:23sebralane geo is meepo
00:21:23custy max like 3 times
00:21:23sebralane dont
00:21:23sebralane dont try too
00:21:23fUNCh you can try next time
00:21:23fUNCh when you play against me
00:21:23Lynge pudge
00:21:23custy so its time for me to go...
00:21:23custy i quess
00:21:23creeeeeee ?
00:21:23Lynge let bara take vanguard if DS had one!?
00:21:23creeeeeee k
00:21:23creeeeeee bara takes vang
00:21:23custy you will win the game :)
00:21:23creeeeeee u take manaboots
00:21:23Lynge kool
00:21:23creeeeeee + quell
00:21:23creeeeeee and sell it
00:21:23sebralane any1 will tp down?
00:21:23Lynge i sell mana boots
00:21:23Lynge k?
00:21:23creeeeeee y
00:21:23sebralane to kill gondar?
00:21:23Lynge who kick, YeW-?
00:21:23fUNCh dont have tp and no freeroom in inventory
00:21:23fUNCh :D
00:21:23custy me
00:21:23custy lol
00:21:23custy i leave
00:21:23yeW- It's yeW-.
00:21:23creeeeeee funch I think
00:21:23oo0OoO0oo i say viper
00:21:23Lynge jew
00:22:19sebralane is rosh re?
00:22:22yeW- no
00:22:25sebralane soon*
00:22:28yeW- ye
00:22:33oo0OoO0oo go 4
00:22:37oo0OoO0oo dont let them farm
00:22:37sebralane howswoon
00:22:41yeW- 1 min
00:22:54oo0OoO0oo go
00:22:54creeeeeee why
00:23:11creeeeeee so bad
00:23:12oo0OoO0oo bad
00:23:20creeeeeee why you cant wait gondar?
00:23:26oo0OoO0oo bounty should w8
00:23:27creeeeeee start killing so they can all gather up? :/
00:23:38sebralane do u have some timer for rosh killing?
00:23:40oo0OoO0oo lychan
00:23:51yeW- 10 mins
00:24:01yeW- next rosh at 30.40
00:24:04sebralane soo u killed it min 20
00:25:08yeW- lol.
00:25:20fUNCh well
00:25:23fUNCh they noticed gem now
00:25:29sebralane about time
00:25:42fUNCh wtf bh speed it was :D
00:25:50sebralane ulti gives speed
00:26:08yeW- get
00:26:10yeW- another gem
00:26:14creeeeeee h warded
00:26:41Lynge got him
00:26:41yeW- 10s
00:26:42VanillaThunder get centa
00:26:43creeeeeee all on cd
00:26:47oo0OoO0oo go
00:27:12creeeeeee gj
00:27:13yeW- WHY
00:27:15creeeeeee tower
00:27:16yeW- DO U UNPAUE
00:27:33VanillaThunder b
00:27:46VanillaThunder another gem
00:27:47yeW- stupid funch
00:27:47sebralane chek ward here
00:27:51fUNCh ?
00:27:55yeW- who unpause
00:27:59sebralane come check ward here
00:28:00fUNCh clinkz
00:28:03creeeeeee lets hunt him down
00:28:15yeW- why do u unpause
00:28:18yeW- u worthless son of a whore?
00:28:24oo0OoO0oo you said 10 sec
00:28:25Lynge u said 10 sek
00:28:26oo0OoO0oo ??
00:28:30Lynge for 2nd time
00:28:33yeW- wait til i unpause myself?
00:28:34Lynge fu whore
00:28:37Lynge nope
00:28:41yeW- eat shit
00:28:43yeW- U cunt
00:28:46Lynge looser
00:28:52creeeeeee get ghosts
00:29:15creeeeeee b
00:29:16creeeeeee b
00:29:16creeeeeee b
00:29:49Lynge Wtf gondar
00:29:51Lynge Wake up
00:30:36yeW- b
00:30:45oo0OoO0oo b
00:31:02Lynge hook
00:31:26creeeeeee ??
00:31:26oo0OoO0oo omg
00:31:30Lynge gondar
00:31:32Lynge u are so fucking bad
00:32:11sebralane om
00:32:13sebralane oom
00:32:30sebralane b
00:32:33oo0OoO0oo go
00:32:46VanillaThunder I surrender! [1/4 of Sentinel]
00:33:04creeeeeee sadly too good gondar
00:33:04creeeeeee I surrender! [2/4 of Sentinel]
00:33:09creeeeeee and too good pick
00:33:34yeW- this cent
00:33:35yeW- lol.
00:33:38vaityl mp
00:34:29yeW- gem funch
00:35:18creeeeeee ff it
00:35:19creeeeeee its over
00:35:25Lynge yea :(
00:35:27Lynge hate ffing
00:35:31creeeeeee true
00:35:38creeeeeee we coulda won it np
00:35:55VanillaThunder against ursa and lyc?
00:35:58Lynge such a try harder
00:36:00creeeeeee yep
00:36:03Lynge fucking cunt, got raped in mid
00:36:05creeeeeee ursa lycn is no problem
00:36:06yeW- raped?
00:36:07yeW- haha
00:36:09Lynge yep
00:36:11Lynge had to leave 2 time
00:36:12yeW- ur last hit
00:36:13yeW- SUCKE
00:36:14Lynge and purchase 3 salves
00:36:19yeW- are u serously
00:36:20creeeeeee but demian dropped
00:36:21yeW- sayyin
00:36:22yeW- that
00:36:23creeeeeee + u suck
00:36:23Lynge so What, my farm Was way better than yours
00:36:26yeW- ursa has the advantage
00:36:28yeW- vs bone?
00:36:29creeeeeee 3rd pick was so bad
00:36:31Lynge hahaha
00:36:36Lynge u got Owned noob
00:36:39creeeeeee after 1 invi you pick another one
00:36:40yeW- lmao
00:36:43yeW- ur such a noob
00:37:09oo0OoO0oo I surrender! [3/4 of Sentinel]
00:37:10Lynge -afk
00:37:22VanillaThunder I surrender! [3/4 of Sentinel]
00:37:28Lynge fu yew
00:37:34Lynge just a single virgin cunt
00:37:36Lynge -ff
00:37:38yeW- yek
00:37:39Lynge -ff
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