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-45 X
-3 TS

100% | 2130 X | 1682 TS

-20 X
-3 TS

74% | 1462 X | 1358 TS

+7 X
-3 TS

59% | 1275 X | 1365 TS

-6 X
-3 TS

49% | 1216 X | 1326 TS

-18 X
-3 TS

41% | 1103 X | 1340 TS

-29 X
+3 TS

95% | 1706 X | 1533 TS

+53 X
+3 TS

81% | 1549 X | 1374 TS

+39 X
+2 TS

66% | 1335 X | 1377 TS

+1 X
+5 TS

66% | 1419 X | 1285 TS

+22 X
+5 TS

61% | 1324 X | 1327 TS

Chat log

00:00:16Vilkuky get me ES
00:00:16fUNCh bieber you just lost this game
00:00:19TakinBackMyLove why?
00:00:19MYuksel Go ban
00:00:19FirstBlood -lycan
00:00:19TakinBackMyLove -sk
00:00:21TakinBackMyLove -crix
00:00:33Vilkuky ES for me
00:00:34TakinBackMyLove u wanted es y?
00:00:37MYuksel tager du mid ?
00:00:41fUNCh can some1 play enigm ?
00:00:43TakinBackMyLove get pugna asell
00:00:45TakinBackMyLove aswell
00:00:50Rasmus.Seebach no ty
00:01:00fUNCh jens pepsi ?
00:01:01fUNCh enigm ?
00:01:04MYuksel i can batrider mid btw
00:01:08MYuksel pwnn
00:01:14JensDenLange nope
00:01:15TakinBackMyLove u cant pwn firstblood
00:01:20TakinBackMyLove giveme
00:01:20MYuksel i can everthing
00:01:20Vilkuky urs ?
00:01:21JensDenLange but i can play pheo
00:01:22P3PSI firstblood insta win!
00:01:25P3PSI clear
00:01:26TakinBackMyLove pugde
00:01:27P3PSI -clear
00:01:28FirstBlood not true
00:01:32JensDenLange firstblood u whant slark or something+
00:01:33FirstBlood dont say this
00:01:34Vilkuky -swap 1
00:01:34TakinBackMyLove -swap 3
00:01:38P3PSI hehea
00:01:39fUNCh well
00:01:40P3PSI -clear
00:01:43P3PSI jinx
00:01:44FirstBlood no i will play my hero
00:01:45MYuksel ursa woods top ?
00:01:45fUNCh we have no carry
00:01:47FirstBlood pick
00:01:49FirstBlood some stun
00:01:49MYuksel me solo top
00:01:49JensDenLange 2 sek
00:01:49P3PSI -clear
00:01:49FirstBlood tc, or trall
00:01:49TakinBackMyLove we ned pugna
00:01:49FirstBlood taur
00:01:49TakinBackMyLove for anti push
00:01:49FirstBlood better
00:01:49TakinBackMyLove or we fucked
00:01:49MYuksel ofir come woods top
00:01:49tba i go
00:01:49JensDenLange taur?
00:01:49TakinBackMyLove pugna ward
00:01:49fUNCh tc
00:01:49FirstBlood tc
00:01:49TakinBackMyLove will own this game
00:01:49FirstBlood y
00:01:49TakinBackMyLove get pugna
00:01:49TakinBackMyLove trust me
00:01:49JensDenLange hmm, never played him
00:01:49FirstBlood enigma ulty
00:01:49JensDenLange sure
00:01:49FirstBlood and taur ulty = gg
00:01:49JensDenLange i will
00:01:51TakinBackMyLove if they get pugna we lost
00:01:57JensDenLange starting items>?
00:02:02MYuksel biber
00:02:04TakinBackMyLove y
00:02:04FirstBlood soul ring
00:02:09MYuksel how are you laning ?
00:02:10FirstBlood and drums
00:02:10Rasmus.Seebach anti pull?
00:02:12MYuksel ursa bot ?
00:02:13Rasmus.Seebach omg
00:02:13TakinBackMyLove u solo top
00:02:15TakinBackMyLove ursa woods
00:02:17FirstBlood yes
00:02:19Rasmus.Seebach wards?
00:02:19MYuksel woods bot ?
00:02:26MYuksel iam solo
00:02:27FirstBlood i will make pipe
00:02:27JensDenLange go top with ur wards
00:02:28JensDenLange dude
00:02:34FirstBlood thd mekansm
00:02:38P3PSI roger
00:02:40P3PSI -
00:02:41FirstBlood enigma dagger
00:03:31MYuksel ss
00:03:32MYuksel care bot
00:04:11P3PSI sure
00:04:29Ofir ogre
00:05:06fUNCh top rune
00:05:54TakinBackMyLove lol
00:05:55TakinBackMyLove how
00:05:56FirstBlood lol
00:06:16TakinBackMyLove inc top
00:06:17TakinBackMyLove care
00:06:18TakinBackMyLove woods
00:06:35fUNCh stun
00:06:49JensDenLange oom
00:07:18TakinBackMyLove WTF?
00:07:26Vilkuky gj
00:07:35tba u 2
00:07:53FirstBlood lol
00:07:54FirstBlood this
00:08:00P3PSI ss top
00:08:20TakinBackMyLove ss
00:08:50tba ty
00:09:00JensDenLange let them push
00:09:21P3PSI b top
00:09:42MYuksel lolol
00:09:46P3PSI y
00:10:14FirstBlood ss mid
00:10:14P3PSI ss top
00:10:20Vilkuky kill mid pudge?
00:10:21Vilkuky if i tp
00:10:23TakinBackMyLove sure
00:10:30Vilkuky go invis
00:10:55TakinBackMyLove gj
00:10:58Vilkuky u2
00:11:32TakinBackMyLove omw
00:11:33TakinBackMyLove es
00:12:21FirstBlood lol the trees was cut down
00:12:41MYuksel ,
00:13:03Vilkuky fissure hook
00:13:27JensDenLange dude...
00:13:37TakinBackMyLove gj
00:13:38TakinBackMyLove mate
00:13:39P3PSI rly
00:13:40P3PSI fucking
00:13:40TakinBackMyLove s
00:13:52MYuksel :D
00:13:55tba ^^
00:13:57FirstBlood :D
00:14:25FirstBlood this hero is not still in dota 2
00:14:30FirstBlood so i dont play him well
00:14:52FirstBlood team
00:14:54FirstBlood go together
00:15:19MYuksel gj
00:15:42FirstBlood go all
00:15:43FirstBlood together
00:15:50TakinBackMyLove we need to gather guys
00:15:59P3PSI no mana
00:16:02TakinBackMyLove get dagger bat
00:16:03JensDenLange same
00:16:30FirstBlood enigma
00:16:33FirstBlood we needs you
00:16:44TakinBackMyLove SERIUSLY
00:16:49FirstBlood i told all together
00:16:55TakinBackMyLove !
00:16:55TakinBackMyLove !
00:16:56TakinBackMyLove !
00:16:56FirstBlood so come with us
00:16:56TakinBackMyLove !
00:16:56TakinBackMyLove !
00:17:38TakinBackMyLove WTF
00:17:43TakinBackMyLove bugged
00:18:10JensDenLange what should i build?
00:18:16Vilkuky rosh ursa?
00:19:52FirstBlood go all
00:19:53JensDenLange enigma
00:19:53FirstBlood pls
00:19:55JensDenLange save mana
00:19:58JensDenLange so we can do combo
00:21:11TakinBackMyLove bat
00:21:13fUNCh purfect ulti
00:21:14TakinBackMyLove can u start go with us
00:21:18JensDenLange ya ;)
00:21:21TakinBackMyLove instead of just farming alone
00:21:35MYuksel no succes with u guys
00:21:48Vilkuky ohh ur so pro now
00:22:18FirstBlood b
00:23:38TakinBackMyLove haha
00:23:41TakinBackMyLove im alone this game
00:23:44TakinBackMyLove keep arm
00:23:48TakinBackMyLove we gonna win that way
00:23:50fUNCh give mana
00:23:54P3PSI cd
00:23:56JensDenLange when go alone, u are alone
00:24:01FirstBlood ilusin
00:24:03TakinBackMyLove no1
00:24:05TakinBackMyLove tp to tower
00:25:12JensDenLange what do i build?
00:25:33P3PSI halberd for urs ?
00:25:51fUNCh halberd is good y
00:25:56FirstBlood make jango
00:25:58FirstBlood tc
00:26:35MYuksel blame team
00:27:03Vilkuky lag
00:27:09tba no lag
00:27:09MYuksel fx
00:27:09MYuksel fix
00:27:22tba fix
00:27:24MYuksel fix vilukkkkkkkkkkkky
00:27:41FirstBlood come thd
00:27:46P3PSI sry was akf
00:27:48P3PSI afk
00:28:19FirstBlood b
00:28:39TakinBackMyLove gj mate
00:28:42JensDenLange did'nt notice es with a blink!
00:29:10FirstBlood dont
00:29:12FirstBlood go there
00:29:41FirstBlood go gang
00:29:42FirstBlood team
00:29:47FirstBlood buy smoke ogr pls
00:29:49Vilkuky wards
00:29:54Ofir -ms
00:30:00P3PSI rosh re ?
00:30:06FirstBlood i think so
00:30:22JensDenLange which is better dota, or dota 2?
00:30:26fUNCh dota
00:30:43TakinBackMyLove es or bat
00:30:44TakinBackMyLove stay b
00:30:47TakinBackMyLove for enimga ulti
00:30:52MYuksel w8
00:30:55TakinBackMyLove w8
00:30:56TakinBackMyLove for bat
00:31:11TakinBackMyLove stay vb
00:31:15MYuksel rdy ?
00:31:17TakinBackMyLove y
00:32:06TakinBackMyLove mid
00:32:07JensDenLange enigma
00:32:07FirstBlood gang
00:32:10FirstBlood withnot smoke
00:32:12FirstBlood is so bad
00:32:12JensDenLange why cant u stay back
00:32:16JensDenLange until they go
00:32:20JensDenLange then blink in and ult??
00:32:22MYuksel enigma could not ulti
00:32:24fUNCh they knew we were there
00:32:26MYuksel :D
00:32:27fUNCh was so pointless to wait
00:32:30Ofir det var nice uksel :)
00:32:31fUNCh didnt expect bat dagger
00:32:32JensDenLange lol
00:32:36JensDenLange then go die instead
00:32:38JensDenLange please
00:32:45JensDenLange tell us, next time u have informations
00:33:42TakinBackMyLove tp
00:33:43TakinBackMyLove tp
00:33:53Ofir nice
00:33:53Ofir :)
00:34:10TakinBackMyLove hurtigt
00:34:17Vilkuky rosh obs we need pugna
00:34:40Vilkuky let it go?
00:34:56FirstBlood b
00:35:07FirstBlood he went rosh
00:35:11FirstBlood sec
00:35:31JensDenLange NOOOBS
00:35:39Vilkuky go go go
00:36:33JensDenLange why would'nt u let me steal aegis?
00:36:42Vilkuky b?
00:36:45JensDenLange dont understand?
00:36:49JensDenLange ogre
00:37:25TakinBackMyLove kom her
00:37:32JensDenLange dumb clowns
00:37:39MYuksel thx m8
00:37:40JensDenLange stop wasting ur shit
00:37:45JensDenLange and stop going 2 man!
00:37:46JensDenLange -.-
00:38:12TakinBackMyLove go bot
00:38:47TakinBackMyLove hahahah ofc
00:39:03TakinBackMyLove where were u es?
00:39:16Vilkuky trying to blink
00:40:00JensDenLange next item`?
00:40:13FirstBlood shiva
00:40:14Ofir michael du er for nice
00:40:22MYuksel aaah
00:40:40JensDenLange wards
00:41:43MYuksel den tabbede ud
00:41:48FirstBlood :D
00:41:50FirstBlood I surrender! [1/5 of Sentinel]
00:41:56MYuksel gj
00:41:56P3PSI I surrender! [2/5 of Sentinel]
00:41:57fUNCh I surrender! [3/5 of Sentinel]
00:41:58FirstBlood go ff
00:42:00JensDenLange !ff
00:42:01FirstBlood its over
00:42:03Rasmus.Seebach I surrender! [4/5 of Sentinel]
00:42:03FirstBlood we cant win
00:42:44JensDenLange n1
00:42:50JensDenLange I surrender! [5/5 of Sentinel]
00:42:52JensDenLange !f
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