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Chat log

00:00:20yeW- -clea
00:00:20yeW- -clear
00:00:20yeW- wishes?
00:00:20Jimpai rubick
00:00:20Strom yew, you no longer instapick doom?
00:00:20yeW- well
00:00:20yeW- i dunno
00:00:20yeW- ^^
00:00:20Strom I go tiny
00:00:20yeW- havent been playin it lately
00:00:20yeW- true
00:00:20yeW- ok
00:00:20yeW- omni
00:00:20yeW- i think he does tiny
00:00:21yeW- yo
00:00:23yeW- tho
00:00:23Astrocreep gl
00:00:28Strom ok
00:00:33Strom I go something else then
00:00:39yeW- krobe
00:00:40yeW- anyone?
00:01:02yeW- ah damn he randome
00:01:03yeW- d
00:01:04yeW- -clear
00:01:05yeW- gah
00:01:11Strom ell slard good
00:01:22Strom do I need to carry?
00:01:27yeW- wud b nice
00:01:29Strom hmm
00:01:36yeW- xD
00:01:38yeW- come on
00:01:38yeW- lol
00:01:41Strom I randomed this btw
00:01:42Astrocreep ff
00:01:44yeW- whats with the randoms ;D
00:01:47najk -swap 4
00:01:47Jimpai why?
00:01:48Pufff-Reis i randomed too
00:01:55Jimpai you have way better players
00:01:56yeW- remake it?
00:02:00Pletten -swap 2
00:02:00yeW- -clear
00:02:02Strom no, random not good reason
00:02:13Strom sniper kinda horrible pick
00:02:15Strom but
00:02:19Strom I'll make it work
00:02:19yeW- we have shitty heroes
00:02:30yeW- dont go lothars
00:02:31yeW- btw
00:02:32Astrocreep they can gang rape us till mid game
00:02:33Astrocreep gg
00:02:34yeW- it aint worht it
00:02:34Strom yea
00:02:36Strom can't in this game
00:02:42Strom I need to go orchid and shit
00:02:47Astrocreep lanes?
00:02:50yeW- i'd get s&y
00:02:57yeW- sniper bot
00:02:59yeW- bara slard top
00:03:00yeW- hf ;
00:03:20yeW- necro
00:03:22yeW- courier up asapl pls
00:03:27Row -hhn
00:04:16Zwerg pletten whats up?
00:04:19yeW- gj
00:04:23Pletten yeaah
00:04:27Pletten high
00:04:27Row i knoq
00:04:28Row w
00:04:35Zwerg fuckoff
00:04:41Pletten dont be mad
00:04:54Zwerg am if u dont share :p
00:05:37yeW- bara
00:05:38yeW- charge mi
00:05:38yeW- asap
00:05:45Astrocreep mid?
00:05:49yeW- ye
00:06:00najk k
00:06:25najk gj
00:06:28yeW- omg
00:06:43yeW- gosh
00:06:44yeW- that bleew
00:06:50Astrocreep u could have b
00:06:54yeW- i sucked
00:06:56yeW- nigger cock
00:06:57yeW- there
00:07:01yeW- ss tiny
00:07:01yeW- mid
00:07:02yeW- re
00:07:28yeW- ss
00:07:39yeW- care
00:07:40yeW- pls
00:07:43yeW- ss tiny
00:07:44yeW- with rune
00:07:48yeW- b
00:08:08Zwerg gj
00:08:18Strom help!
00:08:23Strom ah tiny no boots
00:08:24Strom np
00:08:36Pufff-Reis ss veno
00:08:44Strom enemy
00:08:48yeW- k
00:09:25yeW- SS
00:09:26yeW- CARE TOP
00:09:26yeW- CARE TOP
00:09:39yeW- gah
00:09:43yeW- we nee wards
00:09:43yeW- someone
00:10:08yeW- axe 6 veno 7
00:10:09yeW- lmao
00:10:18yeW- go b slard
00:10:18yeW- lol
00:11:24yeW- b
00:11:25yeW- b
00:11:49najk -ma
00:12:00Zwerg fs
00:12:31Astrocreep gj
00:12:54yeW- me b
00:13:04Strom rofl
00:13:08Astrocreep wtf
00:14:08Strom veno warding
00:14:54Strom bara, do you have charge at lvl1?
00:14:57Strom why you always come so long
00:15:01Astrocreep y
00:15:02Astrocreep lol
00:15:05Strom take more levels of charge
00:15:07Strom it's good spell
00:15:29Jimpai !=!?!??!
00:15:32Jimpai ?!?!
00:15:35Zwerg couldnt
00:15:35Jimpai stun!!
00:15:40yeW- ulti
00:16:58Strom funny
00:17:01Astrocreep lol
00:17:02yeW- ^^
00:17:04Jimpai ..
00:18:02yeW- god
00:18:09yeW- strom
00:18:12yeW- i'd recommend armlet
00:18:41yeW- x
00:18:42Row lol
00:18:43yeW- D
00:18:54yeW- go slard
00:18:57Jimpai stun bot
00:19:39Zwerg omg
00:19:53Strom why cancel?
00:19:57Astrocreep mistake
00:20:18yeW- tp out
00:20:19yeW- necro
00:20:41Strom mine koju
00:20:42yeW- puff
00:20:45yeW- how far from 11
00:20:57Pufff-Reis 3 creeüps
00:21:01yeW- 2 daggers
00:21:30Strom 2 daggers for them?
00:21:31Strom who has 2nd?
00:21:36Strom 1st being tiny
00:21:36yeW- ah nvm
00:21:40yeW- i thought axe had
00:21:42yeW- but was tranquil
00:21:55yeW- come
00:21:56yeW- TO ME
00:22:05yeW- COME ON
00:22:10yeW- fuckin dhg
00:22:47yeW- can u al
00:22:48yeW- l
00:22:49yeW- come mid
00:22:50yeW- we smoke rosh
00:22:52yeW- pls
00:22:54Strom k
00:23:33Jimpai will be hard to win this game.
00:23:36Astrocreep no need smoke
00:23:41yeW- true but np
00:23:41Jimpai need to play as a team nAO
00:23:45Jimpai and es
00:23:47Jimpai please
00:23:50Jimpai stop being so bad
00:23:53Jimpai just do ur stun
00:23:55Jimpai when u can
00:23:58yeW- ^^
00:23:59Jimpai and dont block us
00:24:01yeW- fuckin smoke
00:24:03yeW- :DD
00:24:08yeW- snipe take
00:24:09Zwerg wtf
00:24:19Zwerg nice 1 team
00:24:27Jimpai it was funch
00:24:28yeW- bb
00:24:39Jimpai since im mates with both lion and veno
00:24:40Zwerg funch klick my echo slam?
00:24:42Zwerg fu
00:24:44Jimpai and no one of us did it
00:24:51yeW- gah
00:25:03fUNCh i'm in lan with zwerg
00:25:10fUNCh and kinda sure i didnt touch it
00:25:20Jimpai well, can just check it up after-.
00:26:46yeW- okay
00:26:48yeW- mid it is
00:27:14yeW- mid team
00:28:01Astrocreep i was just going to refresh my armlet
00:28:02Astrocreep lol
00:28:08yeW- with poison?
00:28:13Astrocreep who knows
00:28:13Row b
00:28:18Astrocreep maybe my fingers quick lol
00:28:53Jimpai es
00:28:55Jimpai are u for real?
00:29:07Zwerg su
00:29:14Jimpai ok!
00:29:18najk I surrender! [1/5 of Scourge]
00:30:32yeW- mach mal armlet alter
00:30:41Pufff-Reis is müll
00:31:35yeW- xd
00:31:37Jimpai es
00:31:39Jimpai are u kidding??
00:31:47yeW- we shud just push
00:31:54Zwerg failed by turning
00:31:56Zwerg ur right
00:32:00Jimpai ?
00:32:10Jimpai you are just really bad
00:32:12Jimpai period
00:32:39yeW- wait for all n mid
00:34:07yeW- cme to me
00:34:21yeW- ah soz
00:34:32Strom rosh alive too I think
00:34:34yeW- ye
00:34:39yeW- lets get top toer
00:35:10yeW- base
00:35:11yeW- rax
00:36:40yeW- ty
00:36:45Pufff-Reis immer
00:36:47yeW- ^^
00:37:41Row ...............
00:37:41Row WTFFF
00:37:41Strom he has 4 min total
00:37:41Strom to reconnect
00:37:41yeW- hm
00:37:41Pufff-Reis some1 know
00:37:45Jimpai es
00:37:47Jimpai goes.
00:37:47Pufff-Reis west ice ciggs?
00:38:09Strom slard should get items imo
00:38:14fUNCh I surrender! [2/4 of Scourge]
00:38:27yeW- take
00:38:28yeW- his amlet
00:38:29yeW- slad
00:38:30yeW- slar
00:38:32yeW- and his mom
00:38:55yeW- lol
00:38:57yeW- who sold items
00:38:59Pufff-Reis got sold cool
00:39:03yeW- necro
00:39:05fUNCh end it
00:39:07Strom heh
00:39:08yeW- never sell items again
00:39:11Strom necro sold items yeah?
00:39:13Row ?
00:39:14Strom that's bannable
00:39:17Row i did
00:39:19yeW- damn it
00:39:21yeW- read the fuckin rules
00:39:23Row huh?
00:39:29Row you wanted to take them?
00:39:30Jimpai 1ff
00:39:31Row sey
00:39:31Jimpai !ff
00:39:33Strom selling other's items is not allowed
00:39:33Jimpai I surrender! [3/4 of Scourge]
00:39:34Row sry
00:39:57Row btw
00:40:09Row astrocreep ask to not be banned
00:40:17Row he got d/c
00:40:20Row :/
00:40:31yeW- XD
00:40:33Strom you should worry about yourself
00:40:37yeW- haha
00:40:41Strom selling items is a serious offense
00:41:25najk :D
00:41:46yeW- DAMN SO CLOSE
00:41:46Strom cool plöan there yew
00:41:51yeW- :D
00:41:59yeW- wanted to ghost
00:42:03yeW- but got called ;D
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