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97% | 1817 X | 1508 TS

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Chat log

00:00:02nigulas -ap
00:00:04yeW- ap-
00:00:08TakinBackMyLove ill mid
00:00:13yeW- but np, u'll owe me one
00:00:15yeW- with es?
00:00:16yeW- ye no
00:00:24nigulas k
00:00:25pWny- -hhn
00:00:26pWny- -di
00:00:27pWny- -don
00:00:28pWny- -ii
00:00:29TakinBackMyLove u play wl?
00:00:30nigulas tho u guys
00:00:34nigulas have sick aoe..
00:00:40yeW- ye i can wl
00:00:50pWny- rubick
00:00:52pWny- help me warding fast
00:01:01pWny- i go toplane / woods
00:01:03pWny- razro down
00:01:06pWny- i go woods
00:01:06faildn no no
00:01:07nigulas razor
00:01:08TakinBackMyLove we need me mid
00:01:08nigulas bot
00:01:09nigulas now
00:01:12TakinBackMyLove help him top instead
00:01:13yeW- but
00:01:16TakinBackMyLove our lanes
00:01:17pWny- i just put wards here
00:01:17yeW- with
00:01:17TakinBackMyLove are so fucked
00:01:18TakinBackMyLove otherwise
00:01:18yeW- with es
00:01:18nigulas ?
00:01:18yeW- gettin perm harrassed
00:01:18faildn EMHERGERD
00:01:18pWny- will go top woods
00:01:18yeW- u'll have 0 farm
00:01:18nigulas why you pause
00:01:18TheyCallMeHaci wl mid better
00:01:18TakinBackMyLove we cant farm single creep top
00:01:18nigulas every game
00:01:18nigulas yew
00:01:21TakinBackMyLove ill get farm mid
00:01:27faildn kuradi juut
00:01:27yeW- gosh
00:01:27yeW- ok
00:01:272deep4u is nigulas an invoker god or why was that an issue
00:01:30yeW- tiny top
00:01:36TheyCallMeHaci tiny
00:01:40faildn yeW-to-gas-chamber-2012
00:01:40TakinBackMyLove give him sentrty
00:01:55TheyCallMeHaci i hope i get good start
00:02:00yeW- i wont compete with u
00:02:01yeW- with the farm
00:02:022deep4u "I said glass of juice, not gas the juice." - Adolf Hitler
00:02:05TheyCallMeHaci this riki is shit late game if bad start
00:02:06faildn :D
00:02:16nigulas i said be original , n ot 9gag
00:02:21faildn emg
00:02:222deep4u i dont got to 9gag
00:02:242deep4u homo
00:02:302deep4u got to lel
00:02:322deep4u lql
00:03:30faildn aavik
00:03:31faildn kus kadusid
00:03:52faildn who wards
00:03:52pWny- miss sven
00:03:53pWny- top
00:03:55pWny- he come mid
00:04:02101010 ss bot1
00:04:07101010 re
00:04:28pWny- i told ya
00:04:31yeW- amn
00:04:33nigulas yes
00:04:35yeW- i skilled slow ;D
00:04:42TheyCallMeHaci :P
00:05:01pWny- oom
00:05:09nigulas care es invi
00:05:37yeW- god
00:06:07pWny- need boots first
00:06:08pWny- b
00:06:26TakinBackMyLove reuse
00:06:26TakinBackMyLove chick
00:06:26pWny- b
00:06:27pWny- b
00:06:28pWny- b
00:06:30TakinBackMyLove ss mid
00:06:30pWny- >ALCHI
00:06:31pWny- b
00:07:59TheyCallMeHaci omg
00:08:02TheyCallMeHaci i failed
00:08:04yeW- ((
00:08:16nigulas es top
00:08:19TheyCallMeHaci ss bot
00:08:37Rasmus.Seebach sry
00:08:372deep4u ss tiny
00:08:41pWny- really?
00:08:48pWny- he was with sven woods
00:08:50pWny- like all the time
00:08:522deep4u oh
00:08:542deep4u :>
00:09:00TakinBackMyLove se
00:09:01TakinBackMyLove sec
00:09:17pWny- care mid now
00:09:18pWny- miss sven
00:09:22101010 riki ss
00:09:38yeW- ss
00:09:38yeW- 2
00:09:40yeW- are sven
00:09:40101010 re riki
00:09:45yeW- ss 2
00:09:46yeW- mid
00:09:49yeW- re
00:09:58nigulas es
00:10:16101010 4 bot
00:10:33faildn enigma
00:10:35faildn wards bot pls gooby
00:10:41pWny- yeah sure
00:10:45pWny- i buy for everyone the wards
00:10:48faildn ty
00:10:49pWny- not that i just bought 2
00:10:57pWny- it was smt called "sarcasmus
00:11:05yeW- shud i uli em
00:11:05faildn oh okay
00:11:06faildn then buy ty
00:11:07yeW- ulti
00:11:17faildn -ms
00:11:23pWny- k
00:11:24pWny- go
00:11:31pWny- ggo
00:11:38yeW- gah
00:11:43faildn omg
00:11:49faildn TÜRA
00:11:54faildn enigma
00:11:58faildn are you well in the brain??
00:12:07faildn are you feeling dizzy?
00:12:11faildn nauseous?
00:12:13TakinBackMyLove mig
00:12:14pWny- if u suicide
00:12:16faildn suicide?
00:12:16pWny- dunno what you wanna tzalk now
00:12:17pWny- to me
00:12:19faildn u said go
00:12:20TakinBackMyLove tag ham mid
00:12:21pWny- i stunned es
00:12:23pWny- afterwards i was oom
00:12:25pWny- what should i do?
00:12:27faildn then not o
00:12:30faildn not go
00:12:57yeW- mana pls
00:12:57TakinBackMyLove just used it
00:12:57TakinBackMyLove for svens stun
00:12:57TakinBackMyLove i smell plug
00:12:57yeW- btw
00:12:57yeW- stop tryin to lasthit
00:12:57yeW- D
00:12:572deep4u obvious
00:12:57TakinBackMyLove just want my dagger
00:12:57TakinBackMyLove dagger
00:12:57TakinBackMyLove 100 g
00:12:57yeW- kk
00:12:57Rasmus.Seebach rage plug
00:12:57faildn oblivious suburban mom
00:12:57yeW- oblivious
00:12:57yeW- to what?
00:12:57faildn jews
00:12:57yeW- that makes sense
00:12:57faildn and enigma doesnt
00:12:572deep4u mõttetu mäng
00:12:57TheyCallMeHaci phillip red mig lige
00:12:57TakinBackMyLove dør du?
00:12:57TakinBackMyLove du er da invis
00:12:57pWny- what
00:12:57pWny- ?
00:12:57pWny- you wrote enigma didnt even do it
00:12:57pWny- what are you talking about was desktop
00:12:57yeW- ur better off
00:12:57yeW- not knowin
00:12:57faildn !ff
00:12:57yeW- who wouldve thought
00:12:57yeW- that rasmus
00:12:57yeW- roamin
00:12:57yeW- lvl 1
00:12:57yeW- actuallyw
00:12:57yeW- works
00:12:57TakinBackMyLove ^^
00:12:57TakinBackMyLove imba es stuns
00:12:57TakinBackMyLove u know
00:12:57TheyCallMeHaci but late his bad
00:12:57yeW- yeh
00:12:57TakinBackMyLove whos going?
00:12:57TakinBackMyLove i rly dont care
00:12:57yeW- tiny goes
00:12:57TakinBackMyLove y
00:12:57Nuudel srsly?
00:12:57101010 whos gonna go yew?
00:12:57yeW- ye sorry
00:13:27101010 alch can i take bottle?
00:13:362deep4u ye
00:13:512deep4u im not a known giver of fucks
00:14:47faildn wards please please plase
00:14:57pWny- should we teamsell the stuff from invoker?
00:15:04faildn u should teamsell your organs
00:15:04pWny- i need 600 for dagger
00:15:06pWny- and i really need it
00:15:10faildn u need wards
00:15:12pWny- fuck you
00:15:14faildn no
00:15:15pWny- i bought 2 times allready
00:15:16pWny- opk?=?
00:15:20pWny- now i need some items
00:15:23pWny- or im useless like shit
00:15:27pWny- OR NOT ???
00:15:29faildn anyway ur useless
00:15:32pWny- so stop your fukcing blame and think about it
00:15:42pWny- if you fail your lane
00:15:43pWny- its not my fault
00:15:46pWny- i bought you 1 times wards
00:15:49pWny- and placed it also
00:15:52pWny- if you cant handle
00:15:53pWny- its not my fauilt
00:15:59pWny- and now stop your stupid blame
00:16:06pWny- cause you know im right
00:16:11TakinBackMyLove leave it
00:16:12faildn im not blaming im flaming
00:16:17pWny- i dont give a shit
00:16:32TheyCallMeHaci b
00:16:38faildn enigma
00:16:43faildn alt-f4
00:16:44faildn try
00:16:47faildn u get 1000 gold
00:16:48pWny- i know
00:16:50faildn twice
00:16:512deep4u omg it works
00:17:12yeW- lets push
00:17:21101010 alch take and sell invo items
00:17:54pWny- do i care
00:17:56TakinBackMyLove LOL
00:17:58yeW- D
00:18:00pWny- no [x] yes [ ]
00:18:31pWny- go top
00:18:45yeW- x
00:18:46yeW- d
00:19:052deep4u gj
00:19:06TheyCallMeHaci my fault
00:19:062deep4u nigma
00:19:06TheyCallMeHaci sry
00:19:07faildn engima
00:19:08TakinBackMyLove vent
00:19:10TakinBackMyLove vent
00:19:10faildn u need a mentality booster
00:19:11pWny- i know
00:19:15faildn buy it at your doctors
00:19:23pWny- 1 for 2
00:19:25faildn they sell it syringes
00:19:26pWny- was still a good trade
00:19:35pWny- and still you wanna blame me
00:19:35pWny- hahah
00:20:23TakinBackMyLove serisly?
00:20:26pWny- ^^
00:20:32TakinBackMyLove u rly wanna die just to kill me?
00:20:36pWny- you are worth it ^^
00:20:51pWny- i got my dagger allready
00:20:54TakinBackMyLove you obviusly givven up
00:20:55faildn NICE
00:21:07faildn -ms
00:21:102deep4u -ms
00:21:122deep4u -ms
00:21:21TakinBackMyLove go push
00:21:25101010 this was lost after 2deep didnt pick wl to me
00:22:05pWny- got ulti
00:22:19TakinBackMyLove bait enimga
00:22:21TakinBackMyLove with ulti
00:22:22TakinBackMyLove ill stun
00:22:24pWny- wait after infernal
00:22:57faildn TEAM OF THE CENTURY
00:23:07faildn enigma almighty
00:23:10TakinBackMyLove i <3 the hate :D
00:23:22TakinBackMyLove dont go for the safe kill
00:23:29TakinBackMyLove go kill es even do hes behind 3 others
00:23:302deep4u yolo
00:23:32TakinBackMyLove important carry
00:23:33TakinBackMyLove i see
00:23:422deep4u thats our motto
00:23:492deep4u our key to success
00:23:512deep4u as u se
00:24:30pWny- why u let him smoke
00:24:32pWny- stun him
00:24:34pWny- 2 sekcs would be fine
00:24:45TheyCallMeHaci heal me
00:25:05faildn -ms
00:25:58101010 ff
00:26:34pWny- we will win this so easy
00:26:34Rasmus.Seebach :DF
00:26:35yeW- go d ;D
00:26:37pWny- alchi outcarry everyone of this
00:26:40TheyCallMeHaci hahaha
00:26:43TakinBackMyLove we gonna loose this :)
00:26:44TheyCallMeHaci that was bad
00:26:56TheyCallMeHaci im dying too fast
00:27:00TheyCallMeHaci maybe a vg ?
00:27:11TakinBackMyLove tp
00:27:232deep4u b
00:27:39TakinBackMyLove going to farm there
00:27:57TheyCallMeHaci thx
00:28:00yeW- NP
00:28:00yeW- np
00:28:01yeW- ^^
00:28:01pWny- coming
00:28:23pWny- come top guys
00:28:49101010 nice ulti enigma
00:28:57TheyCallMeHaci hahahahahhahahaha
00:29:00yeW- useless ulti ^^
00:29:01TheyCallMeHaci u pro m8
00:29:04faildn pls ward enigma
00:29:242deep4u we lack vision yes
00:30:15TakinBackMyLove reg here
00:31:182deep4u back
00:31:202deep4u please
00:31:21TakinBackMyLove haha cd :D
00:31:232deep4u wait for me and nignma
00:31:48pWny- im here
00:31:51faildn yay
00:31:52pWny- but need lvl 11
00:31:57pWny- some creeps
00:32:01yeW- go?
00:32:04TheyCallMeHaci rosh ?
00:32:06TakinBackMyLove hm
00:32:09yeW- k go ros
00:32:10yeW- h
00:32:11TakinBackMyLove need clou
00:32:32faildn rosh prolllllllllllllla
00:32:592deep4u b
00:33:032deep4u b
00:33:042deep4u b
00:33:042deep4u bb
00:33:12pWny- jo
00:33:222deep4u please
00:33:242deep4u goobby please.
00:33:32faildn gooby pls
00:34:13pWny- b
00:34:23TheyCallMeHaci thx
00:34:27pWny- this shithead takes aegis
00:34:30pWny- dmnd
00:34:38pWny- they will finish now
00:34:41pWny- got no ulti
00:34:41TakinBackMyLove use it?
00:34:44yeW- ye
00:34:45yeW- in a sec
00:34:50faildn ur ulti has never been useful
00:34:50faildn so
00:34:53faildn chances are the same
00:34:53pWny- ^^
00:34:542deep4u we'll hold em back until u get it back
00:34:56pWny- we killed riki
00:35:00faildn we killed aegis
00:35:03pWny- yeah
00:35:04pWny- also great
00:35:09pWny- they wont benefit of it again so
00:35:11pWny- good deal
00:35:24TheyCallMeHaci farming to refill
00:35:34faildn secret rosh?
00:35:42yeW- lets go
00:35:44yeW- got reu
00:35:49TheyCallMeHaci but im top
00:35:59TheyCallMeHaci wait me then ?
00:36:02yeW- yeye ofc
00:36:05pWny- battle ES
00:36:11faildn enigma check secret rosh
00:36:13TheyCallMeHaci but my diffu is finish
00:36:18yeW- np
00:36:19pWny- su please
00:36:20TheyCallMeHaci 30 gold
00:36:23TheyCallMeHaci recuried
00:36:292deep4u careful
00:36:302deep4u niggers
00:36:35TheyCallMeHaci u got cd
00:36:39yeW- 10s
00:36:39yeW- ye
00:36:39101010 sange razor?
00:36:41yeW- ust go
00:36:42TakinBackMyLove wait up
00:36:44101010 u must be pro
00:36:44faildn s/y
00:36:50faildn i am actually
00:36:51yeW- gosh ;D
00:36:52yeW- come n
00:36:58TakinBackMyLove need my buriza
00:37:01faildn s for hp+regen
00:37:02yeW- ye u need it ;D
00:37:04TakinBackMyLove dd time :D
00:37:07faildn y for ms+as
00:37:07faildn :)
00:37:10faildn win-win
00:37:12pWny- and u dont need dmg
00:37:12yeW- care
00:37:13pWny- rue
00:37:14pWny- true
00:37:17yeW- dont get
00:37:20yeW- urself kille
00:37:21yeW- d
00:37:23pWny- omfg
00:37:23yeW- with blademail
00:37:25pWny- he got refresher
00:37:28pWny- we should iniatiate
00:37:35pWny- infernals will destroy base alone
00:37:42faildn watch out badassery
00:38:08TakinBackMyLove zZzz
00:38:19yeW- k
00:38:21yeW- just go
00:38:22yeW- thru mid
00:38:22yeW- np
00:38:25TakinBackMyLove dd is on
00:38:30pWny- should we initiate?
00:39:17faildn !ff
00:39:42101010 s/y retard dont know even how to ff right
00:39:47TakinBackMyLove heal me
00:39:50faildn k
00:40:35TakinBackMyLove rdy?
00:40:38TheyCallMeHaci y
00:41:53yeW- x
00:42:46faildn !ff
00:42:47faildn -ff
00:42:56pWny- why u ff right now?
00:43:04pWny- the racks are gone since 8 mins
00:43:05pWny- and now you ff?
00:43:05TakinBackMyLove man your farm sucks yew ^^
00:43:16yeW- (((!!
00:43:18faildn -ms
00:43:44yeW- boring
00:43:45yeW- ame
00:43:46yeW- game
00:43:47yeW- go top
00:43:47TakinBackMyLove y
00:43:52TakinBackMyLove -ms
00:44:42yeW- xD
00:44:45TakinBackMyLove ^^
00:45:13pWny- go
00:45:25pWny- lol
00:45:292deep4u gg
00:45:372deep4u nice infernals.
00:45:39101010 useless team
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