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Chat log

00:00:00veuncent [DotA-GC] ... and the wooden PC award goes to *drum roll* ... slc2 with 46 seconds.
00:00:08Maxy Phoenix, sir.
00:00:17zonskass -clear
00:00:17Isdronningen -ud
00:01:20zonskass can i mid ?
00:01:33slc2 wl is mid ofc
00:01:42Isdronningen nope
00:01:43Isdronningen wl mid
00:01:48Isdronningen wd mid
00:01:52Isdronningen wr
00:01:59Maxy Orange go with sf bot.
00:02:15slc2 rhasta bot?
00:02:17zonskass luci top
00:02:21slc2 no
00:02:23zonskass yes
00:02:24zonskass omg
00:02:30zonskass wd heals u
00:02:33zonskass wl
00:02:35slc2 wl?
00:02:35creeeeeee lol what picks :D
00:02:41zonskass /w DotaKeys: off
00:02:42zonskass /w DotaKeys: on
00:02:43DOTAGAWD i take stun
00:02:45zonskass /w DotaKeys: You control Shadow Shaman [r,d,e,w]
00:02:45DOTAGAWD so we can try some kills
00:02:53Maxy Doupt it.
00:02:53creeeeeee okay
00:03:14zonskass omg
00:03:20creeeeeee at lvl 3 lets try sth then
00:03:21zonskass chinese ward
00:03:23DOTAGAWD yes
00:04:04faildn brb
00:04:05faildn 30 sec
00:04:23Maxy Need hot keys, 10secs
00:04:23veuncent ss wl, prolly woods
00:04:23Maxy ty
00:04:23creeeeeee pullin
00:04:23Maxy 3
00:04:23Maxy 2
00:04:23Maxy 1
00:05:21faildn ok im b
00:05:27veuncent hello
00:05:58veuncent ss
00:06:16veuncent re1
00:06:30veuncent ss
00:06:42Zulu ss
00:06:49DOTAGAWD rdy 2 kill
00:07:11faildn cant get any cs
00:07:15faildn :D
00:07:17DOTAGAWD 2 strong lane
00:08:06Maxy ss
00:08:30DOTAGAWD :D
00:08:43veuncent meanie
00:08:47Zulu :)
00:08:57faildn eenie meenie meine mo
00:09:14DOTAGAWD come kill top
00:09:15DOTAGAWD some1
00:09:18faildn lets try
00:09:23faildn stun under our tower
00:09:24Zulu ss
00:09:26Zulu care bot
00:09:43slc2 eat the stun
00:09:46faildn :D
00:10:16zonskass buy wards i place
00:10:21Maxy ss
00:10:24veuncent b
00:10:37Maxy ss
00:10:41veuncent b
00:11:03zonskass up chick jakiro
00:11:23zonskass up
00:11:24zonskass pls
00:12:02faildn atleast we got him :D
00:12:07veuncent yes
00:12:09DOTAGAWD i give u heal
00:12:10DOTAGAWD sf
00:12:23veuncent ss top
00:12:37veuncent re
00:13:04veuncent ss
00:13:54Zulu care bot
00:14:08veuncent cant
00:14:44faildn oh nice
00:14:45faildn nice
00:15:12faildn viper
00:15:19veuncent sup
00:15:24faildn nothing
00:15:25faildn u
00:15:26faildn ?
00:15:30veuncent not much
00:15:36faildn hows it going
00:15:42veuncent fine thanks
00:15:59faildn all mid
00:16:19Maxy g
00:16:35veuncent lags :(
00:16:56Maxy manas
00:18:00DOTAGAWD cmon :(
00:18:11faildn ow
00:18:33faildn def
00:18:34faildn def
00:18:47veuncent wards pls
00:19:35Maxy feel free to go
00:19:39creeeeeee wait me
00:19:42creeeeeee omw
00:19:54faildn intense
00:19:54creeeeeee alce low :/
00:19:54faildn :D
00:19:58DOTAGAWD i can go
00:20:16Maxy g
00:20:40faildn FUCK
00:20:45faildn gj
00:21:15faildn alce u have my bottle
00:21:20DOTAGAWD oh :p
00:21:32Isdronningen why are you so greedy you idiot
00:21:59zonskass for wards
00:22:05Isdronningen thats smart
00:22:21Isdronningen just forget carry
00:22:26Isdronningen and be strong on wards
00:22:45slc2 got doom
00:23:29faildn alce
00:23:32creeeeeee shit -.-
00:24:19Maxy No tp yet
00:25:58DOTAGAWD cmon
00:26:47faildn ty
00:27:45Isdronningen push
00:27:48faildn nice blinkj
00:28:02zonskass worth it
00:28:20creeeeeee fcin doom
00:28:32Isdronningen wards
00:28:32creeeeeee had no souls also to blink -.-
00:28:36creeeeeee would of been easy -4
00:28:56zonskass jakiro wards
00:29:01zonskass i place
00:29:03Isdronningen WARDS
00:29:04Isdronningen SOMEONE
00:29:13creeeeeee unreal that i'm still drunk from yesterday's party
00:29:26Isdronningen RHASTA BUY WARDS
00:29:29Isdronningen YOU TAKE FARM
00:29:30creeeeeee that's just not possible
00:29:34Isdronningen THEN YOU GET WARDS
00:29:35zonskass look my money idiot
00:29:38Isdronningen YOU FREAKING NOOB
00:29:47zonskass had no money stupid
00:29:56zonskass caps lock
00:29:57zonskass :D:DD
00:30:04Isdronningen idiot :D
00:32:19veuncent are you sure?
00:32:23veuncent come
00:34:03veuncent wards pls
00:34:24veuncent i got no gold
00:34:28Maxy Get armor
00:34:34veuncent me?
00:34:41veuncent getting bkb first
00:35:35DOTAGAWD u guys
00:35:36DOTAGAWD wtf
00:35:44creeeeeee -.-
00:35:50DOTAGAWD what are u waiting for
00:35:51DOTAGAWD sf
00:36:17DOTAGAWD gosh
00:36:20DOTAGAWD thats bad
00:36:32Isdronningen RHATA
00:36:34Isdronningen COME HERE
00:37:10Isdronningen you are so bad rhasta
00:37:15Isdronningen if you came with us
00:37:22Isdronningen we would get tower and raxs
00:37:24zonskass if u dont flame
00:37:27zonskass i come with u
00:37:29Isdronningen and not only tower
00:37:35Isdronningen shut up idiot
00:37:39Isdronningen you wont do shet
00:38:06Maxy Care top.
00:40:11veuncent lol
00:40:20faildn :D
00:40:40veuncent fuck
00:40:41veuncent you
00:41:29veuncent well whatever
00:42:00Maxy Kill them all
00:42:04faildn :D
00:42:08faildn yes, master
00:42:14faildn emperor
00:42:17faildn star wars :D
00:42:21Maxy Alche can, sir!
00:42:29Maxy Get desol/ac
00:42:33Maxy I will get you vladis
00:42:33DOTAGAWD got ac
00:42:41Maxy i got vladis
00:42:44DOTAGAWD good
00:42:54DOTAGAWD deso then
00:42:55DOTAGAWD i guess
00:43:25faildn om g
00:43:28slc2 cunt:D
00:43:39faildn cock
00:43:46veuncent ladies ladies
00:43:49faildn :D
00:44:20faildn gj
00:45:41veuncent fuck me
00:47:29veuncent should i go lothars or ?
00:47:36Maxy Nah
00:47:46creeeeeee no point in lothars
00:47:50veuncent suggestions?
00:47:51Maxy Coem bot
00:47:53Maxy Just
00:47:53creeeeeee rather lothars or sth
00:48:05Maxy dont run away
00:48:06Maxy alche
00:48:07Maxy never
00:48:08Maxy you cant die
00:48:12Maxy just hit
00:48:24zonskass wtf noob
00:48:26slc2 I surrender! [1/5 of Scourge]
00:48:26veuncent sth = ?
00:48:32slc2 i only saw alch
00:49:19zonskass I surrender! [2/5 of Scourge]
00:49:20Zulu I surrender! [3/5 of Scourge]
00:49:21Isdronningen I surrender! [4/5 of Scourge]
00:49:29faildn wow nice
00:49:40Rasmus.Seebach I surrender! [5/5 of Scourge]
00:49:41zonskass cmon ff
00:49:42veuncent gg
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