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-8 X
-2 TS

85% | 1543 X | 1462 TS

+25 X
-3 TS

85% | 1605 X | 1388 TS

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-2 TS

83% | 1513 X | 1447 TS

+3 X
-8 TS

75% | 1433 X | 1405 TS

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-4 TS

70% | 1396 X | 1362 TS

-8 X
+4 TS

100% | 2240 X | 1679 TS

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+3 TS

71% | 1440 X | 1338 TS

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+8 TS

65% | 1395 X | 1298 TS

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52% | 1288 X | 1299 TS

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+2 TS

46% | 1180 X | 1338 TS

Chat log

00:00:00Diablo [DotA-GC] ... and the wooden PC award goes to *drum roll* ... JTG.Bop with 87 seconds.
00:00:13FirstBlood wishes?
00:00:18AliBaba -.-
00:00:18Diablo my wish is to win :)
00:00:18FirstBlood :D
00:00:18Rasmus.Seebach rubiq
00:00:18FirstBlood i mean hero
00:00:18Diablo go some carry
00:00:18Diablo fb ur good carry player
00:00:18Jerkku i go axe
00:00:18AliBaba i can go legion
00:00:18FirstBlood i know :D
00:00:18svents firstblood u gonna carry?
00:00:18AliBaba y
00:00:18Diablo we wont win team
00:00:18FirstBlood i have to
00:00:18Diablo for sure...
00:00:18svents well
00:00:18svents give me enigma
00:00:18svents and ban es
00:00:18svents or some1 can take es?
00:00:18Diablo i want roof
00:00:18Strom back
00:00:18Diablo as a support
00:00:18Jerkku gemme axe
00:00:18AliBaba what you gonna play fb ?
00:00:18FirstBlood ban a hero pls
00:00:18FirstBlood some carry
00:00:18Diablo bs?
00:00:18AliBaba huskar ?
00:00:18Strom ck
00:00:18AliBaba ck ?
00:00:18svents bs or huskar imo
00:00:18AliBaba nah
00:00:18Diablo maybe bs?
00:00:18Strom anyone want ES?
00:00:18Strom or enigma?
00:00:18FirstBlood i can
00:00:18Jerkku lich?
00:00:18pWny- i would like to go panda
00:00:18Diablo get bs if u can
00:00:18FirstBlood -void
00:00:18Diablo solo with it
00:00:23JTG.Bop rubik///
00:00:34AliBaba ill go legion lane ..
00:00:37pWny- pudgy ;D
00:00:38FirstBlood enigma?
00:00:40FirstBlood rubick?
00:00:41AliBaba es ?
00:00:42FirstBlood es?
00:00:43svents i want enigma
00:00:45svents ye
00:00:56Rasmus.Seebach y rubiq
00:01:00FirstBlood pick me bs
00:01:04svents who gonna play es ?
00:01:04Kanpu3a alibab second player)
00:01:05AliBaba give me legion
00:01:07AliBaba :D
00:01:09FirstBlood no
00:01:12FirstBlood dont play legion
00:01:14AliBaba no legion ?
00:01:14Rasmus.Seebach i go lina
00:01:14Jerkku :D
00:01:14AliBaba k
00:01:17Diablo i pick roof
00:01:21FirstBlood he is useless in mass fights
00:01:27svents what u ant?
00:01:28svents want-???
00:01:30FirstBlood bs
00:01:30svents fast
00:01:31Diablo bs
00:01:31FirstBlood bs
00:01:31FirstBlood y
00:01:31Diablo pick for firstblood
00:01:31JTG.Bop AFK?
00:01:31svents ok
00:01:31JTG.Bop AFK?
00:01:31svents ho
00:01:31AliBaba give him
00:01:31svents go
00:01:31AliBaba and get me necro
00:01:31Jerkku lol their heroes
00:01:31Kanpu3a svents kakogo huya
00:01:31AliBaba lic
00:01:31Jerkku aoe shit
00:01:35svents -swap 1
00:01:37FirstBlood -swap 4
00:01:37svents ali
00:01:37AliBaba svents ?
00:01:37svents u play es?
00:01:37AliBaba no
00:01:37svents aliu pls
00:01:37svents play es
00:01:37svents pls
00:01:37svents pls
00:01:37Jerkku zzzzzzz
00:01:37pWny- oh fuck they got BS
00:01:37Rasmus.Seebach i pal yes
00:01:37svents dont giuve
00:01:37pWny- silence ;(
00:01:37AliBaba im usless with it :b
00:01:37svents es to ramsus
00:01:37Rasmus.Seebach i play es
00:01:37svents dont give
00:01:37svents es to ramsus
00:01:37svents pls
00:01:37svents dojt
00:01:37pWny- i got no idea what should i take -.-
00:01:37svents pls
00:01:37AliBaba let him
00:01:37svents pls
00:01:37svents pls
00:01:37svents pls
00:01:37svents pls
00:01:37svents pls
00:01:37Diablo ye :(
00:01:37AliBaba just let him ? :D
00:01:37pWny- vs this imba AOE splash team
00:01:37Rasmus.Seebach svents dont talk
00:01:37svents he is retard
00:01:37JTG.Bop omgf
00:01:37JTG.Bop aoe not imba
00:01:37Rasmus.Seebach right and you talking
00:01:37AliBaba ban him for this strom
00:01:37Rasmus.Seebach tsk
00:01:37JTG.Bop get roum
00:01:37JTG.Bop hero
00:01:37Diablo rasmus dude pls
00:01:41svents well we finish picks
00:01:47svents -swap 2
00:01:47Diablo just every game i played with u u have 0 10 on min 8
00:01:50FirstBlood lich
00:01:53Strom axe
00:01:53pWny- i make chicken?
00:01:56Strom can you do mid?
00:01:56FirstBlood or lina
00:01:59svents lich
00:01:59pWny- i go mid
00:02:00svents obv
00:02:01FirstBlood :D
00:02:01pWny- its fine
00:02:02AliBaba -swap 4
00:02:02Strom I mean, do you feel STRONG with axe mid?
00:02:07Rasmus.Seebach -swap
00:02:08AliBaba -swap 5
00:02:12Rasmus.Seebach -swap 2
00:02:12JTG.Bop //
00:02:12AliBaba -clear
00:02:17Strom axe, afk?
00:02:17pWny- i feel strong @ mi
00:02:17svents im woods
00:02:18svents top
00:02:19Diablo visage is imba
00:02:21Jerkku no
00:02:22svents and im gonna gank
00:02:26svents but
00:02:26Jerkku was alttab while
00:02:27svents ali
00:02:28svents sucks
00:02:29Strom axe, can you handle mid vs firstblood 100% guy?
00:02:30svents with visage
00:02:33svents he is anyway
00:02:36Jerkku i guess nop
00:02:37AliBaba bah :D
00:02:38svents so overrated
00:02:39Jerkku i like axe wood
00:02:41pWny- let me
00:02:41Strom ok I'll have to do it then
00:02:41AliBaba fuck you :D
00:02:43pWny- i play defensive
00:02:44Jerkku y
00:02:45Strom rubick solo bot
00:02:46AliBaba you are overrated :D
00:02:46svents yes u are :D
00:02:48svents dont pls
00:02:52svents me overrated:DDDD
00:02:53pWny- and doubelane mid?
00:02:53FirstBlood -ms
00:02:53svents hahahaha
00:02:55Jerkku well its stryg
00:02:55pWny- -hhn
00:02:55AliBaba yeah
00:02:56pWny- -di
00:02:57pWny- -don
00:02:58pWny- -ii
00:02:59svents want 1 vs 1?
00:03:00AliBaba you are like 10
00:03:01AliBaba .D
00:03:06pWny- storm
00:03:08pWny- where should i go?
00:03:09svents i would rape u
00:03:14Strom you are top
00:03:14Jerkku mid with pdge
00:03:15Jerkku :D
00:03:17pWny- k
00:03:25Strom I said in chat that I'll have to mid
00:03:42pWny- sry didnt see
00:03:56pWny- nice ward sky
00:04:29Diablo pull?
00:04:35svents warded
00:05:02pWny- -.-
00:05:17pWny- -.-
00:05:24Jerkku gjgj
00:05:25AliBaba es ?
00:06:02AliBaba ss
00:06:02Diablo ?????
00:06:04Diablo stunh?
00:06:07Jerkku u tp rubi ?
00:06:10Kanpu3a yea
00:06:26Jerkku ss es
00:06:27Jerkku bot
00:06:52svents w8
00:07:07Strom meh
00:07:16Strom ah it's rasmus
00:07:59pWny- lol dmnd
00:08:05JTG.Bop ...
00:08:05pWny- was thinking hes oom
00:08:08svents gj :D
00:08:28pWny- wait me
00:08:34pWny- k
00:08:35Diablo pudge
00:08:36Diablo here
00:08:37pWny- i send him to you
00:08:39pWny- pudge
00:08:40svents ye i know
00:08:43pWny- get in positiot
00:08:56Diablo u know?
00:08:59svents i saw
00:09:00svents but
00:09:03Diablo but?
00:09:07svents looked like some1 re mid :D
00:09:14Kanpu3a ss es
00:09:14Kanpu3a ss
00:09:15Kanpu3a ss
00:09:15Kanpu3a ss
00:09:15Strom we need to gang mid bs soon
00:09:30Diablo ss pudge top
00:09:35pWny- coming
00:09:38Diablo seeker gang sky free kill?
00:09:53pWny- xD
00:09:53FirstBlood lol
00:10:20Strom take this down
00:10:23pWny- jo
00:10:39Strom ss bs
00:10:49pWny- ES mid
00:10:50Strom care with that chick
00:11:16FirstBlood lol
00:11:18Jerkku gjgj
00:11:22Jerkku had 1 hp
00:11:27svents bs come bot
00:11:27Jerkku when u saved me rubi
00:11:30svents got ulto
00:11:31svents lets kill
00:11:33FirstBlood k
00:11:37pWny- lol
00:12:08pWny- b
00:12:11svents look this es:D
00:12:13pWny- fuck it
00:12:14Jerkku up chick pls ?
00:12:15svents lvl 5 fissure
00:12:17svents just:D
00:12:21Jerkku ty
00:12:25svents strom paluyn tee selle rasmusega midagi
00:12:30svents see on gameruin mis ta teeb
00:12:32Strom hookin teda?
00:12:37svents ta lvl 5 ja tal aint fissure olemas
00:12:47svents tal statte ja fissure aint
00:12:49svents see k6ik
00:12:54Jerkku -ma
00:12:58Jerkku -clear
00:13:13JTG.Bop agr?
00:13:17Jerkku silenceee
00:13:50pWny- omfg
00:13:53pWny- call him
00:14:21Diablo cmon
00:14:22Strom go b
00:14:24Strom don't chase bs
00:14:47Strom why stop
00:14:49Jerkku faking oom
00:14:52pWny- didnt see ya pudg
00:15:00pWny- lol
00:15:05FirstBlood b
00:15:13Strom those phases & aura boost make his ms too unpredictable
00:15:16Strom changes all the time :S
00:15:17AliBaba ss
00:15:19FirstBlood make mana boots
00:15:21FirstBlood pls
00:15:24Diablo did
00:15:31pWny- who was top?
00:15:31Jerkku MID GOO
00:15:31pWny- woods?
00:15:31AliBaba ??
00:15:31svents ???
00:15:31Diablo w8 mega lag
00:15:31Diablo to fix
00:15:31Diablo pls
00:15:31FirstBlood care hook
00:15:31Strom this pause
00:15:31svents got ulti
00:15:31Strom fucked up my hook
00:15:31svents go gank
00:15:31pWny- ^^
00:15:31Strom now can't catch enigma probably
00:15:31pWny- wtf is going on @ mid?
00:15:31AliBaba ready ?
00:15:31pWny- should i join?
00:15:31Strom killing
00:15:31Strom yes
00:15:31Jerkku y
00:15:31Strom come
00:15:31Diablo w8w8
00:15:31Diablo re
00:15:32JTG.Bop i will slow
00:15:44svents gg olin afk
00:15:45svents tra
00:16:09Diablo gogo
00:16:16JTG.Bop ng
00:16:17JTG.Bop tp
00:16:48FirstBlood mana pls
00:16:56Strom lol
00:17:03Strom telekenisis + sky ulti = imba
00:17:10JTG.Bop )
00:17:36Jerkku 3 bot sure
00:17:43pWny- mana
00:18:06svents rasmus
00:18:07svents cmon
00:18:09svents plant these
00:18:11svents wards ffs
00:18:30pWny- bn
00:18:32FirstBlood b
00:18:36pWny- got my dagger
00:18:42pWny- 2 tower :D
00:19:01pWny- i go janggo after
00:19:31Diablo i do pipe
00:19:38pWny- rubick b
00:19:44Diablo b
00:19:51pWny- coming
00:20:15pWny- we aer 3
00:20:17pWny- are just 3
00:20:19Strom 4
00:20:25FirstBlood b
00:20:30FirstBlood go b
00:20:49Diablo wtf?
00:21:00pWny- mana me
00:21:03pWny- oh
00:21:54JTG.Bop dont
00:21:58Kanpu3a hehe
00:22:03JTG.Bop stang together next time(
00:22:07AliBaba my bad
00:22:08JTG.Bop stand*
00:22:12Jerkku it was just good enigma ulti
00:22:17FirstBlood next time you will get my claws
00:22:22FirstBlood count with that :D
00:22:28pWny- next time i will rock your ass :D
00:22:54Diablo seeker?
00:22:56Diablo no b?
00:22:59FirstBlood i wanted
00:23:03pWny- mana please
00:23:05pWny- i go woods
00:23:11pWny- i let u lane
00:23:16Rasmus.Seebach nice ulti svents
00:23:17FirstBlood but wated save you as well
00:23:17pWny- cause im drunk
00:23:18Jerkku n eed tat blink
00:23:21pWny- ya
00:23:37FirstBlood sec for me
00:23:53pWny- axe
00:23:53pWny- mana
00:23:57Jerkku ..
00:23:57Strom b mid
00:23:58Jerkku cd
00:23:59pWny- mana me
00:24:06pWny- gogo
00:24:21pWny- bn
00:24:22pWny- b
00:24:22pWny- b
00:24:23pWny- b
00:24:23pWny- b
00:24:35Jerkku was ruptured
00:24:36Jerkku so
00:24:37pWny- sry
00:24:40pWny- couldnt help you
00:24:42Jerkku y np
00:24:46pWny- im oom
00:24:47Jerkku just rupture lasted forever
00:25:00AliBaba mana ?
00:25:09Jerkku panda make agha now
00:25:11svents rasmus
00:25:13pWny- no janggo first
00:25:14svents take 2.spell also
00:25:15Rasmus.Seebach ?
00:25:15svents cmon
00:25:17pWny- after agha
00:25:18Rasmus.Seebach yy
00:25:30pWny- we need more movement speed
00:25:32pWny- to get BS sometimes
00:25:36pWny- or / escape
00:25:37pWny- dunno
00:26:04svents lol
00:26:22pWny- oom
00:26:23Strom bs
00:26:25pWny- amna
00:26:41pWny- pudgemana
00:26:45Strom cd
00:26:45pWny- please
00:26:47pWny- arghs
00:26:57pWny- we need basilius
00:27:00pWny- no one got it
00:27:04Rasmus.Seebach kill plz
00:27:08Rasmus.Seebach sumone
00:27:21FirstBlood destroy ward
00:27:28pWny- oom
00:27:36pWny- mana
00:27:37pWny- mana
00:27:53pWny- mana
00:28:09Diablo seeker????
00:28:33AliBaba ..,bodfkbldfbkxdf¨+vbkxdfk
00:28:41pWny- PUT ALL ON ME BS
00:28:46pWny- gaylord ;D
00:28:59FirstBlood problem ? :)
00:29:11pWny- well
00:29:19Jerkku stryg radi
00:29:24pWny- min 26
00:29:29Diablo b
00:29:29Jerkku basic
00:29:31pWny- he will gang mid
00:29:31pWny- care
00:29:41pWny- he got TP
00:30:00svents ups
00:30:00svents :D
00:30:12pWny- lol
00:30:13svents have to reboot war3
00:30:17svents too laggy atm
00:30:22FirstBlood b
00:30:26FirstBlood go b
00:30:27pWny- pwnd
00:30:28FirstBlood guys
00:30:46FirstBlood i said b
00:30:55pWny- call
00:31:06Jerkku b
00:31:06Jerkku b
00:31:18pWny- im b
00:31:22Diablo bs its hard do me
00:31:22pWny- illu top
00:31:25Diablo to understand
00:31:30Diablo how can u fail that hard
00:31:31Strom care
00:31:32Strom bs alvie
00:31:33Diablo for such a good player
00:31:41pWny- dont let him kill you all
00:31:49FirstBlood you want win right?
00:31:54Diablo yes
00:31:55FirstBlood just do what i will say to you
00:32:04Diablo i know what to do
00:32:11JTG.Bop at least es have no dagger -_-
00:32:17pWny- ^^
00:32:19pWny- get mid
00:32:21Jerkku i go PIPE
00:32:23Jerkku btw
00:32:48pWny- FUK
00:33:05pWny- lol axe
00:33:06pWny- suicide
00:33:36pWny- die 1 by one
00:33:38pWny- thats hurts
00:33:42pWny- io vcome
00:33:42pWny- go
00:33:48FirstBlood b
00:33:50Diablo b
00:34:06Diablo pipe rdy
00:34:25Diablo should i wlads?
00:34:30FirstBlood yes
00:34:34FirstBlood it would help us
00:34:41Diablo ye i go vlads
00:34:42FirstBlood es dagger will be?
00:34:56pWny- hlp
00:34:57pWny- mid
00:34:59pWny- they chase me
00:35:00pWny- help me mid
00:35:04Strom I'm here
00:35:07pWny- hlp
00:35:08pWny- guys port
00:35:16pWny- pooh
00:35:18pWny- bs was not there
00:35:19Jerkku got pipe
00:35:20pWny- lcuky me
00:35:27AliBaba :D::D:D:D:
00:35:38FirstBlood go ulty
00:35:51pWny- omfg
00:35:55pWny- axe again fail
00:36:01Kanpu3a I surrender! [1/5 of Sentinel]
00:36:09Jerkku permasilence on me
00:36:12Jerkku always
00:36:16FirstBlood sec
00:36:18pWny- FFS
00:36:18pWny- WHO USED THIS FUCKIGN TP !!!???
00:36:18pWny- ffs
00:36:18FirstBlood go re 321?
00:36:18pWny- tahts so unfair
00:36:18Diablo go
00:36:18Rasmus.Seebach prob youre self
00:36:18Kanpu3a )
00:36:18pWny- it really sucks
00:36:18Strom share
00:36:35pWny- im pissed now like hell
00:36:35JTG.Bop ...
00:36:37Jerkku i should go bkb
00:36:37Strom lets move with 5 now
00:36:41pWny- someone moved my hero
00:36:49JTG.Bop axe get bm
00:36:50Strom yes yes
00:36:52Strom lets mvoe with 5 now
00:37:05Diablo bkb?
00:37:09FirstBlood no cd
00:37:14Diablo k
00:37:34Strom he can buy probably, but lets make him buy at least then
00:37:38FirstBlood enigma make bkb
00:37:39Jerkku y
00:37:42svents ye
00:37:46FirstBlood tree try make refresh
00:37:52Strom ok b
00:37:53Jerkku there
00:37:56FirstBlood edf mid
00:37:56pWny- roshan
00:37:58Jerkku no rosh
00:38:00Jerkku too obvious
00:38:10pWny- he got dagger and port
00:38:27pWny- mana
00:38:28pWny- mana
00:38:29pWny- mana
00:38:29pWny- please
00:38:51FirstBlood b
00:38:55FirstBlood let him die
00:39:02Diablo CMON LAG
00:39:03Jerkku RAX BOT
00:39:07pWny- IM 2 IMBA
00:39:24Strom dude why you go b
00:39:51pWny- gem
00:40:09svents now u come es:DD
00:40:26pWny- lol wp rubick
00:40:27pWny- imba
00:40:36FirstBlood löl guys
00:40:37pWny- but still
00:40:39pWny- we cant even managa racks
00:40:42pWny- after we killed em all -.
00:40:48Strom well, you didn't even try rax
00:40:49FirstBlood so bad you played now
00:40:53Strom you jumped in to attack heroes
00:40:54Diablo how axe survived
00:40:55Diablo dthat
00:40:58Diablo i dont know
00:40:58Strom raxes are taken by attacking raxes
00:40:58pWny- i stopped BS
00:40:59FirstBlood only me and enigma was good
00:41:00Strom not by heroes
00:41:04Rasmus.Seebach y
00:41:16pWny- drunken haze helps alot
00:41:17pWny- vs BS
00:41:21pWny- he have to use afterwards
00:41:22Strom well he has bkb
00:41:23pWny- instantly his BKB
00:41:24Strom I think
00:41:28pWny- and so you could eat him
00:41:38Jerkku WAIT ME
00:41:44pWny- we lost gem btw
00:41:47pWny- we need wards
00:41:50pWny- or dust
00:41:52Strom we need 5 together
00:41:53svents firstblood u from?
00:42:01Strom rubick, join us
00:42:05Kanpu3a y
00:42:17FirstBlood b
00:42:23svents first
00:42:26svents where are u from?
00:42:45pWny- i should b
00:42:49pWny- BS gains movementspeed
00:42:50FirstBlood w8 for enig u
00:42:52Strom no
00:42:54pWny- k
00:43:42svents es
00:43:43pWny- im b
00:43:44svents so bad
00:43:45svents omfg
00:43:45FirstBlood es played so bad
00:43:52svents said ali
00:43:56svents to not swap
00:43:57svents es
00:43:58FirstBlood buy a lot of smokes
00:43:59FirstBlood now
00:44:00svents to rasmus
00:44:01FirstBlood and go gan
00:44:03FirstBlood gang
00:44:09Rasmus.Seebach what ewer didnt ewen wanted es
00:44:13FirstBlood its over ticket for win
00:44:35FirstBlood b
00:44:45pWny- rubick hex?
00:44:48Kanpu3a y
00:44:50Strom -st
00:44:58pWny- wait for pudge
00:45:05Strom yes, gather 5
00:45:07Strom safely
00:45:17pWny- take someone the sentrys
00:45:21pWny- i start help me
00:45:33pWny- he ports
00:45:47Jerkku mana
00:45:55pWny- make rosh firsht?
00:45:58Diablo faile deny
00:45:59Diablo top
00:45:59pWny- what you think about rosh?
00:46:01svents es still not dagger
00:46:02Strom can't
00:46:02JTG.Bop no
00:46:02svents sad :(
00:46:06Strom their aoe destroys us there
00:46:06JTG.Bop aoe
00:46:08Diablo they gem?
00:46:09pWny- right
00:46:10Rasmus.Seebach me2
00:46:21Strom do we have those sentries?
00:46:23Diablo RUBIC HAVE ES ULT
00:46:25pWny- bird
00:46:28Strom could use around here for roof surprise attack
00:46:39Rasmus.Seebach no
00:46:50pWny- lucky hook maybe ^^
00:46:55Strom wait
00:46:59Strom b for 20sec
00:47:00Strom come b
00:47:04Strom I take scepter
00:47:06Strom and sentries
00:47:08pWny- k
00:47:10FirstBlood dont fail pls
00:47:14FirstBlood care for hook
00:47:16FirstBlood stay behind
00:47:26Diablo im healing twr
00:47:36pWny- should i go
00:47:38Strom no
00:47:38pWny- def?
00:47:40Strom lets push mid
00:47:41Jerkku no
00:47:50Strom care enigma
00:47:50pWny- dont stick together
00:48:07Diablo go?
00:48:25Jerkku wtf
00:48:26Jerkku sky
00:48:34JTG.Bop altabed
00:49:02Diablo mid?
00:49:12Strom somehow a lot got stuck in enigma ulti and whatnot
00:49:14FirstBlood y
00:49:19Strom we don't need to all be so close
00:49:20Diablo rax?
00:49:22FirstBlood y
00:49:27pWny- yeah you was standing around this tower like idiots
00:49:28pWny- really
00:49:29Diablo suicide?
00:49:30pWny- all together
00:49:38Strom I should be one, and maybe axe the other
00:49:41Strom who take tower slowly
00:49:45Strom we can tank regular attacks
00:49:53Jerkku but
00:49:55Strom they won't use black hole and such on us two
00:49:57Jerkku my blink goes off
00:49:58pWny- so let me in the front next time
00:49:59Jerkku near radi
00:50:01Strom or if they will, it's good for us
00:50:03Diablo SCOUT OMG
00:50:07Diablo with familiars
00:50:13Strom well you don't need to start battle
00:50:24Diablo item?
00:50:25Diablo now?
00:50:29Diablo what we need?
00:50:30FirstBlood refresh orb
00:50:34FirstBlood or shiva
00:50:36pWny- axe mana me
00:50:37pWny- please
00:50:39Jerkku cd
00:50:41Diablo hmm shiva?
00:50:46FirstBlood disable
00:50:47Strom we should stick together
00:50:53Diablo hex?
00:50:54pWny- go smoke
00:50:58FirstBlood not bad too
00:51:04Strom come here all
00:51:06Diablo the i go for hex
00:51:06pWny- mana
00:51:10pWny- me axy paxy
00:51:21AliBaba buy your bkb
00:51:22pWny- i use janggo also
00:51:25pWny- gogo
00:51:31AliBaba svans
00:51:37Diablo b
00:51:38FirstBlood b
00:51:47Diablo CMON/>
00:51:51svents bought bkb
00:51:53svents np
00:51:54FirstBlood so bad mistakes
00:51:56FirstBlood enigma
00:51:58Strom go push mid
00:51:58pWny- well all this for just a enigma
00:51:58JTG.Bop mid
00:51:58svents i know
00:51:59svents just
00:52:02svents have megalagg
00:52:05Strom "just a enigma"
00:52:06Strom their MVP
00:52:08Strom besides bs
00:52:11pWny- ^^
00:52:12svents have to reboot
00:52:14svents war3
00:52:15Strom push mid
00:52:16Strom guys
00:52:16Strom wtf
00:52:17Strom fast
00:52:20Strom enigma dead only 35s
00:52:21svents laptop is so fcked up atm
00:52:25pWny- rosh meanywhile
00:52:27pWny- go rosh
00:52:30Jerkku dead
00:52:30JTG.Bop killed
00:52:31svents any got bkb
00:52:31Strom dude rosh dead
00:52:33pWny- ah yeah
00:52:35pWny- its killed
00:52:40Jerkku dead rubick
00:52:40Strom RUBICK
00:52:47Strom ffs
00:52:49Strom now we won't make it
00:52:55Strom why didn't you guys push mid after entry
00:52:56Strom wtf seriously
00:52:57FirstBlood tp
00:53:03Jerkku cant go
00:53:04Strom can't push now
00:53:06Diablo top
00:53:07Diablo deff
00:53:10Jerkku all b
00:53:14JTG.Bop b
00:53:14Strom you guys, let me tell you the concept behind entries
00:53:22Strom we kill someone on their team
00:53:27Strom for the purpose of pushing 4vs5
00:53:31Strom if we wait until that guy wakes up
00:53:34Diablo care
00:53:34Strom it's no longer 4vs5
00:53:35Diablo seeker
00:53:37Diablo scout
00:53:44pWny- LIE!
00:53:48pWny- it is
00:53:52pWny- still he have to leave the fountain
00:53:54pWny- and helps
00:53:54Strom smoek vol 2
00:53:58pWny- its no longer 4vs5 haha
00:53:58Strom gather here again
00:53:59Strom come
00:54:05Jerkku omw
00:54:10Strom sky
00:54:10Strom come
00:54:19pWny- now i dont waste my janggo charge for an singel enigma
00:54:20Diablo go all invi
00:54:23pWny- wtf
00:54:26pWny- something disabled my dagger here
00:54:28pWny- bs
00:54:32pWny- lol
00:54:34pWny- bs saw me
00:54:36pWny- b
00:54:38pWny- bs saw me
00:54:40pWny- i was silenced
00:54:40Kanpu3a its me
00:54:40Strom no b
00:54:41pWny- of him
00:54:43pWny- that disabled my dagger
00:54:48Kanpu3a i!
00:54:55pWny- they will wait base
00:55:00pWny- just backdoor?
00:55:02pWny- what you think
00:55:07Strom there is no backdooring in gc
00:55:11pWny- :)
00:55:17AliBaba :D
00:55:20Diablo get all invi
00:55:22Strom they all bot
00:55:24Strom we could engage
00:55:36FirstBlood i dont have tp
00:55:42FirstBlood no free
00:56:03pWny- will be a bad fight
00:56:05pWny- i know allready
00:56:21pWny- PUsh mid
00:56:24pWny- dude
00:56:27Strom how is rubick full hp
00:56:31FirstBlood somebody def
00:56:32Diablo np i healed twr
00:56:33pWny- he was mid
00:56:39Strom lol what
00:56:45Jerkku I surrender! [2/4 of Sentinel]
00:56:47Strom rubick, we need all 5 for fights
00:56:50Diablo mid?
00:56:51Kanpu3a )
00:56:52Jerkku we simply cant go rax
00:56:53Kanpu3a really
00:56:55Kanpu3a i here
00:57:03Diablo seeker?
00:57:04Kanpu3a i mage and stand b
00:57:06Strom also, rubick, carry tp scroll
00:57:12FirstBlood i will join you
00:57:15pWny- NOW
00:57:16pWny- GROUP
00:57:17pWny- and push
00:57:20pWny- Tree and enigma
00:57:21Diablo 3 min
00:57:21pWny- no ULTI now
00:57:22pWny- go fast
00:57:25pWny- mid all
00:57:27pWny- gogo
00:57:31pWny- gpg
00:58:24Jerkku ff pls
00:58:26Jerkku no change
00:58:37Diablo MEKA?
00:58:39Strom this fight wasn't with 5
00:58:41FirstBlood mana
00:58:42svents ty roof
00:58:43FirstBlood im oom
00:58:45svents dont let me
00:58:49svents kill creep
00:58:50svents fcker
00:58:52Strom -st
00:58:54pWny- dmnd this pudgy is fad allready
00:58:56pWny- 3,6k hp
00:58:58Diablo meka no use
00:58:59pWny- u need shiva
00:59:00pWny- pudge
00:59:05svents another tard
00:59:32FirstBlood need man
00:59:33Strom that was kind of fail telekines
00:59:34FirstBlood mana
01:00:09Diablo b?
01:00:55FirstBlood gg
01:01:20pWny- save the racks somehow
01:01:22pWny- fubick
01:01:42JTG.Bop -ii
01:01:43Diablo b
01:01:54Diablo b
01:01:58pWny- counterpush win :D
01:02:21Strom come push mid all 5
01:02:24Strom we need to do this right now
01:02:25pWny- come all
01:02:26Strom or it's over
01:02:26Diablo blink es nice :)
01:02:32Rasmus.Seebach :D
01:02:35Rasmus.Seebach finnaæy
01:02:40FirstBlood they wants rosh
01:02:40Rasmus.Seebach finnaly
01:02:52Diablo tp?
01:02:54pWny- go
01:02:55FirstBlood y
01:03:31pWny- !ff
01:03:31Jerkku pls ff
01:03:33pWny- I surrender! [3/4 of Sentinel]
01:03:34Jerkku I surrender! [3/4 of Sentinel]
01:03:35pWny- .ff
01:03:36Kanpu3a I surrender! [3/4 of Sentinel]
01:03:37Kanpu3a I surrender! [3/4 of Sentinel]
01:03:40pWny- wp anyway
01:03:40JTG.Bop I surrender! [4/4 of Sentinel]
01:03:42pWny- goodgame
01:04:23Strom -st
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