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91% | 1673 X | 1432 TS

-11 X
+2 TS

90% | 1640 X | 1425 TS

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87% | 1621 X | 1405 TS

-25 X
+5 TS

58% | 1302 X | 1324 TS

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61% | 1295 X | 1322 TS

-14 X
-2 TS

87% | 1577 X | 1472 TS

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89% | 1594 X | 1442 TS

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-2 TS

85% | 1604 X | 1387 TS

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81% | 1502 X | 1425 TS

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-2 TS

39% | 1165 X | 1254 TS

Chat log

00:00:00slc2 [DotA-GC] ... and the wooden PC award goes to *drum roll* ... Lafrenzz with 47 seconds.
00:00:14Lafrenzz xeros
00:00:17Lafrenzz can i mid please
00:00:17Xeros ok
00:00:17marsbar2k skaf os den wl :D
00:00:17Xeros lock
00:00:17marsbar2k gay :D
00:00:17Lafrenzz sf
00:00:17Skinkemaden naga
00:00:17Lafrenzz can u pick me sf
00:00:19FireMal spec
00:00:21Xeros ok
00:00:23FireMal spectra
00:00:31Xeros and i want sk
00:00:33marsbar2k sk
00:00:38slc2 pick mig pudge
00:00:43Lynge -roll
00:00:45Xeros :(
00:00:49Skinkemaden -roll
00:00:50Lafrenzz what u want
00:00:56slc2 -roll
00:01:00Xeros rhasta
00:01:07Lafrenzz -swap
00:01:08Xeros -swap 2
00:01:09Lafrenzz -swap 1
00:01:26mby_next_time hi fatah
00:01:28slc2 -swap 1
00:01:28mby_next_time :)
00:01:29AliBaba :D
00:01:33FireMal haha wisp
00:01:37Skinkemaden -swap 3
00:01:51marsbar2k ?
00:01:53marsbar2k skal du ik mid ?
00:01:54marsbar2k skinke
00:01:56Skinkemaden hm
00:01:59Skinkemaden jk
00:01:59Skinkemaden k
00:02:34marsbar2k kom
00:02:36Skinkemaden gå top
00:02:37Skinkemaden fire
00:02:37marsbar2k vi laver agresiv start
00:02:38FireMal lanes ?=
00:02:40FireMal ??
00:02:52Xeros stack creap
00:03:12Skinkemaden fb ?
00:03:20tba ali care
00:04:24mby_next_time you want to farm?
00:04:27mby_next_time kk
00:04:28slc2 focus wisp?
00:04:30Xeros gogo spec pls pull!
00:04:38mby_next_time idc anymore rhasta wants to care
00:04:40slc2 gyro inc mid
00:04:40Xeros sss
00:04:40mby_next_time carry it.
00:04:48Xeros ss
00:05:11marsbar2k gå efter den misil
00:05:37FireMal ss2
00:05:39Xeros salva
00:06:39mby_next_time it;s gg for me
00:06:41mby_next_time no farm
00:06:55Xeros gogoo
00:07:09Skinkemaden ss
00:07:13Skinkemaden rune
00:07:15Skinkemaden sf
00:07:26AliBaba ss
00:07:37Lafrenzz puck comming
00:07:40marsbar2k nej
00:07:49mby_next_time great
00:07:51mby_next_time take more farm
00:07:52mby_next_time from me
00:07:55mby_next_time please plesae
00:07:55Lafrenzz lol
00:08:56mby_next_time FF
00:08:56mby_next_time FF
00:08:57mby_next_time FF
00:08:57mby_next_time FF
00:09:12Lafrenzz y
00:09:25Xeros gogo push
00:10:20marsbar2k mana
00:10:20marsbar2k kom
00:10:52Lynge toWer top
00:11:32Skinkemaden sf rune bot
00:11:33Xeros care
00:11:43Lynge omW mid
00:12:54Lafrenzz so fucking slow spec ulti
00:13:00mby_next_time oh i do any fuck about it
00:13:12FireMal b
00:13:14FireMal im b
00:13:51marsbar2k har ulti
00:14:01slc2 kommer med tp
00:14:52Xeros D
00:16:03AliBaba i see
00:16:29marsbar2k b
00:17:09AliBaba bah
00:17:43marsbar2k re grp
00:17:45FireMal reg
00:18:00mby_next_time can we have wardS?
00:18:10Lafrenzz we are getting fucked atm
00:18:12Lafrenzz pretty hard
00:18:16mby_next_time oh rly
00:18:18mby_next_time so no wards
00:18:19Xeros we need gang
00:18:21mby_next_time help us?
00:18:30mby_next_time good to know nevrer
00:19:28marsbar2k dagger omlidt
00:19:40Lafrenzz b
00:21:01mby_next_time great
00:21:02mby_next_time take more farm
00:22:10marsbar2k kom bot
00:22:11marsbar2k alle
00:22:12marsbar2k stop sklack
00:22:15Xeros gogo
00:23:22marsbar2k har ulti
00:25:08marsbar2k han har relic
00:26:42marsbar2k all gather push
00:26:46Xeros b
00:26:50AliBaba fuck
00:27:16FireMal -cs
00:27:34Lafrenzz bkb rdy
00:27:53Lafrenzz go
00:27:59marsbar2k b
00:29:17Lafrenzz me
00:29:20Lafrenzz :/
00:29:21Lynge rhasta invis
00:29:56Lafrenzz care
00:30:09Lynge stay sk
00:30:13Lafrenzz rhasta b
00:30:15Lynge tp cd
00:30:16marsbar2k ingen ulti
00:30:17marsbar2k og no mana
00:30:35Lafrenzz in base
00:31:03Skinkemaden kommer du med oz ?
00:31:35Lafrenzz spec will u be rdy
00:31:38marsbar2k spec fucker min ulti
00:31:39mby_next_time nope
00:32:06marsbar2k vi kan ik såådan desvæære
00:32:11mby_next_time heheheh thx team for helping me out
00:32:19marsbar2k vi skal finde spec
00:32:24marsbar2k også push
00:33:30Lafrenzz b
00:33:44Lafrenzz tp
00:33:53Lafrenzz spec
00:33:54FireMal -cs
00:33:58Lafrenzz u need to do ulti so SK cant jump
00:34:04mby_next_time FUCK YOU
00:34:05mby_next_time I DID IT
00:34:09Lafrenzz OMFG
00:34:11mby_next_time and now
00:34:13mby_next_time i fucking died
00:34:15mby_next_time cause of you
00:34:20mby_next_time i go perma farm right now
00:34:22mby_next_time you're napster
00:35:19mby_next_time -.-
00:35:23Xeros perma gj
00:35:25mby_next_time i wont help you team anymore
00:36:19slc2 kom ogur
00:36:44Lafrenzz gather
00:37:03Xeros b
00:38:08marsbar2k b
00:38:18Xeros care on sk
00:38:22marsbar2k vi skal b
00:38:23marsbar2k vores lanes
00:38:24slc2 b
00:38:24marsbar2k er pushed
00:38:25slc2 b
00:38:28Lafrenzz fight
00:38:28Lafrenzz ok
00:39:34Lafrenzz ROSH
00:39:38Skinkemaden f
00:39:39Skinkemaden I surrender! [1/5 of Scourge]
00:39:39mby_next_time go rosh then if you want
00:39:40marsbar2k I surrender! [2/5 of Scourge]
00:39:47Lafrenzz we cant
00:39:50mby_next_time idc
00:39:52Xeros b
00:39:56mby_next_time tower is more imporntat
00:40:41Lafrenzz b
00:41:07Lafrenzz me
00:41:35FireMal top
00:41:37FireMal lets tele top
00:41:53Lafrenzz go
00:41:58AliBaba spec
00:42:44AliBaba cd
00:44:54Lynge ROSH'
00:45:02Skinkemaden rax
00:45:03Lynge rax
00:45:14Lafrenzz spec
00:45:17Xeros Spectre need hard
00:45:17Lafrenzz if i meet your mom
00:45:23Lafrenzz i wil rape her
00:45:27AliBaba yeeeah
00:45:29Lynge 20
00:45:29mby_next_time you dont have penis
00:45:29Lynge for ult
00:45:30mby_next_time so np
00:45:32mby_next_time dont care
00:46:13mby_next_time and nevermore
00:46:16mby_next_time you sucked mid
00:46:20Lafrenzz i did
00:46:23mby_next_time []and you got still big balls?
00:46:26Lafrenzz but u seen my late ?
00:46:26mby_next_time you make me laugh boy
00:46:35mby_next_time i seen you used ppl to farm yourself
00:47:23slc2 -st
00:47:36Lafrenzz mid spec
00:47:41mby_next_time idc what you say
00:48:22Xeros i go b
00:49:16Skinkemaden I surrender! [2/5 of Scourge]
00:49:28FireMal copme mid
00:50:11Lynge b
00:50:12Lynge b
00:52:14AliBaba spec
00:52:17AliBaba you fucking cunt
00:52:19AliBaba comeon
00:52:20AliBaba fuckikgn
00:52:46Xeros omg spec
00:52:51mby_next_time omg omg so sad
00:52:58tba go banrequest him
00:52:58AliBaba cunt
00:53:07Xeros why don t you go mid with us
00:53:07mby_next_time ya gyro go banrequest me
00:53:09Lynge 25 sek
00:53:11mby_next_time cause you're usefull
00:53:13mby_next_time cause i had no ulti
00:53:17AliBaba more then you
00:53:19mby_next_time and sk was obvious going to kill us
00:53:25AliBaba fucking ded
00:53:26AliBaba f
00:53:26AliBaba def
00:54:25marsbar2k ingen ulti b
00:54:30mby_next_time let's go mid go die to sk's ulti
00:54:32mby_next_time wise as fuck
00:54:36Lynge b
00:54:37Lynge b
00:55:32mby_next_time look my hp today
00:55:41Lynge top
00:56:11tba nice u lose this game spec
00:56:13FireMal -es
00:56:14FireMal -ii
00:56:16mby_next_time :))
00:56:18slc2 -es
00:56:18marsbar2k -es
00:56:18mby_next_time saying gyro
00:56:20slc2 -ii
00:56:20tba go die a aids
00:56:24AliBaba go fed
00:56:25mby_next_time with 10/11/12
00:56:25AliBaba def
00:56:26AliBaba cunt
00:56:29Lafrenzz DEF FUCKING TOP
00:56:38tba y 4/9
00:56:54mby_next_time sr that all kills you got
00:57:17mby_next_time seriously tba
00:57:18mby_next_time you're ret
00:57:23mby_next_time so why you even try to talk to me ?:D
00:58:00Lafrenzz all go
00:58:00slc2 -st
00:58:03mby_next_time OH RLY
00:59:29mby_next_time dead
00:59:31Lafrenzz no
00:59:48Lafrenzz go
00:59:49Lafrenzz rosh
00:59:51mby_next_time yep dead
00:59:56mby_next_time 2 katre
00:59:58mby_next_time late.
01:00:02Xeros sepc
01:00:41Lafrenzz spec
01:00:42Lafrenzz get aegus
01:00:51mby_next_time lol
01:00:52tba spec
01:00:52mby_next_time blocked
01:01:23Xeros GJ
01:01:27Xeros b
01:01:32mby_next_time come to papa
01:01:37marsbar2k yir
01:01:41mby_next_time i lose for my team :<
01:03:09Lynge sk
01:03:10Lynge go
01:03:12Lynge sop
01:04:00mby_next_time sr for loseing that game team
01:04:02mby_next_time im SO SRY
01:04:04AliBaba np
01:04:05mby_next_time fucking flamers
01:04:07Xeros D
01:04:08mby_next_time rets.
01:04:17Lynge funny
01:04:18Lynge cunt
01:04:22Lynge be glad u got m8
01:04:23Lynge s
01:04:24Lynge S
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