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Chat log [DotA-GC] ... and the wooden PC award goes to *drum roll* ... DeduXserS with 68 seconds.
00:00:08AliBaba my wisp
00:00:09AliBaba :D
00:00:13fUNCh strom suht hea luck või mis ?
00:00:14Soulyah kled
00:00:16Soulyah mis su
00:00:16AliBaba kled
00:00:16Soulyah skype
00:00:16DeduXserS how SOULYAH CAN BE ON TOPIC + IN GMAE?
00:00:16DeduXserS bs
00:00:16Soulyah hax
00:00:16AliBaba :D
00:00:16DeduXserS u want wisp+ mk solja omk*
00:00:16AliBaba ofc
00:00:16Soulyah no mis su skype on robert.toots
00:00:16DeduXserS mun skype on online
00:00:16Strom sd
00:00:16DeduXserS 24/7
00:00:16AliBaba you miss me soul ?
00:00:30Strom take mid solo
00:00:37najk I can't
00:00:37DeduXserS ali give me storm
00:00:39Strom ok
00:00:40najk who want mid?
00:00:41Strom don't then mis sul oli
00:00:44fUNCh i can rene?
00:00:45fUNCh sniper
00:00:46Soulyah renee
00:00:47Soulyah ja
00:00:48Soulyah tee midagi
00:00:49Soulyah ma ei oska
00:00:50Soulyah :D mis pickin?
00:01:07najk Strom, wacha say about sniper?
00:01:09Nuudel what should i take?
00:01:10najk not the best pick imo carry for 1st
00:01:15Strom it sucks, obviously dedu u play nerub?
00:01:23AliBaba he play storm mul su full nicki vaja. :D renee perekonna n?
00:01:37najk -ma
00:01:38DeduXserS -swap 4
00:01:39DeduXserS -swap 4
00:01:41AliBaba -swap 4
00:01:43AliBaba -swap 1
00:01:44Strom I'll wait 5 picks for us, then I say lanes
00:01:46najk magnus
00:01:48najk last one
00:02:00AliBaba ill go with cent ?
00:02:03najk great
00:02:07Soulyah kle
00:02:09DeduXserS y
00:02:09Soulyah addi sa mind
00:02:09AliBaba or weaver ?
00:02:11DeduXserS wisp + centaur
00:02:13Soulyah mingi 5 roertit
00:02:15Strom ok, lanes:
00:02:19Banana -ma
00:02:19Strom AA & lina mid :d toots punktiga
00:02:27Strom luna & magna bot, magna pulls
00:02:29Strom shredder solo top
00:02:35fUNCh :D
00:02:39AliBaba toots punktiga
00:02:40fUNCh üle ei hinda ennast ?
00:02:47TheyCallMeHaci mid?
00:02:55Soulyah ei loe
00:02:56Soulyah addi mind
00:02:59fUNCh sum1 buy wards for top
00:03:00AliBaba ei loe addi mind
00:03:00fUNCh -.-
00:03:01Soulyah seal 5 tootsi untkiga oh bljät
00:03:06DeduXserS u add me on skype too? ma panen su Renee Annukit aga ma ei saa kuradima
00:03:14fUNCh h mingine huinjaa
00:03:14fUNCh kool
00:03:26Soulyah renee annuk
00:03:27Soulyah add
00:03:29fUNCh -ms
00:03:30AliBaba add
00:03:31Strom I expect you to murder storm mid
00:03:36Strom not farm
00:03:37najk hmm
00:03:38najk -ma ütleb et võib sisaldada ainult mingine tra
00:04:05fUNCh ss1
00:04:09DeduXserS Fun
00:04:16najk good stun
00:04:17najk lina sain
00:04:50DeduXserS go away aa
00:05:04DeduXserS INVIS BOt
00:05:07DeduXserS venge
00:05:08DeduXserS get it
00:05:22AliBaba go mdi
00:05:23DeduXserS venge
00:05:24DeduXserS go take
00:05:26DeduXserS invis
00:05:27DeduXserS BOT RUNE
00:05:28Strom someone coming mid from top
00:05:28Strom care dedu
00:05:30DeduXserS do u understand whats ur skype nick?
00:05:35najk lina b
00:05:37najk b
00:05:37najk b
00:05:46DeduXserS deduxserrs
00:05:50DeduXserS like in game
00:05:54TheyCallMeHaci jeg knepper dig din lille luder ali
00:05:59AliBaba wtf
00:06:01TheyCallMeHaci min stråle er dedikeret til dig
00:06:08najk care bot
00:06:19najk gj
00:06:30AliBaba care venge added u im robert.toots
00:06:58DeduXserS kk add me back
00:07:03DeduXserS i open it
00:07:32DeduXserS let me
00:07:33DeduXserS bottle
00:07:38DeduXserS banana u retard
00:07:38AliBaba really ? :D
00:07:42TheyCallMeHaci du ejer strålen fra nu a ali
00:07:46TheyCallMeHaci ali du ejer strålen
00:08:08DeduXserS 1 creep
00:08:09DeduXserS till ulti
00:08:51AliBaba omw bot
00:08:52najk ss mid
00:08:53najk care bot
00:08:56najk late call
00:09:38AliBaba -af
00:09:40AliBaba -afk
00:09:44AliBaba cunt storm
00:09:46DeduXserS u were cookie monster? :D no robert.toots :D
00:09:58DeduXserS name or nickname :D it is robert.toots i think im inviting u skype is wiiierd shit
00:10:45fUNCh tnx
00:10:55DeduXserS 3 guys from estonia
00:11:06DeduXserS "paide eesti" yes its me
00:11:13DeduXserS there is 3x
00:11:14DeduXserS same
00:11:14DeduXserS D: Rofl
00:11:17DeduXserS which one is your shit
00:11:28najk lol..
00:11:31TheyCallMeHaci oom try adding them
00:11:35najk Ye I failed
00:11:37DeduXserS y is there parkali 24 also marked?
00:11:43Soulyah :D
00:11:44Soulyah :D
00:11:46najk n1
00:12:06Soulyah :D
00:12:09TheyCallMeHaci this strom
00:12:10DeduXserS damn.... U HAD DUST even :;D
00:12:10AliBaba :D:D:D:
00:12:10TheyCallMeHaci hahahah
00:12:46Strom ss 5
00:12:50TheyCallMeHaci bot dedu u there?
00:13:05Strom b top
00:13:07Strom haste cent inc
00:13:27Strom b mid
00:13:29Strom haste cent inc
00:13:33Strom oh he top
00:13:33Strom nvm
00:13:37AliBaba or no
00:13:38AliBaba .D
00:13:43Soulyah XD
00:14:05najk care bot
00:14:08najk venge and someone inc
00:14:18DeduXserS wisp
00:14:19DeduXserS buy wards
00:14:22DeduXserS if possible
00:14:28AliBaba its not possible
00:15:11najk reg top
00:16:27DeduXserS :D:D:D
00:16:53Soulyah tp mid
00:16:54Soulyah 1
00:17:09Strom dagger cent, care
00:17:54DeduXserS strom !!!
00:17:58najk gj
00:18:43najk top twr?
00:18:43AliBaba jhehheh
00:18:50Strom ye get top tower
00:19:38TheyCallMeHaci 5 inc
00:19:38Strom care top
00:20:11DeduXserS 5dead
00:20:12DeduXserS heh
00:20:13DeduXserS :D
00:20:20DeduXserS luna ++ aa ) ulti
00:20:21DeduXserS combos
00:20:30fUNCh mis järjekorras sa skille võtad strom ?
00:20:35Strom oot
00:20:46DeduXserS wisp we should gank
00:20:47Strom b
00:21:22Strom 2 1 2 2 1 4 1 2 1 3 4 3 3 3
00:22:04DeduXserS STROM DIED
00:22:05DeduXserS !!!!
00:22:16najk gj lina
00:22:17DeduXserS NO GANKS FOR 5mins
00:22:18DeduXserS lets farm
00:22:19DeduXserS ........
00:22:19DeduXserS -,-
00:22:21TheyCallMeHaci thx
00:22:28AliBaba k
00:22:29DeduXserS wisp tp me =D
00:22:31DeduXserS somehwere
00:22:32DeduXserS xD
00:22:38DeduXserS mby here
00:23:14fUNCh vent stuck
00:23:17fUNCh cent
00:23:18fUNCh nvm
00:23:27Strom care bot
00:23:33Strom 3 bot
00:23:33fUNCh 3-4 inc bot
00:23:34Strom 4 bot
00:23:36Strom 4 b ot
00:23:37Strom dd cent
00:23:39TheyCallMeHaci i suck too
00:23:48TheyCallMeHaci ive been drinking 4 beers
00:23:52TheyCallMeHaci large ones
00:24:20fUNCh miks needhomod aint mind hundivad ni haigelt
00:24:31Strom no sa meie carry
00:24:46DeduXserS no miss =D
00:24:48DeduXserS Atleast
00:24:55Soulyah funch
00:24:58Soulyah nägid kuidas koodin w
00:25:11fUNCh :D wisp
00:25:21AliBaba we my hp
00:25:25DeduXserS wisp ulti?
00:25:40AliBaba stay ?
00:25:43DeduXserS no
00:26:47Strom go help
00:27:43AliBaba svans :D
00:27:57DeduXserS went good
00:28:03fUNCh kõik spellfarmivad mind üle
00:29:03Strom b banana
00:29:17Strom we need to move with team
00:29:25Soulyah BOO nuuudel gang
00:29:39Strom I bring item from chick
00:29:41Strom then we should go gang
00:29:47fUNCh hack ?
00:29:52Soulyah :
00:29:53Soulyah :D
00:30:15DeduXserS your tv is kinda loud
00:30:31AliBaba care cent
00:30:31fUNCh bot tier2
00:30:44DeduXserS all down
00:30:45DeduXserS need
00:30:46DeduXserS for defence
00:31:46fUNCh rofl
00:31:46DeduXserS 4v2
00:31:47DeduXserS :S
00:31:48fUNCh 17 and scepter
00:31:54fUNCh well
00:32:00DeduXserS Strom when did u learn to play.....
00:32:02DeduXserS cmon not fair
00:32:05najk idd
00:32:15AliBaba account share !
00:32:17DeduXserS XDD
00:32:21DeduXserS YE
00:32:23DeduXserS i see it now
00:32:29fUNCh its c-yanker playing atm
00:32:33AliBaba :D:D:D:D:D:
00:32:40AliBaba he was so mad nuudel seriously gtfo
00:33:01AliBaba dont farm venge
00:33:02AliBaba comeo n
00:33:03TheyCallMeHaci ?
00:33:10Soulyah skill
00:33:11Soulyah ur skill
00:33:14DeduXserS NICE NICE
00:33:18DeduXserS agha ulti so lame
00:33:55Strom meh
00:34:01AliBaba destroy ? :D
00:34:48Strom lets gang and take raxes
00:34:55DeduXserS take
00:34:56DeduXserS me
00:34:56najk wupsidaisy
00:34:56DeduXserS home
00:35:00AliBaba im not home :D
00:35:03TheyCallMeHaci top mid or bot?
00:35:07Strom gang top
00:35:33AliBaba :D:D:
00:35:39fUNCh 2 überfail ultis in row
00:35:40Strom b
00:35:51TheyCallMeHaci hate?
00:36:00DeduXserS Y
00:36:08Strom guys
00:36:08TheyCallMeHaci :P
00:36:09Strom gather 5 now
00:36:16AliBaba snavset kurder
00:36:24TheyCallMeHaci hahaha
00:36:30Strom gather 5 mid
00:36:32Strom move with 5
00:36:32AliBaba :D
00:36:33TheyCallMeHaci du tør ikke vise dig
00:36:40AliBaba hvad skader den ?
00:36:45AliBaba 1200 ?
00:36:48TheyCallMeHaci 950 :)
00:36:53TheyCallMeHaci den er imba
00:37:03AliBaba storm er kneppet med den
00:37:04Strom need 5
00:37:19Strom lina come mid
00:37:20Strom we gather 5
00:37:20TheyCallMeHaci hvad var det de snakket om ligefør?
00:37:25Nuudel B
00:37:26AliBaba hvem ?
00:37:33TheyCallMeHaci alt det der med brugere osv.
00:38:05AliBaba ?
00:38:17Strom take rax
00:39:10AliBaba :D
00:39:25DeduXserS TOTAL FAIl
00:39:26AliBaba noob cap
00:39:26DeduXserS SKILLS
00:39:27AliBaba :D
00:39:27DeduXserS :D:D:D:D
00:39:35Strom why you guys go b :(
00:39:42Soulyah I surrender! [1/5 of Scourge]
00:39:46fUNCh kuna sa mõtled
00:39:46DeduXserS I surrender! [2/5 of Scourge]
00:39:47TheyCallMeHaci low
00:39:50fUNCh alguses või nüüd lõpus
00:39:57Strom praegu noh
00:39:58DeduXserS venge take terrror plz
00:40:02AliBaba we win
00:40:03fUNCh farmima ära
00:40:03fUNCh :D
00:40:07Soulyah sure we do
00:40:08Nuudel WHAT?
00:40:43Strom lets push top with 5
00:40:45Strom we got ward there
00:40:53najk k
00:41:01Strom guys come top 5
00:41:02Strom now
00:41:04AliBaba ZzZzZzZzZ
00:41:21TheyCallMeHaci buy tp
00:41:44Strom need 5
00:42:13Strom fucn, come top ffs
00:42:18Soulyah dead
00:42:18TheyCallMeHaci tard
00:42:20Soulyah fucker
00:42:24AliBaba LIKE ME
00:42:27DeduXserS :)
00:42:27Strom go with 4
00:42:28DeduXserS lick
00:42:34AliBaba like my ass
00:42:34Strom magna stay safe
00:42:35Strom I tank
00:42:48Strom magna, STAY SAFE
00:42:50Strom so you can ulti
00:42:58Strom b
00:43:11Strom b
00:43:29AliBaba ups
00:43:31Soulyah :D
00:43:54Strom gather 5
00:43:55Strom and magna
00:44:00Strom when I say "stay safe"
00:44:02Strom what I mean is
00:44:03Strom you go back
00:44:05Strom to dagger range
00:44:08Strom so you can jump and ulti
00:44:23fUNCh banana on eestlane
00:44:28Strom ma tean
00:44:29AliBaba so boring game
00:44:42najk gather
00:44:42Strom lets try gather 5 again
00:44:43najk top
00:44:48Strom gathere here
00:44:50Strom good safe spot
00:44:55najk haste top
00:45:10Strom they either smoke or rosh
00:45:11Strom but
00:45:15Strom or maybe just top
00:45:17Strom get 5 here
00:45:18Strom gather
00:45:18fUNCh :D
00:45:21Strom -afk
00:45:27Strom lina choosing nice time to afk
00:45:38fUNCh -afk
00:45:44Strom lina come top
00:45:45Strom don't afk
00:45:46Strom we wait
00:45:53TheyCallMeHaci sry guys
00:45:54Strom guys DON'T GO
00:45:56Strom wait 5
00:46:01Strom storm and cent will jump in
00:46:03TheyCallMeHaci im just a bit horny
00:46:04Strom and we will be 4 again
00:46:14Strom thuis luna
00:46:16Strom can't read
00:46:34fUNCh miks dusti ei panud
00:46:37Strom magna, stay safe & back now
00:46:39Strom I tank
00:47:00Strom stay safe
00:47:02Strom don't come I surrender! [3/5 of Scourge]
00:47:47Soulyah nice skip
00:47:51Soulyah admin skips
00:48:05Strom there was no skip, I'm quite sure
00:48:10Soulyah banned
00:48:21Banana :D
00:48:38Strom 5 bot now
00:48:56fUNCh -ms
00:48:57Soulyah I surrender! [3/5 of Scourge]
00:49:07AliBaba we wiiin
00:49:09AliBaba :D
00:49:16TheyCallMeHaci can we win this?
00:49:22fUNCh no
00:49:30Strom we can if we go five bot
00:49:40TheyCallMeHaci we are now arent we
00:50:26Strom I tank, magna stay safe for good ulti
00:50:26Strom oh
00:51:25najk WP
00:51:26fUNCh strom realne vend oled ?
00:51:39DeduXserS I surrender! [3/5 of Scourge]
00:51:40AliBaba :D:D:D
00:51:42AliBaba I surrender! [4/5 of Scourge]
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