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-21 X
+1 TS

92% | 1647 X | 1500 TS

+48 X
+1 TS

76% | 1455 X | 1385 TS

+50 X
+1 TS

74% | 1420 X | 1410 TS

+8 X
+1 TS

65% | 1313 X | 1383 TS

+31 X
+1 TS

44% | 1134 X | 1344 TS

-21 X
-1 TS

99% | 1967 X | 1521 TS

-26 X
-2 TS

65% | 1340 X | 1351 TS

+2 X
-2 TS

58% | 1292 X | 1332 TS

-43 X
-7 TS

56% | 1366 X | 1235 TS

-21 X
-2 TS

45% | 1185 X | 1322 TS

Chat log

00:00:03Swagga go rd
00:00:07Swagga wank
00:00:07yeW- master of wank
00:00:07Jaikki -ma
00:00:07Swagga go rd
00:00:07AliBaba cunt puff
00:00:07Jaikki new teams?
00:00:07Jaikki ty
00:00:07Swagga yes
00:00:07Jaikki y
00:00:07Jaikki rd
00:00:07AliBaba y
00:00:07yeW- i think puff purposefully
00:00:07yeW- didnt pick
00:00:07Swagga -rd
00:00:07yeW- so he'd afk banned
00:00:07karadpowaa -rd
00:00:07AliBaba Want
00:00:07Jaikki rd
00:00:07AliBaba go ff
00:00:07Swagga -blowjob
00:00:07AliBaba ffs
00:00:07AliBaba wank *
00:00:07WANKmaster -rd
00:00:15Swagga -Gianna Michaels
00:00:25yeW- ali
00:00:25yeW- sd?
00:00:25AliBaba sure
00:00:25yeW- good
00:00:25AliBaba or wr :D
00:00:25AliBaba or you
00:00:25yeW- rush that meda
00:00:25AliBaba <<3
00:00:25yeW- so we can rosh asap
00:00:25AliBaba kk
00:00:25yeW- erm
00:00:25Swagga do i have to shank a nigga?
00:00:25AliBaba yeah
00:00:25yeW- i go krobe if he bans ursa
00:00:25WANKmaster ursa
00:00:25yeW- which he probably will
00:00:25yeW- k
00:00:25Rasmus.Seebach sure
00:00:25AliBaba gogo
00:00:25yeW- ds
00:00:25Jaikki URSA DS
00:00:31Swagga is banned
00:00:35Jaikki URSA DARK SEER BANNED edasvdfc
00:00:43yeW- mcfele
00:00:44Rasmus.Seebach ask the nigger if he neds a toth pick and then stap him
00:00:45yeW- pick him sd
00:00:46AliBaba my dad fucking calling me every sec
00:00:47yeW- pls
00:00:52AliBaba give sd
00:01:12yeW- sd lesh kunkka
00:01:20yeW- tide
00:01:21yeW- not lesh
00:01:26AliBaba give sd
00:01:28Swagga let ali play shredder
00:01:31yeW- GIVE HILM
00:01:31AliBaba :D
00:01:31Swagga he is pro
00:01:33yeW- SD
00:01:41Jaikki alibaba give axe
00:01:43yeW- dude
00:01:46yeW- it'd be his 3rd time
00:01:50yeW- u dont wanna take that risk
00:01:52AliBaba :D
00:01:58Swagga chiken
00:01:59AliBaba -swap 3
00:01:59Jaikki -swap 5
00:02:00McFele lanes?
00:02:07karadpowaa this bottle nab is mid?
00:02:09karadpowaa -hn
00:02:11karadpowaa -hhn
00:02:13yeW- karad solo top
00:02:15yeW- rest bot
00:02:23karadpowaa that's my name fucker
00:02:29karadpowaa i know u like it
00:02:32yeW- R
00:02:52yeW- lemme if rune ty
00:02:53karadpowaa GUYS
00:02:54AliBaba ramus
00:02:57karadpowaa wash ur anus deeply
00:03:01karadpowaa here i come
00:03:01yeW- GO THERE
00:03:03yeW- KILL RASMUS
00:03:11Jaikki alone? challenge accepted
00:03:11Swagga thats just nasty
00:03:19yeW- rune top?
00:03:24McFele y
00:03:40AliBaba eat
00:03:42AliBaba nigga
00:03:44yeW- fu ^^
00:03:54yeW- report inc :(
00:04:08karadpowaa axe?
00:04:09karadpowaa pull
00:04:10Isdronningen spar på mana willy
00:04:11karadpowaa or goo woods
00:04:12Jaikki warded?
00:04:14karadpowaa leave me
00:04:16Jaikki nope, i am not going
00:04:17Swagga k
00:04:22Jaikki yet
00:04:23karadpowaa so im on lane with an exe
00:04:23AliBaba pull there ?
00:04:23karadpowaa nice
00:04:31Jaikki omg u cant handle it? nub
00:04:57karadpowaa what cant i handle?
00:05:01Jaikki that i am on lane
00:05:11karadpowaa s LOA
00:05:12Jaikki torrent him?
00:05:15karadpowaa re
00:05:19karadpowaa why should i
00:05:29Jaikki killing is kinda important in this game
00:05:34karadpowaa how to kill
00:05:37karadpowaa lol
00:05:39karadpowaa i won't speak
00:05:39karadpowaa t ou
00:05:40Jaikki torrent him
00:05:45yeW- up courier ali
00:05:47WANKmaster ss
00:06:01McFele gj
00:06:07Jaikki XDDD
00:06:12Jaikki sad kunkka
00:06:21karadpowaa u actually
00:06:22karadpowaa blame me
00:06:23yeW- ?
00:06:24karadpowaa for that go
00:06:24karadpowaa ?
00:06:35karadpowaa axe
00:06:37Jaikki u cant torrent on berserker rage heroes?
00:06:37karadpowaa just leave me alone
00:06:38karadpowaa on lane
00:06:46Jaikki call*
00:06:48karadpowaa ur like
00:06:55karadpowaa biggest trashtalker
00:06:56karadpowaa ive seen
00:07:00Jaikki torrent him again?
00:07:07karadpowaa haha gosh
00:07:09Jaikki ups not again, u didnt do that last time
00:07:15karadpowaa xD
00:07:16yeW- ss mid
00:07:17yeW- going top
00:07:34yeW- come on
00:07:40Jaikki trry torrent
00:07:42Jaikki it is nice skill
00:07:59karadpowaa try
00:08:00karadpowaa to
00:08:00karadpowaa STFU
00:08:03karadpowaa RETARDED HOMO
00:08:03yeW- great
00:08:06yeW- failin bot n top
00:08:08Jaikki i am human
00:08:09Jaikki so?
00:08:10AliBaba ss fury
00:08:17karadpowaa no
00:08:21karadpowaa ur squelched
00:08:22Swagga kill
00:08:27yeW- ss
00:08:31Jaikki what? i cant speak that language
00:08:48AliBaba ? :D
00:09:00karadpowaa yew tell axe to leave lane
00:09:03karadpowaa or we losethis badly
00:09:06yeW- leave lane
00:09:07Jaikki u just die :D
00:09:17Rasmus.Seebach omm
00:09:17yeW- ss furi
00:09:37yeW- up courier
00:09:46yeW- ali
00:09:48AliBaba shh
00:09:54Pufff-Reis ss
00:10:05Pufff-Reis re
00:10:13karadpowaa axe tbh
00:10:15karadpowaa if u wanst there
00:10:16karadpowaa since start
00:10:19karadpowaa game would be much different
00:10:25karadpowaa but u had
00:10:25Isdronningen ss top
00:10:26karadpowaa to ruin
00:10:26karadpowaa all
00:10:27Jaikki y, i killed u both times
00:10:28yeW- gang
00:10:29yeW- -ma
00:10:34karadpowaa yes u did
00:10:37WANKmaster ss
00:10:37Isdronningen kom
00:10:39yeW- ali gang
00:10:41Jaikki how i killed u second time? :D:D
00:11:02Jaikki u are dying again
00:11:04Swagga sd
00:11:10Jaikki yep
00:11:31Jaikki why
00:11:33Jaikki this
00:11:34Jaikki axe
00:11:34Jaikki is
00:11:36Jaikki that fat
00:11:42karadpowaa impossible to win a game with guy who doesent know anything else then to blame his teammates
00:11:48Jaikki :D:D:D:D:SADAS:
00:11:51Jaikki what are u doing all the time?
00:11:57karadpowaa axe
00:11:58karadpowaa just
00:11:59karadpowaa shut
00:11:59karadpowaa ur
00:12:00karadpowaa stupid
00:12:02karadpowaa fuckface
00:12:03Jaikki :D served
00:12:04AliBaba :D:D:D:D:D::D:D:
00:12:11karadpowaa cus if u dont stfu
00:12:14karadpowaa imma
00:12:15karadpowaa fail
00:12:15karadpowaa more
00:12:16karadpowaa & more
00:12:18Jaikki go
00:12:18karadpowaa 4fun
00:12:19Jaikki i dont care
00:12:21Jaikki jew will be mad
00:12:25WANKmaster gank
00:12:26WANKmaster mid
00:12:27WANKmaster atro
00:12:28karadpowaa like i give a damn
00:12:29karadpowaa i cant listen
00:12:30karadpowaa to
00:12:31karadpowaa retarded
00:12:32karadpowaa homos
00:12:33karadpowaa like u
00:12:33Isdronningen soon ulti
00:12:35Jaikki i am human
00:12:38Jaikki yes, problem?
00:12:39karadpowaa no
00:12:40Isdronningen gogo
00:12:41karadpowaa ur gay
00:12:43karadpowaa half dead
00:12:46Jaikki oh i see
00:12:48Jaikki gay zombie?
00:12:52karadpowaa sth like that
00:12:53Swagga sup
00:12:54Isdronningen easy
00:12:59Jaikki omg that hurted so much __;
00:13:05karadpowaa no
00:13:07karadpowaa ur life
00:13:08karadpowaa hurts more
00:13:08yeW- wtf mcfele?
00:13:09yeW- wtf?
00:13:14Swagga tp top
00:13:16Swagga kill
00:13:17karadpowaa ugly fuckface nab
00:13:19Swagga furion
00:13:21Jaikki :)
00:13:24Jaikki u maD?
00:13:24yeW- my god
00:13:27yeW- this is beyond words
00:13:28karadpowaa yes very
00:13:30karadpowaa would break
00:13:31karadpowaa ur neck
00:13:31karadpowaa now
00:13:36Jaikki manners
00:13:39Jaikki life threating
00:13:40yeW- stfu jaikki
00:13:44Jaikki i think i am going to report storm
00:13:51Swagga tp
00:13:54karadpowaa go report
00:13:55Jaikki for threating my life
00:14:01karadpowaa what life?
00:14:02karadpowaa u have no
00:14:03Isdronningen coming mid
00:14:25Jaikki cant come
00:14:27Jaikki no hp
00:14:31yeW- go wr
00:14:53Jaikki so you're telling me that i dont have life but u are going to break my neck? thats little.. weird
00:14:57karadpowaa STFU
00:14:58karadpowaa RETARDED
00:15:00karadpowaa PIECE OF SHIT
00:15:09Jaikki i am still human
00:15:10karadpowaa START PLAYING
00:15:12karadpowaa GO TO FACEBOOK
00:15:14karadpowaa IF U WANNA CHAT
00:15:15karadpowaa MONKY
00:15:18Jaikki u had died 4 times
00:15:21Isdronningen coming mid
00:15:22Isdronningen to gang
00:15:29Isdronningen here
00:15:40karadpowaa 5times now
00:15:43karadpowaa happy?
00:15:57Jaikki i am
00:15:59Jaikki because life is good
00:16:18yeW- ur farm ali..
00:16:19yeW- beyond words
00:16:29Jaikki dota games dont have reflection on my life
00:16:29Swagga 3caer
00:16:31Jaikki u does ?
00:16:32AliBaba i didnt farm ?
00:17:24yeW- this is fuckin unfair
00:17:28yeW- i dont deserve teams like this
00:17:42yeW- he has lothars
00:19:20WANKmaster rly
00:19:22WANKmaster 1 hp
00:19:23Jaikki ez win
00:19:23Rasmus.Seebach lol
00:19:24Jaikki why u stress?
00:19:26WANKmaster krobe
00:19:26Swagga well shit
00:19:27WANKmaster running
00:19:28WANKmaster around
00:19:42Swagga its hard to use deathcoil
00:20:03yeW- b
00:20:23yeW- ,
00:20:24yeW- ?
00:20:30Jaikki pros just farming
00:20:41yeW- u are terrible tbh kunkka
00:20:48yeW- and mcfele aint even worth being shat on
00:20:58Jaikki go
00:20:58Jaikki go
00:20:59Jaikki go
00:21:04karadpowaa im like
00:21:05karadpowaa the best
00:21:06karadpowaa playter
00:21:06karadpowaa here
00:21:10yeW- dude
00:21:11yeW- dont even
00:21:12yeW- start
00:21:24Isdronningen b
00:21:25Jaikki sd why the fuck
00:21:27Jaikki u banished me
00:21:33karadpowaa dunno how dare u to talk
00:21:37karadpowaa about me
00:21:52karadpowaa if i got 0/6
00:21:52yeW- get ur meda
00:21:55AliBaba i got it
00:21:58karadpowaa it means im bad player?
00:22:16yeW- go
00:22:19karadpowaa cd ulty..
00:22:42Jaikki gogo
00:23:03Jaikki ok
00:23:07Jaikki 2 freekills
00:23:10Jaikki just chase that abba
00:23:12yeW- where is this fuckin team
00:23:18yeW- screw u shredder
00:23:19karadpowaa which team?
00:23:20yeW- u son of a whore
00:23:24karadpowaa u mean blamer & useless bobs
00:23:34Jaikki like u?
00:23:36karadpowaa this axe
00:23:38karadpowaa is the reason
00:23:41Jaikki :)
00:23:43karadpowaa why everything gone bad
00:23:46yeW- its fuckin jaikki
00:23:47yeW- he is worse
00:23:50yeW- than cancer itself
00:23:55karadpowaa so
00:23:57yeW- ali come base
00:23:58yeW- stfu
00:23:59yeW- dont talk
00:24:01yeW- anymore
00:24:01karadpowaa i squelched him late
00:24:09yeW- rosh
00:24:10Jaikki what the fuck that means
00:24:14Jaikki language that i dont speak
00:24:16Jaikki latin?
00:24:40yeW- gj
00:24:41Jaikki dagger
00:24:42Jaikki ok
00:24:42yeW- idle more
00:24:48Isdronningen twr
00:24:54karadpowaa LOL
00:24:54AliBaba uops
00:24:55AliBaba fuck :D
00:24:57Swagga xD
00:25:32AliBaba ty
00:25:52karadpowaa top
00:25:54karadpowaa needs def
00:26:12karadpowaa cata
00:26:15yeW- i am
00:26:33yeW- omg
00:26:35yeW- i just realize
00:26:36yeW- d
00:26:38yeW- u took aegis?
00:26:48yeW- what kind of
00:26:48AliBaba fast brain :b
00:26:48yeW- cunt
00:26:50yeW- are u ali?
00:26:52AliBaba hahhaha
00:26:59yeW- my god
00:27:01AliBaba i wanted to mada him
00:27:04Isdronningen fast
00:27:12Isdronningen furion
00:27:40WANKmaster why
00:27:40WANKmaster go
00:27:41Isdronningen furion on
00:27:41WANKmaster like
00:27:42Rasmus.Seebach fuck im good
00:27:42WANKmaster that??+
00:27:46Isdronningen we need you to come and gang
00:27:49karadpowaa im the only 1 u can rely on
00:27:51WANKmaster i did
00:27:51karadpowaa & u say im horrible
00:27:51WANKmaster come
00:27:52Rasmus.Seebach noooot
00:27:53WANKmaster and
00:27:54WANKmaster we
00:27:54Isdronningen to late
00:27:55WANKmaster died
00:27:55yeW- i just got
00:27:56WANKmaster all
00:27:57Jaikki 0 8 y u are pro
00:27:57Isdronningen come with the same
00:27:57WANKmaster no
00:27:59yeW- mad
00:27:59WANKmaster u ultied
00:28:01yeW- in the moment
00:28:01Isdronningen and we could get this
00:28:03WANKmaster i came
00:28:04Isdronningen gang
00:28:04karadpowaa ye ik
00:28:09karadpowaa i got horrible farm lvl
00:28:13karadpowaa its true
00:28:14karadpowaa but
00:28:24karadpowaa that axe pissed me off badly @start
00:28:31karadpowaa plus he ruined my lane
00:28:54yeW- duyst pls
00:28:54yeW- ali
00:29:03karadpowaa b it axe
00:29:15Jaikki wtf
00:29:16Jaikki they all there
00:29:18WANKmaster b
00:29:18WANKmaster b
00:29:19WANKmaster b
00:29:40karadpowaa getb pls
00:30:33karadpowaa axe?
00:30:34karadpowaa get b
00:30:52Jaikki WTF that tiny
00:30:57Jaikki where the fuck he came D:
00:31:21yeW- gi
00:31:21Rasmus.Seebach :D
00:31:24yeW- got dust
00:31:58karadpowaa we actually
00:31:58karadpowaa can
00:32:02karadpowaa rape the shit out of them
00:32:08karadpowaa with axe jumpoing in & my ulty
00:32:10yeW- just a good blink
00:32:12McFele if furi wont bd
00:32:15yeW- ali disablin
00:32:22Jaikki furi is shit
00:32:23karadpowaa its all up to axe^^
00:32:38karadpowaa im tryin to hit ultys anyway but with axe would be easy
00:32:47Isdronningen b
00:32:47Jaikki !!
00:32:52yeW- u are terrible
00:32:54yeW- this axe
00:32:57yeW- cant jump?
00:33:15yeW- ali come on
00:33:16yeW- srslYU?
00:33:20yeW- fuckin faggot
00:33:48karadpowaa AXE?
00:34:29yeW- buy dusts
00:34:30yeW- jesus
00:34:31karadpowaa top
00:34:32karadpowaa def
00:34:34karadpowaa asap
00:34:42yeW- ali to me
00:34:55yeW- ali to me
00:34:56karadpowaa he tped
00:34:58yeW- TO ME
00:34:59yeW- ALI
00:35:20Jaikki he has lothar
00:35:21yeW- come on
00:35:23yeW- the fuck
00:36:01yeW- tp
00:36:02yeW- top
00:36:08yeW- tp
00:36:30karadpowaa oom
00:36:30karadpowaa b
00:37:01karadpowaa b
00:37:01karadpowaa lol
00:37:10yeW- tss
00:37:12yeW- pathetic
00:37:13yeW- rly
00:37:22Isdronningen think we gonna win this
00:37:29karadpowaa they won't
00:37:32Jaikki u can still lose this tbh
00:37:36Rasmus.Seebach noooooooooo
00:38:01yeW- ..
00:38:02Jaikki GOD
00:38:03karadpowaa xd
00:38:06yeW- u are so
00:38:07yeW- bad
00:38:09yeW- its insae
00:38:11Jaikki yeah, u are too
00:38:14yeW- ye right
00:38:28WANKmaster b
00:38:28WANKmaster b
00:38:28WANKmaster b
00:38:29WANKmaster b
00:39:01Jaikki mana
00:39:05McFele cd
00:39:26karadpowaa ^^
00:39:48yeW- ok
00:39:52yeW- ali def
00:39:54yeW- n we go mid
00:40:04Swagga b
00:40:06karadpowaa get pipe some1
00:40:13Jaikki ok then
00:40:31yeW- 0 brains
00:40:40karadpowaa zero is still a number
00:40:53Jaikki fight at base
00:40:59yeW- ?
00:42:18WANKmaster :D:D:D
00:42:32Jaikki no spins
00:42:33Jaikki at all
00:42:36Jaikki fuck this
00:43:15WANKmaster b
00:43:37karadpowaa u guys are fucking observers
00:44:14McFele I surrender! [1/5 of Scourge]
00:44:38Jaikki buy gem
00:44:39Jaikki some1
00:45:17yeW- go b
00:45:23yeW- dont die like a shithole agan
00:45:31AliBaba :(
00:45:41WANKmaster go
00:45:50WANKmaster take
00:45:51WANKmaster wr
00:45:53Swagga they come
00:45:54Pufff-Reis np slot
00:45:58yeW- shredder
00:46:01yeW- we smoke
00:46:04WANKmaster i take
00:46:08yeW- gah
00:46:46WANKmaster gg
00:46:46yeW- I surrender! [2/5 of Scourge]
00:46:48karadpowaa !ff
00:46:49yeW- ye rly?
00:46:53Jaikki I surrender! [3/5 of Scourge]
00:46:54yeW- how dare u
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