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+2 TS

98% | 1866 X | 1512 TS

+24 X
+2 TS

94% | 1754 X | 1462 TS

+37 X
+6 TS

75% | 1496 X | 1336 TS

+24 X
+2 TS

70% | 1413 X | 1372 TS

+33 X
+3 TS

61% | 1341 X | 1310 TS

-10 X
-3 TS

100% | 2141 X | 1676 TS

-55 X
-5 TS

92% | 1693 X | 1427 TS

-60 X
-3 TS

77% | 1484 X | 1364 TS

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-3 TS

60% | 1302 X | 1347 TS

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-39 TS

NEW | 1102 X | 993 TS

Chat log

00:00:13sebralane a
00:00:13sebralane b
00:00:15sebralane c
00:00:16sebralane d
00:00:16sebralane e
00:00:17sebralane f
00:00:17sebralane g
00:00:17sebralane h
00:00:17sebralane i
00:00:17sebralane j
00:00:17sebralane k
00:00:17sebralane l
00:00:17sebralane m
00:00:17sebralane n
00:00:17sebralane o
00:00:17sebralane p
00:00:17sebralane shit
00:00:17Affliction q
00:00:17sebralane a
00:00:17sebralane b
00:00:17sebralane c
00:00:17sebralane d
00:00:17sebralane e
00:00:17sebralane f
00:00:17sebralane g
00:00:17prolog1C. su
00:00:17sebralane h
00:00:17sebralane i
00:00:17sebralane j
00:00:17sebralane k
00:00:17sebralane l
00:00:17sebralane m
00:00:17sebralane n
00:00:17sebralane o
00:00:17sebralane p
00:00:17FirstBlood wishes?
00:00:17sebralane q
00:00:17sebralane r
00:00:17sebralane s
00:00:17sebralane t
00:00:17sebralane u
00:00:17sebralane v
00:00:17sebralane w
00:00:17sebralane õ
00:00:17sebralane ä
00:00:17sebralane ö
00:00:17sebralane ü
00:00:17sebralane x
00:00:17sebralane y
00:00:17sebralane thats it
00:00:17oo0OoO0oo venge
00:00:17STaNiS_FTW yew
00:00:17oo0OoO0oo to me
00:00:17STaNiS_FTW fag
00:00:18FirstBlood dont ask you team
00:00:18FirstBlood anymore
00:00:18sebralane ban meepo
00:00:18FirstBlood and go ban
00:00:18FirstBlood _:)
00:00:18yeW- i wasnt
00:00:18yeW- askin
00:00:18STaNiS_FTW can i have es
00:00:18STaNiS_FTW pls
00:00:18FirstBlood y
00:00:18yeW- was prepin the comp
00:00:18yeW- anyone phoe.?
00:00:18yeW- ?
00:00:18prolog1C. y
00:00:18yeW- k
00:00:18prolog1C. but
00:00:18prolog1C. kk
00:00:18FirstBlood this herp is not here
00:00:18yeW- ns
00:00:18yeW- lycan
00:00:18yeW- anyone?
00:00:18FirstBlood -lycan
00:00:20sebralane im best player out here
00:00:26sebralane im just underrated
00:00:29FirstBlood es?
00:00:30sebralane by 40%
00:00:33STaNiS_FTW y
00:00:33STaNiS_FTW y
00:00:34STaNiS_FTW y
00:00:34STaNiS_FTW y
00:00:36STaNiS_FTW me
00:00:37sebralane all agree?
00:00:38STaNiS_FTW ty
00:00:44DeMiaN rubick for me pls
00:00:52sebralane ok
00:00:54sebralane im lastpick
00:00:55yeW- get sd someone?
00:00:57sebralane we win
00:00:57yeW- -clear
00:00:58yeW- get me
00:00:59yeW- erm
00:01:00prolog1C. u want yew?
00:01:03yeW- void
00:01:06sebralane ff
00:01:08prolog1C. -swap 1
00:01:08diesel yeW u mid_
00:01:09sebralane why u pick void
00:01:09yeW- -swap 3
00:01:11diesel ?
00:01:12sebralane its bad for u
00:01:13prolog1C. i am mid
00:01:21sebralane i get invoker
00:01:33STaNiS_FTW speak
00:01:33sebralane soo i can c'tornado void ulti
00:01:33prolog1C. no
00:01:35sebralane for the lulz
00:01:36prolog1C. go dazzle
00:01:39yeW- -ma
00:01:42prolog1C. and sd
00:01:54yeW- how do i lane this
00:01:54yeW- hm
00:01:56FirstBlood get me bane
00:02:00STaNiS_FTW u sure
00:02:03FirstBlood yes
00:02:08FirstBlood -swap 5
00:02:09yeW- -ma
00:02:11sebralane disel top
00:02:12Affliction me qop ?
00:02:12STaNiS_FTW -swap 1
00:02:13yeW- i'll mid
00:02:20prolog1C. gow ith sd?
00:02:24yeW- no
00:02:27yeW- its dk mid
00:02:31yeW- so shudnt be too hard
00:02:43yeW- courie?
00:02:43STaNiS_FTW rly es
00:02:43yeW- r
00:02:43STaNiS_FTW venge
00:02:43Asiankid ??
00:02:43sebralane ups
00:02:43STaNiS_FTW -hhn
00:02:43yeW- hmm
00:02:43Asiankid why pause
00:02:44sebralane got wards
00:02:45sebralane i get it
00:02:45STaNiS_FTW fag
00:02:45yeW- shut it
00:02:48STaNiS_FTW yew
00:02:49sebralane i even shared :D
00:02:50Asiankid say reason
00:02:51Asiankid tard
00:02:51DeMiaN want me to pull ?
00:02:52DeMiaN -clear
00:02:53sebralane srry
00:02:55yeW- i just said
00:02:56sebralane forgot
00:02:56yeW- shut it
00:02:58sebralane will get it asap
00:03:01Asiankid noob
00:03:02Asiankid die
00:03:04oo0OoO0oo save mana es
00:03:06yeW- ye
00:03:06Asiankid angry coz
00:03:07STaNiS_FTW fag
00:03:08Asiankid loss all time
00:03:08Asiankid vs me
00:03:08STaNiS_FTW yew
00:03:09diesel I pick slow
00:03:11yeW- deep words there
00:03:13sebralane homo
00:03:18Asiankid cry more
00:03:18yeW- i dont need a reason to pause
00:03:23Asiankid yes u need
00:03:24diesel WHY
00:03:25diesel u sleep?
00:03:31Asiankid so i can unpau
00:03:32Asiankid se
00:03:34STaNiS_FTW yew fag
00:03:35yeW- stfu.
00:03:41STaNiS_FTW b
00:04:10Affliction pulling
00:04:43DeMiaN sry
00:04:50yeW- no courier
00:04:51yeW- ftw
00:04:55STaNiS_FTW go sd lvl 3
00:05:22prolog1C. go?
00:05:28sebralane heal lvl 1
00:05:30sebralane u sure?
00:05:37yeW- gang mid
00:05:48oo0OoO0oo what a noob es
00:05:51STaNiS_FTW y
00:05:52STaNiS_FTW u are
00:05:55STaNiS_FTW fuckin
00:05:56STaNiS_FTW retard
00:05:57yeW- aka
00:06:00yeW- go mid pls diesel
00:06:00oo0OoO0oo nab
00:06:02sebralane why over
00:06:04sebralane soo they cant attack?
00:06:14yeW- thx
00:06:22FirstBlood ss mid
00:06:37STaNiS_FTW ss 2
00:06:40sebralane channel ur birds up lets kill
00:06:43Asiankid ss up
00:07:07yeW- pull
00:07:11Affliction kk
00:07:16yeW- ty
00:07:21Affliction np
00:07:32Asiankid go phonix?
00:07:35DeMiaN k
00:07:53STaNiS_FTW bane
00:07:54diesel MID MISISNG
00:07:54FirstBlood sec
00:08:01Affliction ss
00:08:03yeW- ss
00:08:04yeW- 2
00:08:22yeW- :
00:08:27DeMiaN oom
00:08:58yeW- b
00:09:12Affliction Fucking numlock
00:09:19Affliction could use wang
00:09:33yeW- SS
00:09:35yeW- 3
00:09:37yeW- are qop
00:09:39yeW- 3 stunners
00:09:42yeW- re 1
00:09:45STaNiS_FTW y
00:10:00Asiankid ssmid
00:10:03Affliction rdfy top ?
00:10:05Affliction rdy ?
00:10:08yeW- god
00:10:17diesel OOM :D:D
00:10:55DeMiaN re use
00:10:57STaNiS_FTW omw top if needed
00:11:00oo0OoO0oo w8 me top
00:11:04DeMiaN no items in it
00:11:06prolog1C. cd
00:11:15prolog1C. omg
00:11:16prolog1C. why
00:11:19yeW- so many supports
00:11:20yeW- no wards
00:11:28yeW- hit bane
00:11:49yeW- sorry
00:11:54FirstBlood es you so abad
00:12:17yeW- up couire
00:12:18yeW- wards
00:12:33STaNiS_FTW wp
00:12:34STaNiS_FTW y
00:12:36STaNiS_FTW i am bad
00:12:37STaNiS_FTW u go
00:12:37STaNiS_FTW 2
00:12:38STaNiS_FTW vs
00:12:39STaNiS_FTW 5
00:12:41STaNiS_FTW pro
00:12:53sebralane srry didnt had grave mana
00:12:57yeW- check mb rune
00:12:59FirstBlood es use you fissure smartly pls
00:13:08yeW- b from top
00:13:08FirstBlood and dont for block allies
00:13:08sebralane oom
00:13:22prolog1C. omg
00:13:22yeW- jesus
00:13:24prolog1C. WHY
00:13:24yeW- why do u stay
00:13:26yeW- WHY U
00:13:40FirstBlood wards, up courier?
00:13:49FirstBlood have to always say everythink?
00:13:56yeW- tp go
00:14:35FirstBlood tp
00:15:08yeW- srsly
00:15:09sebralane void fun farming?
00:15:12prolog1C. really void
00:15:13prolog1C. U NAP
00:15:14yeW- divin like that?
00:15:15prolog1C. ULTI AND GG
00:15:19sebralane dive what?
00:15:28sebralane u do ulti phnix burns
00:15:49yeW- tp
00:16:09yeW- or dont
00:16:09yeW- tp
00:16:11yeW- whatever
00:16:28DeMiaN b es ?
00:16:31STaNiS_FTW y
00:17:07prolog1C. OMG
00:17:12oo0OoO0oo :D
00:17:21DeMiaN sleeep
00:17:24DeMiaN SLEEP
00:18:05diesel FUCK
00:18:05yeW- xd
00:18:42yeW- grave?
00:18:49prolog1C. dazzle
00:18:52prolog1C. REALLY
00:19:00sebralane realy waht
00:19:05prolog1C. heal or grave?=?
00:19:05yeW- im usin u next time
00:19:05sebralane control my hero more
00:19:06yeW- btw
00:19:07sebralane idiots
00:19:10sebralane suck my cock
00:19:16sebralane some1 controlled my hero
00:19:21yeW- no1 did
00:19:24sebralane 1 more time and i remove share
00:19:27sebralane ya they did
00:19:31yeW- stfu
00:19:32sebralane why could i grave u then
00:19:34yeW- im tellin u no1 did
00:20:02oo0OoO0oo more
00:20:56DeMiaN tty
00:21:20prolog1C. u guys
00:21:21prolog1C. FU
00:21:23prolog1C. noobs
00:21:35prolog1C. 1 hit
00:21:36prolog1C. u NAP
00:21:37diesel what a save
00:21:48prolog1C. this dazzle
00:21:55Asiankid ally chat
00:22:01DeMiaN dazzle gem
00:22:08yeW- qo
00:22:12yeW- p
00:23:15oo0OoO0oo youse ulti :D
00:23:31yeW- qop
00:23:37yeW- nvm
00:23:39yeW- -ma
00:23:46DeMiaN this game looks pretty much lost
00:23:54oo0OoO0oo no we still have dk
00:25:07yeW- ty
00:25:10yeW- rosh after tower
00:25:13diesel imo mid
00:25:17FirstBlood you backtreck is cheat
00:25:46yeW- unless u have something smart to say better keep it for urself mate
00:26:45diesel b
00:26:48prolog1C. no
00:26:51yeW- wait
00:26:52yeW- b
00:26:53yeW- all
00:27:00sebralane b
00:27:42yeW- b
00:28:02diesel sebralane
00:28:07diesel ma suren sekundiga sellises olukorras
00:28:10diesel kohe v'õinuks grave peale visata
00:28:43STaNiS_FTW I surrender! [1/5 of Scourge]
00:28:52Asiankid I surrender! [2/5 of Scourge]
00:29:03DeMiaN I surrender! [3/5 of Scourge]
00:29:07oo0OoO0oo I surrender! [4/5 of Scourge]
00:29:21Asiankid I surrender! [4/5 of Scourge]
00:29:22Asiankid last
00:29:23Asiankid noobs
00:29:29FirstBlood I surrender! [5/5 of Scourge]
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