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Chat log

00:00:22SvK~FrE3.KiLL ban ban geo
00:00:22Nroohkee naga ban
00:00:22yeW- go
00:00:22yeW- ban
00:00:22DeMiaN ban geo
00:00:22yeW- anyone ogre
00:00:22yeW- ?
00:00:22DeMiaN and take naga if he doesn't
00:00:22DeMiaN and just take naga
00:00:22yeW- take ogre lion venge
00:00:22mansikka i go troll
00:00:22DeMiaN as ur fp
00:00:22Raptor geo
00:00:22mansikka or luna
00:00:22yeW- he'll ban ge
00:00:22yeW- geo
00:00:22Nroohkee Tough - afk?
00:00:22Tough geo
00:00:22yeW- naix
00:00:23DeMiaN get naga
00:00:24DeMiaN man
00:00:28DeMiaN yew naga is too imba
00:00:36yeW- ogre anyone?
00:00:36DeMiaN ...
00:00:43custy me
00:00:51DeMiaN any ogre cm lion ?
00:00:56Mircea.N ogre
00:01:00DeMiaN picked :s
00:01:03Mircea.N cm
00:01:05Tough get axe
00:01:06Tough venge
00:01:07Tough aa
00:01:10Tough veno
00:01:12custy yew what u want?
00:01:12Nroohkee i cm i full support
00:01:13yeW- get me naga
00:01:13Nroohkee :)
00:01:22yeW- raptor
00:01:23yeW- what u playin
00:01:24custy -swap
00:01:25yeW- -swap 4
00:01:27Mircea.N what should i take?
00:01:28custy -swap 1
00:01:30DeMiaN get someone to solo top
00:01:34DeMiaN AA
00:01:35yeW- can i count on u
00:01:36DeMiaN veno
00:01:36yeW- for gangs
00:01:37yeW- ogre?
00:01:38DeMiaN venge
00:01:39SvK~FrE3.KiLL get me
00:01:39yeW- -clear
00:01:40SvK~FrE3.KiLL hmm
00:01:43DeMiaN AA
00:01:44custy what?
00:01:45DeMiaN !
00:01:46SvK~FrE3.KiLL aa
00:01:50SvK~FrE3.KiLL -swap 4
00:01:52Mircea.N -swap 2
00:01:54Mircea.N -swap 5
00:01:55custy i will gang y
00:02:02custy as i get lvl 6
00:02:02Tough come often gang
00:02:04Tough venge
00:02:06yeW- no
00:02:08yeW- gang at level 3
00:02:12Mircea.N -swap75
00:02:16Tough when u lvl 3
00:02:18Nroohkee i swap>
00:02:18Mircea.N -swap 5
00:02:19Nroohkee ??
00:02:19mansikka gj raptor
00:02:21yeW- troll ogre bot
00:02:25Nroohkee -swap 4
00:02:26Mircea.N if u want
00:02:32Tough venge
00:02:34Tough or cm
00:02:38yeW- when u get level 3 ogre
00:02:38yeW- gang
00:02:43Tough come gang when llv 3
00:02:44custy i will try
00:02:47Nroohkee okay
00:02:51yeW- nothin to try
00:02:54yeW- just come :)
00:02:56Mircea.N go aura plz
00:03:03Nroohkee for lvl
00:03:05DeMiaN DD
00:03:05Nroohkee 3/4
00:03:09custy i will start ganing as i get boots
00:03:09mansikka -ms
00:03:09DeMiaN try fb top
00:03:11mansikka -ms
00:03:26SvK~FrE3.KiLL i have feet
00:03:33SvK~FrE3.KiLL try to block
00:03:35AbdA cu
00:03:36mansikka pull
00:03:36AbdA lion
00:03:42Nroohkee u farm
00:03:44Nroohkee veng
00:04:45SvK~FrE3.KiLL lag...
00:04:49AbdA Wth :D
00:04:52Tough ;DDD
00:04:54custy lag
00:04:54yeW- rofl
00:04:54Tough :DD
00:04:55Nroohkee yes lag
00:04:56Nroohkee omg
00:04:58Nroohkee -_-
00:05:10Nroohkee omg
00:05:12yeW- ogre come
00:05:12Nroohkee lagis
00:05:23Nroohkee go stun
00:05:24Nroohkee ogre
00:06:02Tough that ss
00:06:03yeW- slow?
00:06:04Tough motherfuckers
00:06:10custy no mana
00:06:11mansikka ss bot
00:06:13yeW- k
00:06:14Tough that game is over
00:06:15Tough ff
00:06:29Nroohkee go
00:06:29Nroohkee go
00:06:58Nroohkee i back
00:07:29Nroohkee go gank naga
00:07:38Nroohkee lion g?
00:07:39AbdA come
00:07:39AbdA mana
00:07:43Nroohkee sec
00:07:43mansikka ss bot
00:07:44Nroohkee i tp
00:07:51AbdA ffs
00:07:52AbdA opjcåaosidjasådop
00:08:02SvK~FrE3.KiLL gang naga
00:08:03SvK~FrE3.KiLL rylai
00:08:05yeW- up courier
00:08:08Nroohkee i come
00:08:10yeW- lion
00:08:11DeMiaN me too
00:08:14yeW- lion and ogre
00:08:16yeW- come mid
00:08:19yeW- lion ogre
00:08:26yeW- gang
00:08:29custy coming'
00:08:37DeMiaN omw
00:08:37yeW- b
00:08:42Nroohkee lion focus
00:08:46Raptor ss mid
00:08:51DeMiaN letp ush
00:08:54DeMiaN wait
00:08:55Mircea.N oom
00:09:04Nroohkee lag
00:09:27Tough gj
00:09:31custy i was silenced :s
00:09:36Tough nice
00:09:49yeW- what is this lion doin
00:09:55Mircea.N resend plz
00:09:55yeW- ...
00:09:57custy i coulnt do anithing
00:10:03yeW- well
00:10:07yeW- i slept him
00:10:11yeW- and u went to tower
00:10:13yeW- god knows why
00:10:24custy and after that he silenced me
00:10:26AbdA useless players
00:10:28AbdA x3
00:10:30custy omg
00:10:39yeW- yep
00:10:50DeMiaN oom
00:10:51Nroohkee go
00:10:54yeW- put thoe wars
00:11:15SvK~FrE3.KiLL swap me maybe?
00:11:37Nroohkee bad
00:11:44Mircea.N i had cd on stick
00:11:45yeW- raptor
00:11:46Mircea.N and oom
00:11:46yeW- if u dont gang
00:11:48yeW- leave eh game
00:11:48Mircea.N :(
00:11:49yeW- the
00:12:02DeMiaN stryg
00:12:04DeMiaN wait me
00:12:07DeMiaN and shredder
00:12:51Mircea.N ss mid
00:12:53Mircea.N care top
00:13:00Nroohkee go go
00:13:01Nroohkee i come
00:13:05Mircea.N omw top
00:13:15Nroohkee - lion
00:13:39Nroohkee gj
00:13:45yeW- omw
00:13:48Mircea.N b
00:13:53DeMiaN care for naga
00:13:54DeMiaN aa
00:14:01Nroohkee push
00:14:02yeW- go
00:14:02yeW- in
00:14:03yeW- g
00:14:04SvK~FrE3.KiLL know
00:14:15SvK~FrE3.KiLL i try fast hex
00:14:16DeMiaN top all
00:14:18yeW- go b
00:14:22Nroohkee swap?
00:14:24DeMiaN stryg
00:14:25DeMiaN stay
00:14:26DeMiaN pls
00:14:35yeW- b
00:14:45yeW- ...
00:14:47yeW- what idiots
00:14:51yeW- can u leave he game
00:14:52yeW- pls
00:14:52yeW- ty
00:14:56Raptor u too
00:14:59Nroohkee gj
00:14:59Nroohkee all
00:15:02yeW- leave this site
00:15:03yeW- seriously
00:15:06yeW- we dont nee any more noobs
00:15:35DeMiaN mid
00:15:36DeMiaN tower
00:16:01Raptor def
00:16:23Mircea.N my fault
00:16:32Nroohkee sec
00:16:43Mircea.N naga is gonna be a big big problem :(
00:16:45DeMiaN rylai
00:16:46DeMiaN come
00:17:03Nroohkee bad idea
00:17:25Nroohkee 3 sec
00:17:25SvK~FrE3.KiLL naga difu
00:17:41yeW- gah
00:17:48yeW- lion
00:17:49custy almost
00:17:50yeW- FULL MANA
00:17:51yeW- LOL.
00:17:55Nroohkee -
00:17:59AbdA his realy bad :/
00:18:15Raptor ?? ???
00:18:18Raptor ok pro
00:18:21yeW- stfu
00:18:24AbdA his rus xD
00:18:25yeW- u worthless russian
00:18:58yeW- WHY
00:19:01yeW- OMG
00:19:14Nroohkee FAIL
00:19:43yeW- i'll use him
00:19:46yeW- in fights
00:19:48yeW- he cant click on ulti
00:19:53yeW- fuckin russian
00:19:54mansikka dont use him
00:19:55yeW- son of a whore
00:20:04yeW- get bs
00:20:07Raptor u son of pig
00:20:08custy me and lion noobs ok?
00:20:09custy so what??
00:20:13custy let us play
00:20:17Mircea.N resend
00:20:23DeMiaN FFS
00:20:25yeW- play elsewhere
00:20:25DeMiaN dagger in chick
00:20:27Nroohkee go all bot
00:20:27Nroohkee lane
00:20:36custy ty
00:20:39Nroohkee swap?
00:20:45yeW- smoke rosh
00:20:45yeW- ?
00:20:49Nroohkee ult
00:20:49Nroohkee aa
00:20:57yeW- b
00:20:58yeW- toll
00:21:00mansikka oops
00:21:28Tough that axe
00:21:37custy yay lion ultied!!!
00:21:43Nroohkee gj
00:21:58DeMiaN ??
00:21:59DeMiaN invi ?
00:22:02yeW- net
00:22:06DeMiaN ah shit
00:22:10DeMiaN forgot it cancelled
00:22:15Nroohkee yeW
00:22:20Nroohkee u are from?
00:22:25Tough GERTMAny
00:22:28SvK~FrE3.KiLL !
00:22:33Nroohkee blue?
00:22:47Tough jahaA
00:22:48Tough hahaA
00:23:01Raptor like a pro naga
00:23:10yeW- we need that rosh troll
00:23:12Nroohkee -_-
00:23:13yeW- lets smoe it
00:23:16AbdA u can use spells ogre in that shit
00:23:20mansikka if you say so
00:23:22yeW- custy
00:23:23yeW- share units
00:23:32custy dont controll me
00:23:38yeW- oh
00:23:39yeW- i will
00:23:41yeW- if u blw
00:23:57Nroohkee i come
00:23:58Nroohkee tp mid lane
00:24:00yeW- all
00:24:00yeW- go
00:24:07yeW- abda..
00:24:11yeW- gah
00:24:14yeW- sucker noob
00:24:56Tough YO
00:24:59Tough Yew
00:25:01Tough harter hass ?
00:25:03yeW- fresse halten
00:25:11Tough ich seh schon
00:25:13Tough dieser hass
00:25:33yeW- lion still no ulti used
00:25:33yeW- god
00:25:55Nroohkee swap>
00:26:11Mircea.N b?
00:26:17Nroohkee tp
00:26:20yeW- to me
00:26:21yeW- all
00:26:52SvK~FrE3.KiLL b
00:27:24DeMiaN fprce self
00:27:26DeMiaN ffs
00:27:30DeMiaN force ?
00:27:33Tough cd
00:27:40Mircea.N b
00:27:49Nroohkee go
00:27:49Nroohkee 3
00:28:24yeW- b
00:28:33yeW- teal
00:28:38yeW- get
00:28:42yeW- blademail
00:28:48yeW- k?
00:28:56Mircea.N farm top bs
00:29:04yeW- abda
00:29:07yeW- get blademail
00:29:09AbdA y
00:29:13yeW- when he ulties u
00:29:13yeW- bs
00:29:15yeW- click on it
00:29:17yeW- n run
00:29:19yeW- he get the dmg
00:29:26yeW- smoke rosh
00:29:26yeW- go
00:29:32custy gather
00:29:33Raptor all tower mid
00:29:35yeW- no
00:29:36yeW- rosh
00:29:40yeW- troll
00:29:42Nroohkee mid?
00:29:43Nroohkee def?
00:29:46yeW- jesus
00:30:23yeW- troll take
00:30:28mansikka ok
00:30:44yeW- b
00:30:44yeW- b
00:31:01yeW- abda
00:31:03yeW- screw u
00:31:06yeW- u son of a whore
00:31:31Mircea.N too late
00:31:32yeW- let it be
00:32:01Nroohkee lol
00:32:17DeMiaN venge
00:32:18DeMiaN ...
00:32:20DeMiaN swap with creep
00:32:22Mircea.N yeap..
00:32:22DeMiaN or whatever
00:32:27yeW- COME
00:32:28yeW- U ASSHOLE
00:32:38Nroohkee i COME
00:32:43Nroohkee i MEKA
00:32:46yeW- b
00:33:03yeW- ...
00:33:06custy what are you doing???
00:33:10yeW- what r u doiun?
00:33:13yeW- are u watchin the map?
00:33:18custy are you?
00:33:18yeW- u worthless son of a cunt?
00:33:23yeW- lion died
00:33:26SvK~FrE3.KiLL venge
00:33:26SvK~FrE3.KiLL def
00:33:28yeW- troll n that shithole adba
00:33:31yeW- werent there
00:33:32yeW- n u go
00:33:35custy adba was nat here
00:33:37custy omg
00:33:43Nroohkee go?
00:33:46Nroohkee back?
00:33:47custy everyone go with different direction
00:34:03DeMiaN b
00:34:10Nroohkee axe no mana
00:34:11Nroohkee go back
00:34:14DeMiaN jeah
00:34:16SvK~FrE3.KiLL go bot
00:34:58yeW- what am i playin with?
00:35:14custy this is unbelivable
00:35:19yeW- u are unbelievable
00:35:21Nroohkee lol
00:35:30custy no u are
00:35:31yeW- i think u are in the top 10 of the worse players
00:35:32DeMiaN nice teamm
00:35:40Raptor you idiot
00:35:41Nroohkee not carry :)
00:35:41Nroohkee :D
00:35:52DeMiaN where chick ?
00:36:13yeW- triste de perdre contre des merdes
00:36:20DeMiaN lol
00:36:22Nroohkee please eng. :D
00:36:24DeMiaN on est pas vrmnt des merdes
00:36:29yeW- si
00:36:30DeMiaN on gere pas mal au niveau teamplay
00:36:38Nroohkee go top lane
00:36:39Nroohkee ?!
00:36:39Mircea.N bs u ulti i swap
00:36:41yeW- sauf que j'ai
00:36:46yeW- 4 merdes encore plus bal?zes
00:36:50mansikka b abda
00:36:54custy home plz
00:37:00Mircea.N oh shiiiit
00:37:01yeW- stop dota
00:37:02custy gjh
00:37:02DeMiaN bot raxx
00:37:02yeW- adba
00:37:02Mircea.N sryy
00:37:03Tough np
00:37:07Tough this game
00:37:11Tough idc abot kills :D
00:37:26yeW- bkb min 50µ?
00:37:42Nroohkee swap
00:37:53Tough gg mouse
00:38:38Nroohkee -
00:38:53Tough sorry guys
00:38:55Tough dont know
00:38:57Tough what was wrong
00:38:58Mircea.N what happend
00:38:58Tough with my mouse
00:39:00Mircea.N ?
00:39:01Nroohkee D:
00:39:02Tough cant stop
00:39:03DeMiaN well
00:39:04DeMiaN i didn't
00:39:06DeMiaN follow
00:39:10Tough running to the enemys
00:39:10Tough :D
00:39:11DeMiaN my jump fast enough
00:39:14Tough y
00:39:15Tough thx^^
00:39:19DeMiaN i had blademail and naga on me
00:39:19Nroohkee focus lion and ogre
00:39:21DeMiaN was good
00:39:21Nroohkee 'no stans
00:39:23Nroohkee and gg
00:39:34Nroohkee go all mid lane?
00:39:48DeMiaN sec
00:39:50DeMiaN 100gold
00:39:51DeMiaN for pipe
00:39:53Nroohkee 150
00:39:58Nroohkee me
00:40:14Nroohkee GO
00:40:22Nroohkee sec
00:40:25Nroohkee chicken come me
00:40:36mansikka b
00:40:37Nroohkee GO
00:40:38Nroohkee axe
00:40:39Nroohkee go
00:41:06Nroohkee ohhh
00:41:07Nroohkee bad
00:41:08Nroohkee bad
00:41:08Nroohkee bad
00:41:19Raptor ????
00:41:24Nroohkee gj
00:41:29yeW- b
00:41:34Nroohkee 3x4?
00:41:41Raptor 2
00:41:43Raptor 2
00:41:47Nroohkee 2x4?
00:41:48Nroohkee bad
00:42:03yeW- dont u see?
00:42:03Nroohkee go roshan
00:42:05yeW- we have a war?
00:42:18yeW- hw fuckin bad
00:42:21DeMiaN die ?
00:42:24DeMiaN ahaha
00:42:30Nroohkee i
00:42:31Nroohkee def
00:42:32custy omg
00:42:32yeW- i dont believe this
00:42:33custy wow
00:42:48custy what i supposed to do?
00:42:49Mircea.N come bs
00:42:58Nroohkee BACK
00:43:00Nroohkee I CIOMNE
00:43:25DeMiaN get yew
00:44:07Raptor abda
00:44:16Mircea.N shiiiiiiiiiiit
00:44:17DeMiaN baaad
00:44:18Tough yew bought back ?
00:44:21SvK~FrE3.KiLL y
00:44:22yeW- push
00:44:23Nroohkee FUCK
00:44:24Tough shiot
00:44:29Mircea.N shit shit shit
00:44:32Mircea.N :)
00:44:35Mircea.N 3x shit
00:44:38Nroohkee D:
00:44:41Nroohkee back
00:44:52Nroohkee gg
00:44:53Nroohkee D:
00:45:00DeMiaN ETHERAL
00:45:10yeW- ra
00:45:11Nroohkee 10 sec
00:45:15SvK~FrE3.KiLL retards
00:45:26DeMiaN the way u gave away this game ...
00:45:35Nroohkee swap
00:45:39Nroohkee LOL
00:45:40Nroohkee VEN
00:45:45DeMiaN he couldn't do shit
00:45:47DeMiaN was u or him
00:45:59yeW- b
00:46:02yeW- b
00:46:05yeW- all fuckin b
00:46:10DeMiaN roshj
00:46:11DeMiaN rosh
00:46:22Nroohkee 'go roshan
00:46:23custy how can i stop moving?
00:46:25DeMiaN y
00:46:28mansikka H
00:46:29Nroohkee and JUST PUSH MID LANE
00:46:31Tough jump
00:46:33custy by pressing repededly "s"?
00:46:36mansikka press h
00:46:37Nroohkee no
00:46:39Nroohkee DL
00:46:40Nroohkee 2
00:46:40yeW- the
00:46:41Nroohkee sec
00:46:41yeW- button
00:46:44yeW- left to
00:46:45yeW- attack
00:46:47custy once or repedingly?
00:46:49yeW- de
00:46:50Nroohkee go smoke
00:46:50mansikka once
00:46:53Nroohkee mid lane
00:46:57custy k
00:47:02mansikka Hold Position button
00:47:07yeW- right
00:47:12DeMiaN defn smoke gang
00:47:14DeMiaN then push
00:47:17Nroohkee come me
00:47:22yeW- all
00:47:23yeW- get a tp
00:47:25yeW- so we can tp out
00:47:27Nroohkee strug
00:47:28yeW- when i sleep
00:47:28Nroohkee come
00:47:29Nroohkee me
00:47:34DeMiaN he needed to def
00:47:45yeW- b
00:47:46yeW- from top
00:47:46yeW- go b
00:47:50yeW- lin
00:48:07custy whats the plan?
00:48:20mansikka boogers
00:48:31yeW- the plan
00:48:31yeW- is
00:48:33yeW- they push
00:48:35yeW- u def
00:48:38yeW- i tp n kill base
00:48:41SvK~FrE3.KiLL push bot
00:48:42SvK~FrE3.KiLL all
00:48:42SvK~FrE3.KiLL come
00:48:45DeMiaN cm def
00:48:46Nroohkee u def
00:48:47Nroohkee i
00:48:48DeMiaN 2 of em dead
00:48:58DeMiaN follow my jump
00:49:14Nroohkee JUST PUSHG
00:49:17Nroohkee TOWER
00:49:33DeMiaN raxx
00:49:34DeMiaN then bv
00:49:34Nroohkee TP
00:49:35Nroohkee TP
00:49:36Nroohkee TP
00:49:37Tough go mid
00:49:45DeMiaN y
00:50:12DeMiaN k get yew
00:50:21Nroohkee b
00:50:21Nroohkee b
00:50:22Nroohkee b
00:50:30Mircea.N just tp retards
00:51:09Mircea.N stryg kill
00:51:12Nroohkee FUCKJ
00:51:32Nroohkee MID
00:51:35DeMiaN y
00:51:43custy what we do?
00:51:46Mircea.N focus who?
00:51:47AbdA we kiil
00:51:50DeMiaN magi
00:51:51DeMiaN lion
00:51:53DeMiaN then naga
00:51:55DeMiaN or troll
00:51:56Tough lion insta kill
00:51:57yeW- what u doin
00:52:14yeW- tp
00:52:15yeW- home
00:52:16yeW- gre
00:52:16yeW- wtf
00:52:19Tough reuse
00:52:25SvK~FrE3.KiLL fast
00:53:05DeMiaN I surrender! [1/4 of Scourge]
00:53:07DeMiaN too bad
00:53:18custy we won
00:53:26custy thanks to yew
00:53:29custy capten
00:53:32Nroohkee NIO
00:53:34SvK~FrE3.KiLL I surrender! [2/4 of Scourge]
00:53:42Nroohkee ahahah
00:53:43Nroohkee no mana
00:53:44Nroohkee D:
00:53:52Nroohkee i used two skill and ultimate
00:53:53Nroohkee D:
00:53:55Nroohkee NO MANA
00:54:18Nroohkee gg
00:54:19Nroohkee I surrender! [3/4 of Scourge]
00:54:21Nroohkee -ff
00:54:23Nroohkee .ff
00:54:24DeMiaN pff
00:54:26Nroohkee ?
00:54:27custy wow
00:54:27Nroohkee I surrender! [3/4 of Scourge]
00:54:28Nroohkee ?
00:54:29Nroohkee I surrender! [3/4 of Scourge]
00:54:30Nroohkee -ff
00:54:31Nroohkee .ff
00:54:50AbdA davai
00:54:54custy gg
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