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75% | 1472 X | 1355 TS

Chat log

00:00:00valiante [DotA-GC] ... and the wooden PC award goes to *drum roll* ... diesel with 59 seconds.
00:00:20diesel -wr
00:00:20Kastrup what u play fb?
00:00:20FirstBlood -ck
00:00:20Strom davai, ez ownage incoming
00:00:20diesel who wants furi?
00:00:20DeMiaN omni here
00:00:20Strom furi siin mängus? ei saa
00:00:20diesel k
00:00:20FirstBlood not sure yet
00:00:20DeMiaN i guess i can omni
00:00:20DeMiaN -clear
00:00:20Strom ez feed tuleb furiga
00:00:20Strom :D
00:00:20diesel ez? :D
00:00:24Strom easy
00:00:25creeeeeee easy
00:00:34Iho he goes strom,, and someone pick me cm
00:00:40FirstBlood :D
00:00:43DeMiaN get magi and sd
00:00:44Iho pick me cm
00:00:47creeeeeee ma võiks näiteks zuusi mängida
00:00:51FirstBlood he is so funny hero
00:00:53Iho CM!
00:00:56Strom zeus counterdab storm'i
00:00:58Strom seega jah
00:00:59Strom tahad?
00:01:01creeeeeee y
00:01:08DeMiaN -clear
00:01:31creeeeeee mingit str powerit oleks vaja nüüd
00:01:32diesel get me furion
00:01:32DeMiaN what u want diesel ?
00:01:34creeeeeee nagu tauren vms
00:01:35Strom anna mulle sky
00:01:38diesel -swap 5
00:01:39DeMiaN -swap 1
00:01:45valiante last one
00:01:46diesel kes midi tahab minna?
00:01:46creeeeeee -swap 2
00:01:46Strom -swap 4
00:01:49valiante should pick for solo top
00:01:51Strom zeus peaks
00:01:52Strom võtam
00:01:54Strom ma võin kah
00:01:56diesel no ta ei saa hakkama
00:01:56DeMiaN -clear
00:01:57diesel mine sina
00:01:57Strom aga zeus best level-wise
00:02:03valiante or not
00:02:06diesel me top
00:02:06valiante ur with cm top
00:02:16DeMiaN i should b with furi or sd
00:02:19diesel omni bot
00:02:21DeMiaN so i can hit with heal
00:02:22diesel or
00:02:23diesel nvm
00:02:26Iho viper solo bot?
00:02:29DeMiaN i'll pull etc
00:02:30Fintrollx fucking hangover
00:02:37DeMiaN but only melee on bot is weird
00:02:41Strom no chick?
00:02:42FirstBlood ward to rune spot pls
00:02:46Iho y
00:02:47DeMiaN ah shit
00:02:48DeMiaN ...
00:02:49FirstBlood ty
00:02:52DeMiaN want me to sell ?
00:02:55Strom don't sell imo
00:02:56DeMiaN or go activate asap ?
00:02:56creeeeeee no
00:02:57Strom but this sucks
00:03:04Kastrup dd
00:03:06Strom always nice to solo against best player without chick
00:03:06FirstBlood -ms
00:03:06Strom :D
00:03:16Kastrup care mid
00:03:17DeMiaN i'll pull and go activate
00:03:18Kastrup sd comming mid
00:03:20Kastrup with dd
00:03:21Kastrup CAER
00:03:22Kastrup CARE
00:03:25FirstBlood k
00:03:34creeeeeee after wave
00:04:33DeMiaN going activate
00:04:39diesel strom
00:04:40diesel võtame?
00:04:48Strom y
00:04:50DeMiaN i'm sorry btw
00:05:00Kastrup zeus?
00:05:02valiante ye
00:05:27Fintrollx ss
00:05:56Fintrollx re
00:07:26Strom storm goes top rune
00:07:34valiante ss
00:07:41Strom re
00:07:56creeeeeee proovime mid
00:07:59DeMiaN gj
00:07:59Strom oot
00:08:04Kastrup ok mid
00:08:04Kastrup ?
00:08:07creeeeeee furi ka
00:08:28creeeeeee ma olin niiii kaugel :/
00:08:32Strom ütlesin "oot" aga vist pold vaja :D
00:08:36Strom ma tahtsin 6 aga jah
00:08:41creeeeeee sa läksid jah :D
00:08:43creeeeeee "oot" :D
00:08:44Strom mul oli väike mana probleem jah
00:09:04Strom oot tulen kohe uuesti
00:09:13Fintrollx ss furi
00:09:17creeeeeee ss mid
00:09:18DeMiaN ss
00:09:19DeMiaN top
00:09:20DeMiaN 1
00:09:31Strom deem
00:09:31DeMiaN re
00:09:39Kastrup ok?
00:09:40valiante why not go
00:09:41FirstBlood np
00:09:43valiante im 7
00:09:45creeeeeee ogre ka :/
00:09:50FirstBlood we could
00:09:54DeMiaN i let push
00:09:55DeMiaN then k
00:10:28valiante hes gone all the time
00:10:30valiante so is sd
00:10:37FirstBlood i need gang
00:10:39Strom ss
00:10:41Kastrup coming mid
00:10:42FirstBlood they gang me all the time
00:10:42valiante i can come
00:10:56Strom 6s silence nüüd
00:11:02Strom ja 36% amplify
00:11:07Strom zeusiga koos pole stormil lootustki
00:11:13creeeeeee sain manabootsid ka
00:11:45FirstBlood k
00:11:56Strom ss
00:11:56FirstBlood get top tower
00:11:57Kastrup when furi comes
00:12:01creeeeeee ss
00:12:06creeeeeee go chen
00:12:07valiante ?
00:12:20DeMiaN 5top
00:12:25DeMiaN chen is top
00:12:52Strom ostan kah manaboots
00:13:06creeeeeee rune
00:13:06Kastrup got meka
00:13:12Strom tapame stormi
00:13:15creeeeeee care 5 coming
00:13:41Strom slow death :D
00:13:45Kastrup :/
00:13:45valiante storm
00:13:48valiante where were u
00:14:47FirstBlood i will farm a little now
00:14:49Strom gonna buy
00:14:51FirstBlood need more hp
00:15:10DeMiaN chen will come
00:15:16creeeeeee tra kus ku scroll on
00:15:31Strom thx
00:15:32Strom but
00:15:35Strom couldn't save you as well
00:15:42DeMiaN go
00:15:58Kastrup gotmeka
00:16:17Strom coooming
00:16:29Strom too late :(
00:16:37FirstBlood get tower down
00:17:08Strom that was bad
00:17:13DeMiaN ffs
00:17:16Strom that was even worse :D
00:17:17DeMiaN can't even cast
00:17:20DeMiaN yy my bad
00:17:22DeMiaN -clear
00:17:38valiante urn
00:17:40valiante thx
00:18:41Strom b
00:19:04diesel reuse
00:19:04diesel chicken
00:19:15Strom we should push towers
00:19:59DeMiaN what build should i make ?
00:20:04Kastrup tornado madness
00:20:06DeMiaN coz i'm only melee
00:20:13Strom jango
00:20:14valiante ye
00:20:16Strom would be good
00:20:17DeMiaN k
00:20:31valiante urn
00:20:31valiante pls
00:21:05Strom yeah
00:21:09Strom that was bad spot to go
00:21:16Strom we can't play like this
00:22:40valiante -st
00:23:16FirstBlood b
00:23:49Strom zuus
00:23:51Strom lets kill some
00:24:00creeeeeee ja sul rohkem mana
00:24:04creeeeeee pfff
00:24:17Kastrup midØ+
00:24:18Kastrup `?
00:24:19FirstBlood chen tp me in base
00:24:19creeeeeee nii palju rohkem base int
00:24:55DeMiaN obvious ogrebait ?
00:24:59Strom lets take it
00:25:23Strom was no bait
00:25:26DeMiaN =)
00:25:29DeMiaN i'm scared now
00:25:30Kastrup mid tower`?
00:25:32DeMiaN defm id
00:25:33FirstBlood y
00:26:30Strom btw
00:26:31Strom sd
00:26:33marsbar2k sry
00:26:35valiante -st
00:26:37Strom you banished after my silence + ulti :D
00:26:39marsbar2k saw iit
00:26:40Strom that was bad timing
00:26:45Strom I always go for storm
00:26:49Strom for next time
00:27:10Strom take tower down
00:27:11Kastrup sd low
00:27:11FirstBlood tp mid
00:27:28Strom I'm b
00:27:29Strom oom
00:27:43Strom got ze mekansm now
00:27:44DeMiaN gosh
00:27:47DeMiaN so stressing
00:27:49DeMiaN to play omni
00:27:52DeMiaN to much pressure
00:27:59DeMiaN too*
00:28:13Strom we need to continue pushing
00:28:18Strom we still have stronger teamfight
00:28:27DeMiaN go bot then
00:28:32DeMiaN what i do next item ?
00:28:45Strom hmm
00:28:46creeeeeee ououou
00:28:48creeeeeee sceptorman
00:28:49valiante :DF:D:D
00:28:51valiante YES
00:28:53creeeeeee not cool
00:28:53creeeeeee :D:D
00:29:00valiante thats why i farmed all game :D
00:29:04valiante hahaha
00:29:06Strom hex would rock
00:29:08Strom can you build it?
00:29:11creeeeeee :D
00:29:15DeMiaN we just 3
00:29:19creeeeeee to get that 1 solokill from me? :D
00:29:21DeMiaN and storm soon alive
00:29:33Kastrup sky first
00:29:39Strom ye b
00:30:08Strom should've tp-ed home :(
00:30:11Strom going with 3 sucks
00:30:24Kastrup we n eed sky down first
00:30:28DeMiaN what item i get now guys ?
00:30:34Strom hex if you can get good farm
00:30:35FirstBlood i will make bkb
00:30:36Strom pipe otherwise
00:30:38FirstBlood and i will be ok
00:30:39FirstBlood then
00:30:43DeMiaN ok
00:31:21DeMiaN why don't i go tanky
00:31:28Strom pipe is tanky
00:31:51Strom halp
00:32:02valiante how the fuck u die like that
00:32:21FirstBlood the fucking hero went another way
00:32:43DeMiaN this was good
00:32:51Strom ye, got storm under my ulti
00:32:53DeMiaN no one died =)
00:33:17creeeeeee top rune
00:33:34Strom 2+ bot
00:33:45Strom 4+ bot
00:33:58diesel how did he know to look there -.-
00:34:17creeeeeee damn this ogre...I hope this stick of urs will burn ur hand
00:34:25valiante :D
00:34:28valiante its like fireworks, ouch
00:34:34creeeeeee yea :D
00:35:04Strom tule zuus
00:35:13Kastrup 500 from aga
00:35:30Kastrup !"E wersfds
00:35:33FirstBlood so mutch dmg
00:36:05Kastrup cm,on
00:36:07Kastrup SRSLy
00:36:09Fintrollx accident
00:36:10Fintrollx sorry
00:36:14Kastrup :(
00:36:18Kastrup need that 200 gold
00:36:20marsbar2k ilu
00:36:24diesel hpo
00:36:35Strom zuus
00:36:35Strom come
00:36:38creeeeeee pop
00:36:39creeeeeee cm
00:36:42Kastrup storm
00:36:42Strom fuck cm
00:36:43Strom storm
00:37:09valiante no cd on it?
00:37:15valiante the silence thingy
00:37:15Strom :D
00:37:18Strom 11s
00:37:22Strom silence lasts 6s
00:37:29valiante so how was i constantly silenced
00:37:38Strom you weren't
00:37:41creeeeeee burned ur hand
00:37:44creeeeeee i warned you
00:37:45DeMiaN hypnosis
00:38:05diesel I should've gone for carry build I guess
00:38:10diesel we have no carryu
00:38:16Strom we need to push
00:38:33Kastrup tactic? :)
00:38:43Strom zuus,
00:38:59Strom nojah
00:39:05FirstBlood suckers... :)
00:39:09FirstBlood ¨no more gang me
00:39:12Kastrup come
00:39:20creeeeeee damn
00:39:44Strom some more gang
00:39:45valiante :D
00:39:49FirstBlood :D
00:39:57creeeeeee ups
00:40:01DeMiaN go end ? no storm
00:40:05Strom y
00:40:35valiante :D
00:40:40valiante 7 stuns yet u live shiiit
00:40:41Strom go b now
00:40:43DeMiaN b
00:41:00diesel well
00:41:01Strom omni passib koguaeg heal pole cd-s
00:41:04Strom :D
00:41:08DeMiaN what omni
00:41:10diesel nothing to too here
00:41:11diesel I surrender! [1/5 of Scourge]
00:41:11Strom demian, use your heal
00:41:13DeMiaN what have i done wrong
00:41:17DeMiaN lol
00:41:19DeMiaN perma using it
00:41:21DeMiaN but can't
00:41:21Kastrup what should i build?
00:41:23DeMiaN on furi bkb
00:41:25marsbar2k I surrender! [2/5 of Scourge]
00:41:26DeMiaN healed u twice
00:41:27FirstBlood hex
00:41:30Kastrup k
00:41:31DeMiaN sky
00:41:36Kastrup far away still
00:41:42FirstBlood i need even linken
00:41:51FirstBlood to survive
00:42:01Strom ja diesel
00:42:03Strom palju teha siin
00:42:08Strom me zeusiga saame stormist jagu
00:42:10Strom võtame entry
00:42:12Strom ja siis pushime
00:42:50DeMiaN thx =)
00:43:08Strom too much backup
00:43:14Kastrup now mid
00:43:44creeeeeee õnneks divevad
00:43:45creeeeeee mitte tower
00:43:46diesel why dont u use ur droms?
00:43:52diesel drums
00:44:04diesel seda ei võida enam
00:44:09diesel see nii obvious
00:44:11Strom võidab küll
00:44:51FirstBlood get ra
00:44:52FirstBlood rax
00:44:52FirstBlood down
00:44:55Strom mingi straight buriza viper tapab :D
00:44:55FirstBlood dont chace
00:45:00Kastrup b
00:45:19Kastrup i could go eye aswell?
00:45:21valiante i go dagger too?
00:45:58Kastrup storm come
00:46:03Kastrup got entangle
00:46:15creeeeeee sul bkb cd või mis?
00:46:31FirstBlood who first?
00:46:35valiante sky
00:46:36FirstBlood fly?
00:46:37valiante i think
00:46:38FirstBlood sky
00:46:38Strom lets take rosh
00:46:39FirstBlood ok
00:46:49FirstBlood maybe omni
00:47:01Strom they come
00:47:01marsbar2k inc
00:47:02creeeeeee hmm
00:47:03creeeeeee or not
00:47:04DeMiaN wait here
00:47:05valiante warded
00:47:11Kastrup go?
00:47:12Kastrup or not?
00:47:14FirstBlood y
00:47:15FirstBlood check
00:49:13Kastrup let me
00:49:21Kastrup 100 frmo hex
00:49:25Iho 150nneeded
00:49:51Kastrup rosh?
00:50:03creeeeeee xD
00:50:54Strom lets use that pipe now
00:50:56Kastrup dps for ulti cm?
00:52:20DeMiaN DIE
00:52:24Kastrup care for zes ulti
00:52:41DeMiaN so we won that fight
00:52:44DeMiaN but i don't get
00:52:48DeMiaN what made the difference
00:52:53creeeeeee deso
00:53:23Strom care mid
00:53:27Kastrup they push botgh
00:53:42creeeeeee + fast focus ogre
00:54:00DeMiaN =)))))
00:54:03Strom not even close
00:54:04Strom :D
00:54:20DeMiaN i'll get
00:54:21DeMiaN necrobook
00:55:07Kastrup b
00:55:11creeeeeee burning stick man waiting
00:55:19DeMiaN get em
00:55:21FirstBlood we need gang with smoke and push
00:55:21Kastrup warded
00:55:26Strom lol, viper going butterfly now :D
00:56:14diesel no pipe
00:56:15diesel no repel
00:56:17diesel NOITHING
00:56:18diesel jesus fuck
00:56:21Strom :D
00:56:25DeMiaN repel on bkb pretty usefull
00:56:32diesel my bkb is on
00:56:34diesel 5 seconds
00:56:38diesel another half a minute
00:56:41diesel u could use pipe
00:59:07FirstBlood b
00:59:37Strom cm solopushes top all the time :D :D
00:59:45Kastrup tp
01:00:20diesel imma sell my bkb
01:00:22diesel so keep repel on me
01:00:24DeMiaN k
01:00:34Strom sell bkb to buy what?
01:00:40diesel mkb
01:00:46DeMiaN bodyguard
01:00:53Kastrup come
01:00:53Kastrup viper
01:00:54Kastrup ffs
01:00:56FirstBlood come all
01:00:59Strom check rosh
01:01:00diesel või müün scepteri?
01:01:01Kastrup they might rosh
01:01:09Strom dunno
01:01:11creeeeeee ma ütleks scepter pigem
01:01:14Strom bkb parem vist ikka item
01:01:16creeeeeee aga eks ise tead
01:01:23diesel no teen uue kui vaja läheb
01:01:47Strom I don't get it
01:01:50Strom why weren't we all there
01:02:27creeeeeee that 1 by 1 fight was bad as hell
01:02:37Strom ye, I said they at rosh
01:02:38FirstBlood gg
01:02:38diesel I surrender! [2/4 of Scourge]
01:02:39DeMiaN I surrender! [3/4 of Scourge]
01:02:40DeMiaN -cldar
01:02:43Strom but somehow I was only one running into pit
01:02:43DeMiaN -clear
01:02:44Kastrup gg wo
01:02:45Kastrup wp
01:02:50valiante gg
01:02:53Fintrollx gg
01:02:55DeMiaN well i kept u alive like 15sec
01:03:00DeMiaN and meanwhile
01:03:03creeeeeee gg
01:03:04DeMiaN dunno where was rest
01:03:12creeeeeee war right there
01:03:13Strom I surrender! [4/4 of Scourge]
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