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-44 X
-1 TS

91% | 1660 X | 1456 TS

+12 X
-2 TS

91% | 1630 X | 1470 TS

-30 X
-1 TS

64% | 1288 X | 1399 TS

-6 X
-2 TS

56% | 1315 X | 1298 TS

-41 X
-1 TS

53% | 1250 X | 1337 TS

+45 X
+1 TS

96% | 1767 X | 1501 TS

+3 X
+2 TS

94% | 1708 X | 1472 TS

+39 X
+2 TS

78% | 1477 X | 1393 TS

+43 X
+1 TS

52% | 1251 X | 1329 TS

-5 X
+2 TS

42% | 1124 X | 1344 TS

Chat log

00:00:06Strom yew, the commas are required
00:00:06AliBaba ??
00:00:06Strom basically every verb demands it
00:00:06AliBaba rd ?
00:00:06yeW- -rd
00:00:06Soulyah -rd
00:00:06yeW- Really? ^^
00:00:06mby_next_time sucky language
00:00:06Soulyah I CANT DO IT
00:00:06Soulyah -rd
00:00:06Rasmus.Seebach -rd
00:00:06AliBaba y :D
00:00:06mby_next_time lol
00:00:06AliBaba you are not cap :D
00:00:06Rasmus.Seebach -xd
00:00:06yeW- DIESEL
00:00:06mby_next_time we got ali + rasmus
00:00:06yeW- LESS WANING
00:00:06yeW- MORE BANNIN
00:00:06AliBaba Hahah :D
00:00:06yeW- WANKIN*!
00:00:06diesel -rd
00:00:06AliBaba yew.. kalb
00:00:06mby_next_time ye[]w better check out teams
00:00:06mby_next_time rofl
00:00:09yeW- So how would you write like, "I eat cheese."?
00:00:17Strom Söön juustu
00:00:17yeW- No commas? :D
00:00:17mby_next_time lol whut.
00:00:17yeW- what do i ban
00:00:17Soulyah st
00:00:17yeW- soulyah
00:00:17Soulyah fu
00:00:17Soulyah and ban
00:00:17Strom well, only one verb
00:00:17AliBaba give sd .
00:00:17yeW- u know em better
00:00:17Soulyah well
00:00:17Soulyah u go bs
00:00:17Soulyah storm goes pudge
00:00:17Soulyah u rape
00:00:17yeW- anyone omni?
00:00:17Soulyah ban opmni
00:00:17Soulyah y
00:00:17Soulyah ban omni y
00:00:17yeW- no
00:00:17yeW- let him ban it
00:00:17coolass shadow demon is sick
00:00:17mby_next_time or let him get it ?:D
00:00:17Soulyah BAN ANYTHING
00:00:17diesel -sd
00:00:17Soulyah DONT CARE
00:00:17diesel it is
00:00:17yeW- sk
00:00:17mby_next_time yew is first ?:D
00:00:17Soulyah THANKS MAN
00:00:17yeW- i mean omni
00:00:17Soulyah ONLY HERO I WANTED
00:00:17Strom !BANNED: Shadow Demon & Omniknight
00:00:17diesel omni it is
00:00:17yeW- i ban omni
00:00:17diesel lets go
00:00:25yeW- :D
00:00:29diesel ma mängin butcherit
00:00:31mby_next_time yew lamezooooor
00:00:33yeW- had u scared there u fag eh?:DD
00:00:40Soulyah yer
00:00:42Soulyah noh
00:00:43yeW- nub
00:00:45Soulyah Pudge tleb w
00:00:45yeW- -clear
00:00:48diesel ye
00:00:49yeW- MY PUDGE...
00:00:55Soulyah lasin just imba pela sellega
00:01:06svents ofc lasid imbA:D
00:01:07yeW- mby take a ganger
00:01:09yeW- since u noob
00:01:10svents mid oli p2ris hea fail
00:01:15Soulyah sa olid
00:01:17yeW- srsly quellin? :D
00:01:17Soulyah sitaks parem
00:01:20mby_next_time since GTFO
00:01:21svents :)
00:01:31Soulyah midgames oli hook % 85 :D
00:01:35Soulyah lõpuks kukkus sinna 74 peale
00:01:36svents yeah
00:01:44Soulyah str gain 70
00:01:45Soulyah :D
00:01:46svents aga jh mai tea see mid fb oli kahtlane veits
00:01:54Soulyah miks:D
00:01:56yeW- rasmus pls
00:01:56Soulyah owned
00:01:59mby_next_time -hhn
00:02:00yeW- take it easy ok?
00:02:00mby_next_time -don
00:02:02mby_next_time -water red
00:02:03yeW- -clear
00:02:03svents tema oli loll lihtsalt:D
00:02:03mby_next_time -clear
00:02:08diesel get wards please
00:02:15svents aga jh demian ju mis teha
00:02:21diesel tra sitaks hea lineup meil ju
00:02:21yeW- whats up with demian?
00:02:22diesel imo
00:02:22yeW- :D
00:02:23svents im bot woods
00:02:26Soulyah nothing
00:02:27svents he is noob
00:02:30mby_next_time he sucks balls
00:02:30yeW- he is french
00:02:32Soulyah hes decent
00:02:33yeW- NUFF SED
00:02:36mby_next_time oh so he's gay
00:02:38svents but he sucks
00:02:38yeW- /d
00:02:38Bct_Murder /w DotaKeys: off
00:02:40Bct_Murder /w DotaKeys: on
00:02:42Bct_Murder /w DotaKeys: You control tuskarr [e,w,f,r]
00:02:43yeW- whereas u roc
00:02:44mby_next_time all french sucks
00:02:44yeW- k
00:02:44diesel please ward
00:02:46yeW- ;D?
00:02:47svents overrated
00:02:49diesel top rune aswell
00:02:58svents lase stromil
00:02:59yeW- ali
00:03:00yeW- pls
00:03:00svents all soloda
00:03:00AliBaba bithes
00:03:00Strom tuskarr solo bot?
00:03:02yeW- steal soulyahs farm
00:03:05Strom tuskarr top rather
00:03:08Bct_Murder you want solo ?
00:03:08svents ye
00:03:09AliBaba ill try
00:03:10svents im woods
00:03:12yeW- ty
00:03:12svents and i gank bot
00:03:13diesel gank mid
00:03:14mby_next_time top rune
00:03:15Soulyah sure thing!
00:03:21yeW- -la
00:03:22yeW- -ma
00:03:24svents mul ole sutnni :S
00:03:25Soulyah -la
00:03:27Soulyah -lala
00:03:28svents et midi tulla amt
00:03:29yeW- :DD
00:03:30AliBaba banana
00:03:37Soulyah ss
00:03:38yeW- ye
00:03:40diesel ye know
00:03:40Strom !
00:03:48Soulyah still ss
00:03:58Soulyah re 1
00:04:32svents tra
00:04:33svents storm
00:04:39svents tee selle ramsusega midagi
00:04:39yeW- 5s pause
00:04:40yeW- pls
00:04:41svents ta teeb koguaeg nii
00:04:41mby_next_time 5
00:04:41mby_next_time 4
00:04:41mby_next_time 3
00:04:41Soulyah WHY U CAME LION FFS
00:04:41mby_next_time 2
00:04:41yeW- rasmus
00:04:41mby_next_time 1
00:04:41yeW- pls
00:04:41yeW- RASMUS
00:04:41mby_next_time ok it's late
00:04:41svents see on gameruin mis ta teeb atm
00:04:41yeW- STAY ON LANE
00:04:41yeW- STP ROAMIN
00:04:41yeW- LEVEL 1
00:04:41yeW- re 321
00:04:41Strom mida ta teeb?
00:04:41coolass sry
00:04:41coolass :S
00:04:43coolass but no place to go
00:04:44svents metsas passib
00:04:50svents siis on ise ei tea kuk aua lvl 1
00:05:01Soulyah hahahahaha
00:05:09Soulyah storm
00:05:09Soulyah nii ei saa
00:05:09yeW- !!
00:05:09mby_next_time stop fucking pauseing etc
00:05:09Soulyah vaata mis rasmus teeb
00:05:09yeW- dafuk
00:05:09Strom mul on fog
00:05:09Soulyah mõttetu pelada:D
00:05:09svents ma ütlesin talle juba
00:05:09Strom ma ei näe
00:05:09yeW- ENGLISHHH
00:05:09yeW- PLSSS
00:05:09Soulyah teie metsas lvl 1
00:05:09svents pohh laseme edasi siis
00:05:09svents pohhui
00:05:09yeW- BLABLA
00:05:09svents ta teeb iga pela nii
00:05:09Soulyah jookseb yksi ringi:D
00:05:09yeW- TRA ANNA JUHTSU
00:05:09Strom Rasmus, play well
00:05:11svents ja ei bannita ära
00:05:36Bct_Murder fucki ng pausse ....
00:05:36Soulyah gj
00:05:38Bct_Murder next time
00:05:45Bct_Murder say if you want pause
00:05:49Soulyah xD
00:05:55Bct_Murder sucker
00:05:58Bct_Murder you soul
00:06:03Soulyah (L)
00:06:42Strom no svents
00:06:45Strom ruinis su mängu ära?
00:06:50svents ofc
00:06:51svents ruinis
00:06:54Strom :D
00:06:58Strom tudnub jah valid strat
00:07:01coolass SPIKES
00:07:02Strom enigma ei saa freefarmi
00:07:12svents jh vend on ise ei tea kui kaua lvl 1
00:07:18yeW- ss
00:07:26yeW- deny ^^
00:07:27yeW- jeez :p
00:07:34Soulyah wanted
00:07:36Soulyah to take myseklf
00:07:37coolass screen freeze
00:07:38yeW- :D
00:08:08diesel gan mkmid
00:08:12diesel for god sake
00:08:16Strom ss
00:08:38Strom ss
00:08:53svents tule
00:08:53svents storm
00:08:57Soulyah ulti haz?
00:08:58yeW- e
00:09:04mby_next_time :D
00:09:09Strom Pussy
00:09:15Soulyah :DDDDDDDDDDDd
00:09:16diesel okD:
00:09:17Soulyah HAHAHAHA
00:09:17mby_next_time you like it
00:09:17yeW- tis ramus :DD
00:09:24diesel gank mid
00:09:27mby_next_time ss sven bot
00:09:41yeW- oom ^^'
00:09:55svents hahah wtf:DD
00:10:02mby_next_time ship ?:D
00:10:09mby_next_time was oom before :D
00:10:09svents didnt even see animation :D
00:10:11AliBaba ss
00:10:14mby_next_time pro :D
00:10:15Soulyah overplay
00:10:16Soulyah feel it
00:10:49Soulyah got silence mid
00:10:52mby_next_time DIVE MORE
00:10:56mby_next_time AND TEAM NOT TP
00:10:57yeW- ye
00:10:57mby_next_time COME ON
00:11:05mby_next_time PRO SOUL
00:11:17Soulyah sile
00:11:19mby_next_time btw hope you liked the torrent :P
00:11:29diesel njjaa
00:11:30Soulyah boooo
00:11:36diesel kift pela päeva 1. :D
00:12:00AliBaba ty
00:12:03AliBaba for shitmiss
00:12:12Soulyah dude
00:12:14Soulyah lanegame
00:12:14Soulyah over
00:12:24AliBaba dude suck me :D
00:12:29Soulyah dude may i?
00:12:35AliBaba please :i
00:12:53coolass heh as relic
00:12:54coolass soon
00:12:57Soulyah u should care
00:13:00yeW- nah
00:13:00Strom lets gang him
00:13:00yeW- not fun
00:13:05Soulyah k i care for u
00:13:07yeW- :D
00:13:12mby_next_time gays
00:13:39mby_next_time np im faster :)
00:13:50Strom I'm b
00:13:51Strom 4 mid
00:14:06Bct_Murder we cant win :)
00:14:07Bct_Murder !ff
00:14:12yeW- RASMUS ITEMS :DD
00:14:56mby_next_time wont def solo
00:15:04yeW- well u noob
00:15:06yeW- so
00:15:08mby_next_time i know :<
00:15:13Strom svents, ma arvan, et osta daggger
00:15:21svents sed aplaaningi
00:15:22Soulyah invi pudge
00:15:27yeW- top or bot
00:15:40Soulyah dno
00:15:42Soulyah he went to their woods
00:15:43Soulyah :D
00:15:44Soulyah TOP THEN
00:15:51Soulyah omw
00:15:51yeW- D
00:15:56diesel push
00:15:57diesel come
00:15:58diesel kill
00:15:59Soulyah go bait
00:16:25yeW- xD
00:16:30yeW- that animation
00:16:30mby_next_time push e,m
00:16:42mby_next_time XDDD
00:16:45yeW- ^^
00:17:03mby_next_time that sacred fag
00:17:07Strom how hard can this be
00:17:09yeW- ^^
00:17:09Strom tuskarr+lion
00:17:10mby_next_time -.-
00:17:13Strom GANG blood
00:17:15coolass i amsorry
00:17:22coolass but my screen freezes for some reason
00:17:34svents lol
00:17:41mby_next_time soul XDD
00:17:43Soulyah sup
00:17:53diesel õnnelikud inimesed olete
00:17:56diesel mul lähec cooldowni
00:18:00diesel aga sa ei saa isegi stunni
00:18:01Soulyah :D
00:18:05mby_next_time go top sk
00:18:05Soulyah skill
00:18:26mby_next_time XD
00:18:44mby_next_time why no ulti ?:DD
00:18:49AliBaba haha
00:19:03Soulyah OMFg
00:19:07AliBaba :D
00:19:21mby_next_time GOOD KILL YEW
00:19:22mby_next_time KILL HIM
00:19:24mby_next_time LOL TUSK
00:19:30Bct_Murder pudge failer ...
00:19:35diesel yep
00:19:36mby_next_time enigma XDDD
00:19:40yeW- run
00:19:44Bct_Murder enigma noob
00:19:47svents go fck urself
00:19:48Bct_Murder blood seeker saw you
00:19:49Bct_Murder noob
00:19:49svents ofc noob
00:19:52svents so?
00:19:53diesel Bct lest just say that
00:19:55AliBaba Svans :*
00:19:55diesel all noobs
00:20:01diesel except u
00:20:23mby_next_time kk
00:20:25Soulyah :Dd
00:20:26mby_next_time i dont go with soul anymore
00:20:32mby_next_time you are so freaking unlucky for me
00:20:33diesel Kus su skill nüüd on
00:20:50Soulyah surid?
00:20:51Soulyah :D
00:20:54Bct_Murder radi 16min nice ...
00:20:57diesel kui meil nagu eriti carryt ei ole
00:21:03diesel siis võiks juba kõik koos käija
00:21:03Strom ma carryb
00:21:04diesel käia
00:21:13mby_next_time fuick off
00:21:15Soulyah xD
00:21:15mby_next_time from top
00:21:18mby_next_time ff
00:21:25AliBaba :_D
00:21:29AliBaba :_D
00:22:14Soulyah damn yew haz 1 frag more
00:22:18yeW- u noob
00:23:01yeW- YE
00:23:03yeW- I NEEDU R HELP
00:23:04yeW- COME PLS
00:23:05AliBaba :D
00:23:11mby_next_time XDDD
00:23:14mby_next_time lol noobs
00:23:33mby_next_time wise bou
00:23:34mby_next_time boy
00:23:36mby_next_time XDDD
00:23:59yeW- stupid tower
00:24:02mby_next_time sure
00:24:03yeW- wudnt stop attacin ^^
00:24:07yeW- why btw?
00:24:16mby_next_time happens
00:24:22yeW- how come
00:24:29yeW- sometimes tower keeps attackin u
00:24:35Strom dunno
00:24:35yeW- eventho u hit a on allied creeps?
00:24:47svents bugs FTW
00:25:06diesel lets
00:25:07diesel go
00:25:08diesel with 5
00:25:09mby_next_time hmm
00:25:10diesel plant them wards
00:25:11mby_next_time pretty strange
00:25:38AliBaba hahahha
00:25:41svents kogu muy mana
00:25:43svents all my mana
00:25:45svents gone:DDD
00:25:51Bct_Murder sven farm 22 min 0 help ;)
00:25:55Soulyah why no ff?
00:26:02mby_next_time 25?
00:26:02yeW- cuz 23
00:26:03AliBaba they cant
00:26:03yeW- ^^
00:26:04Strom tuskarr farmed all earlier game
00:26:05AliBaba noob
00:26:06AliBaba :D
00:26:08Soulyah ah y
00:26:11Strom and I still have more action under my score than you tuskarr
00:26:45yeW- :D
00:26:47svents hy
00:26:50diesel dude has guinsoo
00:26:56yeW- damn it guys
00:27:07svents dont mess with me
00:27:26Rasmus.Seebach why what will you do???
00:27:33Soulyah SEDA ma ei ootanud
00:27:53mby_next_time XDDDD
00:27:56mby_next_time come on
00:28:07svents ownt
00:28:08mby_next_time worst stats
00:28:11mby_next_time on kunka
00:28:11mby_next_time ever
00:28:44yeW- stop wardin
00:28:47yeW- WE DONT NEED WARDS :D
00:28:48yeW- get items
00:28:54mby_next_time oh come on
00:28:55mby_next_time it's funny
00:29:01Soulyah I surrender! [1/5 of Scourge]
00:29:03mby_next_time OWNED SOUL
00:29:17svents fu
00:29:35Bct_Murder !ff
00:29:38diesel I surrender! [1/5 of Sentinel]
00:29:39coolass I surrender! [2/5 of Sentinel]
00:29:41svents we need to go together
00:29:42Bct_Murder I surrender! [3/5 of Sentinel]
00:29:42svents as team
00:29:45svents not fcking 1 by 1
00:30:05mby_next_time XD
00:30:06mby_next_time fag
00:30:08yeW- :D
00:30:53mby_next_time DIE YTEW
00:30:54mby_next_time KILL HIM
00:31:15mby_next_time yew
00:31:38yeW- RIGH
00:31:46yeW- what is obsi doin there ? :DD
00:31:47mby_next_time oh you pusshing ?:))
00:31:47Soulyah can we
00:31:48Soulyah request
00:31:50Soulyah that guy
00:31:51svents supÄ?
00:31:55mby_next_time i just puishged boy
00:31:57mby_next_time bot >
00:31:57Soulyah banrequest kunkka
00:32:01Soulyah not following team
00:32:07mby_next_time not saying go mid
00:32:07Soulyah ma ei viitsi ircu ronida
00:32:09Soulyah niiet saa hakkama
00:32:11Soulyah banimisega
00:32:13yeW- THIS ALIBABA
00:32:15yeW- .
00:32:36yeW- 3 hits
00:32:37yeW- on tuskar
00:32:44yeW- dude
00:32:46yeW- why ulti
00:32:46mby_next_time prefer ulti :D
00:32:50mby_next_time fun fun
00:32:54yeW- ^^
00:33:06svents need 1k for bkb
00:33:10Soulyah highest wardcount on gc
00:33:13Soulyah rasmus
00:33:17mby_next_time for sure
00:33:20svents ye true that
00:33:24Strom don't think so
00:33:24yeW- i think he has issues
00:33:33mby_next_time you sure strom?
00:33:34coolass highest mid gank on 2nd minute
00:33:38yeW- once
00:33:39coolass too ramsmus
00:33:40Soulyah lol
00:33:42Soulyah first minute
00:33:43yeW- he tried gangin mid with bb lvl 1
00:33:47coolass obsi gank
00:33:52coolass 8D
00:33:57coolass funny stuff
00:33:57diesel push mid
00:33:58diesel with 5
00:34:02Strom check rosh
00:34:04yeW- b
00:34:04yeW- sven
00:34:17AliBaba :D
00:34:25mby_next_time oh bkb :DDDDD
00:34:50svents :DDD
00:34:51Soulyah OMG
00:34:52Bct_Murder !fff
00:34:53Soulyah OMGOMG
00:34:53Bct_Murder 1ff
00:34:54mby_next_time wp :DDD
00:34:54Soulyah OMGOMGOMG
00:34:55Bct_Murder !ff
00:34:56Bct_Murder .ff
00:34:57Bct_Murder I surrender! [3/5 of Sentinel]
00:34:58yeW- crazy skills
00:35:02diesel why
00:35:03svents mu stun tappis su lihtsalt ära :)
00:35:03diesel arent we
00:35:04diesel going
00:35:06diesel with 5?
00:35:08diesel like
00:35:10diesel for ONCE
00:35:12svents well
00:35:15svents got ulti cd
00:35:20diesel no going with 5
00:35:21svents got it just:D
00:35:28diesel might aswell ff
00:35:29diesel so
00:35:30svents bs dagger:DDD
00:35:30diesel I surrender! [3/5 of Sentinel]
00:35:34svents i wont ff
00:35:34Soulyah ma oleks pidanud ennast eulima
00:36:30Soulyah hi
00:36:30diesel idiot
00:36:44mby_next_time yew 0-.-
00:36:54yeW- :DD
00:36:57Soulyah fuck u
00:36:58Soulyah rly
00:37:01Soulyah comoing to save u
00:37:03Soulyah 100th time
00:37:03Soulyah I surrender! [1/5 of Scourge]
00:37:05yeW- me? :((
00:37:06yeW- !!!!
00:37:12Soulyah fuck this game
00:37:14Soulyah i go farm
00:37:16yeW- :D
00:37:20mby_next_time opugna mid
00:37:26Soulyah what fucking mid
00:37:27svents haige et sa saad eulida end mu ultis
00:37:27yeW- :D???
00:37:27Soulyah go ff
00:37:39svents dust cd
00:37:40svents ffs
00:37:58Soulyah fucking stupidass int shit u also buy
00:38:04svents gg
00:38:05Strom cool :D
00:38:08svents lost my bkb:D
00:38:17yeW- this team..
00:38:26Soulyah u suck
00:38:28mby_next_time winning without you? :D
00:38:28yeW- gogo mid
00:38:29yeW- yeye mate
00:38:36yeW- i sucksta
00:38:51svents :DDd
00:38:51Soulyah ?!?!?!
00:38:51Strom :D
00:38:52mby_next_time \that soul :DD
00:38:54Soulyah 2.5sec?
00:38:55yeW- that soul
00:38:56Soulyah ulti 2sec?
00:38:56Strom def base
00:39:01Soulyah explain?
00:39:07svents sa paned euli kh veel ju
00:39:13svents arvesta see kh veel sisse
00:39:50mby_next_time why the fuck
00:39:54mby_next_time did stryhg
00:39:55yeW- :DD
00:39:56yeW- /d
00:39:57mby_next_time up damage sven ?:DDDD
00:39:57yeW- XDXD
00:39:58Bct_Murder I surrender! [3/5 of Sentinel]
00:40:12svents tra
00:40:16svents mul oli ulti cd
00:40:18svents 15 seci
00:40:22svents just siis kui hull battle oli
00:40:24svents jumal
00:40:25svents vittu
00:40:42mby_next_time that rasmus
00:40:46mby_next_time crazy guy
00:41:00mby_next_time wp yew
00:41:01mby_next_time :DDD
00:41:03Soulyah enemy
00:41:03yeW- DD/
00:41:05Soulyah so TRY HARD
00:41:07yeW- y
00:41:08yeW- lol
00:41:10yeW- like wtf
00:41:40Soulyah rasmus
00:41:43Soulyah im interested
00:41:45yeW- i wonder if i have more mana than u ali
00:41:45Soulyah to to offend
00:41:48Soulyah but how old are u?
00:41:57AliBaba you have
00:41:58Soulyah im just curious
00:41:59AliBaba fucking cunt :D
00:42:02yeW- ^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^
00:42:06Soulyah rasmus
00:42:08Soulyah can u tell me
00:42:09AliBaba you make crasy build..
00:42:52Soulyah lol nigger saw
00:42:52Soulyah :D
00:42:56yeW- haha
00:42:58AliBaba :D:D:D
00:43:01diesel kõik afk
00:43:02yeW- i have 30 mana more than u :
00:43:03yeW- :D
00:43:04diesel või ma ei tea
00:43:05svents mis afk
00:43:06svents ei ole
00:43:07diesel andke ff
00:43:07svents ju
00:43:13svents ma tpsin baasis just
00:43:16svents et bkb saada
00:43:16AliBaba not more
00:43:20diesel no 4 venda elus
00:43:21AliBaba w8
00:43:21yeW- ?
00:43:22AliBaba :D
00:43:22diesel ma olen baasis
00:43:22Strom def base
00:43:25yeW- lol
00:43:26AliBaba hehe
00:43:28svents olge baasis siis jumal
00:43:28diesel ja appi ei tulda
00:43:33svents mida te ronite v2lja
00:44:08AliBaba :D
00:44:09AliBaba tryharder
00:44:10Soulyah lol
00:44:10AliBaba :D
00:44:11Soulyah we lose this
00:44:12yeW- lol
00:44:24svents see oleks nii won pela
00:44:28yeW- strom
00:44:33svents kui early poleks nii ifail olnud
00:44:33yeW- ur just hurtin urself
00:44:45yeW- rasmus has smoke :DD
00:44:46yeW- /D
00:44:47yeW- XXD
00:44:50mby_next_time he gangs
00:45:04yeW- USE
00:45:07yeW- SMOKE TO
00:45:08yeW- ESCAPE
00:45:17Soulyah can we
00:45:17yeW- kunkka hg
00:45:19Soulyah win this
00:45:22yeW- kk gogo
00:45:23mby_next_time omw in secunds
00:45:35Soulyah sven will solo us soon
00:45:41yeW- BAM
00:45:42Rasmus.Seebach lol
00:45:45svents enigma ulti cd so fcking long
00:45:47mby_next_time what?:D
00:45:49svents too fcking long :(
00:46:01yeW- cant do
00:46:06yeW- anythin else
00:46:10yeW- with mystic?
00:46:12Strom 5 mis
00:46:15Soulyah im telling u
00:46:16Strom they may rosh, but care
00:46:16diesel gather
00:46:16Soulyah sven will
00:46:17Soulyah fucking
00:46:19Soulyah solo us
00:46:20yeW- :DD
00:46:20svents care
00:46:24diesel gather mid
00:46:25diesel I smoke
00:46:26diesel gank
00:46:28mby_next_time well if we stick together
00:46:30mby_next_time to enigma ulti
00:46:34mby_next_time then ofc we die
00:46:41mby_next_time who take?
00:46:46AliBaba meee
00:46:48Rasmus.Seebach push bot???
00:46:50Strom b
00:46:50mby_next_time k ff
00:46:53Strom def base
00:47:26Strom omfg, why not listen
00:47:28mby_next_time :)
00:47:30yeW- XD
00:47:30svents I surrender! [4/5 of Sentinel]
00:47:33Bct_Murder I surrender! [4/5 of Sentinel]
00:47:33coolass I surrender! [4/5 of Sentinel]
00:47:34Bct_Murder .ff
00:47:35mby_next_time perfect ship by kunka ?:D
00:47:36Bct_Murder !ff
00:47:38diesel ye Im not ment to get kills :D
00:47:39Bct_Murder /ff
00:47:40yeW- perfect eny
00:47:42Strom I should have just went back myself
00:47:42yeW- d
00:47:45Strom that was so stupid
00:47:46Strom lion why go
00:47:48Strom after I say b
00:47:48mby_next_time yeah it was nice also
00:48:00svents gg wp
00:48:05mby_next_time gg
00:48:06Soulyah gg ofc
00:48:13svents enigma's ulti cd stoo fcking long :(
00:48:14yeW- ali dont bd :D
00:48:15svents would pwn u
00:48:31Soulyah 1 for u
00:48:32Soulyah 1 for me
00:48:41Strom also, lion
00:48:45Strom why you buy drums if you never use it
00:48:47Strom still 4 charges
00:48:52coolass hmmm
00:48:57coolass :S
00:49:22coolass sry
00:49:34AliBaba cunt
00:49:38AliBaba :D
00:49:39diesel -st
00:49:49mby_next_time what?
00:49:51mby_next_time i was dead
00:50:13mby_next_time XDD
00:50:14mby_next_time my atakc XDD
00:50:16AliBaba kill hiim
00:50:18yeW- :D
00:50:20diesel I surrender! [4/5 of Sentinel]
00:50:21diesel strom
00:50:22diesel tegfelt
00:50:25diesel see on läbi
00:50:28svents ei
00:50:30yeW- what is this? !D
00:50:31svents ära ffi
00:50:32diesel meil pole sellist teamworki
00:50:33svents storm
00:50:35svents putsi
00:50:37diesel mis võidule viiks
00:50:40svents kirjuta veel
00:50:45mby_next_time XDDD
00:50:49mby_next_time 3 bf tactic pow pow
00:50:53svents was writing:(
00:50:54AliBaba :D
00:50:54yeW- BAM BIM BOUM
00:51:16Soulyah eul power
00:51:17Soulyah :D
00:51:23Strom roshi juures fight keeras kõik metsa
00:51:28diesel see dota1 on pask
00:51:32diesel full of bugs
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