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Chat log

00:00:00BACKENiZER- [DotA-GC] ... and the wooden PC award goes to *drum roll* ... yeW- with 50 seconds.
00:00:06yeW- veno
00:00:08yeW- sd
00:00:08BACKENiZER- naix qop bs
00:00:11yeW- kunkka
00:00:11fUNCh backen ära kana unusta
00:00:16fUNCh thrall ud morf
00:00:16yeW- everyone, heroes?
00:00:17tba necro'lic abba and tb
00:00:17BACKENiZER- :D
00:00:19Diablo slardar spectre enchanters
00:00:21fUNCh i think i go morf carry
00:00:26Strom od slark butcher
00:00:28yeW- i can do spec
00:00:29Diablo let me carry spectre
00:00:30Strom gonna go butcher most likely
00:00:35yeW- mcfele
00:00:36yeW- what u got
00:00:38McFele techie/roof/naga
00:00:39creeeeeee go solo top pudge i guess
00:00:40tba any one abba
00:00:40yeW- naga
00:00:40creeeeeee i'll ursa forest
00:00:40Diablo pick/swap time pls
00:00:40BACKENiZER- stfu
00:00:40yeW- do u want sd
00:00:40yeW- ?
00:00:40McFele kunka
00:00:40yeW- demian, t'es l??
00:00:40yeW- ok
00:00:40Diablo sd is great pick it
00:00:40diesel wd clinkz wisp
00:00:40fUNCh more carry is better
00:00:40tba wd
00:00:40diesel butcherit pelaks küll :D
00:00:40diesel what u have?
00:00:40fUNCh spec,morf,kunkka
00:00:40DeMiaN hmm
00:00:40fUNCh 2 more plz
00:00:40yeW- well if he doesnt wanna sd
00:00:40Diablo i will do spectre
00:00:40tba read chat
00:00:40yeW- i wontforce him
00:00:40DeMiaN pa bane dk
00:00:40yeW- t'as quoi négro?
00:00:40diesel k
00:00:40DeMiaN pas bane dk mec
00:00:40diesel creeee
00:00:40DeMiaN pa bane dk*
00:00:40diesel mis sul on
00:00:40diesel back
00:00:40tba but abba tb and necro'lic
00:00:40diesel mis sul on?
00:00:40DeMiaN mortred quoi
00:00:40BACKENiZER- ütlesin juba
00:00:40BACKENiZER- bs qop naix
00:00:40tba u want?
00:00:40Diablo yew
00:00:40yeW- go dk
00:00:40diesel mm
00:00:40yeW- ye
00:00:40diesel not rly
00:00:40Diablo what u have?
00:00:40yeW- ?
00:00:40diesel maybe tb
00:00:40Strom I play butcher
00:00:40tba k
00:00:40yeW- ds kunkka veno
00:00:40DeMiaN je le joue ?
00:00:40diesel k
00:00:40DeMiaN ou pour toi ?
00:00:40yeW- i get him kunkka
00:00:40BACKENiZER- ma bs või qop xd
00:00:40yeW- uais
00:00:40yeW- pour toi
00:00:40yeW- si tu le veux
00:00:40yeW- :p
00:00:40diesel mida sa kõige paremini tajud
00:00:40tba so i take tb for you
00:00:40diesel wait
00:00:40Diablo ok u go kunkka
00:00:40diesel y
00:00:40DeMiaN ?a marche
00:00:40diesel but wait
00:00:40Diablo he bane
00:00:40tba k
00:00:40Diablo me spectre
00:00:40yeW- so spec morph naga kunkka dk
00:00:40yeW- :DD
00:00:40Diablo no way
00:00:40DeMiaN don't play spec
00:00:40DeMiaN -clear
00:00:40Strom back, võta qop siis .. hea earlygame meil siis
00:00:40Strom ja qop lõpus kah norm
00:00:40yeW- go
00:00:40Diablo ok ill go slardar then
00:00:40yeW- go
00:00:40BACKENiZER- ok
00:00:40yeW- as u wish
00:00:40creeeeeee ma ursan ikkagi siis vast
00:00:40DeMiaN y go slard
00:00:41creeeeeee forest
00:00:46yeW- lol
00:00:49McFele -swap 1
00:00:49DeMiaN serious ?
00:00:51yeW- -swap 4
00:00:54Diablo wtf?
00:00:55diesel y get me tb
00:00:56yeW- je croyais dk
00:01:02diesel -swap 4
00:01:02yeW- aba
00:01:03yeW- ^^
00:01:07tba -swap 1
00:01:12Strom diesel, oled mid või top?
00:01:14tba -clear
00:01:16DeMiaN bah j'aurais dit aba =)
00:01:26McFele lanes?
00:01:27DeMiaN well
00:01:31DeMiaN their picks sucks aswell
00:01:38yeW- slard bot
00:01:39yeW- rest top
00:01:41fUNCh ban my team
00:01:47yeW- BAN IT
00:01:55yeW- for once funch
00:01:58yeW- doenst go carry
00:02:02yeW- he wants his team to be banned :D
00:02:03Strom yeah, miracle
00:02:24yeW- ss
00:02:27DeMiaN slardar
00:02:27DeMiaN can u pull ?
00:02:31Diablo ye
00:02:33Diablo if not warded
00:02:39creeeeeee 2ss top
00:02:48yeW- why u stay?
00:02:52yeW- we ant kill
00:03:03DeMiaN then go pull
00:03:04fUNCh was hopping he would try something
00:03:05fUNCh :D
00:03:16Diablo warded
00:03:32DeMiaN that lag
00:03:34Diablo ???
00:03:45yeW- nooo
00:03:50Strom that creep was overweight
00:03:54yeW- ^^
00:04:17yeW- ss mid
00:04:18yeW- pudge
00:04:18yeW- re
00:04:54creeeeeee slow on v
00:05:00diesel ei
00:05:01DeMiaN go wd lvl 4 ?
00:05:07Diablo hm
00:05:09Diablo try
00:05:12yeW- ss mid!!
00:05:15Diablo but if he stun gg
00:05:43Diablo told u
00:05:43DeMiaN ah
00:05:45DeMiaN y
00:05:45DeMiaN ..
00:06:01tba gj
00:06:21Strom naga top illu rune
00:06:26tba ss 2
00:06:29Diablo try wd now
00:06:32Strom care top
00:06:33Strom naga inc
00:06:35Strom with illus
00:06:40Diablo w8 oom
00:06:40DeMiaN k
00:06:41creeeeeee go away yew
00:06:42BACKENiZER- b
00:06:43creeeeeee :(
00:06:45yeW- fu shithole
00:06:46yeW- :DD
00:06:48creeeeeee _D:DD
00:06:49BACKENiZER- dk
00:06:52tba y
00:06:52creeeeeee so sweet
00:07:50yeW- BAM
00:07:51yeW- -ma
00:08:00DeMiaN yew
00:08:00Diablo top owned?
00:08:02DeMiaN faut que tu gang
00:08:03DeMiaN bot
00:08:15yeW- peux pas
00:08:25DeMiaN quand tu pourras
00:08:29yeW- ss mid
00:08:39yeW- gah.
00:08:45yeW- bolosse
00:08:47Diablo b
00:08:55Diablo hasted pudge
00:08:56Diablo dk
00:08:56Diablo b
00:09:50tba nice
00:10:18yeW- 200 to diffu
00:10:24Strom blah
00:10:38yeW- -ma
00:10:41yeW- we need wards
00:10:46Strom I
00:10:48yeW- funch? :p
00:10:52Strom needed tango
00:10:55fUNCh nope
00:11:05yeW- :((
00:11:31yeW- go top kunka
00:11:35McFele im top
00:11:44Strom btw
00:11:46Strom naga freefarms
00:11:51Strom he will have diffu in 2min
00:11:53Strom if we don't kill him
00:11:59diesel yew
00:11:59Strom ah he has it
00:12:01creeeeeee has already
00:12:05diesel 9 minti
00:12:08diesel diffu
00:12:10diesel mis tegid seal midis?
00:12:14Strom polnud seal?
00:12:25diesel kes midis oli siis?
00:12:29Strom creebid ja tower
00:12:35Strom ma roaminud
00:12:37yeW- lol.
00:12:57Diablo NOOB DK
00:12:58Strom aaaaaaaargh
00:13:05DeMiaN 50 hp
00:13:06Strom refelx to remove rot :D
00:13:10Strom but I didn't have rot on
00:13:33DeMiaN with 50 hp ?
00:13:40Diablo REPLAY U NOOB
00:13:45Strom 4 b ot
00:14:05DeMiaN dat creep
00:14:10Strom he had it coming
00:14:28yeW- g puge
00:14:50fUNCh pauned ?
00:15:18yeW- i put a sentry
00:15:23McFele 3 bot
00:15:32DeMiaN 3bot
00:15:35DeMiaN including pudge
00:15:54diesel tba
00:15:58diesel wanna start supporting?
00:15:59tba ?
00:16:02diesel or u better get ur imbaitems?
00:16:09diesel I cant farm if I get ganked
00:16:20yeW- the fuck
00:16:27tba blinkl
00:16:33BACKENiZER- noshit
00:17:00Strom WD/qop get ghost scepters
00:17:02Strom to remove naga net
00:17:05creeeeeee mulle tundub siin töötab pigem lothar vist kui dagger
00:17:05yeW- ye wait
00:17:06yeW- slard
00:17:16Strom yew'l sentryd
00:17:22Strom a enam mitte
00:17:38DeMiaN thx
00:17:48diesel :D
00:17:57diesel nice
00:17:59Strom norm
00:18:23Diablo ursa invi care
00:18:27yeW- no shit :p
00:18:32Diablo no crap
00:18:44diesel dont
00:18:44diesel plant
00:18:46diesel ur shitty ward
00:18:48diesel WRONG SOPOT
00:18:52tba lol
00:18:55yeW- boom
00:19:03fUNCh wtf i send him back
00:19:03fUNCh -.-
00:19:10Diablo go dk
00:19:17yeW- quatterstaff?
00:19:19yeW- what u doin with that
00:19:21Diablo lothar
00:19:29creeeeeee blää nad mind taga hakkasid ajama nüüd
00:19:58yeW- go mid
00:19:59yeW- ursa
00:20:45creeeeeee pole väga lothar vend ikka
00:20:46creeeeeee dagger
00:20:49Strom :D
00:22:05Diablo ?
00:22:06tba lol
00:22:09yeW- ..
00:22:17Strom dd anga
00:22:18creeeeeee gaining some mana
00:22:31Diablo b
00:22:33Strom THAT MOVE
00:22:34yeW- need wards
00:22:39yeW- ^^'
00:22:43Strom busting out some dance moves
00:22:45Strom moonwalk
00:23:01yeW- -ma
00:23:17Diablo i get lothars gg
00:23:21tba brb
00:24:07Strom help mid
00:24:48creeeeeee uu
00:24:48yeW- u guys are bad
00:24:50yeW- really bad
00:24:51creeeeeee sõber on all
00:25:00diesel new wards
00:25:06Strom nojah
00:25:10Strom oleks pidanud arvama
00:25:14Strom et funch läheb ikka veel farmima :D :D
00:25:14creeeeeee jep
00:25:17creeeeeee ofc :D
00:25:19fUNCh i'm not bad
00:25:24yeW- indeed
00:25:26yeW- u are terrible
00:25:30Diablo D
00:25:31fUNCh nope
00:25:32creeeeeee nonii
00:25:34creeeeeee uus rosh
00:25:35creeeeeee tule nüüd
00:25:41diesel enemy lind
00:25:41yeW- rosh soon re
00:25:42diesel läks sinna
00:25:42diesel !
00:25:53Diablo lothars rdy
00:26:06Diablo i go in then thrall and gg
00:26:21yeW- wtf?
00:26:38Diablo gogo
00:26:40yeW- go in
00:26:41yeW- u
00:26:43Strom I protect
00:27:06yeW- RIGHT
00:27:13yeW- k
00:27:14yeW- fff
00:27:15Diablo kunkka?
00:27:16yeW- ff it
00:27:19Strom jesus
00:27:19McFele I surrender! [1/5 of Sentinel]
00:27:21Strom make some room
00:27:23Strom for me to hook :D
00:27:25yeW- banreqing mcfele
00:27:36McFele for what if i may ask :D
00:27:37McFele u dumbas
00:27:43yeW- for havin
00:27:45yeW- brain tumors
00:27:47McFele oO
00:27:55McFele thats one hell of a reason
00:28:01yeW- i t i
00:28:01McFele u have to respect my illness
00:28:09fUNCh tra
00:28:15fUNCh mis mõttes hero control ära kadus
00:28:28diesel :D
00:28:33diesel B E A uitful
00:28:41diesel aga ok
00:28:46diesel nüüd tulen ka teiega
00:28:46Diablo we own np :)
00:28:48Strom WD/QOP - get ghost scepters
00:28:50Strom it removes net
00:29:24tba nice invis
00:29:25tba so
00:29:38yeW- b
00:29:38yeW- wtf
00:29:46Strom b
00:29:49DeMiaN got bkb
00:29:50DeMiaN man
00:29:54yeW- so?
00:29:57yeW- its pudge
00:30:04Diablo he can disable u
00:30:10diesel ma lähen tagasi farmima
00:30:10DeMiaN y but without dmg
00:30:13Strom k
00:30:17yeW- ye but meanwhile
00:30:19yeW- ur bkb goes off
00:30:25fUNCh and ursa jumps in
00:30:27yeW- n his allies join :D
00:30:37Diablo ult?
00:31:04yeW- farm more pls
00:31:22Diablo yew manta soon or?
00:31:23Diablo :)
00:31:56DeMiaN thx
00:31:57DeMiaN rape ?
00:31:59yeW- no
00:32:00creeeeeee do you even have cd on this hit
00:32:00Diablo b
00:32:03creeeeeee sleep
00:32:05Strom 60s
00:32:06Strom @ 16
00:32:09DeMiaN no it's perma
00:32:10yeW- no
00:32:10Diablo rly whatz cd?
00:32:13yeW- i put wtf mode
00:32:22creeeeeee i'd say
00:32:24creeeeeee its pussymode
00:32:26creeeeeee rather
00:32:32creeeeeee khmm
00:32:43Strom lothar slard :D :D
00:32:57creeeeeee palju alumisel toweril hp
00:33:02Strom dunno
00:33:08Strom polegi :D
00:33:09creeeeeee deny :D
00:33:15tba ??
00:33:15BACKENiZER- kas see juut midagi ütlema ei pea kui ta kogu aeg pausib w:D
00:33:15Strom lags probably
00:33:15Diablo cmon
00:33:15creeeeeee peab vist hex tegema
00:33:15yeW- re 321
00:33:37yeW- no wards
00:33:38yeW- no smoke gang
00:33:40yeW- nothin
00:33:49diesel reuse
00:34:27yeW- wp
00:34:35BACKENiZER- peaks nüüd etheral blade tegema w
00:34:44Strom kasvõi
00:34:47Strom samas
00:34:49Strom meil palju dps'i
00:34:51Strom hex tee parem
00:34:52creeeeeee teeme midagi
00:34:56creeeeeee mul aegis kaob
00:34:57creeeeeee 3 min
00:35:02DeMiaN wtf they doin
00:35:03Strom ghost niisama hea
00:35:07Strom 4 hero vastu neil
00:35:20Strom ja kui net saad, paned ghost - ja enam ei ole
00:35:22Strom ez life
00:35:27diesel mida sa teed
00:35:28diesel oma ultiga
00:35:32diesel napakas oled veits v
00:35:34Strom farmi :D
00:35:39Diablo farming ursa
00:35:40BACKENiZER- 70sec aint cd ju:D
00:35:40diesel ta lasi mööda ju
00:35:41Strom 40s cd on madal
00:35:43diesel igast creebist
00:35:52Strom aa seda
00:35:55Strom no see vajab harjutamist
00:35:58diesel :D
00:36:15Diablo GATHER HERE SMOKE
00:36:54Strom ei plaaninud tegelt päris sind hookida :D
00:37:16Strom my bad
00:37:32Strom tahtsin funchi saada, aga järgminekord teen safema hooki
00:37:35fUNCh got like 40 charges to stick this battle:D
00:37:37Diablo urn any1?
00:37:44creeeeeee ei tea kas oleks ta insta saanud
00:37:47creeeeeee aga tõenäoliselt
00:37:48Diablo push
00:38:09Diablo me b
00:38:12Strom they rosh
00:38:12DeMiaN and i got my cuirrass completed
00:38:25Diablo that will be awesome - armor :)
00:38:33Strom and if not
00:38:34Strom we taek for ursa
00:38:38DeMiaN yep
00:38:43Diablo i go bkb now
00:38:46diesel take?
00:38:48Strom y
00:38:50Strom I protect
00:38:51yeW- lets not lose rosh again
00:39:00Diablo KUNK DO
00:39:01Diablo combo
00:39:02Diablo fast
00:39:52diesel kas te ei peaks "protectima" carrysid ve+ :D
00:39:59diesel ma eisaa ükski fight mitte isttagi teha
00:40:03diesel hopless
00:40:03Diablo bb
00:40:04diesel 0 farm
00:40:06Diablo D
00:40:06yeW- cmn
00:40:13yeW- play lotto
00:40:18Strom zero lotto
00:40:23yeW- ah
00:40:28yeW- creeps gave u sight there?
00:40:29Strom vision perfect
00:40:37creeeeeee tower gives it
00:40:38yeW- meh
00:40:41creeeeeee on daytime
00:40:43yeW- we lose rosh
00:40:48yeW- well fuck dat tower!
00:41:07DeMiaN run rosh
00:41:17Diablo we kill it in secounds
00:41:19yeW- srly?
00:41:20yeW- banreq
00:41:25Diablo ROSH ROSH
00:41:27yeW- BRAINDEAAD
00:41:28Diablo gogog
00:41:42DeMiaN bb
00:41:43Diablo go?
00:41:44Strom -st
00:41:47yeW- stay
00:41:49yeW- close
00:41:52creeeeeee liigume koos
00:41:54creeeeeee mul gem
00:41:58Strom rosh elus?
00:42:00creeeeeee y
00:42:02creeeeeee peaks olema
00:42:04Strom võtame
00:42:08Diablo go
00:42:09creeeeeee nad seal kõik
00:42:09Diablo i ult
00:42:12Diablo dk assault
00:42:13yeW- riky
00:42:15Diablo its dead in 2 secs
00:42:58Diablo stun him
00:43:07Diablo u take?
00:43:09tba bkb
00:43:10DeMiaN y
00:43:13yeW- cheese
00:43:14yeW- too
00:43:20DeMiaN get
00:43:21DeMiaN cheese
00:43:22creeeeeee palju need illud tegid
00:43:23creeeeeee dmg
00:43:25creeeeeee nagal
00:43:27Strom vähe
00:43:35Diablo bkb rdy
00:43:35creeeeeee pole seda herot mänginud pmts üldse
00:43:41Strom mingi 45% vist
00:43:42Strom lvl4
00:43:48Strom yew, what's the illusion dmg? 45% ?
00:43:53yeW- gimme cheese pls
00:44:00Diablo no way
00:44:02yeW- lemme revive n i'll tell u
00:44:23Strom checked playdota
00:44:26Strom 45% is correct
00:44:29creeeeeee mulle hakkab see vaikselt juba lost tunduma :/
00:44:33yeW- ^^
00:44:35Diablo thats op
00:44:41Strom mulle mitte
00:44:43yeW- what about tb's?
00:44:48Strom dunno
00:44:55diesel 2:9 tb?
00:45:22DeMiaN 41 armor
00:45:27DeMiaN 71% reduc
00:45:32DeMiaN without vlads aura
00:45:33DeMiaN =)
00:45:35creeeeeee siin mängus isegi dust kasulikum kui tp
00:46:03Diablo smoke?
00:46:05Strom sain 2 tp scrolli roshist :D
00:46:07Diablo thrall?
00:46:39Diablo D
00:46:47Diablo go mid?
00:46:49creeeeeee backen sa oled ikka päris jube
00:46:50creeeeeee :D:D
00:46:50yeW- ye try
00:46:52BACKENiZER- :DD
00:46:57Diablo we have aegis and cheese
00:47:01DeMiaN cant
00:47:01DeMiaN top
00:47:01creeeeeee armees ei õpetata isegi dotat tajuma? :D
00:47:02yeW- he gets bot
00:47:02DeMiaN look
00:47:03yeW- i tp
00:47:03yeW- np
00:47:04yeW- go
00:47:06DeMiaN k
00:47:06BACKENiZER- a csis endiselt hea
00:47:07Diablo to?
00:47:09Diablo tp?
00:47:09Strom fucnh näitab ju, et ei õpetata :d
00:47:13yeW- ye
00:47:14BACKENiZER- eile üle 2kuu ja räigelt ownisin
00:47:14creeeeeee tõsi strom :D
00:47:23Strom shit
00:47:45Strom võta rax maha
00:48:01Strom rax
00:48:02Strom ära c hase
00:48:20Strom :(
00:48:21Diablo wpp
00:48:29fUNCh mr terriblä saved ur ass
00:48:34yeW- nope
00:48:37diesel lifesteal ja skadi töötavad koos v?
00:48:41Strom range jah
00:48:42diesel või peaks butteri tegema
00:48:44fUNCh yup
00:48:46diesel butter parem vist
00:48:48DeMiaN that fight mid
00:48:48yeW- nopee..
00:48:51DeMiaN seemed too easy
00:48:52Strom butter parem siin jah
00:48:57Strom kui skadi
00:49:02Strom vähemalt kohe
00:49:05Strom skadi+lifesteal+butter
00:49:07Strom kõik tee
00:49:07Strom .D
00:49:10DeMiaN go pushh
00:49:13DeMiaN still got aegys
00:49:14DeMiaN go top
00:49:18Diablo ye top fast
00:49:21Diablo all pls
00:49:31Diablo mid is ok
00:49:36Diablo NAGA PLEASE TOP
00:49:54creeeeeee ty
00:49:56DeMiaN TOP
00:49:57DeMiaN !
00:50:11yeW- xD
00:50:17fUNCh funched
00:51:06Diablo gj
00:51:07DeMiaN got raxx
00:51:08DeMiaN so
00:51:09DeMiaN np
00:51:20Diablo great
00:51:22yeW- demian go b
00:51:24yeW- u cant escape
00:51:27DeMiaN lol ,
00:51:28DeMiaN ?
00:51:29fUNCh inc tb
00:51:30DeMiaN i'm dead
00:51:40diesel AGAIN?
00:51:45Strom 60s
00:51:47yeW- ITS FUCKIN 60!
00:53:04DeMiaN just b
00:53:05yeW- blah
00:53:09yeW- bought wrong item :D
00:53:10Diablo D
00:53:30DeMiaN at base
00:53:35yeW- nah
00:53:35Diablo i can bb
00:53:38Diablo NAGA TP/?
00:53:41yeW- chill
00:53:55DeMiaN slard bb
00:53:56McFele throne gone
00:54:47Diablo go finish?
00:54:58Diablo naga item drop?
00:55:37Strom not good
00:55:37creeeeeee ikka olid kõik siin
00:55:37DeMiaN mid
00:55:38tba I surrender! [1/4 of Scourge]
00:55:41Diablo finish?
00:55:43creeeeeee a ma sain vähemalt jumpida et sa tulid :D
00:55:44DeMiaN y
00:55:44yeW- ye
00:55:49Diablo go
00:55:50DeMiaN bien ouej yew =)
00:55:58yeW- :p
00:56:00Strom fight
00:56:11diesel ostan bkb
00:56:14diesel kõik spellid lähevad läbi :D
00:56:25creeeeeee nojah
00:56:26creeeeeee I surrender! [2/4 of Scourge]
00:56:26diesel kuidas näiteks X töötas :D
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