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91% | 1632 X | 1490 TS

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91% | 1593 X | 1515 TS

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74% | 1446 X | 1367 TS

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Chat log

00:00:00101010 [DotA-GC] ... and the wooden PC award goes to *drum roll* ... MohaMEED with 49 seconds. u better carry this
00:00:14PeterLars yew :)
00:00:17PeterLars we together
00:00:19PeterLars to we die
00:00:19yeW- -clear
00:00:19PeterLars fucking
00:00:19Homeostat0000 i ban sky
00:00:19PeterLars haiwan
00:00:19yeW- eat
00:00:19AliBaba oh
00:00:19Homeostat0000 u pick what i ask u, i carry like np
00:00:19AliBaba my wisp
00:00:19Homeostat0000 k?
00:00:19PeterLars EAT
00:00:19yeW- anyone lycan?
00:00:19101010 y
00:00:19yeW- LYCAN??
00:00:19PeterLars SHIT
00:00:19101010 ill go woods
00:00:19Rasmus.Seebach no Have we ever had arguments About my picks?
00:00:19PeterLars ban slark
00:00:19yeW- slark
00:00:19Homeostat0000 no :)
00:00:22Homeostat0000 yours are always good mhm go for ur
00:00:30AliBaba lol
00:00:32Homeostat0000 lich fp pls and what i take? atke ur weaveR? woooah
00:00:47PeterLars MY OGRE thought u banned sky for weaver. :D
00:00:51AliBaba :D
00:00:52AliBaba bøsse
00:00:54Astrocreep gl
00:00:54101010 yew what u want mm
00:00:57AliBaba få dig en ven
00:00:59PeterLars riki get me tide if possible
00:01:01PeterLars u gonna die
00:01:04Diablo tide tc
00:01:06yeW- get me cent
00:01:08MohaMEED what we need
00:01:10101010 -swap 1 tide we need
00:01:13yeW- -swap 3
00:01:15PeterLars let me mid
00:01:16Homeostat0000 now sven tide wisp
00:01:17MohaMEED we?
00:01:19yeW- hm
00:01:19Homeostat0000 pick wisp for alibaba? sven tide gogog
00:01:22Homeostat0000 is good too tru
00:01:25PeterLars i own riki i can play tide
00:01:29yeW- i was thinkin me mid n u gang
00:01:29yeW- ^^
00:01:30AliBaba fuckit
00:01:30PeterLars with his 500 hp
00:01:30Astrocreep i go toilet to piss
00:01:33AliBaba they dont pick it moha
00:01:36PeterLars oka ull give me tide?
00:01:37PeterLars me bot
00:01:38PeterLars then
00:01:41PeterLars fucking
00:01:42PeterLars kalb
00:01:45MohaMEED -swap 2 -swap 4
00:01:51Homeostat0000 ali gogo wisp?
00:01:51PeterLars dezi
00:01:51yeW- cuz i mean
00:01:54AliBaba y mmm
00:01:56yeW- i cant gang now let me think
00:01:57yeW- as good as u
00:02:00PeterLars u can suck
00:02:00yeW- in terms of hero
00:02:00PeterLars me
00:02:01yeW- ofc
00:02:02PeterLars :D should i be 2nd farmer?
00:02:02yeW- -clear or sven
00:02:06yeW- tc top cap make ur decision
00:02:19Homeostat0000 thinking
00:02:19PeterLars if they gank me oause
00:02:24yeW- ?
00:02:26Homeostat0000 lich tide top
00:02:30Homeostat0000 wisp sven bot
00:02:37Homeostat0000 wisp shares farm with sven lich
00:02:41yeW- rasmus
00:02:42MohaMEED y
00:02:42Homeostat0000 tide pls no battle fury
00:02:42yeW- take it easy insta denie creep and pull
00:02:46MohaMEED k
00:02:47yeW- with the map running na
00:02:48yeW- k dagger
00:02:49yeW- ? drum mmm
00:02:54Homeostat0000 mana boots and dagger yer
00:02:56Diablo he is dead
00:02:57yeW- we do not need sentries at min 4
00:02:58Diablo i think. shiva after
00:03:05yeW- just get some level
00:03:08yeW- n gang mid if neede then refu if needed
00:03:15PeterLars me mid?
00:03:16PeterLars lol
00:03:17yeW- lol copme denie creep
00:03:19yeW- ye and pull ty =)
00:03:21yeW- i dunno
00:03:23PeterLars fucking cunt
00:03:24MohaMEED i did mid
00:03:24yeW- what happened in my head 'aaa nice 1. ;)
00:03:32Homeostat0000 miss
00:04:20Homeostat0000 at 3 u can gank lycan
00:04:46AliBaba :D
00:04:47yeW- IDIOT
00:04:49Rasmus.Seebach loolololol
00:04:49AliBaba hahahah puuh well played mid sorry for fail
00:04:57Homeostat0000 np
00:05:01Homeostat0000 i will need ward AT RUNE
00:05:04Homeostat0000 lich u had wards
00:05:06Homeostat0000 PLACE THEM
00:05:10Homeostat0000 top rune instant pls
00:05:28Homeostat0000 place pls
00:05:30Diablo b idiot
00:05:35Rasmus.Seebach fuck you
00:05:48MohaMEED b
00:05:48yeW- HOW BAD
00:05:49yeW- ARE U?
00:06:01101010 k
00:06:02Homeostat0000 WARD give ur warsd to me moha meed
00:06:12Rasmus.Seebach ok you fucking bitch i hawent sleepet in 48 hoursrs
00:06:16yeW- GO LEEP
00:06:16yeW- THEN give ur wards!
00:06:18PeterLars ^^
00:06:24Homeostat0000 why do u buy them
00:06:25Diablo get lvl 2 GIVE ME UR WARDS
00:06:26Diablo pls
00:06:31yeW- ss wip
00:06:32MohaMEED oh shit blah.
00:06:44Diablo riki freefarm? u forgot miss eh? =)
00:06:48Homeostat0000 no
00:06:50Homeostat0000 cant say miss
00:06:54Homeostat0000 without wards
00:06:56PeterLars yeah ty to u wroking on them
00:07:01Diablo me?
00:07:06Homeostat0000 XD
00:07:09AliBaba ooomh
00:07:09AliBaba g
00:07:09AliBaba fucking plugging shit
00:07:09PeterLars rmk :D
00:07:09AliBaba tsh
00:07:09Homeostat0000 wisp sven
00:07:09Homeostat0000 u can easily
00:07:09Homeostat0000 gank lycan
00:07:09Homeostat0000 hes food
00:07:09Homeostat0000 for u
00:07:09PeterLars yew
00:07:09yeW- sup
00:07:09PeterLars he is ur friend
00:07:09yeW- he aint
00:07:09PeterLars he is arab too
00:07:09PeterLars like u
00:07:09Diablo D
00:07:09yeW- nah
00:07:09yeW- he speaks german
00:07:09yeW- probz
00:07:09PeterLars lol
00:07:09yeW- a turkish
00:07:09Rasmus.Seebach drop me
00:07:09PeterLars turkish asshole
00:07:09yeW- wish i cud
00:07:09Diablo homeo
00:07:09Rasmus.Seebach so fu tire'
00:07:09PeterLars fu rasmus
00:07:09PeterLars cunt
00:07:09Diablo cmon
00:07:09PeterLars he dead 1
00:07:09PeterLars time
00:07:09PeterLars time
00:07:09yeW- ye he cant be
00:07:09yeW- that
00:07:09Diablo i raped that pussy
00:07:09yeW- tarded lol
00:07:11PeterLars not like this ramsmus
00:07:26Homeostat0000 PLACE THE DAMN WARDS?
00:07:26yeW- ;D
00:07:50AliBaba go
00:07:52PeterLars b
00:08:12Homeostat0000 so much for this game
00:08:14Diablo nah
00:08:17Homeostat0000 he got 3 runes? obviously i went afk
00:08:23Homeostat0000 cause no wards and he has since i thought he egoed
00:08:55Homeostat0000 GANK THE DAMN LYCAN
00:08:58Homeostat0000 wips sven
00:09:07yeW- ogre
00:09:12PeterLars omg
00:09:14PeterLars this boy
00:09:15Diablo luna
00:09:17yeW- ye..
00:09:17Diablo lina
00:09:46yeW- ss
00:09:46yeW- 2
00:09:52MohaMEED ff now u can truly ego if u want to moha :)
00:10:11MohaMEED shut up 'just sayin
00:10:25MohaMEED mid
00:10:25PeterLars thissssssssss
00:10:26MohaMEED all
00:10:28PeterLars fucking
00:10:29PeterLars lina
00:10:32PeterLars fucking
00:10:33PeterLars skrid
00:10:35PeterLars ud
00:10:35Homeostat0000 need to keep ganking like that
00:10:36PeterLars med
00:10:36PeterLars dig
00:10:37Homeostat0000 with lich
00:10:40PeterLars din idiot
00:10:44Rasmus.Seebach wtrf ikke min skyld du fu dør
00:10:52PeterLars all mid :D
00:11:03PeterLars come
00:11:08Diablo for?
00:11:10PeterLars care
00:11:11Homeostat0000 good i got some gold
00:11:15Homeostat0000 u can gank lycan
00:11:18Homeostat0000 i start ganking map soon There we go with multies again Sick
00:11:35AliBaba wow lich
00:11:43PeterLars then dont attack me I didint attack u
00:11:55PeterLars u came
00:11:57PeterLars to my tower
00:11:59PeterLars dont ever
00:12:01PeterLars fuck with m
00:12:02PeterLars E
00:12:08Diablo lycan b
00:12:10PeterLars get me
00:12:11PeterLars gem
00:12:31yeW- my farm sucks riki free food for u lina lvl 3
00:12:44Diablo let
00:12:51yeW- t
00:12:53Diablo NOOB
00:13:00PeterLars banreq
00:13:02PeterLars him
00:13:02PeterLars after
00:13:07Homeostat0000 gogo?
00:13:14Diablo riki
00:13:15Rasmus.Seebach ban you self for the times you leave
00:13:19PeterLars stfu
00:13:21PeterLars cunt
00:13:25PeterLars svans
00:13:31Diablo lycan go rosh
00:13:35PeterLars du ødelægger hele spillet
00:13:54Homeostat0000 up chick lich
00:13:56yeW- wtf
00:14:09Diablo no wtf its called noob.
00:14:11yeW- lemme woods
00:14:22yeW- thouht the stun wud last longer :DD
00:14:26MohaMEED ok
00:14:29Homeostat0000 hgem
00:14:30Homeostat0000 kk
00:14:43Homeostat0000 freaking farmer
00:14:43Diablo owned
00:14:44PeterLars Why not
00:14:45PeterLars tell
00:14:45Homeostat0000 go leave srsly
00:14:46PeterLars me
00:14:47Homeostat0000 i dont need u
00:14:47PeterLars why not
00:14:50Homeostat0000 0 upped chicks
00:15:00PeterLars u the only one that can play from the other team :D
00:15:03Homeostat0000 lich rushing phase Thats an insult Your no pro urself
00:15:20yeW- :(((!!
00:15:24PeterLars i know
00:15:28yeW- NOW WHO HAS RELIC
00:15:29PeterLars didnt say i am pro free meal at top
00:15:31yeW- ITS YEW for u dude keep that lina totally dead
00:15:38PeterLars good for u
00:15:39PeterLars bitch
00:15:40Homeostat0000 check
00:15:42Homeostat0000 come all team
00:15:45Homeostat0000 we rly win if 5v5 no ulti for me
00:15:57yeW- insane
00:16:01PeterLars to late
00:16:05Homeostat0000 good one
00:16:10AliBaba reg
00:16:13Homeostat0000 rush on him
00:16:13Homeostat0000 gog
00:16:14yeW- did u smoke?
00:16:16yeW- at least?
00:16:17PeterLars no
00:16:20yeW- looooooooooooooooooool
00:16:23yeW- tp
00:16:33Homeostat0000 go agian
00:16:44yeW- b tc
00:16:47Homeostat0000 gj all we need is meet
00:16:54Diablo lina 0 8 :) =)
00:16:58AliBaba willie :D im triying to keep lina low
00:17:02PeterLars this tide
00:17:05Rasmus.Seebach ke keeps ussing ulti on me
00:17:07PeterLars is chasing him only
00:17:10yeW- -ma
00:17:12Rasmus.Seebach bad for him
00:17:15Astrocreep he likes pussy For obvious reasons tbh
00:17:16PeterLars then fucking leave
00:17:17Astrocreep so what
00:17:22Rasmus.Seebach he should usse they in team fights
00:17:41PeterLars got gem got ulti
00:17:49Diablo WISp we can go teambattle now
00:17:53Diablo b
00:18:09PeterLars this lina :D
00:18:13PeterLars stun Retarded luck
00:18:39Diablo ogre
00:18:43Homeostat0000 kill if he comes
00:18:45Diablo riki 20 hp we need to get that gem
00:19:02Diablo omfg noob.
00:19:05PeterLars get baba goes pro with wisp :D
00:19:06PeterLars wards
00:19:07AliBaba dd
00:19:10Diablo b
00:19:11Diablo lina
00:19:20Homeostat0000 get gem smoke gank now
00:19:30Astrocreep whos gem? ours
00:19:37AliBaba give it to riki
00:19:38Astrocreep u boughgt?
00:19:40PeterLars ^^
00:19:42AliBaba they
00:19:43Homeostat0000 u can drop when u are in base
00:19:45Homeostat0000 or destroy
00:19:48Diablo gem on sven mmm
00:19:50PeterLars come
00:19:51PeterLars top 16 min radi
00:19:55yeW- i'll farm some more
00:20:01Homeostat0000 who? cent
00:20:06AliBaba bah
00:20:07Homeostat0000 useless
00:20:08Diablo w8 me
00:20:10PeterLars b
00:20:11PeterLars :D
00:20:12PeterLars 3
00:20:13PeterLars top
00:20:14AliBaba lich
00:20:15PeterLars they
00:20:16PeterLars tp
00:20:16AliBaba i go meka
00:20:24MohaMEED hm
00:20:26MohaMEED later
00:20:27Homeostat0000 start going together
00:20:28Diablo tp
00:20:44yeW- mkay i'll yp
00:20:51Astrocreep take gem? give then to me
00:21:06yeW- get tower
00:21:06Homeostat0000 go kill all
00:21:37AliBaba destrou gem he did gj but yet i cant understand how chief got to stu us
00:22:02yeW- b i had him in my ulti
00:22:12yeW- nexxt time u do rosh
00:22:15yeW- go fuckin smoke
00:22:16yeW- smartass
00:22:20Diablo LINA
00:22:22MohaMEED 0/4 fss
00:22:25MohaMEED fts
00:22:36PeterLars dead
00:22:37yeW- -ma
00:22:37MohaMEED fucking shit
00:22:39Homeostat0000 0/4 cause u dont place wards and farm
00:22:43Homeostat0000 until we lose advantage
00:23:48yeW- b
00:23:48yeW- lol
00:23:50PeterLars WTF
00:23:54PeterLars this i one ogre
00:24:06Homeostat0000 tower
00:24:11AliBaba sut min pik
00:24:17PeterLars u farming good cent :D
00:24:26yeW- ive seen better
00:24:45Homeostat0000 we should now meet all 5
00:24:47Homeostat0000 and gank
00:25:01PeterLars he got 6 wards
00:25:03PeterLars :D
00:25:08yeW- its insane
00:25:09Diablo i take gem
00:25:17AliBaba lag
00:25:34Diablo rosh re?
00:25:37yeW- nope
00:25:39Homeostat0000 gogogo
00:26:01Homeostat0000 no fuckign way
00:26:03Homeostat0000 more luck
00:26:11PeterLars what happend :D
00:26:14MohaMEED wyh sudenly all 5 here
00:26:22PeterLars haha
00:26:24Diablo LOL
00:26:27yeW- lol.
00:26:31yeW- rosh go
00:26:34Diablo gem
00:26:35Diablo here
00:26:38Homeostat0000 dont waste ulti
00:26:45yeW- i take.
00:26:49Diablo now i cover
00:27:04Homeostat0000 go together all ffs
00:27:15Homeostat0000 late
00:27:17Homeostat0000 GO
00:27:29Diablo cent
00:27:32Diablo dont split
00:27:33Diablo off me
00:27:33yeW- sup
00:27:35yeW- i have bot
00:27:41PeterLars WTF
00:27:43PeterLars GET A LIFE
00:27:59Homeostat0000 relo?
00:28:01PeterLars why they want me :D
00:28:07Diablo ur hot
00:28:14PeterLars i think so :D
00:28:42PeterLars give me this gem :D
00:29:06Homeostat0000 dagon lich
00:29:09Homeostat0000 kkkkkkkkk
00:29:11Diablo b
00:29:12AliBaba wow
00:29:23Diablo ogre u meka or me?
00:29:24MohaMEED no
00:29:25MohaMEED eul
00:29:31Rasmus.Seebach dunno
00:29:32Homeostat0000 good
00:29:33Homeostat0000 better
00:29:39Homeostat0000 lets meet all 5 please
00:29:40PeterLars why u speak lina haha
00:29:44yeW- DD
00:29:44Rasmus.Seebach sry
00:29:45yeW- :DD
00:29:46Homeostat0000 no chance versus gem to go around ma[
00:29:48Rasmus.Seebach faill
00:29:49Homeostat0000 map
00:29:50PeterLars he really tard
00:29:53PeterLars irl
00:29:53yeW- indeed
00:29:55Homeostat0000 they deward soon
00:30:04Homeostat0000 b
00:30:08PeterLars dead
00:30:15PeterLars b
00:30:22Homeostat0000 come asap
00:30:23Homeostat0000 wisp
00:30:24yeW- why are u fightin?
00:30:30AliBaba i got masive lag
00:30:33PeterLars yew
00:30:34PeterLars let
00:30:35PeterLars end
00:30:35PeterLars plz
00:30:38PeterLars this is fucking boring
00:30:43yeW- k
00:30:50PeterLars car
00:31:15Homeostat0000 go tc
00:31:18yeW- ye joinin in 1 min
00:31:35yeW- BOOM.
00:31:53Diablo cent?
00:31:53yeW- gj cent care
00:32:11PeterLars go die ffs
00:32:38yeW- lol
00:32:43Diablo gem?
00:32:44MohaMEED oO
00:32:44PeterLars go mid
00:32:44Astrocreep what a fucking joke
00:32:48PeterLars dead
00:33:02yeW- wheres gem?
00:33:04PeterLars dead
00:33:05yeW- ,
00:33:08yeW- k
00:33:11Diablo ogre lost it 2 times.
00:33:22PeterLars never seen so much focus
00:33:30Homeostat0000 in 10 sec we meet
00:33:32Homeostat0000 tide soon re ulti
00:33:35PeterLars hide
00:33:37Homeostat0000 need bigger wipe and we get rax
00:33:40PeterLars ward
00:33:42PeterLars for riki
00:33:45Astrocreep need gem?
00:33:50Homeostat0000 no
00:33:53Homeostat0000 lets go
00:33:56Homeostat0000 kill all with 5
00:34:00Homeostat0000 tc first
00:35:03MohaMEED fuck them
00:35:10PeterLars ^^
00:35:19Astrocreep they warded our wood i bet
00:35:23Astrocreep thats why they knew we came
00:35:25Homeostat0000 need dust
00:35:26Homeostat0000 not gem
00:35:36101010 i think my basher is broken
00:35:54Homeostat0000 b I surrender! [1/5 of Scourge] cent is too strong
00:36:23yeW- why did u make him fly? :DD
00:36:27AliBaba :D
00:36:29Homeostat0000 nah we just suicide too much
00:36:31Homeostat0000 including me
00:36:33Astrocreep so we lose your so paper also. :( one disable and ur qq-d
00:36:45PeterLars go
00:36:45PeterLars end
00:36:47PeterLars omg
00:36:53Homeostat0000 no bkb cause lich steals every creepwave by 2/3
00:36:53PeterLars wanna fucking sleep well if usay theres chance there is
00:37:12Homeostat0000 we go all 5 and execute properly but its me buying all wards and shit and no money
00:37:18Homeostat0000 dont cast spells on lina
00:37:20Homeostat0000 she dies anyway
00:37:24Diablo go 1 side raxes?
00:37:25Diablo all?
00:37:27Homeostat0000 stun tc
00:37:29Homeostat0000 go all
00:37:35Homeostat0000 smoke and go check
00:37:42PeterLars lol
00:37:48MohaMEED BIIITCH
00:37:50yeW- kay
00:37:55yeW- b lina :D
00:37:55PeterLars rambo
00:38:08MohaMEED kill
00:38:11MohaMEED b
00:38:11MohaMEED b
00:38:12MohaMEED b
00:38:22Homeostat0000 go ogre?
00:38:22yeW- NUBB...
00:38:28Homeostat0000 nah
00:38:30Homeostat0000 not like that
00:38:32MohaMEED i am back
00:38:40yeW- ghost not a good choice here
00:38:51Diablo etheral?
00:39:04yeW- ye but he has diffu :p
00:39:17Homeostat0000 smoke with all in 20sec
00:39:18Homeostat0000 please
00:39:18Diablo so he doesnt have it for ages
00:39:23PeterLars let
00:39:23PeterLars go
00:39:24PeterLars all
00:39:25PeterLars mid
00:39:27PeterLars got
00:39:29Astrocreep bkb yet?
00:39:29PeterLars worj
00:39:30PeterLars work
00:39:30Diablo gem? no ulti for me yet
00:39:34PeterLars in 5 hours
00:39:47Homeostat0000 som1 took my recipe or idk
00:39:59Homeostat0000 just meet
00:40:00Homeostat0000 meet
00:40:07Homeostat0000 k
00:40:10Homeostat0000 roshan gone i pinged sadly u guys are blind
00:40:21PeterLars fuck rosh
00:40:21Diablo no tide go
00:40:22PeterLars come on
00:40:25Astrocreep gg and they have our wood so fucking warded :(
00:40:27Diablo get rax tried to get vladi money
00:40:55Homeostat0000 tide tp and we all go in
00:42:07Diablo wtf?
00:42:09MohaMEED I surrender! [2/5 of Scourge]
00:42:11yeW- ?
00:42:16Diablo lycan no bkb 39 min?
00:42:18Homeostat0000 stop ffing
00:42:18MohaMEED i buy gem
00:42:21Homeostat0000 i get bkb we win 1 fight
00:42:22yeW- D
00:42:22Diablo b ogrwe
00:42:23Homeostat0000 we get rax
00:42:31yeW- GOOOOO
00:42:33MohaMEED ok i buy gem?
00:42:36Homeostat0000 ok Seriously
00:42:53Homeostat0000 b now i know for fact that its pure luck u play with This game overally
00:43:04AliBaba relax
00:43:05PeterLars booooooom
00:43:05AliBaba 4 cant even go fucking plant wards
00:43:08AliBaba nar
00:43:14Astrocreep i panted
00:43:16Astrocreep what u want
00:43:19Astrocreep planted three
00:43:26Homeostat0000 nah
00:43:28yeW- gimme dmg
00:43:30Homeostat0000 need 5
00:43:46AliBaba dont
00:43:47AliBaba lich
00:43:52AliBaba dont take gem
00:44:24Diablo ogre?
00:44:40AliBaba bitch
00:44:42yeW- /D
00:45:16MohaMEED and now?
00:45:20Astrocreep lost
00:45:24Astrocreep always tide dies
00:45:25Homeostat0000 now outpush lanes and smoke
00:45:28PeterLars lina got items
00:45:29PeterLars lol
00:45:31Homeostat0000 in case we wipe, we dont ff
00:45:34yeW- i mean
00:45:35Homeostat0000 in case we die, ff
00:45:35PeterLars 7 - 20
00:45:38yeW- how does he enjoy
00:45:39yeW- his games?
00:45:43PeterLars dunno
00:45:48PeterLars he is retarded
00:45:50PeterLars irl
00:45:54yeW- he has like
00:45:56yeW- this wardin
00:45:58yeW- obsession
00:46:00PeterLars ^^
00:46:06Diablo possesed
00:46:10Astrocreep hshield
00:46:20yeW- ogre fucked up hero
00:46:23Diablo who have smoke?
00:46:24yeW- mana boots agha is all he needs
00:46:29PeterLars y
00:46:37Diablo great agha update
00:46:41AliBaba :D
00:46:43PeterLars HAHA
00:46:49Homeostat0000 go rosh asap
00:47:37yeW- hm
00:47:38yeW- ^^
00:47:39Homeostat0000 push bottom
00:47:50PeterLars i sleep
00:47:51PeterLars soon
00:47:56PeterLars if i dont answer thenu know
00:48:01Rasmus.Seebach good night
00:48:04PeterLars fu
00:48:06PeterLars tard nvm no riki
00:48:35yeW- xD
00:48:36AliBaba :D
00:48:39yeW- STUN INC
00:48:40AliBaba stuuun
00:48:42yeW- NOOO
00:48:45Astrocreep i feel like thor
00:49:02Diablo go top
00:49:05AliBaba armor all
00:49:07Astrocreep tide got ulti?
00:49:10Diablo mid deff?
00:49:11AliBaba noo in 30
00:49:13AliBaba 30 sec
00:49:15yeW- we push
00:49:15yeW- u def
00:49:19Astrocreep wait?
00:49:21yeW- try cancelin their tps
00:49:31Diablo they are top
00:49:32Homeostat0000 mid
00:49:34Diablo going
00:49:36Homeostat0000 though they get top
00:49:43Homeostat0000 u try to def
00:49:45Homeostat0000 me and wisp relo
00:49:46Diablo gem?
00:49:50Homeostat0000 come wisp
00:49:56Diablo gg
00:50:01Homeostat0000 WISP
00:50:24PeterLars omg
00:50:27PeterLars fuckking ff
00:50:30PeterLars u fucking gays
00:50:30Homeostat0000 well sorry
00:50:32AliBaba wtf
00:50:32Homeostat0000 had a bad game
00:50:36Diablo yew?
00:50:36Homeostat0000 failed midgame
00:50:40Homeostat0000 go ff I surrender! [2/5 of Scourge]
00:50:51PeterLars bye bye
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