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98% | 1295 X | 1604 TS

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Chat log

00:00:04NotAHax -ap
00:00:08Vampi so i pick ogre now?
00:00:10N2xy sure
00:00:23NotAHax who can go midd?
00:00:29WTGD i
00:00:32NotAHax ok..
00:00:37WTGD or not
00:00:40Kastrup where the fuck is dazzle
00:00:45Kastrup there
00:00:46Kastrup :D
00:00:59Vampi lanes?
00:00:59que2stress i go theirs or our woods?
00:01:00N2xy lanes buugie
00:01:01Kastrup wards for top
00:01:01Knaitti hmm
00:01:01Kastrup ok?
00:01:04Buugi sniper top
00:01:07Buugi chen top woods
00:01:08Knaitti vanguard mekanism?
00:01:08Kastrup idx?
00:01:09Kastrup ok?
00:01:09Buugi ogre ud bot
00:01:10Knaitti or what
00:01:14Buugi vang
00:01:14NotAHax wdx just farm with
00:01:16NotAHax javelin
00:01:18Buugi idc other
00:01:20Buugi but make vang
00:01:25Buugi shiuva
00:01:26Buugi shiva
00:01:27Buugi for -armor
00:01:29Kastrup i go poison touch for ffb? or what?
00:01:30que2stress i do meka
00:01:31Idx wdx :o
00:01:33Buugi y
00:01:35NotAHax get
00:01:39NotAHax poison touch max
00:01:40NotAHax yes
00:01:40NotAHax and
00:01:42NotAHax grave lv 1 atleast
00:01:43Kastrup 1 grave
00:01:44NotAHax and heal lv 1
00:01:44NotAHax i think
00:01:45NotAHax y
00:01:45Buugi notahax mid?
00:01:45Kastrup yeye
00:01:49que2stress no me
00:01:54WTGD no me
00:02:00Kastrup or me
00:02:03NotAHax or me
00:02:16Kastrup upll first?
00:02:16NotAHax mort you need make bkb bf
00:02:16WTGD hyva peli
00:02:38NotAHax harras
00:02:42Kastrup k
00:03:14Kastrup go?
00:03:21NotAHax nvm
00:03:40NotAHax go pull
00:03:54Kastrup a bit late
00:04:41NotAHax got boots
00:04:46NotAHax we can try kill now
00:05:05Kastrup i go around
00:05:06NotAHax go
00:05:08NotAHax ud
00:05:19Buugi lol he can dagger on corier
00:05:25Kastrup gj
00:05:27NotAHax gj
00:05:32Kastrup dfgjdfkgsdfægf
00:05:33Knaitti exaclty right dmg :
00:05:37Kastrup :)
00:06:18que2stress where is chick?
00:06:19Buugi ss
00:06:20Buugi dead
00:06:26Buugi dd
00:06:54N2xy ss
00:06:55N2xy slard
00:06:59N2xy re
00:07:03Kastrup rdy?
00:07:04NotAHax y
00:07:09NotAHax wait
00:07:13Kastrup <- around
00:07:40Kastrup sry :(
00:07:43Kastrup poison
00:07:50que2stress get new chick
00:08:01NotAHax go
00:08:02NotAHax poison him
00:08:03Kastrup k
00:08:19NotAHax dam
00:08:25Kastrup unluck :/
00:08:33que2stress ogre do that chick
00:08:36Vampi y
00:08:45que2stress ill do flying
00:08:47Kastrup we need to go their woods
00:08:47NotAHax what
00:08:48Kastrup chen is there
00:08:56Vampi it's done
00:09:00WTGD how can top lane lose vs a solo sniper
00:09:01WTGD tell me
00:09:09Knaitti REUSE
00:09:17Kastrup -2 bot
00:09:18Kastrup CARE
00:09:20Idx coz im not playing
00:09:20inteC 7 min game
00:09:24inteC and u already whine
00:09:29inteC tell m,e
00:09:31NotAHax go stun him
00:09:32WTGD im just pointing out
00:09:33que2stress sniper
00:09:33que2stress yunero inc
00:09:33N2xy ye?
00:09:33que2stress !!
00:09:37N2xy oo
00:09:38Buugi ss
00:09:50NotAHax ¨'they have wards
00:09:50Idx lagging so hard
00:09:50NotAHax lol
00:10:05que2stress xare
00:10:06que2stress care
00:10:25NotAHax go him
00:10:26Knaitti who have my boots?
00:10:35Knaitti chick have someones
00:10:43N2xy ss
00:10:52Buugi ss2 mid
00:10:54inteC idiot
00:11:08NotAHax y slardar pro
00:11:08Buugi gang mid
00:11:12Kastrup :(
00:11:15Idx i got like 500 ping
00:11:20Kastrup why play then?
00:11:23NotAHax STUN HIM
00:11:38Knaitti ss2 down
00:11:53Kastrup ;)
00:11:58inteC slard u rush to stun
00:12:00inteC with speed
00:12:03Idx ffs
00:12:06Idx you can stun from range
00:12:16NotAHax so useless
00:12:18Buugi urpo ogre :D
00:12:30inteC gj slard
00:12:33NotAHax ur po top
00:12:41N2xy aha
00:12:43N2xy ty
00:12:48N2xy very last sec
00:12:48que2stress np
00:12:57Kastrup u take
00:12:57Knaitti where is my boots :S
00:13:04N2xy in chicken
00:13:07Knaitti nah
00:13:08Knaitti not mine
00:13:16Knaitti could someone do recipe with my boots?
00:13:16Kastrup what item jug?
00:13:16Kastrup travels?
00:13:16NotAHax y going try
00:13:16NotAHax try
00:13:16Kastrup ?
00:13:16Kastrup .. going what?
00:13:16N2xy he is gone
00:13:16NotAHax travels
00:13:16NotAHax y
00:13:16Kastrup ok
00:13:16Knaitti my boots just disappeared
00:13:16NotAHax hes idiot
00:13:16Kastrup well we play.. its after 10 min
00:13:16Kastrup might be good if he leaves..
00:13:16Buugi pa
00:13:16N2xy ye
00:13:16inteC ofc it is
00:13:16NotAHax doubt it
00:13:16Buugi is gettin farm
00:13:16Buugi now
00:13:16NotAHax no hes ulti
00:13:16NotAHax gg
00:13:16Kastrup :/
00:13:16inteC retard didnt play atall
00:13:16Buugi sniper
00:13:16Buugi cs?
00:13:16Kastrup we farm him woods untill lvl 6 so we got ulti for later?
00:13:16Buugi n2xy?
00:13:16Kastrup i can play two heros..
00:13:16N2xy dont want to say :p
00:13:16N2xy 30 :p
00:13:16NotAHax well
00:13:16NotAHax k
00:13:16NotAHax try get him lv 11
00:13:16NotAHax 11
00:13:16Buugi :/
00:13:16NotAHax farm
00:13:16NotAHax woods
00:13:16NotAHax with
00:13:16NotAHax him
00:13:16Kastrup its really not east..
00:13:16N2xy just.. not used with sniper
00:13:16Kastrup but its possible :)
00:13:16Buugi u carry us
00:13:16N2xy first 5 minw as hard
00:13:16Kastrup thats 6 levels in woods.
00:13:16Kastrup thats like 10 min farm
00:13:16Kastrup no disturb.
00:13:16Kastrup = not gonna happen :P
00:13:16N2xy ye.. so. what you think i should build? manta + deso
00:13:16N2xy ?
00:13:16N2xy :p
00:13:16Kastrup -ma
00:13:16Kastrup is sniper going lothars?
00:13:16N2xy all the time thinking what items are best against them
00:13:16N2xy :S
00:13:16NotAHax sniper
00:13:16NotAHax got
00:13:16NotAHax free
00:13:16NotAHax farm
00:13:16NotAHax i think
00:13:16NotAHax :I
00:13:16Kastrup fantastic
00:13:16Knaitti who balances
00:13:16Knaitti ?
00:13:16Knaitti chen?
00:13:16WTGD pretty much kills for 11 minutes
00:13:16Kastrup hows farm morted?
00:13:16WTGD shit
00:13:16NotAHax gg
00:13:16N2xy buugi has to say it
00:13:16Knaitti y
00:13:16NotAHax N2xy
00:13:16NotAHax you know
00:13:16NotAHax i will breq him
00:13:16NotAHax if he were
00:13:17NotAHax ur fren
00:13:19NotAHax he didnt kill you purpose
00:13:19Kastrup 1 leave..
00:13:19NotAHax he left after 10 min
00:13:19Knaitti chen or?
00:13:19NotAHax Thats just
00:13:19NotAHax pure game ruining
00:13:19N2xy lol?
00:13:19NotAHax hf ban
00:13:19Buugi buy mkb
00:13:19Buugi vs pa
00:13:19NotAHax he even admitted "im not playing"
00:13:19Buugi and manta
00:13:19Kastrup balance ffs
00:13:19NotAHax buugi
00:13:19NotAHax jos oot tosimies
00:13:19Knaitti who is balancing?
00:13:19Buugi who
00:13:19que2stress so lets rmk ;)
00:13:19NotAHax Balanceet
00:13:19NotAHax ok go rmk
00:13:19Knaitti dunno maybe chen?
00:13:19Buugi i dno
00:13:19Kastrup not allowed
00:13:19Kastrup we played for 11 min
00:13:19NotAHax it is if its okay for all
00:13:19inteC BALANCE
00:13:19Kastrup go balance ffs
00:13:19NotAHax su yellow
00:13:19NotAHax .
00:13:19Buugi chen
00:13:19que2stress if all are ok
00:13:19que2stress we can rkm
00:13:23Kastrup well it wont host
00:13:28NotAHax it will actually
00:14:05Kastrup i come top
00:14:06NotAHax gang sniper
00:14:07NotAHax go sniper
00:14:08NotAHax go mid
00:14:13Kastrup omw
00:14:19WTGD only mana for arrow
00:14:23Kastrup its fine
00:14:35NotAHax np
00:14:42Buugi ogre
00:14:42Buugi gang
00:14:58N2xy -ma
00:14:58NotAHax fuck the slardar
00:15:06Kastrup wtf
00:15:08Kastrup i graved
00:15:13inteC lol
00:15:15inteC missclick
00:15:20Buugi me 2
00:15:26N2xy maybe lothar against jugger
00:15:29inteC ?
00:15:33Buugi go for it
00:15:41Vampi but slardar
00:15:42NotAHax gang top
00:15:45Buugi slardar left
00:15:46N2xy left
00:15:46Vampi so it's kinda useless
00:15:49Vampi oh
00:15:51Vampi then :D
00:15:51N2xy that why
00:15:52NotAHax 3 top
00:15:59NotAHax go ulti stun
00:16:00NotAHax stun ulti
00:16:09NotAHax ...
00:16:12NotAHax A BIT LATE STUN
00:16:22NotAHax BACK
00:16:48Buugi tower
00:17:40inteC farm
00:17:45WTGD yy
00:17:53Kastrup hes lvl 6 now..
00:18:07NotAHax mortred
00:18:09NotAHax i make stygian ac
00:18:13Knaitti where we put chens items?
00:18:14NotAHax and something
00:18:16NotAHax go sniper
00:18:47Kastrup lol
00:18:50NotAHax : DD
00:18:50NotAHax ok
00:18:59NotAHax lucker ogre
00:19:03Vampi pro
00:19:12Buugi def
00:19:23NotAHax kill him
00:19:24Buugi care
00:19:27Buugi he can kill u
00:19:38WTGD too risky
00:19:42NotAHax GO
00:20:04Kastrup lol
00:20:24NotAHax b
00:20:24NotAHax b
00:20:47Kastrup I DONT get fucking any sticks?
00:20:48Kastrup wtf
00:20:54Kastrup i haven't got ONE hit last 3 battles
00:20:55Kastrup wtf
00:21:03Kastrup i haven't got one hit on my stick last 3 battles?
00:21:21Kastrup who took my tp?
00:21:26WTGD dno
00:21:29NotAHax its on chicken
00:21:40Kastrup hmm
00:22:05Buugi inc
00:22:34Kastrup ehm
00:22:34NotAHax farm top pa
00:22:37Kastrup this isn't going anywhere
00:22:41NotAHax wll its good
00:22:42NotAHax we win alte
00:22:44NotAHax late
00:22:49Buugi ogre
00:22:49Buugi gang
00:23:19Kastrup sdfjklsdf
00:23:19Kastrup ffs
00:23:20Buugi ??
00:23:23Knaitti so what i buy now?
00:23:26Buugi shiva
00:23:29N2xy what ??
00:23:34Buugi why u die neutral :D
00:23:43N2xy sk and dazzel killed me
00:23:44NotAHax invoker hex
00:23:44NotAHax gg
00:23:47Kastrup ye :78
00:23:47Buugi ah
00:23:48inteC rly?
00:23:48Buugi then iuts good
00:23:51N2xy i went to neutrals
00:23:53Buugi ye
00:23:55NotAHax sk tele bot
00:23:56NotAHax and lets kill
00:24:20Buugi farm mid
00:24:21Buugi snip
00:24:25Buugi ok i
00:24:40NotAHax farm dagger
00:24:40NotAHax sk
00:24:44NotAHax go
00:24:49Kastrup sec
00:24:51Kastrup wait for me
00:24:57NotAHax WHY
00:24:58NotAHax you dont
00:24:58NotAHax go
00:24:59NotAHax CMON
00:25:06NotAHax so fucking bad
00:25:07Buugi gogo gang
00:25:25Buugi help him
00:25:45NotAHax bought
00:25:46Vampi ¨soz
00:25:49Buugi ??
00:25:51N2xy lothar was in chicken :S
00:25:52Vampi steal
00:25:52Vampi lol
00:25:54Buugi push
00:26:01NotAHax pa you need some dmg
00:26:05NotAHax but good you allmost bkb
00:26:17NotAHax CAN WE DEF
00:26:18NotAHax sk got dagger
00:26:19NotAHax plz go
00:26:23NotAHax ALL
00:26:24NotAHax EVEN PA
00:26:27Buugi ogre go hex
00:26:28Buugi ?
00:26:32Vampi sure
00:26:41NotAHax ..
00:26:42NotAHax sand king
00:26:43NotAHax wtf
00:26:44Kastrup PLEASE
00:26:45Kastrup ffs
00:26:47NotAHax sand king
00:26:48Kastrup i give u perfect entry
00:26:49NotAHax do you know how to use it?
00:26:52NotAHax ..
00:26:53NotAHax oh my good
00:26:55NotAHax god
00:26:57NotAHax intec
00:26:57Buugi b
00:26:58NotAHax listen
00:26:59NotAHax do this
00:27:12NotAHax press ulti buttin, after that hold ur shift and press dagger to ground
00:27:21Buugi sniper
00:27:21Buugi bot
00:27:22NotAHax then it instantly teles after ulti have made
00:27:23NotAHax understood?
00:27:24Buugi tp
00:27:26N2xy cd
00:27:38Buugi deny tower
00:27:50inteC i try :D
00:27:56NotAHax tapa jo ittes homo
00:28:16Buugi where is pa?
00:28:18Buugi in woods?
00:28:37Buugi hmm
00:28:39Buugi he got bkb
00:28:46Buugi go rosh
00:28:47Buugi we can
00:28:48Kastrup invoker got
00:28:57Kastrup roshan?
00:28:58NotAHax go
00:28:58Kastrup they?
00:28:59NotAHax kill
00:28:59Kastrup roshan
00:29:00NotAHax invoker
00:29:24NotAHax so bad
00:29:30inteC GO GO
00:29:35inteC "so bad"
00:29:41Kastrup well
00:29:46Kastrup dont get this
00:29:53NotAHax why you didnt ulti sk
00:29:56Kastrup he did
00:29:59Kastrup but didn't hit anyone
00:30:02NotAHax :D
00:30:13Kastrup this is gg
00:30:46inteC i cant do a shit
00:30:55WTGD with what
00:30:56WTGD no mana
00:31:03WTGD and bkb cd
00:31:34Kastrup ffs
00:31:59inteC ff
00:32:08NotAHax lol
00:32:08NotAHax ok
00:32:10Kastrup wp buugi
00:33:15Knaitti B?
00:33:21Kastrup morted
00:33:24Kastrup was SO bad pick
00:33:30WTGD i randomed it
00:33:36Kastrup i dont give a shit
00:33:39Kastrup u fucking picked it
00:33:43WTGD well i got only 5 sec to pick i was afk
00:33:52Kastrup well thats not my fau
00:33:53Kastrup k
00:34:03WTGD who said it was
00:34:23Kastrup -ii
00:35:31NotAHax imba invoker
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